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Hello Izzy.What was the most difficult activity or project you have completed? The one that required the most work and effort. What lesson did you learn from this experience, and what advice would you give to someone engaging in the same activity or project?

Dear Izzy, I would love to hear your opinion about kindergarten.

I am a stay at home mum of three year old and one year old girls. I love spending time with my daughters and plan day trips out of the city, visiting museums, plan other creative activities, doing sports etc.

It is very common in our country to stay at home for three years with each child and then place them to kindergarten once they are 3+years old. Since my older daughter has been slowly reaching that age, I have been doing a lot of research and discussing possible benefits and negatives with my husband. I am quite nervous about the society expectations to do the thing everyone else expects you to do, but thankfully my husband agrees. We want the best for our daughter. I have been thinking lately if I don’t do my daughter a harm by robbing her of this experience because:

A) we are not English speaking country and it is very beneficial at the moment to speak at least English. On that note I found private kindergarten which teaches children French and English only and it seems like such a benefit for the children since they learn the language so easily at that age. But once I visited the place, it’s just an institution like any other and I didn’t like it that much. They are respectful and kind, but I don’t want my daughter to spend 30 hours a week away from us.

B) I looked into another kindergarten that spends most of the time outside (playing, painting, learning). The teachers were extremely nice and I could imagine that my daughter could have fun in there. It’s only one class of 20 children between 3-6 years of ange and 2 teachers. The schedule is flexible so she could go there 3x a week for morning (9AM to 13. PM). Do you think this is something you would enjoy or could see a child enjoying? This kindergarten I would apply for only for my daughters benefit of playing with other kids and possibly doing fun activity with someone else then me.

Note that I will be home with my younger daughter for at least another two years and me and my husband are discussing an option of me never returning to my job so I could be here for our children anytime. I don’t need to place her to any kindergarten but I am considering options for her benefit.

I would love to hear about your opinion about this topic. Thank you so much!

Dear Izzy, thank you for the unique opportunity to ask you questions.
I am a mother of two girls (3 and 1 year old). I have no contact with my parents (their grandparents). I understand that you are in similar position and would like to know how you started to perceive that other children have grandparents in their lives. My older daughter started to notice it and I would appreciate to hear about your own experience. Thank you.

Also, have you ever had a babysitter and how was the experience for you? If not, were you always with one of your parents?

Thank you so much ☺️

Dear Izzy, when you become an adult and get married will Stef chip in financially to help you and your husband purchase a property. I ask because house prices are enormously expensive where I live in Australia and I believe somewhat similarly expensive in Canada too. So much so that it is extremely common for adults to sign off on bank loans with their parents putting up their own assets for their children if not just giving away one of their many properties to their adult children. I certainly don’t think it would be immoral for an adult to receive financial aid from their parents but when the boomers have grossly enriched themselves whilst giving back their excess wealth to their own children and grandchildren after they have stolen the future of everyone else’s children, I do think it is a valid question to ask if you could comment on the current housing situation. I blame the system and those who have manipulated the system and if you were to receive financial aid from Stef as an adult I certainly would not blame you. I certainly believe a child has the right to receive full financial support from their parents until they are an adult. The key issue I am raising is why are we living in societies where a grown adult is expected to have financial help from their parents just to live and not be a 9-5, eat, sleep, rent, work, repeat debt slave???

how Gen Z views the world, do they have a mostly negative, positive or neutral perspective? What is most meaningful to Gen Z?

What does philosophy mean to you?

Do you play any musical instruments?
What is your fave music genres?

Who's more disagreeable - you or Stef?


0:00 - Back to Questions
0:30 - Lessons Learned from Difficult Projects
3:18 - Advice on Engaging in Projects
4:01 - Fading Interests and Projects
5:31 - Kids without Grandparents
8:05 - Babysitting Experiences
8:44 - Financial Support for Property Purchase
11:10 - Lipstick and Lip Balm Confusion
11:44 - Generational Perspectives - Gen Z
13:31 - Understanding Generations and Civil War
15:07 - Relationships and Political Views
15:49 - Philosophy and Meaning to Gen Z
21:17 - Exploring Musical Tastes
27:21 - Addressing Disagreements and Temperament
30:36 - Deliberating Kindergarten Choices
37:44 - Selecting the Ideal Weapon
39:33 - Fantasy Weapons and Considerations

Long Summary

In this episode, Izzy and I explore various aspects of her life, including her challenging projects, managing family dynamics, and reflections on her animation work. We delve into her experiences with projects she enjoys versus those that are less enjoyable, offering insights into her creative process and mindset. The conversation transitions to the topic of family, specifically grandparents, as Izzy shares her perspective on not having contact with her own grandparents and how that has shaped her views on familial relationships. We touch on the importance of communication with children about complex family situations to help them understand and cope.

Shifting gears to more personal topics, we discuss Izzy's thoughts on adulthood, marriage, and property ownership, delving into the uncertainties of long-term planning in a rapidly changing world. The dialogue extends to financial considerations like parental support for property purchases and the desire for a home with land to pass on to future generations. A light-hearted moment arises from a discussion about makeup preferences, showcasing a playful exchange before delving into generational perspectives, especially highlighting Gen Z's unique outlook on the world.

As we probe further into generational divides, emphasizing differences in political beliefs within Gen Z along gender lines, we uncover nuances in relationships and communication styles to avoid conflict. The emergence of Gen A with its distinct characteristics prompts discussions around varying perceptions of different generations and the evolving cultural landscape. The impact of music and cultural influences, with a focus on Nerdcore music and storytelling elements, adds depth to our exploration of generational attitudes and preferences.

