0:00 Welcome to Wednesday Night Live
1:39 The Impact of Clear Definitions on Happiness
4:46 Men's Emotional Vulnerability and Success
7:50 The Challenge of Providing Emotional Support
10:56 The Importance of Accepting Pain, Not Weakness
21:08 Overcoming Excuses to Achieve Goals
31:18 Predictors of Low IQ
32:55 The Effectiveness of Wearing a Wedding Ring
36:11 Controversy Surrounding Nala and Tradwife Community
43:23 Recognizing Sincere Repentance
49:26 Overcoming Attention Addiction
55:04 Divine Guidance or Personal Agenda?
1:03:00 Managing Personal Finances
1:07:29 Battle of Attractiveness Among Women
1:16:04 Journey to Virtue and Restitution
1:18:20 Financial Struggles and Inflation
1:31:51 Exploring Hair Transplants and Baldness
1:45:19 Importance of Team Sports and Trash Talking
1:50:30 Powerful Insights on Peaceful Parenting and Data
1:52:50 Dealing with Anger After Losing a Sports Game

Long Summary

Join me on this episode of Wednesday Night Live as we explore a myriad of intriguing topics and engaging discussions. I kick off the show by reflecting on the significance of philosophy in challenging deeply rooted beliefs, drawing inspiration from a recent episode that focused on defining happiness. We keep the energy high with a fun Queen song quiz and share personal anecdotes from my day, keeping the audience entertained and involved. Delving deeper, we dive into the theme of emotional vulnerability in men and its impact on relationships, stressing the importance of accepting a partner's pain while distinguishing it from weakness. We share captivating stories, including the remarkable tale of a woman who spent 738 days in a tree to protest logging, sparking thought-provoking conversations and encouraging audience participation throughout the episode. As the conversation unfolds, we navigate the concept of granting ourselves permission to not act on our desires and how excuses can hinder our progress towards goals. We ponder whether individuals transitioning from a morally questionable past truly make amends and touch on urban myths like the impact of wearing a wedding ring on attracting potential partners, stimulating introspection and challenging societal norms. Shifting gears, we delve into the intricate relationship between sin and debt as portrayed in the Bible, exploring modern interpretations such as the view of platforms like OnlyFans as sinful. With personal anecdotes underscoring the sacrifices involved in upholding truth and moral values, we delve into the complexities of repentance and the necessity of genuine transformation over mere words. The conversation extends to societal issues like financial struggles and debt management, shedding light on dynamics of attraction, jealousy, and the importance of sincerity and critical thinking in navigating diverse challenges. We round off our discussions with reflections on the impact of societal pressures on women's appearance, the role of virtues in relationships, financial well-being, and personal growth through sports and physical activity. Emphasizing the significance of team sports in fostering camaraderie and social skills, we encourage listeners to participate in activities that promote positive interactions and personal development. Join us in exploring a tapestry of thought-provoking ideas and engaging dialogues that encourage self-reflection and meaningful connections within our community.

Welcome to Wednesday Night Live

[0:00] Yes, good evening. Welcome to Wednesday Night Live. Stefan Molyneux from Free Domain. slash donate to help out the show.
But enough of that. Do not disturb. I'm sorry.
I can't do do not disturb. That's the gig. That's the job. It's philosophy.
So we aim to disturb. The deeply disturbed. Hello, darkness, my old friend.
I've come to talk with you again. again. All right. Yes. Happy Wednesday.
Hello, everyone. Thank you again for the tip, my friend.
I did a show today with someone who, after we started, said, hey, by the way, I'm autistic, which was quite the experience.
Let me tell you, it was quite the experience.
And I don't know if I'll ever release it, but it was a very interesting thing.
What I got out of the call, and I guess I'll communicate this here, is that, you know, you can't be happy if you don't have clear definitions in your life.
Just want to be clear about that. You cannot be happy if you don't have clear definitions in your life.

[1:10] Meaning, purpose, virtue, progress, satisfaction, achievement.
If you don't have these things defined, you can't be happy.
It's just a basic fact of reality. How are you going to know?
How are you going to know?
How are you going to know? If you've achieved what you want to achieve, how are you going to know if you're satisfied?
How are you going to know if you've made progress? If you can't measure it,

The Impact of Clear Definitions on Happiness

[1:35] if you can't define it, if you don't have definitions, you can't be happy.
Be happiness is when you've achieved something pretty objective right so how how are you going to achieve something pretty objective without any objective definitions happiness is not just a state of mind it is a recognition of progress so yes very very interesting so anyway maybe i'll put out snippets from that and all that but uh i'm wearing my cool hat yeah sorry about this kind Kind of goofy, but I have not gotten around to getting a haircut, and it is it. Can you do a Queen song quiz?
All right. First song written by John Deacon.
First song accepted by the band and put on an album that was written by John Deacon.

[2:22] John Deacon, of course, wrote a bunch of hits, but there's your, like, Autistic for Real.
Yep, Diagnosed and all of that, so that's the way it was. How's my day been? My day has been good.
My day has been good. So, gosh, what did I do? Well, I woke up, I did a bit of work on the Peaceful Parenting book, and then I did a call-in show, and then I did, for you glorious people, a donor-only voice chat.
So, we're working on that.
Do you ever wear beanies? I do not wear beanies.
Occasionally, if I'm swimming, I will wear a a do-rag, but that's about it.
Yeah, looks good. Just need a candy necklace. We got rap and stuff.
Yeah, that's right. That's right.
Hello and good evening. Hello and good evening back.

[3:14] There's a big bald guy in front of you. Hair transplant. Otherwise, it looks good.
So. All right. Let's get to your...
No, the first song that John Deacon wrote, if memory serves me right, was Miss Fire off Sheer Heart Attack, Miss Fire.
Not my wife's favorite song, but yeah, Miss Fire was off that.
I guess we could do Queen.
First song, I think, no, they did, yeah, first song with Japanese.
We'll sing to you in Japanese. We are only here to entertain you.
So what is the song that Queen sang in Japanese?

[4:03] When I'm gone No need to wonder if I ever think of you, Anyway, alright, so at least when you're bald You never have to worry about a bad hair day or a bad haircut Yeah, if you're having a bad hair life You don't have to worry about a bad hair day, so.

[4:22] Alright, so let's get to your comments, issues, challenges, problems Whatever is on your mind And I am happy to hear, I am happy to hear whatever's going on in your noggin.
I am thrilled to talk about questions, comments, issues, challenges.
What have I got for you, my friends?

Men's Emotional Vulnerability and Success

[4:47] I like this line, a man's face is his biography. A woman's face is her work of fiction.
What was it some woman was talking about on social media the other day?
She was talking about how, she said, I just don't understand men. I don't understand men.
I'm in the grocery store, just minding my own business. A man comes up and says, oh, love, you're such a natural beauty. You're such a natural beauty.
They don't make them like you anymore. And she's like, no, no, like, no, no. My jawline cost $10,000.
And she had a great line. She says, I'm wearing enough makeup to season a wok.
I don't even know what that means, but it's very funny.
It's very funny. I'm making, I'm wearing enough makeup.
To season of work. Atari 800 versus Commodore 64. Patouille Commodore 64.
Blue rabbit intergalactic chunks. Atari 800 all the way. 400, yes, but.

[5:42] Yeah, that was, that was very funny. All right, let's get to other things that I have saved that we can, we can chat about.
Now, do you, do you ever get the feeling as a man that, and this is, this is really a question for, for y'all.
Do you have the feeling as a man that showing emotional vulnerability to a woman, while while often encouraged, does not actually go particularly well.
So I'm going to read you something, and I'm not trying to make you jumpy, not trying to make you paranoid, but it is important to discuss this.
Because, you know, we're often told as men, you need to be more emotionally available.
Ah, you need to be more emotionally available.
So then we work to let our emotions flow forward. Yeah, very, like the geister of our sperm counts. And we let our emotions flow forward.
And we were like, wow, I just, I should be, I should just be emotionally vulnerable.
Whatever, right? Just be emotionally vulnerable and open and so on, right?

[6:55] You say, Joe said, does not go well. Hardly ever goes well. Sounds like my mother. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. So it's very, very interesting.
So here's something that a woman wrote. And again, I think being emotionally available for women is a good thing, but I'll sort of tell you that later. later.
So this woman wrote, my husband has been acting very strange the past four days.
He's been going in and out every morning like he usually does, but his manner had been different. He'd been seeming much less happy.
I don't know what in and out means. I don't think it's sex. He'd been seeming much less happy, almost as if he'd had to force himself to smile and at times overcompensate by forcing an exaggerated happiness.

The Challenge of Providing Emotional Support

[7:44] Other than that, he was becoming quiet and withdrawn, much slower in daily things, and also very distant.
His sex drive has disappeared completely, and he just seemed tired always.

[7:55] Yesterday, he sat me down and said he had something to tell me that was very important. I knew something was up, so I listened very carefully.
He proceeded to explain to me how he'd been made redundant at work.
That means laid off, like you get fired because something's closing down, not because of your own personal performance, and no longer had a job there.
He described how it had hit him like a stack of bricks out of nowhere and he wasn't expecting it. He said he felt hurt and disappointed in himself.
Incredibly, at this point, he started crying, telling me how he feels he has no strength or motivation to carry on, how he feels weak and useless because of all of this.
He seemed very weak from the way he was talking.
While crying, he put his head on my shoulder and hugged me for support.
But I just gave him a half hug back. I'm not sure why. I know I was meant to say something.
I know I was He was meant to be empathetic. He's my husband, but I couldn't stand the situation. I just wanted to get away.
I knew I should be supportive, but it didn't come naturally to me.
I just felt so disgusted and put off by the whole thing, especially the way he was crying. I just couldn't find it in me to be supportive at all.

[9:00] I have no idea what to do. Is it normal for a wife to feel this way?
Is it normal that I feel no urge to comfort and show empathy to my husband during this difficult time for him?
But instead, I just feel grossed out by myself and by him. I feel bad for even feeling this way.
TLDR, husband revealed to me he lost his job, came to me for emotional support, opened his heart out to me and started crying when telling me what happened.
Instead of feeling instinctively supportive, I felt disgusted and uncomfortable and put in a very awkward situation.
I'm not sure if it's okay for a wife to feel this way and I'm not sure what I should do next.
So that's interesting.
That's interesting.

