"An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure"
- Benjamin Franklin

This page is meant to help prepare you for your call-in with Stef and to ensure that the greatest value for everyone is attained.

Please note: You can reach out to Jarrod Woodard for help, do not hesitate to ask for any clarity or help you may need.

You can reach him on:

Private Call-ins

Private and paid call-ins are available for monthly donors. We can record the conversation (or not) and send you the only copy.

Listener Sound Quality

One of the best things you can do to prepare for the show is ensure that you will have great sound quality prior to the call.

Testing Your Setup

Jarrod or James can hop on a call and help you figure things out and set things up.

If that is not something you would like to do, you can always do a test call on Skype.

Or you can use vocaroo.com to record a clip of your audio and play it back to yourself.

Good Microphone

If you do not have a great microphone here is an affordable list of microphones that we have found to be of decent quality:

These are not paid, affiliate or sponsored links, we are just looking for what is best for the callers.

USB-A (generally laptops and desktops)

USB-C (Newer laptops, desktops, and smartphones)

3.5 mm (Some laptops, desktops, and phones)

Apple (thunderbolt)

Software Setup

Call-ins generally go through Skype, please make sure that we have your Skype ID. As well, you can connect with Stef directly on Skype at https://join.skype.com/invite/raGJTj1qDGhr.

Please log in to Skype and stay logged in as that is how we will be scheduling the call.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can use OBS or Audacity to record your side of the call. Both are free and magnificent. Just in case something goes wrong with our connection having this backup recording can be very, very helpful.

If you want help setting this up, we are happy to help, just give Jarrod a ping.

Getting the Most Out of Your Call

Please have your email or call in request message, notes or any updates ready.


It's totally understandable to feel some anxiety or nervousness before a call. Here are some tips to help:

Understand Anxiety as a Sign of Importance

Recognize that feeling anxious or nervous before a call indicates the significance of the conversation, not a signal of impending doom. Even experienced professionals feel this way before important discussions, which shows it's a natural part of engaging in meaningful exchanges.

Reframe Nervousness as Excitement

Realize that what you're feeling is not solely nerves but also excitement. This blend of emotions signifies that you're stepping out of your comfort zone and into an opportunity for growth. Viewing the butterflies in your stomach as a positive sign can transform your approach to the call.

The Initial Spike of Anxiety Is Fleeting

The intense anxiety you feel just before and at the start of the call will dissipate quickly. Often, the anticipation is the worst part, and once you're engaged in the conversation, the nervousness subsides, allowing you to focus more on the content of the call.

Take a Moment to Relax Before the Call

Before the call take a moment and find a comfortable, quiet place. Notice your posture. Breathe in deep through your nose. Plant your feet solidly on the ground, sit up straight, and keep your head up. This may sound odd, but it can in fact help improve blood flow to your brain, with breathing, and your overall mood.


Thank you so much for calling into the show. These conversations have done an incalculable amount of help over the years, and will certainly do so for years to come.

Please don't hesitate to reach out for feedback and help.

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