Stefan Molyneux vs "White Supremacy"

I have recently again been described as a "white supremacist."

Here are the facts from my public tweets over many years:

Dec 4 2018:

Sigh not an argument kid.
Here’s the simple breakdown:
1. You accused me of being a “white supremacist” for talking about harsh environments driving intelligence.
2. In intelligence tests, whites score LOWER than East Asians.
3. Therefore I cannot be a white supremacist. QED

Dec 6 2018:

Statements are not arguments my friend. You know as well as I do that citing IQ studies that put whites squarely in the middle has nothing to do with “white supremacy.”
Unless you think the middle is somehow on the top, in which case please don’t ever make me a sandwich.

Smiling face with smiling eyes

Jan 12 2019:

Sigh whites don’t score at the top of IQ tests how is that “supremacy”?
I’m a “facts supremacist.”

May 22 2019:

People tweet such dangerous and irresponsible lies, I’ve of course never claimed to be a “white supremacist.”

May 29 2019:

Hey Mike I don’t have “opinions” on IQ, I have conducted in-depth interviews with 18 world experts on human intelligence:
I am not a “white supremacist”
I remind people that they don’t have to stay in abusive relationships, not that they have to leave.

June 11 2019:

I like @benshapiro in many ways but when he says that I have “borderline white supremacist theories,” he shows a callous disregard for truth and decency
I have ALWAYS argued that no race is superior to any other race.
Ben let’s chat about some science:

June 11 2019:

Whites are in the middle of the average IQ range, there is nothing “supremacist” about talking about IQ.

May 29 2019:

First of all, these characteristics are far from universal, and it is not established that they are all genetic.
Secondly, these are all true of whites relative to East Asians, so I suppose whites are genetically inferior to East Asians according to you?

Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses, as you would expect, given that they had to adapt to widely different local environments. The grizzly bear is different from the polar bear, but neither is “superior” or “inferior.”

June 11 2019:

First of all, you NEVER judge an individual by group averages – secondly, IQ data is over 100 years old, it is the most established metric in the social sciences.
IQ metrics do not indicate superiority or inferiority; different groups just adapted to local environments.

Dec 5 2018:

No race is superior, no race is inferior – they are all just a bit different, and we can either explore those differences honestly, or destroy our societies by assuming that all discrepancies in group outcomes are due to racism, bigotry and hatred.

Not much time left to choose.

Jan 24 2019:

Evolution doesn’t deal with “superiority.” only best adaptation to local environments.
A shark is a superior swimmer to a lion, does that mean that the lion is genetically inferior to the shark?

Jan 24 2019:

Sigh East Asians and some Jews score higher on IQ tests, and I’ve always denied and opposed the idea that any race is superior to any other.
Try to regain your honour by speaking the truth.

Dec 6 2018:

Thinking that one race is “superior” to another is like saying that the brown bear is “superior” to the polar bear.
The question makes no sense - each species adapts to its local environment.
That doesn’t mean that they will flourish as well in each other’s environment though.

(Note that in the last sentence I am talking about "species" not human races.)

Dec 30 2018:

Think of it this way:
A champion runner is good at running.
A champion swimmer is good at swimming.
It doesn’t make much sense to ask which is the “superior” athlete
Each is good at different things.
Make sense?

Dec 30 2018:

Oh dear Nassim.
The word “obsession” is not an argument.
Also I have repeatedly said that I utterly reject the concept of racial superiority.
Please try to control your triggering my friend, these are important issues.

Oct 19 2018:

Sigh absolutely false.
No quotes provided of course. I have repeatedly and consistently stated that I have never believed in any kind of racial superiority or inferiority.
Try to be responsible when characterizing people. The truth is tough enough without muddying the waters.

Nov 25 2018:

Actually whites score in the middle of the IQ test, it’s hard to portray that is some sort of racial superiority

March 8 2019 - I reject any concept of "IQ superiority":

Intelligence is 80% genetic by our late teens.
That’s the science.
Philosophy evens out intelligence by powering up wisdom, which can be learned.
A person with low intelligence in possession of the truth is superior to a genius stuffed with dangerous errors.

July 26 2019:

I don’t believe or accept the concept of racial superiority or inferiority.
Every race adapted well to its local environment.

