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Introduction to Wednesday Night Live

[0:00] Good evening. Welcome to your Wednesday Night Live. Stefan Molyneux from Free Domain apologizing once again.
Voice is a little blown out. I was helping a friend with some musical numbers yesterday and hit notes that no human being should hit.
I hit the notes. They kind of ganged up together and took me down.
Sometimes you hit the notes. Sometimes they hit you back. Sometimes they punch you straight to the throat. So, all right.
Thank you for the tips. I appreciate everyone. everyone's support.
I appreciate your interest.
I hope you're doing well. I hope you're enjoying the new economy.
Audio's good. Lovely.
Lovely. All right. So let's get to itty bitty ditty coins.
Let's get them sorted a little bit first and foremost.

[0:57] And, you know, customer service, I don't know, man. It's so brutal.
It's just so unpleasant.
I had a problem with my internet a day or two ago, and everyone was like, they call the company, right?
And they're like, nah, it's not at our end. It's got to be at your end.
I'm like, well, can Can you send someone out? Well, not today.
It's kind of late in the day. We'll send somebody by tomorrow.
It'll be between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Can you narrow that down? No.
Absolutely impossible to narrow that down. So basically, I just have to be home for like the whole day and cross my fingers and hope. Well, they might call ahead of time.
Ah, nothing quite as special as somebody saying to you, uh something might happen that's good you know like it might happen uh something might happen no hang on why uh sorry i'm just missing a little something oh there we go missing a little i was just missing a little something there on my audio on the camera so i need to record both on the um.

[2:05] Uh preamp and on the camera camera so so then of course i stay home and i mean i'm home a lot anyway but i stay home and finally around uh four o'clock i give them a call like hey you know just out of curiosity how am i going to be back online do i continue to melt my phone as a server i'm like oh no we fixed that hours ago did you didn't know i'm like well you told me it was broken, it wasn't at your end therefore there was no point me checking because you had to send someone out after threatening me with a big charge if it turned out to be at my end so they're like oh no it's working and you know how people say this is a funny thing right it's just like a weird empathy thing that i got going on with people it drives me a little crazy which is people don't say.

[3:02] Oh yeah i'm so sorry we somebody should have called you and told you you were back online and and that way you could have got on with your day and gone and done things or whatever right they don't say that they say no no it's working like you're supposed to know that after they tell you to stay home and they swear up and down a blue streak that it's not at all at their end they then say no it's working like with no it's completely insane it is as insane as the the mafia guy who shoots you in the knee and says, man, you really got to get that looked at. That looks bad.
Yeah. Yeah. You should just stay home all day and get up early. Let's stay home all day.
And then call us later in the day. We'll tell you, oh, it's like fixed hours ago.
Like, oh, it's working. Well, why are you calling me? Why are you calling me? It's working.
I don't know. Maybe people like have a notification if their internet comes back up, but it's just like, so, and here's the thing, like it's never the person you talk to. Nobody's ever ever to blame, right?
It's like that old Howard Jones song, no one, no one, no one ever is to blame, which I was actually going to do a cover of regarding COVID.
We know China is to blame.
So yeah, you can never talk to the people who screw up. Never.
Because you never can talk to anyone. And then it feels unjust to unload on someone whose fault it isn't.
Except that from my view, it's like if you're working for a company with that kind of service, you deserve every piece piece of aggressive feedback you get.

[4:29] Just tragic.
Just tragic yeah i remember seeing uh colin james many years ago he wrote a song with elvis costello called you and whose army and he was singing it and he was you know he's a great singer of great bluesy gravelly voice singer but he was you could tell he was working a bit hard on the high notes and i remember the bassist of the it was the bassist or the drummer saying oh yes everybody has all the fun in the world in the studio when you can do as many takes as you want and then when everybody forgets about doing those high notes night after night out on the road. Let's remember that.
It's very funny. Just funny.
So, yeah, let me just get to my... Somewhere here, I do have a tab.
I promise you I have a tab here. There we go. Big kind update. All right.
Let's get ourselves up. This is, of course...

[5:23] We are late 2020. Is it the end of the month? No, it's the 28th.
We have an extra day tomorrow. It's a divide by four year.
So if you'd like to help out the show, of course, slash donate.
I really would appreciate that.
Bitcoin is now the ninth largest asset in the world.
The ninth largest asset in the world. Ahead of Meta.
Ahead of Meta. gold 13.7 trillion microsoft 3 trillion apple 2.8 trillion saudi aramco 2 trillion nvidia 1.9 trillion amazon 1.8 trillion alphabet.

