Dune Review!

Brief Summary
Join me in exploring a range of topics from relationships to societal norms. We emphasize the value of self-assessment and challenging norms. From educational challenges to sci-fi critiques, we discuss narrative depth and combat portrayal. Emphasizing self-sufficiency and creativity, we offer insights on crafting fiction and express gratitude to our supporters.

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0:00:00 Introduction and Audience Participation
0:01:44 Discussion on Elliot Hulse and David Goggins
0:04:07 Annoyance with Praise for Incompetence
0:08:43 Influence of Childhood Experiences on Success
0:10:56 Impact of Virtue on Relationship Building
0:15:01 Travel and Dating Profiles
0:18:20 Audience Reflection on Self-Worth and Confidence
0:38:23 Aim for the Highest Stakes
0:47:00 Challenging Leftist Professors
0:50:26 The Fragility of Adults
0:54:22 Parenting's Wild Ride
0:57:49 The Power of the Word Bubble
1:02:04 Chemistry and Attraction Theories
1:04:34 Incentives for Outgroup Preference
1:07:56 Sci-Fi Genre Critique
1:13:38 The Absurdity of Dune
1:13:43 The Balloon Rescue
1:15:11 The Valuable Spice Refinery
1:18:35 Critique of C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy
1:21:06 Trusting the Enemy
1:22:46 Villain Stereotypes
1:26:20 Unrealistic Combat Scenarios
1:31:20 The Chosen One Trope
1:35:41 Questionable Decision Making
1:38:08 Critique of Warhammer 40K
1:38:54 Programming the Audience
1:42:16 Military Industrial Complex in Fiction
1:45:43 Sand Vipers and Realism
1:48:02 Self-Contained Stories vs. Season Arcs
1:48:40 Deconstruction of 2001: A Space Odyssey
1:50:02 Excitement for "The Future" Novel

Long Summary
Delving into a variety of topics, I engage with the audience, stressing the significance of their involvement in enhancing the show's quality. We tackle questions and comments, delving into themes such as gender differences in maturity and the idea of being chosen by another person. Our exploration extends to travel dynamics and dating profiles, probing societal norms and individual distinctiveness. The dialogue is interactive, stimulating, and immersive, fostering introspection and critical thought.

Touching on relationships, travel, self-reflection, and societal expectations, I underscore the value of virtue in fostering enduring, successful relationships, advocating for self-assurance, and the willingness to aim high. Drawing from personal experiences regarding appearance and aspirations, I underscore the importance of self-assessment above external judgments. Referencing behaviors of both genders, with examples from icons like Humphrey Bogart and Marty Feldman, I encourage listeners to exude confidence, actively pursue their aspirations, and challenge conventional norms. We also explore how intelligence impacts relationships and the significance of acknowledging one's capabilities.

Reflecting on my schooling, I recount instances where correcting teachers led to unfavorable perceptions from educators. Expressing discontent with the lack of zeal for learning among teachers and the tendency to stifle curiosity, I share anecdotes of challenging inaccuracies on topics like sharks and skin types. Additionally, I discuss interactions with leftist professors and the hurdles of being labeled as intelligent in educational environments. Transitioning to topics like child behavior at dinner and the dynamics of cross-gender friendships, we delve into concepts such as chemistry, status, desirability in relationships, and societal norms, culminating in reflections on allure and status misinterpretations.

Moving on to demographics and the incentives for women to attract men, diverging into topics like monogamy and outgroup bias, we reflect on how beauty influences migration preferences. Critiquing popular sci-fi franchises such as Star Wars and Dune, I highlight their shortcomings in character portrayal, plot development, and world-building, pointing out flaws and discrepancies. Critically analyzing the representation of antagonists, narrative predictability, and narrative depth in these films, I express disappointment over the absence of humanity, humor, and authenticity, juxtaposing these works with my own creation, "The Future." Our conversation delves into character examination, storytelling, and cinematic conventions, offering a discerning viewpoint on the genre.

In a critique of Star Wars, I express skepticism regarding the utilization of lightsabers over more destructive weaponry. Dissecting the plot involving an inexperienced protagonist swiftly becoming a proficient fighter, I accentuate the illogical progression in the storyline. Questioning the unrealistic portrayal of combat and the glamorization of violence in media, we discuss the significance of self-sufficiency and open markets in shaping a thriving future. Engaging with queries from the audience, I provide insights on diverse sci-fi works and elucidate my creative process in crafting fiction. Wrapping up the conversation, I express gratitude to supporters and promote my literary works.

relationships, societal norms, self-assessment, challenging norms, educational challenges, sci-fi critiques, narrative depth, combat portrayal, self-sufficiency, creativity, crafting fiction, gratitude, supporters

Introduction and Audience Participation

[0:01] Good evening. This is donor only and it will remain donor only.
We're not going out to the general stream, so we're going to talk about, this is Friday night.
Got a couple of topics I want to talk about, but you, I mean, I'm only here because of you.
There's an old Sarah Bernhardt recording called, Without You I'm Nothing.
And yeah, without you, I mean, I'm something to my family, of course, and friends, but but I need your audience.
I need your participation as audience members in order to do good shows.
The quality of the show has a lot to do with the quality of your questions, the quality of your engagement.
Like I did a call-in show with a guy the other day. Oh, my God.
Oh, man. Man, he was, he's a 35 year old dishwasher.
And, you know, obviously a very intelligent guy trained in computer science, 35 year old dishwasher, incredibly frustrated with his life.
And like most people who are really, really frustrated, they're experts at frustrating others. Oh my God.
So I was trying to give him some insight. He was fighting me like crazy.
And then when he finally accepted the insight, he was like, yeah, but he already knew that.
I was like, and I just had to be really, really frank with him and just say, I really don't want to continue this conversation because you're just trying to transfer your frustration and paralysis to me.

[1:29] By making the conversation impossible. So you always got to watch out for that. All right.
And let's see here. Let's get to your questions. And I certainly have some stuff to talk about.
But let's get to your questions.
Discussion on Elliot Hulse and David Goggins

[1:44] So somebody said, I'm disappointed in Elliot Hulse. Today he came out with a video about David Goggins and said kids should get beaten more.
And he wishes he'd beat his kids more. Sometimes kids need to get slapped.
And beatings equals love. Whooping kids is virtue you and that David Goggins needs to forgive his father and open his heart.
I don't know who David Goggins is. Of course, I did a couple of shows with Elliot Hulse.
I mean, he's a bit of a high T tough guy, right? And it's real easy for high T tough guys.
I mean, why do you keep getting disappointed by people who don't have philosophical principles?
I mean, I don't like what Elliot Hulse is saying about this kind of stuff.
I have no particular animus to the guy, but why would you Why would you continue to be disappointed by people who don't have philosophical principles?
Don't have non-aggression principles building up from there?
Because it's just what I feel like otherwise. It's just impulse, what I feel like, the good, the bad, the indifferent, the feels, right?
Stop being disappointed by people who aren't basing their worldview on core philosophical principles, in my opinion. All right.
My nephew has received a full-ride scholarship to study engineering at a state university based on his high SAT score.
What thoughts do you have on how taking such resources would affect him and whether he'd be receiving money that the government stole from others or recouping tax money his parents paid?

[3:09] Do you find a lot of property rights in the public sector? Do you find a lot of causality and property rights and all of that sort of stuff?
I mean your nephew was born what I don't know where he's from but on average he was born well over a million dollars in debt and unfunded liabilities oh no he might get some money back, I don't know it's strange to me it's like saying well uh somebody uh somebody knocked me over, and knocked me out and and stole I don't know three liters of blood from me and now they're They're offering me a teaspoon back that I can put in my veins. Do you say, well, no.
So I don't know. I mean, whatever's legal and, you know, take what is legal and going to be productive and all of that sort of stuff.
But yeah, the idea that we owe property rights in this kind of money printing, massive debt, unfunded liability stuff, I don't quite follow.
So I don't quite follow.
Annoyance with Praise for Incompetence

[4:08] All right. Nice. Let's get to other questions, comments.
Hey, Steph, I've noticed myself getting annoyed during social sports when teammates applaud terrible playing during volleyball, for example. Does this have to do with over-feminization by treating people like children?
Thanks. Right.

[4:27] So women, mothers are very encouraging when children develop basic competence or basic competencies.
Men are encouraging when children achieve excellence, right?
So every kid, you know, you've got to learn to sit up. You've got to learn to roll over.
You've got to learn how to walk. You've got to learn how to run.
You've got to learn how to ride a bike. And there's lots of cheerleading.
I mean, I've led my daughter through all of these things when she was little.
So there's lots of cheerleading about that. It's a good thing.
You know yay good job you know you want to you want them to be enthusiastic about, achieving basic competencies right so you you don't mark a kid's first drawings as well it's not very artistic at all what what and you know when they're just learning how to spell and all of that yeah good job you know you got cat well done right so you you cheer on and this is more of a female thing right because moms are in charge of early childhood so you cheer on the achievement of basic competencies, but then men are supposed to take over and cheer on excellence, right?
Not, not you hit the ball. Yay.

[5:33] But you hit the ball badly, right? And I was playing volleyball not too long ago.
And there was this guy who like literally would hit at everything, no matter what, like, and he was hurting himself.
And I'm just like, bro, you gotta cool this stuff down.
Like know when you can't hit the ball. like there was a i was playing when there was a woman and i was i thought she was going to spike it she instead kicked the ball and it hit me in the stomach and it was like what on earth was that, what are you doing when you're kicking a ball at someone it's not volleyball so yeah i mean the the yay stuff so here's what here's what happens so people cheer on incompetence, because they've never been supported in their life and they think that that's what support is right you should not cheer on like for adults you should not cheer on incompetence.

[6:28] Right you should not cheer on incompetence uh and it's it's basically people who've not had support or enthusiasm or positivity in their life or they've had way too much of it's either a massive deficiency or a massive excess and they think that it's nice to say yay you hit the ball like, I don't know, it's just completely bizarre.
I mean, imagine a male soccer game where the game all stops when everyone kicks, when anyone kicks a ball, yay, kick the ball, right?

[6:59] It's funny because with the sort of somewhat mindless boosterism that characterizes certain people, maybe women a little bit more, with this mindless boosterism comes, of course, massive exacting standards, right?
As you know, women find only 10 to 15% of men of average attractiveness, right? So they're all like, yay.
And yet everyone who's not an Adonis is a troll, is a jab of the head.
So, yeah, I do find it annoying.
When people praise incompetence or stuff that's completely average.