[9:41] When I share my emotions, people get kind of scared. Most of the times, if someone being emotionally available or expressing my emotions doesn't go too well with women, but it might be going kind of well with the woman I'm currently dating with, right?
Emotional expression, nothing really actually wrong with that, but a lack of emotional regulation, there is something incredibly wrong with that significant difference, yes that is yeah i saw the video of the guy and a girl it's an indian guy he's very funny a guy and a girl go on a roller coaster wind blows off makeup wig lashes turns out it's a he with a beard does this seem like dating today yeah if you are already the soy boy type then you are walking on a tightrope showing vulnerability vulnerability so you know a man is allowed to cry at his own father's funeral and very few other places so have you tried this and what has your experience been have you tried this um, being um you know emotionally open and vulnerable and this then the other have you tried all of this with a girlfriend or a wife and um how did it go.

The Importance of Accepting Pain, Not Weakness

[10:56] I mean, I have a theory about this. As you can well imagine, I have a theory about this.
What the woman is describing and why she's disgusted, I don't think it's emotional vulnerability.
The funeral of your own child would also be an acceptable place to cry.
I suppose so, yeah. I would imagine that to be the case.
So, yeah, what do you think? He said his problem was not in showing his emotions, but the fact that he was acting weak. A man is expected to solve problems, not cry about them.
So far, it has not been received well, this emotional. Almost all my relationships end after that.
A strong guy who is very manly can get more passes before the woman is turned off. Right.

[11:45] So, I don't think it's the crying. I don't think it's the crying that's the problem in this situation.

[11:52] I don't think, in my experience, a woman doesn't have, or women as a whole, don't have problem with a man crying out of grief.
But she has a problem with a man crying out of weakness and self-pity.
Now, I don't know that that's particularly a female thing.
If I had a girlfriend who, I don't know, somebody was being mean to her and she was just weak and self-pitying and crying out of, I don't know, weakness.
I would find that not particularly inspiring.
So I don't think it's a matter of tears or not. I think it's a matter of the authenticity of the tears.
If the tears are, you know, hopeless and helpless and I can't win, and then it's just kind of self-pitying, weak sobbing, I think that's gross.
So, you know, because a lot of guys will read this kind of stuff and say, well, you can't be emotional with a woman.
And it's like, how on earth is a woman supposed to trust you and bond with you and attach you to you and have a permanent pair bond if you're not emotionally available?
You've got to connect, right? Because you become a monopoly of emotional sustenance for your wife, right?
Or your girlfriend, I guess your wife, right? Once you get into a marriage.
So I don't think a lot of guys will say, aha, you see, women don't like it when you're emotional.
It's like, well, no, nobody likes manipulative tears Years of self-pity.

[13:20] So as a man, if, if you knocked it down and you get emotional about it and you cry about it, that's fine.
If it's, you know, I got to have this emotion, get this emotion, get back up on the horse and, and go right off into the sunset with her again.
I think that's a different matter.
I've never in particular felt that women don't like it. If you're emotional, I think it's not just a female thing.
People as a whole don't like fake tears of self-pity.
I can see how a man crying saying, I don't know what to do, will scare the shit out of wife and children.
Someone says, when my wife feels down, I comfort and support.
When I've had down days, she wants to leave.
She still supports, but admits her honest feelings of not wanting to be there. Right.
Now, that is a huge error on your wife's part.
Okay, this is to the ladies out there. This is to the ladies out there.
If you want your man to succeed and really succeed, you have to help him bounce.
You know what I mean by that, right? Like you have to, yeah, murderous youth, crocodile tears.
When Marlon Brando's daughter killed some, sorry, son.
When Marlon Brando's son killed some guy, Marlon Brando was up there crying on the stand and people are like, well, but he's a professional actor.
We don't believe anything, right? We don't believe anything he's saying.

[14:47] So, yeah, the crocodile tears are not good.
So all men get knocked off the horse, right? All men get knocked off the horse.
All men get massive blows.
All men get knocked down. All men get pounded on their ass.
Sorry, I should probably rephrase that, pounded in their ass.
No, like all men, you get knocked down, right? You get knocked down, right? You get knocked down.
That's natural because we are competitive creatures. We go to war. We go to battle.
So to speak, uh, with, with other men for resources in an economic sense.
And we get, uh, we get our asses handed to us from time to time.
Is that, I mean, am I wrong about this? I don't think it's just me.
I mean, I hope it's not just me. Maybe I don't think it's just me because the only men who don't get knocked on their butts are the people, are the men who women don't find attractive because those men aren't in fact risking or trying anything.
You know, I was, I was just reading about how Stuart Copeland wrote an opera.
He spent four years writing an opera, which then was produced at the cost of like a million dollars.

[15:51] And apparently it just blew enormous chunks. And a sting was playing McHeath in three penny opera or something like that was supposed to be a whole year or whatever.
It was only a couple of months because people just didn't like it.
So, I mean, isn't, isn't this the case that every now and then as a guy, you just can get completely knocked on your ass.
I mean, that happens to women too, I suppose, but I'm just talking about it from the male perspective, right?
So tell me, I mean, obviously, you know, I've, I've had challenges in the business world, betrayals. Um, I've had friends betray me.
Uh, I've had family members betray me.
Um, I obviously got deplatformed, get attacked. Right. So there are times where you just get knocked off the horse, right?

[16:34] Hmm. I'm not talking about falling off the horse. I'm talking about getting your ass knocked off the horse.
So, ladies, if you want your man to succeed, you got to help him bounce.
And the way you help him bounce is to accept his pain, but not his weakness.
Do you see what I mean? You accept his pain and his grief, his sadness, his upset, but not his weakness.

[17:04] That you accept his pain and you believe in his pain, but you also believe in his strength. That's how a man bounces.
And that's how a man succeeds. You see, your man is competing with all the other men who's swimming back away when they get upset and then they just kind of fall forever.
And then if they do bounce back, it's on their own merit and energy, which gives them resentment.
A man has to, for a man to succeed, he has to feel enormously grateful to his wife and kids when they get older, right? So for a man to succeed, a man's success comes out of massive gratitude for his family.
That's in general. I mean, there's obviously tons of exceptions, but in general, a man succeeds because he truly loves and appreciates his family.
So if you back away from a man who gets knocked off the horse and he kind of rolls around in the dust and picks himself back up and then you're like, he gets back on the horse and then you come back, you're going to get resentment. resentment.
He's going to resent you and resentful people can't succeed, almost by definition. If you're resentful, you just, you can't succeed.
Success is a form of gratitude and admiration.
So yeah, I mean, that's really, really important. So a lot of, like you, if you think that your man is weak for being knocked on his ass and it hurting and it will hurt, of course it will hurt, that, right?

[18:31] Of course it will hurt. I mean, you can't ask a man to be ambitious and then be indifferent to him getting his ass handed to him on a platter.
So he's going to fall down. It's going to hurt like hell. You accept his pain, but you don't accept his weakness.

[18:49] Someone says, sounds like he felt he was his job. I have felt that way. Not healthy.
You do a job. you're not your job he should have some idea of what other job he could do to pick himself up so she should accept he is shaken but believes he can get another job and will be successful and tell himself yeah the person i was fighting for left me on my ass yeah absolutely absolutely, i mean i do think that men and women handle pain uh differently, but yeah accept his pain but not his weakness and he will be forever grateful grateful to you that you love him when he's down, right? You love him when he's down.

[19:31] There are times in life where we have to love not the person, but their potential.
You follow? In fact, in fact, there are times in our lives where we have to love not ourselves, but our potential.
I mean, I had to love my potential for a long time before I actualized it and then realized that the world both loved and hated my potential or the potential of philosophy.

[20:04] So, ladies, if you want your man to succeed, you're going to have to accept his pain, but not his weakness.
Now, I read this pretty wild, pretty wild.
In 1997, a young woman named Julia Hill climbed a 200-foot, 1,000-year-old California redwood tree and did not come down for how many days?
A woman climbed a 200-foot, 1,000-year-old California redwood tree and did not come down for how long?
220 days. That is incorrect.
That is incorrect.
Stix Hexenhammer 666. Tarle Warwick is fine, by the way. He's fine.
He was just about to go on a Boeing trip. no it wasn't 220 days well at least according to this website, 738 days.

Overcoming Excuses to Achieve Goals

[21:08] So she did not come down for 738 days in order to prevent the Pacific Lumber Company loggers from cutting it down she ultimately reached an agreement with the company to spare the tree and a 200 foot buffer zone surrounding it, she clung to her mattress even through violent storms supported with food and necessities by a ground crew she stayed two years and eight days, isn't that wild that is just wild insane in a way but wild for sure so yeah that's uh uh that level of you know so the woman i was talking to today she said she was autistic the woman i'm sure she was right the uh she she said uh that uh she she wanted to journal she wanted to do journaling but she just didn't didn't journal right and i said well why don't you journal and she didn't know she didn't know okay so have you ever had someone in your life who claims really claims that they want to do something but they just won't do it just won't do it oh i've always wanted to write a book.
Why don't you write a book?
Oh, I'll get to it. Oh, I've always wanted to try karaoke.
Wow, why don't you try karaoke? Oh, you ever had someone who just really, really wants to do something and maybe talks about it quite a bit, but just won't do it.

[22:35] Yes, myself at times. Well, I mean, ourselves, all of us at times, right? All of us at times.

[22:46] My friend is fat and says he wants to lose weight, but stays fat.
I find myself screaming, just do it. Transformer style.
Also me. Yeah, yeah. Again, we all have that gap between ideals and execution. I get all of that. but, so do you know why you don't do something you claim you want to do do you know why? There's only one reason.

[23:16] There's only one reason why, people don't do what they say they want to do, somebody says I love your work Stef, I wrote 6,000 words today it felt great, my wrists hurt from typing so much, typing so fast, it took a lot of convincing good i'm glad good for you if you're a young man and your wrists hurt i'm glad it's because of typing you don't want to do it no you do want to do it it feels good just thinking about it scared of failure don't really want to do it because someone in the family doesn't want you to do it um so the reason why you don't do the things you want to do is one reason fundamentally and one reason only which is you give yourself permission to not do it i know that sounds simple but it's reality right so you know you do you get your taxes done right you're going to do your taxes because you you don't quote have permission to not do your taxes so do your taxes right But this woman was like, well, I really want to journal.
I've had an off-and-on journaling relationship for nine years.
I haven't journaled in a year.

[24:31] Because she gives herself permission to not journal. That's it.
That's it. She gives herself permission to not journal. That's it.