[6:00] Uh 1.7, oh i have some source or something thanks appreciate it uh alphabet uh 1.7 trillion Silver, $1.27 trillion.
And Bitcoin is at $1.25 trillion, ahead of Meta at $1.24 trillion.
So Bitcoin ETFs have smashed their daily trading volume record with $6.28 billion so far, more than double the previous record of $3 billion. So that's good.
Wall Street is scrambling. This is from tweets. Wall Street is scrambling to buy Bitcoin.
They finally realize the scarce asset will protect them against currency debasement.
Here's my full segment, and there was something on Fox News. And...
So yeah, TotalSmart Bitcoin ETF trading volume surpasses $3 billion for the second day in a row.
And BlackRock, Grayscale, Fidelity, ARK Investments, and so on are all putting massive amounts of money into it.
Steve Saylor's bet on Bitcoin will go down as one of the great financial moves of the last 500 years.

[7:04] Anybody who is tempted to have paper hands, don't you just like the eye of Sauron rises?
It's like Steve Saylor scowling at you. like don't be weak don't be weak uh bitcoin halving clock what are we at so you can you can go to slash bitcoin halving let us in fact go to slash bitcoin halving, what is left 49 days 20 hours 31 minutes and 38 seconds that in bitcoin is 62 000 and change in the U.S. dollars.
Fall of the empire currency in Bitcoin is always fun. So that's very interesting, of course.
And this is from Reuters. Bitcoin hit 60K on Wednesday for the first time in more than two years.
As a flurry of capital into new U.S. spot, Bitcoin exchange traded products fueled a 42% price rally in February.
42%. Which would mark its largest monthly gain since December 2020. 2020.
Bitcoin was last up 6% at 60,131, its highest since November 2021, when it hit a record just below 70,000.
Now, remember, there's been about 13% inflation, at least in Canada, about 13% inflation since 2021. So.

[8:23] Bitcoin has to go up a bit about 10K higher than it was in 2021 in order to match that.
But of course, it is completely appalling to even think that it's been 13% inflation in just a couple of years.
It's just absolutely theft, theft, theft.

[8:44] Traders have poured into Bitcoin ahead of April's halving event process designed to slow the release of the cryptocurrency. currency.
In addition, the prospect of the Federal Reserve delivering a series of rate cuts this year has fed investor appetite for higher yielding or more volatile assets.
Of course, government debt is predicated, renewables of treasuries are predicated on interest rates, and so the Fed is going to have to cut interest rates in order to control debt spending.
And cutting interest rates means that people are looking for stuff that's going to make money, and Bitcoin is that. that.
Ben Laidler, global market strategist at retail investment platform eToro said, quote, Bitcoin is being driven by the support of consistent inflows into the new spot ETFs and outlook for April's halving event and June's Fed interest rate cuts.
So the value of all the Bitcoin in circulation has topped $2 trillion this month for the first time in two years, according to crypto platform CoinGecko.
Ooh, that's cold-blooded, man. While the price of the token itself has doubled in just four months.

[9:55] Just four months. I'm trying to think when I started talking about Bitcoin again.
Something like that. Something like that.
The bigger Bitcoin exchange traded funds have seen a definite pick up in interest this week.
The three most popular run by Grayscale, Fidelity and BlackRock have seen trading volume surge.

[10:15] Adam Back, a long time Bitcoin developer who can't do the breaststroke actually, says 100K by halving day people are starting to believe bears leverage shorts wrecked scared off profit take limit orders moved upwards or just deleted to wait and see over-the-counter desks out of coins daily 500 million slash 10k bitcoin etf buy walls this can gap upwards fast 51 days to go i guess a little bit down from that so uh let's see here bitcoin is testing all-time highs before the halving this This has never happened before in history.
Yeah, normally the halving has a pull event. The halving happens and then people say, oh, it's worth more, but now it's happening ahead of time.
BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF now holds 141,396 Bitcoins up at 9,114 from yesterday.
This was the biggest day so far for inflows.
And Ibbots' total holdings are now worth 8.07 billion.
Was it Max Keiser who gave Alex Jones 10,000 Bitcoins back in the day?
And I think Alex Jones lost them or refused them or something like that.
Oh, well, it would have just been taken away in a court case, I guess. So 900 Bitcoins are issued per day in April. This would drop to 450.
BlackRock clients bought over 10 times the newly issued supply, right? So just so you understand that. So.

[11:43] This is from Bitcoin Magazine, came out yesterday, yesterday night.
Spot Bitcoin ETFs bought over 9,000 Bitcoin yesterday, while mine has only produced about 900, right?

