Special Show - FOUR HOSTS! Transcript

The Team Introduction

[0:00] Yeah, it's a bit of a special treat. This is not exactly a multi-person studio.
No. But we're doing it anyway.
And so we have James. Hello. In the very confident manly pink.
We have Jared. We have the guy without facial hair. And the young lady without.
Facial hair. A massive amount of. I would hope. I mean, I don't want to have facial hair. Oh, stop being so prejudicial.
Oh. Oh, we started everywhere but there.
I keep forgetting that on Locals, you've got to start it separately.
Anyway, so yes, we are here.
We're live on Rumble on Locals. Country on the Platforms, just for those of us who've joined a little later.
Child-ish off-camera. Slightly over one. Child-ish on-camera. Okay.
We have Jarrett and James. So this is actually, there's myself, Izzy, Jarrett, and James.
And sorry, James, don't mean to occlude you too much there. Yeah.
Yeah, I normally, okay, I'll be nipple height for James.
There you go. That way he can contact HR.
So, yeah, this is the team. So if you guys would like to introduce yourselves a little, I guess people know you fairly well, Izzy, if you'd like to. Oh, yeah, I'm a child.

[1:18] Weed-o-man. Yeah, weed-o-man. Nice.
Okay. Yeah, well, I guess everyone knows me, but I'm basically Izzy. That one's offspring.
So there we go. That's me. I'm Jared.
I found the show in 2012-ish and 2013-ish.
And thanks to Steph, that's also about the time period I got into Bitcoin.

[1:42] Wait, what's that? Bitcoin? Absolutely. I've heard of that. What's Bitcoin?
Here and there. All right. It's a thing. It's a thing.
Yeah, it's turned out to be a long time ago. Always been into it and around it. Loved it.
But then you betrayed it. Tell me more. Tezos.
Well, that's not... I know. It's all crypto.

[2:01] The purest, it's betrayal. And so you've been working here or with us a little over a year.
About a year. About a year. year and actually interestingly enough he's been working here for a year and his napoleon presentation would have been about a year and a half to record so i don't know how you can press that in but that's something which we still have on the bank burner but it's quite a bit one page a day one page a day what were you saying oh gosh there's some book or some movie you're talking about oh yeah or it's like one of my presentations no no dune we're talking about dune because we're gonna go watch that tonight yeah and i was talking about the house like six books and all that so much time and investment and stuff like that i was like yeah it's kind of like one of my my my presentations yes yes um and james um gosh okay let's let's go back to the year we first met because you were at some of the early barbecue i was uh so yeah hi i'm james um you may have heard me on such podcasts as the one i've been collins on and also part like reading off emails and stuff so yeah steph and i've known each other since 2007 yeah 17 years 16 years right yeah 2007 yeah Yeah, 2007, May 2007, when I started listening. When he was only... Okay.
Wonderful. No, no. See, when I was only this wide, I... Oh, yeah.
You want to tell them a little bit about the... Okay, so you've been working about six months?
Oh, yeah. No, so working now part-time for about six months. Yeah.

[3:22] But over the years, I've been working, helping out with tech work and, you know, the FDR podcast site, you know, in collaboration with others, but I've been doing the back-end side of things.
You're back to the old message board, right? Oh, yeah. I think a lot of that stuff.
Yeah, so we had someone early on. You mentioned him, right, before?
Yeah, so Bill set up the original website community server and the Freedom Man website and then brought it into my sort of thing.
I sort of brought it over to other websites and eventually WordPress.
And then we had the other forums and the premium content, which Jared is releasing.
Resurrecting. Yeah, resurrecting. And also, by the way, thank you to those of you out there who have given us your archives.
It's been very, very wonderful to have all that. Oh, yes. Yeah, yeah.
So, yeah. Oh, and just really brief on the thing.
If you've seen me in the past, you've seen me in real life, I was like, well, I clocked in at my max over 300 pounds.

[4:18] And that's when Seth probably met me around like 290s, 280s, whatever.
So, in the past several months, I didn't address this earlier, but I got myself down to, right now I'm in the two teens, maybe 220.
But yeah, the goal is like 200. So, um, we, if you're really interested, you can talk a little bit about that, but I don't want to make it all about the weight loss thing, but it's, it's been very good because I feel much more better.
Well, and it's a funny thing too, because we're talking about the non-aggression principle, but the instigating factor for the weight loss was actually something to do with like, for heaven's sakes, just lose the weight, you know, like get down patients and all of that.
It's actually kind of, kind of kicked off and worked out.
So, uh, just, yeah. I wanted everyone to know this is the, this is a team.
James is handling a lot of the tech backbone and all that kind of stuff and releasing the shows.
And Jared, I don't know. I'm just kidding.

[5:11] Handling a lot of the premium shows, getting those resurrected, brought back. Some R&D research. I'm a helpful guinea pig for Peaceful Parenting.
Yeah, guinea pig for Peaceful Parenting. That's right. AI work.
You've done a lot of AI research and bringing that up. That's right. And the thumbnail.
Oh, the brilliant thumbnails. They're just fantastic. I can't even tell you how much Mike used to work on those thumbnails.
And the fact that they can be done so efficiently now is fantastic.
And they're amazing tools to help. And you also found this amazing Orphonics place, which we're using to process the shows.
And that's taking a lot of time out of the audio processing. It's fantastic.
It's amazing how good of a job it can do, automated.
So yeah, it's really, really efficient. This is why we're able to get shows out at such a blistering pace and respond to all of this kind of stuff.

[6:01] And let's see here. If you're hiring stuff, I'd love to submit my services for review, uh, support at free domain.com. That is absolutely true.
Yeah. If you want to, if you are interested, can you listen, if you can add value, you know, we'd love to talk.
So, um, uh, support and free domain.com and Jared, we'll have a look at it.
And, uh, he's the gatekeeper whose ego you will have to massage to get any further.
Just be glad it's not mine.
That's right. That's right. That's right. No, I'm really glad you mentioned that because. You want to mention the support. Absolutely.
Recently we set that up. And so whatever, whatever question you got, don't care.
Support at freedomain.com. And if you want a call in, it's freedomain.com forward slash call.
And if you want to get prepared for a call in, if you've got a call in, you're scheduled for a call in, freedomain.com forward slash prep.
It's got a bunch of the basics, technical, this and that. And at the end of the day, if you need someone to help, hop on, tell you how your audio is, your mic, all that, whatever.
Again, support at 3dmaine.com. And you can find me all throughout the community.
I'm not hard to find on the internet.
I'd like to mention something about the replies. We have someone saying, wow, three hosts.
Go off. Go off. Tell them. Just because I'm not on screen does not mean I don't exist. I mean, that's all I'm saying.

[7:14] Hateful towards invisible people that's all i'm getting up well and i think one of the reasons why this name is literally queer tape he's used to well and so one of the things that isabella i think is quite sensitive to about being uh seen you didn't end up and this is really more mom's fault than anything but you didn't end up being quite as tall barely scraping by on five three i'm pretty sure i'm rounding up for that she's not off camera she's actually standing no the The reason my hand is here is because I'm literally sitting on a high chair. Yes. Yes.
So your friends who tend to be of the masculine persuasion are all approximately 19 feet tall.
Maybe 20. Yeah. No, they're like crazy tall guys. And they will.
They call me a midget. Yeah. They asked. This one guy was like, hey, you know, let's look up what the shortest midget is and see if you're shorter. No, the tallest.
The tallest midget. The tallest midget and see if you're shorter.
Apparently, I am shorter than the tallest person who has dwarfism, which is not good for my ego.
But still taller than mom. And if it's any consolation, I'm standing slightly forward so I don't look like a midget next to these two man giants.

[8:25] And they basically cornered me. I had to hire them because they're frightening. Yeah, terrifying.
And the other thing. Get what you want. The other thing is I think because your friends are so much taller, when you're out at recreational activities with them and they're moving from place to place. I have been missed in the head counts.
Yeah, like they literally, there's no chivalry. Every person for himself.
And if you're not an eyeline, forget it. I had a coffee. I'm like, oh, guys, I'm going to throw this out before we go to this place.
And like, they're like, okay.
I cut back. The garbage may be 10 feet away. I turn around. They're gone.
They're not exactly marine.
Everyone left behind. Keep up or get gone. Unless you're tall.
All right. Has Steph ever had someone on a show like this before?
No. So, um, the clear tape, we are accepting apologies for.

Banter and Band Comparisons

[9:09] Um let's see yeah i used to have mike uh yeah uh congrats on losing all of that wait are they talking about my hair oh no sorry you're right yeah yeah yes probably that's hello actually about 100 pounds now congrats uh down 100 pounds right yeah um we kept it and we're going to fashion another host um yes it might be kind of squishy uh huge accomplishment looking good james gerald and james gerald where is it gerald there is a gerald right there At least it's not clear-taped getting something else wrong.
Excellent. All right. So, James, you get James. I get Stephen, Stefanovich, Stephanie.
Jerry. Jerry? You get Jerry? Yeah. All right.
It's really hard to mess up James. Yeah, it is a little tricky to mess up James.

[9:56] Oh, yeah, I don't care. I'm not actually offended. Sorry, Izzy, I didn't see you. You guys look like... Before I said that, I don't care. Honestly, it's funny.
I'm the alternative rock band from the 90s. I can kind of see that.
Why are we here today? That's a very philosophical question. We got Gerald, okay.
Nice. Gerald? Nice. Oh, that's a good matchup. You guys look like an alternative rock band from the 80s. Wait a minute. Okay, hang on.
I need to... No, no. We need to talk about Steve's name. No, no. So what I need to do is know, do we look like we're currently in the 90s?
Or do we look like an aged rock band from the 90s? I think guys have like time-traveled.
That's a tough question.
Sorry, Izzy, I didn't hear you before I sent that. I'm not offended.
No, but she waved the hand. Do the hand. There you go. Do the hand.

[10:43] For the team at FDR. Oh, thank you. Yeah, so just bye-bye.
You know, if you tip and you support the show, you're keeping Jared and hair gel? It's fairly crunchy, right? Ground beef.
Yeah brown beef is your hair that's the secret no wonder the dogs keep following you and the seagulls are attacking your eyeball i do still need to eat yes but you're in every uh steph would be the drama hey that's enough phil collins jokes from everyone hey matthew's band all right all right let's see what else who are those two handsome oh.

[11:17] Two handsome fellows. Are you talking about me? No. Unfortunately, I recognize the name, and it's not of the female persuasion.
Two out of three ain't bad, I guess. It's these two. All right.
So let's see. What else have we got here? REM, Pearl Jam.
I think they get a little stuck on that. Are they just trying to pick?
I mean, I know of Dave Matthews, but just trying to pick bands with bald guys? I don't get it.
So Michael Stike from REM? Yeah. Bald? I mean, there's Phil Collins.
I didn't mention that. Oh, the guy.
Oh, 1979. It's Billy Corgan. He's bald, right?
Yeah, yeah. But he's bald like giant thumb bald, like undifferentiated head space bald.
Like it's fine to be bald if you've got a bit of a jaw and you don't, I don't know if he's overweight or whatever, but he's just a bit puddin' head.
And bald plus puddin' head is a bad combo.
Stone Temple Pilots, they don't even have bald people. Well, you know what? They might now.
Because it's the 90s. It's like 30 years old. Oh, there's someone who asked, how much for the three philosophers to take their shirts off?
Well, you know, everything's negotiable. We can figure this out.
Wait, this is going to give you guys, this guy's going to give you guys flashbacks to the job interview process.
Right. I'm going to need to see some nipples before I get it.
I've been working on my Ninja Turtle. Because I run the HR department.
Basically, it's a free for all. I'm here. So, um, please know, uh, look, you know, he's only saying no because it's too intimidating.
He's only saying that's fair. Not, not my, honestly, I'm not into it.

Video Game Lore Discussion

[12:46] Another five pounds maybe another five pounds good to see you guys alive in real life yeah so if you have questions or comments we're all here and we're happy to chat if you have questions for Izzy such as do you even exist no I'm actually just the voice in the computer, it's better with the AI yeah AI's doing pretty good recently I don't think they can handle this kind of spice, right that's the entire plot of Dune if I remember rightly.

[13:15] Uh, so are we trying to rip on Dune with Jared here? It's not going to work.
Now you're talking about my attention.
I have a conflicted relationship with him.
Now, when you think back on Dune, cause you, there were six books. Is that right?
If I recall correctly. And wasn't he like seven years between books?
Was he like George R.R. Martin levels of productivity?
I haven't gotten into that depth of it.
I just, of this group, I'm not the superior Dune geek, but of this group, I probably am the most familiar with it. And when you got into it, did you get into it like right away or did it take a while or did it grab your first page?
So I played the first real-time strategy game, Doom 2, when I was nine years old. And that is what hooked me.
So you played the game first. And the game really had like actually nothing to do with this, very virtually little to do with the story.
But it really got me, I just had a really positive experience of the game. I really enjoyed it.
Then I learned there was a movie eventually.

[14:09] Wait, there's a movie? me yeah and i was 13 i think my parents mentioned it my mom was like your dad wouldn't watch that and uh once i learned there was a movie i'm like well i've got to watch the movie so i watched the movie and it was really weird but that's the david lynch one with sting and uh yeah yeah but i'm also one of those people that i i liked the 1984 there were some things they deviated from the the story which i hate but all other things considered i'm like this is a kind of weird kind of neat interesting there was something about it i did like yeah and so that was and then i read the book when i was 15 and i was never like this is the most amazing best thing ever but of all the media and stuff i had to compare it to i'm like this is pretty good so just for those of you who've been keeping track at home approximately three days ago i asked jared how he enjoyed the book and so far we've gone from 9 to 15 before we get to did you enjoy the book i don't know if you I don't know if you've noticed this like meandering.
Nine parts of the French Revolution. No, this is like going to the...

