0:00 - Confession and Moral Weakness
16:31 - Carrot Cake Confessions
23:16 - Nutrition and Food Confessions
27:04 - Philosophy of Food Choices
32:11 - Protein and Calories Debate
37:53 - Seeking Happiness Post-Divorce
42:20 - The Truth About Liver and Health Foods
54:12 - Unveiling the Mask of Desperation
1:22:17 - Dating Dilemmas and Evolutionary Psychology
1:25:29 - Reflections on the Fallout Show and State Justifications
1:27:09 - The Impact of Wedding Expenses on Relationships
1:30:53 - Media Boycotts, Personal Boundaries, and Hollywood Insights
1:50:52 - The Importance of Earned Forgiveness and Moral Accountability

Long Summary

In this segment, I express guilt over succumbing to the temptation of eating carrot cake despite trying to avoid sugar. I reflect on the importance of striving for ideals even when failing at times. I share a humorous story of being tempted by a homemade carrot cake, emphasizing the struggle between politeness and personal resolve. I discuss the internal conflict caused by breaking a sugar-free diet and the deliciousness of the cake. I comically justify my indulgence in the cake, highlighting the balance between willpower and occasional indulgence. I end by discussing the significance of appreciating efforts made by others and not being overly rigid in sticking to resolutions.

The conversation revolves around various food items, their nutritional value, and personal preferences. We discuss our struggles with managing desires for certain foods, like chips, soda, and bacon. We share insights on protein-to-calorie ratios in foods like peanut butter and almond butter. A debate on the nutritional benefits of spinach, carrot cake, and tahini takes place. We delve into food memories, like Montreal bagels and French baguettes. The discussion transitions to philosophy, with a question on finding happiness post-divorce. We offer insights on nutrition and life situations, blending humor with thoughtful advice.

Lysine is a good sugar substitute and good for health, and the popularity of spinach as a health food was influenced by a decimal point error in a study connected to Popeye the Sailor. Liver, often considered a filter for toxins, is not as nutritious as believed, and the conversation touches on dating and value exchange in relationships. I emphasize the importance of knowing one's value when pursuing romantic interests. The discussion also delves into women's social dynamics, with insights on women seeking status and the dynamics of marriage. We conclude with the observation that some circles expect women to criticize their husbands for social acceptance.

The discussion revolves around the confusion surrounding women putting down their partners in public, with me expressing disbelief at this behavior. I question how belittling one's spouse could be seen as a form of flexing and wonder if it is a societal expectation. We delve into the dynamics of relationships and the concept of attracting a partner, with an emphasis on the evolutionary aspects of attraction. I share personal experiences and insights into human behavior, discussing the complexities of dating and expressing skepticism towards the discrepancy between what women say they want versus what they are attracted to. We also focus on the impact of divorce on children and the consequences of failed relationships.

The discussion covers various topics ranging from relationships to societal issues. I delve into the dynamics between women and "nice guys" versus "bad boys," highlighting evolutionary factors and societal norms. There is a critique of the show "Fallout" for its content and the influence of the state on societal structures. The conversation extends to the correlation between expensive weddings and divorce rates, family dynamics, and personal anecdotes. I also touch on the concept of chaos in some individuals' lives and the patterns of behavior that contribute to ongoing problems. The discussion culminates in reflections on the role of coercion in prejudice and the concept of karma.

In this part of the conversation, we delve into the concept of forgiveness, moral judgment, and self-ownership. We discuss how forgiveness must be earned through repentance and restitution, emphasizing the importance of maintaining moral standards. We explore the idea that holding people accountable is crucial for their growth and avoiding corruption. The discussion also touches on understanding others and helping them take responsibility for their actions. I advocate for the importance of judgment and standards and encourage listeners to support the show.


[0:00] Confession and Moral Weakness

[0:00] Good morning, everybody. I start this show with a confession of rank foundational moral weakness. I have caved and collapsed and become utterly spineless in the face of a central principle. I have nothing to do fundamentally, but apologize to you for betraying everything and all that is good, noble, kind, and holy. In the field of morality, I have failed everything. I've failed everyone. I've just got to tell you why. So, yeah. Yeah. I think, I think it's good. I think it's good to hear somebody who's crumbled. Uh, so that did you return to Twitter? No, it's worse than that. No, I, it's good to know that I think it's good to know that we all, we all fail our ideals from time to time and it's okay. It's just really important to try and be okay with that. It's just not, not, not perfect. Can't, can't get there. So give me a one to ten on how long you want this story to be, because I'll leave it up to you. If you've got tons of questions, I can keep it shorter.

[1:24] But give me a one to ten. How long do you want the story to be? Honestly, if you've read Almost, you know that I can stretch a story out for quite some time. Four? Right in the middle. Right in the middle. Yeah. We could do that. You're all wanting it. Oh, 10 now, don't do 10. 10 will cause us all to lose chunks of our lives.

[1:49] So, a little piece of free domain trivia. A little piece of free domain trivia. Hello, Tara. Nice to see you. Hello, Philip. Nice to see you. 27. Well, that's a little out of bounds. A little out of bounds. One, if it's about food. So, what is my weakness with food? What is my nemesis? You know, because I've been an off-sugar kind of guy. At least off-added sugar. What kind of guy for, I don't know, three or four months. Now, and what, I've been really good. I had one little bowl of ice cream, and that was about it. It's not cheesecake. No, I like cheesecake. Boy, you know, way back in the day, a business that's really struggling right now is Red Lobster, but they used to have this vanilla bean cheesecake that was just fantastic. Yes, carrot cake. Nature, the way that God and Satan combine to intend. No, it's carrot cake. And in particular, that cream cheese cake icing, that is just absolutely fantastic.

[2:53] So we had, I don't know, like 20 people over yesterday. And one of them is a legit, like, cordon bleu cook or chef or whatever. And she made a cheesecake, which is fine. But then she brought the cheesecake, and my wife refused to tackle her in the driveway way to make sure that it didn't get anywhere near me. And then my wife did not hide it in her own armpits or I don't know, in her pants or something. But, um, I got to see the cheesecake and so on. And, um, I, I took a long pause when we looked at the cheesecake and, um, I don't think Jezebel or Harlot came out of my mouth, but, uh, it was a definitely, um, I felt like I was in a beautiful garden.

[3:43] And a snake had told a woman, make some cheesecake, wave it in front of him. And I felt that the cheesecake contained virtue, wisdom, strength, knowledge, youth, hair, all the things that would be pretty good to consume or to embody. And actually, at some point, I did try the cheesecake and I said, I feel awkward because I want to tearfully embrace you, but I'm not sure that would be appropriate because it was so good. You know when you haven't had something for a while and then you have it and it's like, oh yeah, this is why I used to do a lot of that. It's really good. So yeah, it was fantastic.

[4:31] And no amount of begging could have her take it with her when she left. Anyway, it was kind of funny. But it was a fun day. All right. Let's get to your question. So to be long and short, I had a not unsizable chunk of cheesecake. And I think I consumed a fair amount of cheesecake and drool, which is, you know, not the best combination. Yeah if the forbidden tree was a cheesecake tree i would have committed the original sin well that i mean that that would be just cheating like god would just be cheating if he gave you a cheesecake tree like this would be wrong a pumpkin cheesecake no this is an american thing right, it's an american thing like whatever you like just pumpkin coca-cola like whatever you like just add pumpkin to it you all gotta stop it's unhealthy it's just wrong it's just wrong so anyway i could have stretched that out but man and now so basically if you've read or seen lord of the rings there's a great description of frodo's if you read the books, frodo when he gets close to mount doom the wheel of fire the ring of fire the ring has turned into a ring of fire is constantly turning in his head and he clips everything else so right now Now, in terms of brain activity, about 2% to 2.5% of my brain activity is focusing on philosophy and the live stream.

[6:01] But 97.5% to 98% of my brain is mentally rotating the cheesecake that's in the fridge and trying to figure out, how I can get there sooner rather than later. So you need to get an emergency mask muscle. I should get one of those. Because, well, no, but you could fit it through. That's the problem. You get one of those Hannibal Lecter face, like, don't you people face muscles. But I can pretty much get carrot cake through that. It's fairly fungible. Hmm, fudge. So, I'm sure, here's the thing. When you cut out a food group, the bacteria, at least me, the bacteria in your gut are like, I will make you pay. I was talking about this with some friends yesterday. It's like, hey, because they were, you know, we were talking about food.

[6:52] And I was like, my gut bacteria is like, hey, nice stable mood you got there. Be ashamed if something happened to it. So, you know, you give us some sugar, everything will be fine. Oh, my gut bacteria that's used to the sugar, it was like, yeah, be fine, man.

[7:09] Nothing bad's going to happen. You'll stay on an even keel. You won't be filled with alternating dizzying extremes of rage terror fear and lust just give us some sugar man we'll be on our way everything's gonna be fine you can just relax and enjoy your day just a little bit of sugar whereas if you don't give them their sugar they're like all right hey man if the fire starts in your record store you know we we told you we'd keep it out but that's just the way that it is how did you feel after eating the cake well unfortunately i fell for fantastic it was great it was great it was great it's you know for some people i don't know like i talked to a guy who quit smoking and he's like i just stopped wanting a cigarette then i'm around the smell of cigarette smoke and it's gross and i don't even want to smoke anymore although he did say that when you quit smoking there should be warnings on television like warning a cigarette that is about 20 foot long will be smoked right in front of you and you'll hear that sound and all of of that but he's like oh yeah i don't have any desire for it anymore and i was like hmm, four months no added sugar have some added sugar it's even better than i remember i mean i'm still committed and i'll get back to no sugar i had it but yeah.

[8:27] Because I'm not doing, I don't want to, and I obviously don't want to substitute those weird space sugars, quote sugars. Like what is that? Erythritol, sucralose, aspartame, monk fruit. There's just a bunch of freaky stuff. I can't, I can't get there. I can't get there. I can't get to the fake stuff. It just, it feels weird. It feels like there's just something fundamentally wrong with it. So, stevia. Yeah. Yeah, Stevie has plant-based and all of that, but I just, it feels wrong. It feels wrong for something to taste super sweet. And, yeah. I broke down, well, you know what, here's the thing. I mean, I think I've taken here nine minutes of responsibility, and that's more than enough for anyone on any given month. So here's the thing. Let me explain it to you in a way that I'm not even going to pretend the purpose is going to be obvious. So, I was raised British, and I went to boarding school. And so, to me, it's very polite. Now, if a literal Cordon Bleu chef has slaved over a carrot cake and brought it to your house.

[9:46] I mean, it's just rude to not eat it. I mean, it's just rude. So, of course, I personally didn't want to eat it, but I felt that basic civilized politeness, you know, the kind of politeness and consideration that props up human society as a whole. I was like Atlas Shrugged with the entire weight of social convention on my shoulders. And I just felt that if I were to metaphorically hurl this cheesecake back at this woman's face. First of all, she'd probably enjoy it. I know I would. But secondly, it would be like, well, the entire edifice of civilization could come crumbling down. Because that kind of rudeness and selfishness and lack of consideration for her considerable efforts and thoughtfulness.