[24:47] Oh, well, I don't have anything to write. Of course you do. Sit down and journal.
I don't have anything to write. Well, you write about not having anything to write. I'm so frustrated that I don't have ideas.
You write about how frustrated you are that you don't have ideas.
Like you always have something to write about. You've got thoughts going on in your head, emotions, right?
So we succeed when we just don't give ourselves permission to fail, right? Where we have the capacity, right?
Where we don't give ourselves permission to fail.
And if you look at your life, you know, so I, I, I didn't, I didn't schedule my day too well today to be, to be honest, right. I didn't schedule my day too well because I worked a little too much and then I had a bunch of garbage to collect and, and, uh, deal with and all of that.
And, uh, so I, this is my, my third show today, plus garbage, plus working on the peaceful parenting book.
I didn't leave quite enough in the tank for the show tonight.
No, that's fine. I mean, that's, you know, whatever, right. Right.

[25:52] So I could have said, I'm not doing the show tonight, but I don't give myself permission to not do the show because it's not your fault if I overscheduled myself a little bit.
Right. And it's still my job to bring reasonable amounts of energy and concentration and value and virtue to the show, right, to the conversation.
So I don't give myself permission to not do the show.
So I do the show. Whereas, of course, if you give yourself permission to not do it, then you don't do it.
But what stops you doing it is not the thing, but the excuse, right?
So if I were to say, well, every time I have a headache, I'll cancel the show.
I can't do a show with these bright lights. I got a headache.
Ah, what if I want to raise my voice?
My temples are decent, right? So I wouldn't have guessed you didn't want to tonight.
Yeah. Well, you know, I mean, that's, that's professionalism.
And also, So, you know, you guys are here and I want to provide value and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do what I do.
So again, slash donate tips and support and help are always welcome.

[26:58] So, yeah, I mean, and I knew, you know, when you get into it and you get the groove going on, it's, it's fine. Right.
So if you say, if I, if I have a headache, I won't do the show.
If I were to say to myself, if I have a headache, then I won't do the show.
What is it that prevents me from doing the show? It's not the headache.
Because I could do a show with a headache. I have. I've done big speeches with headaches.
Like when I flipped, did like 12-hour time change in 2018 when I was in Australia doing my shows with, you know, remember all those lasers on my forehead when I was doing those shows.

[27:38] Hope I don't get stabbed in the urinal. uh but i did i've done shows with headaches i've done shows when i've been really upset about other things i've done shows when i have uh i mean i did a show when i was um drinking massive amounts of stuff uh in order to do get my colonoscopy done right i'd dart off to poop jet stream water from time to time so if i say i give myself permission to not do a show if i have a headache you you understand it's not the headache that stops me doing the show. It's the excuse.

[28:13] It's not the headache that stops me from doing the show. It's my use of the headache as an excuse or reason to not do the show that has me not do the show.
So if you say, oh, I'm kind of tired. I'm not going to exercise because I'm kind of tired.
You understand, it's not being tired that is preventing you from exercising.
It's your excuse called being tired.
It's the fact that you use being tired as an excuse, excuse to not exercise. You follow what I'm saying, right?
We often will say it's the thing itself that is preventing me from doing something or is the reason why I'm doing something.
It's like, nope, it's the excuse that the thing generates. Now, of course, some of those excuses are valid or whatever.
Like, you know, if I, if I'm in a coma, I'm not doing a show or maybe I'm demonstrating the coma test from UPB, right? So some of the excuses are valid, right?
But it's It's not the thing itself most times that prevents you from doing the thing. It is your excuse.
So that's just an important thing to remember, that it's your mindset that determines whether you do something or not.
The excuse is just an excuse to not do it.

[29:35] A favorite line from mega death and applies to lamestream mollusk media thinking down to your level gives me a migraine headache did we let that stop us from calling them out sorry bit of a word salad not sure i quite follow, um so this is an actual application for employment somebody sent this in, i refer to the recent death of the technical manager at your company and hereby apply, for the replacement of the deceased manager each time i apply for a job i get a reply that there's no vacancy but in this case i have caught you red-handed and you have no excuse because i even and attended the funeral to be sure that he was truly dead and buried before applying.
Attached to my letter is a copy of my CV and his death certificate.
Now, one has to admire, I suppose, the focus and the intensity of such a letter while also being significantly alarmed by the rather creepy OCD about all of that.
I don't know if this guy's, he's either going to be setting fire to the building or he's going to end up CEO of the planet. This kind of person, it's really one or the other.
There ain't nothing in between, it would seem.
So I thought that was pretty amusing. I never got anything quite like that, although I did get some very strange things when I was a hiring manager.

[31:00] All right. Oh, look at that. More Canadian women whining about the cost of living.

[31:11] So here's something. So they tried to figure out what is a predictor of having a low IQ?

Predictors of Low IQ

[31:18] What is the predictor of having a low IQ? And this is all public data. So it's interesting.
Is it per capita? Is it the exception that proves the rule? Is it pointing out the obvious as if you're a genius?
Interesting. So, what do you think are some predictors of people having lower IQ or low IQ?
Can I have Jared's email for show concerns? Yes, it is support at
Support at

[31:58] I really appreciate touching on not giving yourself permission to fail or using excuses again. Yeah, yeah.
Slow walking speed, I think that's been correlated. So here are some of the things that science TM has figured out.
So thinking somebody is trying to poison you, calling yourself a slow learner, hearing voices, being frightened or disgusted by dirt, hearing strange things when alone, being disgusted by sex, thinking you get a raw deal from life.
I thought that was very interesting.
I would not have particularly guessed those.
So, data is fascinating. Data is fascinating.

The Effectiveness of Wearing a Wedding Ring

[32:52] Now, have you heard this? Listen, I'm happy to answer your questions.
Just pour them in, and I'm happy to answer.
Answer, but until the questions doth come a-pour-in, what I'll do is, you know, just have you heard this rumor that if you're a man and you wear a wedding ring, that it's easier to pick up girls? Have you heard this?

[33:20] That if you're a man and you get a wedding ring or you wear a wedding band or something that it's easier to i mean i've heard this my whole life obviously it didn't happen to me but i don't put out any signals that way but have you heard this have you experimented have you heard the kind of thing so there's a couple of things you're supposed to do to pick up girls you know obviously borrow a dog and go to the dog park and so on because it makes you look nurturing and responsible and and you've got to be home for someone and all of that.
It's like a dry run for having kids.
But, yeah, so this guy wrote.

[33:57] This guy wrote, I wear a wedding ring to pick up girls.
Now, this is, nothing's validated or verified, but it's interesting stuff.
He said, the first time I heard about this, I thought it was one of those worn-out tricks, like borrowing your friend's dog to attract girls at the park, but I was honestly shocked by the success that pretending to be newlywed brought me.
The trick definitely works in your relatively young years as I can only theorize that it adds to your novelty by playing on pre-selection, right?
I guess because you've been selected by another woman you have higher value to the women.
I've only revealed the truth to a throwaway one-night stand and her reaction was priceless. She really was mad that I lied about this.
Imagine deconstructing the morality of this situation. I surely am not going to wrap my head around it.
The reason I'm posting this as a confession is because for a moment, I genuinely felt bad for deceiving.
But that moment lasted until I realized that the woman I attracted only did so because of the feeling of taking a man away from another woman.
So I guess it depends on your world view whether or not I did something immoral.
But it feels good to share this with a bunch of random anonymous people.

[35:04] So, I think it's an urban myth. I don't know for sure.
I don't know for sure, but it feels like a bit of an urban myth.
So what do you guys think?
Have you heard this? Have you experienced this?
Let's see here.
Why do you think it's easier to pick up a woman with a ring?
I think it's a myth, like with being older.
Heard it, but obviously not something I signal being open to.
If someone else has chosen them, it's safer for a woman to choose him.

[35:50] Adam Sandler made a whole movie based on that concept of wearing a wedding ring to pick up women. Boy, there's a guy whose career I just... Really don't understand.
It's a mystery to me. Social proof you've already been chosen?
He ruined that woman's fetish of sleeping with married men.

Controversy Surrounding Nala and Tradwife Community

[36:09] What's that Nala woman who's currently going through?
There's paroxysms of rage and blame and defense and attack and coalescing around the tradwife female Christian sphere regarding this woman Nala.
I don't even know her last name. but she's a bit of a rubber faced big butted pixie woman with an OnlyFans account who recently says she's converted to Christianity and so on have you heard about any of this stuff?
It makes sense to me because women wear makeup more for other women than men in my opinion I don't know about that I don't know about that I mean the theory of that would be that if women are having a sleepover do they wear makeup?
No like if young girls are having a sleepover Have you seen the fresh guy in the quote pregnant Asian?
No, I hear the fresh thing bandied around on X, but I don't know much.
I don't really know anything about it. So I'm not really, really following that.

[37:13] That's all I saw on Twitter for like a week, yeah. You've been following the Trad infighting Nala drama? Yeah.
I mean, I think that Nala claimed to have converted to Christianity, and she made, what, $9 million on OnlyFans?
And she's got a nice figure from what I can see. Not on OnlyFans, of course, but I've just seen some pictures of her. And...

[37:43] So she kept her only fans running for like four months afterwards or four pay cycles or whatever it is she kept her only fans running um for all of this oh and i think again i don't know for sure but i think it was pearly things who said that nala raised her only fans prices after coming out as a born-again christian she raised her only fans prices and some people were saying well you see see, that was just to keep temptation away from men.
It's like, so, I mean, that's interesting. I mean, to me, it's a fascinating question.
It's a fascinating question, which is, how do you know if it's real?
How do you know if it's real? Now, again, pearly things, I'm paraphrasing.
She says the people she's known who've given up a hedonistic lifestyle or a decadent or corrupt lifestyle and have become better people do so quietly.
They don't make a big show on it. They don't go on everyone's podcasts and right.
How do you know if it's real? Okay. Let me ask you this. Let me ask you this.
Have you in your life known someone who went from corrupt to virtuous? Yes.

[38:56] Have you known someone in your life who's gone from corrupt to virtuous?
I'm mildly ashamed to say, I don't. I don't.
Not in that scale. Okay, but smaller. You're saying, so smaller, somebody's gone from corrupt to virtuous.
I'm not talking about $9 million worth of, here's my butt, on OnlyFans.
But it could be on a smaller scale.

[39:32] Yes in incremental ways can you give me a brief sketch it can be short of course but give me a brief sketch because I'm supposed to be the guy who helps people go from corruption to virtue and, I've not been able to do it with anybody in my life I mean I have great people in my life but they were great when I met them and you know we've what about some of your calling callers But those aren't people in my life.
Those are people I do call and show as men.
This is such an edge case, probably 0.001% of the time.
No, no, no, but I'm not asking about the theory. I'm asking about the practice.
Let's start with the empirical data.
Have you known someone? I sound like I'm badgering you. Have you known swinging light bulbs, rubber truncheons, Kate Bush, all forms of torture devices.
But have you known someone who's gone from corrupt to virtuous?
One thing I like that people have pointed out is that nobody held Andrew Tate to the account to give his money back. Yeah, that's fair. That's fair.
Didn't you, Stef, you talk about how you used to talk about philosophy but not live it? Or is that a different thing than what you're asking about?
No, but I wasn't a bad guy. I just wasn't living fully the values.
Like I was living the values in my own life. I wasn't holding the people around me to those values. So I wouldn't say that's really corrupt, but that certainly wasn't consistent for sure.