[15:12] Peter jackson and say you know we've got this book it's really short it's called the hobbit and he's like i got four movies out of this no problem i have that spirit yeah well when i was nine anyway yeah so there's not the earth no i'll go back to me and i'll watch like original truth abouts uh what was the most recent one i watched these are concise it's like everything was done in 15 minutes i'm like oh my god yes and and to to meet someone with less of a filter than i It's really quite a remarkable experience.
I've got to raise the bars. Never mind. So let me just ask you again.
When you started reading the books, did they grab you right away?
Grab me right away. Now, what's interesting is that you like the books in part because of the lore and the backstory.
And then when I asked you about the book, what did I get? Lore and backstory.
Exactly. Beautiful. All right.

[16:05] Now, but the true lore addict here is who? All right. I didn't even know the genre existed.
I really didn't. Well, like video game lore and stuff?
Video game lore. So apparently you can have Pac-Man and you have to have 19 generations of Pac-Man backstory.
So tell me a little bit about lore.
Okay, so... Like as if I knew nothing, because I don't much. Right.

[16:30] So basically, especially this is a big thing with a lot of new video games specifically, and that's the one I'm kind of into the most.
I just find it interesting to watch videos on and like look into and stuff.

[16:41] But especially recently, I'd say it was in like the last five to 10 years with maybe the big games, like Five Nights at Freddy's.

[16:48] Probably being the ones to kick start this whole thing that was the first one that was the first one like indie horror games yeah yeah interesting and after that when people saw how big of a hit it was because you know people really got into it partly because the gameplay was hooking and also partly because like the story and the lore got the interest a whole bunch like teenagers and young people and stuff like that right which is i think why because obviously you can only play that little scenario so many times because it's a very simple game but i think it's the a backstory that got people really hooked on it um so a lot of other game developers i think saw the success of five nights at freddy's as the main example and started also making horror games with very complex backstories that were but did five nights and freddy's have within it embedded a bunch of backstory or did people just create it based on little clues basically there was i believe an original like backstory that was very simple and then once the game started getting popular the creator scott coffin was like oh well if i should expand on this backstory and make it like a real thing right so there already was a bit but it's when it gained popularity i think that he really went like hey i should market this kind of which i can't don't like quote me on this because i'm not 100 sure that's just kind of what i've heard but i have no real proof or anything on that but yeah basically after that was when all the other games were like hey you know let's have really complex backstories for the simple horror game and get people hooked because then And then all the YouTubers who come up with theories and stuff like that start looking into it, and it gets a lot of popularity that way.

[18:18] It's just a lot of way for people to make content off of a game.
Okay, so let me ask you this. Do you think that they put the backstory in, or there's just random little clues that people stitch together into a backstory?
Definitely put the backstory in. They definitely put the backstory in? Yeah, definitely.
And like, there's, um, I can think maybe for a couple of games that people kind of try and stitch together clues, but I'd say almost all of them, there's very logical evidence as to a backstory and it's not just like, okay, it's straws.
Nice. And there's a whole genre of, I wouldn't say exactly fan fiction or maybe it's fan fiction, which is people writing backstories, developing histories of characters and, and where the lore of the video game, does it get translated into like this?
There's among us, uh, fan fiction. But that's just stories using the setup for Among Us kind of and stuff like that.
But yeah, there's fan fiction, but nothing really to do with the lore.
And the lore is, here's the clue in the game that ties into this thing.
And Little Nightmares is a big one for that, right? Little Nightmares, Poppy Playtime, and a whole bunch of others. Those are like the two main popular ones. So right now.
It's almost, yeah, it's like a whole world that's being generated from just the video game thing, right? Yeah, pretty much. Pretty wild.

Popularity of Lore

[19:23] Oh yeah, we got to Lord from Dune. Why do you think the lore is so popular?

[19:29] Honestly, I'm not 100% sure. I mean, it could be just because people like looking, I don't know, people like kind of coming up with stories and stuff for games that they find interested in or like putting together puzzles.
Because, I mean, we know like escape rooms and like puzzle solving games are very popular.
So people might like having like, oh, I like this game.
And I also like stories and solving puzzles and having the two together is like a pretty popular thing. Could be. Could be my idea.

[19:59] But somebody says lore is something mindless to put on to fall asleep to i can see that i mean i like i like watching it kind of just to pass time like you know if i have like half an hour i'll pull up some video about a game i've just heard about and uh kind of go through it like it's not really like a hobby where it's like oh i'm gonna devote an hour of time into this it's more like a i might as well watch something on youtube so i'm just gonna do that and is he you do have a bit of of a sleep ritual which involves playing thrash metal in the middle of the night do i have that do i i think i have that right from the story that it's just like ambience noise kind of that i play because my brain always gets distracted when i'm trying to fall asleep and uh not distracted it gets hyper like it gets like i start thinking about it just i don't know um, but yeah it's like i accidentally saved heavy metal songs at that point it was like 4am what is going on, nice I'm up now.

[20:59] Games are playable art if there isn't lore behind the game it's less fun lore is huge exactly that's what I mean it just adds so much to the story in the game, Uh, this is such a breath of fresh air after just finishing that I was 300 pounds at 10 years old call. And yeah, that was, uh, uh, let's see here.
Uh, let's see here. It's, uh, uh, somebody says I'm working on a novel series myself in the process of getting my first novel published.
Well, congratulations. That is a big deal. Well done.
Well done. It's called black and white odyssey of Eden.

[21:31] Nice. Good title. It's a gigantic series praying. I can do a decent and service to all the greats of the past, such as the writer of Dune. Okay. Good for you.
Uh, I'm afraid I don't really have time to, to look at manuscripts, but, uh, a massive congratulations on, on that's a big, that's a big deal.
And, you know, like I've, I've said this story before, but when I first started writing books in my teens, and then when I first wrote a real book in my twenties, um, I went back to school, like for my, and people are like, well, what did you do this summer?
And, you know, like I'd worked or whatever. And it's like, yeah, but I wrote this book and then oh i've always wanted to write a book oh i'd love to write a book i've always had this great idea for a book and i'm like yeah like what's stopping you literally it's sitting down and writing like yeah what's the old joke like you just sit down with a blank piece of paper until.

[22:18] Your forehead bleeds like that's uh so it's you know just i don't know like i can understand if somebody says you know i've always wanted to be a professional gymnast it's like okay it's a high barrier you get a lot of stretching training but literally if you have a pencil and a piece of paper that's that's your only barrier just sit down and start writing i mean there's no barrier to it whatsoever do you ever know where you sat down with a pencil the paper or the blank screen or whatever and nothing's coming i don't have you can be doing something else and it's you know everything all these ideas are coming and i sit down to do it and it's like nope nope i mean occasionally i've been short of inspiration but i don't i would just wait till later i mean because there's usually something that's going on there but i know you mentioned like like when you're you're right in UPB, he sat down like, this must be done. And like, I'm not getting up till it's done. Yeah, yeah.

[23:04] UPB, yeah, that for sure. But I just, I knew that it had to be.
I was so annoyed at myself. That was self-rage.
I was just incredibly angry at myself that I've been studying, I've been studying ethics for 20 years and couldn't explain it from the ground up.

[23:18] And of course I'd swallowed the, so Izzy, the objectivist argument for ethics is, is, you know, well, reason is, is good for men reason is how we live in the world.
So the free flow of reason is pro-life and therefore we should allow people to reason and therefore we shouldn't use force to get them to change their minds or whatever, right, we should reason with them.
It's not a bad argument, but it only works with rational people, right?
Because, you know, there's lots of people who make a lot of money by being not reasonable, right?
By being anti-rational and by being violent. And, you know, Genghis Khan conquered most of Asia and all of that.
And so, yeah, it was one of these things where it was like, I just kind of swallowed it. Like, oh, that's the answer.
And then I can't remember. I think it was either me or somebody else who was asking those tough questions. It's like, well, have you ever met a politician?
Do you know how much money they make from lying through their teeth?

The Search for Objective Ethics

[24:07] And I'm like, yeah, I guess that is from a Darwinian standpoint, they gain a huge amount of resources and alignment of interest.
It's like, if you're an evil person, your interests are not aligned with good people.
So I was like, okay, how do I disprove.

[24:20] Immorality from people who are profiting from it. Like, cause they, they can say, well, it's pretty good for my life that I'm in politics, man. I mean, I've made a fortune.
I'm in the history books. I controlled a bunch of people's lives and yes, but it's been bad for your soul. And it's like, I don't have a soul. I'm a politician.
My genes went on. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, look at all the resources I've gathered and it's like, but it's bad for society as a whole.
And it's like, that's not how, um, that's not how Darwinism works.
Like nobody sits there in the whole jungle and says, well, but if I eat too much of this, it might be bad for the ecosystem as a whole.
Like, is it, do you remember we watched many years ago, we watched a, uh, when you were totally into frogs and toads, we watched this video on Australia.

[24:58] Yeah, I remember that. And do you remember they had some, what was the, there was some parasite that was eating the crops and they got these cane toads. Do you remember?
Yes, the cane toads. It was some bug, I think, that was eating the crops?
Yes, and then the cane toads completely overtook and have been an invasive species ever since. Yeah, so now they have that problem, right?
And so, but then so the cane toads aren't like, well, you know, if we reproduce too much, it'd be bad for the ecosystem. They don't do all the rabbits that just go, they eat everything.
And then they all starve to death, right? So there is that.
So you're like, oh, yes, but we're more than, we're more than cane toads.
And so on. It's like, but, but the, the principle still applies.
So I was just mad. mad i felt like i'd suckered myself for 20 plus years like oh isn't it so terrible when people tend to have knowledge they don't have you know the whole socratic thing is like oh you know morality do you let me ask you three questions watch it all crumble to dust and it's like oh i can't believe i've been a sophist for 20 years i'm so mad so rage you know powers a lot would you say you see oh yeah is that a family trait uh-huh yeah yeah yeah so was it ever a moment for you where it's like look i either come up with a theory of objective ethics rational secular secular or give it up or give it up. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.
Absolutely. Yeah. No, I, I was like, if I, if I can't do this and the whole thing's nonsense, what does it look like on the other side of give it up?

[26:12] Well, thankfully, I didn't have to fight you. I'm basically frightened myself.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly.
No, yeah. Hey, you either find an answer to this or you've wasted 20 years of your life.
No, that's what kills me about people that will say, that will adamantly or dismissively, whatever, say that there is no objective or universal or moral, you know, morality or ethics. It's like, okay, let's say you really, really did believe that.
Wouldn't you want to, but it's, people are capable of pretending that and acting it out in a way. Wouldn't you want to pretend that and act it out?
It's like okay you have the choice now let's say you do totally believe that there is no i'm not i'm not this is what izzy says uh to me a lot you're not that good an actor would you say.

[26:52] Right a common common phrase say something and like you know he's trying and it's just not like a lead into a joke or something just yesterday we were we do this thing at like um what's it like interest or we have to cross the road at cross lights yeah walks crosswalks when you press the button right we race to do it and we we used to do it a lot more often but now it's like occasionally i'm aging yeah i can't lunge that much skillet you skillet you but it'll be like that and just how it just like two days ago something we were crossing the road yeah and you say hey go look over there i said oh look over there no you said oh let's go cross that way yeah And it's like, I know you're not. Yeah, because I was just misdirecting her.
I still want, like, I still want to fuck him. I don't know if it's just like...
But it might have been eight minutes younger out of one.
Maybe it's because I, like, grew up with him. So it's like, okay, I can tell when he's trying to act.
It's not skepticism exactly. It's more like I can just tell when he's trying to act. Right. I bet to someone else they'd be, like, trusting and, like, not know him. So...

[27:55] It's important to train your children in rank paranoia and suspicion of all motives.
Yep. Um, but yeah, so, um, I'm not, so for me, it's like if, if, if there was no answer to ethics and the whole point, like I've always said, the whole point of philosophy is ethics is one thing that it does that nothing else does.
So if there was no answer to ethics, philosophy is just a lie.
And, and, and I couldn't like, if I knew that you ever have this.

[28:17] You know, okay. You've been in a relationship, right? Dating relationship.
And you just look at the person and you're like, no, just, oh yes, yes, No.
And, and okay. How long can you continue after that? Maybe a little bit, but it's, you know, unless there's some massive reversal or brain injury or which may.
So, but if you just look at it, he's like, no.
Right. And you have this with employers sometimes, or you had this with your last living space where it's like, I can't, I can't live in an apartment anymore with smoke of weed around.
So when you just have that moment where you're just like no like you kind of then you got to do something new right i had this in the business world as well and it's like i just i just can't i just there's too many salespeople saying stuff that i don't believe oh right i just can't as the tech guy you know like the salespeople are out there saying stuff and then coming back to you and saying we can totally do that right like no i've told you a million times anyway so um you When you just get that universal no, and I got that, it's like, okay, so if I don't even know what, how can I, especially because I was right at the beginning of coming out publicly as a philosopher, like this is like proving libertarian morality, which is the foundation of UPB was like my third or fourth article that I, when I came out and I was like, so if I'm going to do this, I actually have to have an answer.
I can't, I can't just pretend. And I'm, as easy would remind you, terrible at pretending.

[29:43] Terrible. If I believe it, I can do it. If I don't believe it, it's just hollered out nonsense. That's fair. Yeah.
So, yeah, that had to happen. All right. Somebody says, oh, their book, 350,000 words written. That's awesome.

[30:01] All right. Are we hearing it? Yeah. What is the truth about Napoleon?
I'll tell you, I think 275.
Actually, no, the life of Napoleon, as I said at the beginning, should be shorter than the life of Napoleon. That's right.
I like the stuff. I just haven't got around to recording it yet.
All right. What have we got? Yeah.

[30:22] Okay. So in my defense, like this guy has his influence span 50 years.