[10:40] Would cause a tear in the social space-time fabric through which an infant cavalcade of demons would come, Cirque du Soleil tumbling through. So the stakes were quite high. Italian grandmothers will hold you at gunpoint until you eat. Yes, yes. So for me it was, I could have some carrot cake or the demons of rudeness could pour through the rip in the space-time continuum continuum. And yeah, I was forced by courtesies. Absolutely. It's very much like if you're in the royal court and you don't courtesy to the queen, you can lose your head. And there is just that level of politeness that is essential for a functioning high trust society. So I just, I just, I took the bullet. I bravely stepped up. Cue the cue the marine horns of heroism. I bravely stepped up against all that was rebelling within my nature. I opened wide and took the face full of carrot cake sugar bullets for the cause of civilization.

[11:53] It is just the way that it is. And sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for the cause. Sometimes you will be deplatformed for telling the truth and sometimes you will stick your entire face in a pan of carrot cake in order to maintain civilization. See, this is why I need philosophy so much. This is why I desperately need philosophy so much because I can talk myself into just about anything. That's the problem with being intelligent and creative and language-based. If you live in a world of language, you can talk yourself into just about anything. So that's why I need philosophy, because I can court myself into, yeah, for king and country, boofs face it to carrot cake. That's right. That's right. I regret that I have but one pancreas to give for civilization.

[12:45] Type 2 diabetes is worse. I'm sure that it is. I'm fairly sure one piece of carrot cake is not going to get me type 2 diabetes. That's just my general thought. Simph says, I've just been burning so many calories these last 27 days now. I still have my overall carb consumption very low and probably could use a little bit of glycogen. Glycogen? Glycogen? Next few days. Carrot cake sometimes is made way too sweet. But when you're done right, it's so good. All right. Listen um i mean politeness has to be enforced with some very strict social standards there's no point being polite if being rude that means that there's no blowback so listen clear tape i i understand the sentiment through which you're coming but let me tell you something it is, 11.17 on a Sunday morning we're in the church of philosophy, and you've blasphemed I'm sorry to inform you you have imperiled your very soul, with a blaspheme a blasphemy, a heresy that cuts right to the core of, any reasonable sugar based religion so when you say something like carrot cake sometimes is made way too sweet.

[14:05] I mean, that really is the equivalent of saying somebody can just be too honest, brave, and moral. Somebody can be too full of rational virtues. It is saying that the midpoint between axe murdering and non-axe murdering is only some axe murdering. That's, I wish you the best in the salvation of your soul, but I cannot help you anymore. I hate carrot cake. Oh, the blasphemies are spreading. Oh. You hate virtue? Oh. Oh. You see, this is the moodiness I was talking about. I have one piece of sugar and I'm up and down like the Assyrian Empire. Alright. Alright, let's make a bunch of carrot cakes. Yes, that's right. Lead me further into temptation. Boy, I really have unplugged the reverse sewage of rank corruption at this point, haven't I? No greater love hath a man than to lay down his pancreas a slice for his fellow baker. Eh, I don't bake much, though. I don't bake much, though. I serve morality by eating that cake. Yeah. Yeah, UPB, universally preferable boofing into the carrot cake. UPB, that's the way it is. All right, let's see here. Thank you.

[15:34] Oh, you don't need to apologize to me. Like, I appreciate that. It's really the universe and virtue itself that you need to. Have you ever had carrot salad? What are you people doing? Don't go from carrot cake to carrot salad. Then I both drool and recoil at the same time. I'm going to get a saliva whiplash that could take out an eyeball. Mmm, sugar. Zucchini cake. I don't know what it is with zucchini as well. We got bread. Nice bread. I'm going to add zucchini to it. Why? Why well it's interesting because with carrot cake you both serve your eyeballs with the carrot and kill your eyeballs with the diabetes so it's tough, it's time yeah I've got that meme straight to jail straight to jail straight to jail so, vegetables don't belong in cake gosh I.

[16:31] Carrot Cake Confessions

[16:31] Do not do not anger the great gods of sugar they will inflict much stomach upset upon me so i i i don't i don't want to be near the ground zero of diabetes when retribution comes to you i don't know it's very strange we need philosophical confession booths well i wanted to be honest i wanted to be honest about uh you know and here's the thing is there's this great line from uh um, from friends where the character joey takes another woman's takes his dates food after she tells him not to and he's like completely covered in her dessert or something and he's like i'm not even sorry and that's the thing too you know i i guess i betrayed my willpower resolution and principles but the carrot cake was so good i'm like i'm not even sorry like even today i'm like i'm not going back on sugar or anything like but even today i'm like yeah totally worth it totally worth it if you're going to do it right if you're going to break it break for Cordon Bleu carrot cake made from scratch at home that day like that's where you want to go like that's what you want to do you don't you don't like you know find half an M&M's on the sidewalk and like no no no if you're going to, if you're going to crumble crumble from on high into something really deep that's my thing, how will you make amends to the universe maybe you should buy us all carrot cake.

[17:55] Well, I'm not sure that spreading the carrot cake would help, not consuming carrot cake as a whole.

[18:07] Uh, I would agree when somebody puts in so much effort on something, even if they act cool about it, they'll be kind of disappointed if it was all for naught. I'm sure you violating a no sugar stance with a great compliment in and of itself. Well, so honestly, I just like in all seriousness, I, I don't know. Carrot cake is recognized by the FDA as a vegetable. Oh, no doubt. Greetings from Switzerland. Well, hello. Hello, hello, hello.

[18:36] So in all seriousness, I, I view it as a little, have you had this thing? Like, so this woman and she's a really nice person, wonderful woman, a great cook and like trained and all of that. And she made me this carrot cake. Am I going to say, Oh, I'm sorry. I'm off sugar. I think, wouldn't that just be, that would be kind of weird to me. And I don't know exactly why, but it would be kind of weird and I think a little precious. Well, thanks for the effort. I was like, I'll have a piece of carrot cake. I'm not allergic. I'm not going to die. So to me, it was, and it was fantastic. I mean, it was so good. It was so good. And, but it, it, it, to me, it would be like, well, thank you for all this effort because I can eat it. I can eat it. I can eat it. It's not going to kill me. and I'm not going to be like like the, I don't know, the alcoholic who has one drink and then goes right back to living on the streets. It's like, okay, look, I can have a piece of carrot cake that was so good and that doesn't mean that I'm now on sugar.

[19:47] So, yeah, I, and, and it was very thoughtful. It was very nice. Very nice.

[19:57] I mean, it wasn't like, she's like, Hey, let's go rob a bank. And I'm like, well, maybe just this once, you know, binging now, you know.

[20:09] But yeah, it was very good. Ah, look at that. Everybody wanted a long story and there you go. There you go. And it's funny too because it was so good you know there's like okay well that's why it's a do you have something in your life like a desire that you just have trouble managing and the best thing to do is just avoid, um i think for me mindless like if if you if you put a bowl of you know chocolate covered nuts and I'm watching something on TV, like I'll just munch. And I'm like, oh, and now I've eaten the bowl and half of my hand. I didn't even notice. So, you know, you have that with soda. Yeah, some of you can't kick. So that's the kind of thing. And it's because, or chips and dip, right? Like chips and dip, I can just like, man, I just keep going on that until it's like, I can barely stand up because apparently I'm about to give birth to Ireland. And I've had so much potato product. So, yeah, I just better not to have the stuff in the house and all of that. Oh, you have cashews, ice cream? Yeah. Ice cream? Oh, yeah, because you can just... I do this thing where it's like, oh, just have a tiny little bit. Just have a tiny little bit, but then it's around and you just keep... Oh, you have that with bacon? I get full on bacon pretty quickly.

[21:38] And with bacon, it's tough to find the real tipping point. Too soft and gooey, it's just a bag of oil. Too over crispy, and it's like you're eating Egyptian charcoal from the Ming time frame. You're a pasta whore? Yeah. Yeah. You can just say you're Italian. Coffee? Yeah. When your caffeine consumption gets super high, that morning coffee is less about getting an energy boost and more about staving off. Yeah it's about staving off the caffeine headache right oh trail mix yeah yeah yeah oh cured meats with crackers and cheese oh yeah oh yeah that kind of stuff is really good uh you know the the plate right what do they call it that i can't remember the name came and went in my head but it's like you know the plate of of dried uh meats dried fruit or cured meats dried fruit crackers cheese and all that kind of stuff. I could easily eat over a pound of bacon in one sitting. Wow. You know, that's what they call pigging out.

[22:41] Now, was it yesterday I got into a fight with one, three, five, seven, and nine? The odds were totally against me. Caffeine withdrawals are the worst. Well, I'll have to tell you. Now, it's not a platter. There's a, it's like rotisserie or profiterole. all, it's some, um, some plate as a whole. It's usually it's comes on a wooden, uh, wooden plate. Carrot cake muffins. Yeah. Was it many years ago? Somebody was saying it's basically just cake for breakfast charcuterie. Yeah. There you go. Thank you. Thank you, Jared. Appreciate that.

[23:16] Nutrition and Food Confessions

[23:16] Thank you. The brain, like my brain was like, it's got Molly polysyllables. It's probably not an English word and it has to do with meat.

[23:29] Uh yeah carrot so yeah muffins it's just cake muffins it's just cake that's what somebody said, and did you have this moment i'm sorry we'll get to the philosophy in a sec do you have this moment in life where somebody tells you something about nutrition and you're like damn i wish i didn't know that like i remember when somebody first told me that bread was fattening i was like, no rewind rewind i actually took a fork uh into my nasal passages and tried to find that piece of information and remove it but uh it didn't it didn't didn't work um but i remember hearing about that i also remember somebody saying to me that um that uh oh yes uh a caesar salad can have more calories than a dessert and i'm like no it's salad, fast break bed is heaven yes it is basically i'm just gonna have to buy a new microphone phone uh let me short circuit this one with the drool uh i do not like american bread too much.

[24:33] Especially in Florida. There's something about the bread in Florida there. There was some movie where this rather fae assistant was saying to someone like, the feng shui in this office is like all wrong. Everything's facing like evil. And it's the same thing with American bread, particularly Florida bread. And what's that old joke about? What's the difference between having sex in a canoe and American beer? Well, they're both effing close to water. Before or after you add dressing? I'm sorry, I'm not even going to answer that question I'm not even going to answer that question That's too obvious, I feel that way with trail mix I think it's a nice healthy snack But the calories are insane I still have a hard time believing it Oh yeah, my daughter is like Are you eating nuts? Here's the calorie count Here's the fat count I'm like, but protein It's not worth it So Yeah, nuts are just a way of keeping you going until you can get to some meat. So when I lived in Montreal for four years, except for the summers, because I didn't speak French well enough to work there, but I lived in Montreal for four years. I did two years at the National Theater School, and I did two years at McGill to finish my undergraduate in history. And I lived over a bagel shop. Like, authentic, straight from Israel.

[26:02] Bagel shop. And you could, I could go down in the morning and I could get, you know, a couple of, the cinnamon raisin bagels with some cream cheese was just fantastic. And when you've had that kind of stuff in life where you've had like the real authentic stuff and the smell would waft up, I'd wake up in carb heaven. My mouth would be drooling and my pancreas would be frightened. And French baguette with olive oil? You go to these restaurants sometimes and they bring you this absolutely fantastic bread with that engine oil castor refuse gruel that they have. Oh, it's sandy oil. It's like, I just want some butter, man. What are you giving me this oil for? I don't need lubrication. Okay, I'm over 50. Maybe I do. But I'm not taking it that way. Peanut butter is a good source of protein. Oh.

