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My name is Stefan Molyneux, and I am the host of Freedomain, the world's largest and most popular philosophy show.

I am releasing private limited NFT philosophy insights, speeches and crypto revelations via this platform.

Philosophers are rarely appreciated until well into the future - if you understand the value of what I am doing NOW, you can own a piece of philosophy history today!


When I was 23 years old, I wrote a ferocious response to The Communist Manifesto. In this document, I unpacked all of my philosophical beliefs, tracing moral arguments all the way from theories of reality, the validity of the senses and the epistemology of reason – to my fledgling theory of ethics, which many years later turned into Universally Preferable Behaviour.

I shared this document by mail, and entered into a variety of debates to improve its contents, and now, at the ripe old age of 54, I go back 31 years to review my thinking as a young man.

This document is a true treasure in the history of philosophy, because it shows where my thinking was over three decades ago. Over the course of almost 2 and half hours, I read through the document, analyze my historical thinking, and compare it to where I stand now.

Purchasing the NFT gets you access to the Ultra High Definition video of me reading and analyzing the text, as well as a PDF of the original Rationalist Manifesto, which I have not touched or edited since I finished it so many years ago.

Reading this document has given me a deep appreciation of where I started, and how far I have come – I hope that you find it is fascinating and illuminating as I do in understanding what I got right, and what I got totally and completely wrong!

A limited-edition collectible of my very first novel "Revolutions"

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