[40:58] Slight awakening to better values, truth over falsity, and better political values, too?
Haven't any calling callers followed up years later? Well, you know that they have. Of course they have.
But that's not people that I know in my life.
I mean, that's just people I get messages from. I had one call, and they're not in my life.
I've not seen it. Okay. I've known a few Christians who've become better after discovering the faith, from immoral addicts to much healthier immoral people. Okay.
Going politically conservative is increasing in value. That's your argument. Okay.
But it depends what you mean by political. The political conservatives tend to be very, very aggressive in foreign policy.
They tend to be shills for military industrial complex and in particular foreign aid.
Ah, define corrupt. Certainly my virtue has increased over the past few years.
I have not seen it. I'm trying to, I mean, I'm trying to think if there's something obvious in my life, but I don't. Yeah, a lot of conservative spank, yeah, for sure.
Define corrupt. Certainly my virtue has increased over the past few years.
Oh, corrupt would be just amoral, hedonistic, and praising and spreading that lifestyle as good.

[42:27] And conservatives didn't conserve anything. Well, but, you know, they're fighting against the media complex, the media educational complex, which is producing crazy people far faster than anyone can make them sane, right? So I wouldn't necessarily blame the conservatives for all of that.
Somebody says, I think so. I had a friend who ended up in a dark place getting aggressive and breaking the law on purpose because he had a great amount of anger inside of himself.
He found Christianity, and now I would say he is one of the best people I know, virtue-wise.
Okay, so let me ask you this.
Did he make restitution?
Did he make restitution?

[43:12] I've not seen someone recover from the quest for the unearned, right?
So did the immoral people make restitution?

Recognizing Sincere Repentance

[43:23] Isn't that what hurts sometimes?
And isn't that how you know whether someone is truly sincere? Sincere?
So if someone, let's say, stole $100,000, and then they see the light, they see the UPB, they see the property rights, they see Jesus, thou shalt not steal, shouldn't they give the money back?
Isn't that something that they should do? Shouldn't they give the money back?

[44:14] If you made money based on sinning and corrupting others, shouldn't you give the money back? So if, I don't know, some OnlyFans model, I'm not talking about her in particular, because it could be anyone, and it could be anyone who did things that are sinful.
For example, if someone accrued a large amount of money because of sin, then shouldn't they give that money back?
Or let's say she can't give it back to the individual, she could find some place to put it.
But if you keep the money, don't you keep the sin? I'm not a theologian. I'm not a theologian.
Shouldn't give it back. Shouldn't do it more, though, either. Shouldn't you?
So if you, if you're, if you get money from the product of sin and you realize that and you become virtuous, you can keep all of the profits of sin.

[45:15] Cause that's my standard for reform for, uh, I've seen the light.
I've, I've come to Jesus. That's my standard is, are you given a, given the money back?
Are you, are you returning the products of sin.
Does that count for things like bar and nightclub owners? They make money from selling alcohol to people and that can lead to greater sin.
I don't know that I would put a bar where people socialize and dance on the same level as here's my butthole up close on the internet, give me money.

[46:03] So I assume, I'm going to assume that somebody on OnlyFans is very much into attention.
So I would assume as part of your reformation and as part of your seeing the light, you would stop seeking attention.
You'd have to get over your addiction to attention. But if you go on everyone's podcast saying, I've seen the lights, I'm the new trad wife, robot 101, I don't know that you've overcome your own desire for attention, if that makes sense.
Define sin. It's not immoral for idiots to throw money at a whore.
I'm sorry do you do you not think that, OnlyFans would be a sin in the Christian religion in Christianity do you not think that OnlyFans would be a sin just I'm just curious I think you're playing dumb to be honest with you.

[47:11] So, sin is framed as a debt in the Bible and incurs indebtedness, yeah.
Yeah, I wouldn't try and play dumb. I'm not going to, I mean, in Christianity, OnlyFans is a sin, right?
It's a sin. It's a sin of lust, right? It's a sin of lust.

[47:36] I would assume that to repent for a sin is to do the thing that is hardest for you.
Is that fair to say? Like you have to do the thing that is hardest for you.
I mean, adultery begins with lust, looking and thinking. Yeah.

[48:03] So, I mean, my own sort of personal experience is that in order to tell the truth and to kind of have self-respect as a public thinker and communicator, I had to be willing to do what?
I mean, I liked having a bigger audience.
I liked being able to do speeches. I liked being out there doing documentaries.
I liked interacting with live audiences. I liked I liked having evenings, you know, I remember in Australia sitting signing, having book signings with my daughter signing her name next to me. It was the cutest thing in the known universe.
It was lovely at the Night for Freedom to meet like 500 people lining up to chat with me about philosophy and hugs. And it's just beautiful, right? Beautiful.
So in order to retain truth, I had to be willing to give all of that up.
Because I mean, isn't it the high road and the hard road and all that kind of stuff.
So you have, don't you have to be willing to give up what you want the most sometimes in order to do the best.

Overcoming Attention Addiction

[49:27] So I do think you do have to be willing to, there's a room 101 thing, like the worst thing in the world.
And after working for decades in philosophy and then building up an audience painfully and against massive opposition, I had to be willing to give it all up.

[49:54] Not violating UPB though. Boy, we've got a lot of OnlyFans defenders here.
You realize you're confessing, right?
You realize you're confessing. Somebody says, true repentance starts with being truly sorrowful at our actions, then stop doing it.
Even if we fall back, start again, and stop sinning.
Okay, but how do you know someone's truly sorrowful? Could this not be another grift that people have, right?
Not this woman in particular. Could it not be that you've done things that are bad and corrupt?
And then you switch to another, quote, grift or whatever, right?
I mean, just get more attention and all of that.
I think the true repentance, yeah, starts with being truly sorrowful at our actions.
And isn't that about giving, wouldn't that be about giving the money back?
Saying this is dirty money.

[50:53] Wouldn't it be?
Yeah and it's not a violation of upb i get it i get it that's why i said corrupt and not evil, i would prefer if only fans doesn't exist but i couldn't justify the use of force to shut it down that would violate upb right well that's a very interesting question right that's a very very interesting question which is in a truly free society how do you ensure that sexualized material doesn't end up in the hands of underage children what children sorry underage children's kind of a a bit of a repetition right and as far as i understand it i remember i saw a clip a snippet from some gosh what was it south park or something like that that the the kids or the south park characters, whether they're kids or not, I don't know.
They were trying to access some bizarre German fetish site, and it's like, click, click, click, yeah, yeah, yeah, and so, how do you know? How do you know?
I know that there have been some trying to verify age and so on, but...
So that is the challenge, right? Is sexually explicit material available for children is the really, is the big problem. It's the big problem.
And I don't know that anybody has a particularly good answer for us yet.

[52:22] All right. I thought part of the application of UPP was holding people to their own standards. No.
No. No. No, I mean, that would be hypocrisy, right?
In the case of The Only Fan's Girl, it would be Christian Sanders. Is this right?
No, UPB is not a synonym for hypocrisy, right?
So holding people to their own standards would be to oppose hypocrisy.
UPB is independent of what people believe, right?
Two and two make four is independent of what people believe, and UPB is is independent of what people believe.
I do believe when I'm not with you.
The Germans' first target in the 30s were pornographers, yeah, and others, right?

[53:10] So, I mean, I would imagine, and forgive my ignorance here, but you guys are better versed in this stuff than I am, so please correct me where I go astray.
But I imagine that a conversion to Christianity would be, you pray to God and God tells you. I mean, this would be my metric, right?
So you pray to God and God finally answers your prayers.
You open your heart to God, you open your heart to Jesus, and you pray to God and God tells you what to do.
Not orders you, but he says, here's what you should do, right? Right.
Here's what you should do now.
Is it possible that God said to this woman, if the reports are true, is it possible that God said to this woman, raise your OnlyFans prices and keep it going?

[54:13] Right? I don't think that's even remotely in the realm of possibility.
Does that make sense? I don't think that's even remotely in the realm of possibility.
So if that's not in the realm of possibility, ability, then it's not a conversion where she's connected to the divine and is receiving instructions from God. Is that fair to say?
And she doesn't know the difference.

Divine Guidance or Personal Agenda?

[55:04] So God wouldn't be, hey, glad to have you aboard, glad you're not treating your body like an object, I'm glad that you are reserving yourself for higher virtues and loves, so raise your prices and keep it running.
So if God did tell her that, then she's not talking to God, and she would know that, right?
Now, if God told her to, the money is dirty money, you should return it or give it to charity or something like that, and she didn't do it, if God told her to stop and make restitution and she didn't do that, then she's not listening to God, is she?
Again, if I'm wrong, I'm happy to hear how this might be the case. Yes.

[56:02] But it would seem to me that there's only, I mean, this is the power of philosophy, right? You just logically break this stuff down.
If this woman was doing things that God would tell her not to do, then she's not listening to God.
If she's not listening to God, how could she have converted?
Because isn't conversion really about listening to God? Isn't it?

[56:33] So, I'm not sure what the confusion is, again, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong, I put this forward as somebody who's not a theologian, but it seems to me that if you're going to say, I converted and should be accepted as having converted, but you're doing things that God wouldn't want you to do, then you haven't converted. Right?
It would be interesting if she donated her money to charity because in a sense she would be making better use of the money than the people who bought her videos.
Yeah, that's interesting. Yeah, that's interesting.
She should donate it to some worthy cause. That's good, right?
So as an outsider, I'm always kind of tentative or hesitant about these kinds of things because the Christians seem to be in a big uproar about this.
You know like pearly things is has is skeptical and she has asking questions and so on and other people are like well how dare you uh not honor the healing power of jesus it's not her you're dealing you're doubting it's jesus you're but it seems to me it's just kind of kind of logical right.

[57:52] So I'm not sure. I mean, also, why not wait for a while?
I mean, before you go all over and, oh my gosh, this is a great conversion, and look at the power of this, that, and the other. Why not wait for a while?
Or at least wait to see God's will manifest in the convert. Wouldn't that be the case?
Like, you'd want to see God's will manifested in the convert.
Because anyone can say anything, right? So, anyway, I mean, I just sort of pointed this out.
I just, one of these things that I don't, I don't understand why it's confusing or complex, right?
Go forth and sin no more, at a minimum, I would say.
But as far as i understand it if only fans is a sin this woman did continue from what pearly things would say i'm not trying to put the blame on her but you know that's what i heard um then she did continue uh and then i think she put it into um abeyance or whatever it is so go forth and sin no more, yeah.