[27:04] Philosophy of Food Choices

[27:05] Oh. Okay, I'm going to go to the source here.

[27:29] No, no, like I hear where you're coming from. I really do. I hear where you're coming from. And I very foolishly made that same claim to my daughter at one point. And, uh, I think, I think the lecture went on for, no, no, I think it's still going on. Actually. I think it was a couple of weeks ago that I mentioned that. And the lecture is still... It sort of reminds me when I was a teenager, I was trying to defrost a fridge and I was using a hammer and a screwdriver and I hit the Freon and the Freon just kept coming out. So, yeah, sorry. Is there something that you wanted to mention? Peanut butter. Two tablespoons. Small amount for those who don't do like baking and stuff like that. It's not a lot. You can come to here. Come to here so they can hear you. All right. Right. Two tablespoons of peanut butter, not a big amount, very small, 210 calories and 18 grams or sorry, and seven grams of protein.

[28:32] So that's a lot. That's not a lot for 200. No, I mean the calories. Yeah, the calories. Yes. But I'm talking from the protein to calorie ratio. Technically, anything could be high in protein if you ignore the amount of calories in it.

[28:46] I'm going to make a really dumb example. Take like vegetables. If you get like 20 cups of spinach, yeah, you're probably going to have like 15 grams of protein, but it's also going to be a ridiculously high amount of calories. I'm just making an example. Spinach is high in calories? No, it's not. Spinach is not high in calories. I'm saying you have 20 cups of it. Oh, okay. Right, right. But all I'm saying is that you have to look at the protein to calorie ratio because anything could be high in protein if you make it a large enough amount or if you exclude the calories of it. Of it so what a lot of people don't know is that when izzy and i go to the grocery store she's constantly tackling me and trying to bring me down sometimes with biting when i'm standing in front of um granola bars is that is that a fair way to put or no no even more those like health bars what are they the they're in a separate section huh so there's the granola bars which i will occasionally turn around and slowly weep yeah but then there's like the the um the other bars that are more like the health bars or the exercise bars protein bars yeah yeah so i also will go there like this is sweetened with nothing sugar it's like yes but it's got space weird freaky sugar in it so yes spinach equals oxalates they're just making up words now.

[30:03] It's not blasphemy i'm holding a jar of peanut butter and reading off the protein to calorie ratio i think lara boss are okay in terms of ingredients yeah they're not that bad.

[30:18] I just wouldn't do it because, for me at least, they're too small and they're not filling. But yeah, obviously that's up to everyone. Calories are a measure of taste in food? No, it is not a measure of... What are you on about? So what you're telling me is if I eat enough carrot cake, I'll get protein. Yes, that's exactly like saying peanut butter is a good source of protein. Technically, carrot cake is a good source of protein. If you have like three slices of it... I'll be right back. You get maybe 10 to 20 grams of protein depending on the recipe and stuff like that. But the calorie seals are probably getting like 1500. So that's all I'm saying. They've been trolling me all morning ever since I confessed to eating carrot cake. It's been going on. Oh, I guarantee you. I'm all sure. No, I'm kidding.

[30:58] Protein to calorie ratio. Thanks, Izzy. Of course. So Douglas, you thanking Izzy for spoiling everything that you eat is blasphemy to me. I'm not spoiling. It's called honesty. And health and all of that. Those meal bars are just so dry, though. Do you find that? I like them a lot. What I do is I put them in the microwave. Almond butter is like almost the exact same. It's literally just a different nut. In fact, I think there might be less protein in almond butter. With peanut butter, first of all, I mean, I think peanut butter for guys is not particularly great. You can look that up yourself. I've got this. But I find for me, if I just take peanut butter and massage it straight into my middle-aged back fat, it just saves one step. The amino acid profile is incomplete, though. Okay, now you're just making up things. What does that even mean? The amino acid profile? file i don't know what he's referencing because we talked about both spinach carrot cake protein bars laura bars and and peanut butter now i'm hungry for the most random meal in the known universe almond butter is even worse for two tablespoons it's 203 calories and 4.8 grams of protein it's worse wait is that not just almonds almond butter do they add oil to it yeah because if it was just almonds there would be no butter it'd just be powder really right right i'm sorry, Izzy just destroyed my childhood.

[32:11] Protein and Calories Debate

[32:12] Well, at least she's not destroying your adulthood. Yeah. Anyways.

[32:16] Hang on. I introduced my kids to contains bioengineered ingredients. Yeah, yeah, that's right. Oh, yeah, dude, that sucks. Well, you know, when the ingredients list is volume one, scan online for more, and it takes up half the internet. A helpful tip is if it is like a big list of ingredients, look at like the first three or four, because that's going to make up the majority of the product. Obviously, this isn't for everything. It varies from product to product. But if you'll get the first three or four and they're relatively good ingredients, a few chemicals towards the end are probably more for preservatives. Yeah. Yeah. So it really depends. Look, I think mom's waiting on me, so I got to go. But yes. Wait, just one moment. Somebody says, what about tahini? Tahini is better. It's kind of like spicy sauce. I can. Oh, somebody says now I want peanut butter cheesecake. That's so high in protein. Protein.

[33:11] That's got to be American because Americans are like, these two foods are good. Let's put them together. Two tablespoons are 178 calories and 5.2 grams of protein. It's really kind of the same thing as peanut butter if you just had a bit more. But what is tiny United? Honestly, I can't be 100% sure. I definitely know there's nuts in it. I think there's some sort of spice. So I'm wondering if pepper or something like that. Amino acid profile. That's just a drug. Lipid calories or carbohydrate calories. I don't know what that means. Oxalates are natural compounds found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. Some examples of foods that are highest in oxalates. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but that doesn't tell us what they are. This thing is found inside something else. That doesn't tell me what it is. I have to break down other nutrients. I can't be 100%. I have not looked up. Sesame. So spinach and peanut butter is the best protein meal. Okay, don't, don't troll her. No. I'll pay the price later. Add carrot cake to that. And peanut butter cheesecake, whatever that is. Even natural flavoring is a sham. Is that true? it can be yeah eggs and beef definitely good sources of protein yeah beef more so than eggs but still sesame seeds sesame butter.

[34:19] Sesame seed butter no there's still like five grams of protein for every two tablespoons and like 180 calories uh chicken breast with salt black pepper and some lemon juice oh but it's so boring no but it's good it's like it's like eating space fried chicken that's what was in it. No, I remember the brussel sprouts. That is air fried brussel sprouts. That was a way of trying to take brussel sprouts out of the category of evil. Alright. Well, thanks, Izzy. Appreciate it. I just didn't want to fight that fight alone. Thank you. Some dieticians and nutritionists call things like oxalates anti-nutrients. Tainia, sesame seeds, butter. Yeah. Honestly, if it's got chicken thighs are better than chicken breasts, you know, I don't care to hear about your fetishes. Thank you.

[35:10] Falafel and hummus is great. Yeah, fried chickpeas, fantastic. Fantastic. But it's always got to have that sauce. It's so good. What was it? Andrew Tate the other day was tweeting like he hates eating. It's just an annoying thing. He's a refuel guy. And I really do take quite a dear, I take a little bit too much pleasure in eating sometimes. So, yeah. And Izzy is demanding to make all my meals. and it's really really nice actually it's really nice and uh.

[35:46] She uh she she knows her stuff man she knows her stuff she can uh debate nutrition, until the universe cools all right all right so we get to some philosophy because i know some people eat to live i live to eat yeah i'm sort of halfway between the two, um but uh i've never figured out how to fix the problem of growing up poor and hungry to the point where i don't just want to eat all the time, what was the point of popeye eating spinach to troll the boomers into eating spinach when they were kids so as far as i understand it and this is from vague memory but i think that um, let me just i'm going to check this actually jared if you can check this if you're around or James. I think that they made a typo on the amount of nutrients in spinach and so a lot of the boomer parents thought it was a superfood when it was actually just a typo. I think it was iron or something like that where they just, they'd slipped a digit, they fat fingered and everybody thought it was this crazy superfood when it's not really the case. Spinach is full of beta.

[36:56] Ectisterone and makes you buff. Okay, again, you're just faceplanting get the keyboard there i don't think that's a real word i'm just getting trolled at this point i mean more than more than usual evolution made us able to eat and digest almost anything everything without harm yes but we didn't evolve with erythritol and aspartame yeah i mean the problem with also is that um i think that new the food just doesn't taste as good anymore, i mean we talked about this the other day food just didn't take uh it just doesn't taste as good anymore. I mean, it's terrible. Steph feeds us good philosophy, Izzy feeds us good food and nutrition. So, but yeah, I think that the spinach thing was just kind of like this odd typo that happened. I could be wrong, but that's what I remember. Because, yeah, I remember growing up with a kid, eat your spinach, spinach, liver. Now, liver is really good for you, though, as far as I understand it, though liver has some real pluses when it comes to that.

[37:53] Seeking Happiness Post-Divorce

[37:54] All right, let's do some actual honest-to-goodness philosophy. Dear Steph, any tips on how to find some sort of happiness and contentment post-divorce? I don't want to be, quote, desperate for a woman. How do single adults find some sort of okayness? I have my two kids, 50-50, and it's good. Donation will come, of course.

[38:18] Lysine is a good sugar substitute, Steph, and good for you. Really, I've never heard of that. I've heard glycerin, but mostly on burn notice. Breakfast cereals are the worst. They absolutely are. They absolutely are. Just terrible as a whole. So, yes, the popularity of spinach as a health food was indeed influenced by an error, famously connected to the character Popeye the Sailor. The story goes that a misplaced decimal point in an 1870 study by German chemist Eric von Wolf led to the belief that spinach had 10 times more iron than it actually does. This error purportedly remained uncorrected until the 1930s. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's, um, it was just right. Liver is the body's filter. It contains all the toxins which are filtered out of blood. That's why it tastes so terrible. But isn't it good for you? Isn't it pretty good for you? Or was that just another lie? Like, have your cot, cot litter of oil. good morning sir first time attending live stream ah excellent monk fruit monk fruit mug fruit extract is a good artificial sweetener yeah maybe, Popeye was actually based on a real person I think it was the uncle or grandpa the person who created the character well all of the vivid characters are based on real people did you know that there was actually a Batman like a rich guy who dressed up in a bat suit to fight crime, and do you know that the Shrek the character Shrek was actually based on a real guy who kind of looked like Shrek like all the best characters are based on real people. Liver is not good for you. Is that right? Is that right?

[39:47] Red Pirate says, liver has a lot of nutrients, but it also has a ton of toxins. The poison always wins. All right, so hit me with, I don't know, how are we going to divvy this up? S for single, L for long-term, N for marriage. Long-term relationship, like more than a year, right? S for single, L for long-term, M for marriage. What have we got here? What have we got here? And I'll check the various platforms as well. S for single, L for long-term relationship, M for married.