[7:39] Because it is infantilizing. And also, it's a way of saying to people, well, you can't really do any better, right?
You know, when a kid's learning how to walk, yeah, you cheer them on because they can't really do any better, right? They're just learning how to walk.
It's not like they're going to stick the landing on the parallel bars, right?
So you cheer them on because that's the best they can do. So if you're cheering on like, yay, yay for just some average thing, it's kind of an insult.
I would be insulted, right?
If, I don't know, like if I was doing some karaoke and it was some song I couldn't sing, like, I don't know, the original Roxanne by the police.
If it was some song I just couldn't sing and people were like, great job. It's like, no, it wasn't a great job. I mean, I gave it a shot and I can't do it, right?
So I find it annoying myself to have people praise either incompetence or the average because it's a lie, it's manipulative and it's telling me I can't do any better.
So, I'm not a fan.
Influence of Childhood Experiences on Success

[8:44] Shaquille O'Neal said in his documentary he became good at basketball because his father beat him. Really?
So, Shaquille O'Neal became good at basketball because his father beat him.
Therefore, all tall people whose fathers beat them would be good at basketball.
Oh, is that not really the case? Gee, I wonder if there's some other factor. I don't know. It's sad.
You're right, Steph. I just didn't expect Elliot to put it out there so bluntly.
Right. Right. Well, a lot of people who are older have massive toxic, I'm not saying this about Elliot Hulse, but most people who are older have massive amounts of toxic guilt about the society they're leaving their children.

[9:27] Because, you know, I mean, the boomers inherited a somewhat functional society and have left a society mired in debt and dysfunction and right.
So there's a certain amount of guilt. And so when people say, like, I can't, I can't afford a small apartment department on a professional salary.
I can't afford food. Like when people are complaining about that, there's a lot of guilt, right? And what do people do with guilt?
Most people, what they do with guilt is they attack the person who makes them feel guilty. You ever had that? Hit me with a why if you've ever had that.
Where if someone has done something wrong, you point it out, they feel guilty and they attack you.
They minimize your pain they mock what's happening to you they just you know you make me feel bad with guilt i make you feel bad with aggression right i mean it's a very very common thing for immature people right immature people don't have emotional self-regulation and so what they do is because they can't manage themselves they have to control others right this is the basic thing in life.
If you can't manage yourself, you have to control others.
Very tragic, very sad. This is censorship, right?
Censorship comes from people who can't manage their own emotions because they're immature and volatile and they're usually operating outside their depth, right?

[10:51] They're pretenders, they're sophists, right? They're operating outside their depth. They're claiming knowledge they don't have.
Impact of Virtue on Relationship Building

[10:57] And so they have to censor because they can't win. right?

[11:03] Right. Censorship is a mark of incompetence and weakness and so on, right?

[11:17] Uh, so there's a little bit of detail here about David Goggins.
Again, I have no idea who that is, but let's see here.
Uh, you're right, Steph. I just didn't expect Elliot to put it out there so bluntly, right?
He's, uh, yes, he grasped the non-aggression principle and property rights, yet I've been unable to fully emotionally show him that morality is not a sucker's game by which one regulates himself to a weak underclass.
I'm sorry, I don't know what that refers to.
David Gargan's father beat him almost to death a couple of times.
Oh gosh, that's terrible. That's terrible.
All right.

[12:05] Steph, do you find it true that girls mature emotionally before boys do?
I always remember hearing that growing up in school, but was never really convinced.
When I was growing up, maturity, especially in school, i felt meant you did what you were told am i being unfair what i don't know why i'm having trouble understanding everyone's questions all right steph do you find it true that girls mature emotionally before boys do i always remember hearing that growing up in school hearing that growing up in school but was never really convinced when i was growing up maturity especially in school i felt just meant you did what you were told am i being unfair you're gonna have i mean i appreciate the tip i have no idea what you're talking about sorry uh maturity means being doing doing what you're told that's not maturity that's conformity that's, ego abandonment so i don't know what uh what you mean.

[12:55] Uh aggression against someone who makes them feel guilty they are immature staff you describe my co-worker oh yeah pretty sure that has a lot to do with why my ex has censored me by blocking me yeah yeah i mean censorship occurs because the best arguments against your position have to be be banned because your position is weak. It's bad.
Of course, if you're running a Ponzi scheme and someone's figured that out, you're not going to allow that person in the meeting, right?
You're going to keep them outside the meeting because they're going to reveal your Ponzi scheme.
And you need to keep exploiting people, and therefore you can't have the truth in your meeting, right?
So censorship is an admission of a weak position.
Again, unless somebody's just outright trolling and being insulting and all that sort of stuff.
So I think that there's a general principle in nature, that which evolves the slowest ends up the most complex, right?
Human brain takes the longest to reach maturity. If I think every mammal and boys are a little bit longer than girls, girls reach physical brain maturity in their early twenties, boys in their mid twenties.
So I do think that women do, girls do evolve a little bit more emotionally mature before boys do, but then boys overtake them later on in terms of emotional maturity.

[14:21] So that's sort of what I've seen. And we can sort of understand that, right?
Because remember, girls normally would start having kids in their mid-teens, like evolutionarily speaking.
And so they'd have to have some emotional maturity to figure out who to mate with, who would be a good partner.
But boys would have to have more emotional maturity to deal with the complexities of the hunt, of the trade, of farming, and this and that and the other.
So I think girls do get ahead of boys early to mid-teens, and then boys end up outstripping girls with regards to maturity later on.

[14:54] The previous person meant that when parents and teachers say, grow up or be mature, they mean conform or do what I said.
Travel and Dating Profiles

[15:01] Well are you saying that girls are more compliant to authority and that's what's called maturity is that the general argument uh well yeah yeah girls are definitely more compliant with maturity sorry girls are definitely more compliant with authority that's why teachers like girls and get annoyed at boys because girls are generally more compliant to those in authority a question from From last stream, which is interesting, what's with women and travel?
Almost all the dating profiles I see talk about travel.
Have you noticed? Obviously, I haven't been on dating sites in forever and a day. I think I signed up for one 25 years ago, and I don't think I ever checked it again.
But is this the case in dating profiles?
Is there just this travel fetish? It's just all about the travel, and I've traveled, and I've been to this many countries, and so on, right?

[15:59] Sorry, her lips are super dry.
So I think that's a big thing, right? Girls and travel.
So there's a really tragic thing that happens in the world.
It happens for both men and women, which is, you know, pick me.
Why should someone pick you, right?
There's this meme of these guys who drive in past this sorority where all the girls have the same haircut and the same outfits.
And they're mocking them. You'll never find another girl like me.
And so everybody wants to be picked, right?
Everybody wants to be picked. Everybody wants to have someone go crazy in love with them and choose them out of a crowd, and I'm different, right?
So everybody wants to be picked, but nobody wants to be different, right?
Everybody wants to be picked. Nobody wants to be different.
Now, you can't be picked out of a crowd if you're not willing to be hated by the crowd. Do you see what I mean?
You can't be picked out of the crowd if you're not willing to be hated by the crowd.
Because to be picked out of the crowd is to be moral. And to be moral is to be hated in the world that is, right?
Because when you're moral, when you're genuinely moral, you take away the false moral dopamine addictions of the virtue signalers, the sophists and the pretend do-gooders, right?

[17:24] So everybody wants to be picked. and everyone on a dating app wants a bunch of people to pick them and they want a bidding war for their hand in dating or maybe marriage or whatever.
So everybody wants to be picked but nobody wants to be different.
So women in particular have a tendency to bland themselves into the middle, right?
To go right in the middle of the bell curve and then, well, why would you fall in love with the average? You can't.
You can't fall in love with the average.
I'm sorry you have to go, but thank you for dropping by.

[18:09] Yes, dating apps, travel and restaurant slash foodies.
I've noticed like they want to be treated like it's their birthday each time they go out to dinner. Right.
Audience Reflection on Self-Worth and Confidence

[18:20] Okay, so let me ask you this, right? You guys are donors, right?
So I appreciate all of that. let me ask you this, why would someone choose you?
Why would a woman or a man choose you over everyone else or out of a crowd?
What are your thoughts on that?

[18:48] I mean, I, when I was younger, rightly or wrongly, I was like, well, I mean, apparently women do date men other than me.
I'm just not sure why, why would you, I mean, if I'm around, why on earth would you date someone else? Right.
I mean, that was my particular thought because I'm the king of the world. Well, okay.
But why? And I thought, okay, I'm a decent provider.
I'm, I'm good kisser and you know, whatever.
Right. I mean, I'm a fun, fun person. and good sense of humor, right? So why be chosen? Why be chosen?
Quick answer, because I'm exceptional and of value. I'm not a normie.
I'm an intellectual and I think independently.
That's great. So if you can't think for yourself, you can't be chosen for anything in particular.
You can be chosen for, you know, Jadistan, jawline or money or charisma or whatever.
But if you're not willing to think for yourself, you can't be picked out of the crowd. you can't be picked out of the crowd.

[19:53] You're just like everybody else, except maybe taller or shorter or wider or more narrow or whatever.
I've been told I march to the beat of my own drum. I have a whole marching band.
But that's the big fundamental question, right? Everybody wants to be loved for who they are.
Everybody wants to be like everyone else. These two things are torture as a whole because I raised their status.
Because I'm virtuous and virtuous is what you need to build a long-lasting family.

[20:27] Yeah, the travel thing.
So I would view the travel thing as a red flag.

[20:39] If I was on the dating apps, I would view travel as a massive red flag, because not all but a lot of women who travel are very promiscuous you know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas or whatever right so a lot of girls who travel are very promiscuous and um.

[21:02] I wouldn't date a very promiscuous woman because it would be unlikely to be a successful relationship.
A travel thing could indicate our selected gene sets. It could be. It could be.
I mean, if a woman said, I've written a book, I'd find that really interesting.
But, I mean, again, unless you come from some super wealthy family, I think most of us know how a lot of young women fund their travel.
Right i know some women i did travel with a woman she was a friend we went to belize and guatemala and mexico and and all of that and it was great fun she spoke spanish fortunately and got me out of some tricky situations regarding visas but i mean she was traveled she just traveled because she left to travel and and all of that right but for a lot of um for a lot of women the travel travel thing is, it's a status thing.
I can afford to travel or I'm so attractive, men will pay me to travel because most times when women talk about travel, you know, they're, I don't know, I went to a glass bottom chalet in Bali or something.
It's very rarely, you know, I hitchhiked my way through Brazil or whatever it is, right?
So, all right. So people say, because I'd be a great father and and have an interesting life story. All right.