[11:56] So, 900% demand. 900% demand.
And the supply is about to go down by half in April, right?
So, yeah, the all-time high Bitcoin exchange rate is not 69,000. That was in 2021.

Frustrations with Customer Service

[12:13] For true all-time high we need to break about 79 000 and then of course coinbase crashed today and it was just volume it was just volume as far as i understand it and people logged in and saw account balances of zero and probably i'm sure entirely shat their gaming chairs but, the ceo says everyone's fine just everything's all there it's just a matter of uh technical technical errors because of too high a volume.
So, but of course, and I think most people understood that it's not exactly a Bankman-Fried situation.

[12:52] And so there was a sell-off as people panicked. Oh, Bitcoin's been lost and right. It's going to lose its reputation. Things can go badly and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And so that caused a sort of crash, then a little bit, and then not a crash, really call it the crash.
But then it went back up again today. day. And where are we at right now?
Canadian, 84,140, which is up almost, well, almost 9% in one day.
Up 68, 68, 38, 68, 68.38.
A lot of eights there. Oh, just tapped over 84,000, just ticked over to 84,000 Canadian.
So that's good.
That is all kinds of fine.
All kinds of, he lost the Bitcoin. Yeah, he lost them.
I'm sure it was a boating accident. Thank you, Steph, for your Bitcoin insights.
You are more than welcome.

[13:49] You are more than welcome. So I'm glad to be of help. I'm glad to be of help and to have been of help for so long.
All right. If you have any other Bitcoin questions, just let me know.
I'll do what I can to answer them.
Remembering that I'm more on the philosophical and free market economics side of it rather than the technical side of it. It's a lot of code. It's a lot of code.
So while I wait for those questions to come in, someone has asked me, Hey, Steph.
Yes, Jeff. Hey, Steph, why do some people downplay spanking as being abusive to children?
Someone recently asked Razorfist if he agreed with your argument against spanking.
He said he, quote, didn't see it as being necessary, but he also added he didn't think it was that bad.
He admitted to being punished this way himself during his childhood.

[14:41] I've heard this argument for mild sadism before. How do people make this case with a straight face?
Well, let me ask you this. Does Razor Fist have children? Is he married?
Let me look that up. Let me look that up. Razor.
Great name, by the way, Razor Fist. But may not be overly empathetic.
Personal life. Is there anything?
Oh, he's a fictional character.
From Wikipedia. No. Razor fist.
Does he even have a... Does he have a... He's not a species of fish. Not a bivalve.
He's not an advertising agency and he's not a surgeon fish.
So it does not look like a razor fish. A razor fist. Sorry. Sorry.
Eraserfish. Eraserfish.

[15:53] Eraser.
No, it doesn't look like it is there. A Marvel Comics fictional character.
I don't know. Is he married? Does he have kids?
He's not not married. He has a girlfriend on screen last year.
So, uh, you know, again, I, I like him. I don't know what even real name is.
Uh, is he in his, he looks to be in his late thirties.
Am I, am I wrong about this? Hard to tell with the sunglasses and the kind of grainy video, but, uh, he is, you know, fairly intense, obviously very funny, uh, great language skills.
And, And I remember seeing a video of him just falling over backwards, which he published, which I thought was very funny and self.
I like people who can laugh at themselves. I really do. Otherwise, they'll often be a little too intense for sustainability. But.

[16:48] Um, so if he'd seen this sort of middle eight thirties, I don't know how old he is.
If he's in his middle eight thirties and he's not married and has no kids, then, uh, he's not found anyone that he truly loves.
You know, and I say this with great affection for the guy and all that.
This is not any kind of criticism, but he hasn't found anyone he truly loves.

[17:08] I dated a fair amount when I found my wife, um, like I locked it down within four months.
I mean, it's not the men can't commit. it's just you know we have to find someone great to commit to i locked her down got her engaged within four months and then you know uh five or six months after that we tied the knot and started our life together boom i had a seven year off and on again relationship before couldn't get committed well got close got close you know how sometimes you get real close to a cliff edge in a dream except you wake up and you're actually in a cliff edge in reality hanging by the juniper of berries roots well um juniper bushes roots i got close and then found the right person so he hasn't found someone that he truly loves i would assume otherwise he would have married her and he hasn't had kids so if he hasn't had kids you you can't hit someone you love i mean that's not wildly controversial is it it's not wild now of course some people would say ah yes you see but but you hit your children because you love them.
And it's like, that's just too effed up for me to even process.
You know, that's like, well, you know, you want to make sure that you're, I mean, that's like the burka argument, you know, you want to keep women pure, so you beat them up if they show any skin, right? The Victorian argument, right?