[40:19] Married. Married. Let's check in the various places. Oh, I like the lowercase s. That's very self-effacing. Married, married, single, single, single. Single, single. Long-term relationship. Married, single, married. Long-term relationship. Long-term relationship. All right. Let me just check elsewhere. Let me go. Single, single, married, married. Right. Okay. Okay. So, yeah, the Popeye cartoons were 40s and 50s, I think. But once the era has been concentrated, it takes a long time to unravel. Because once the spinach manufacturers have ground up, and once the parents have made their kids eat spinach, and once they're used to buying it, I mean, who's going to be interested in correcting that and getting that out and all of that, right? This is why this stuff tends to, I mean, that's, that myth was still around when I was a kid in the sixties and seventies.

[41:28] Polygamist. Solo lifelong. MLM. What are we doing? Multi-level marketing now? Is that, is that the deal? Right, right. All right. Good to know. Good to know. and hit me with a D if you could. Hit me with a D if you've ever been divorced. Hit me with a D if you've ever been divorced. I have not.

[42:20] The Truth About Liver and Health Foods

[42:20] Have you been divorced? No. Okay, so not much. Somebody says, we evolved to eat every part of the animals we hunted. That's why our body needs the nutrients. Also from liver and other organs. Yeah, do you remember this? This is the indigenous population of North America used every part of the buffalo. Do you know it was a total lie? It was a total lie. They literally would drive buffalo off cliffs and then just eat what they felt like and move on. It was complete waste. Not a complete, but mostly. Excuse me, mostly a waste. All right.

[42:52] So, um, with regards to, I don't want to be desperate for a woman. Why not? Oh, I think I know why you'd have that perspective. I think, I think, I think, well, the liver King diet, um, didn't that guy get into some severe trouble for, um, not being completely on the up and up again, I'm going from memory. But I think that guy, I did not, uh, was not totally on the up and up with regards to certain aspects of his health program. Do I remember that rightly? All right. So I don't want to be desperate for a woman. So, um, why not? Why not? Because you perceive that your desperation for a woman got you into a bad marriage where you got divorced, right?

[43:56] So i don't know what the hostility or fear or anxiety is in the future going forward to not be desperate for a woman i mean i was girl crazy, Now I'm wife crazy, but in the past, I was girl crazy. Thought about girls, planned on girls, went to the gym to attract girls, got cool haircuts to attract girls, dressed cool to attract girls, started a garage band to attract girls, and so, I mean, desperate for a woman. I mean, aren't we all? Isn't that a thing? Women tend not to be attracted to men who are desperate.

[44:49] You know, but it depends what you mean. I mean, am I desperate for philosophy? Am I desperate for wisdom and truth and connection and progress and virtue? I'm desperate for all of these things. I mean, you can say desperation or you can say you're not a stalker, you're just committed. Right you can say desperation but we're all desperate for love companionship reproduction i mean you can pursue someone without being desperate yeah i just the word right i don't want to be desperate for a woman so here this is the philosophical part look at that it feels almost too soon 49 minutes in to get to philosophy right away but.

[45:49] So, it really matters, the language that you use. So, if somebody says, well, I don't want to overthink it, or that's too far, or that's extreme, or that's extremism, or like, these are just negative labels, right? I don't want to be X negative label. X negative label is bad. It's a tautology masquerading as an argument. I'm always on the lookout for this kind of stuff, you know, online and everywhere. I'm always on the lookout for this kind of stuff.

[46:29] Which is, if somebody says, evil is bad, it's like, yeah, okay. I mean, you're just, you're just rephrasing it. I mean, evil is bad. Well, what is bad? Well, evil. So evil is evil. It's a tautology. It adds nothing. So I don't want to be desperate for a woman. It's like, well, I don't want negative characteristic. Well, of course you don't want negative characteristic. Of course so when you say to yourself I don't want to be desperate for a woman, then you're saying well I don't want to have no power, no leverage I don't want to be chasing after some woman who's indifferent to me and so on right so the question is why would you associate, desperation with the pursuit of women rather than desire, because they reframed this as thirsty right, desperate happens when you build the relationship in your mind so you're super nervous when you finally approach her, no you're nervous when you approach women because you believe you'll be exploiting them.

[47:51] Right you believe you'll be exploiting them the reason that you're desperate when you approach a woman or super nervous or whatever. It's because deep down, you don't think you have much to offer and you want her to ignore that.

[48:13] So when I was in sales, when I was first starting out selling my software, because, you know, I coded the software and then I would go out on the road. I wasn't usually the primary salesperson, but I'd be responsible for the technical presentation and answering questions i'd usually write certainly most of the rfp the request for proposal and when you're starting out in business you're desperate any sale right any sale you're desperate but i mean i got good advice which was build the business case and then you're not desperate right so the business case i won't get into the details of it but the business case in our software was it'll pay for itself in a year, there were sort of two two business cases one is that it will pay for itself in a year by reducing the costs of what are called esa esa's environmental site assessments every time you buy and sell property you got to do an environmental site assessment doing it electronically is much more valuable and much more helpful you want to make sure that there's not some battery plant or paint shop or mechanics garage that used to be on there where the soil is all contaminated and it's It's just going to be a mess, right? So...

[49:24] Environmental site assessments way cheaper if you can do them electronically and then you of course get all these records so you can manage your sites so much better and so there was that, you get a 40 it was a 40 reduction in the price of these esas if you used our software the esas were 2500 to 3000 bucks a piece you do a certain number a year software pays for itself within a year so i'm not desperate i'm looking to exchange value that was number one number two of course is that if you have electronic records and tracking of all of your environmental issues, then if you have any trouble with the government, the fact that you pursued best practices helps you in that, helps you avoid fines, helps you avoid legal issues, and so on. So I won't get all of this in particular detail, but once you're confident about the value you add.

[50:14] Then you go in to uh asking a girl out to see i know the value that i'm bringing to the table i mean honestly my my perspective when i was younger and you know right or wrong you can we can sort of hedge about it doesn't really matter but my perspective was when you could date another guy but but why like why would you take some other guy i mean reasonably good looking i'm funny i'm intelligent i'm warm i'm got a little bit of charisma you know and and uh and all of that i'd be a good dad as i have been so i mean it's like well you you could but why i remember there was a an ad many years ago with the increasingly cheesy william shatner and it was an ad for his website or something some website he was promoting and he's like but you could go to some other site on the web but but why and uh it was very funny i was sort of felt that so i was always was looking for the woman who would appreciate my value. And if the woman didn't appreciate my value, it's like, I mean, don't get me wrong. I wasn't like, well, that doesn't matter to me at all. Like it's not, it's not good. Right.

[51:21] Where did you get the idea to start an environmental site assessment company? Have you dealt with them before? I don't, I mean, I hear what you're saying. It was just somebody I knew. I wasn't, I wasn't familiar with the field, but it was just somebody I knew. So, um, don't get me wrong. I'd ask girls out. They'd say no or whatever that one time. Oh, and yeah, I wouldn't like it, but I would say, okay, well, if they can't see the value that I'm bringing to the table, I don't know what they're looking for. I don't know. And I also, I don't, of the girls I went out with and it didn't work out for whatever reason, either they didn't want to go, like either they didn't want to go out with me or it didn't work out for whatever reason, they never ended up with a better guy.

[52:04] So sometimes women will reject you because you're too high quality. You understand that, right? I know that it seems odd, right? But, um, a lot of people are embedded in low quality in a low quality world or a negative quality world and they will reject you because you will call them out on the low quality people they're surrounded by and those people don't want that to happen, and so if you know the quality that you're bringing to the table, great great Great, but you have to know that, right? Because if you don't know the quality that you're bringing to the table, then you're basically trying to pass counterfeit goods, right? Oh, I'm a value, you should date me when you don't really know the value that you're bringing to the table. And if you don't know that value, then you're passing counterfeit bills, terrified they're going to hold them up to the light and check them and run that little UV thing over them and all of that, right?

[53:18] So, the important thing in asking girls out is know the value that you're bringing to the table. If you don't know that value, you're lying. You're saying you should date me. Well, why? Why? Why should they date you? Why should someone date you? Why should someone choose you? you i mean why should someone come and listen to me on a sunday morning rather than the everyone else i have to provide something of value right anyway excuse me so yeah it's very strange, i just focus you focus on building up your value otherwise you're you're a con man or con woman and you're a counterfeit, right?

[54:09] You know, the women who complain, oh, the men are only interested in one thing.

[54:12] Unveiling the Mask of Desperation

[54:13] It's like, well, are you offering more than that one thing? All men care about is sex. It's like, okay, well, what else do you have to offer other than sex? It's kind of an important question, right? What do you have to offer other than sex? Are you funny? Are you helpful, warm, friendly? Knowledgeable, well-read, literate? Curious? Do you have emotional skills, relationship skills? Are you a good cook? Will you be a great mom? I mean, what are you bringing to the table other than sex? And if women can't answer that question, then they'll complain that men are only focused on one thing. It's like, but that's because that's the only thing you offer. Why else would a man be interested in you if it wasn't for sex? That's the first question. And when you answer that question, generally you get married, right? So, no, I don't think, women aren't particularly fascinated by wallets these days. Women are all about the clout and status.

[55:28] Women in general are about clout and status. Women, it seems to me, not all, right? But a lot of young women these days seem to me completely obsessed by getting other women to envy them. Have you seen this? Like, this is the whole Instagram thing with the perfect lighting and, you know, the bodysuits, the spandex bodysuits that make you look thinner and the hair and the makeup and the filters. It seems to me that women, I mean, that some of it to do with male thirst, but it seems to me that women are kind of obsessed with having other women envy them. Like, I think this was the trend of all of these tech companies where it's like a day in the life of a tech worker. It's like, well, I wake up at this time and I do this and I do a little Pilates and then I go in and we have a particular kind of barista who makes the most amazing frappuccinos. And then I do a little bit of work. And then I go for a long lunch on the rooftop. And the guys are all like, can you get any fucking work done? Or is this just like, it's just signaling getting other people to value them, to envy them, to think that it's parasitical. If you think I have a better life than you, then my life is worthwhile. Now that's desperate.

[56:47] That's desperate. Women are social. Sometimes they want to show off their man to their social circle. Oh no, that I don't agree with at all. That I don't agree with at all. What women want to show off is being superior to their man, of not needing their man, of looking down on their man. I don't understand this at all. I never have, I never will. Like what on earth is going on with women? Oh, my husband's so foolish and he does this wrong and he does that wrong and he doesn't listen to this and he doesn't know that and ha ha ha and he, you know. How on earth is it a status symbol to look down on your husband? What on earth does that mean to be so superior to your husband? Ha ha ha. He's so silly. He's so foolish. He does this. He does that. It doesn't make any sense. I don't understand it. Boys will be boys is like, why are you mommying your husband and thinking this raises your status?

[57:44] I don't understand this actual work in a day. No, no, no, no, no. They're blocking work. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, it's not just women, like the people in tech, but these stupid laptop jobs who spend a lot of time sunning themselves at lunch on the rooftop garden patio. They're blocking work. They're interfering with work. They're creating policies and procedures and HR departments. No, they're just damming up the river. Yeah, not actual work. No, they're blocking work. The best they can do is be lazy. I mean, if they did no work at all, that'd be a vast improvement on the productivity of the company. Everything they're doing is slowing things down and making meetings and double-checking things and going through HR and, no, they're just blocking and stopping absolutely everything. No, it's terrible. I could never, ever work like that. Happy wife, happy life. Yeah, that's really sad. It's really sad. I mean, I've never put down my wife. I've never put down my wife. I blame feminism for them wanting to feel superior to their man. I don't get it either. it's like the price of admission to a lot of female circles is to trash talk your husband, and if you say oh i i love respect and admire my husband so much you get these resentful looks.