The conversation flows into a reflection on expressing dissent respectfully and the concept of adulting and adaptability within Gen Z, leading to contemplation on philosophical matters and meaningful pursuits. Personal anecdotes and observations pepper the dialogue, providing a multifaceted view of generational dynamics and individual growth. Concluding with a humorous debate on kindergarten choices, we blend introspection with levity, capturing the complexities of contemporary life through the speaker's candid reflections and engaging banter.


[0:00] Back to Questions

[0:00] All right. We are back. We're back. And I'm sorry. It's entirely on me that these questions are a little old. Yes, that's all right, though. But I needed to wait until you became wise enough. Yes, that extra month really. It does really. My mental capacity is tripled. Tripled. All right. So these are questions from freedomain.locals.com. Join the community. Blah, blah, blah. Hello, Izzy. Hello. What was the most difficult activity or project you have completed? The one that required the most work and effort. but I like how they repeat themselves.

[0:30] Lessons Learned from Difficult Projects

[0:31] What lessons did you learn from this experience and what advice would you give to someone engaging in the same activity or project? Or, I guess, a similar level of difficulty?

[0:40] I've, uh... Oh, I know. What? Well, okay. Is it a project to manage your father's moodiness? Massively. It's actually a 24-7 full-time job. I assume that you dream of this, not dream like ideal, but dream of it. It's a nightmare of it. Would you like me to say what it is? What the most I don't know what is it wasn't it the animation no I wouldn't say that three or four months to a month and a half a month and a half I sent out an update every week and I sent out six updates that's a month and a half, okay I'll give you that one anything else I don't know it's probably would just be animations and stuff there's also been like some school works been pretty tough sometimes yeah yeah um, probably stuff like that is my guess so how many frames were in that animation when it was done i have no idea how long was it was a the second one was 20 minutes yeah and i animated some scenes were only 12 frames a second other scenes were like 30 frames a second so it's varies but there were a lot of frames that is a lot right yeah now you did you did you have a time where you're like.

[1:51] No no i didn't it was like when i first started it took, took some time because i hadn't animated in over a year yeah so it was a bit choppy at the beginning but once i got the hang of it i was getting sometimes a minute done in a day which was really quick but then there was a lot of editing and stuff afterwards to get the lighting right and all that so um but i'd say most difficult again i wouldn't say they're difficult if i wanted it to be top tier it could definitely have been a lot more difficult but i mean it was for like 10 people i'm not gonna put in crazy amounts of effort into it and i did put a lot of effort into it but it wasn't like you know if it was going for like some animation studio or some show or some audition or something like that i'd put way more effort into it right right um so i'm trying to think because general you enjoy the projects that you're involved in yeah i don't try like i don't do stuff if i really hate doing it obviously there's like math or whatever but like i wouldn't consider that a project that's not a project that's a requirement yeah so for me it's like if i'm doing a project it's going to be something i enjoy and i don't consider that work it may take effort but i only count it as effort if i find it really annoying um book club books i those don't take work or effort it's we're looking at words and comprehending no but would some of them a little bit of a struggle to get through because they weren't things you normally would have finished uh yeah but i mean again it's just take an hour sit down and read it i don't consider that effort i consider that okay i'll just not do something else for an hour Right. Okay.

[3:18] Advice on Engaging in Projects

[3:18] All right. So you don't have any particular advice. I generally try and avoid things that I'm not going to enjoy. Yeah. My advice, what advice do you give to someone engaging in the same activity or project? So I'll tell you why. Sorry, one sec. I'll tell you why people are asking this because their kids are taking on stuff and flaking out. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if your kid's taking on something and they can't do it, then it's probably not going to be something or maybe they can do it, but they don't want to. It's probably not going to be something that they're actually going to pursue in the long run, like with a career or whatever. Yeah. The stuff that you want to keep doing is what you should do your life with, right? Yeah. Like don't get a, if you absolutely hate cooking, don't become a chef. So.

[4:01] Fading Interests and Projects

[4:02] Now, what about things where you've started out and then kind of faded?

[4:09] Um i know when i was writing the script for some of the animations or stuff like that or if i have an essay where it's like write a short story or whatever or not an essay an assignment sometimes i'll start with the story and it's like nah this just doesn't have potential yeah it's not a good story so i'll fade out but that's usually i'm only maybe at most 10 000 words in so and you liked piano for a bit and then less so right i liked piano until i went into lessons right right right um i mean i admit that you probably need lessons to get good at it because i couldn't read music but i'd come up with tunes and memorize it and stuff but that's just shows you if i really like piano i would have been like okay well i'll put up with the lessons if i have to right right okay uh let's do the kindergarten one that's a really long one um i am a mother of two girls three and one year old wait what oh there's this dear izzy thank you for the unique opportunity to ask questions i'm a mother of two girls three and one well they were when these questions were first posted okay three now they're two months okay i have no contact with my parents they're grandparents i understand that you are in a similar position but like to know how you started to perceive that other children have grandparents in their lives my older daughter started to notice it and i would appreciate to hear about your own experience i honestly i've never even i've been like whatever i'm like i hate to say i don't know if your kids are going to be different but i saw other kids um you know if they're in a play date or something their grandparents may come.