[18:33] Lots of mascars. I don't know what that means. He and Sticks have an ongoing debate on how to cook steak and whether pineapple goes on pizza.
Yeah i mean sticks became a dad right um but i think he did his marriage crater wasn't he in the netherlands and then moved with great speed back to the states because of something x y and z so i mean you love your kid right and if you love your kid, why you can't hit your kid if you love your kid i mean now that i've been a father for like 15 years The idea that I would raise my fist against my daughter.

[19:20] You know, have a look up with terror in her eyes as my fist on my hand descended on her body.
Like, I got to tell you, it makes my absolute skin crawl from the spinal marrow out to the tip of my hair.
It's just appalling. I mean, can you imagine, like you love your wife and you hit your wife?
Can you imagine you love your... Love is the barrier to violence.
Love is the barrier to violence. And all who are condoning violence have yet to fall truly in love.
Right everyone who condones violence has yet to fall truly in love i mean the opposite of violence is love so i would hope i hope you know again he's a great guy in a lot of ways and um, i hope that he finds love i hope that he loves his child to the point where he, can't even imagine hitting his child i i mean i can't i can't i can't honestly Honestly, it's completely incomprehensible to me.
It does feel like, I don't know, some otherworldly life form.

Relationship Dynamics and Love

[20:25] The people who, and I'm not saying him, right? Because he hasn't had kids yet, right? But it just feels like anotherworldly life form.
And why do people do it? Because, like, why do people say that stuff?

[20:37] I mean, because they don't want to criticize their parents for hitting them.
I mean, it's not that much more complicated than that, is it?
He just doesn't want to, uh, and, uh, Razor Fist, uh, I know he does some, I think he does some politics.
I know he does some video games and stuff like that.
Um, and I'm an older man, probably by 20 years. So, you know, this is just a perspective, but I'm, I guess I would have questions about the eternal adolescence thing.
You know, the aviator glasses and leather jackets. since like if you're in your mid-late 30s i don't know still doing video game reviews i don't know it just seems like maybe there's a a turnoff to patriarchy that may have been missed i don't know again no particular dislike or anything like that and maybe he's got really great things that i'm not aware of but i mean that would be my sort of first question if i were to have met him face to face.
Seems like fun, but are you planning for the long term?
Are you planning for aging out? Are you planning for, right?
I don't know. I just don't know. All right. Let's see here.
Why do you think Tom Brady's ex-wife cheated on him with her jujitsu instructor?

[21:59] Uh, I know that this is producing a fair amount of despair across the manosphere, right?
That Tom Brady, great looking guy, super athletic, great physique.
I don't know, hundreds of millions of dollars and top of his field, top success, this, that, and the other.
Uh, so why do I think his ex-wife cheated on him?
Cause I think he's said that he accepts that.
Was it Giselle Bündchen or something like that? have his model wife, that she started her relationship with her jujitsu instructor many years before, right? I think he said that.

[22:40] Well, I don't know anything about Tom Brady and his marriage.
I assume he's a workaholic. I know that she begged him to quit and he decided to keep going.
I guess you can't think of a second act, right? You know this, right?
You know how you need a plan B, right? Is everyone aware of this?
Like you need a, you need something you can jump to if your main thing goes tits up.

[23:09] Fridays, he hosts a stream playing games and chatting politics.
His girlfriend did not look like a type you take to church.
Hey, did, did, um, gosh, what's his name? Francois, did, did, uh, Gary Eppie.
Did his wife ever show up, Francois Gary Abbey's wife? Did she ever show up? Did she ever pop back?
Did she ever despawn? Did she ever come back from the back rooms or wherever she went? I don't know if that ever happened. So with Tom Brady, it's really sad.
It's really sad not that Tom Brady's wife cheated on him.
It's really sad that men think that if you're good-looking and wealthy and successful, that your wife will never cheat.
And, uh, it's a way of pushing back against women and saying, oh, you know, even if you're Tom Brady, your wife's going to cheat on you and blah, blah, blah.
It's like, I mean, my wife not going to cheat on me. I'm not going to cheat on my wife. Never going to happen.
Never, never in his early years. So, I mean, Tom Brady, obviously better looking than me, more athletic than me, younger than me, more successful than me in material terms by far.
So you know why why am i sort of solid about my wife and tom brady wasn't about his.