[59:05] It's incomprehensible like can you imagine me coming going anywhere let alone in public or anything like that and putting my wife down i don't know i don't understand it i mean, it'd be like if if i was a i don't know some some guy's a multi-zillionaire right and he can have any car in the world and he buys some trashy old lada beware nova beta and he just constantly complains about this this car ah it wouldn't start again this morning uh you know i have to uh, i have to raise and lower the windows with a wrench and i can see the road through the Floor pedals. And it's like, you think this, like, you just look like an idiot. You can buy any car you want. This is the one you get. I don't understand it. How are you flexing? By putting down the father of your children and the supposed love of your life. How are you flexing? How is that a flex? How is that a flex? Help me, ladies. What is that? Is that just the price? Is that just the price of being around a lot of other women is you've got to put your husband down?

[1:00:29] I mean, I've heard women privately talk about this, you know, like, Like, oh, everybody was there trashing their husbands. And like, I really love my husband. I didn't want to say anything. But if you say something, is this really a thing? I'm out of touch. Yeah, it is. It is.

[1:00:50] And, you know, if you're a woman, report back to me. You're happily married? Then go talk about how happily married you are to other women and see how they react. Shouldn't they react with joy and happiness? Well, complaining often about your partner and still being in the relationship, I imagine, provides a self-esteem boost. I can complain this much and he won't leave because that's how great I am, is my guess. God, that's horrible, though. Like complaining about your kids and how hard it is to be a parent. Yeah, I don't understand that either. You're in charge. You run the whole thing. When I noticed that I started talking about my ex, I broke up soon after. I think it's a dominant thing as well. So if in public the wife puts the husband down, she's very strongly signaling to him that he's disposable and he better line the F up or she's going to take him through the courts. I think it's an absolute foundational me plus the state bullying tactic to grind the guy's spine down into dust. I think it's a vanity-based dopamine from sadistic humiliation and it's shot across the bowels to say, hey man, you're totally disposable.

[1:02:14] I'm so hot that I could get any guy, but chose this guy I don't respect. Hmm, a disconnect. There, I am missing. Yeah, I think it's a signal, right? Very happily married here with two amazing children. I only have one female friend because I cannot find any others that don't complain about their husbands or children. Yeah, I can have another you in a minute. Yeah, that's Rihanna, right? Someone would really get off on making their husband look like a fool. Yeah. I'm a happily married woman. I don't have friends who talk down on their husbands. It definitely seems like a boost to their ego to make themselves victims as if they're helpless and had no choice in who they married, yeah. Thank you.

[1:03:00] Yeah, no, it's very tough. It's very tough. All right. Um, so I don't want to be desperate for a woman. I don't, you know, since back to the original caller point, I mean, you're just saying, I don't want negative character. I don't want to be unhealthy. Okay. Well, of course you don't want to be unhealthy, right? How do single adults find some sort of okayness? I have my two kids, It's 50-50 and it's good. Well, what are you doing in the world to make the world a better place? What are you doing in the world to make the world a better place? And you guys can tell me what you got. What you got? Man says, I can only offer kindness and generosity.

[1:03:54] I can only offer kindness and generosity as a man. Yeah, it's Philip, right? Kindness and generosity. Well, that's a lady boner killer, if ever I heard one. Kindness and generosity. Oh, so you think that a woman is looking for what you're looking for in a woman. it. Kindness and generosity? Ew. I mean, that's going to Serara up her lady parts like nothing else. Kindness and generosity.

[1:04:38] Yeah, we had a great donor talk about female submission and what it means. Somebody says, as a girl, I don't have many friends who are girls because when they they complain about their husbands, I only have good things to say about mine and they shun me for it. Yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah, for sure.

[1:05:04] So, yeah, I mean, what are you doing in the world to make the world a better place? It could be in your relationships. It could, of course, be at work. It could be with your kids, making your kids happier and more moral and better and all of that. I could do all of these things.

[1:05:21] So what are you doing? How do single adults find some sort of okayness? Okayness or a sense of meaning, a sense of happiness is when you're doing things to make the world a better place. Put yourself at a place where you can do good works. If you find single women in that space, you already have something in common and a shared value. It's a good start. Yeah, but you know, put yourself in a place where you can do good works. I don't know how to make that actionable. I don't know how to make that actionable. Only offer kindness and generosity. I'm still kind of stuck on that. A man needs to offer strength, protection, resources, virtue, something to admire, battle with the world, win, resource. Like, I don't know, this kindness and generosity. Sorry. I'm not saying it's bad, but that's not, I think, nearly enough to really attract and get a woman to commit to you. Because women are attracted to men who have the capacity for, unkindness. Because for most of our evolution, and to some degree even now, stuff's win-lose, right? You want to go and get the job, and that means none of the other guys get the job. You want to go and hunt the food, that means none of the other guys get the food. Right? So kindness and generosity, blech.

[1:06:50] Kindness is the icing on the cake you must be strong and capable first and foremost yeah, yeah so i mean i assume that you're raised without a father right and so what you did was you listened to your single mother tell you what would what women want i don't mean to laugh because it's you know it's bitterly funny but the idea that you'd go to a single mother to ask what women want is incomprehensible to me i mean they don't know what they want or they wouldn't be single mothers.

[1:07:19] A good woman wants a good man, not a nice guy. Yeah. Yeah. You want to create a protected space where the woman's kindness and generosity doesn't get exploited, right? So women are kind and generous. It's a beautiful thing. But as a man, you need to create a space where kindness and generosity is not exploited by everyone who comes through, right? Yeah, I mean, particularly for men, you have to have the ability to be unkind. And for women, too. I mean, the more attracted the woman, the more she's going to have to say no to guys who desperately want to date her. So she's going to have to have the capacity of unkindness in order to remain not dated by everyone, if that makes sense. I'm so tired of single mothers asking for the real men to stand up and take care of their kids. Oh, that is an IQ test 101. That's an IQ test. The moment somebody says, well, the real man would, you know, I'm like, yeah, okay. Right. Oh yes, please, please, as a failed woman, tell me what a real man is.

[1:08:25] Reminds me of how I used to read Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazine to figure out what women supposedly wanted. Uh, no, um, unfortunately, um, or fortunately, or, you know, whatever it is, it's just a fact. If you want to, uh, if you want to know what women want, uh, read 50 shades of gray. I mean, it's the most popular book that's fiction in the history of the world. It spawned absolutely atrocious movies, or, uh, you watch eclipse, right? Uh, the, the twilight series, right? Twilight series. Uh, I mean, he's, he's a killer, right? You know, In one of the Twilight movies, there's a scene where the vampire is basically telling his girlfriend that he killed people in the past. And she's like, that's hot. I will sacrifice everything for you. That's hot. Effing shameful, those books. Well, okay, you can finger wag if you want. But.

[1:09:40] You can finger wag if you want. But I don't see the point of that. I remember as a teenager, I read a couple of Harlequin novels because I'm like, oh, let's see what women are into. Oh my God. That is the complete opposite of what everything is told. Everyone is told. I just want a nice guy. No, you don't. You just say that. I don't know.

[1:10:15] Uh yes so in in the in the twilight series in one of the movies, oh the vampire is confessing to his girlfriend that he used to kill people but it's okay you see because he was in a movie theater and a woman went to the bathroom and he killed a guy who was walking some distance behind the woman which i assume meant he's on his way to the bathroom too, right? He didn't like, he didn't kill the guy who attacked the girl. He killed the guy who was walking to where the bathrooms were in a movie theater. But, and I say behind the girl, it sounds like it's stalking or anything like that. But we've all been there, right? You, you, you going to the bathroom in a restaurant and there's a woman going to the bathroom and she's, you know, 20 paces ahead of you.

[1:11:12] So he killed this guy for walking behind a woman because they were both going to the bathroom. And she's like, well, that's fine. Nah, no problem, right? And see, what you need to understand about female nature is that for the vast majority of human history, a woman not attracted to a man with a capacity for violence didn't survive, or her children didn't survive. Right? A woman, oh, women like bad boys. It's like bad boys were good providers throughout almost all of human history. Like this modern, everything's stifled, everything's, you know, crumbled down and everything's soft and everything's like verbal fencing and deplatforming. Like that's not human history. Human history is, if you insult me, I'll shoot your eye out tomorrow morning. Like we'll have a duel. I completely missed that scene significance in the Twilight movie yeah he's saying listen I killed I killed guys I'm a murderer, and she's like it doesn't like she literally doesn't care in fact it's a plus to her.

[1:12:32] Do you think women being attracted to Fifty Shades and the like has to do with their childhoods well I've done reviews on the Fifty Shades of Grey. I did an interview with a woman about the Fifty Shades of Grey stuff, so you can look into those., Capacity for violence is not the same as violence. Do you really feel like you're adding much when you say the thought is not the deed? You know, what you think is not the same as what you do. Listen to all the wisdom I'm bringing to the table. Thoughts, not the same as actions. Good for you. Good for you. Good for you.

[1:13:18] Alright, so, yes, you are, if you want to say desperate, yeah, you're desperate for a woman. Of course you are. Because all of our ancestors who weren't desperate for women, you know, you ever see these pictures of the Pennsylvania or in Ireland or other places, the coal miners, right? They're jammed into these horrible rat cage elevators and they go down and they, carve coal out of the earth, out of the rocks, and they come back up and they breathe coal shit all day. And they get black lung and they die at 40. That's how desperate for women they are. That's how desperate for women they are. They'll work 12 hours a day, six days a week down a coal mine because that's how desperate for women they are. The women aren't doing that. It's the men who are doing that. Now the women have their own desperation for men and all of that, right? That they would risk childbirth and all of that. They didn't become nuns, right? So all of our ancestors were completely desperate to mate.

[1:14:36] Yeah the nice guy stuff is what my mother told me growing up to attract a woman my father is weak in their marriage now i know my mother wanted me to be just like him yeah, well you can go on all of this stuff right.

[1:15:07] A guy creates, somebody sent me a link here from 2019. Guy creates fake hot criminal Tinder profile to make a point and it goes horribly right. So this guy is good looking. Chad 29. Sup, I'm Chad. You don't like me? Too bad. Things you should know about me. Because you'll see the ankle monitor. Nice. Let me just see what happened here. A Tinder experiment yielded some individuals who decided to stay in those ugly, shallow thoughts. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. More than a couple of ladies didn't have a problem entertaining a possible relationship with a super-chiseled, super-hot chair despite his past behavior of assaulting children and his ex-girlfriend. Oh, my gosh. So he's good-looking. And he says, I assaulted children and his ex-girlfriend. So

[1:16:11] Women are all over him not all obviously right, even after he tells this girl it was for real she still decides to continue with their conversation, read it is that for real a joke or what he says it's real it was only one kid he was not eight and in my mind it felt oh god all right uh wow not really sure what to say i guess it's cool how you're being honest about it though, yeah so what are you doing right now anything cool oh just bored bored and on tinder looking for fun and stuff yourself and then she just keeps chatting, oh my gosh, excellent Excellent. Chad takes a super aggressive approach with this next Tinder match, basically telling her to hurry up and read his profile so they can get the unpleasantness out of the way and get straight to smashing.