Finding the Right Book

[30:28] All of Europe. up you know it all has has like what do i leave out you know he's affecting so many things maybe lore is fiction for people who don't like to read books i don't know i mean i like reading books i just struggle to find books to read because i find a lot of them especially at my age like the good books or the books that i'm interested in are all for adults kind of and uh like because the younger kid books are all for like 11 to 12 year olds and i'm just past that 15 right so it's kind of difficult to find at least for me books to read or that aren't woke or two adults or something right the problem is the books that are around my age there's a lot of fantasy books and also a lot of like teen romance books whatever not into the romance i like the fantasy but the fantasy usually comes with very woke stuff nowadays like the amount of times i've been like in the bookstore kind of flipping through books trying to find something and it's like woke pronouns whatever i can't like i just don't want to get invested in a story that doesn't have have characters or morals i like so i like reading and i definitely used to read a lot when i like when i find a series i like i'm the type of person who rereads it over and over and over looking for like hidden details right right again that's more of the lore thing but you have fallen in love with the characters right i mean that's what with me i was your age that's the same thing like when i was younger uh the wings of fire series i mentioned this on the other shows that was that was my thing for years like that's literally the only series i would read right and i'd always just read it over and over and then you know book 11 to 15 came along and ruined it all but yeah so it says here Yeah.

[31:52] It can be entertaining, but I usually throw on some video game lore so my mind is able to drift off to sleep.
If the topic is too interesting, it will keep my mind awake.
Yeah. Right. That's fair. Or you can play me at one-tenth speed.

[32:03] Oh, yeah. Maybe even half speed. Metal heads unite. I think that's a reference to the boy band that we are too old for.
Video games are an interactive medium where your choices impact some of the story. Having deep lore changes the perspective of the player.
Example, you fight a boss versus you kill a corrupt king.
Yeah, I think if you can get, right? I get the lore. I get more invested in the game and the story if it's a good story. I can see that. Okay. Okay.
But I still don't think you're supposed to like Lilith. Look.
I'm pretty sure. Diablo had more of a backstory.
Or not even backstory. So it had more of like a story than like lore that you have to really look into to see. But yes, okay.
Maybe I'm not supposed to like Lilith, but she is pretty cool.
I mean, look, she has wings and a tail. How can you not like her?
I remember. She looks cool. I remember you saying, like, I'd play the game for the cutscenes.
I do play the game. Diablo 3 was 100% or Diablo 4 was 100% cutscenes.
I'm playing to get to the cutscenes because they look cool and I get to see my queen.
I'm kidding. I'm kidding. You're not supposed to want to kneel to her. Why not?
Congrats on the weight loss. I have a lot of coworkers and friends who have either taken Ozempic or had sleeve surgery.
It's a tough feat. Congrats again.
So Ozempic is that stuff that makes the food sit in your belly until you get bad breath.
Do I have that right? I don't know. I haven't looked into it.

[33:25] It's the modern shot. It's the modern mistake. I think it's supposed to be one of those things.
It's like a pill or some sort of medication that helps you lose weight uh the sleeve is that like bariatric like that's the very yeah they remove part of your stomach where they put i guess they literally put a sleeve around your stomach something like that yeah oh so it can't expand so you get full quicker right yeah but then if you do eat too much is really bad for you right yeah yeah okay uh let's see here yeah douglas adam so this is the guy who wrote hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy was famous for hating to write like he'd have these contracts and i remember reading once that his um his uh publisher locked him in a hotel room and just said like you i'm immediately going to sue you into the ground i don't know what they said but basically they forced him into a hotel room too because he hated writing to that to that degree oh yeah we say uh terry says ozembic is a wagon wagon leak i don't know if i've been asking that right oh it's just an appetite and causes ketosis this is what causes the bad breath in the yeah ketosis will do that so diet's famous for bad breath and he also said i was very very frustrated with Blizzard for how poorly they developed the gameplay. Yes, yes, thank you. Blizzard.
For Diablo 4. Oh, it was a button masher, right? Yeah, they could have done better, especially compared to the earlier games.
I mean, I'm skeptical of the ketosis bad breath thing, but I think that could be the case for them.
I have known people who have done keto, and they definitely have complained about bad breath.
They'll say they have it, but obviously it probably doesn't happen to everyone.
It's used to control diabetes for someone.

[34:55] Yeah, but it's also helpful for weight loss i think right now that was one of the off-label things yeah yeah it's like hey this happens to cause weight loss so now the funny thing is that all four of us have gone on a bit of a weight loss journey i mean when i look back at uh chunky thumb stuff from the red room, oh the red room i look like a frog about to consummate and um so yeah i mean i've i'm down I'm probably about, I don't know, 25, 30 pounds from my height.
And you, um, uh, sorry, I didn't see you for a second there.
Um, yes, that's right. I mean, you're down a lot.
Jared, now you've never been hugely heavy, but yeah. Yeah.
Uh, and well, I was helping James and my buddy. I'm going to help him out with that. Support him with that. Went to the gym and, uh, yeah.
Also some of it for you could be again, muscle weighs so much more than fat.
So if you've been hitting the gym a lot. That's true.
Okay. Maybe you lost shifts, right? Maybe like the scale says you lost five pounds, but you could have put on like five pounds of muscle.
That's true. That's true.

[35:56] Um, yeah. So if you have, um, questions or comments, uh, about weight loss, I mean, I, I find it a very interesting topic and Izzy's taught me a lot about it.
And my strategy for losing weight may not have been the best, but it works. It works 30 pounds down. So, I mean, Hey, did what, did what needed to be done.
Well, and I know like eventually it's going to be a problem for me.
Like if I just don't have some kind of exercise or whatnot.
And so it's like, even though like I can tell myself, I know I've never been overweight. I don't mean to worry about this, but that's the exact way I'll become overweight.
Well, it's something my dad said many years ago, where he said, you know, the problem is the two pounds a year.
Yeah. Right. Because, you know, over 30 years, you know, like 40 to 70, that's 60 pounds.
And that's pretty wretched for your old age. And then, of course, as you get older, weight loss becomes tougher.

Weight Loss Journeys

[36:44] Exactly. So build the habit now. Yeah. Like just prevention is much, much better than cure.
Somebody says, I've been the same weight my entire adult life.
Is that just good genetics?

[36:57] Partly good genetics, partly good eating habits. And it really depends.
Like if you go to the gym and it's something you're consciously trying to like stick with and not gain or lose weight, then that's definitely just good willpower too.
But yeah, it could be good genetics. I definitely know some people who just don't really gain weight.
Well, I don't know that that's good genetics.
No, because the reason being that's a skinny fat problem, right?
So one of the things, if you have a, I have a, I gain weight.
I gain weight if I overeat. It's just a fact of my life.
So the good thing is it tells me that I'm overeating. It tells me I'm eating the wrong stuff.
And it's a mechanism by which I can guide myself to better eating.
It's not the best way to do it.
It's not exactly proactive, but you know, it works. Whereas the people who are eating badly and you're not gaining weight, they don't.
I see this with a lot of my friends, actually. they all eat like we eat lunch together a couple times a week usually and it's just the stuff they're eating it's all like fast food like their favorite restaurant is like burger king and chipotle yeah there's that song if i remember the burger king.

[37:58] I will not demonstrate. I'm trying to remember how it goes. Look, if I'm going to be singing, I'm singing a good song.
I'm not singing a bad song. That is a punchable song. It's going to be one of the worst songs.
But hey, it definitely works because you will have a bunch of teenagers in a lineup somewhere chanting the Burger King song because we're bored.
And there's some Burger King executive who's like, ah, dance my puppets dance.
Seriously, we walk around and we're all wearing the Burger King hats and singing the songs because we're teenagers.
And because they're tall, lean guys, it's like, yeah, Burger King must be a health food. They'll go and they'll order like this one guy especially orders like these 1200 calorie burgers and I'm sitting there with like half a serving of chicken fries.
No, and I'm over there with like a piece of bread just weeping.
But yeah, they definitely, definitely. So for me, I mean, for me, it was cutting out sugar was a big thing.
Izzy did help me realize that inhaling half a cow's worth of cream a day was probably not ideal. Yeah, you got me off peanut butter as well.
I think peanut butter, just to clarify, because I see a lot of...
Even though it's got protein.
Protein's good for you. You work it out. Protein, protein, protein. Sorry, guys.
The only thing that people are going to see from Izzy is...

[39:10] Yeah, so basically peanut butter, I think it's got some good stuff in it and it can be healthy, but just, you know, the calorie to protein and health ratio, there's just better ways to get the nutrients. You could get them on slonking.
You know what? See, I'm not on slonking. So how can I get some?
Okay, how about we explain that to people who haven't gone to hell yet? Right.
Izzy, would you like to explain slonking? No, they're the experts.
No, this guy. This guy's the expert. Eat an egg.
No. No, no, no, no. You've got to drink an egg. No, it's not an egg, is it? Or several.
Yeah. Okay. What's your slonking regimen?
Slonking? When I do, it's however many I feel like. No.
I barely made it through that scene in Rocky where he's like drugging the eggs.
I ate the duck soup this morning. So if you want, I'm not kidding. You're set. You're set.
Fresh ground peanut butter doesn't have the sugar and the crap.
Yeah, so for you, peanuts are like the devil's food in a way because it's so calorie dense, right? Just like, yeah, like nuts and seeds as a whole is more just, yeah.
But the thing with slawking is like it's incredibly nutritious.
It takes two seconds and you've got a meal. Yeah.
I mean, like it's really, really efficient. Yeah. It's not delicious.

[40:25] Not delicious, that's true. But it's over in like two seconds.
You're like, cool, on with my day. But couldn't you just cook the eggs?
That's like a whole 20 minutes. Who has the biggest biceps of the three of you?
Before we get to that, let's just talk.
So you're going to have say six eggs, right?
But if you drink them, you're not hugely going to enjoy them.
But if you spend like 10 minutes just boiling some water and have some hard boilers, soft boiled eggs, whatever, wouldn't that just be, I feel this is a male female thing, but what if, what if I get the eggs down in like 30 seconds?
Now I've got, I've netted myself like eight to 10 minutes of free time.
I can go to the gym that I may enjoy doing that or something else that I may enjoy. So I can lose out on enjoying the meal. Work on philosophy.
I like how that was and that's you know obviously i mean that's fair i have a very different mindset where it's like look i can i'm not only eating like this much today so i'm gonna enjoy it till i get to full extent no and you you like oh okay that's fair you like but you like food presentation too like if you you very kindly you make me some food yeah and it's i want to photograph it and not eat it it's beautiful and then you don't even mix it and you're like it's so less flavor and it's It's like, no, it's because you didn't mix the toppings in. I can't mix it.
It's too pretty. Yes, you can.
It's like spray painting the Mona Lisa. I can't do it. I'll eat it, but I won't. Mona Lisa's not pretty, man.

[41:42] So, and also, I mean, Izzy's taught me a lot about shopping.
So when we go to the grocery store, approximately 80% or 85 to 90% of the time that Izzy and I spend together in the grocery store is me looking.
Impulsively shoving things in the cart? No, it's me looking and weeping slowly at granola bar sections. slowly turning them over and you saying what?
Look at the sugar look at the protein look at the calories.
Right. Yeah. Or it's like oh this is this is very little added sugar and you're like keep reading exorbitant sorbitol Martian space dust.
Dinosaur reincarnation. Yeah. So that's really I mean because I kept Or I remember we were in a couple days ago actually it was a couple weeks ago and you're just like oh this looks cool shoving it in the cart. No.

[42:28] So I'm definitely Personally, I'm a police. No, and it's very helpful because I'm used to looking at sort of, I don't know, sugar content now.
And for quite a while, I was trying to find some backdoor.
Please, God, let me have something sweet. And it's like, I just, I can't do stevia. It makes me tired.
Erythritol interferes with my digestion. Like, I just can't get.
And I just had to give up. I just like, sugar is done. Like, sweet, sweet stuff as a whole.
I'm like that. Like, sugar alcohols do unholy things. Yeah, yeah, for sure.
So I have a thought on the, uh, is it just good genetics thing?
Like, because if you tell yourself that to my, my opinion, if you tell yourself it's just good genetics, like that can be an excuse that can let you not develop good habits, which can be another expression of an area in which your genetics aren't helping you. Yeah.
Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. For sure. It's like, well, you don't want the arteries to be the, what tells you you're eating badly.
You want the belly to be telling you you're eating badly reform that because the arteries is just like I'm going to tell you but only once okay, and also the thing is like our genetics touch all of us in some way or every aspect of us in some way so in some way our free will our judgment our opinion or you know those aspects of us are touched by our genetics so when we want to like.

[43:47] So, what am I getting at here?
If you use like, oh, I've got good genetics, I don't have to eat, or I don't have to take care of myself physically, or go to the gym, work out, stuff like that, which makes you less healthy, that's actually an expression of an area in which your genetics are lacking.

Genetics and Habits

[44:02] Right, right. With the good genetics comment, there's no other context there.
We don't know the activity level. We don't know what they're eating.
Yeah, it really depends.
Like, are they regularly active or anything like that? And isn't it, I mean, I guess the argument is, because the big question about weight loss, is it just calories in, calories out, or are there X factors?
Like to some people's bodies, you can just eat a whole bunch of crap and they're like, I'm going to take this, this, and this, the rest is going out.
So from my understanding, there is a, there's, I could be wrong on this, look it up, blah, blah, blah.
None of this is diet advice. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They're opinions.
Opinions, yeah, yeah. And seed oils, which soybean oil or soybean, yeah, soybean oil is effectively what's called obesogenic.

[44:44] So they can give the same number of calories to these mice, and you'll give the ones that, you know, fat that's not that regular, a different vegetable oil, I don't know what it was, but then the other one, they give them soybean oil, and the ones that are giving soybean oil get fat.
Is it because it adjusts the hormones or something? Because hormones seem to have a lot to do with weight.
I don't know what it is or why, but it's just looking at the, you know, this is what we did.
Same calories weight gain yeah okay so that's not just calories in calories out i think a lot there is a lot of calories in calories out like i do think that's a big thing um just the low calories is inescapable if you don't have the yeah if you don't have the calories you're gonna eat your butt right yeah yeah right but from personal experience and also just from seeing it like around like with other people and just online stuff but i also think there's a lot of it which is what you eat so if you're gonna say you're gonna have 1200 calories as your day because because you're definitely going to lose weight. That's a deficit for almost everybody.
Yeah. And, uh, so you have maybe 1200 calories of like steak, eggs, and vegetables, which.

