Have you wanted to call in but haven't wanted the conversation to be released as a podcast? I now offer paid private calls!

Here's what people are saying:

During a private call-in I felt more relaxed compared to a public call-in, which I had in the past. I didn’t censor myself for fear of being judged by the future audience, and my communication was clearer thanks to this. We were able to discuss a lot of topics and I have received the clarity that I was looking for when it comes to some personal issues. You know how good Stef is at coaching, piercing through contradictions and pointing out obvious truths that the caller is avoiding or not seeing. Well this private conversation was an even more effective version of a call-in.

I called Stef in a private call to gain clarity on the issues I have in my life, and with his usual laser-beam moral clarity and sharp questions, he was able to slice through my defenses and excuses to get down to the heart of the matter, humble me, and provide me with practical steps to take in the direction for getting what I really want in life.

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