[22:24] Somebody says I'm good looking. So I've been told, ah, you know, don't throw that stuff in, usually.
You know, there's a great line.

[22:34] From a street car named Desire. Is it possible that some men have considered me attractive?
Ah, don't go in for that stuff. What do you mean? I don't go into this stuff, complimenting women about their looks.
I never met a woman yet who didn't know exactly how good-looking she was, and some of them give themselves way more credit than what they deserve.
You know if you're good-looking or not? Come on, you know if you're good-looking or not?

[23:03] So are the people, right?
Yeah, I'm good-looking, so I've been told. No, just, you know if you're good-looking or not, right?
I'm good-looking, smart, so I've been told. old. No, you know, if you're smart or not articulate, I have a lot of energy and drive.
And when I care about somebody, I go above and beyond to make them happy and meet and understand their needs.
It's great stuff. It's great stuff.
Although I'm a little bit disappointed.
Ah, yes, there we go. I'm sorry. Somebody knows person said, because I'm virtuous and virtuous is what you need to be able to build a long lasting family. Yes.
So one person got the right answer because you're virtuous.
That's why people should want to be with you because if you're virtuous, they can trust you. They can give you their heart. They can surrender their vulnerabilities.
They can connect with you. You can pair a part, right?

[24:01] Female flight attendants I noticed seem to seek that career for one travel and two hookups. No commitments. Yeah. Yeah.
I may not be the most attractive at the moment, but I'll be more so after my braces come off and I'm getting an implant. LOL. Oh, yeah.
I got a couple of teeth. I got two teeth missing.
But I'm not. I'm not going to get them replaced because I got a little droopy thing here after I got the top drilled.
They went through my nerve ending. So I got a little droopy thing here.
So I'm not going back in there. Right.

[24:33] But I hope that you don't feel that your attractiveness is based upon the straightness of your teeth alone.
I have no problem with straightening your teeth. It's certainly better for keeping them clean, I think, but yeah, I think I am good looking.
I'm just trying to be humble and defer that assessment to other people.
But false humility is just a form of falsehood, right? I mean, I think it's important to have an honest assessment of yourself.
I mean, would you hear me say, I think I've, I've heard that people think that I'm somewhat eloquent and good with analogies.
I mean, I don't necessarily believe it myself, but this is kind of what I've heard. I mean, come on, right?
Come on, come on.
No just don't don't don't be humble be honest be honest be honest personally i love the way i look i love the way i look to me wouldn't change a thing honestly i wouldn't change a thing i love the way i look so you know what am i gonna say right now i've worked at it i mean a good oral hygiene and exercise and skincare regimens and all that kind of stuff but yeah i mean i love the way i look other people may not but what do i care i have to live with myself they don't right all right um.

[25:53] What else do people say? Yeah. Don't try to be humble and being humble.
Understand being humble is just deferring to people.
You're just, you're just afraid of people who will call you arrogant, right?
You're afraid of people. Oh, oh, you think you're all that? Oh my.
Like when people come across confidence, they will desire to tear it down.
Right. There's just an instinct that people have, right?
It's just an instinct that people have to, to just anybody who's confident.
They just want to tear them down.
Tall poppy, they call it the tall poppy syndrome, like the tall poppy gets cut and the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.
So you can say, I mean, I've been open about this show.
Like I want this to be the greatest show in the history of the world ever, no matter what.
Like I want this to be the greatest show in the history of the world forever, no matter what.
That's my ambition. Why on earth would I aim for anything less?
Right now, I think I've achieved it and I think I continue to achieve it.
Some shows better than others, depending on, you know, whatever the motions of the tides of the alignment to the planets.
But I have massive, mad, high ambition. I want to write the greatest novels ever written. I want to do the greatest philosophy conversations ever.

[27:07] You know, I'm now history will, will verify this over time.
I mean, I already know I'm one of the most loved and hated people to the public that that's for sure. I mean, I, I get emails with people like you saved my life and then I get emails like you're a terrible guy.
So yeah, I mean, there is, you know, that's, that's inevitable.
That's, that's the deal, right? That's the deal.
So yeah don't uh oh i think i'm think i'm somewhat smart i think i'm like people tell me that i'm ah you know you know you know and and what it does is it shows uh moral fear of, ridiculous criticism right so if i say i love the way i look like i do i look in the mirror in the morning and I'm like, that's great.
That's great, right? I mean, that's just the way that I am. I look in the mirror and I'm like, that's great. I'm happy, right?
And the people are going to say, but you're ugly, right?

[28:16] I mean, what do I care, right? Most people don't have any conception of objectivity.
All they're doing is reacting, right?
So this is what most people are doing in life. It's really, really sad.
It's actually kind of pathetic at this phase, particularly if they get older, right? is that if you express confidence, I love the way I look.
And look, I've got to look at myself for hours a week. So I love the way that I look.
I mean, as a whole and particularly for, this is going to be 58 this year, right? So I love the way that I look.
And then what happens is, when people expressed confidence, hit me with a why when you were a kid, if you expressed confidence or happiness, right? Right?
Did people just react and put you down? Right? You say, I think I made a beautiful picture.
Oh, aren't you, right? You're just too good for us, blah, blah, blah. Right?

[29:19] Did you have, that issue? Right? As you're saying this, honestly, I think I've I've tried to hide my positive traits to avoid that teardown that people will inevitably do. I mean, even my own parents.
Right. So be confident and tell the people who try to tear you down for your confidence to fuck right off out of my life.
Sorry, you can't fix them. Right. And why would you hide your light in a bushel?
Because some people like urinating on anything that shows light.
Right. Anything. Right. Why? Why?
Why? Be confident and, I mean, about what you have a reason to be confident about. Be confident.
And if people shit on that, that's wonderful. It's incredibly clarifying.
Am I wrong? It's incredibly clarifying.
I've always had mad ambitions. Yeah, of course. Why not? If you're going to do something, aim to be the best. Why not?
Because I don't have the vanity to say, well, I know exactly what my brain is capable of.
Like, no, I don't. I don't know what my brain is capable of.
I don't.

[30:40] How could I know this? I don't know. I don't have the vanity to know what the limit of my capacities are.
I'm still pushing the limits of my capacities. I've taken on a side project that's just wild to me, like something that I never imagined that I would do.
Maybe I'll share it at some point. but it's just a wild side project that's leaning on skills that I didn't even know I had that I'm really just working to try and scramble to catch up on.
So, you know, I don't know if I'm capable of it. I didn't think I was capable of it. Turns out I could do a fairly decent job.
Yeah, it's just, I don't know. Be confident, right?
So if you say, yeah, I think I'm good looking and people are like, you're like an egg, right? It's like.

[31:31] But birds love eggs, right? Birds being the British slang for females.
So, yeah, I mean, be confident. And if people have an impulse to tear you down, why would you want them in your life? Right?
Why would you want people whose automatic response is to tear down any expression of confidence? Why would you...
All right.
Let's see here. On the nature of female evil, my first real introduction was the roommate confessions page on the website CollegeHumor.
Hundreds of stories of terrible roommates and people's subsequent, quote, revenges.
Guys' revenges were very straightforward, often humorous, and usually had very specific end point.
Girl revenge stories often went down the path of salt the earth and ensure your entire family lineage wiped from the face of the earth.
Yeah yeah for sure yeah uh women uh fight verbally and a reputation reputational destruction men fight uh physically um with physical harm so i mean and the censorship stuff it's it's all like the woke stuff is just female nature plus the state that's all like woke stuff just female nature plus the state and female nature is beautiful everything plus the state is corrupt as hell so.

[32:51] All right. Uh, what do you think of the actor Humphrey Bogart?
He always seemed to be one of the few male Hollywood actors that wasn't, that was 100% charisma, 0% looks.
No, he was not an ugly guy. He was not an ugly guy. I don't know if you know this. He actually came from a very aristocratic and wealthy family.
So I, I quite dislike Humphrey Bogart. I mean, I get the charisma and so on, but this dire straits, private investigations, pain behind the eyes stuff.
He certainly got a moral element to him that you can see particularly in The Maltese Falcon.
But what I dislike about Humphrey Bogart is the eternal bachelorhood, complete absence of parenthood stuff, which is for him, the male role model was to be a tortured moralist at the edge of society, completely unable to reproduce.
Juice and so that particular model of morality i did not find compelling or positive i mean i was a talented guy obviously very charismatic actor and a skilled actor uh not to me as good as spencer tracy but the i think i'm not a big expert on humphrey bogart but he did have a genetic dead dead-end, chain-smoking, hard-drinking.

[34:03] Moralist cast out by society who's got no future anywhere or anyhow, right?
I mean, isn't it the case, do I remember this right, at the end of Casablanca, he sends his ex-girlfriend off with her lover to go have a family while he stays with another man?
I mean, it's not gay or anything, but he's a cuck, right?
He's a moral cuck. He never seems to get the girl and get married and reproduce and have a family.
Again, I'm no expert on his movies, but from the couple that I've seen, it always seems to be kind of the same thing. So.

[34:43] All right, so let's close that.
Oh, yeah, the surgeon question. We did that. Geez, I leave these things running forever.
Girls tend to rate pictures of guys smiling as lower attractiveness from the data I've seen.
Had it not been for my teeth all my life, I would have been an absolute lady killer.

[35:07] Hit me with a why if you've ever heard of the actor Marty Feldman.
If you've ever heard of the actor, Marty Feldman.
So Marty Feldman was a comic actor. He was most famous.
I mentioned this in a show last time. He was most famous for playing Igor in Young Frankenstein.
I mean, and the joke was like, he's got eyeball, he had an eye disorder and he had eyes in two different zip codes and, you know, he had beautiful women and got married, had two kids kids, I ain't got nobody.

[35:55] It is a very funny movie. So yeah, it's a very funny movie.
So there's plenty of ugly guys, gay girls, right? Plenty of ugly guys, gay girls.
See most people will evaluate you not according to any objective standard most people they evaluate you according to what standard what is the standard by which most people evaluate you, What is the standard by which most people evaluate you?
Most people, not everyone, but what is the standard by which most people evaluate you? What you got?
What you got? How are you evaluated in this life?
Most people evaluate you by what standard?