Aug 6 2019:

In 15 years on the public stage, I never once said whites are superior - from a scientific, evolutionary standpoint, that would make no sense - is a brown bear “superior” to a polar bear?
Educate yourself before spreading dangerous lies - you’re going to get someone hurt.

Sep 2 2019:

It's all fake news my friend.
Politically, I am a voluntarist, or peaceful anarchist.
I oppose all ideas of racial supremacy.
I oppose all government programs, including eugenics.
I have interviewed many experts on human intelligence:
Ask away! 🙂

Sep 2 2019:

Haha ok
I have always opposed all forms of racial supremacy. 🙂

Sep 3 2019:

Fake news.
I oppose racial supremacy.

Sep 3 2019:

Fake news.
I oppose all forms of racial supremacy, and support full equality under the law

Sep 3 2019:

Please learn to be critical of dangerous nonsense you read on the Internet.
I oppose all forms of racial supremacy and bigotry - black, white, Jewish, you name it.
Learn some science about human intelligence, it will calm you down...

Sep 3 2019:

I have worked with good people of just about every ethnicity to oppose radicalization and supremacy.

Sep 5 2019:

Hi Fadrick, nice to meet you.
We should never judge individuals by group averages
Higher/lower IQ does not equal superior/inferior (the purpose of philosophy is happiness, not equal to IQ)
All should be equal before the law
Ethnic IQs DO differ on avg

Aug 21 2019:

I have always rejected the concept of racial superiority or inferiority – Just as I have always rejected judging individuals by group averages.

Aug 21 2019:

Oh come on, try to think a little. Are men “superior” to women?
Of course not
Different strengths do not mean “superior.”

Aug 22 2019:

Jews on average are enormously talented and brilliant in many areas of course.
That does not translate to “superiority” though.
Whites on average have higher IQs than, say, pygmies.
Pygmies survive better in their environment.
That does not make whites or pygmies “superior.”

Sep 12 2019:

When whites are in the middle of the IQ band, how do those facts spell “white supremacy”?

Oct 3 2019:

Everyone gets to be a “white supremacist.”
Heck even I get called that, and I’ve never said whites are superior to - or should rule over- any other race.

Nov 9 2019:

Stefan Molyneux on the evils of racism and racial supremacy:

Video available here:

Oct 21 2019:

All fake news.
I’ve written books and articles on my politics - anarcho-capitalism, not “alt-right.”
I have never once made the claim that any race is superior to any other.
I have interviewed 17 world leading experts in the field of human intelligence.

Jan 6 2020:

You should not spread vicious aspersions based on the lies of others, but rather investigate the truth for oneself.
I have never promoted eugenics or racial superiority of any kind, and my ideal is a stateless society
When they lie about you - and they will - who will help you?

Jan 18 2020:

Higher vs lower IQ is not "superior" vs "inferior"
Just different.

Jan 18 2020:

You don’t understand evolution at all.
Extra height is not objectively “superior.”
Depends on the environment.
Same with IQ.

Jan 18 2020:

I have always argued against the concepts of racial superiority and/or inferiority.
Everyone should be equal before the law.
No race, ethnicity or group should be discriminated against, segregated or excluded. @YouTube

April 27 2020:

To hell with all supremacy - white, black, Jewish, Asian, you name it!

May 23 2020:

There is no such thing as "inferior" or "superior" when it comes to evolution and human races.
Is the brown bear "superior" to the polar bear?
The standard is meaningless.
Each has adapted to its evolutionary environment.
Sorry, but people who project are so boring.

June 30 2020:

When I talked about viewing humanity as “different species,” it was an analogy for the predator/prey relationship between criminals and their victims - nothing to do with race at all.
As for “white supremacy,” I’m an advocate for a stateless society, no rulers at all.

June 3 2020:

June 30 2020:

No race is "superior" to any other race.
Differences are largely due to local adaptation to specific environmental variables.
Is it "superior" to have lighter or darker skin?
The question makes no sense.
Depends on the environment.


These are the facts, as they have been publicly available for years, as I have consistently maintained in my podcasts and videos.

Referring to me as a "white supremacist" is a dangerous falsehood that puts me at great personal risk.

Civilization requires that we focus on facts, not just baseless allegations.

For those who want the truth, this is the truth.

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