Even More Untruth About Donald Trump

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0:18 - Threatening Hillary Clinton Assassination?
5:58 - Iraq War
15:30 - Louisiana Flood
21:59 - NYC Imam Murder
24:09 - Obama Founded ISIS
28:52 - Trump Products Manufactured Internationally
32:16 - New York Times “Crossing the Line” Article
35:00 - California Drought
40:03 - Khan Family
47:20 - Scared To Debate Hillary Clinton?
49:13 - Larry King RT Interview
51:53 - Trump Encouraging Russian Hacking
56:07 - Birther Movement
1:01:41 - Mexico Visit
1:07:10 - The Softening
1:12:30 - Anti-Semitic Tweet
1:17:34 - Donald Trump Hates Babies!

Threatening Hillary Clinton Assassination?
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Iraq War
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Louisiana Flood
Background: [Source]
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Opposing Views: [Source]
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NYC Imam Murder
Resident Khairul Islam: [Source]
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Obama Founded ISIS
Donald Trump on August 11th: [Source]
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Trump Products Manufactured Internationally
Hillary Clinton on July 28th, 2016: [Source]
Donald Trump on July 1st, 2015: [Source]
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Donald Trump on October 18th, 2015: [Source]

New York Times “Crossing the Line” Article
New York Times Article: [Source]
Rowanne Brewer Lane: [Source]
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California Drought
Donald Trump in California on May 27th: [Source]
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Khan Family
Khizr Khan: [Source]
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Juristic Classification of Islamic Law: [Source]

Scared To Debate?
Donald Trump on Debate Schedule: [Source]
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Larry King Interview
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Donald Trump on Russia: [Source]
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Trump Encouraging Russian Hacking
Donald Trump: [Source]
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Birther Movement
Hillary Clinton, August 25th, 2016: [Source]
Mark Penn in March 2007 Memo: [Source]
Bloomberg: [Source]
Staff Resignation: [Source]
Reggie Love: [Source]
Drudge Report on Dressed Obama Photo: [Source]
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Hillary Clinton in March 2008: [Source]

Mexico Visit
New York Times: [Source]
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Mexican President Peña Nieto: [Source]
Donald Trump: [Source]
Rudy Giuliani: [Source]
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Donald Trump: [Source]
Luis Videgaray Caso resigns: [Source]
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The Softening
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Anti-Semitic Tweet
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Director of Jewish Outreach Sarah Bard: [Source]
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Trump Hates Babies
Donald Trump: [Source]
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The Guardian: [Source]
Donald Trump, August 5th, 2016: [Source]
Mother Devan Ebert: [Source]
Sean Hannity Interview: [Source]

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