[1:17:12] She at least calls him out on his super rude manner of speaking, which kind of gives one hope that she'll want to pry more about his awful crimes. But no, she calls him silly and tells him to calm down because she wants to move past that. One of his matches completely blows past the dude's profile and is ready to completely forgive him for his mistakes. She also has zero response to him excusing his crime by saying, Oh God, okay, yeah, that's really gross. Yeah, that's absolutely appalling. Yeah, it's a thing. It's a thing.

[1:17:59] Oh yeah, oil rigs are tough. I mean, I worked up north, gold panning, prospecting, hauling giant... Well, I'm always hauling a giant rod around, but this was different, right? So hauling these giant Pyeongchang drill bits around and massive drill drills and all of that. And, you know, I remember 80 pounds of dirt on my back in a sack crossing over, like, cut trees. It was crazy. Crazy stuff, yeah. Yeah, mining accidents in the 1800s were brutal. I mean, you know, canary in a coal mine, right? That song by the police. It's because they would constantly come across these deadly gases so they'd have to have canaries that would die first so they could get the hell out. Yeah. I haven't seen that movie, but I will make a note of it. These women have no God at all. They get high from the risk of danger. Who knows? I assume that it is something like, yeah, it would be funny if he blew his cover and the girls ghosted him, yeah. But yeah, they're just following certain aspects of female nature, which is the capacity for violence, is security throughout most of human history.

[1:19:27] So yeah, you're desperate for a woman. Of course you are. We all are. And women are desperate for men. How do single adults find some sort of okayness? Well, I mean, the problem is that the divorce has been negative for your kids, right? I mean, the divorce is, I'm just working on this part of my book, Peaceful Parenting, where I'm going through the data. And we're getting to that part where it's like, okay, here's the physical and psychological effects and long-term effects of divorce on kids. And divorce is brutal on kids. Divorce is absolutely brutal on kids. I love women, but they lie about what they want. So again, you can get moralistic or you can be curious. Okay, so why do women pretend to want one thing when they actually want something else? Oh, well, they're just liars. It's like, no, just look at it from an evolutionary standpoint. Why do women say they want a nice, sweet, kind guy and then often go for the bad boy? Why? Why? Why?

[1:20:51] Steph, if you were a 20-year-old man and showed up to the date, the girl's much fatter, would you confront her about it or just leave? I actually was in this situation once. I was set up on a blind date and the woman was very overweight. And we went for dinner. We had a nice chat. We had drinks at a jazz club. And I gave her a nice hug at the end of the night and I didn't talk to her again. I mean, there's no need to be rude. I mean, I signed up to roll the dice with a blind date. No so why does the woman say she wants a nice guy some women right why do some women say they want a nice guy and then are really turned on by the bad boy.

[1:21:36] Because it's socially acceptable to say that you want a nice guy yeah not really, not really women will go for the good guy if he doesn't Cower towards the bad guy? Yeah. Oh, you guys are a long way, I think, from the darkest sides of certain aspects of some women's female nature. I mean, I hedge this a lot, because it's not all women, of course, right? But you were on a blind date. What about the woman who showed you pictures of when she was in better shape?

[1:22:17] Dating Dilemmas and Evolutionary Psychology

[1:22:18] Um well I would I would talk to her about it um if I if I liked the woman's personality like if we'd been chatting back and forth and I liked her personality huh, you said a lot of women pursue bad boys because they want to be punished for having a bad conscience there's that, get resources from the nice guy after the bad boy breaks up with her no but that's not how we evolved because we evolved with monogamy at least in Europe and so on right, All right.

[1:22:50] So corrupt men really enjoy destroying innocence and virtue, right? A sadist, right? A sadist is fundamentally not about pain, but about destroying virtue. So the bad boy is very attracted to the girl who says, I'm a nice girl. I want a nice boy. I'm virginal. I'm pure. I'm nice I'm considerate I'm thoughtful I'm good I mean that's like catnip to him right, he wants to pillage that right so it's a mating cry to say how much of a nice boy you want because that is very attractive to the bad boy because he wants to wreck that kind of innocence and he wants to wreck that kind of, I mean, this is part of the story of the new show, Fallout, right? It's based on the video game. That you've got a nice girl and she's sweet and she's innocent and she's positive and she's philosophical and it's just about the world just attempting to destroy that, right? So it's a mating cry to draw the bad boys. I'm so virginal. I'm so nice. And they go, ah, right? Ah, right?

[1:24:11] I'm just a baby deer. I'm just a little lamb. Well, that brings the predators, right? That's a mating cry. Yeah, you present yourself as a prey and next thing you know, right?

[1:24:24] The Fallout show is absolutely repulsive on almost every conceivable level.

[1:24:31] Yeah the fallout show i don't recommend it it's um it's vile absolutely vile, women want honesty and loyalty but a nice guy cannot be honest or loyal and as they will never become they will become whoever they need to get the woman right women want honesty and loyalty, what are you talking about have you not seen the number of single moms around women want honesty i've not seen show got women want honesty and loyalty uh i did watch some of the fallout show but literally with my hand on the fast forward because it's like well just.

[1:25:15] Fast forward fast forward fast forward and it's tough to find any dialogue and of course it's the usual thing the moment anything good happens it's immediately followed by something absolutely appallingly terrible and horrible.

[1:25:29] Reflections on the Fallout Show and State Justifications

[1:25:29] And it's a huge justification for the state. This is what life is like without the state, you see. It's nasty, brutish, and short, and violence, and factions, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And yet the state is what sent the weapons. Oh, no, no, sorry, spoilers. Spoilers? Nah, I won't do spoilers. I won't do spoilers. I won't do spoilers. Well, so all shows, all good shows turn bad, right? You know that. You know the reason for that. Like, all good shows turn bad. Because if a show is good and it's successful, it's good because it's telling the truth. So then all the liars want to hijack that success and use it to push their propaganda, right? So every show that strikes a chord because of its truth is then hijacked by people who want to use its popularity to push their lies, right? Yeah, agreed. Fallout is just needle score after needle score and rank disgust factor content. Yeah, it is. It's absolutely repulsive.

[1:26:33] As reported by the Center for Children and Families, 40% of all life births in the US are to single mothers. 90% of welfare recipients are single mothers. Yeah, the welfare state is a single mother state. Yeah, for sure. Actually, in the game lore, the state is absolutely at fault for the nuclear war. The show retconned it. Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, in sci-fi, they always have to blame corporations. They always have to blame corporations, right? It's just this big, evil corporation. Because corporations can't get mad at them and throw them in jail.

[1:27:09] The Impact of Wedding Expenses on Relationships

[1:27:10] So you were considering watching it yeah.

[1:27:21] I mean, it does have useful things to say about the naivete of those who are secure. The mass utopia experiment is literally directly referenced in part of the book. And the ghoul is a boomer, right? Because the ghoul is willing to sell the next generation for his own survival and flourishing and to stave off illness and decay. So, yeah, the ghoul is the boomer. For sure. So, yeah. I think it's... So, let's see here.

[1:27:55] Well, then there's all these questions about immigration and integration of other cultures, and, you know, we've got these really violent raiders, but we're going to lock them up, and then we're going to find a way to integrate them. There's the whole white man's burden of, like, well, we're going to go out and civilize the wastelands, but we're going to get corrupted instead, right? So there's some interesting themes about it, but it's just too relentlessly vile and horrible. Steph, what do you think one should spend on a wedding? well you do know that the more you spend on the wedding the more likely you are to get divorced right that's very clear the the correlation is crazy high correlation is crazy high so, if a woman wants to spend a huge amount on a wedding then she's vanity based which means she's going to get depressed after the wedding right the more that the woman is like i've been dreaming of this wedding day and it's my day and it's got to be perfect and this and that and the other she's setting herself up for a crash on the far side of the wedding day right because she's he's going to crash because that's all in the past now, right? Yeah, it's like why I walked out of the North when I got my money back because that was just vile.

[1:29:05] Wow. Wow, I never thought about the female innocence honey trap. I remember a girl I liked in high school who was innocent ended up going out with the bad boy. Makes more sense now, yeah. I don't think it was a conscious thing, right?

[1:29:25] All right. What else did somebody say? Have I seen Late Night with the Devil? I've not. I don't usually watch horror movies.

[1:29:42] It's too much bypassing art and just programming your fight or flight mechanism. Yeah, The North Man was weird and gross. Yeah, it was absolutely vile. Oh, it's authentic. It's like surgery is authentic. I don't want to spend my day watching that shit either. I mean, you could rig up a camera in a toilet bowl and watch someone take a dump every morning. I don't want to do that. It's authentic, so I don't care. Arsenic's authentic. It's natural.

[1:30:10] I've never heard that more expensive weddings lead to divorce. It's very interesting. But of course, at the higher ends, like royal weddings, there is rarely divorce. Maybe middle-class people having expensive weddings is just overspending and it stresses them out. You sorry there's rarely divorce in the voiles, plenty of horror on the news yeah yeah well I avoid that as well all right, any tips coming in by the by just out of curiosity I think we've talked about some pretty important and good stuff today and we've had some chuckles and you've enjoyed my fronky semi-cold voice lovely sultry, you can tip on the app.

[1:30:53] Media Boycotts, Personal Boundaries, and Hollywood Insights

[1:30:53] I boycotted Hollywood a long time ago and I don't miss it. Yeah, what was it Tucker Carlson was talking about on Joe Rogan? He was talking about how he doesn't go on the internet, he doesn't do email, and he doesn't have a TV. He doesn't do any of that stuff. Very interesting.

[1:31:16] slash donate. Of course, if you want to donate later. Have you seen a YouTube channel called the Happy Wife School? This is the channel description. I am a former unhappy wife who emasculated my husband until I had an awakening that I was the problem in my marriage. Now I teach other married women the journey of finding happiness within so they can evolve as women and wives. All right, let's do Happy Wife School. Okay, I'm going to assume that she's very pretty and it's just a way to market her prettiness to a different kind of audience. I'm going to guess that, right? Let's see here. Is she very pretty? Uh-uh. Oh, okay. Well, you know, I'm wrong about that. She's not ugly or anything like that, but... No, she's pretty. Yeah, she's pretty. She's pretty. Um...

[1:32:16] Uh, let's see here. What do you think of elopements? If you're passionate enough, who cares, right? If you love each other, who cares? You just, you'd never let anyone get between you and your spouse. That's all. Anybody who gets between you and your spouse, in my view, completely and utterly disposable. I just, it's not even, I don't even think about it. Not even like a second glance. I like, I don't even, I don't, not even a second glance. Anything negative towards my wife or my marriage you're done and there's not even a second thing so you know what I was talking about we're going to end up in here that.