[45:39] Healthy 1200 calories right but versus fried chicken and burgers and stuff right from like mcdonald's or burger king or whatever fast food place yeah you're probably going to lose more weight and just generally be more healthy with the better food options right and tell your buddies like they can have a healthy meal at mcdonald's if they just get order just the patties yeah if you want to put have them add uh the bacon the cheese that's fine but actually the beef in mcdonald's is from my understanding high quality if you get just the beef no none of the bread and all the other stuff, the mayonnaise with soybean oil and all that.
It's like, that's what I'll eat when I'm traveling. It's the go-to.
You go to McDonald's and go, what do you say to them? You say, I want like four or five beef patties.
It's gotten to where they stop looking at me like I've got three heads because enough people do it. There's enough carnivores out there that it's a normal thing.
Usually they have to be like, where's the button for beef patties?
You know, when someone comes over like, ah. No, just say I want the burgers, not the buns, right?
Yeah. Yep. Interesting. interesting yeah and i just want to mention um i mean right now i'm doing carnivore and i think steph was going to mention this earlier i'm actually doing alternate day fasting no no you should i go into the details because yeah in my mind yeah yeah yeah so this is something you you were doing it eating this but you just kind of every second day right yeah so um well a little bit of background is i've tried a bunch of things you know i've done a bunch of things the only thing that i worry i've actually been able to lose any amount of weight for any period of time has been doing low-carb stuff.
So keto, like Atkins way back.

[47:09] Did you do South Beach at all? No, I don't think I did that in particular.
I did Atkins back in mid-aughts.
In my mid-twenties. And what's Atkins? Atkins is largely low-carb.

[47:23] It's mostly animal products, sort of. It's kind of like a keto, but a bit more carnivore in a way?
Yeah, it's been a long... I mean, I don't know what it was back then.
It's probably about that.
I mean, so to be retarded, remind me of the keto thing, because i know it's ketosis and some magic spell that happens with your body yeah it's uh so so the idea with um my understanding is the idea with keto is that you get your carbs low enough and it's sort of variation between individuals but i think that like the cap the absolute max is 50 but for some people they need to go lower sorry grams grams oh sorry 50 grams of carbon okay got it yeah so if you're looking on the the packaging or whatever you're eating or you You sort of estimate if you're doing like fruit and stuff, fruit and veg.
And carbs is like sugars and breads and starches and potatoes and.
Yeah, yeah. So, yeah, so that's exactly it. Or beer.
On the bucket terms, it's all sugar. On what? It's all sugar.
Like in the body. So you eat a piece of bread and it turns into candy in your body. It's sugar to your body.
So starch just turns into sugar. Okay. You know, we have amylase in our mouths and that's, you know, that's one of the things that some of the plant, that's okay.
There's so many tangents to go on. So the basic idea with keto is that you get your carb, your carb count low enough, grams of carbs low enough, and you supplement with fat and protein.

[48:36] Um, and that's like just straight up, not even saying whether it's animal products or not, just that's like the overall idea.
Uh, and that will help keep your insulin levels lower so that your body goes into, I'm not trying to be causal, like I'm not an expert, but you, your body goes into something called ketosis in which your body uses ketones that are generated from the fat as opposed to the products that are from, uh, from glucose.
So it starts burning fat as energy instead of like calories and carbs and stuff, right? Yeah, yeah. So you use primarily.
And you go into a form of ketosis when you sleep, typically. Okay.
Because you're, whenever your body's depleted all of the glycogen, which is a stored form of glucose. Mm-hmm.

[49:18] That you're eating for. Is that? Yeah, yeah. So you take any glucose or your body's generating glucose. Okay. And then stored in your liver is glycogen.
And so that's how you can get like, you have some energy for like bursts of energy.
Okay. like when i do sprinting um which i'm attempting i'm really yeah i'm doing it uh but uh if the studio was a little bigger we'd be able to get it yeah yeah right that's why you'll see like some guys that work out like after their workout is when they'll eat like a dessert because you're replenishing i remember seeing a movie with the rock where he was um massive amounts of pasta like after the workout i think it was after the workout because you're you're replenishing those glycogen stores okay yeah that's that's the my understanding of it yeah so um so that's the idea of ketosis in general so the keto diet is trying to figure out how to you know how do you orchestrate the diet in order to get there right um right so it's like there's a 50 carb gram gram limit for carbohydrates uh the thing with atkins uh in particular is that they have a lot of products and so a lot of the manufactured products yeah and maybe it wasn't so much of a big deal back in the aughts but these days i'm really anything that's been like packaged packaged is too scary I don't trust that stuff anymore.
So yeah, I've tried to do Atkins and I've tried to do plant-based stuff.
So what happened with the Atkins?
What was the thing that didn't work for you in the previous diets?
Girlfriend. At least in that one.
No, I'm just going to drop that. No, I'm not playing.

[50:44] Eating a girlfriend is part of Atkins. She's low carb.
No, no. So what happened was I lost the weight and we had met when I was heavier and I was also pregnant, traumatized slash selfish you know choices and she ended up breaking off with me when i was like i lost like i don't know i've done 240 through 35 at that point okay so um and i'd come from like 260 something at that point was she sabotaging yo yeah she was like drink pineapple juice, for reasons I don't want to get into. No, it's just the lady that you're like, come with me. I'm headed this direction. No, that was another girl.
Okay. Okay, all right, cool.
But yeah, so I've tried. So you shed a little excess weight by getting rid of the girlfriend. Okay, got it. At that point, yeah. Right, right.
Look at that, I'm 200 pounds down. Okay. Yeah.

[51:30] Go on. Oh, sorry, go ahead. So yeah, I've tried a bunch of different diets over the years.
Like I said, the only one was when I had, and the only one I could think of losing any weight at all was to go low carb.
Um but the thing is that i would i would end up stopping and it's a sort of emotional thing not just sort of emotional it's definitely an emotional thing the source sort of uh.

[51:52] Echoes from the past that i hadn't really challenged um adequately i'm sorry izzy i know you want to get to the comments but steph you had asked like this blew my mind away james what was it that had blown your mind with the intermittent fasting oh yeah so just the don't so there's a story that i read you easy you know i talked about this some months ago about the a scottish guy do you remember he was really overweight oh yeah he just didn't eat for over a year yeah i think it was a year 18 months right didn't eat i can't even tell you like i'm not a blood sugar guy but i'm not the opposite you know the people and i hate to you know mock because i know it's a serious issue but the people are like my hands are shaking i have to eat like i've never been but i always feel like and i sometimes will eat preemptively which is like well you know if if I'm going to go do X, Y, or Z.
Like, I wasn't that hungry this morning, but I knew we'd be on the show for a while. Yep.
Right? So, and I'm like, I wasn't going to eat this morning, but then I'm like, okay, it could be like 1.30 or 2 until I get to eat. I should probably eat.
Now, I'm not like, oh, my hands are shaking. I've got to eat because I find those people kind of precious because unless you're actually like, you can count ribs from space, it doesn't seem to like, I can survive off my ass for a week. Like, there's no question of that, right?

Intermittent Fasting Discovery

[53:01] But this guy, the Scottish guy, I can't remember.
Do you remember how much he lost? It was like over 100, 150 pounds.
Oh, it wasn't over 200 pounds.
I think it was over 200. And he didn't eat. He had like one bowel movement every 40 days. He was on medical supervision. He took vitamins.

[53:14] And he just didn't eat. Yeah, he just took electrolytes and a lot of water and stuff.
So, you know, not eating for a day. But the thing is, because I had to have this colonoscopy.
Well, I didn't have to, but I had a colonoscopy a while ago.
I basically didn't eat for most of the day.

[53:30] My hands were... Like calorie-wise, you had a lot of Gatorade. Yeah, I had Gatorade.
No, but I mean, like I didn't eat and I was fine. And every now and then I think about that. Like, what if I just didn't?
I mean, that's what you're doing, right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, so to come up to present day, well, what's going on is, or, well, I was at around 100 pounds was my all-time high down to now.
And I've never been like a healthy weight as an adult. So this is my lowest weight ever. This is brand new, James. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Only slightly recycled. I hope to be seeing less of you in the future.
I can't. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[54:03] And on my goal at the moment, I know that there's still questions around like whether you should look at your weight, your scale, but I'm just using that as a proxy.
I'm looking to get down to 200 hundred and see where things are and you know muscle anyway so what i'm doing now uh my most recent high was in the mid 250s right so i'm now down almost 40 pounds from that um and what i did was what i've been doing before that was uh largely carnivore but i would cheat you know i would like oh let's have some yogurt let's put a little honey in the yogurt let's uh you know so basically just messing myself up like not giving myself the consistency that you need in order to actually and continue to lose weight.

[54:38] Because if you're inconsistent, it's really bad. Yeah. Because your body's getting used to less and then when you give it more, it's like, I'll sort in fat.
Yeah. That's my obviously idiot understanding about it. Yeah, yeah, something like that.
And so when it comes to those sort of calories in, calories out, there's some truth to it because our bodies, there's all these influencers that will, you have really great ways of putting it.
But essentially, it's like our bodies are not straight up, we're not like furnaces.
We're chemical factories. it's not as i would put it so it's not it's true that you can definitely eat too much even if you eat particular way that's supposed to be a good way to exploit the chemical factories aspect but you know it's not strictly like you were starting earlier like you can have oh i've got i've got i've got a quart of oil this is my calories today that would be disgusting oh yeah that'd be horrifying unless you mix it with eggs and slunked it right i think even then hold on now it's that that word oil or butter and and no that's even worse are you kidding me don't say the word butter she will thump you what but what is amazing sorry is there's a comment here if you could just read it if you could just read that comment is he to participate in the show what is that it's it repeats the word whopper four times and but how did it's the song it's oh come on give me a whopper Whopper, whopper, whopper.

[55:59] It's like her jaw. Is that what it is? I can get my phone and play it.
All right. It's just adorable.
Now, you know what I hear in that?
No one else is. That's right. Thank you. It's adorable, which means the rest of us are trolls.
All right. I mean, you are a 90s rock band, so. BK out.
Yeah, someone, they are singing the Burger King song in the comments.
Insulin is culprit. And this is a woman. Insulin is culprit.
Programming sells to store. Yes, calories count. Of course, if you're snacking all day, you're programming your body to store. Is that right?
Yeah, that's my problem. I thought smaller meals over the course of the day was like throwing smaller larks on the fire. They all burn up, but a big lark sits there forever.
No, no, because... No, but it's an analogy that seems true.
Analogies do not prove the point. Analogies do not prove the point.

The Influence of Deadlines

[56:48] Yeah, I've been too good. All right. On the chapter two of deadlines. Oh, yeah.
Douglas Adams says, I love the whooshing sounds as deadlines fly past, right?

[56:59] Let's see here. One of the benefits of keto is since your blood sugar doesn't spike.
Oh, because you're no carbs, so you're not doing the sugar thing, right? Yeah, your insulin stays fairly low.
Do you chew eggs or swallow them whole?
Well if i'm slonking is you crack like raw you crack the egg you just glug them right yeah what's the there's nothing to chew it's done in like two seconds the longest part is cracking the egg yeah that's the annoying part as a matter of fact i remember because me and mitch were on a a kick of egg slonking and we're like we need to get a machine that just cracks eggs because that's what oh because it was too much work okay now this guy will eat 18 eggs in like a meal And so, yes.

[57:36] Chickens run. All birds run at his passage. But you've never struck me.
I know, Izzy, you're a bit of a foodie.
Yes, I'm a terrible foodie, which is the worst thing about it.
But you've never struck me as a foodie. No, I feel like.
For you, it's about as enjoyable as refilling your car with gas.
That is not true. I can get that mindset.
If I'm like, I just want to get something done today. I was like, eating isn't convenient. If I could like IV myself.
Yes. But no, I do want to enjoy my food. And so normally I'll cook like a pound or two of ground beef and like put like some barbecue sauce on that, which is heresy. It's not foodie though.
Just a bucket of beef. It's not foodie. I'll put onions and tomatoes and a little bit of avocado and some sriracha. I take a bag of frozen cauliflower rice, pop it in the microwave, put some salsa and salt on it and a bit of peas and carrots.
You would say I'm not a foodie, but I find that delicious. Oh, you and I's meals are like, if it was in prison, you'd get hauled up in front of. human rights tribunals.
It's like, this would be cruel and unusual punishment. Because yeah, mom's like, if it didn't pass insult, it's like.

[58:41] Are you punishing yourself for some past life misdeeds anyway uh so uh the answer is you swallow the eggs whole but you do you do at least take the shells off so that's a plus yeah you don't now that's optional i know some i mean as a kid people say oh eat the shells do you chew the eggs or swallow them well i have a friend and we were eating lunch a couple weeks ago and his mom had packed him hard-boiled eggs like not even soft-boiled like full-on like the Like yogurt's like chalk, right? Like hardwood. Right.
You can snort it. Yeah, pretty much. And he just cuts it in half and just doesn't even chew it.
Just straight down? Yeah. He must be very comfortable with someone knowing the Heinlich maneuver of ragging.
It's very risky. We were all just looking at him like in silence and he's like, what?
And we're just like, why aren't you chewing? See, I was slonked before that.

The Calorie Efficiency Debate

[59:27] Can you read this comment, Issy? All right. As a backpacker, I don't personally like eating peanut butter, but it's a very calorie efficient food as far as volume weight per calorie.
That's interesting that you would say that, Izzy, because you've argued...
That's exactly what I've been saying, because I've been saying that if you are trying to lose weight, like both you and I have been trying to lose weight, right, then it's not something that you want to have, because if you're looking to fill yourself up, the amount, like a tablespoon of...
Cauliflower rice is so much better. Okay, I never said that.
So, you take a tablespoon of peanut butter, it's around 100 calories, like anywhere from 80 to 100.
Now, is that flat tablespoon or like... Flat tablespoon. Okay.
A tablespoon, right? And so again, if you're looking, you could have like two tablespoons of peanut butter or you could have like six ounces of steak or something like that.
Or you could go to Jared's patented beef trough. No. And just scoop it up.
It's delicious. Or like three eggs. Right. I'm just saying what's going to fill you up more.
Right. Right. So that's my thing. Like, yeah, if you're a hiker or a runner, then you want low density, high calorie foods that are light in your stomach.

