Human Intelligence (IQ) - Stefan Molyneux Interviews 17 World-Renowned Experts in the Field of Human Intelligence

Over a two year period, philosopher Stefan Molyneux interviewed 17 world-renowned experts in the realm of human intelligence in a wide-ranging exploration of the current data and arguments about one of the most fundamental human characteristics.

What emerged is a complex, powerful, sympathetic and deep examination of intelligence and its potential effects on human society.

(If you have any trouble viewing the videos on this page, please click on the titles.)

The Neuroscience of Intelligence | Richard Haier and Stefan Molyneux

Race, Evolution and Intelligence | Linda Gottfredson and Stefan Molyneux

Race, Genetics and Intelligence | Helmuth Nyborg and Stefan Molyneux

Human Intelligence: The Flynn Effect | James Flynn and Stefan Molyneux

The Bell Curve: IQ, Race and Gender | Charles Murray and Stefan Molyneux

Wrong About IQ? | Russell Warne and Stefan Molyneux

Genetics and Crime | Kevin M. Beaver and Stefan Molyneux

IQ and Immigration | Jason Richwine and Stefan Molyneux

Genetics, Race and Human History | Nicholas Wade and Stefan Molyneux

Human Biodiversity and Criminality | Brian Boutwell and Stefan Molyneux

Will Genius Be Genetically Engineered? | Stephen Hsu and Stefan Molyneux

Does Poverty Impact Intelligence? | Eric Turkheimer and Stefan Molyneux

Nature or Nurture? The Study of Twins | Nancy Segal and Stefan Molyneux

What You Didn't Know About IQ | Kevin M. Beaver and Stefan Molyneux

Why Civilizations Rise and Fall | Michael Woodley of Menie and Stefan Molyneux

Why Your Nation's IQ Matters | Garett Jones and Stefan Molyneux

The Welfare Trait | Adam Perkins and Stefan Molyneux

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July 2024

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