[58:53] So anyway, I, um, uh, I don't know.
What if you wanted to discredit Christianity? Well, I think that's my concern that if, if someone, again, not this woman in particular, but if, if someone comes along and says, well, I used to be bad and now I'm good.
I mean, you would have some doubt, wouldn't you?
Because they could be still sinning, right? right? They could be pointing out, they could be discrediting, right?
So here's, you know, here would be my concern if I were in this, obviously, trad wife Christian community, there's a lot of stretches there.
But if I was in this, then what I would be concerned about is someone coming in from the land of sin and claiming to be virtuous, everybody falling all over themselves to welcome and praise her.
And then she just goes back and sins and just makes makes people look naive and foolish. Does that make sense?
All right, somebody says, Stef, what's your opinion on this?
I understand that everyone says that this does not violate UPB.
My argument is that the violation of UPB already occurred at an earlier stage in her life that resulted in her showing a butthole for money.
Yeah, so, I mean, of course, in this community, I assume that most people are abused, and I think that that's...

[1:00:15] Ah, unconfirmed, but I saw people on Twitter saying she has deleted her account, but OnlyFans makes you wait a month till all subs have expired.
Yeah. Okay. But I think, wasn't it? I think, again, I think Pearly Things was saying it's four months. And again, I haven't researched this in detail myself, but this is what I've heard. Right.
So just because I believe does not mean I'm not plagued by old habits, thought patterns and addictions.
We were never promised an easy life with our struggles. Right.
I think skepticism is reasonable in these, in these situations, unless someone has just gone a full one 80 and you know, they've given the money to charity.
They've shut everything down, they've apologized, and if there's emotions involved, right? But, I don't know.
It's interesting.
I do think that the welcome, rolling out the welcome mat is premature. But, alright.

[1:01:28] But yeah, the fight between between pearly things and the trad wives is really quite something and it is, it's it's so bad for the community and um i um i i you know if i had to choose a side i would be a little bit more on pearly side but yeah it just it's uh this level of tension and hostility and anger and accusations and so on it's just um i don't know it's like why why do people do this did you see me getting into a bunch of drama with with people, oh it just uh, i don't i'd like don't don't you want to do something to advertise the virtues of your community so i don't know why people are falling into this rage and hostility and and all of that and again you know for whatever reason i would be more on a poorly side of things because i'm a big one for asking questions and I'm a big one for skepticism.

[1:02:35] What good is a group that just openly welcomes someone who has done so much harm without evidence of reform? You have to welcome people able to change, though.
Well, you know, I mean, it's deeds, not words, isn't it?

[1:02:52] Some of the things on Pearly Things Twitter is silly. I dislike that, honestly.

Managing Personal Finances

[1:02:58] I'm not about Pearly Things, but I just dislike that.
I dislike that. at i think it's lazy if you if you find arguments that she's put forward that are false or or a reasoning that that's bad or evidence that's that's wrong that she hasn't admitted to have proven wrong uh you can talk about that but just saying just spraying the silly string around well there's just this vague amorphous silly thing you know it's like that's not an argument yeah come on right don't don't don't do innuendo and gossip in that kind of way, so i mean is there something silly so what i mean when i had a twitter account i did a bunch of dad jokes and other silly things so i don't know what's what the problem with that is so all right uh more than one in eight households in america expect they'll be unable to make even minimum payments on their debts over the next three months that's the highest level since tens of of millions lost their jobs during the government-imposed lockdowns in 2020.
More than one in eight households expect they'll be unable to make even minimum payments on their debts in the next three months. Isn't that wild?

[1:04:10] Isn't that wild?
How are you guys doing with debt as a whole?

[1:04:22] The girl baking a cake with some skin exposed. No, there was a girl baking a cake and the girl happened to have big boobs, right?
And people were all mad at her for having, it's like, what are you supposed to do? You have big boobs.
I feel you. So you have big boobs, what are you supposed to do?

[1:04:40] Are you supposed to tape them down? Like, I don't know. You have big boobs.
Because you have big boobs, that means you can't bake a cake and do a video of that. I know it's just strange to me that people would be mad.
She knows exactly what she's doing. It's like, so she's, she's to be banned from, from a baking show because she has big boobs. I don't know. It's just strange.
Maybe that's why donations are down. My income went down in 2024.
Yeah, yeah, for sure. For sure.
Yeah. So if she wears a tight shirt, people get mad at her.
If she wears a loose shirt, it's tough for her to do the cooking show because she's spilling everywhere and, and so on. Right.
And what was it? Madame, Madame Webb, uh, did a review of that and Sid, Sydney Sweeney had, I don't know if she had her boobs duct taped down, but she was playing a nerdy girl who wasn't attractive.
And so, you know, they have a natural resource like that and they just hide it.
It's bizarre, but anyway, uh, so yeah, it's, uh, the debt thing is, is tough.
The debt thing is tough. You're debt free except for those effing college loans.
Yeah. Yeah. No debt other than mortgage paying it off aggressively. Yeah.
Why are people offended by beauty? Should we want more beauty in our lives?
Well, oh boy, but you all don't know.
You all don't know the subterranean battle that women are engaged in with each other for male resources and attention, right?

[1:06:03] So a woman who's not as physically attractive, could be boobs or something else, but a woman who's not as physically attractive, can either try and make herself more attractive or she can get other women to cover up and suppress their attractiveness if that makes sense right so this is battle this battle uh for male attention and resources between women and so getting mad at a woman who's got a t-shirt on and she's got big boobs and she's baking a cake it's it's like the women this is kind of cliche now that the women is like oh what do you mean you're you're 32 and you want to date a 22 year old that's you just want to control her that's halfway to hebephilia and you just you just want an immature kid that you could half grooming like just this anger at older men who want younger women well we all know that's coming from the women in their 30s who want the men in their 30s to choose them not younger women right so they're just trying to shame men into giving them resources sources rather than the younger women right so it's again i don't mean to say this is too obvious, but yeah i mean isn't it just about crippling and undermining people's other people's attractiveness so that you look more attractive.

Battle of Attractiveness Among Women

[1:07:29] By comparison right.

[1:07:34] All right.
Well, if the video is focused on your cleavage and not on the baking of the cake, but it's not, it wasn't. She just, she had a relatively tight t-shirt on and she had big boobs and she was baking a cake, right?
And women get mad, right?
Women get mad because male attention goes there and they feel left behind, right?
And, you know, for men, you know, I mean, I grew up and, you know, there were rich kids around and I remember I wrote a play in my teens that we took to a bunch of different schools to, to is like a morality play for teenagers.
And we rehearsed at one guy's house that was massive. It's like a massive, like 20,000 square foot easy house, right?
Indoor pool. And, you know, I looked at that kind of stuff and I was like, that's nice.
You know, like I wasn't enraged and wanted to burn the house down or something.
It's like, uh, you know, okay. I don't have a 20,000 square foot house, but at least I can aim for for some decent level of income or something like that, right?
So for men, a lot of times we look at other men, and it's like, damn, that guy's got it going on. I want to get me some of that, right?
You know, women get all traumatized because there was a Barbie with a slender waist and long legs, but, you know, men have He-Man Thor of the universe with, like, abs on his abs, like multidimensional, n-dimensional abs, right?

[1:08:54] So men tend to be aspirational, And a lot of women do that too, but a lot of women are, they sabotage, they get mad, they undermine other women's attractiveness because they feel left behind and so on, right? All right.
No debt other than mortgage paid, sorry, paid.
I am not bad, he says, when it comes to debt. I just did spend 1.8 thousand on my car, which hurts a little. I can spring back from it easily.
Yeah, I know, those bills that come in, man. Oh, those bills that come in.
I just had to get an air conditioner replaced, and it's just like, don't tell me.
Don't tell me. Oh, there's a long pause, right?
And then when they try and put you on some sort of payment plan, you know it's going to be bad, or one of these, if you buy annually, you get 10% off this, and then, right?
Oh, it hurts. But, you know, this stuff, it's the price of doing business, right? It's the price of being alive.
James said, faith without works is dead, probably to help people evaluate situations like this.
By their deeds shall you know them, right? And here's the other thing too.
I mean, Satan is the master of lies, right? He's the father of lies, which means that Christians should be as wise as serpents regarding falsehoods.
And the way that you combat the master of lies is with skepticism and demanding empirical evidence, right?

[1:10:17] Everything is so sexual these days. Why thank you, given that my live stream is running. I appreciate that.
My credit has been great, but I lost 100 points last month because my credit card was drawn over 50%. Oh, I've been using it thinking I was building credit, but apparently you're not supposed to use more than 35%. I'm annoyed because I have the funds of my checking and savings, but that doesn't matter.
I've paid it, and now I'm hoping to see those points come back.
I've never missed a payment. Oh, that's interesting. I didn't know that.
Somebody says, I owe over $750,000. It's manageable. Boy, I hope that's a mortgage.
Even men attack other men for being beautiful. Um, I've not seen that really.
Of course, right? No, I mean, I'm sure it happens, but I've not in particular seen that.

[1:11:06] It's why beta males destroy meritocracy. Yeah, for sure, for sure.
There are literal channels else where people bake without clothing or one handy woman who wears coveralls but no shirt is that right i'm here for the tools sure yeah like encouraging a beauty to cut her hair off yeah for sure that's a very common strategy uh for for women who are older they will often say oh it doesn't matter if you gain a little weight your your beauty is beautiful at any size and you should cut your hair short and makeup is patriarchy they're just trying to sabotage other women's looks so that they gain more resources, right?
That's a, it's common as dirt, right? And it's great. It's wonderful.
Like, thank goodness that people do that. How wonderful.
How wonderful.
Because, because they're just signaling that they're pretty terrible people who would rather tear others down than build themselves up.
Right. So, oh, 85% mortgage. Yeah. Okay, good.

[1:12:12] Jared says there's that clip where a guy asked the first name that came to mind of who pressures you to get boob jobs, lip fillers, butt jobs without missing a beat the women all said Kim Kardashian, yeah kind of demonic right what was it I saw it's a clip that you know occasionally there are things on the internet that you wish you could unsee you all have that where you're just like oh, and you kind of You almost know that when you're clicking on it and you're like, I'm going to wish I had a little men in black pen, right?
I wish I, I'm going to, I'm going to regret looking at this.
And, uh, one of them was, I don't know, I can't tell the Kardashian sisters apart because they just seem like blobby plastic clones of each other.
But it was one of the kardashian sisters and she has this tall black basketball player husband or whatever and she kisses him and then she says to her sister he's he's got a cavity i can i can smell it or i can taste it it was something it's like oh gross and her sister's like he's got tons of them like don't you smell it or something like that i'm like i wish i hadn't seen that it's hell itself.
Right. Okay. So, uh, let's see here.