[1:33:01] Sorry just a couple of memes here that were pretty funny, so I was talking about Trash Planet the other day Did you grow up with or have you known people who are just... Thank you for the tip. Do you know people... I'm always happy to donate to you, Steph, for each live stream because I walk away a much smarter and more open-minded human. I always learn something on these talks. Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you. My mom thought it was a good fun to screw around with my marriage. Yeah. Oh, you should cut your hair, says the older woman to the younger woman out of sexual sabotage, vengeance. So I was talking about Trash Planet. And if you had people in your life, it's just a complete mess and disaster all the time, no matter what. They just stagger from problem to problem. Just all of this stuff. You ever had that? Just Trash Planet and a half. And I just had it and then I lost it.

[1:34:10] I really did. No, that's not... I literally just had this tab open. There we go. Okay. Yeah. Have you ever had people, just massive chaos problems? Maybe you don't have them anymore, but you have them in the past, just massive problems, trash and mess. Let me see what you guys are saying.

[1:34:37] Do-do-do-do-do-do-do, let's go chasing rainbows in the sky, it's my imagination. All right, so I'm going to, because I know there's a bit of a delay. You've had these people around, right? Yeah, you've had these people around. I get it. All right. So somebody was saying, if you don't have anyone in your family who are poor, there's always a cloud of chaos around their lives. We sat down to dinner, and at five minutes in, they got a call about another family member with a semi-serious, mostly self-inflicted trip to the hospital, because there's a study that's come out that says that the rich want to help the poor until they actually spend time with the poor. Have you had that experience? That the rich want to help the poor until they actually spend time around poor people.

[1:35:27] So somebody said, I don't think people who don't have family like this can fully understand it. Constant bar fights. barfights unable to get a job because of assault records from the barfights dating people who steal from them squabbling over wills unexpected babies everyone is always out to get them and it's never ever their fault family update from my mom chronically unemployed haplessly committing numbskulled accidents against their limbs doctors committing malpractice against them without a peep whooping out whoopsing out babies acting like barely sentient marine creatures that move only to eat the usual. Some great language in the world, man. There's some great language in the world.

[1:36:17] I see. So one of the issues with being part of an ethnic, I think that means a minority ethnic group, that tends to have trouble is that even if you're a competent, upright person, there's often a screw-up brother, cousin, or uncle that everyone will lean on you to help no matter how hard they work on not deserving it. That's kind of true. It's kind of true, to put it mildly. What do we have here? the face when you have a hundred plus semi-close relatives in Newfoundland, Canada. Yeah, yeah. They say stuff is always happening to them for no good reason. Almost always because they were stirring up drama, hanging out with people who stir up drama or were late or belligerent for some appointment or job. Or they just live in a cloud of negativity. And this is kind of true. Not all of them, right? He says the thing you eventually learn about poor people is there's no amount of money you can give them to fix their problems. You might fix their problems today, but they'll be in the same position again in a week or two because their problem is poor decisions, not a lack of money.

[1:37:25] The ability or not to regulate emotional responses has got to predict like 90% of how a person's life turns out. Yeah. If you've never had a drunken, slovenly family member show up unannounced begging for money, have you ever truly lived? Well, of course, if you have a, and this is, somebody says, this is exactly the description of having a drug addict in your family. Seems like they thrive on chaos. To me, it's an excuse to be an addict of any sort.

[1:37:55] Somebody says, I grew up like this and my baby mom even more so. Life is a series of crisis after crisis. Every family member wants something. Everyone is feuding or stealing from each other. Everything is about conflict and confrontation and stress. It's brutal. Yeah. Got one family member, and it's always awe-inspiring to hear about their monthly life catastrophes that were both easily predictable and avoidable. Somebody says my mother made a great decision when I was young to completely sever those types out of the family gatherings we only really hear about them from the second hand, when we celebrated my grandma's 100th birthday we saw both sides of the family my side has education stable jobs dresses well and stable marriages even the blue collar and her solid folks but there's a side with tattoos, prison records, baby mamas, multiple divorces, etc. They cause the chaos which makes them poor. Virtually every poor person I've known, says someone, causes their own problems and always blames it on someone, anyone else. There's always a conspiracy against them. Yeah, the teacher has it in for me, the boss has it out for me. I feel this, says someone, and they'll drag you into it. And if you've got a few cents more than they do, they'll hate your guts for it. semi-secretly, yeah, put their hand out as well.

[1:39:25] Somebody says, my wife is poor. I, of course, am well-heeled, blue blood. Anyhow, her family is Maury. I think that means Maury Povich, like this sort of trashy TV show. They cannot get out of their own way. And they're mean. I've actually been quite poor and lived and worked in the hood. I know the culture. And it's self-perpetuating. I have a friend who I often refer to as a perpetual F-up. he's no longer with us largely due to his poor life decisions yeah.

[1:40:00] But the best part is when one of them gets lucky and gets a one generation boost towards stability and then their progeny dragged the family name right back to where it started deeply depressing yeah, very it's uh i don't agree with everything that i'm reading but it's a very interesting perspective that there are just these people that just breathe this kind of chaos all the time. And you can't help them. You can't help them. And all the people who were like, well, just this government program will help everyone. It's like, that's how I know you've never actually tried to help someone who's really dysfunctional. I just know. I just know. Yeah, like 70-75% end of health issues are the result of self-inflicted lifestyle choices.

[1:40:57] Yeah, you know way too many. Yes, just got rid of the last one. Need to move on now that I'm in 30s. Good for you. Yep, in the past, mostly family. Back in the day, I was a target for losers. Yeah, that's the thing too, is that they'll clamp on, man. They really will clamp on. There's a reason why vampires are a thing.

[1:41:20] Is coercion the root cause of prejudice and its effects? It seems prejudice cannot exist without malicious intent, which must be explained by something prior. Well, you need to explain to me what you mean by prejudice. Is it prejudice? Is it prejudice? If you expect a woman to be shorter than the average man, is that prejudice or pattern recognition? I don't know.

[1:41:46] I love the people who believe in karma. No, it's not karma when you get an STD from sleeping around. Yeah, karma is I'm too lazy to enforce any moral standards, so I'm just going to let the universe do it. I'm too lazy and frightened to actually have any upright moral standards that I'm willing to enforce, so eh.

[1:42:08] Somebody says, oh, they have to pummel you down so they don't have to be self-critical. Somebody says, I disagree. Agree. I grew up severely impoverished and it cost me a lot to refine myself over the years. Certainly some of my childhood peers chose to do drugs instead of working hard and repairing the damages done to them, but it's costly either way. I don't know what you disagree with. I mean, are you, are you saying that me of all people is saying that everyone who grows up poor is messed up? I mean, I grew up really poor. I don't know what you're talking about. It sounds So what's happened is some personal thing has eclipsed and short-circuited your reasoning, which is fine. My life has greatly improved after leaving behind these, quote, poor people. They can't be honest, no solutions, and things always happen to them. They never make things happen. And you give them good advice and they go, but what about, oh, the yes, but people. But you could do this. Yeah, but. Or you could do that. Yeah, but. Like I had a friend of mine really, when I was younger, was really into martial arts, couldn't find a good job. I'm like, why don't you open up a dojo? I was like, yeah, but there are all these licenses and this and that and the other. It's like, but I see dojos everywhere. People solve these problems.

[1:43:19] It seems like self-ownership is a rare thing, don't you? It says, uh... My father's like this. Everyone else is the issue, and he's a perpetual victim of life's circumstances. He seems to act 15, but he's nearly 70. Thou shouldst not have been old before thou wert wise.

[1:43:44] Some people seem to feed off drama, yeah? I have a friend, he says, I recently let go off because she's spiraling to the depth of her decade-long addiction. She's been asking me to lend her dollars, and we did the math and figured out that she gets $1,500 a month for a mental health subsidy. Her rent is $1,100, and she spends $3,500 a month on cocaine, and she smokes cigarettes and drinks alcohol. I told her I couldn't help her anymore. I'm sad for her, but so many of my childhood peers took that path. Yeah, and if it's been a while, like if somebody's been on drugs for a while, I view them as like, that's not the person, that's just the addiction, that's just the drug. And I don't think that there ever will be a person there again. That's just my particular opinion. I'm not sort of saying that's an empirical fact. I'm just saying like, if someone's been a drug addict for like 10 years, well, what's the way back? back. They've just lost out on 10 years. They've done a huge amount of harm to themselves and to others. They've hung around the worst possible kinds of people. They've stolen, exploited, lied, terrorized, bullied. There's no restitution possible. They freaked people out. They frightened people. They've tortured people with their lack of responsibility. And, and like, how do you get back from that? I mean, I, I, I feel bad if I, you know, bump into someone on the street. Oh, I'm so sorry. Right. I don't know how you get back from that. I know you come back from that.

[1:45:01] Somebody says, I was also a magnet for losers. I can notice them, and they notice me now, so they tend not to interact with me because they see that I don't want to drag myself down. Yeah. Yes, I know one person like this, and she constantly blames astrological phenomena for her struggles with working hard. Yeah.

[1:45:22] It's really sad, though, that the coke addict, she had a lot going for her. She's had her nose broken five times by her ex. She can't smell anymore either. She's done so much cocaine. Oh yeah, you see some woman with a tiny nose going in for a nose surgeon. He's like, cocaine? She's like, yep. She's 47 now? Oh yeah, she's toast. I met her 20 years ago. Sadly, I don't think I'll see her again. Why on earth would you put 20 years into that kind of relationship? Why on earth? Somebody says I said it earlier my health crisis is a result of my bad choices I mean we've all made those bad choices I blame only myself blaming those who made, garbage both available and cheap does not change the fact that I chose to buy the crud let my emotions and taste buds rule my reason right, right.

[1:46:26] Christianity guides us to forgive and be forgiven for our sins. Oh, that is a very girly view of Jesus. Oh, that's... That's a very girly view of Jesus. Forgive and be forgiven? No. That's not true. You're actually bearing false witness. And it's actually kind of sinful, in my humble opinion. It's actually kind of sinful. That's really wrong. You shouldn't be doing that. You shouldn't be doing that. The Bible's very clear. Very clear about forgiveness. That it must be earned. Forgiveness must be earned. You have to repent. You have to make restitution. Right? The Bible is very clear about this. If someone wrongs you, you talk to them privately. If they don't listen, you talk to them in a small group so there are witnesses. If they don't listen, you talk to them in front of the congregation. If they don't listen, you ostracize them.

[1:47:35] So, talking about forgiveness without talking about earning forgiveness is really devilish, my friend. Don't do it. Don't do it. Because what you're doing is you're taking out moral standards from people who can only get into heaven by upholding moral standards. You're leading people down the path to perdition and hell. A Christian is saved by upholding moral standards. A Christian is not saved by forgiving everyone all the time when they make no restitution because that's causing moral standards to decay. To decay. Stop talking about forgiveness as an absolute. It's corrupt to the core. And it's a commandment only put by those who don't want to earn your forgiveness. It is not your job to forgive unrepentant people. It is a sin to forgive unrepentant people. If everyone has to be forgiven, then God is the devil for judging people as unrepentant. Do not talk about providing unearned forgiveness.

[1:48:57] That is spiritual cowardice and whoredom of the first order. You earn forgiveness. God offers forgiveness but requires repentance. Do you know better than God? Yeah. Oh my gosh. This is just people with a bad conscience who are bull—I'm not talking about you. People with a bad conscience who want to bully others into, quote, forgiving them without them having to go through any acknowledgement or restitution.

