Locals Questions Jan 5 2023


Thanks for all the great questions!

Hi Stef, I have looked on FDR podcasts but have not been able to find what exactly virtue is. Can you please explain what virtue is, and what some of the most important virtues are? Thanks!

Stef, do you think it's possible that some people have a subconscious urge to tank their lives so hard that no one will ever expect a great deal from them? I know several people who became addicts, attempted or threatened suicide, failed college on purpose, only to rehab themselves later (thankfully!). Now when they make poor choices it's as if I am supposed to
just be grateful that they aren't dead or living on the street, which I am, but the hope that they will ever become fully accountable in life seems lost.

Stef what could be the reason behind a man having strong feelings of jealously, anger and sadness at the thought his girlfriend's past sexual relationships? I assume this is normal to some degree, but I think I have much stronger feelings towards it than most men, and I can't seem to stop myself from thinking about it from time to time as the relationship with my girlfriend progresses. Even though her number of past partners is very low relative to other western women of similar age and attractiveness(or else I wouldn't be interested in dating her). Is this a sign of ultimate K selection? Or something more? Thank you.

I have a hoarder in my extended family. As a cousin and I age, we are increasingly showing signs of our elder’s behavior, though nowhere near that extreme. Very generally, why do ppl hoard or clutter their living spaces? It’s extremely inconvenient and distressing, yet all three of us do it to varying extents. Thank you, Stef.

I know you're like me and don't care for the sportsball, but any thoughts on the 24 year old NFL player that collapsed rather suddenly and unexpectedly last night?

Hey Stef, did you ever consider writing a parenting book? What are authors for parenting that you would recommend. Have you ever hear of the Love and Logic parenting practice and if yes whats your opinion? Any advice my 2 1/2 year old son is starting to throw himself on the floor when he is angry or throwing stuff around and refusing to pick it up after? Thank you very much 🙂 You are the reason I'm a mom now!

Hey Stef! I was wondering something. Awhile back you said you noticed a rage building inside you when you first started losing at playing cards with Izzy. You noted that you took time and rooted out its origins to work on it. I’m having a bit of the same problem except it’s not when I lose against my kids, but when I lose a video game challenge that my kids want me to earn for them. I was wondering, is there a tactic for working this out of my system? Sort of like “Out you vile jelly!” Or maybe something along the lines of acknowledging the mecosystem was there for surviving my original kin. Thank you for all you do. Wish you all the best for you and your family. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

I have a question about the book "The Future ". I listened to it several months ago
Can you explain the philosophy of the Angels, the pink robots that are like enforcers? If I recall they force people to be good. I could be wrong, that is why I am asking for a better understanding.

I would love to hear you speak about honoring the dead by never speaking ill of them, even when they were abusive people that died. Why do people cling to the idea that dead people deserve such respect when they were not respectable as they lived? Thank you.

It has been argued negative information have a longer lasting memory in our species compared to positive ones (Kensinger, 2006). I wonder if this applies to emotions. And which negative emotions (fear, anger, disgust, horror) have more adhesive glue to the perpetrator?
For instance, do certain actions attach more permanent negative emotional tags (greater proclivity for ostracism weight) to a perpetrator than others? Does society and philosophy ascribe a more adhesive negative emotional tag to a rapist, a cannibal, a pedophile, or a mass murderer? The reason why I ask is in a free society, which violation would have more weight?

If you didn’t develop empathy as a child is it something that can be learned?

With genuine and great sympathy to you, Stef, you appear to be holding on to a lot of anger. I don't blame you. You have a lot to be angry about. I also feel anger when I hear the heartbreaking stories of your call-ins. I get it in small doses with lots of detox time in between (I can pause the podcast or go to something else if it's too much). You're in it just about every day with questions and call ins from abused people, not to mention your own past. I say this because it seems to be eating at you. It would certainly be eating at me if I were in your position. I'm worried for you. Can you do something to detox the heartbreak you confront on a daily basis?

any advice to those who’s fatal flaw is arrogance? Thank you for pointing out that we all need to be very aware of our fatal flaw.

I’m a long time listener in my early 20’s trying to get a grip on life. I’ve had a few fleeting interests over the course of my time at college but have struggled finding a career path to fully commit to. I have ADHD and quickly get excited about certain topics but burn out and move on just as fast. I am currently a psychology major.
Any tips for finding your passion and building a life worth living? Thanks!

How to reconcile ones own profession with the fact that it is "poisoned" with post-modernism and generally liberalism/wokeism. I am a psychologist and a family therapist. I am counseling people for almost 10 years now, and honestly, I have learned more from you than from any book that I have read... It is hard to find a quality literature or a colleague that is not praising sophistry/post modernism.

what are you looking forward to the most on this spin around the sun 🌞?

could you ever see yourself doing a Biblical series?

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