[1:00:28] But I don't know. So some people live, eat to live. I live to eat.
It sounds like Jared is the eat-to-live kind of guy.
Refuel. I mean, I'm adaptable. I rarely do snog.
I'm much more on the other side of things. I do like the taste of food. Oh, absolutely.
I love it. I will enjoy my food.
Do you know Flav City? Because I know that there's a couple of influences that you... Never heard that person, but I'll take a look.
There's a lot of the influences you seem to have quite an ambivalent relationship with. I find influences interesting to watch, but it's usually because I hate watch. There you go.

[1:01:02] Hate watching hi to all the hate watchers of free domain yes what do we got here, Maven from Worldwide, WWE, Wide World of Entertainment. Wessling? Wessling? Wessling?

[1:01:17] Ours are optional. On YouTube says, all he ate were egg whites with oatmeal.
Yeah, I've heard some of those extreme diets. They're not great.
I mean, they're good for short-term weight loss, but a lot of people will just gain it back. And the yolk is where there's actual flavor.
And nutrients and stuff. Yeah, it's higher in calories than the egg whites, but the nutrients are important. Eggs, thank you. I was just thinking what to eat. This show really has answers for everything. That's nice.
Love kiwis for digestion. So, Issy, if you remember, when we were in New Zealand, they called them kiwis.
The people from New Zealand are called kiwis. So, I assume this is just a cannibalism reference. Probably. Hi to Heidi.
Or it can be data to inform you on decisions you need to make.
Bad genetics, so sugar isn't an option for me. All right, okay.
Is that right? So, if you read about the Japanese population, they actually have the fat gene, yet we all know they do not have the obesity issue.
Yeah, you know, it's funny America's not even that high on the obesity index in the world compared to some, Polynesian islands or 80% they were real skinny till they got the Western Some of those can be big yeah, yeah, yeah, all right.
Let's see here anything over here I.

[1:02:28] Food volume versus density, right? Definitely, yeah. Well, I'm more of that.
I'm trying to get more of the eat to live mentality.
Hormone endocrine is everything. I don't really know what that means, but I'm not going to argue it.
Yeah, normal calories are created equal. I don't think there's anything.
I don't care what the subject is where it's like, this is the thing and it's the only thing that matters, you know, personally.
Yeah. Could it be that some people are more fuel efficient and it's harder to lose weight?
Some people burn fuel like hummers others burn fuel like a Toyota Camry more analogies everybody's obviously metabolism does play a bit of a part like your metabolism I do think metabolism is a real thing but I mean everyone can lose weight it's just some people it's a bit easier some people it's a bit harder why is the child trying to lose weight because I was unhappy with how I looked before so well so and I this may be if it may be a Molyneux thing thank you yeah so this may be a molyneux thing so for me um i was a pretty skinny kid and when you're growing and i was and i was a pretty small kid and now i'm you know just a shade under six foot and so above average in size during that growth spurt i was eating like voraciously.

[1:03:42] And then i kept eating because you don't get this big bing you're done like you're not like like a kitchen timer you know like stop eating now because you've right so for me when i was growing i was eating more as you tend to because you have to because you got to fuel the growth right but then you stop growing i mean sorry i know you didn't but for those of us mortals who aren't skyscrapers no but so some of those who never grow yeah so for me i i ate and then i, stopped growing but i didn't know that so i just kept eating and put in a bit of extra weight so when i was a teenager i had to lose a bit of weight because i just i'd put on a little extra extra weight because I ate past my growth.
That is sort of my experience.
For me, I mean, I was just like not happy with how I looked and I'm like, okay, so I lost weight and I lost 30 pounds and I was happy with it. I mean-

[1:04:28] Kept it off for about like nine months now. Hopefully keep it going. So.
I love carbs way too much to give it up. Well, you know, that's, that's the quality of life issue that everyone talks about until you get sick.
I love McDonald's when I gave it up. Like, yeah, no.
So people, people say, well, you know, uh, if you diet, you don't live forever.
It just feels like forever.
And you know, like if you don't, if you eat less of what you love, then, you know, you, you, maybe you'll live a few years shorter, but you'll enjoy yourself.
And that's all well and good until those few is shorter show up.
Right. And then you get sick or there's some joint issue or diabetes or like whatever might happen.
And then it doesn't. So people are kind of glib about this stuff until it shows up in their life.
And then it tends to be a little bit like, ooh, that was a bad idea, right? I mean, I really like potatoes.
I really love potatoes. In fact, I could have just potatoes.
In fact, I did do a large potato diet for a while.
What? Yeah. That was the whole plant thing.

[1:05:19] Okay, got it, got it. The starchivore type thing did not work for me.
Um but yeah i know i mean i love potatoes but and on my birthday i was like okay i'm gonna allow myself either potato or a slice of cheesecake and i'm like give me a big potato and just like it was and it was really good i really enjoyed it um but yeah i'm not um i mean yeah you can love them too much to give them up but that i mean i'm frankly that's just that's just an excuse man so you know i up until like two or three months ago when i started no sugar i was eating probably a quart of ice cream at the end of every day i go to the gym all the time And otherwise, I do one meal a day. And you're not overweight at all. Not overweight.
But I would eat like at least half a quart of ice cream every night.
And then Steffi gave up sugar. And I'm like, okay, I'll join you. I'll try it. Yeah.
Yeah. Because I had gotten rid, developed this ice cream habit.
And I'm like, I should probably break that.
Everyone's also right before bed, too. That's like full-on sumo diet. Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And I had friends that were like, you know, that's the worst time.
You get to eat ice cream, right? In the morning, because you can energize yourself right before bed.
Like, what are you energizing yourself to sleep? Yeah. I keep dreaming I'm dying.
Well, usually not right before bed, like after dinner. Yeah. All right.
Anyways, well, yeah, no, I had that attitude of like, well, I'm not going to support my, like, indulgences. You know, a little bit of ice cream. I work so hard.
I also got the feeling that I was training myself like a puppy.
You know, like I do something difficult, but like, oh, I'm going to reward myself with a treat. It's like, what am I, toilet training myself?

[1:06:46] Like, why am I like, I should have some more internal will and not just like, ooh, a cookie.
You know, like, or, or, you know, I've been bad. So I, you know, whatever.
Or, or the other thing that would happen is like, well, I've eaten really well this week. I had a hard time.
I had a hard, I had a rough day. Yeah. Yeah. It's just like, and then you're just managing yourself. You're not actually making choices.
It was your choice. Sorry, your choice. Your show that helped with that.
Like before you even said I'm giving up sugar, I mean, are you talking about that?
Like I'm treating myself like a puppy. I'm like, Hey, that's right.
It's very much outside in and it's very much like childhood where it's like, Oh, you get a gold star or you get a reward.
And it's just a way of training yourself into compliance rather than actually making decisions.
All right. Uh, doing backpacking where your body is burning enormous amounts of fuel.
Carbohydrates are basically magic. I know a dude who tried to do keto while hiking 20 miles a day. That's not a good plan. Not a great result. Yeah. Right.
All right. So, um, what is it that makes each of you dedicated to philosophy?
I've kind of stuck here. I mean.

Philosophy and Personal Transformations

[1:07:48] She's not old enough to move out yet. So she plays three more years of these live streams. Two and a half, two and a half. Yeah.
The world's got plenty of artists and scientists. Like we're severely deficient in philosophy.
That's like, and that's what's like, I have problems in life and there are things that that make me angry and upset about the way the world is and the deficiency in philosophy is what seems to be the problem, so that's where I'm going to help.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. For me, it was more, um, much more personal and I was, I'm, it'd be the thing, like if I hadn't found stuff, I hadn't found the show and I hadn't had the call in with him, um.
I would have, I would either be dead or really wishing I was, or in a bad relationship.
Or married or divorced. Yeah, yeah, yeah. My life would have just been ruined, you know?

[1:08:41] And, you know, so it was largely a sort of personal gratitude thing for, it still is really, but for a very long time.
And, you know, just as I've, I was never particularly versed in philosophy myself.
I've got an abstract brain, but it really is geared for like technology it's not so much geared for the abstract uh argument stuff but um you know over time as i've actually been applying these things and these principles in my life it's like no this is the way this is absolutely the way and i've been i'm like i'm not i'm not the philosopher but i will support the philosopher right i um i want to add to like like Like, uh, so that was an issue initially what interested me in to philosophy compared to like some other intellectual pursuit or some other thing, but then finding Steph his work and that was kinds of impacts and like real world, uh, practical things I could do in my life.
That's what got me into like the show and how amazing Steph's work has been.
And so, yeah. Thank you, James. I also want to thank you guys for being in the studio for another reason today is that for years, I've really felt that the camera was like, my color was off.

[1:09:54] No but you guys look normal would you say is i guess i am just cheetah flavored no you you just look you know yeah i don't know what that is i mean don't i look very orange you have a very orange skin tone compared to everyone else excellent excellent that's good to know guys yeah no because look at that that's like human.

[1:10:12] Cheeto. And look how pale my hand is. Like, what is this?

[1:10:17] No, go like this. There you go. I guess I'm not very pale.
All right. Somebody says, in my experience, do whatever you can to have as much testosterone as possible is what makes you fit and healthy.
Low body fat is more testosterone, but too few carbs can induce stress in your body, which lowers testosterone.
For the same reason, getting good sleep will make you magically more fit because more testosterone.
Yeah, sleep. I mean, that's the big thing. I think sleep is the big thing.
Yeah, sleep is the one thing I definitely need to fix. um and i'm much better about it now and i i try to aim for seven hours just because if i try to aim for eight i kind of get stressed out and it doesn't work um so i'll make sleep a little bit longer but that's fine um i also wanted to touch on real quick just what i'm actually doing today that once we actually got to it um just briefly uh so i am doing like straight up carnivore uh so i'll have maybe a few veg here and there but generally speaking nothing with any added oils carbs or anything like that um uh virtually no processed food uh and i personally i don't particularly care for dairy too much also cheese i just want to eat so much so i stay away from the cheese as much possible um and i've discovered other things anyway the short of it is uh when i'm do eat i do that and then um on the day i i do an alternate day fast um especially when i'm consistent with it uh and on you know there's it's kind of tough because you know during the winter months it gets kind of cold the fingers get kind of chilly but you know i just turn up cold when you you were saying this the other day yeah yeah yeah explain that because i never heard that well right right so so it's it's um i think it's because i think well this.

[1:11:46] Is personal to me probably and i think it's because what i'm doing is i'm eating one day and not eating the next so for me when i first do a fast my fingers get really cold um wow so i don't know what that is uh you know genetics maybe someone has an idea i'm not really looking for help because i can turn the heat up and i'm fine right um but i've done like extended day extended fasts in the past of more more than one day and like by day two that usually goes away okay um but yeah somebody says here no english sentence can be made to make sense if it says too much butter i feel best running on a lot of dairy fat doesn't spike insulin and is a good fuel for long hours of manual labor yeah not bad someone over here asks uh why is no one wearing green speaking of stuff broccoli i don't know you could say this is like a.

[1:12:36] Is it uh i guess oh is that what it is oh maybe yeah i'm like 25 is there a risk of salmonella with raw eggs sure hold on hold on all right so there is i feel like you've had this question yeah yeah yeah everybody in position i go my god i just i I don't take virtually anything seriously anymore.
Nothing, nothing. Anyway. Um, I guess there's technically some risk I've never experienced it now.
Okay. No, hold on. There was a time when I like, like right away, like slumped, I think like 30 eggs.
That was an interesting day, but I wasn't like Ben written it down, down and out for a while.
They're like, I wish I had never done that. It was like, maybe, maybe some less.
I have a, I have the most obscure story or salmonella.
So a friend of mine many years ago wrote a play about a detective who was catching two thieves, one named Ella and one named Sam, and he called it Catching Salmonella.
Isn't that clever? It was neat. All right.
What kind of eggs are you slurping? Store-bought or from home produce?
I'm James's Salmonella, so just store-bought, right?
Yeah, store-bought. It depends on where I'm looking. Sometimes you've got a local farm. Do you ever slurp salmon eggs?

[1:13:54] Salmon? I'm kidding. oh no if one person wakes go back up on that sorry some of it the more i listen to people about diet the less i believe humanity knows about diet yeah you know what i'd say that's really fair that's fair i think for everybody like there's there's no right or wrong some people are like oh vegans the diet for you carnivores the diet you know and if you're not carnivore you're a heathen and you hate everybody and you're gonna die like it's cult more than food yeah there's a lot of people like it's for everyone some people are like omnivore some people are like oh carbs are amazing other people are like carbs will kill use.
So I think, you know, everybody just find something that works for you.
Um, a lot of people are going to say their diet is the one that works for everybody.
And I don't think that's accurate. You know, some people thrive on carnivore.
I have, I tried carnivore at one point for just a little bit.
I did not do, did not, was not good for me. You just didn't take long enough to let your body adjust.

[1:14:43] Yeah. The transition is tough. Yeah. I know that. Yeah.
Transition's tough. I probably could have tried it longer, but for me, it's just not something I'm willing to do.
You know, I've, I lost weight and I have a pretty healthy diet I think and I'm not a carnivore you know I mix mix all the food groups pretty well so again I think everybody has a diet that works better for them and I don't think anybody should push their diets on anyone else yeah I'm also really skeptical on any just so stories that sort of rely on sort of shaky evidence to say this is what we were evolved to eat yes there are plenty of things we were involved to do we don't have tails anymore as well I mean well we're omnivores which means okay yeah well it really depends I also think If we are talking about the evolution kind of thing, someone from Africa is going to have evolved on an extremely different diet than someone from Europe or Asia.
Even in different places in Europe, people ate very different foods.
Yeah, very true. I mean, it's like Norway versus Mediterranean diets.
It's totally different, right?
On the salmonella thing, there is a guy who is eating raw.
He's making YouTube videos or tourist videos or this, where he's just eating raw chicken. And because he's Hopefully feathers off He's fighting this Salmonella stuff And he's like oh let's see.

[1:15:53] Let's see let's see i kind of like that let's see yeah uh the only thing i was going to add to what was it now oh no oh a tradition i think traditional diets is can be like an indicator but you know obviously kind of like as he was saying yeah just sort of sort of experiment see what works for you best um you know and apply reason you know don't you know it's like oh this this this jug of oil really works for me it's like i think maybe you've went off.