[1:13:29] Yeah, it'd be like if I said that all men should shave their heads, right? Or like, you know, that little tonsure or the little bald spot that monks have?
You know that that was some monk who was ashamed of his bald spot and then said that God wants everyone to have a bald spot? Like, you just know that.
That's how it goes, right?
All right. Yeah, it's like men with no resources shaming men for being attracted to men with resources. Yes, absolutely.
You see that a lot in movies, right? The men without resources are deeper and better and wiser than the men with resources and so on, right?

[1:14:07] Oh, pardon me. How rude. Yeah, Satan can quote scripture then, that's right.
So when men lie about spending dollars on OnlyFans girls, it's a sin.
But is it worse than the sin of creating content?
God, why? What are you doing? Why are you slicing and dicing this into atomic levels? It's all gross.
Why would you slice and dice? Well, what about this person? They might be 1% worse than this person.
It's all gross. Why do you care about the layers? God.
This guy stole $1,000. But he's 0.1% better than this guy who stole $1,010 is just like, they're thieves.
What are you slicing and dicing at this level? Are you trying to find a level where you're not compromised? I don't know. I don't know.

[1:15:10] All right.
I have a friend who got a brow lift and it looks great. A few years later, she admitted that she had, has nerve damage from it.
Yes, well, of course, you know, a woman who is fake that way, is just telling you that she's kind of soulless, right?
Pearly things would probably be a single mom at some point. It's not an argument, bros. My God. My God.
All right. Sorry, I missed some of these comments over here. Let's see here.

Journey to Virtue and Restitution

[1:16:05] Take my example, says the person. and I used to troll people on video games and have paid everyone restitution and haven't tainted anyone except once more case in 60 months. Well, good for you.
I paid them gold in game currency, told them my logic and asked to hear their grief, concern, issues and if they felt better. Good for you, man.
I was a troll on and off for three years. Yeah, yeah. Good for you.
It's a lonesome world clawing for virtue. I will take, it will take me probably half a year to get this book out and I'm going to try to get on radio shows promoting it.
It's a combination of wisdom and philosophy. Good for you, man. Good for you. Well done.
Pearly things isn't really trad either okay well i don't know it's still not an argument, The borrower is a slave to the lender. Oh, no. I mean, borrowing is good. Borrowing is bad.
No, there's times when it's good. There's times when it's bad.
It's worth going into debt.
If it gets you a car, that gets you a job that pays twice what you can make otherwise. Anyway.

[1:17:13] All right. Let me get here. Any other questions, comments, issues, issues, challenges, donations at all.
We've had a grand total of 20 bucks tonight. It's a little sad, a little sad, a little sad, but I still love you guys for being here.
So thank you for that. All right.
Specifically, what are the different virtues that we should look for in others while pursuing relationships?
Well, of course, honesty, openness, courage, virtue as a whole.
I know it's It's a bit tautological, but moral courage, honesty, strength, curiosity, openness to your thoughts and feelings, non-volatility, non-aggression principle.
The non-aggression principle applies interpersonally to escalation and bullying and harsh language.
All right.
Let's see here.

Financial Struggles and Inflation

[1:18:20] Stef, I'm afraid my donations are going to be a little more infrequent.
I'm very financially frugal and shop smart, but my money seems to be evaporating so much more faster, even though my habits haven't changed.
Listen, I appreciate that. And listen, I don't fault anyone.
Look, inflation is kind of crazy.
Groceries are insane.
Insane. I'm good with groceries, man. I eat in a lot. And oh my gosh, it's brutal. brutal.
Like I just, like, I mean, the checkout line at the grocery store is like a prison shower.
It's a, it's, it's rough, man. And so listen, I mean, massive sympathies and I don't want anyone to feel bad.
If, if money's tight, keep it for yourself. Don't donate. Absolutely.
Enjoy. You know, we'll, we'll get through all of this. We'll get through all of this, but yeah, if you do have any extra and you find it valuable, that would be, that'd be excellent. All right.

[1:19:14] All right i'm interested in the layers because i think it helps understand how to fix the issue i think that if men had to admit they spent on it they do it less, how does it how are you going to fix the issue i don't understand how are you going to fix the issue i think that if men had to admit they spend on it they do it less but why would it why would would men admit that?
And how would you possibly enforce that? Oh, thank you for the tips. I appreciate that.
Uh, thank you. So what am I, you know, if, if this, you know, well, if men had to admit the money they spend on OnlyFans, it's like what they don't and how are you going to enforce that and how are you going to make that happen?
And so I don't still don't understand the layers, but I'm certainly happy to hear that.

[1:20:08] All right um honesty often requires courage very true Stef did you see james o'keefe recorded one of the federal reserve bank guys i didn't see that no three cups of pine nuts ran me 88 dollars the the other day really wow case of top ramen is 12 bucks nowadays yeah yeah, nominal incoming i'm working on but costs are up yeah see i mean i get that and i've i've been through a number of recessions of course in the business world and both when i was an entrepreneur before i was an entrepreneur and it is like all the marginal producers get get cut out so um Um, I, I just want to make sure, of course, right.
For obvious reasons. I just want to make sure that I'm not doing something that's difficult or unpleasant for people.
Cause you know, viewers are here and, and people are watching and so on.
We've got all these new shorts coming out, which I hope you'll check out on that.
Surely spending money at OnlyFans must make you feel really bad about yourself.
No, but that's the point, but that's the point, right?
That's the point.

[1:21:20] The point of spending money on OnlyFans is a humiliation fetish, right?
It is a humiliation fetish. I can't get this kind of girl. I'll give her resources.
It's a cuck fetish. It is a masochism fetish, right?
Just so you know. It's got very little to do with sexuality.

[1:21:40] Yeah, you should hand out that link. You're doing fine. Well, thank you. I appreciate that.
I appreciate that. that if there's something I can do different, I'm, of course, always happy for that.
I would like to hear a discussion, says Anna May.
I would like to hear a discussion about men who get hair transplants slash plugs to hide their baldness.
It has advantages on average men with hair make more money and do better in several other important ways.
But on the other hand, it seems vain and it's like telling a lie to the world.
Yeah, so, I mean, Elon Musk has hair transplants, doesn't he?
I guess jeff bezos decided not to go that route and i guess bill gates still has his hair but apparently he's worth i don't know hundreds of millions of dollars but apparently shampoo and a haircut is one dollar more than he's got so um men who get hair transfers plug to hide their baldness it wasn't my choice i said look i looked into it back in the day way back in the day and it was very expensive it looked kind of painful and it was one of the things though oh, what if I change my mind?
And what does it say about me that I'm not comfortable with who I am?
So hair transplants kind of like boob jobs, right? It's the boob job for men, right?
And so I don't think it's particularly great.

[1:22:58] And what did Joe Rogan called it? The ring of shame. Cause I think he didn't, he get hair transplants at one point, but he ended up shaving anyway, the ring of shame.
So I don't have any particular issue with people who get a hair transplants.
I I don't think it's a particularly big thing, but I do think it's kind of a sad thing.

[1:23:15] Bezos does roids though. Is that true? I don't know. Is that true?
I mean, just because a guy's buff doesn't mean he does steroids and he's not super buff or anything like that.
What's annoying to me about Bezos is it seems that, that the entire purpose of the Western economy is to have hardworking men hand over hundreds of millions of dollars or hundreds of billions of dollars to their ex-wives.
So the ex-wives can fund leftist causes.
It's really annoying. Stop doing that.
In my experience, board guys have more money and better business acumen right so yeah yeah you should definitely check out the um Stef i think you've been bored long enough that no one would hold it against you if you did get the surgery somebody says i almost got a boob job in my early 20s even made the initial consultation but didn't show it felt wrong years later i'm so glad i really don't need them and I think I'd be less attractive for having them. Yeah, yeah, for sure.
Wikipedia led me to believe the bald-headed look was on purpose.
That's right. I have a head that has skin.

[1:24:25] Not sure I'd want to take advice from a man who started a software company and named it after his junk. What? Is that Amazon?
That's a river. Anyway, so, yeah, for me, you know, don't you kind of want to be chosen for who you are and you know warts and all and uh i think if i'd got hair transplant and of course there's tons of people who've who've done it uh and some of course you haven't but bald guys even famous famous bald guys but to me i don't know it just would feel like i would be continued i would be sort of fundamentally implanting on my very being that i did not feel a good enough the way that i was right it uh there have been some studies on life outcomes by bald versus not bald men with good heads of hair make more money and are generally more successful in business as well as with women, maybe that's true maybe that's true but at what cost right at what cost the question is not do you get with more women the question is are your marriages more stable right are you married uh Not going to lie, I'm terrified of losing my hair.
I started having it come out in clumps due to stress, which thankfully means it's not age-related, but it definitely told me to take better care of myself. Right.
Stef needs to do his next show with a realistic wig and shark ass.
Realistic wigs are hard to come by, though, man. They're really hard to come by.
So, yeah, me with hair. Be interesting.

[1:25:54] Jeff Bezos is bald. Yeah, I mentioned that. So, I, you know.

[1:26:00] Bald forces development in other areas. is, yeah, for sure, if I had a great head of hair, it's not likely that I would have exercised as much.

[1:26:16] Bitcoin, what is the name of the guy you recommended to listen to about not being likely to be able to block, outlaw, prevent Bitcoin?
I'm going bald late 40s. My beard getting lots of white. I like the beard.
Andreas Antonopoulos. A-N-T-O-N-O-P-O-L-O-U-S. Andreas Antonopoulos.
He's more about like governments can't force a fork and take it over and so on. But I'm sure there's lots of other stuff that he's done.
I think he liked this show for a while and then didn't, for whatever reason.
People are funny. All right.

[1:27:02] Rogan does TRT. All right. I mean, isn't that also what happens when you go out in the sunlight?
Somebody says, I would love to see a series delving more deeply into those and perhaps other specific virtues that you look for in relationships, Stef. Stef, perhaps for donators only.
Uh, but I don't know.
I don't know that you need that. Do you want to know how to get a woman who's virtuous?
Stef, you lucked out on skull shape and jaw some men look like Humpty Dumpty bald. Yeah, I get that. I get that for sure.
I get that. Um, so to get a quality partner, it's actually pretty simple.
Rather than saying, well, what do I need to look for? The question is, what do I need to become?
Now, if you are openly virtuous, you will attract a virtuous woman and you will repel corrupt women.