[5:31] Kids without Grandparents

[5:31] And pick them up and i'm just like okay you have extra people whatever like it genuinely did not register with me i don't think people have really understood the giant chasm called whatever which is where teens throw it's not whatever it's just that's a word to sum up for me it didn't matter it didn't matter right um i can understand i actually can't understand i i hate this is my By limitation, I, again, I don't remember almost anything about being three.

[5:59] Um, I have no idea how it would affect a three or one year old. We could just say. Our friends have grandparents. Yeah. But those friends are like seven. So it doesn't. Right. Right. Right. It doesn't register with me anymore. Honestly, I think. If your kids seem to be upset um that they're like where are my grandparents you can just explain like we're not we don't have a good relationship with them as they were mean to me when i was growing up like that would be from your perspective um just explain that to them i think and that should probably be a good enough explanation that's kind of what i knew i knew my grandparents sucked and i was like when i saw other kids with grandparents i was like okay well i guess your grandparents didn't suck right right luck of the draw right well and also so i mean what we said I remember this very clearly when you were young, and we wanted to talk about it ahead of time. And we said that your grandparents were buried with IV tubes going into the grave. And then when they came out, they had no nose. And we thought that that might be the whistling sound when they sneezed. And a really random music that came on and walked in the room.

[7:08] And the ragged cloaks. anyway all right we haven't watched fallout but i totally there's no there is a uh there's some memes about it and lore right so anyway um so uh also have you ever had a babysitter and how was the experience for you if not were you always with one of your parents yeah i think a couple times she was i don't know what i was like seven or eight no maybe nine nine or ten about that yeah well you had one when you were very young but that's just when you were asleep and you never met her uh she was she was nice um i enjoyed having the babysitter because it was basically like just an older friend um but i remember that girl would never ever have an opinion on anything and i think that was her way of trying to be like nice and let the kid have fun but for me i'd be like okay would you like to go out into the woods or stay here and do drawing or stuff like that she'd be like whatever you like and i'm like no i'm asking you because i don't care either way I'm ordering you to have an opinion. Yeah.

[8:05] Babysitting Experiences

[8:06] And I remember even at one point I asked her, I was like, hey, I would really appreciate it if you let me know what you wanted to do. You're trying to be polite about it. Because I want to be, like, I don't want to do stuff that you don't want to do. I remember telling that to her at one point. She's like, I will. And then.

[8:19] So, um, but yeah, I liked, I like babysitters as long as you pick out a nice one and really vet her. I think that's a great thing. Um, but yeah, if you, if you do babysit your kids, just make sure they like the babysitter. Um, and aren't afraid to say, no, I don't like this. Well, and as the parent, you stay home with the baby babysitter and your kid a couple of times just to see everyone gets along and all of that. Yeah. Yeah. But she was, she was very nice. Yeah. She was fine. Yeah. I definitely liked her.

[8:44] Financial Support for Property Purchase

[8:44] Uh, dear Izzy, when you become an adult and get married, will Steph chip in financially to help you and your husband purchase a property. I ask because house prices are enormously expensive here where I live in Australia.

[8:55] Sorry, we're in Australia. And I believe somewhat similarly expensive is... Sorry. So much so that it is extremely common for adults to sign off on bank loans with their parents putting up their own assets for their children, if not just giving away one of their many properties to their adult children. I certainly don't think it would be immoral for an adult to receive... Okay, blah, blah, blah. Skim, skim, skim. uh yeah okay so um what do you think it really depends i have no idea who my husband's gonna be i don't know if he'll be rich poor i don't know if we're gonna live in the city or in the country honestly there's just too much in this question that i don't have the answer to right to be able to answer as a whole um i assume i'm gonna be getting married anywhere from like five to ten years from now so it's i have no idea how the world's gonna look like i don't know where i'm gonna be living uh i don't even like no idea even knows who's gonna be president like i mean it's It's going to be way too different, I think, for me to say an answer to this one. Now, if you... I can't predict. Me, I don't plan stuff. If you look at five years ago, if I was trying to plan how is my life going to be in five years...

[10:01] Covid came up would i've had that in my plan no no i would not so i don't think planning's useful i think short-term planning obviously i think you know save money in the long term and stuff like that some long-term stuff's good but i think having a detailed plan for five or ten years is a terrible idea because it's way too unpredictable in five or ten years obviously this doesn't apply to everything but i think for a question like this i can't plan i mean i can have the general idea yes i want to get married before the age of 25 because i want to have a bunch of kids um but other than that i've like how am i supposed to know uh if if i'm gonna get financial aid from my parents to purchase a property in 10 years uh yeah and certainly from my perspective i would rather you have a place with some land for your kids rather than say let's say that you you and your husband are starting out or he's starting out and you know i i wouldn't personally Finally, I mean, obviously it'd be finally up to you and your husband, but I would want you to have a place with some land. I don't want to live in the city. So I'm saying like maybe in the short term, we'd start off in an apartment or a house or something in the city. Yeah. And then when you have kids. I mean, it could be too expensive.

[11:10] Lipstick and Lip Balm Confusion

[11:10] The city can be post-apocalyptic. Like, I mean, no one knows what's going on. But yeah, I would say that I would love to help you guys out in terms of helping you get a place. Because, I mean, what's the point of sitting on the money? I mean, I'm going to get old and go in the ground where, again, there will be the IV tubes.

[11:27] I will come out without a nose. Sorry, this is a very subtle reference. Subtle. But, no, I mean, what's the point of sitting on the money? If it can help you guys have a better time for your kids and yourselves, fantastic.

[11:39] Yeah. Yeah. I don't want too much financial aid. That feels like cheating. Yeah, it's family money.