[1:16:23] And there's something I wanted to add to that. That's relative to all this.
Okay. So I found the show like 2012, 2013 ish by 2014.
I'm like, this is awesome. You know, realist and all that. And some of this, the stuff got into around the time was around like different ideas around therapy and stuff like that, and basically like, listen to your body.
Like you have empirical senses and you have internal senses.
Everything's got a job to do. The Miko system is a big deal.
And so listening to my body, because I grew, if you have trouble, trouble troubling troubled childhood then you might disassociate from your physical sensations and body and stuff like that and um getting in touch with that like just feeling okay to like how do i feel right now as a big anyways long story short what i'm getting at is that i've really taken that to heart and so like whatever you're doing whatever you're doing whatever stuff stuff like listen to your body and yeah what yeah oh yeah yeah good oh uh so um again not medical advice but uh there are some studies to show uh getting a calcium artery coronary or sorry coronary artery calcium scan cac scan can be pretty useful for determining now i'm i'm i'm in my mid-40s and because i was obese initially when i went to the doctor sort of you know.

[1:17:37] Use my insurance and also just double check on things um i did get that uh order and fortunately for me i got a clean bill that got a score zero um but that can be really really useful as you get older um to sort of get an early warning of heart attacks it's not and it's just just a good thing to do i remember there was a one doctor i was talking to once referred to i don't know if you know the term the widow maker it's this one artery that if it's blocked like you're just toast.
And it's called The Widowmaker because it happens to men a lot.
So yeah, check that stuff out.
Now, this, I think, is a very good... We're just going to go full diet, by the way, because I just...

[1:18:13] It's not free to me. It's free diet. Yeah. So it says, regarding diet, there's a difference between feeling full and feeling satiated. That's so true for me.
Satiation is the nutritional satisfaction and not just physical substance in your belly.
Problem is, most of our, quote, food just doesn't have micro or macronutrients.
Yes, I struggle with this. I was definitely, I'm trying to get over this, but I was a volume eater.
So I'd be like, okay, well, this big bowl only has 200 calories so I can eat it.
But at the end I'd be like, okay, well, I still want like something else with more nutrients and just vegetables and fruit and stuff. So I never feel full.
I never feel full. I'm maybe this is like, yeah, I'm like, I just have to say, okay, well I have to stop eating, but I'm never like, oh my gosh, I couldn't eat.
And I mean, maybe one, I don't know, some buffet or whatever, but I'm, I never feel full.
I'm never like, oh, that's it. I couldn't eat another bite. That's perfect for me.
I'm, I'm always, I can always eat more, always eat more.
And so for me, I don't know why that is. I've tried a wide variety of things.
I just don't. Maybe if somebody has a clue out there, I just don't feel full.
I'll add to that point because I will, even though I'm primarily carnivore meat, that kind of stuff.

[1:19:23] Like I said, I like to enjoy my meals and I'll eat pasta or something this time.
But every time I do, I'm like, okay, a little experiment. Have all these ideas about meat and how it's, you know, eating that's going to make me feel better.
And I've got more energy and I'm more conscious there. And so whenever I do deviate from that and eat carbs or something, I really try to notice like what's the effect.
And like i all the time either a i get tired shortly afterwards with the carbs with the carbs like sleepy nappy tired kind of thing it's just that like i'm all set right right y'all go on i'm gonna listen to an audiobook yes yep right and we're driving back from a thing jerry's like i'm just gonna go yeah nap mode for sorry who's driving i'm driving okay yes no no no this may may seem unusual to you but trust me but also what i'll notice is that um i'm still hungry like i'll eat a lot i'll eat a lot of volume i'll be like i don't there's a part of me that doesn't want to eat anymore but there's a part of me that's like no no no we're not done yet yeah but if i eat beef then you're full i can eat that like yeah i'll set me you did what you're supposed to do right right do it maybe i mean if i try the carnivore maybe that that would work.

[1:20:30] Uh so yeah i mean and and i totally and i hadn't had a sort of vague theory because i grew up, undernourished as a kid like hungry and because especially when i was in boarding school a little bit shorter food there's meat shortage there was even a water shortage back then because of all the unions were going on strike and i just thought okay maybe if you grow up hungry you you always want to eat more because you don't know where your next food's coming from and maybe that's just wired in it's a valid theory but i have the same thing and i did not grow up hungry no that's true that's true yeah maybe it's just maybe it's good genes bad genes or just whatever it is okay let's see here epigenetics.

[1:21:02] Uh, genetics is just a longer timeframe for someone. So thinking you are just at the mercy of genetics is silly.
In reality, you are changing genetics of future generations and your future self.
I don't know if he means by who you date and marry or have kids with or epigenetics.
I assume they mean like immediate choices. Right. Right. You know, like genetic discretion, that kind of stuff.
Yeah, that's now, this is true. That's somebody said the more developed Arab countries are addicted to American fast food, obesity percentage. Remember Saudi Arabia?

Diet Diversities and Cultural Influences

[1:21:26] Like it's like 60%, like it's way higher than America, the obesity and some of the the middle eastern countries uh especially because they have those not exactly slimming tents that they're wearing so cook islands have the highest bmi yeah yeah eating is often a way to self-medicate yeah a lot of people mood they manage their moods like oh i'm feeling down i'll have a little sugar or something like my ice cream at the end of the day what about like oh rough or i'm frustrated about this or whatever about this and absolutely it was a part of that you know yeah all right you that raw chicken doing that in america is more thrill seeing the skydiving or skiing. Yeah, quite true. That's fair.
Oh, no. I do think do the Japanese have a kind of chicken sashimi? Sushi?
I don't know. I mean, they've obviously got the fish. You're not asking about that. I don't know. I don't eat a lot of carrots.
Now, I'll have some, but I don't eat a lot of carrots. They're just wondering because you're orange.
Radioactive look. Thank you. It's the heat of the brain.

[1:22:23] I don't think I would be alive right now if it wasn't for Steph.
I've stumbled tremendously along the way, but I still try to keep my head up.
It's almost uncanny how stuff can basically describe situations in my childhood or life and others as well before even hearing their stories.
And I mean, I appreciate what you're saying, James, it moves me enormously.
And also, I mean, I do get the emails of like, you saved my life.
And again, like, I appreciate that really it's philosophy.
I'm a bit of a vehicle and people are doing it themselves, but I mean, certainly it's nice to be part of that in any way.
Yeah. Yeah. Uh, let's see here.

[1:22:55] Uh, let's see here. here, um, somebody says, geez, I'm almost through your novel, the future.
I'm going to go past the deployment of MRNA against the dictator and the description of loneliness as a killer and people living in small basement apartments, I live in a small basement apartment, so it may not be the future for you, it may be more like my novel, the present fingers being cold as low circulation, I think that's, yeah.
Because your hypothalamus is resetting and blood flow is diverted to heart, brain, vital organs.
Does that make any sense to you? That does seem actually making sense.
I mean, you're probably on.

[1:23:26] It's not a super massive complaint. Like I said, I can turn off the heat.
Your body is conserving blood flow, noting that there are fewer calories going on and energy consumption.
Okay, normal. All right, that's what she says. I think she knows her stuff. Yeah.
I can't do carnivore either. I wish I could. I think it is.
I've noticed this for women. A lot more women struggle doing carnivore than men. And I don't know why. Just because the, it's just, carnivore seems manly, you know?
It's just kind of beefy, you know, a lot of protein and stuff.
Hold still pig, this might tug a little.
Yeah, there, and I've seen, I've watched a bunch of videos on carnivore and carnivore type diets and women do have a different experience.
Yeah. I mean, you've heard it and I've also, well, I heard it.
Yeah, well, the food pyramid is, I think as far as I understand it, it's a totally manipulated line. Oh yeah, that's crap.
Completely funded by the food industry.
Sugar industry. Well, the sugar industry, yeah, paid to divert the attention to fat. Oh, yeah, it's brutal.
Oh, yeah, it's wild. And one of the American food, like American standard food, is fake.
One of the more popular carnivore, not influencers, but she's a very intelligent person on carnivore who's been doing carnivore for a very long time.
And I feel so bad I can't recall her name, but she's brilliant about it.
So there's a lady out there who's been carnivore for a very long time, all into the science. Is it Cannibal Karen? No, just kidding. and go, ouch.
I went hissing on my cheek that day. I've done that.

[1:24:45] Oh, yeah. And then you get, when you do that lip bite and then, oh, you know what your body's going to do? It's like, oh, did you accidentally bite something?
I'm going to make it five times its normal size so you can just keep doing that over and over and over and over again. You're a carnivore, right?

[1:25:00] Let's see, you were saying to me something the other day about carnivores, about cannibals.
I heard this, oh, cannibals. Okay, I heard this thing where it's like, Like, if you eat human flesh for some reason, right, and your body learns how to digest it, it starts digesting your own stomach because it kind of just develops the enzymes for it. Yeah.
I don't know if that's true because, I mean, we have, you know. Oh, the acids and goo.
The mucus, right? I don't know. I honestly have no idea if that's accurate.
Hopefully, we'll never have to learn. Yeah. Number of calories in the average human body?
90,000. Yeah, about 90,000 calories in the average human body.
So, hey, you're ever hungry. I mean, everyone's got hands, right?
All right. Let's see here.
Left anterior ascending artery is the widow maker.
She knows all. She sees all. All right. The fact that she knows that, I don't know what happened to her husband.

[1:25:55] I'm sure it's fine. Don't worry about it. That's your big thing.
Don't worry about it. Just keep moving on. Don't worry about it.
It's all good. Sit there and look pretty.
All right. Sometimes I eat until it's hard to breathe. Oh, breathing. Yeah. Yeah.
All right. Never feeling full could be part of the Northern European instinct to store energy as fat for winter. Yeah, I think that's probably it too.

[1:26:18] There's a theory I read that not feeling full may have to do with not getting enough protein in our diets.
Yeah, I'm okay for protein.
Especially because your protein monster has inhabited the house now.
Yeah, but like yogurt is not, I mean, it's a good source of protein, but for a man, it's not amazing. When there is a dietician who I've just now seen these tweets going out and just saying like, no, no, no, we absolutely need meat and beef. Like it's the best.
That last comment. I saw that. Yeah. We'll get there. We'll get there.
Okay. Okay. I'll hold on to it. I'll hold on to it. I think we've read everything else for now. No, I just refreshed.
Right, right. So I was just going back up. No, we've been through this though. Yeah.
Does anyone have any questions for us? Yes.
Protein is really important for feeling full. You can only eat so much chicken breast, but you can eat infinite potato chips. True.
Well, and it's from my understanding, the quality of meat makes a difference.
Like if I were just taking a protein powder and doing my own, like, I don't think I would feel satisfied. But the beef is vital.
The IT help desk version of not feeling full is indeed eat more protein.
Works 80% of the time. So that's a referral to reboot your machine. Right, right.
Japan does have chicken sashimi and raw egg restaurant. It can be safe.
It's about the food standard and how they're handled. All right. Makes sense. Yeah.
Uh, right.

[1:27:41] What's your support for Trump? Just orange, English. That's good. Honestly.
Very nice. Very nice. My support for Trump was just, I just wanted to educate people on media falsets. All right.
Fiat food is a good book on the history of diet science. Oh, fiat food. That's a great title. That's a really good title. I will check it out.
All right. I'm an anesthesiologist, husband still alive, just trying to help.
Nice. for now i understand she has to say that for legal reasons for legal reasons right, eat 12 humans a year sounds sustainable much less harm than veganism or especially if you eat vegans i was about yeah yeah yeah actually that is the ultimate veganism animals eating a vegan is saving the animals because yes you know like a cow is very little posture absolutely if you want to do crops and vegetables fruits you got to kill a whole bunch of animals and they're We're already down with the principles. Oh, yeah. Yeah.
All right. What are you guys most excited about? Hang on. Let's go.
I missed a couple of questions here. So what do you think on that?
What have we got here? Zoom in a smidge here because eyes. I'm sorry.
Do you mind me resting? Oh, yeah. No, go for it.

[1:28:52] Acid rain with artificial sweeteners is the bigger culprit in terms of weight gain.
I feel like that's a bit of a jumbled sentence with artificial sweeteners.
Right. You'll lose weight. Right. Diet hail.
I gained weight because my father overfed me after my parents' divorce, and I never reversed that. Why do you think he did that?
Was he overfeeding himself as a depression response? A little bit, and also as a sabotage to don't date.
Oh, don't date, don't leave me. Right, right, right. Oh, yeah.
I mean, the number of families that will cripple one kid to keep them, especially if the parent's marriage is bad or the parents are unhappy.
You can make a million dollars. You work for me, kid. Oh, yeah.
Hold on, scroll up. Up? On the comments, yeah. One more.
Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer. I like that.
Is it, can anyone do a good Arnold? I'm being ironed. Milk is for babies.
When you grow up, you have to drink beer. That's good. That's very good. Very good.
Very good. All right. We just got done with the fast yesterday.
Oh, so now you're slow. All right.

Fitness and Exercise

[1:29:55] Sent in resume. All right. Food volume versus density. I think we touched on that. Matt, how many pull-ups should an adult male be able to do?
I don't do many. I mean, you should, well, should. I could probably do four.
According to my friends, two is more than enough.
According to me, I honestly don't care. You should be able to do at least one. I'm not there.