[1:28:20] If you are a virtuous person, you will attract a virtuous lover and you will repel corrupt women.
So rather than saying, what should I look for in others?
It's what should you look for in the mirror? And if you practice your virtues, people will be drawn to you who are good and people will be repelled from you.
Virtues is the ultimate attraction repulsion mechanism for bringing good people to you and keeping bad people away from you.
I mean, have you ever had this? Have you had this in your life?
Where you meet someone and you just kind of really dislike that person.
And it happens the other way too. I remember being in a play with a guy when I was in university.
And I remember.

[1:29:13] Boy, I just like that guy. I just, there was just something really fake and pompous.
There's smuggins, my daughter calls it, just fake and pompous about the guy.
Always so superior and sardonic. And I just, that inauthenticity and that always wanting to be on top of everyone else and climb up above them and stomp them down to get an extra.
But do you ever have that where it's just like, ooh, just, you know, you see someone just like, nails on a blackboard.
You know, just, oh man, just rub you the wrong way, right?
Well, that's your virtuous soul keeping you safe. That's your virtuous soul keeping you safe.
And that's a good thing.
That's a good thing. And if it's any consolation, if you're virtuous and they're corrupt, they'll also hate you, right?

[1:30:06] Somebody says, what's with this obsession with Pearl Davis?
She's just another high-earning, higher-status female female who's positioned herself outside the reach of the average lowest status male.
It's what typically happens to women like her, and she knows this full well.
Can we actually talk about any of the content or any of the arguments that she makes?
This all mean girls gossipy stuff is just kind of... But I'll tell you something about Pearl.
I'm on a first syllable basis. I don't know if I'm Adam, right?
But something about Pearl all that's interesting is that, and people really don't appreciate this as much, that she is a very good athlete.

[1:30:52] She is a very good athlete, and that's seriously underappreciated when it comes to personal qualities.
She is an excellent, excellent volleyball player, and volleyball is a tough sport, it requires a lot of courage because that ball comes at your heart, man.
I've, I'm, I played a lot of volleyball in my life and you really have to have, some, some guts and a half to play volleyball.
If you ever watch like top level male volleyball, it looks like everyone's about to get killed.
Like seriously, that, that ball is turned into a bullet, the cannonball, right?
So she is someone who has a lot of physical strength, a lot of physical courage, and she's faced down her fears with regards to volleyball.
Because again, volleyball is, is one of the toughest sports around, right?
Volleyball is, I love volleyball. I do. I love volleyball.

Exploring Hair Transplants and Baldness

[1:31:52] Volleyball is one of the toughest sports around because there's a lot of risk.
You go up to that net and you're smashing and other guys are smashing and like, it's really tough. You got to dive and you're going to, it's one of the sports where you get hurt the most, in my opinion, or my experience, right?

[1:32:07] So for someone who is an excellent sports person, so she's learned good grace.
She's learned how to be a good loser. She's learned how to work with teammates.
She's got a whole, a lot of influences are kind of solitary, right?
Somebody says, yep, I agree. Volleyball can hurt really epic bad.
I've had a few injuries. It can touch your body. oh yeah you ever come out of volleyball with like the the bump part of you is just throbbing you know it's like my humps my humps uh broken it broke me so for people who've not look i'm i'm not some mr mr athlete sports guy but i have done a lot of sports to medium degrees of of success right i mean a soccer i was explaining uh baseball uh in great detail because i played years of baseball i was on the swim team i was on the cross-country team i was on the water polo team i played cricket i played rugby uh i played uh tennis a squash a pickleball racquetball i mean i've done a lot a lot of different sports volleyball of course so yeah uh hockey is right up there with it for sure excluding combat sports yes for sure but there are more women in playing volleyball than hockey.
So I'm just, yeah, I agree with you, but she's pretty tall.
Yes, yes, she is pretty tall and she's strong.

[1:33:37] Please play sports. Please play sports. It's so good for your brain.
It's so good for your life.
I mean, I don't want to embarrass anyone with my like eight to 10 hours of exercise a week, but it's so important.
It's so important to just do that.
I bought a polo rather hard on the horses I hear, LOL. Well, I'm glad you're laughing.

[1:34:00] So she played basketball too. Yeah, basketball is not as bad as volleyball when it comes to just balls coming at you, so to speak. Oh, oh, so many jokes.
So the one thing that I see with regards to Pearl is that the women who get mad at her tend to be a little bit on the girly girl side, right?
I mean, am I wrong? I'm not going to name anybody because that would be gossipy.
And I'm just sort of pointing out that she's just going to have a robustness because she's like this Amazon sports queen, right? Pearl, right?
She's just this Amazon sports queen.
She's just going to have that robustness and she's going to have that common sense and she's going to have that camaraderie. And so when the public gossipy attack stuff happens, that can never happen in, in sports.
Like you cannot, and I assume you guys have been on sports teams.
You cannot F with your teammates.
You can't gossip. You can't undermine. You have to support each other.
You have to be enthusiastic.
Sports is incredible for building camaraderie and knowing how to be part of a productive team.
Right. Right.

[1:35:14] Um so yeah yeah oh yeah so yeah jared jared said it was fun playing pickleball and seeing how much you were holding back and then taunting you and finding out yes i can be a little aggressive when it comes to pickleball i'm pretty good at it i mean i won a pickleball tournament once so uh so yeah i mean it is uh.

[1:35:35] It is really important to get involved in sports and teamwork. And I can tell.
I really can tell the people who've done particularly team sports.
Joe Rogan, I don't think he's been much. Maybe he has, but I think he's been more of a martial arts guy. So that's not so much a team sport, I think.
But people who've been part of a team sports, you can tell them a thousand miles away.
You can tell them a thousand miles away. People who are kind of bitchy and negative and hostile and undermine other people, They've just not been successfully part of a team sport because to be successfully part of a team sport, you really, really do have to work with other people, encourage them, confront them in their weaknesses, encourage them in their strengths, and really learn how to work together well.
And you just have to, uh, I, if you've been in sports a lot, you know, you know, MMA and other combat sports might be team sports, but you need incredible trust between your sparring partners.
Partners to know they won't break you and vice versa.
No, no, no, but sorry. No.

[1:36:42] Might not. Oh, might not be team sports. Okay. It might not be team sports.
Yeah, but it's still in opposition, right? You don't have a team to support that you need to work with.
Does Stef like golf? No, I don't.
I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I've been kind of tempted to get into fencing. What's wrong with fencing?
Good fences make good good neighbors fencing would be great fun i think does stef like golf i'm not a fan of golf i don't like golf i've played a number of times when i was in the business world i would play as sort of my sales and marketing side i did golf i was okay i was okay uh in golf but the problem with golf for me i'm not quite as bob hope says golf is a good work work spoiled but the problem with golf for me.

[1:37:25] Is it comes down to you know four hours come to eight comes down to 18 split second hits how good judeas and i like if i make a mistake i like just being able to play better within 10 seconds but if you make a mistake it's like 20 minutes till you get to the next hole and all of that so i'm not a huge fan of golf i know some people love it and i'm not trying to dis the sport at all but uh i'm i don't like golf i like i like going to mini golf with my daughter that's a lot of fun because we we play, or smuggins.
Whoever wins gets to be smuggins without being thumped. So.
Uh let's see here during a fight usually your kelp members are your corners meaning between rounds they wipe off your blood and sweat pat your cats yeah but nope sorry that's not the same as a team sport i mean the fact that you've got people helping you out yeah i played goalkeeper gotta have balls of steel literally figuratively yeah i did a lot of goalieing when i was in um in soccer i did a lot of goalieing i had very very good um reflexes for that kind of stuff and a certain amount of just ridiculous fearlessness when it came to that.

[1:38:33] Did you like baseball as a kid? I kind of felt as a kid we did it more out of inertia and tradition than the actual love of the game.
I did really like baseball.
I did really like baseball. So baseball is nice too because it can accommodate players who aren't great.
And some of my friends, you know, again, I'm not super athletic, but I think I'm fairly athletic.
My wife is always commenting on my ridiculous reflexes which is true i do have insane reflexes but um i've i've never i've never quite got into sports to the point where i'm like i'm gonna go spend three months working on my form that's like i i just like playing um right there wrongly right Right.
So, um, baseball, I really liked because it's the hitting, the hitting the ball is just super. I'm a, I'm a good hitter.
That's one thing I will say. I'm a good hitter, not, not a great catcher, but a good hitter.
And that thwack and that crack and that sprint is just great. It's just great.
Of course, when you get older, the problem with baseball is you stand around and then sprint like crazy.
And I know a friend of mine actually got, uh, was in a baseball games, sprinted like crazy and got a hernia, like half his intestines were spilling out of his wall.
So I did really like baseball. Baseball and soccer were the two games I played the most of with my friends.

[1:39:59] Oh, mini golf can be a blast.

[1:40:09] You did Frisbee football in the army. Frisbee could be fun. I did it once, but it was so hard. I just about died.
In the team sport, you can't win without your teammates winning.
Yes. So learning how to work together, learning how to support each other is so important in team sports.
And I can always tell people who've never done team sports. I can spot them a mile away.
They just have a certain win-lose mentality. But in a team sport, it has to be win-win. Your teammates have to win. You have to win.
And you have to support each other, but without being mindlessly supportive.
Like, great job. It's like, no, that was not good, and here's what you need to work on, and let me help you with that, right, so that you can operate.

[1:40:47] Apparently, the favorite hobbies of boomers are golf and birdwatching.
Oh, yeah, train spying. I don't get the birdwatching. It's just retarded to me.
Somebody says, I did baseball, soccer until about 12, then went into freestyle. Freestyle what?
BMX. Oh, yeah, yeah, cool, for about 12 years. the people were very different met some bad people in the skate park world i'm glad i didn't like them it become them right so i mean bmx is an immi it's a prima donna sport right because it's just you uh winning doing your tricks it's you don't work with other people it's not like a relay race it's like is at least a little bit better but i'm very much i think that the best way to build positive social relations skill relations supporting relations and you know the fall of sports is the fall of win-win negotiations the fall of team sports in particular particular is one of the reasons why everyone's so sensitive and so triggered because you have to figure you have to figure out how to lose right you have to figure out how to lose and still enjoy the game, all right, uh yes i've often i've honestly i've honestly missed playing frisbee football over the years and have had a soft hope that somehow i'd be able to play with a big group once again look it up look it up or and if you can't look it up make it happen.