[36:49] Yeah, how you evaluate yourself. Yes, that's right. If you think you can or you think you can't, you're probably right.
If you think you're attractive, you're pretty attractive.
If you think you're unattractive, you're pretty unattractive.
If you think you're attractive, then it's probably worth staying in shape.
If you think you're unattractive, you'll let yourself go.
So you judge yourself because people don't know you, but they know that you know you.
So if somebody meets me, they don't know me from Adam. him, right?
Often. And so they're going to say, okay, well, this guy is now 57. He's lived his life.
He's obviously had a success or failure. He's got to know himself.
So how does he evaluate himself?
So if I'm like looking down and kind of stumbling and apologizing for everything, he'd be like, okay, well, this guy doesn't think much of himself.
And who am I to disagree? What am I, I mean, who am I to disagree?
If some woman says, uh, you know, I'm just, I'm just ugly and whatever, whatever, right?
Even if she's very attractive, it's like, if she's very attractive, but she thinks that she's ugly, she's either a complete idiot or she's manipulative as hell.

[37:59] I mean, it's a, one of the core female instincts is to know how attractive you are so that you don't aim low or high, but just right, right? Just right.
You get a guy who's the maximum attractiveness that you can get and keep, right?
So women are, uh, have, have, uh, evolved massive instincts as to how attractive they are.
Aim for the Highest Stakes

[38:24] So any woman who's off on that is either completely out of reality or is lying in manipulative right is it is it possible that men could ever have found me attractive, that's just manipulative right so you judge yourself you judge yourself i i thought i was great before i achieved much i thought it was great before i even achieved much, and why not why not play for the biggest stakes why not aim for the highest thing i mean you achieve it or you don't right, you know i put a garage band together and tried being a front man and it's like wasn't for me, it wasn't for me why not i tried writing plays i tried writing poems i tried you know i was in the business world the academic world the podcasting world Well, just throw yourself in.
Don't prejudge how well or how badly you can do, but be open to the evidence as it accumulates.

[39:28] If you think you're great, isn't really that your only chance to have anybody remember your name, right?
No, I mean, you definitely want to put it to the test. There's no point saying, I'm great and never doing anything with it.
You know, have your high. I mean, honestly, I grew up as a complete nothing burger.
Like I wasn't extraordinary to anyone.
Steph, have you heard of mewing? People say that you have, if you have correct mouth posture, it grows your jaw, especially during puberty.
Uh, I think I've heard something about that, but I also think, you know, chewing gum, chewing hard food seems to have a lot to do with.
Your jaw right. And, and soft food, I think weakens your jaw though.
I mean, the jaw is like every other bone. I assume that it strengthens based upon pressure.
So, um, but.

[40:31] So, I mean, I grew up and I was not, nobody noticed me as any particular talent.
Nobody noticed me as any particular intellect. I got a couple of signs here and there.
If I had matched ability, you'd be an A plus, right?
But the problem is the degree to which people recognize my intelligence was the degree to which they got angry at me.
You ever notice this? Particularly teachers, right? Because God help you if you are smarter than your teachers.
God help you if you're smarter than your teachers. they will hound you like the inquisition oh my god it's just horrible okay you know one of the one of the fundamental truths about life that's really unpleasant to learn when you're little is just how insecure most adults are you ever notice this they're just so insecure adults are just so insecure they're so volatile they're so fragile fragile from italy they're just just so touchy and immature and, and all of that.
And, uh, you know, like when I, I got into various topics, I was really into marine biology. I was really into astronomy.
I was really into the origins of life. I was really into extraterrestrial stuff.

[41:45] And whenever a teacher started teaching the class about something, I knew something about the teacher would just get things relentlessly wrong. Right. Right.
They're strong. And I put up my hands and say, actually, it's not that, it's this, right?
Sharks don't have, like, I remember being in grade six and some teacher was, I read up a lot about sharks, really got into sharks, actually wrote to the Shark Institute in Sarasota, Florida, saying I'd love to work there for the summer.
And I remember a teacher saying sharks have smooth skin.
And I put my hand up, I said, actually, no, it's dolphins have smooth skin.
Sharks have skin that's smooth if you go sort of front to tail, but the other way, it's actually very very scratchy and you can get like really sanding, sanding.
If, if you're in a shark threshing teacher was just annoyed with me, just annoyed.

[42:34] So you do this, right, a couple of times, and you're just like, you people are absolutely immature, brain-crushing dolts on a stick.
You teachers.
You teachers. If knowledge is important, the fact that I'm correcting you, you should say, gosh, I must have misread.
You obviously have some expertise. expertise but no they're like oh yeah i guess you should take over the class or you know they just shoot you that venomous look and then they look to give you some punishment right.

[43:11] Oh my god just how fragile and pathetic and petty the teachers are, it's really sad, so it's into they're into status they're into bossing they're into bullying but they're not not into knowledge right i mean did you ever have you ever gotten mad at a gps if you take the wrong term and it says oh uh recalculating please take a u-turning right do you ever get mad because you want to get to your destination do you ever get mad at the gps that gets you to your destination in a better and more efficient way of course you don't so if the purpose is to teach the students something about the truth then somebody who comes with the truth could be the janitor i don't care, I mean, you've seen me be corrected on this show probably about a zillion times.
I get something going and it turns out I'm wrong about something.

[44:08] Yes, thank you for the correction. Because I'm not retarded.
I'm not embarrassingly fragile and vomitously insecure.
Oh, that was a constant. It was an absolute constant.
If there's any area in which you know more than the teacher, I don't remember a single teacher who just didn't get annoyed. So for me.

[44:38] Wherever my intelligence showed up or my knowledge showed up, you're like, oh, okay, so society kind of hates this. Excellent.
You want me to do well in school, but for God forbid, you know more than the teacher because then you're toast.
You ever do that? Did you ever correct teachers?
Many teachers seemed threatened by the even mildly precocious.
Yeah, it wasn't a male-female thing. In fact, I had one or two female teachers way better than the male teachers.
Oh, my God. It's just, it's just appalling. Oh, no. I'm smart. Fuck.
Oh, God. Now what?
Well, you know, it's really important to be good in school. but don't be better than the teacher at anything or they'll fuck you right up and i was like oh great ah okay so this is all bullshit this is all a lie and i'm smart so i know what i have to do, oh great i figured this out i don't know it's like eight or nine or whatever and you figure this shit out, right?
Oh no, I'm smart. Oh no, I've read a lot. Oh no.
I mean, God forbid you correct the teacher on a misspelled word.
Oh, you spelled that wrong.

[45:58] You think you're just so smart, don't you? What, you want to come up and teach the lesson? I literally had teachers, right?
I'd correct them on something. Oh, you want to come up and teach the lesson?
I actually put that scene in the god of atheists right so i'm like oh great, they want me to be good in school but i'm smart.

[46:22] Great. So now, what do I have to do? I've got to manage the fragile, eggshell egos of these pathetic teachers, and I can't show them up.
And I can't be alert. I can't know anything more than they do.
I've got to trail along behind them like some half-brain-dead duckling.
Great. I'm smart, which means...
I'm fucked.
Challenging Leftist Professors

[47:00] Somebody says I've always found it funny how we got graded in behavior when I was in school I could tell by the grade which ones hated me the most yeah, yes leftist professor in college claiming that if we didn't have illegal aliens an orange would cost five dollars I immediately raised my hand and cited a recent article I read about automation and machinery in farming and even if labor doubles it amounts to a fraction of a penny any quantity or pound, right?
Right, so I remember arguing with leftist professors, leftist teachers.
I remember arguing with a teacher about whether we would get retirement plans or Canada pension plans when I was in grade eight.
I just remember all of this stuff and they just got mad.
They just got mad and they rolled their eyes. They got impatient, they got aggressive and it's like, oh God, shouldn't you show some enthusiasm for someone who's willing to make an argument. But no.
No. They got, like, you know, with the old TVs, they wouldn't work.
You just thump them on the top sometimes.

[48:08] Just annoyed. Somebody says, I remember raising my hand in history class wanting to share the things I learned outside of the curriculum.
It was just met with boredom and frustration by the teacher and students. Yeah.
God help you if you show any enthusiasm for the topic and have actually learned something about it that doesn't fully accord with the teacher's prejudices God help you fuck I'm smart which means I'm screwed, oh no now it's just a long death march of trying to stay awake isn't it?
Just becomes a long death march of trying to stay awake, I don't respect anyone the knowledge is pointless and useless but I gotta get through Through...

[48:51] Somebody says, yeah, that statement in particular by adults to a single-digit-year-old child. You think you're so smart, don't you? There's a particular kind of mindfuck, yeah.
You'd think they would have wanted to flex their academic muscles and prove you wrong in front of everyone.

[49:08] I mean, well, but they're not there to share knowledge.
They're there to program people to destroy their own culture, right? They're not there to share knowledge.
They're not there to share knowledge I mean they're like coaches who get angry if, the athlete has practiced outside of class if the athlete has a perspective or opinion that goes against what the coach believes you should be enthusiastic about that, oh yeah it's just it's like a baton death march from here to nowhere to just get through this shit right it's just terrible, i will now be bored forever, and it's like years and years and i'm still i still occasionally get just angry at how much of my youth was stolen by volatile, insecure idiots who had no interest in actual knowledge.
The Fragility of Adults

[50:27] Oh, the guy who talked about oranges costing five bucks. He said, if I bring the article, he will read it to the class.
I brought it next time and put it on his desk. He looked out of of the corner of his eye and said something, I don't remember, but he just dismissed it and never corrected himself for advocating for needing legal for farming.
Somebody says, I mean, at that age, I didn't even think of myself as smart.
And I certainly wasn't trying to make adults feel stupid, just happy and enthusiastic.
God help you. Don't be happy and enthusiastic.
I mean, society is built on lies. And anybody who displays excessive curiosity, is harming the lies upon which which society is built.
You can't steal from people very well if you tell them the truth.
Joe says, I needed help with my college entrance math in high school.
I had a math teacher that didn't, even know the college level math and couldn't help.
I've always dreamed of a real campus of free thinkers and learners exchanging information on the green.
I think you'd find out about space lasers at that point. Paint the roofs blue! Right?
Yeah, that would not really be allowed to exist, sadly.