[11:44] Generational Perspectives - Gen Z

[11:45] All right. I have a question. Yes. Have you been, I just noticed this chapstick, have you been using this? Maybe. Why? This is lipstick. What?

[11:58] Let me see. Does it say lipstick? It's lipstick. Wait, Burt's Bees. Let me read it. No, lip balm. Tinted. Oh, tinted. My God, this is like six months ago. Why is it in here? I don't know. You must have taken it from my purse if I took it on the counter or something. Wow. How much is even left?

[12:17] Oh, okay. You can take that back, I suppose. No, actually, I'm going to leave it. No, I think it probably should go back. Yeah, so just so you guys know, my dad's really into makeup and lipstick. Lipstick it really feels like it helps him slay more well i will say you know when you when you start pushing your mid to late 50s you got to plump up the lips a little right i was wondering like where did this go and i was like oh whatever i don't know how on earth it ended up in here i don't even i don't think i got it because i was like hey this is cool and you know why because um the lipstick that my mom had when i was growing up was like in a silver case you turned it out and no that's like official lipstick i just get this if you guys want to like the listeners want to know oh hang on sorry no no go ahead so i get this because my lips i have really bad chap lips yeah me too so i get i'll take like normal lip uh lip balm but it makes my lips look really white like the same color as my skin tone right which just looks super weird so i get the tinted lip balm so that my lips stay normal sorry just in smaller text here it does say tinted lip balm tinted with manliness uh if i would actually like to read it it says daisy a hundred natural but no No, it's manly daisy. Tinsled lip balm daisy. Balm colorate pour les leveres.

[13:28] That's very French of you. I have no idea. I could have just sworn.

[13:31] Understanding Generations and Civil War

[13:32] I have no idea. All right. All right. Now, let's get into the generations. Because there's a whole alphabet soup down near where you are in the origin story. Oh, my God. Okay. How does, how Gen Z views the world? Do they have a mostly negative, positive, or neutral perspective? What is the most, what is most meaningful to Gen Z? Riz. I'm kidding. That's Gen A. Um, oh, man.

[13:53] Should I just get comfortable as you break down the, the, the, uh, the generations? My friends are actually going to kill me. There are two sides of Gen Z. There is woman and there is men. Now, I say I separate by gender because a woman, very liberal man, very anti-liberal, massively conservative. Sadly, there is almost no overlap. laugh in older girls i know i can think of me and maybe one or two other who are relatively on the conservative side but i would probably be the most conservative gen z or female i know so they get really get hard in social media they get hit hard in social media right yeah so basically the guys are all uh conservative and the women are all democrat with almost no exceptions it's really sad i don't know how everyone's going to get along it some some people are going to people they have to compromise yeah um from the like the relationships and gen z that i see now, you'll get they'll get together because you know they have a good they like each other for their humor or personality or whatever but they never touch on political stuff avoid it a lot of times if they do then it's stuff that both sides clearly agree on right right um.

[15:07] Relationships and Political Views

[15:08] Or if it is, it's very light. Like, you know, I'm kind of thinking the government should have a bit less power if you're the guy. Because you don't want to offend the girl or whatever. So you hate the poor. They don't go that far because they phrase it very politely. But that's how they seem to get along when it comes to relationships. I would say it's really divided. For Gen Z, I can't pick a side. There's some people who've been blackpilled and they hate everything. Then there's almost no positive. I've seen really no positive views of the world. Well, they are positive that negative things are going to happen. Yeah. So I'd say mostly negative and neutral. Right, right.

[15:49] Philosophy and Meaning to Gen Z

[15:49] Neutral leading negative. Like, I don't think people think about it too much. They'll say if the topic comes up, then all the views are negative. But people seem pretty happy and chill. Unless the topic comes up, then you hear it all. So I'd say neutral, but negative if brought up, kind of. What is most meaningful? Is Gen Z, are they big? I don't know that they're hugely big on meaning, meaning, meaning, meaning I think they are I think my friend group, not massively, But I think some of the older Gen Z Because I'm on the younger end of it And when does Gen Z top out? I think 2012 I know one of my brothers That would make them 14!

[16:32] Wait 12 2012 to 2024 12 is the young no gen z ends at 2012 right anything above oh sorry if that's gen a right yeah we're getting to that civil war no no no wait wait for that civil war in just a moment um i have one friend uh well it's my friend's younger brother who was like very end of gen z yeah and everyone missed it he looks young he's not hit his goal yet but um everyone thinks he's gen a and he's so frustrated every time he comes up people will come up to me and they'll start saying gen a phrases and mocking me and they don't know that i'm gen z i'm gen z i'm not associating with gen a i will not talk to you that's basically all he said well believe it or not i missed the boomer by one year yeah like 65 66 so i'm i'm everyone's like oh so and so boomer and i'm like no i missed it by a year this i mean he's basically honestly he complains that people think he's gen z and then he uses all the stupid gen z or gen a phrases places okay so hang on we'll get to the gen a stuff so most meaningful to gen z i don't think there's much meaningful i think gen z is really the first generation that is starting to accept, like defuing and stuff um i've just seen a lot more talk about it like if if someone says.

[17:45] Oh i don't think you should be in touch with your parents if they're toxic everyone's like yeah yeah that's fair you mean if they an older person is kind of talking about that yeah yeah but that's That's an avoidance or a negative. I would say not meaningful, but I don't know if there's much meaning, but that's just key information. I think Gen Z is the first generation to really start accepting that. Right, right. Okay. I've just seen it a lot. But if I talk to any older generations, they're like, what? No. They're your parents, right? Now, so let's dip into the Civil War.