[1:42:10] I, um, I'm, I'm, I'm semi-famous for getting volleyball games going.
I won't sort of go into the details, but I'll just roam around.
Want to play? Want to play? Want to play? Want to play?
So what about demolition derby?
I used to play a PS2 game as a kid about it and it was very fun.
I don't think that's a team sport, is it? It could be rough, but yeah, get in, get into team sports.
And, uh, it's, it's good for the soul. It's good for courage.
It's good for teamwork. It's good for learning how to not be sucky.
I mean, I started out as a very sucky player. You know, I literally would throw my tennis racket if I lost a game.
I was very impassioned, let's just say, but a little sucky, you know, with the caveat that I was six years old, but you have to learn how to enjoy the game knowing that there's a good chance you're going to lose.
Uh, because if you're winning all the time, you're not playing at the level you should be.
Right. So, uh, that is, uh, it's very, very important. All right.

[1:43:14] She keeps them all with a shand on.
Come on, Stef, you said a fat guy shouldn't give diet advice.
Pearl may speak truth, but she doesn't live it like you do.
I don't know. I don't know. I mean, so she hasn't made excellent dating choices.
I mean, have all of us made excellent dating choices in our early 20s? I didn't.
Stef is so admirable and humble. I just want to tickle his forearm hairs.
Well, that's a logical sequence that makes perfect sense to me.
Joe Rogan has a 0-0 pro fight record yet he announces UFC fights so I don't see why that's a problem.

[1:43:55] Alright I remember the good game handshake line at the end of each baseball game you learn to win and lose gracefully yes so I find it quite important when I'm playing with younger people to trash talk them relentlessly and then praise their game at the end i just find that enjoyable i'm uh i'm a famous trash talker honestly that that i'm more famous for that than anything i do online the trash talking is um is uh you know if i can invoke somebody's auntie teaching them their backhand and crippled auntie uh one-armed auntie teaching them their backhand it's a good day.

[1:44:36] Touch American football was always fun, yeah.
Roaming around propositioning people, you rogue. Oh, no, I'm shameless.
I will absolutely shame people into coming to play volleyball.
I have no problem pulling out every emotional trick in the book to get people to come out and play volleyball.
Oh, you don't want to play volleyball? Is that because your mommy doesn't want you to play because you might get hurt?
Oh, absolutely. I will absolutely just get people to play the damn volleyball. Volleyball.
I want to play volleyball. Come and play. I will push every button I can and get you to come and play volleyball.
Uh, me too. I love trash talking before the game, but I always have the humility to acknowledge good gameplay by my opponents. Absolutely.

Importance of Team Sports and Trash Talking

[1:45:19] Is family the first team sport? Yeah, man. Being a volleyball noob is brutal. Yes, yes it is. Yes it is.
Yes it is. And it's, um, uh, I'm also pretty relentless. So like, no, the kids can't play. No, the kids can't play.
Nope. Nope. Kids can't play. This is not babysitting. This is volleyball, man. Kids can't play.
Or if they do play, I'm going to treat them like adults, which means that you're going to bring them home in a sack.
Just kidding. All right. Any other questions or comments before we close up for the evening? Any other last tips?
I hope that you check out. I should give this to you. Come on.
Even if you're not donors, you deserve it.
You just deserve it. All right. So you can go to this place.

[1:46:04] I've just finished part two of the Peaceful Parenting book. I'm now diving into the data section, which is disorientingly, dizzyingly powerful.
All right.

[1:46:19] Michael Jordan would trash talk a lot. It's fun. It's fun. I play sports with Christians sometimes.
They're very against trash talking for some reason. I stick out like a sore thumb.
Larry Bird was famous for trash talking and backing it up. I don't mean trash talking like psychological warfare.
It's just kind of fun. I just find it very funny. And of course, I take as good as I get because Lord knows I mess up from time to time in sports as well.

[1:46:44] Oh, did they finally delete that? Y'all are not a horse. You're not a cow.
Seriously, y'all stop it.
The FDA finally had to delete that, right? Because they lost a court case or something like that.
Ah, the great silence of the post-COVID reckoning continues.
Nothing happened, man. We don't need to talk about anything.
Trash talking is at best extraneous. Well, aren't we quite the aristocrats?
It is extraneous. I'm sure it's for the serfs or the little people.
We don't need to trash talk.
I like how extraneous, you know. Is this show extraneous?
Is uh is uh having more than uh the basic and clothing extraneous is having more than a coffin to live in extraneous i don't know it's kind of funny, top gun kenny loggins playing with the boys plays as the guys play beach volleyball, yeah i mean it's uh it's it's a great to test and it's great to compete and be friends right to compete and be friends now it's all win lose and to the death but that's because people haven't, no I don't swear when I trash talk no I don't try I like to trash talk because it makes people play better it makes them crave the win yes and it all depends on how you do it if you're doing it in a fun way as opposed to a mean way people usually find it quite enjoyable.

[1:48:08] Oh, you want to come play volleyball? No. Hey, listen, man. I remember I found volleyball very intimidating and frightening when I first started, but man, you'll get used to it. There's no need to be that scared.
Would you consider recording an audio drama of your novels? You mean audio books?
Yeah, they're all done except for revolutions. I haven't done that one.
And by audio drama, do you mean like other actors and so on?
Yeah, that's, that's pricey, man. That's, that's pricey. Getting good actors is very expensive.
Swearing is pretty lazy. Yeah. No, swearing is something you don't do with people unless you know them very well. And they're 11 or under. Just kidding. No, but you don't.
Right. You don't. You don't swear with people you don't know.
And, uh, did you trash talk at the volleyball games where you met your wife?
Uh, yes, I did. Uh, but there were better players than me, so they got to trash talk me back and be more accurate. So.

[1:49:08] I remember, uh, there was this, uh, I was, we were playing opposite.
And then when I was first playing volleyball with the woman who became my wife and on the other team, there was this very attractive young woman and she lunged from the very back to the front of the ball.
So to get the ball. And then she, um, she fell on her knees and, and slid forwards on her knees and ended up right at my groin.
It was actually a very, very funny moment.
It was very, very funny moment. moment. I did, of course, offer her a cigarette after that play. I didn't because I don't smoke, but anyway.
I'd say something like, don't be too high on yourself when you lose.
Talent doesn't come naturally to everyone. Oh, that's good and smuggins.

[1:49:49] Good and smuggins. I learned the trash talking balance very young.
The kids who would take it too far would get ostracized. Yes.
It's, do you have a sense of humor about yourself? That's very, very important and it's one of these things like you don't want to be totally serious about yourself but you don't want to be putting yourself down constantly it's one of these little sort of things right i fight against covet amnesia by bringing it up casually as much as possible at work it's shocking for people to think masks still worked all lockdowns yeah yeah it's uh everybody just wants to leave it behind it's it's incredibly unhealthy and it just tells you everything about their families right.

Powerful Insights on Peaceful Parenting and Data

[1:50:31] All right last any last tips you can of course if you're listening to this later you can go to free slash donate to help out the show that way free slash donate i hope that you did i did i paste this i can't remember i think i did yeah so you can check out that you get to get the peaceful parenting audiobook is very very good and uh the last bit that i have is fantastic uh just before the end of part two so it's basically peaceful parenting is three parts there's um a theory practice proof right theory what's the moral theory behind it the practice how do you actually implement it and then the proof what is the data that shows that it absolutely works and because the moral is practical right so that's the and the data is is you know jared did a lot of it and i did some of it and it's really really powerful and important stuff because i don't know anyone who's brought together the proof for peaceful parenting from a scientific standpoint from the ground up, biologically, neurologically, psychologically, life outcomes, you name it.
It's all in one place. So anybody who's got any doubts about it, just send them to this section and all of that, right?

[1:51:38] I think I have trouble with the trash talking playful jabs because my dad used to really talk down and tease me pretty harshly. I tend not to do it because I don't want to hurt somebody.
No, I get that. And if you have that kind of history, then trash talking might not be the the thing for you but uh i find it i find it a lot of fun and i i i enjoy provoking into trash i enjoy provoking people into trash talking back and fully accepting it as a a healthy and and positive trade because lord knows i earn it sometimes as well so i think that's that's a lot of fun, All right. Well, thanks, of course, everyone, for dropping by tonight.
It's a great, great pleasure to chat with you all. Now, just a reminder, I'm setting up these voice chats for donors.
Hopefully you get to do it at least twice a week.
I just don't know how to do it in a healthy way, and that's fine.
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[1:52:44] And yeah, the donor voice chats

Dealing with Anger After Losing a Sports Game

[1:52:48] are really fun. We just started them and they're really, really great.
How would you help someone who gets mad after losing a sports game?
Well, so people who get mad when they lose a sports game are mad because they didn't do as well as they wanted.
And then they're mad because they haven't practiced. So fundamentally they're mad because they have this magical thinking that they should win without practice, that they should win win without challenge without bettering without working on on things that are tough for them right, so um i worked forever and ever on my backhand in fact to the point where when i serve pickleball i serve back backhand because it's just my backhand is really good and so people uh they get frustrated because they have this magical thinking that they should be good without practice.

[1:53:30] And so they have a i am the one uh you know touched by the finger of god and talent and it's all that's all nonsense right like you just have to work at stuff i mean maybe there's some natural affinity but you still have to work on that michael jordan took endless amounts of free throws and um tennis players are you know constantly working on on their jojo vick or whatever his name was the non-vax guy was you know was about to give up because he hated it and was so frustrated and then, you know, ended up working in a different kind of way.
So, yeah, you have to be willing to work on your weaknesses, but if you have this magical belief that somehow talent will make it and then it doesn't work, your magical belief is challenged, right?
Your magical belief is challenged.

[1:54:19] It's challenged, and so your vanity is challenged, so people are getting mad at their magical beliefs and all of that.
I missed the voice chat today while I was doing my hike, but I'll be sure to be there next time. Good, I appreciate that.
That would be great. Always welcome. Always welcome.
No, don't trash talk someone who's actually genuinely angry because it's just going to be provocative and it's kind of cold and weird because they are going through a bit of a crisis. But, you know, if I'm playing with someone who's like, oh, they get really mad at themselves.
I'm like, I guess you had a pretty aggressive coach. Was it your father?
Like, who am I playing with here? You or your dad, right? And just trying to shake them out of that.
That could be quite helpful. But, you know, you can do it with some kind of compassion because we all get that voice from time to time. All right.
Thanks, everyone, so much for a wonderful evening. If you're listening to this later, slash donate. Nate, if you want to join or slash freedomain, you're absolutely welcome.
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So slash donate to help out the show. Take care of one.
Lots of love from up here. And I will talk to you on Friday nights.
And then again, Sunday, 11am Eastern Eastern Standard Time. Take care. Bye.

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