[51:42] The bullying ratio is opposite now teachers get bullied by students at least in public schools and curriculum is climate change you know white man bad and rainbow yeah so um teachers get bullied by students i don't think that's the case in many places i mean i know i've seen the videos and all of that but i don't think that's the case in many places i could be wrong of course but look at that bitcoin boom going back up it's funny thinking of all of the people from the traditional financial industry who are now into Bitcoin, who are just terrified.
It's amazing. The power of the word bubble is really wild when you think about it, right?
The power of the word bubble. Oh, it's a bubble.
It's not an argument. It's just a word. It's a bubble. It could pop.

[52:29] It's very funny to me how scared people are. Bitcoin's a bubble. It's going to zero.
Like I don't listen to anybody who who says 5x, 10x. I mean, I know I've used it occasionally, but I think it's a mark of pretension.
Like, I remember when I worked at my first job programming in COBOL 74 on a stock trading floor.
I went out to help some guy with his computer and install a program I'd written.
And I said, oh, you've got like three monitors. He says, yes, I'm running a neural net to analyze stocks.
And I'm like, oh, a neural net, tell me more. And it was just a spreadsheet.
That's a neural net. It's like, no, it's not. It's a spreadsheet.
I can see what you're doing.
Not a neural net. oh very sunny tulip mania they're still pushing it yeah it's a bubble.

[53:15] It's funny how they say bitcoin might be a bubble but the u.s dollar is fine, sorry i mean to laugh well dollar's fine but it's a bubble, the word bubble so yeah there's so many people who are you know in the investment industry who don't understand economics, don't understand the reality of the system that they're in, I don't know. And then, oh, a bubble. I've recommended this thing.
I don't really understand, but other people seem to find it of value. It's a bubble.
I don't know. It's just kind of funny.

[53:57] Oh, my gosh. So somebody wrote this about parenting.
Last night, my kid didn't like dinner and refused to eat it.
I said, fine, don't. Two hours later, she says she's so hungry, asked for chips and guac. I said, she can have the chicken in the fridge.
She suddenly hates chicken, but it's so hungry. She stomps off, grabs a piece of paper, and proceeds to eat it.
I was like, you're so hungry you'll eat paper, but not hungry enough to eat chicken? She angrily ripped off another piece and proceeded to chew.
Parenting's Wild Ride

[54:23] Okay, kiddo, enjoy that bowel movement in the morning. Parenting is freaking nuts.

[54:31] And for you judgmental ninnies who just can't help yourselves, dinner was eggs and bacon.
She had access to fruits, veggies, lean meats, and yogurt at all times.
She ate the very same chicken for lunch that day, which is why I offered it up. She did not ask for specific alternatives.
And I'm not going to offer up a menu of options when my child refuses to eat something. She wanted chips and guac. She didn't get it. She was mad, so she ate paper.
And then this is replying to more. Did she ever eat dinner?
I gave her 10 minutes to cool down in her room. When I went in, she was still chewing on the paper. So you think that's like a five-year-old or something? Think again. And then.
Somebody wrote, I admire her dedication. If she's not a teen yet, you're in for it, LOL. And she wrote, she's 15.
Oh my gosh.
Isn't that wild? This is a 15-year-old who's eating paper because she hates her mom that much.

[55:33] Isn't that wild? Blows my mind.
Oh, you know, what is it with moms and authority, moms and discipline, moms and like, can they not just, I don't know, everything gets taken so personally, everything is so volatile, I don't know, I don't, I don't get it.
I don't get it.
I don't know if you know this, quite, quite interesting. All male anglerfish will starve to death as virgins if they do not find and bite the belly of a female, where they will remain permanently attached, nourished by her blood, and breathing through their own gills, their eyes and fins atrophy away, and they must forever provide sperm.
Everybody has their goals, right?

[56:25] I love this meme. They laughed at me in yoga class. Tonight they're going to pay, and the woman is eating, hard-boiled eggs and baked beans.
I guess they will pay. Oh, my gosh.
And if I see another video of a woman complaining that, it's a young, attractive woman complaining that, you know, I said no to this guy's advances and he's just doesn't seem to be that close with me anymore.
Right. Or, you know, this guy, you know, I thought we were friends.
He got a girlfriend and now he's just not friends with me anymore.
And it's really, really sad. Oh my gosh.
The number of, uh, the number of, of videos I see about this, like, it's just, it's not fair.
I thought he was my friend.
And then he shot a shot and I said no. And now it's like, he's got to go mate, right?
He's got to go find someone who will accept him.
I mean, I don't know that young, single, attractive men and women can be friends.
I think it's always angling for reproduction.
That's crazy.
The Power of the Word Bubble

[57:50] Let's see here oh no I think I got that far in, ah alright I am have you looked at the US Debt Clock website recently, it's end stages right it's the end stages tips of course more than welcome I know you guys are donors so don't feel obligated but tips are certainly more than welcome I mean I have a topic which I can touch on here or I'm I'm certainly happy to hear your questions or comments.
Let me make sure I got everything that I wanted to get to.
Oh, somebody said, can you talk about the black pill next show?
I've been interested in it for a while, but I'm not sure if it's messing with my outlook on life.

[58:34] 250 years is 2026. Yeah, that's about right. That's about right.
Yeah, so the smart and competent people make a lot of money and raise a standard of living for everyone, and then the less competent people play on the guilt and fear of the competent people to take resources and then everything goes to shit, right?
Men and women of the same age can't be friends. One of them always wants it to be more.
Well, I think if they're both married or whatever, I mean, I think that's fine, right? But, uh, yeah i mean you're friends with a young attractive woman and you're a young man you want to date her right i mean if you like her enough like i i i mean i don't this is a great mystery for me around a lot of women not all i don't know like it's a great mystery for me like why women are like yeah he's he's really sweet he's really nice i i love him as a friend And there's just no chemistry.
I don't understand that myself. You know, assuming the guy is not a total goblin king, right?
I mean, yeah, he's so sweet. He's so nice. He's a king.
You know, I love him. But, you know, there's just no chemistry.
Chemistry means you want someone who treats you like shit? Is that basically like you just want someone who treats you badly?
And that's what chemistry is for you? Crazy.

[1:00:03] Clown pill maybe yeah well it's like the people the conscious uncoupling and the people who were like yes we're splitting up we have three young kids but we're splitting up but we're going to remain friends and we still love each other it's like if you remain friends and you love each other why on earth would you split up i mean it just all seems like a total lie to me i've never understood that we love each other you know we're just we're just not being together anymore it's like so you love each other you're friends and you got a bunch of kids why on earth would you break up like why Why? Why would you divorce? Makes no sense.
Somebody says, even then I don't think it's a good idea. I used to work with a married woman and she would go out for drinks with my male boss and I.
The older I get, the more I think we should abide by the Mike Pence rule.
No, I mean if both people are married, right?
But of course, if both people are married, you should all go out together, right?

[1:01:00] All right.
Your assessment of the original Star Wars movie from Sunday, I agree with, when you take the first movie by itself.
However, the Star Wars expanded universe had hundreds of books over 30 years following the adventures of the Luke, Leia, and Han Solo, in which Luke, Leia, and Han all got married, raised kids, and continued the adventures following their kids as well.
I'm sorry, I don't... Didn't Han Solo get killed at the end and was still like a space smuggler pirate guy? I don't know. Crazy.
All right.
All right. Sorry, just a bunch of people typing, so...
I'll just wait for comments.
Chemistry and Attraction Theories

[1:02:04] Yeah, chemistry for a lot of women, and maybe some men too, but it seems to involve just danger and rejection.
Well, he's too busy for me, and he might not accept me.
And women find a man who is, some women, right, dysfunctional women, I would assume, find a man who's cold to them and too busy to date them or who ghosts them.
So that triggers their, he's higher status than me, therefore I must have him, like the monkey branching up, right? Right?
So, chemistry means that he's high status, higher status than I could probably get, and therefore.

[1:02:45] He's desirable, right?
The man who doesn't want me is higher status.
Now, Now that might work in a situation where you have a short time to choose before everyone gets locked down into marriage in the way that we evolved, but it doesn't work because the way it works these days is a woman can trade three to four points higher by offering sex, but she'll only get a one night stand or a very short relationship.
So it's just not going to, uh, it's not going to last.
So women, and what they do is because women subsidize the kind of man they can get with sexual access, what happens is the women then get deluded into thinking that they can get a high-quality man, or I don't mean high-quality morally, but a six thinks she can get a 10 because a 10 will sleep with her, because she's subsidizing three or four points with access to sex.
And then what happens is she recalibrates her desirability metric to the point where a 6 or a 7, which is in her range, she doesn't find attractive anymore because she was banged by a chat, right?

[1:04:13] So, yeah, so, and I was thinking about this, right?
There was an interesting question on Twitter which was, Which is the demographic that most wants the importation of young single men in the form of migrants, right?
And it seems to be single women, right? So single, it's interesting.
Incentives for Outgroup Preference

[1:04:34] So I was thinking about this as a whole, that one of the reasons why monogamy is to be encouraged, especially when people are young, is that the women who are not...

[1:04:45] Paired up in their society have an incentive to bring men into the society who might pair up with them i don't know if this makes sense but evolutionarily speaking if the men in your society won't wife you and make you a mother then you have an incentive to get men from like this the out good preference right if nobody within your tribe will give you a child then either you'll go to another tribe or you'll invite another tribe to conquer your tribe in the hopes that that you will reproduce that way.
Right. So, and, and there was sort of a joke or a meme, which was that if sort of beautiful, young, blonde Ukrainian women all want to become refugees to Western countries, there's no way that women will let them because it's too much competition.
And it's actually true. Uh, there was reports from, from Sweden and, uh, I can't remember other countries where it's like, yeah, we can't take any, any Ukrainian refugees.
Right. So it's like, think there does seem to be some uh some truth in it so i think outgroup preference comes if you can't reproduce with your in-group and so there's a kind of cunning thing that people do which is to make women as unattractive as possible and then they don't end up getting married and having children which means that they have they develop outgroup preferences for the survival of their genes and that destabilizes the society i just thought it was very sort of interesting uh you know that's like sixth generation warfare or something like that i thought it was very sort Sort of interesting approach, if you've ever thought about that or noticed that.