[18:14] Man, everybody hates Gen A. I think even Gen A hates Gen A. Okay. So help me understand this. I will say two words. Skibbity toilets. Thank you. That two words sum up Gen A. I'm still not sure what that means. Neither am I. Really? Should we look it up or is that going to put us on the list? I am not looking it up. Okay. All right. I'm not associating with anything. All I know is that there's a stupid song that says that. And then there's like some big video about like people with TV heads and talking toilets. And it's absolutely most retarded brain. You can't judge a whole generation by one song phrase. You can't because that video has over like a billion views or something ridiculous.

[19:01] Any other than this random bit of slang? No, no, it's a huge thing. It literally makes up their entire personality. What? I talked to Gen A. I cannot get through a conversation without hearing something Rizzler, something Skibbity, something Phantom Tax. I don't care. It's the worst. Man, you thought Gen Z was bad for slang. Don't even get me started on Gen A. It sounds like they're having a stronk. I think they have been brain-rotted by the internet. I think all of these dirty kids have been growing up on iPads, and it's really been ruining them. You had iPads when you were younger? I had limited iPads. Yeah, and we generally would either do it together or we'd do something outside. It was very limited. Yeah, yeah. And I always had a critical view. Whenever I was watching something, I would always think, oh, this is cringe. But now it's bad to say something's cringe because you're hurting someone's feelings. That's like a big thing. Oh, so there's the slang plus the hypersensitivity? it's not the hypersensitivity I don't think too much but I think that now you can't say this is.

[19:57] It's become like a bad thing so nobody is nobody was saying like this whole toilet thing didn't get nipped in the bud by everyone saying it's cringe because now you're not allowed to say it's cringe which is why i think jenny's been killed because they get unlimited okay kills what do you mean kills what you said jenny's been killed oh sorry jenny's brains have been oh i wrote it okay okay um because i think you're not allowed to like moderate what you're in like what they're interested in because you can't say no this is cringe what are you doing right get a better interest kind of which was a huge thing in my generation if something was cringe you check the comments on the youtube video everyone be like this is stupid this is cringe um and then that would be a bit of a guide to like make you think yeah what the heck am i watching right right okay um so i don't think that's been a thing for gen a which is why i think they've developed such brain material that they're interested in and this is not just my opinion this is a very widespread spread opinion of jenna like i'm not just this is not i have slightly different opinions but i think this is the big the big one that's pretty accurate okay what does philosophy mean to you, i mean it's pretty solid solid is actually quite a positive phrase for you because apparently vapor solidified yeah solidified is good so what does philosophy mean it's a bit vague to you.

[21:17] Exploring Musical Tastes

[21:17] Uh clearly i'm not philosophical enough to answer this one all right we can come back to that no it's not exactly come back to you saying i'm just not sure what it's supposed to mean i mean it's good positive plus i think it's all right i think it's yeah it's important it's an important thing for a lot of people, Do you play any musical instrument whenever that, what is your, I'm going to get absolutely. All right. What is your favorite musical genre? That big thing I was just talking about how you're not allowed to say things that cringe anymore. Okay, go. I'm going to a hundred percent say my music genre is cringe. The one I'm interested in anyways. It's called. Unpack it all. Unpack it all. I've mentioned it briefly in other ones. It's called nerdcore. It literally has the word nerd in it. Okay. It's really, even the name is cringe. But it's like people make songs about like uh movies or games or stories sometimes books and stuff like that um and i think i like these songs because they're very creative a lot of times i've seen like there's certain artists who will make some really sad song with like piano and stuff and then the next song is like something you hear at heavy metal or whatever right and then it's a very poppy kind of jazzy stuff and yeah so i definitely like i like the style like.

[22:36] For certain games i'll make an example with bioshock they really get into the whole like, 1950s style or same with fallout and stuff like other games like that um things you've never played things i've never i've gotten really into games i've never played just through this music through the music right um which yeah i found actually i think my three favorite games have all found through this i'll hear a song and be like that's a good song i need to learn what it's about because some of the lyrics have actually i think some pretty meaningful stuff i just really dislike pop music because it's all oh no he broke my heart now i'm gonna get my revenge because he cheated on me and it's like no one cares literally no one cares i mean people clearly care because it's the most popular it's literally called pop for popular um i don't care that's what i should say but i like i like nerdcore because i think they've got some really creative people in there and i think the lyrics actually mean some stuff because it talks about gaming issues, but there's also some fun real-life issues that can get thrown into it. And I think it's very creative style of music, which is why I like it. And for those of us who are a tiny bit older, you don't understand. A tiny bit older.

[23:42] I don't think people understand, because I certainly didn't, What impact or power the word lore has? Lore. Okay, help people understand. Lore is just backstory. I'm going to use games as the biggest example. Well, that's mostly what it's about, right? Sometimes like analog horror or indie movies and stuff. Analog horror? What is that? Analog horror. Sorry, I've thrown all these terms out. Please, stop skibbitying. I'm not. Nuh-uh. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Analog horror is usually stuff you can find on YouTube made by individuals. Um the most popular ones would probably be something called the mandela catalog or the back rooms and they're usually videos put together again it's all very like 1950s for this kind of stuff some animation a little bit of live animation some live video and a lot of it's like text so it may be um someone will make found footage of something or someone may make a security tape where it's like here's what not to do if you come into this like horror situation um and they'll make whole worlds and what was the meat one that i saw vita carnis which is my favorite vita carnis is a story about creatures that have come into the earth's ecosystem that are kind of strange a little creepy right right and you can see like sometimes the lore for that one would be.