[1:30:14] I had the best I've ever felt and looked, and I just go to the gym and do what I feel like. Yeah. Well, you were just saying that this morning.
Like, you don't have a regimen. I had people walk up to me like, what is your plan? I'm like, oh, plan!
That's great. Move until I don't want to move anymore. They'll see me like, I'll do the bench press, then I'll walk over and do overhead presses, and then I'll do deadlifts, and then I'll, like, kind of do in a circle, you know, and yeah. Yeah.
I know I used to, definitely when it comes to strength, I used to play on a, when I was younger, like, on the playground all the time with other kids and stuff.
I could probably do like five to ten pull-ups at that point because you know we played grounders we'd play like competitions like you can do the most kind of stuff i got just i wasn't exactly like fit in terms of like weight wise but muscle wise i definitely i could do a whole bunch but now that i weigh a lot less i don't have the muscles for it anymore which i'm definitely trying to fit it's less to lift but now i can do like two pull-ups three pull-ups right but i used to be able to do like 10 so that's when you're around a bunch of teenage boys useless physical Physical tests is like the nature of the piece, right?
We are together. We must push-ups, lift-ups, sit-ups, go. You jump off of that.
Exactly. I've seen a lot of that. We had five minutes where we were waiting for the parents to do something, and we were like, who can do the longest wall sit?
Oh, yeah. There you go. It's like both push-ups. Oh, yeah. Hold on.
I'm going to show you guys. Obviously, not the live stream, but it's basically like this.

[1:31:30] So you brace your back against the wall. But you have to do this, and you can't put your arms on it. It's thighs.
After a minute, it breaks. right upper oh it's thighs is tough right yeah i had name or some of them did it over three minutes right minute and a half for me i can't do more than that.

[1:31:46] All right. The strict research test proved that some people employ continuous micro movements to burn off the additional calories.
That's interesting. It's not metabolism dystrophism. It's totally unconscious.
Interesting. Which one of us is that?
I'm a bit of a shifter. Like you can see me in the show. I'm constantly shifting and fidgeting and all of that. And I much prefer to be in motion.
Like, you know, I mean, we go for walks and all of that. Okay. Lose it or lose it.

[1:32:09] Gut bacteria is the most important and least known factor in nutrition and diet.
Well, that's something that kind of blew my mind when I was quitting sugar and I felt this like fairly intense discomfort and i realized at least my way of conceptualizing it not that i know for sure is like okay so for the last 55 years i've been breeding this sugar-based bacteria in my guy and if i don't feed them they're gonna cry like babies in the crib right and so they're gonna complain and make me uncomfortable because i'm a delivery mechanism for the sugar that they need to live on and they don't want to die so i was getting into that about 2013 2014 and um Um, your gut is your second brain.
That's the largest cluster of neurons outside of your actual brain.
And that I don't know that this is absolutely the case.
It's my wild hypothesis theory. Cause I had an aunt at the time who was telling me about how a lot of, um, our drugs and chemicals and things are created by bacteria.
We, we either synthesize or, you know, genetically alter bacteria to produce what a citric acid, whatever it is, like whatever these chemical compounds we need. That's one of the big processes.
So I just, in my head, I got the idea that like that bacteria in our gut is making neurotransmitter.

[1:33:22] And so could be like oh well here you need the thing that tells you more sugar because it's in my interest right right yeah yeah for sure i assume they just want to i mean i'm a delivery mechanism and what you complain if amazon doesn't deliver right and there's research out there that shows like there was this the young lady who went to uh therapy and the therapist like like give her some yogurt because her diets is all their diet is oh yeah yeah well yeah before you start dealing with mood like i remember reading this is the dickens novel it's like uh am i depressed or Or did I just eat a bad potato?
Like you always, always figure out your health before you figure out your mental state, right?
In 2013, 2014, I was dealing with a lot of stuff, but I'm like, hey, let me sabotage myself for success and remove those things as variables.
Do the best I can with those.
Questions for the staff. How demanding is Steph as a boss? Okay, I'm going to go get a coffee.

[1:34:14] And you can talk about it back in the day. Yeah, he's gone. Is the door closed? Hold on.
Hey, buddy. He's glaring.
There we go. All right, James. How demanding is stuff?
No. So it's interesting you use the word demanding because that phrase as demanding as a boss evokes a particular...
It's a very negative one. It evokes a particular kind of whipping the thing, whipping the poor serfs until they deliver.
And the beatings will continue until morale improves.
But the thing is, Steph is demanding in the sense that he...
In terms of expectations, both Jared and I are really smart guys, and so he has pretty high expectations.
And so, in a sense, you could say he demands it, but that's not the right word I would use.
In terms of like...

Working with Steph

[1:35:17] I think it's fair to say we're part-timers right now yeah yeah we're part-time on the show um so you know it's like you know if he says hey you know work you know do do what do what you said you're going to do and do what you're going to expect and if it's going to be an issue of like uh you know uh this is not working or having trouble or i'm losing interest or whatever and we can talk about it you cannot do it um it's like whatever is going to because the show is not not about you know let's let's crank out podcasts i mean it's part of the show but that's not what it's about um it's about you know do what you do do do it's in a way it's kind of like follow your passions although it's not as artsy-fartsy that's fair i mean i think i've sort of thrown a few things out there i don't know if i answered your question directly exactly but i would say in in the direct sense of demanding i wouldn't put it that way at all um it's high expectations based on you know him knowing us and him respecting our intelligence and everything thing and our ability to be productive sorry well we go ahead you put some i would say that zero demanding um but there is there are expectations they're fair and talked about ahead of time uh and like hey this is what you know we talk about get into and if things change like bring it up let's have a conversation let's talk about i've never experienced a more.

[1:36:31] Understanding and more uh just more negotiation more a better i would i want to use the word boss because that applies in a way but it's it's not like we were like a companionship absolutely like if y'all are working together to bring philosophy to the world kind of absolutely, i've known him for longer than he's yeah yeah well and it's it's very much and we've talked about this as well like you know it's you know entrepreneurial ship it's like okay so right yeah yeah you know we're working for the show we're working that we're as a team to help create as much value as possible, you know, for the show to propagate philosophy, bring value to the listenership.
And so that's the mindset that we go into and approach things.
So it's, I, and I know I've had that mindset of working in a job where I'm like, I'm there to punch a check or I'm there to, you know, get the paycheck, punch the hour, punch the clock. And it's a whole different world.

[1:37:28] This is, uh, there's the freedom to, you know, and it, and you can go too far because you can turn the show into your whole life. And that's also something you've got to be careful about.
Like, don't get too deep into it to where that's the only thing you do, the only thing you're thinking about, worried about.
Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Yep, yep, yep.
Yeah, and just obviously from a third perspective, I have not seen him as demanding to say.
Definitely, like, expecting in a way, but more definitely not bad. So, got any new...

[1:38:03] More questions. That stuff's very used to this. I'm just like, what?
Didn't he say he promises he won't watch this part ever? Yeah, he did.
He said if he ends up leaving to ask questions, he said he's never going to watch that because we can pretty much say what we want.
See, Steph can do this business. I'm like, no, no. Exactly. All right. Now's your chance.
So I think I want to leave that for Steph to talk about. I think I want to see if there's anything for us, and then I'll scroll up to where we are.
Well, that's going to be stuff where people were asking questions when Steph was here. Let's get this. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we're good.
I see you didn't trust us for that long. We've answered everything before your reputation.
No, I'm kidding. Okay, so I was just looking to see if there's any other questions for follow-ups on us on this side. Well, now they're all going to come pouring in because there's the delay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there's the delay.
Okay. See, that looks not orange.

[1:39:02] What's wrong with me it's really orange very interesting all right uh you guys are awesome, heck yeah uh i've eaten raw meat on and off since 2007 meat and her hands all have salmonella and salmonella salmonella works in symbiosis with her body, yummy look these days all the stuff that's getting overturned and completely 180'd i'll entertain almost anything.
Uh, right. Let's see here.
Is that for a morning person? Oh, yeah. Well, someone confirming the whole mid-40s thing with the heart attacks. Oh, yeah.

[1:39:43] So ADHD makes you lose weight. Oh, from the fidgeting, right?
I haven't noticed that. I've not seen a lot of people with ADHD to be overweight, but I don't know. They wanted to put me on Ritalin at school.
I can see why. Yeah. I don't think Ritalin is a good thing, but I definitely see why. I think it was a missed opportunity.
Antibiotics nuke gut bacteria. I've heard that. Like antibiotics will mess up your body. Yeah, for sure do. Yep.
All right. Let's see here. More bacteria in the body than cells.
Not by volume, from my understanding, but by count. Oh, yes, the tapeworm diet. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding.
What are you, a supermodel? Steph, a morning person. No, I'm not a morning person.
I mean, I'll do shows in the morning if somebody is really desperate.
But if you've ever seen a giant military airplane with 19 engines take off, that's me in the morning. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's a lot of momentum. Some would say a lot of bulk.

Excitement and Projects

[1:40:41] Some would say inhabited by aggressive impulses but uh it's a slow takeoff they're all yeah yeah it's a slow takeoff and uh at the end of the day just a flaming crash that's it i mean you see me all right all right no we didn't answer i'm a morning person i wake up at 5 30 every day oh god oh yeah what are y'all we all are excited about that's not a morning person that's an egyptian mummy oh yeah hold on the question was what are we excited about that's a very wide question you You know, it's very, like, could mean anything.
We're not going to answer it. I'm going to answer it. I'm answering it.
We had a game of Catan. Oh, sorry. I was talking about something else.
And we need to finish that because I'm not winning and I need to win.

[1:41:21] I mean, at this point, Stan is just, like, so, yeah. Yeah, but, you know, she gets the longest road back.
Yeah, that's fair. Because they are fighting for the longest road, those two.
I'm, like, here visiting these wonderful, awesome people. That's what I'm most excited about. I'm a projection.
Okay. You guys are nodes in a decentralized philosophy network.
Orange nodes. Dun, dun, dun.
James, cheers. Dan, would you ever start your own business? You betraying backstage. Calm down.
I think it's time for someone to leave the room again.

[1:41:52] I'm just going to say that. No, have you ever thought of that?
I mean, I know you have, Jared, but the DAO stuff.
Yep, yep, yep, yep. I've thought about that. And there's a, I don't know if I would call it a business, Um.

[1:42:04] But I've wanted, there's a, I have an idea for a reputation network, blockchain based, that kind of thing, not a currency, but very much using the same thing, uh, using the same technology.
And I'm really excited about eventually getting some pieces together and getting that going. And actually, now that I'm here with Steph, I have some ideas.
I'm going to talk, get his feedback on, because we met in 2016 at a night for freedom.
And that was one of the things I remember talking about was that, Hey, I've got this idea ever since I'd learned about blockchain technology.

Entrepreneurial Dreams

[1:42:30] I'm like, this is something that must exist. exist and now i'm getting more and more to the point where i might know this this absolutely as to it's really well you you're getting entrepreneurial experience working here and that that was just like i've been entrepreneur i haven't worked for someone else for like 30 years right so so for me i mean i now three decades is about you know as much experience as you can get right so um so you know and if you guys ever did want to start your own business obviously i'd be completely happy to be there as a resource to help and and all of that because yeah if you want to do that man it's a pretty wild thing to do and there's a lot of pluses to it i mean obviously i hope that you can feel entrepreneurs within this environment right that you come up with your own ideas and thoughts and what it is you want to work on and so on because i'm not like you know here's a list of your duties for the day you know and then check it in 50 minute increments right that to me would be a nightmare so um that is a yes but um sorry where were you exactly intellectually reading a comment it says hey james can you elaborate on the statement you made about being a better dancer than Steph while he was gone?

[1:43:30] I don't think we want to elaborate. I think we want to demonstrate. I want to say C2 Spark.

[1:43:35] C2 Spark, that is a genius troll. I got to say, that's the best thing I've ever seen.
Did you get coaching from Jared before the stream or something?
I can do anything terribly.

[1:43:47] Somebody says, during the first three hours of my wakefulness, I write 500 words.
Sorry, I have to read this in the right way. During the first three hours of my wakefulness, I write 500 words in a novel, read 20 to 40 pages, and read a couple of sections out of the good book.
Yeah, good for you, man. So what? 5.30 to 8.30 is somehow magically better than 9 to 12 p.m. at night.
So, oh, look, I got up early. I got all this stuff done while you were sleeping.
It's like you fell asleep. I got all this stuff done while you were sleeping at night. It's completely irrelevant. You're just moving exactly the same thing.
It's 16 hours. You're just moving it from one place to another. Oh, no.
5.30 to 8.30, that's productive.
9.00, 9.00 p.m. to midnight, that's when the devil comes.
It's the same thing. The culture has just made it seem like, especially because normal jobs and stuff have get up at 8.00, get to work by 8.30 or 9.00 or whatever, right?
So they just make it seem like modern culture that morning is just so much better than evening. And I don't, I don't put down morning people.
I do not put down morning. I don't say, I can't believe you guys are so, you just, I mean, I can't believe you fall asleep like at nine o'clock at night when I'm being productive.
I would never like, that's, you know, you just choose to go to bed early. It's arbitrary.
Like, but then the amount of scorn that we night people get, you know, we guarded your butts while, while you were sleeping.
Well, no, I was going to say, humanity didn't have objective ethics before there was a night.

[1:45:09] We are night people. So you guys can get your little pretty beauty sleep and we'll guard you from the wolves.
Yeah yep circadian rhythm noises yeah it's okay that's good i'd like to get up before the sun the moon on the entrepreneurial starting a business up that was part of the conversation about how i you asked me to like do you want to work together because we we friends we played games and hang out and stuff and chat about each other's lives and i was like yeah i was working in in crypto at the time got very disenchanted with it and i'm like i want to go i'm going to to do my own thing.
This thing is wearing a hole within me. It's like, I have to do it.
I was telling stuff about that. Like, I'm going to quit the job.
I've got, I've got so much money. I've got so many resources.
I've got this planned out. I'm going to make this, this happen.
And, uh, yeah. So we got to chatting about that. It was shortly after that.
You're like, Hey, you want to work together?
I mean, if you want to start your own business, you know, spending a bit of time in an entrepreneurial environment and having access to a good way to do it. Learning from the man.
I'm not the worst at entrepreneurial stuff. No, it's not just that.
Like the, the, the idea I had is, is a moral mission. Uh.
Yeah, yeah. You know? And so I need to be able to do that in a productive and effective way. And is he going to, you want to entrepreneurial? Uh, yeah.