[1:06:10] All right, I think I'm done with your questions. I'm certainly happy to take more.
I think I'll wait for the black pill thing until people are back.
We're doing a full show because that was somebody who I think was not a donor.
Thank you. I appreciate the tip. I thank you very much. Of course, if you're listening to this later, freedomaid.com slash donate.
Very helpful.
Very helpful. We've got a very interesting surprise for you next week.
A very interesting surprise for you. It might blow your mind a little bit.
A very interesting surprise for you next week.
Maybe even this weekend. Maybe. Just maybe. This weekend. Oh, hit me with a Y.
Have you seen the new movie Dune? Hit me with a Y.
I don't want to be an annoyance, but I'm wondering if you had read my email I sent last night. Thanks again for your wisdom.
Was that the email with the person who wanted to talk about inheritance stuff?
Let me see here.
I'm going to look for your username here.
Uh, no, I don't see it.

[1:07:39] Um, no, I got an email from you in 2023, but that wasn't last night.
So I do not see my friend what your email might be there and do.
Sci-Fi Genre Critique

[1:07:57] And let's see here, I can search for the name.

[1:08:15] Oh, yes. Okay. Got it. Sorry, you didn't include your name there.
All right. Let me just have a quick look here, I think. Yes, I did get that.
You sent it yesterday. Yes, you did. Okay. Let me just double check something here.
All right. I have pinged you back on Skype, and I'm sure we can set something up.
I'm sure we can set something up so thank you for the reminder i appreciate it yes it was not to call in at free domain.com got it got it, i've only seen the david lynch version of sting absolute classic.

[1:09:05] I don't think Ukraine will ever be the same. So many women fled and will never come back even if the war ends.
Yeah, the country is going to be turned into the third world of Europe in terms of conflict.
And I mean, the peace treaties were all scuffed, right? The peace could have ended. Peace could have occurred. current.
Did you ever get my email? I sent it like two months ago.
Why is sci-fi such hot garbage? Such as Star Wars, Dune, Three-Body Problems, Star Trek, etc. I've always loved the idea of the genre, but it rarely lives up to the hype.
Artists are propagandists and therefore they're usually susceptible to propaganda.
Artists are very easy to program so that you can program others and artists don't understand the free market.

[1:09:58] Artists don't understand the free market. It's been a long time since somebody came from the free market or the remnants of it to the art world.
Artists are generally in socialist artistic paradise situations, or they require so much money that they have to surrender their integrity, right?
No, Star Wars isn't even science fiction. Star Wars is magic with robots.
It's King Arthur with, I mean, even half the characters are covered in metal, whether they're C-3PO or Boba Fett or whatever, right? It's just Arthurian crap.
I mean, it's got swords. It's got magic. It's got a princess stolen by an evil warlord. I mean, it is...
Star Wars is not. Star Wars is not science fiction.
It's just magic. Yeah, it's just D&D on a desert planet. I mean, it's not. I mean, and so is Dune, right?
Dune is the most hilarious non-sequitur known to filmmaking.
I mean, it's ridiculously bad, the first Dune.
Honestly, it's like, not only is it incredibly slow, I get it, the desert is the writer's depression, and he was very depressioned.
He was very depressed, and the desert is just his depression, right?
But this is a science fiction universe with interstellar travel.

[1:11:26] And when there's an attack, There's literally a rain of giant missiles that come down.

[1:11:35] But people fight with swords.
People fight with swords.

[1:11:46] Oh, my gosh. Oh, hey, I wrote my own science fiction book, right?
You can find it called The Future, right?
You can, let me get it for you. Let me get it for you.
Let me get it for you because it's really good it really is a great great book I will get it for you.

[1:12:15] And if you're listening, rss.com slash podcast slash the future. You should.
Well, and Dune is also, you know, you have words of command and it's all magic mind control and it's all just anti-scientific garbage.
Garbage and they have that there's a corporation that has a big giant spice factory that's on these sands where these sand dune things come and eat and apparently the sand dune things don't eat anyone or anything they eat tiny krill or whatever like humpback whales but apparently they're drawn to rhythmic sounds because lord knows that's what krill set up a 60 cell drum fest you know krill these tiny little sand creatures because the only thing you ever see on dune is a tiny worm which wouldn't sustain a 300 meter long giant worm for you know a billionth of a second so apparently these these giant worms uh they they they don't hunt anything big but they're drawn to very loud thumping sounds which would make absolutely no sense and apparently they could just swallow entire refineries and they're totally fine doesn't do any harm to them you know like swallowing a license plate can kill a shark but they can swallow it like it's just it's just too ridiculous And you have this corporation that has this giant spice refinery thing, and there are constant attacks from sandworms to eat them.
The Absurdity of Dune

[1:13:38] These things cost billions of dollars. There's 20 people on board.
The Balloon Rescue

[1:13:44] And so they have this balloon that comes out and lifts them up out of the sandworms way.
And apparently they don't even check whether they work or not.
That so can you imagine you you're a corporation or you know some sort of money-making entity and they say oh well this stuff was left over and it was bad and so on it's like but you would check it before it goes out and so the the the big gas balloon thing comes and tries to pick up the giant refinery from the sand and when there's 20 people and it doesn't work and they have no backup plan they don't send two out because they know that the stuff's all broken they just send one out and one of the clips that goes on the refinery breaks and then everyone's going to die and it's all going to get swallowed by sandworms.
Oh my God, it's just so absolutely terrible.
The explanation is that the energy shields make most ballistic weapons useless.
However, slow-moving swords can go through the shields.
That doesn't make any sense because they have technology that can disable the shields. so just disable the shields and nuke everyone.

[1:14:54] LOL, I thought that as well about the hole in the refinery and the lack of working parts.
Yes, we have a multi-billion dollar rescue operation with highly trained personnel for the most valuable substance in the known universe.
This drug slash interstellar fuel called the spice.
The Valuable Spice Refinery

[1:15:11] It's the most valuable substance we desperately need. Oh, it broke.
We're going to lose everyone. It broke. Oh, dear.
Can you imagine? Can you imagine?
It's the most valuable, the unobtainium of the universe, the most valuable thing in the entire universe.
We're just going to send one half-broken rickety machine out to save this massively expensive, massively profitable refinery.
Oh, it broke. Oh, no, everyone got eaten.

[1:15:49] I mean, these are the people you're supposed to be rooting for.
Or they couldn't run a fucking 7-Eleven, let alone the most expensive refinery of Spice Planet in the known universe.
Oh my gosh. Have you read C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy? No, no, I haven't.
Oh no, like I was just looking at that. I'm like, this is a fucking retarded author who's never worked a day in his life. And has certainly never worked with any machinery.
And has never talked to anyone who's worked with any machinery, right?
I can't even tell you just how completely insane all of that is.

[1:16:31] I don't know.
I don't know. There are no words.
This is just somebody who's never worked an honest day's labor in his life, trying to imagine how machinery and markets work.
Like, it's embarrassing. It's really, really embarrassing. While I admire the filmmaking, the story is stupid.
Just because it's stupid doesn't mean it wasn't entertaining.
Okay, I'm happy to hear. Who did you like in Dune?
Let's get it on, man. Maybe I'm wrong about this. Who do you like in Dune?
The petty, pouty, whiny kid? Do you like him?
Right? How about the father who doesn't protect his family? Do you like him?
How about the fat, oily guy in the well water? Do you like him?
How about the mother who just stares and cries all the time?
Do you like her? Who do you like? Who are you rooting for?
I mean, this is the baddest. It's on the moral level of Game of Thrones.
Tolkien hated Dune, supposedly. The sandworms? Even they don't make any sense.
They make no sense what do they eat what do they eat.

[1:17:42] I mean you've got to put some basic you've got to put some basic biology oh there are these giant worms it's like okay i get it you've got suppressed sexual impulses and you're depressed because i mean the franz herbert or whatever his name was the guy's wife was dying of cancer for 10 years i mean he had a pretty shitty time of it and i sympathize with that but there's there's no There's no humanity. There's no humor. There's no people.
There's no people. There's no people. Like, nobody has any humor.
Nobody has any loyalty. Nobody has any joy.
Nobody has to go to the bathroom. Nobody dances. Nobody, like, there's no people.
It's all just grim, stupid, metronome, political crap.
I only like the desert princess because she is indifferent in the first one.
Oh, really? You had a character without a lot of emotional strength or base or humanity? Wow, never heard that before in science fiction.
Critique of C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy

[1:18:36] How much the food oh yes and and uh all the bad guys are white and bald all the white guys are bad and are white and bald because that's just it oh no did we have somebody born with hair we'll have to kick them out of the hairless bad guy thing, Oh, my God. Dune characters are NPCs. No, NPCs. I mean, have you seen Astarion in Baldur's Gate 3?
Oh, it's so predictable. And, oh, God, it's so boring. It's so predictable.
So, you know, the Asian, sorry, spoilers, blah, blah, blah. But the Asian guy who betrays the family.
Well, first of all, everybody knows this is a world built on betrayal, right? The Dune world is, everyone's built on betrayal, right?
Everything's built on betrayal.
So, of course, they're not going to have one doctor who can take down the whole place, right?
Everything's built on betrayal. Everyone's compromised. Everyone's going to have their wives stolen and sold off for parts.
And so you're going to have massive amounts of redundancies, and there's no way one doctor is going to be able to destroy the entire clan.
Because his wife gets kidnapped, because this kidnapping shit's happening all the time.

[1:19:50] Oh, my God.
So so the doctor uh oh it's so boring and predictable maybe it wasn't in the 60s though i think it was even then but you got to mix it up right so the doctor who betrayed well i just want to get my wife back because i love her so much yeah because people who are people who are are court doctors to evil warlords yeah they're totally in love with their wives it's like i i said that i was i would i would you would join your wife and you just know yeah he's gonna kill kill the guy, and like, because, you know, everyone who gets betrayed, who betrays their leaders gets killed by the other side, and it's like, you know, that doesn't work in life.
Like, that doesn't work in life. Didn't like Game of Thrones?
Game of Thrones was like having a medieval priest throw up in my mouth repeatedly for about an hour.
Game of Thrones was absolutely appallingly nihilistic and vile and horrible in every conceivable way.

[1:20:51] You can't get people to betray others if you always kill them, right? Do you understand?
Yeah, of course he's not getting his wife back. Why?
Because they're, ah, you know what I'm going to do?
Trusting the Enemy

[1:21:07] I'm going to set up characters, the Harkonnen, who are unbelievably, mindlessly NPC black hole void evil, but then I'm going to trust them to give my wife back to me so we can live in life and love.
Yeah sure absolutely you know like even the mafia keep their deals right, i mean the entire political system runs on hidden donations and favors and handshakes but it runs it works right it's the argument i made in everyday anarchy that we know we don't need the state to enforce contracts because the state runs on contracts called corruption which can never be enforced right so it's like well they're the most evil people in the known universe They betrayed everyone they've ever done a deal with, but I'll do a deal with them.