[24:58] Sometimes between uh video frames it may flash to an image of a child's like storybook yeah and if you're able to get all the pieces of the storybook throughout like the 10 different videos and you put it together you get a story that is parallel or it's like that story is kind of like an analogy for what actually happened and how these creatures ended up in the world right so obviously it's all made up it's like a movie but on youtube right the the lore that i'm most into is game lore which we've probably touched on on other shows so i'll keep it brief but um just the backstories of games usually they're never confirmed by the actual game makers but there's a lot of hints into it um as to like the backstory or like the questions and it's like a supernatural game like how did this happen and if you go into the i've seen sometimes where you go into the game files get some random text that looks like code put it into a code to text translator and then you finally get the answer like how do you like crazy, It's wild. I mean, the lore stuff is huge, right? These game songs, usually I've seen videos of people who make them. And they'll say like, oh yeah, I spent like seven hours researching this game to make the proper lyrics. It's like, see, that's why I like the amount of effort that gets put into it. Sometimes they even put lore in their songs. So I think it's a type of music that gets me thinking about stuff. Other than, oh, he broke my heart.

[26:15] And just to clarify, there are different types of nerdcore. I don't like the more popular type. It's kind of more. Nerdy. No, it's, it's a bit more about like movies and anime and stuff. I don't like that stuff. I don't like anime. Um, so I usually, the more popular nerdcore music will usually be about anime shows, which is not the stuff I'm into. Now is, uh, is anime popular in your group at all? No, my friends hate anime. I didn't think so. Right. Absolutely. Someone says, no, not really. It's more of an older Gen Z or the, I think above Gen Z is millennial. Yeah. It's the one above Gen Z. That's more into anime. Okay. And I don't play any instruments. Right. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. We probably should skip this one. It's more disagreeable. I can be disagreeable, but I think I'm more quiet about it sometimes. I may not seem like a very quiet person when I do these shows, but usually for me, if I get irritated at something, it depends what the thing is, honestly, but I can be very quiet and just deal with it myself. Or if I think I can make a change about it, then I will talk about it.

[27:21] Addressing Disagreements and Temperament

[27:21] I'll make a brief example so if I get irritated at something like whether maybe it's a game or if it's like math or whatever, I just deal with it or if I get irritated at someone and it's like look this is not a big issue then I'll do something for 10 minutes forget about it and move on it's almost like a reboot but if I get irritated and it's really consistent usually I will get mad, I'll make a very brief example but there's been, some issues this year with a play just with certain people coming in and taking over the job of other people i'm gonna keep very vague on this one but that i got really mad at and i've definitely talked and spoken out about that to the point where my friends are like is he stop it yeah yeah yeah yeah no i mean and if there are authority figures adults and so on you'll speak your mind right 100 100 yeah but yeah i think during the whole meeting i was the only one arguing back yeah yeah for sure um should we go up to the kindergarten one yeah so uh disagreeable um i'm fairly we've talked a little bit about some of my uh minor ill temper and i'm sort of working on that so that was all very very good feedback for me to get all right uh i would like to hear your opinion about kindergarten trash.

[28:35] Okay. That's it. One word. Do you want to read this one or should I? Go ahead. I'm a stay-at-home mom of a three-year-old and one-year-old girls. Same woman? I love spending time with my daughters and plan day trips out of the city, visiting museums, plan other creative activities, doing sports, etc. It's very common in our country to stay at home for three years with each child and then place them in kindergarten once they're three or more years old. Since my older daughter has been slowly reaching that age, I've been doing a lot of research and discussing possible benefits and negatives with my husband. I'm quite nervous about the societal expectations to do the thing everyone else expects you to do, but thankfully my husband agrees. We want what's best for our daughter. I've been thinking lately if I don't do my daughter a harm by robbing her of this experience because, A, we are not an English-speaking country.

[29:23] And it is very beneficial at the moment to speak at least English. On that note, I found Private Kindergarten, which teaches children French and English, only, and it seems like such a benefit for the children since they learn the language so easily at that age. But once I visited the place, it's just an institution like any other, and I didn't like it that much. They are respectful and kind, but I don't want my daughter to spend 30 hours a week away from us. B, I looked into another kindergarten that spends most of the time outside playing painting learning. The teachers were extremely nice, and I could imagine that my daughter could have fun in there. It's only one class of 20 kids between three to six years of age and two teachers. The schedule is flexible, so she could go there three times a week from morning, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Do you think that this is something you would enjoy or could see a child enjoying? This kindergarten, I would apply for only my daughter's benefit of playing with other kids and possibly doing fun activities with someone other than me. Note that I will be home with my youngest daughter for at least another two years, and me and my husband are discussing an option of never returning to my job so I can be here for our children anytime. I don't need to place her to any kindergarten, but I am considering options for her benefit. I'd love to hear you about your opinions on this topic thank you so much i think that's actually a very interesting one.