[1:46:25] What did you say? Why are you doing this way? Like I'm cornering you.
You've talked about a duck farm from day zero. You know, the duck farm wouldn't be exactly like, I'm going to sell a bunch of ducks.
I mean, my plan is to get married young and, you know, a bunch of kids from the duck farms. Yeah, I'm going to be on a farm. No, you wouldn't sell the ducks, but the children maybe.
Yeah, obviously. I mean, if they displease you, if they say anything negative or they say, what's the, we were talking about this this morning.
Is he has the name of the duck? Yeah.
Orphanage. Is he, is he, is he has the, is he has the conversation killer?
Drew, we were talking about that this morning. So if I go, if I go, if I go something too far, which, you know, maybe once, twice a year might happen.
If I go a little too far, as he says.
Okay. Okay. And that's just like the conversation goes off the cliff.
Yeah. Just. And then the other one is.

[1:47:18] No, I don't think I do that. It's like this little squeal of massive doubt that erodes my soul from the bottom out.
I'm a night person and I agree.
What have you learned about entrepreneurship since working for the show?
That's an interesting question.
What have you learned about entrepreneurship since working for the show?
Oh my God, it's embarrassingly simple things. Embarrassingly simple things.

[1:47:43] Um, like you're trying to be productive, like actually tracking how much you're doing, how you're spending your time in the time that you're spending it, what your objective is.
Uh, it's, I hate to put it that way, but it's, yeah.
You are very much a seat of the pants, fly blindfolded, hope you get there. And I'm like.

[1:48:01] Failure to plan, failing to plan is planning to fail. Like you've got to have some metric.
Like I literally time, how long does it take me to process a video?
And if I can beat that time and find some way to improve it, I'm like improvement central.

[1:48:15] Right. I mean, I've got it down to a really fine art. Like, you know, cause I, I record the videos here and because they're like 30 gigs, right.
I have to compress them and, and audio process and, and all of that.
So for me, or like, you know, if I do a call-in show and somebody is, um, they says names of places I used to have to like go check it all.
And now I just AI transcribe it and I'll do a search for the things and then pick it up.
And so whatever I can do to, to reduce the friction, uh, and slow down of just getting thoughts out into the world, right.
That's the purpose. So, so, and you were just like, well, and I was like, but track, track, track, right.
I'm great at that. Like we're, we're in uncharted waters.
We don't know how to do, or we don't, we don't have a plan for this. we don't these are new tools new technology there is no there's no tutorial to read on how to do this thing i figured out i'm great at working in an unknown environment but once we get past that to like okay we have some things down now we need to be more efficient and and be more efficient and economize our time and efforts that's where i'm less disciplined and that's what i've been learning the most and it's been incredibly helpful but yes it is incredibly based like obvious painfully obvious like how did you you have to be constantly obsessed with value to the audience, right?
It's like, okay, is what I'm doing adding value to the audience, right? So I went to go and get a coffee that adds value to the other girl.

[1:49:33] I better. So, so yeah, it's like obsession of like, okay, is this adding value to the audience and is that value measurable in any way now we're donation based life form, so it's a little loosey goosey about what's measurable or not, but it's hard generally tell the trends, right? Yeah.
Yep. Well, you know, and yeah.

Writing on Stimulants

[1:49:50] We've got the important question. The question is, do you write better on coffee, coffee, tea, or alcohol?
I cannot write on alcohol at all. I've a couple of times over the course of my life, I remember being in the Dominican Republic and writing and I had a beer and everything dried up like some, I know some people cause alcohol is a disinhibitor.
So if you're judging yourself too much for some people that breaks down that barrier for me, I've never been able to write.
And I've only tried it a couple of times, even with like one beer, which is not much.
Yeah. Are ducks mentally superior to chickens?

[1:50:19] I would say so i would say so i've had both we have had both chickens and ducks um in the past or currently have ducks but chickens yeah definitely and i would say chickens are are very dumb to be honest like i could never get any sort of routine going with the chickens but the ducks we have a very simple you know we let them out in the morning they know how to go to their swim uh sometimes it can be confusing you know there's other people visiting as an example like like now but um usually it's a pretty simple straightforward you know go out the coop walk to the swim have their swim walk back you know they're very simple and they know to wait like took a little while to teach them this but when i came in with the bucket full of food right they had this great habit of hey we're gonna fly up land on the food bucket and tip it over so train them out of that which was an important thing to do because i kept wasting food but never had any luck doing anything like that with chickens like they're just very very disorganized very crazy so i'd say mentally yes but everyone has their opinion you know some people do not like ducks they like chickens ducks are definitely more messy oh those are awesome but i think we can all agree that geese are evil i like geese can you gain geese wait aren't they the ones that have those like fangs when they you know um chicken sorry ducks also have that our ducks will have it on their beaks i've been bitten by we have one duck she bites i don't know why she bites none of the other ones bite but she doesn't bite all the time sometimes i'll sit with her.
Very nice, very peaceful, lets me pet her, eats out of my hand.
Is that the one I was teasing? Yes, that is the one.

[1:51:47] And other times, you know, if I do something... Bringing out the best in females, as always.

[1:51:52] If I do something, like if I pick her up at the wrong time, or if I touch her at the wrong time, I don't know why.
But yeah, they definitely do have, not teeth, but they have like serrated insides on their beaks.
Geese have that a lot more than ducks, but ducks do as well.

Life's Purpose

[1:52:05] We live such short lives, therefore every moment must be purposeful.
It's a little exhausting. It's a little exhausting. I'm Aristotelian mean, that guy. Have some purpose.
But if it's like, oh, God, it's been three minutes. I haven't achieved anything.
That just seems kind of exhausting. But some purpose is also like, you know, resting.
Right, right, right. Yeah. But then it has been tautological.
Like everything I'm doing has some kind of purpose. You can make up as you go.
All right. Turkeys are apparently the biggest nasties. That is very fair.
Actually, turkeys really like you. Yeah, turkeys. I don't know what the heck.
Male turkeys will circle you and and uh guard you i've encountered two turkey male turkeys in my life right both of them have given me mating displays yeah they would chase away the females we want the human like what the heck sorry speaking of mating displays um 50 of the.

[1:53:01] The group on the show are single and looking. Is that fair to say?
Like, let's be open about that, right? Like the group. Oh, like the group.
Right. So Jared and James are, you know, young, healthy, fine specimens of manhood.
Very intelligent, very philosophical, very hardworking. They got assets.
They work out and they're great people.
And I just wanted to mention, I hope it's not too embarrassing or anything like that, but you know, I like to be upfront about this kind of stuff that, um, uh, hunkasaurus at freedom and I'm getting, um, uh, yeah, it's supported free domain.com.
If, if you'd like to chat further, they are a single great guys and, and looking to settle down, have families be providers and protectors and, um, the only requirement is, uh, eight to 10 minimum pull-ups. I think is that, do I have that right?

[1:53:52] Something like that. Yeah. No. So, yeah, just wanted to mention that, um, in, in passing that they're great guys and looking.
And, uh, for me, I'm always like, if I'm looking, um, I'm just everywhere I can say it.

Hunkasaurus at Freedom

[1:54:02] Everywhere I can say it. And now you, somebody says, my son loves Canadian geese.
He has made friends with them.
They let him pet them while he feeds them. That is amazing. You know, somehow he has spoken to the Canadian geese and formed an alliance.

[1:54:17] I've been unable to do such things and they have, they hate me.
Probably because they're jealous of all the attention the male turkeys give to you honestly here's one thing this doesn't make any sense we've had we have one duck our male duck yes his name is magpie because we intelligently named our duck after a bird um so we have a male duck named magpie he's a nice he's nice you know really energetic i like that bird however we've had him we didn't get him at birth we got him from a farm where yes probably pretty underfed because he's it's tiny for a male but um yeah he we've got him we got him as an adult and we've had him for quite a while obviously he's gonna be more skittish because we didn't hand raise him he still won't eat out of anybody's hands and he won't let me pick him up without quite a fight however i go out to the park and find some wild ducks you know they come they come right up to my hand they let me touch them i can eat out of my hand but no the duck i've had for six months and fed every day given treats to will still not let me pick him up or even touch him which is just like that's it's so unfair jared get on instagram i don't know what that means i'll try sure.

[1:55:23] Insomnia cat says go get him ladies that's nice nice to hear some awesome tips coming in thank you very much guys it's so awesome to work yeah i mean this is you know when you tip um you're keeping us all in um food and shelter and of course we really really do uh appreciate that Well, and we, like, we do a lot of efforts, try things to, like, what's, what's, what do people like?
And that's one of the signals to give us an idea of what is helpful to the audience. All right.
Any, we've got almost two hours. Any other last questions, issues, comments, challenges?
We're happy to hear. Remember support at freedemand.com.
I think somebody already sent in a resume. And if you live in the Northeast US, sort of better.
And again, I confess to them, great guys.
And I hope that they'll get snapped up quick as they should.
So, I think everyone's had all the questions, or maybe we made them so hungry they just all went to eat. That probably is somewhat.
I'm going to be hungry today. Yes, we are. Mike, the headless chicken lived for almost two years after guillotine.
Yes, I heard of it. What? Yeah, yeah, that guy. They just lived.
Ah, and interestingly, still votes Democrat. From my understanding, what happened is that the chicken's brain stem is back here in part of their neck, And so they'll cut their head off and leave.
Sorry, this is probably not the most, uh, not go for it. Yeah. And, um.

[1:56:52] And yeah, yeah. So the part technically part of the keeping the chicken alive is still part on the body, even though it looks like the head is gone.
That's perfect. You should set up an Izzy cam for the live stream.
That's just a duck behind a microphone because you can get those masks, right?
Yeah, we're doing that. You know what I was actually going to say?
So we actually went to the convenience store last night because I thought, hey, wouldn't it be really funny?
You know, I could be on camera and if I wear a mask, then I could just be on camera because all you see is my eyes and recognize somebody's off their eyes.
However i thought why don't i get fake eyelashes yes and not like the normal ones the really long ones that like i bought the clown world ones yeah the four inch long ones however once we got there i realized number one i'm not paying like 20 bucks for a joke and also i don't really want to put glue on my eyelids because apparently you have to do some sort of adhesive and look you know i think a joke's funny but i'm not all for all the chemicals and stuff but yes you know what next Next time would be really funny.
We'll get you dialed in. Like, you'll just have your own webcam and headset.
Oh, you wouldn't even need a headset. And we'll just, no, we'll put a duck layer on you because I'm sure that there's... No, no, I can get Donut.

[1:58:01] What? We have our duck named Donut. She's really calm. I could, we could just get her. Oh, and she would be your avatar.
No, but if you get the avatar, then when you speak, the duck beak moves.
That would be very funny. Are you talking about doing this with AI?
Do we get the ducks? So you can... We played around with this some years ago.
There's programs that you can make yourself into a clown. Have you seen the video? It was some guy in a deposition.

Wacky Ideas and Humor

[1:58:26] It was a lawyer. He was a potato on the ground.
No, there was one. He was a cat. The professor was a potato. I'd say these.
Okay, I know what you're talking about. His son had set up a cat avatar, and he was trying to talk to the judge as a cat and didn't know.
Oh, my God, yeah. I'm a foreign judge.

[1:58:44] I'm just a simple...
Hat that's right so yes it was like special pleading from from cat head okay so yes we will try and set that up that would be that would be very funny so tear tear five where it says there's been no rant and since it yeah but he sent a donation no rant all right are you as he said are you saying you don't want to rent no he was saying he's disappointed there's no rent um that's fine although he donated and said no rent so maybe he didn't want a rant as we expect Expect more team shows once in a while. That was really fun.
Well, we are going to do a movie review in June later tonight.
That's not. Oh, yes. Calm down. Oh, God. What's happened? They don't want me anymore. Yes.
You're too orange for that. They haven't met Needy Steph, have they?
Because I do a fair amount of cover up of Needy Steph.
My wife knows him very well. But you guys, I mean, you're really meeting Needy Steph.
There's been a certain amount of that over the trip, which is great.
Yeah, I've been mad at him my whole life.
Yeah, you have been ground down by Needy Steph. I'm detached from mom and attached to you when I'm understimulated so for more shows we are doing a review of Dune probably tonight after we watch it and that's not going to be a live stream but that will be up soonish and I think on the Wednesday just to sit around and talk about it just to sit around and talk about the movie and Dune 2 the sequel because we've all watched number one there will be sequels for that and also I think you three are doing the Wednesday night live probably or Tuesday night I don't know I think so we could do the same thing Wednesday night that'd be great, Terp thank you so much really appreciate it.

Motorcycle Helmet Fun

[2:00:13] Blast. What is? Oh, the duck mask. Izzy can just wear a motorcycle helmet.
What is with kids in these, like, I say kids. Are those teeth?
No, that's the glass, the motorcycle helmet. Why don't they have buck teeth?
But the most fun thing with Izzy is she explains something to me and I pretend not to understand it. It makes her day really rich and enjoyable.
All the respect left is gone.
Yes, this format was a lot of fun. I appreciate that.
What is with people in, like, the masks on their motorcycle helmet.
I think it's kind of fun. You know, if you are going to go motorcycling, you should really go all out and decorate your helmet.
Get a whole thing. I don't know. Fair, fair.
All right. Have a great day, everyone. We will release the Dune thing.
And maybe what we should do, because I did a Dune rant on the subscriber-only show on Friday, we should slice that out and put it out to the Gen Pop because it wasn't anything specific to donors.
And that way they'll have some backstory for the Dune 2 review, which we're doing.
All right. And after we see Dune 2, we should go out for dessert.
Oh, God. No. I saw that.

[2:01:22] We're doing it. We're doing it. We're doing dessert. I'm on my way out.

Farewell and Support

[2:01:27] Right. Thanks, everyone. Freedomain.com. If you'd like to help out the show, now you know the massive quality that you're paying for.
If you can think of a great way to add value to the show send a resume into jared at free support at free domain.com they're single uh i'm not and have yourself a wonderful wonderful rest of the day um lots of love from up here i'll talk to you soon are you good are you good, sorry i thought you were going to say something there i was gonna say well and also like young men out there number of companies like don't wait go out get get a relationship yeah, I'm just going to leave the awkward silence in at the end because it's just a great way to go you ever do this thing where you have dinner with people and you're like you all say goodbyes and then you all walk in the same direction every time I swear have a wonderful day.

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