[1:21:55] Oh my God. It's, it was just terrible. This is like, has the, did the fucking writer or director, have they ever met an actual human being at all?
Or is it just like complete empty, stupid science fiction stereotypes? stereotypes.
I'm an evil guy, so I'm bald and I talk like this.
And it's like, you know, evil guys don't do that, right?
Like evil guys don't do that. I mean, I wrote an entire evil guy for my novel, The Future, who's incredibly charismatic and witty and engaging, right?
Like, you know, the evil guys, they don't, they don't fucking look like orcs.
They're not flying around bald and gravel-voiced and depressed, right? Who are the evil guys?
The most dangerous ones are the ones who are friendly and charismatic and engaging and funny. And, like, come on. Like, you're not...
Villain Stereotypes

[1:22:47] You're literally teaching people to not know what evil is, right?
Oh, my God.

[1:23:02] It's... Oh, God. I mean, I sat through it. I'll maybe do a proper review or something, but... Oh, my God.
Oh, what was the other one?
Oh, there was another one in there. Oh, yes, the Fremen. Oh, boy.
There's some fine writing. You know, they're both free, and they're men.
I could call them Freeman, but that might be a bit too obvious, so I'll call them Fremen.
I could call these group the bad guys, but I'm going to call them bad, the bad-a-duh-guys.
We have the good-a-duh-guys and the bad-a-duh-guys. And we have the people who are really free, I'm going to call them the freemen.
Yes, that's some fine fucking writing. The bad guys are... And the good guys are the freemen. Free? Freeman.
Oh, and by the way, the freemen who live in the desert have giant manufacturing plants that can produce complex machinery called the thumpers.
Isn't that amazing? I remember, obviously, when the British first engaged with the Bedouin, I remember that, and the Bedouin had time travel and hovercraft.

[1:24:25] Oh my gosh Oh that's hilarious They're the Fremen, You know we really need a beautiful lady What should we call her?
Bootiful lady Bootiful Can we make her have a big butt?
Well it says that right there Beautiful Beautiful Bootiful lady, We got three men what should we call them fribbon oh my god oh but the lore is incredible it's like this is like this is like watching somebody not write a novel but smear shit on the wall and call it a picasso well actually shit on the wall is obviously an improvement to picasso but it's like somebody wiping boogers on the glass and saying.

[1:25:16] I'm Rembrandt. It's just absolutely terrible. Oh, my gosh.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, the guy, too.
Timothy Chalamet. Why is it that this started with the Star Wars and that spiky-haired Hayden Christensen?
Acting is just fucking pouting. That's all it is.
Just being vaguely pissed off and pouting the entire time. That's just it.
That's it. And then mysterious maturity shows up, right?
So at the beginning, the kid is engaged in some, you know, bullshit combat with the older guy, the older guy. Such a cliche, so just older guy.
And the older guy is trying to toughen up the young guy. But the young guy is like, well, I just don't feel it today.
And the older guy is like, you don't have to feel it. Combat comes to you when you least expect it.
Right? I mean, so the fight scenes are also predictable and so boring.
And they don't make any sense, right? None of it makes any sense.
Again, you have ways of disabling the shields, right?
Unrealistic Combat Scenarios

[1:26:20] EMPs would disable the shields. They're electrically powered, right?
So it's just because they want cool knife fights and it's got nothing to do with anything real.

[1:26:32] In Star Wars, you have weapons that can destroy entire planets.
But no, laser swords are the way to go.
It's like it's like it's like somebody with with some giant space laser no no no i have a butter knife we're evening it out, oh god it's it's painful i mean it it it's almost literally painful so anyway, so um, So the, the, the, the whiny complaining kid, which is like the young thing, right?
The, the, the whiny complaining kid, he's, he's with the Fremen and, and the Fremen want to fight him to, so that he'll join them, which makes no sense either. Like, why would you want to fight? Like, why?
I guess he's the, the, oh, the one. Oh God. Oh, please.
Oh no. If I see another movie, he is the one.
He is the one he is neo which is just an anagram for the one oh god almighty i just i'm kind of a whiny annoying nasal teenager but apparently i'm also the one, the one.

[1:27:54] Sure yeah absolutely how do we know he's the one the one is whiny and very skinny and has no facial and or body hair of any kind.
He also has very poofy hair.
He is a dandelion of slender, nipply skinniness with mystery powers that he must master because he is the war... Oh, my God.
Have you had an original thought fought since 5,000 BC?
No, absolutely not.
Anyway, so he is fighting a guy, the black guy, he's fighting a Furman.
He's fighting a Furman on their own turf, in their own environment, and they're using their own weapons, right?

[1:28:54] So, I mean, yeah, they've given him some training, right? Okay, fine, they've given him, he's had some training.
Kid's never been in a real fight, right? The kid has never been in a real fight.
Now, the Fremen, the black guy, looked to be about 40 or 45, right?
And so he's been living out there in the desert and he's been fighting to survive for a quarter century, which seems to be about 10 years longer than the kid's even been alive, right?
So the kid's never been in a real fight before, that we can see.
He's had some training or whatever, right?
But the trainer's gone easy on him. And now he's with a guy who's got 20 to 25 years experience with actual fighting, and he wins.
Sure, absolutely. He wins. Yeah, of course, because that's just the way shit works, right?
If I've had no practical experience in some fighting, but I've had some training and I go up against a guy.
Who's been literally fighting for his life for 20 to 25 years. I'm going to win.

[1:29:59] Well, it's true that I am going up against a grandmaster chess champion who's been winning in the most brutal competitions of chess for 25 years, but I've taken some chess training.
I'm sure I'll win. Did you see, like, there's a chess grandmaster who beat Bill Gates in, like, 14 seconds?

[1:30:18] No he wasn't practicing with aquaman it was the other guy right and it's just like what the fuck reality are people living in here that that anybody believes this even remotely even a tiny tiny bit what like what insane reality is the writer living in i mean this is a writer who's never been in a fist fight. God.
Okay. If you, if you think this is true, fine, go take some fucking jujitsu and then go and get into a street fight with a guy who's been fighting on the streets for 20 years.
I'm not saying you would do that, but imagine that shit, right? No, he is the one.
And it's like, it's always the same way too. He cannot master his powers until, until he He is in the greatest possible stress and about to die.
Yeah, because that's the way shit works.
You can't master anything until you're about to be pushed out a giant fucking plane.
Yeah, then you're totally, you can relax into it. You can master it. You can do it.
The Chosen One Trope

[1:31:21] When the stress is the highest, the things that you're bad at suddenly become fantastic. You become fantastically good at them.
It's like, oh my God. oh god it's horrifyingly terrible it's horrifyingly terrible.

[1:31:47] And also, also, also, the Harkonnen, whatever they are, right?
They are the most brutal fighters in the known universe. But don't worry.
Jason Half-Shaped Eyebrow, Momoa Aquaman can take on ten of them at a time and still somewhat win.
Also, these most brutal fighters in the known universe, the personification of inhumane and unjust evil doing, they disable an opponent and don't even check to see if he's dead.
They're not evil. They're such competent fighters.
They disable a guy and then go about their business and turn their backs to him and then he rises up and kills some more of them.
Because, you know, that's what really competent people do when they're trying to kill someone is they just kind of knock him out and then just go about their business.

[1:32:50] Sure, absolutely.
They are the most competent fighters in the universe. But they don't kill a guy they've disabled.
They just let him kill more of them. And it's like, oh, fuck off.
Like, please. Like, oh my god, this is just beyond terrible.
But we have the fight scene of slow death and fighting-ness.
And it's like, oh, no, no, no, no, no, come on, come on.
I mean, the first thing you do if you disable someone is you shoot them through the head.
Yeah, I've seen police gun down a man in a hail of gunfire and then handcuff the corpse, of course.
So it's just, it's ridiculously terrible.
It's beyond awful. Like I literally was like people, I was the people I was watching the movie with could barely hear it over my endless groans, just terrible.
Like the dad literally says all the machinery we have is terrible.
So yeah, let's just send out one thing to rescue one of the most expensive things that we own producing the most valuable spice, a valuable product in the known universe.

[1:34:09] Oh god honestly i was just the the pain the pain was just unbearable of how look i don't mind the suspension of disbelief but i'm not in for the suspension of sanity, right that there's no logic to any of it and they don't even pretend to have any science at all, they are the most brutal killers in the universe, but they're not going to kill their prisoners.
They're going to just throw them out of a plane. Now, they don't gag them, even though apparently this spoken command thing, this I'll make you do shit by saying it in a growly voice, donate to freedomain.com slash donate.
So they would have heard about these powers. They'd be pretty hard to hide, right?

[1:35:09] And so they just chant away. Why don't they just open the door and throw them out?
Because they say, well, we want to be able to tell the truth if they say, did you kill them, right?
Which is also retarded. If apparently it was bad for them to kill their prisoners, right, if they were to get in trouble for killing their prisoners, right, they would say, did you kill your prisoners or cause them to die?
Or cause them to have a reasonable chance of dying, right?
We're going to fool them because we just pushed them out of the plane into a desert that would kill them.
Questionable Decision Making

[1:35:41] We didn't kill them, we just pushed them out of the plane. Can you imagine that?
You push some guy out of a plane, he falls to his death, and you're charged for murder, and you say, no, I didn't kill them, I just pushed them out of the plane. And people are like, okay, let's go.
Oh, God. It was like a brain worm that was eating up reality.

[1:36:02] We won't get in trouble because we just pushed him out of the plane and we didn't kill them.
Oh, and also, they're the most ferocious killers in the known universe and we're going to put in charge of the prisoners that we need to get them to kill a deaf guy.
That way, he can't hear what they're saying and can't hear them if they sneak up on him and he can't hear them plotting because he's a deaf guy because that's what we do.
You know, your most high-value prisoners, is you put them under the care, custody, and control of a guy who's pretty severely disabled when it comes to soldiering because he can't hear anything.
Can you imagine? Some guy stabs a woman to death, and he's like, you killed him. No.
No. The knife did.
It's the most fearsome killers in the universe, and they're deaf and retarded.
No, no, no. You gotta work harder as a writer. You gotta work harder as a writer.