[30:36] Deliberating Kindergarten Choices

[30:37] I think she says that she's nervous about the society. Sorry, I am quite nervous about the society expectations to do the thing that everyone else expects you to do. Me personally, I idolize going against society's expectations because I think society has failed a lot of people. Even though I've modeled perfect fear conformity. I think society kind of screwed up a lot and doesn't really know what they're doing. So usually I think if society wants me to do something, I'd go against it. Obviously, this is not a surefire way of doing the right thing, but it can be a bit of a guideline. But obviously, that's not for everyone. I think that three might be a bit young. I think three-year-olds still need a lot of time with their parents. And with 20 kids and two teachers, they're not going to be getting, even if it's not their parents, but a lot of supervision. Or not even supervision, but guidance with that few teachers compared to the number of kids. Which I know for a lot of schools, usually it's one teacher and like 50 kids. Or more even. No, not in daycares. No, I know not in daycares, but I'm just saying for a lot of places. So I think it's good that there are two teachers.

[31:46] Schedule is flexible three times a week. I think maybe when your kid's a little bit older. I know it only goes from like three to six. But I would say maybe when they're four or five, you could put her into kindergarten. But I think... Not 30 hours a week. Not 30 hours a week. I also think ask your kid if she enjoys it. So put it in like this is completely up to you and if she's like yeah this is fun i like hanging out with the other kids and it does seem you know it's outside so you playing painting learning that that's the second place right that's the second place yeah so i think definitely at that age learning is not as important and i think you're going to get the most experience just doing hands on and figuring things out at the age of three you're still like i know you can walk but and run and stuff like that but you're still learning your own like how to move properly yeah so i think I think trying to learn another language is probably not going to be the biggest priority, although I can definitely see how that would be helpful. Right. I think with the second option, if you like the teachers and the kids and it seems to be a bit less structured, that does seem like a better option. So maybe when your daughter's a little bit older, you could put her in to kindergarten, and if she enjoys it, keep her in, and if she's like, no, I don't like this, then take her out. I think it should be very up to her, though, especially at that young age.

[33:01] Yeah i mean the challenge is the 20 kids the challenge is among those 20 kids how many of them are going to be bad kids well i mean among 20 kids there's going to be one or two almost certainly unless there's sort of very strict requirements in the daycare or whatever or the kindergarten so among those 20 kids statistically there's going to be one or two who are just kind of messed up just dysfunctional and and problematic and what i don't know what i'm trying to think of That's sort of the nicest way to put it. Yeah. So...

[33:32] A little kid, it's tough to put them in a situation where there's some messed up kids and ask them to know how to handle it. Now, maybe the teachers are very decisive about this kind of stuff, but that really hasn't been my experience. For kindergarten, especially if it's run by women, and it very likely is for kindergarten, they're not going to be like that. I think it's unlikely that they're going to be very firm and say, no, I'm sorry, your kid is dysfunctional and you need to get that sorted out before they come back. There's going to be like, oh, well, you know, we want to work with her and she'll be fine. All the female run things that I learned whenever there is a dysfunctional kid, not even dysfunctional, but even just in a class, like for the homeschooling group that I'm in, the most that'll happen if a kid's being loud or whatever is like, oh, you have to leave. But it's never, why are you being loud? Why are you interrupting the class? Like what's going on? Right. Right. So I think at that age, it's going to be, the problem is, is the other kids. And you can't, so everyone has this image like, oh, my daughter or my son, they're going to go into this little kindergarten and they're going to be painting and running in tag and so on. And the problem is, though, that you're now out of control of the social environment of your child. Yes. You can't vet, right? And even if it's fine when you go there, kids are constantly cycling in and out.

[34:52] Yeah, it could be good one month, bad the next. Could be good one month, bad the next. So the problem is that you want to control for your kids. You want to control as many variables as possible. And once they get into that environment, you now no longer have control over their social environment. And just about anything can happen. And, you know, you really are relying on the teachers.

[35:13] In general, I think what you want to do as much as possible is develop a set of friends in the neighborhood where you can vet the parents, you can vet the kids and then encourage your kids to play together, which I'm sure everyone will be happy to do. Rather than a bunch of kids that come in and go and give no control. You have no quality control. There's no vetting and so on. And I think that's the real challenge. I think that's a very good point. I think the most important thing to do would be to talk to your daughter and say, would you like to do this? If she's like, yeah, this could be fun. You could always give it a shot. But she wouldn't know, right? No, but I remember I think at that age or even a bit older when I could remember, if you guys said, would you like to do kindergarten? You would have said. I would have been like, no. No, no, no. Right. But I can also see, you know, if your kid's very social and extroverted, then that could be also a good thing. So, I mean, I think, again, at this point, though, three is just really young to be away three hours a week. Well, the other thing, too, like if you're a good parent and you're fun and people always underestimate that being a fun parent is so important to be a good parent. She says she is because like they go out on day trips and stuff. So how is it going to be better to play with a bunch of kids that they don't even know? Also, she has a sibling, so she does have friends. Yeah, yeah. Um.

[36:25] But yeah, I think if I were in your shoes also, the never return to a job. Yes. That's really important. You don't need the money. Yeah. I mean, probably don't need the money. And so the more fun you are as a parent, the less benefit the kid has in kindergarten. Because they're already having fun with you. Like, why would you want to, like, if you're already having fun with your mom, why would you want to go and do a bunch of other kids? Right. So there's this kind of funny thing about how, oh, yeah, you're going to learn. You hear this with homeschooling too. I'm going to socialize. You're going to learn how to socialize. And it's like, but you don't, you, you, you don't go to jail and say, oh, well, I'm going to learn how to socialize. Like you want to make sure that you have a quality control over the people you're, your kids are socializing with. And you can't really do that in an institution. Yeah. Like, you know, everyone's like, oh, well, your homeschool kid's never going to learn how to socialize. And I heard that a lot.