[1:49:31] Those people want the gifts of forgiveness without the work and growth of restitution. They want to steal from you. They're committing a sin against you by demanding forgiveness without providing restitution. They're demanding that you sin against the truth. They demand that you bear false witness. If somebody genuinely earns your forgiveness, you give your forgiveness. That's fair, that's right, that's reasonable. But if you give your forgiveness to people who haven't earned it, you're saying, I will give you forgiveness though you have not earned it, which is bearing false witness and corrupting them. You're not helping them. You're corrupting them. Ugh. You're enabling their corruption. It's absolutely wrong. Absolutely wrong. And frankly, quite cowardly. Because you don't forgive people who demand forgiveness without providing restitution because you care about morals or ethics. refusing to enforce standards, absolutely corrupts the world. You're doing it because if you withhold forgiveness from bullies, they'll bully you. That's all it is. It's not forgiveness as a virtue, it's cowardice as an absolute.

[1:50:52] The Importance of Earned Forgiveness and Moral Accountability

[1:50:53] Sorry to be so frank and blunt, but I can't have this. I can't have this on the show. I can't have this forgive and be forgiven you gotta forgive and you gotta be no, absolutely not, you are sending people to hell by giving them the rewards of virtue, by bearing false witness about your motives, is it your job to demand restitution then oh man, Oh, that kind of gets under my skin. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm not saying you're annoying, but that pisses me off. Doesn't mean there's anything objectively wrong about anything you did. It's your job to demand restitution then? What are you talking about?

[1:51:46] If you're selling a shop and you're selling a slice of pizza, you've got a shop, right? You're selling a slice of pizza for three bucks. Is it your job to demand $3? No. What does that even mean? You walk into the shop, does the guy grab you by the ear and scream at you that you owe him $3 while shoving the pizza at you? No. Is it your job to demand $3 for the... No. Somebody wants the pizza, the price is $3. Demanding, that's a negative word. The price of my forgiveness is apologies and restitution and a promise and a plan for it never to happen again, right? That's the price. Am I demanding these things? It's like, no, that's the standard. A standard is not a demand. I'm not demanding anything. I'm just saying that's the price. If you wrong me and you want my forgiveness, then you have to earn it. If I wrong you and I want your forgiveness, I have to earn it. Absolutely.

[1:52:55] I'm not demanding anything. I'm just saying this is the standard. It's like, you know, if you want to listen to these live streams on an app, am I demanding that you install the app? It's like, no. If you want to listen to them on these shows on the app, you've got to install the app. I don't know how a requirement is a demand. How is a requirement a demand? I don't understand this. How is a requirement a demand? What does that mean? What does it mean?

[1:53:33] There is a difference between forgiveness and not holding hate and fury in your heart and mind over others. Let judgment be the Lord's to give or withhold. What on earth are you people talking about? out. Holding hate and fury in your heart?

[1:54:01] But you stop holding hate and fury in your heart when you've distanced yourself from destructive people. I don't hate my mother. And I don't have fury against my mother because I haven't seen my mother in close on 30 years.

[1:54:20] Although I do read about how the girls were relentlessly raped in Germany by the Russian troops at the end of the Second World War, and I have real sympathy for that. I'm sure that she went through that. But I judge her as destructive and harmful.

[1:54:39] And so she has, and I confronted her many times. She did not apologize. She did not acknowledge. She did not make restitution. And that's vanity, right? That's a sin of pride. I cannot admit that I'm wrong. This is, I was going to say this about the dysfunctional people in your life. The one thing that's true of all dysfunctional people is they never take advice. They never ever take advice it's a sin of pride i know better i'm right you're wrong it's just a sin of pride i will never ever give up moral judgment now punishment no i don't care to punish people i mean obviously not having me in their lives is a punishment enough no i don't i'm not I'm not going to punish my mother. I don't, you know, because when you leave a relationship behind, you leave the relationship behind. You don't, I don't want to. So, but judgment? Oh, no. Anybody who comes to me and says, stop morally judging, I view as very dangerous. I'll be straight up with you, man. I'll be straight up with you. And this is not even your opinion. This is just people who want to exploit you, telling you not to judge so that they can exploit you easier.

[1:55:52] It's just basically a bank robber trying to convince the bank manager ahead of time to take out the cameras. You don't need the security guard. That's just paranoid, man. If anyone comes to me and says that you judging morally is bad, I view that person as extremely dangerous and a servant of corruption. Honestly, I'm not saying this is you as a whole. I'm not even saying this is you at all. I'm telling you my thoughts. I'm not trying to evaluate or judge you as you because I don't know you, right? But I'm just telling you that.

[1:56:34] I don't forgive people who have wronged me and don't repent. I accept that they have wronged me and don't repent. And I get out of the relationship and I try not to look back. But I never drop the judgment. The judgment is my security. The judgment is why there's a difference between heaven and hell. If there was no judgment, heaven and hell would be the same place, which would be hell, because the clouds will burn away. Somebody says, there's so much teaching and writings from so many saints and theologians on this topic, there's really no excuse to get this wrong.

[1:57:22] Also, if you forgive everyone else who does wrong as a blanket cowardly act, you will also forgive yourself for doing wrong, and then you won't have any standards for yourself either, and you decay as well. Someone says forgiveness without contrition is the creeping evil that produces decay. Here we go again with the forgiveness shite. Well, all right. I mean, it's like you as the harmed have to ask for apology and restitution. It's not the one who harms to ask. It's not for the one who harms to ask if he did or did not. I'm sorry, I don't understand. If you're harmed, you have to ask for an apology and restitution? I don't ask for shit. What are you talking about? I say you've wronged me. You've done me wrong. And here's why.

[1:58:22] I mean what am I asking, begging, commanding, demanding no I'm just saying that you did me wrong and I want to see how people respond to that, now if they say I didn't do you wrong, you misunderstood something could be totally right, in which case I'm sorry for accusing you for saying you did me wrong I was wrong and to do that and I apologize, it could happen that way if you accuse somebody falsely but if they accept that and they accept that it was wrong and so on, then, if they don't apologize, I'm not that's just the price. The price of staying in my life is self-ownership. Of course. Self-ownership is a great value. Free will, self-ownership, moral responsibility. Why on earth would I want to spend time with people who reject those things? Yeesh. Yes, my mother cannot take advice. It's like asking her to die. Yeah. I'm the judgiest judge that ever judged. Nicely.

[1:59:18] This parasocial phenomenon is probably unhealthy, but I can admit you are more of a moral paternal father than my own parents. I don't think it's unhealthy. I mean, to have a father figure, I mean, it's kind of funny for me because I still feel like about 23 in my own mind and maybe a little bit less in my own body. But I appreciate there's nothing wrong with that. I think there's nothing wrong with that. I know that I am a father figure to some people and I consider that a great honor and I'll always try and do right by that. The logic that if I made moral exceptions for people simply because i love them i would make them for myself too it was the first piece of wisdom from you that really hit home for me in a decade ago a decade ago when i started listening i've held on to it through my healing journey oh that's great i'm glad to hear that and if you make moral exceptions for people you're saying you don't love them it is not love to make moral exceptions for people because you're harming them by not holding people to account you're corrupting them by not holding people to account, you're corrupting them. By refusing to impose moral judgment on people and on yourself, you're corrupting everyone. It's funny, you know. I'll sort of finish on this point, and if you found this helpful, slash donate. I'd really, really appreciate your support. Or you can tip right here, right now.

[2:00:42] But moral judgment. The thought came and the thought went. Let me, sometimes I get the thought back by reading what I was reading when I had the thought.

[2:00:56] If you love people, you want them to be rational and you want them to own themselves and you want them to take responsibility because you can only love them for the decisions they make and the virtues they manifest. And if you take away their moral responsibility, you bleed away your love for them. Is it appropriate to judge others without understanding them? I don't know what that means. How can you understand others? You can only review their actions empirically or listen to what they say. And of course, by their actions, shall ye know them is foundational. You judge people by their actions, not so much their words. And i think understanding is important but the reason that you understand people is to hand them self-ownership right so you've heard me a million times in the calling show somebody says i don't know why i'm doing this i don't know why i behave this way i don't know why i make these choices and we go to their childhood and we say oh this is probably why i'm handing them self-ownership i don't understand them in order to not judge them i help them understand themselves, so that they can make better decisions.

[2:02:19] Somebody says, at one time, I believed there was a difference between forgiveness and making people live with the consequences. I thought forgiveness was what you'd, what is what, sorry, this is a little awkward, really phrased. I thought forgiveness was what you do to no longer carry the anger and hate, but they still need to live with the consequences. But now I see it was a cop-out. In fact, to let go of the anger and hate is not forgiveness. It was just my way to feel better about myself. Just let go of the anger and hate and only forgive them if they own it. Yeah, I don't, what do you mean let go of the anger and the hate? The anger and the hate predated you. This is back to my talk from last week.

[2:02:58] Right, I mean.

[2:03:02] Anger and hate are not your servants that you summon and dismiss like the king with his gesture. Your anger and your hate and your love and your passions and your emotions and your gut and your your instincts, and your feelings all predate you by billions of years. So you don't act out on them. You don't let them dominate you. You hate someone, you don't just scream at them or assault them. You respect UPB. But this idea that, oh, you just let go and you're in command and you're in control, that's also the sin of pride. You don't let go of anger and hate. You seek to understand their roots and you seek to understand their purpose. and the purpose of anger and hate is to keep you safe. It's fight or flight. Fight or flight is to keep you safe. So to let go of the anger, it's like saying, you know, well, I have my hand in a fire and I just need to let go of the pain, right? That's the fight club thing. I pour acid on the guy's hand, just let go of it, man. Well, no, that's self-mutilation, right? So the purpose of the pain in your hand when you have your hand in the fire is to get your hand out of the fire, right? That's the purpose of that. Get your damn hand out of the fire. Ah, my hand is still in the fire, but I need to let go of the pain. It's like, no, you don't. You need to get your hand out of the fire. Anyway.

[2:04:31] All right. Well, thank you everyone so much for your time today. A great chat. I was going to be a short show, but you guys had such great questions, that it's just worth sticking around for. And I really do appreciate everyone's comments. And I'm sorry if my wake-up call was a little harsh, but I think it's important to really shake this stuff off. Yeah, judge and be judged, absolutely. And take advice and give advice and have standards. You're not imposing or inflicting or abusing people by having standards. If you have a standard, you run some university and you say, well, you have to have these marks to get in. Are you being a bully? No, you're protecting the value of the university. Thanks, Steph. Donated to Free Domain, slash donate. I really, really appreciate that. Very, very kind. And I wish you guys a wonderful day. We will talk very soon. And just remember as well, if you're signed up as a supporter at or slash freedomain, then you can.

[2:05:36] Join in the voice calls that we have once or twice a week. Just straight up voice calls, voice chats. And we did female. uh we did a really really great chat on female submission which you really should uh check out if you get a chance all right lots of love everyone take care bye oh yes we have a new landing page for uh yeah and i know we're supposed to talk about the tiktok thing i should probably wait till my voice is a little better i don't necessarily want that i don't necessarily want that immortalized in that way so though. Yeah, they have been awesome, right? I think so. I think so. All right. Lots of love for everyone. Take care. Bye.

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