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Hey Stef, I hope you're doing well. I'm sorry I didn't add any contact info in my first email that wasn't fair to you, pretty much asking you to do all the work and reach out to me (maybe that's the missing legs part of me). I hope we can set up a call and maybe just have this chat between you and I there's a lot of stuff that's happened to me and I have done myself I don't want public but at the same time If It can help people, I think I'd be ok with it being public despite being thoroughly embarrassing and humiliating. I could however talk about myself and this dream and leave out some of the embarrassing parts of my life to make it a public call-in podcast. Below I have the dream I had copy and pasted from my first email I have changed some of the wording cause some of it was irrelevant to the dream and I added a few more relevant details I left out as well as another similar dream.

I had this dream about two and a half years ago, I was lying in my very messy room on my bed looking at myself who was hovering horizontally in mid-air. I felt such wisdom, integrity, intelligence, creativity and strength coming from him. He was very fit; hair and beard perfectly groomed his skin flawless he was wearing glasses (which I rarely ever wear ). I noticed he was asleep like a dead sleep motionless I couldn't hear him breathing, I noticed but tried to ignore the fact that he had no legs. Knowing that he was me and I was looking at myself I had to know who I am and what I look like so I went to go look down at my actual self-lying in the bed, and my vision instantly pivoted to a third person view like a person standing at the foot of my bed and all I saw there was a ball of light and dark fighting each other.

The other similar dream I had was a couple months before that one. I got home at about 3am midweek completely drunk and stoned after hanging out with some drinking buddies ( pretty typical day at that point in my life ). I face planted on the edge of my bed not fully on it, and the moment my face hit the bed and I closed my eyes I saw myself made of pure light very awake and smiling at me with a slight tear in his eye. At that point I had screamed at the top of my lungs and started to back up into a wall and curl up into a fetal position. The screaming I was doing continued till I woke up; I wasn't sure if I was screaming in real life too, I could still hear myself when I woke up. Even to this day I have never been so afraid in my life I was too uncomfortable to be in my own skin. Although now I love seeing him and want to be him (myself ) so badly...

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