[37:14] Um, and then I went and I joined a friend group within like three or four months. Really great people. Yeah. Like, I think I know how to socialize pretty well from being homeschooled my whole life. And you learn how to socialize also watching your parents socialize with people too. Definitely, yeah. All right. So yeah, find some kids in the neighborhood if that's what you're worried about. You can certainly do that. And I'm just going to see, we did post for some more cues. Let's see if we get anything good because these, again, slightly older and sorry for the delay. Let's see if any.

[37:44] Selecting the Ideal Weapon

[37:45] A fine question. I love this question. Okay, go. If you could have any weapon, modern or historic, what would you have and why? Now, do you need a few minutes to diagram, to prioritize, to list? Can we include from games? From games? I'm kidding. That's a good one.

[38:09] I mean, functionality, like, functionally-wise, a modern gun would be the best weapon to have, probably. Like, AK-47, heck yeah. No, I'm kidding. Really, any type of, like, pistol or gun would probably be the smartest choice to have. But historically, dude, those, like, Roman Empire spears were so cool. Like, you yeet them. You mean the ones with the tassels, or just the ones you threw? The ones with, like, tassels and stuff? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Even the ones where you threw, too. Also, I'd say historically, those guns used in the First World War, I believe, that had the knives. Oh, the bayonet guns. The bayonet guns. That was way earlier, wasn't it? No, no. First World War. I mean, they had, yeah. The guns, so, yeah, where you shoot them, but since their aim was so bad, you also had the knives that you stabbed. That was cool. I think those are really cool because it's like multi-purpose. And then in the First World War, after you stabbed people, this robot with the multi-arms and the little jet would come. Codsworth. A snip-snip would come along and, I say, you seem to be missing part of your spleen. If I could fix it up, I'll... We don't have fudge here.

[39:18] So for you, something with a bayonet or a gun, right? A bayonet. Right. That would be the coolest, but like, again, functionally, the modern gun. Modern gun, right. Now, what about magic, fantasy, anything?

[39:32] Hmm. Hmm.

[39:33] Fantasy Weapons and Considerations

[39:33] Definitely something from bioshock you could say that the uh man we're getting into the war here uh it's a type of dna altering substance called atom yeah yeah they inject it yeah that would be i don't know if that would even count as a weapon but it can give you like weapon properties like right um you can turn your hands into electricity or something like that so that would be pretty cool but then you could also get addicted to adam which would be very not cool because you'd turn into a splicer and go insane again very negative zero out of ten would not recommend would not recommend yeah so yeah that would definitely be that would be my choice what about you oh i mean i was nerdy enough in my um i guess i was 11 when style boss came out i thought the lightsabers were very cool true but i also they don't make they're they're kind of kind of dangerous yeah but that's my concern is that one miss swing and oopsie burn my arm off yeah so i i do find them a little a little alarming um because yeah they just can burn cut through anything so i think they're very dangerous and i'm not not even too like because with a knife or whatever it's pretty hard you'd have to actually be effort yeah yeah even if you're swinging a sword it's kind of like Maybe you'll scratch yourself And you swing it too far and it hits your arm or something.

[40:58] But you're not going to like slice your body in half I would sort of get the feeling I'm not sure who would end up taking more damage My enemies or myself Yeah that's like thorns or something Or you know you swing it it bounces back You're just beheaded right.

[41:10] Could you bounce back a lightsaber? I mean don't they kind of Oh they chew in right? Yeah I guess that's true I'm not sure It's kind of like fire isn't it? Like very controlled Yes Yeah fire or laser or whatever right? Because I know they click the button and it kind of Yeah it chews up right? I thought, I just thought they were very cool. Like I'm nerdy enough and D&D enough, like flaming. So remember the flaming sword in how to train your dragon? Yeah. Do you remember I had one of those in D&D too. It was like a purple one. Yes, you did. 1d8 plus 2a was such a good sword until I got part, So the flaming swords, lightsabers, like the glowy sword stuff, I just think is really cool. I would like a fire sword. That would be pretty awesome. A fire sword would be excellent. You could actually make one of those real life.

[41:50] Go on. Well, I know there's types of metals that are very resistant to flame. So if you got a sword and put gasoline in the handle with a slight, like, not tube, but like an area that it could go out to the top. Yep. Then you could kind of get the gasoline to go out and maybe there'd be a way to light it up also from the handle if you've got like a little lighter yeah a little lighter or a match even that's something from the handle specifically so you'd click one button or pull a trigger or something gasoline would coat it and then light it on fire right right that'd be pretty awesome because also when the knives are heated up they cut way easier so it'd be amazing in battle you could probably get through way more armor oh yeah do you remember they used to cool swords in the ancient empires by impaling a slave with the hot sword. It was absolutely appalling. Absolutely barbaric, but yeah. No, they could have just put it in the dirt or something. Well, yeah, but I mean, I think they felt it would get souls or something like that. Yeah, it was pretty, pretty wild. All right. Soul sword. Thanks, everyone, for great questions, comments. Yes, thank you. Like, share, subscribe, freedomain.com slash donate. Yes. And I posted again, freedomain.locals.com more questions for people if you have them and again sorry we got back to this a little bit later but really appreciate your time today yes thank you bye and don't forget check out the Peaceful Parenting book Peaceful Parenting book yes gotta remind people it'll be soon up at peacefulparenting.com alright thanks everyone bye.

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