[1:37:13] And I get it. Iraqis sounds like Iraq, and it's the desert, and the spice is the oil, and oh, it's so deep, man.
It's so deep. Because, you know, like, you can sniff gasoline, so it's kind of like a psychoactive substance.
And also, like, oil powers airplanes, plans, which is like the spice being both a drug and powering interstellar, right?

[1:37:39] Oh, my God. Yeah, these people could bend space and time, but they couldn't get that guy a hearing aid. Yeah, for sure. I mean, it's all just...
And, of course, there's no market anywhere. It's like Star Wars, right? I guess Star Wars has Mos Eisley or whatever, right?
Star Trek. There's no trade. There's no free market. There's no capitalism.
So where the fuck does all of this technology come from?
Well, it's basically the Mongols. Yeah, because the Mongols had really advanced technology. technology.
Critique of Warhammer 40K

[1:38:09] I mean, they could barely figure out anything beyond the bow.
Why? Because it's a centrally planned bullshit non-economy.
Remember all of that wonderful stuff that came out of the Soviet Union and Cuba and other communist countries?
Well, no, but the Soviet Union just stole all of their stuff.
You've got to read this book, East Minus West Equals Zero.
They just stole everything, right? Like the Rosenbergs were put to death for selling atomic secrets.
No, I just said to the Soviets, it's just appalling.
It's just appalling.

[1:38:48] It's somebody who doesn't understand science, doesn't understand biology.
He does not understand the economics. He doesn't understand combat.
Programming the Audience

[1:38:55] He just doesn't understand anything. anything and it's it's dangerous shit too like i'm opposed to this at a fundamental level it's dangerous shit first of all the idea that you can take on really experienced fighters when you've just done some training and not have it get anything other than killed is ridiculous, like it's really really hey man i've taken some jujitsu i can take on a trained street fighter, i mean oh god like the the pain and also it's a way of well you can't create your own destiny why why why can't you create your own destiny because destiny chooses you because you're the one and if you think that this is not dangerous do you remember oprah talking about barack obama what did she say he is the one right and that that has a resonance right people are are programmed to bow down before the one so that culture can designate someone as the one and you feel yourself automatically bowing down before them, right?
Oh my God.

[1:40:06] It's crazy.
And the only place, like, it's all military industrial fetish worship, right?
Because the only place where there's a market is like some pathetic quasi-Middle Eastern bazaar where people are hawking shit for coins, right?
You go to a Tesla factory, right? And that's technology. Nothing like that exists.
And that technology and that factory only exists because of the free market.
So, what you're doing is you're taking the products of the free market and grafting it on some Mongol bullshit where you have, like, it's all, the movie was all about just looking cool, right?
It's, it's about as, got about as much substance as a supermodel's fucking belly.
Because, you know, we're going to have rains of fire fly down and then there's a guy in oil and then he flies a little bit and then we're going to have sword fights and it's just about looking cool with absolutely no reality.
And this cool shit, I can't stand it. I did a whole show, I hate cool, some years ago.
I hate this shit, right? I just hate it. I just hate it.
It's cool, man. It just looks cool.
That is programming you.
And it's programming you.

[1:41:22] I mean, didn't they want to kill off this kid? So they were just sent down, like they have as many rockets as they want.
They would just send all the rockets in a 20 square mile radius, and they would kill them.
And they don't even explain this. Like at least in Alien 2, right, the guy says, why don't we just get up and nuke it from orbit, right?
What science fiction have you felt was acceptable?
I mean I haven't read I haven't read science fiction in forever, but I will remind you it's free you should check out my book of science fiction, and it's really good called The Future I will give it to you again rss.com slash podcast slash the future fantastic sci-fi.
Military Industrial Complex in Fiction

[1:42:17] Oh no it's just um firefly, well firefly was just another i mean it was entertaining and nathan fillion's a fine actor and they were all you know relatively engaging in that and the characters were good but i mean space western you know it was uh a western but in space it's none of it really and it's always like in the outer planets, the wild west, you know, like where the hand of the government doesn't reach and all that kind of stuff.
Asimov, I never got into him. I read a couple of his short stories, but I tried reading Foundation like three times and I just, I mean, he puts me to sleep.
I just, and then once I found out about his son, I was like, I'm never touching this shit again. Like, this is a completely corrupt bloodline, just monstrous.
You can go and look up what happened with Isaac Asimov's son and what he was arrested for and by the by who was in charge of that prosecution and no Isaac Asimov was, just a I mean in my opinion one of the worst parents who's lived in the modern world when you look at what occurred with his son, so yeah I just I can't get past that stuff and I don't have any desire to so alright any other last questions or yeah second alien movie was very good yeah because it tried to have some logic in it right.

[1:43:43] Oh and and the idea that you can swim through sand, you can't swim through sand i mean the the worms don't even have any, doctor who no um doctor who was like time travel and weird shit right so i mean whales go like the closest analogy would be whales right so whales go through water with flippers right what are the sand worms do they have little i guess they have little scales maybe like what was the meaning of the hand in the box when new history episode history of philosophers i don't know what was What's the meaning of the hand in the box?
It was just stupid drama, right? It was just stupid drama.
It was just stupid drama.

[1:44:37] I mean, it's the same thing that goes on in Fight Club with the acid, right?
Hearing you rip on Frank Herbert has been insightful and hilarious.
I'd be curious what you would say about the Warhammer 40K series with Henry Cavill that's coming out.
If you're unfamiliar, 40K is ridiculous and over the top, but I think it nails bureaucracy very well.
Have you ever seen a sand viper? Do they swim under the ocean? Maybe.
I mean, sorry, do they swim under the sand? Is that right?
Sand viper, let's see.

[1:45:14] Lives in the deserts. All right, what does it say here?
I mean, I assume that they pretty much live on the surface, don't they?

[1:45:25] Sand vipers burrow into the sand and strike directly from their hiding place.
Yeah, you can dig into the sand. I accept that. Come on, man.
But you don't swim through the sand for miles, right?
So, yes, I get that they go into the sand. So do wolf spiders and other things, right?
Sand Vipers and Realism

[1:45:43] Gophers dig into the sand. I get you can go, but do they swim through the sand?
No, of course not, right? They just burrow into the sand and wait there.
How about the new 2000's Battle of the Psycho-Lactic of James Edward Olmos?
Good show or no? I actually find that was quite good. I watched it many years ago.
But I didn't watch all of it, but I thought that was pretty good.
I thought that was pretty good. again I don't know what it is with science fiction writers in the military industrial complex it's like this nerd worship of the warrior and, It's like, well, humanity is in grave danger, but what saves them is the military.
The government military is our savior. Yeah, right. Government military.
Yeah, that hasn't gotten hundreds of millions of people killed over the last couple of centuries. Yeah, totally.
So there is just, it's all, nothing can flourish if it doesn't praise the military industrial complex, right?

[1:46:45] So uh i assume that the writers were beaten up by the aggressive guys and, the last quarter was dumb and the ending was stupid and ruined any rewatch yeah you know in general i like shows where the stories are more self-contained when the story arc goes over a whole season i usually find them kind of ridiculous that's the nip tuck problem and burn notice a little bit as well so, 40k is mainly military oriented but it also highlights the absolute horrors of the military industrial complex but you can't have a military industrial complex unless it's preying off the jugular of the free market so i bet you it's all about just, oh it's all just about magic technology that shows up without a free market to deliver it i don't know and it's cool warhammer is like the guys in the big giant suits right anyway I don't know I mean I write fiction because I don't know.

[1:47:45] I write fiction because I think the fiction that's out there blows into galactic chunks.
Right. So I very much wanted to write a science fiction novel because I just got sick of science fiction.
Self-Contained Stories vs. Season Arcs

[1:48:03] So, and I went truly, I mean, what was great about science fiction is you can go truly wild in your imagination.
And so I did. I mean, certainly my most imaginative work is the world of the future.
And it also has a free market and it explains how we got to paradise.
So anyway, I mean, whether you like it or not, I hope you do, but you should definitely check it out.
So I have, you know, Oh, you do better. It's like, well, I really have aimed to do that, right?
I mean, you don't have to do better to criticize stuff that shit, but I like to think that I have. So, all right. Well, listen guys, thank you so much for dropping by.
Deconstruction of 2001: A Space Odyssey

[1:48:40] If you have any last tips, free demand.com slash donate if you're listening to this later uh 2001 space osities by stanley kubrick good bad trash or not i mean it's trash yeah it's trash i mean even they didn't know what the hell they were doing it's um a vaguely sciencey start that just turns into pure lsd mystical bullshit i mean it you can i remember watching that in the theater and it's like Like, oh, this is interesting.
It's kind of science-y. Oh, that's cool. They can walk on the ceiling.
Oh, that's interesting.
And then it's just like, and the bit with Hal on the spaceship, yeah, it's very interesting and well-acted by Keir Dully and all of that.
And then they don't know how to end it.

[1:49:28] And so it just becomes a completely bizarre drug trip that is meaningless and chaotic and insane.
The movie, 2001, the movie is insane.
And not like insanely great or insanely good or wild. It's a mental institution masquerading as science fiction.

[1:49:50] I knocked over my glass. I'm very old. I'm a space baby. The fuck?
Terminator? I mean, time travel is obviously complete nonsense, but it's an interesting action movie.
Excitement for "The Future" Novel

[1:50:03] Terminator 2 was fun and all of that. So my next book I'm going to read is going to be The Future. I've had it loaded on my Kindle for a while. Yeah, you should.
You should. I mean, that's science fiction with a real purpose and a very, very creative plot, very creative scenario and plot. lot. All right.
I think I won't be getting any more tips tonight, which is totally fine.
I just wanted to thank you guys for being supporters at all.
Um, really, really do appreciate your support and it was great to have a donor only show.
We won't put this out to the general stream. We'll just keep it donor only.
Oh, maybe I'll put the doom bit out. Nah, maybe I'll do a proper review. I don't know.
I'll decide, but because that wasn't particularly, um, private, but I'll keep the rest of it up in the, um, donor section, but I really do appreciate you're going to be tipping next week. thank you, Joe. I appreciate that.
And yeah, freedomain.com slash books. You should check out my novels.
They're just fantastic.
And the future will appreciate them more than the present because the present is all about programming people for socialism.
And I'm about encouraging people for capitalism. All right.
Have yourself a wonderful evening. Lots of love, everyone. Take care, my friends.
I will talk to you soon. And thank you so much for your support. Bye-bye.

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