[24:31] If so people think that women cheat because what the man's not wealthy enough the man's not successful enough some sort of monkey branching thing or whatever no, no um women cheat and men cheat, because they don't love their partners, right?
I mean, cheating is a manifestation of a lack of love. Look at that.
We got spanking and cheating, right?
Cheating is a manifestation of a lack of love. That's all it is.
She cheated on him because she didn't love him.
And he went back to football when she begged him not to because he doesn't love her. He loves football more than his wife.
And she loves or is attracted to the jiu-jitsu instructor more than her husband.
Does that make sense?

[25:33] I don't know what TB12 is. TB12 running an Empire Now signed to Fox Sports, 10 years, 300 million contract, starts calling games next year.
Is that Tom? Oh, Tom Brady. I don't know what TB12 is. Tom Brady. ready.
Yeah. So I guess he wanted to play more than he wanted to call it. Yeah. You need a plan B.
Everybody, you got to have more than one iron in the fire. And so you've got a main job.
You should have something on the side that you can jump to and build if necessary.
Cause you know, you could get laid off. The business would go in a recession.
AI could come along and displace your coding skills. It could be any number of things, right?
You have to have a plan B. I see your test. Mobius, Mirage. Good afternoon.
Good afternoon. New Liberty Garden. Nice to see you.
Nice to see you. Come by. Come by.
Nice to see you. So, thanks for your tips, I appreciate that as well.
And, Dolphins, Ricardo, and Tim, thank you.
And my guardian angel. And, to-loo-loo-loo-loo-loo-loo-loo.
That's me, it's Lady Smith, my black man, Manza. TB12, Tom Brady, his sports empire, his shirt, number 12.
Yeah, I'm not a sports nerd, so I wouldn't know that. It's fine, but it's not, Tom Brady was only playing an extra season before retiring.
After being told by his wife to stop playing, it doesn't feel like a big enough deal to divorce over.

[26:58] So, let's see here. Yeah, so they just don't love each other enough, and so they cheat, right?
The absence of love is lust, right? Now, lust is fine within the confines of love, right?
And love and lust are great, but in the absence of love, lust takes over, right?
In the absence of love, lust takes over. That's Satan's offer to Jesus in the wilderness, right? right?
I'll give you the whole world. Just stop loving virtue.
And Jesus says, no, I love God and virtue. I don't care about the world.
Plan B, like a side hustle for income. Yeah.
You need to have a place to jump to if you're sick, if your ship gets torpedoed, you need to have, and it could be savings, which gives you time to find a plan B.
You can't be living paycheck to paycheck. And you, it's really, really good to have some kind of side hustle.
I mean, do you understand I had a business career, this was originally a side hustle.
But originally it was just a way to get my thoughts out while having a long commute. And then it became a side hustle.

Importance of Having a Plan B

[28:03] And then it became a main gig because I found this much more important and more valuable and a better match to my skill sets than the business world.
I was pretty good in the business world, but I mean, I think I'm even better at this. So.

[28:17] So, yeah. And why don't they love each other?
Because, I mean, have you noticed this? I was just talking about this with my family today.
It would be nice to meet successful people who just weren't so freaking smug.
My daughter calls it smuggins, and it's one thing that just drives her completely batty. It's sort of a British thing, like you should be humble and all of that.
Or maybe it's a Christian thing to be humble. but do you ever notice that just people who are very successful just have this kind of semi-punchable air of infinite superiority? It's really just terrible.
It's really just terrible. All right.
I've still got people telling me Bitcoin is a scam. It's a Ponzi scheme.
You're being played. No evidence ever giving.
No, I think those people are great. I thank those people. I really do. I really do.
The people who are in Bitcoin should be in it because they know what's going on.
And people who think that government currency is a good thing and stable and not a scam, but Bitcoin, which is limited, is a scam, then you should wallow in the pig's trough of fiat currency and leave the Bitcoin to people who know what they're doing.
Yeah no honestly and you should you should keep.

[29:41] You should they should work very hard to keep people away from Bitcoin and I thank them for the service that they're doing I really do like all the people who trash talk what I do, it's great thank you thank you for keeping volatile people who are easily impressionable and don't think for themselves thank you for keeping them away from this show like Thank you guys out there trash talking me from here to eternity.
You're doing a great thing.
You're doing a great thing. Have you read the Bitcoin standard?
Uh, no, that's not one of the books I've read.
Uh, so a lot of people, Bitcoin is a scam. It's a Ponzi scheme.
You're being played. No.

[30:20] I'm not even sorry you feel that way.
Like, this is how I look at things.
So let's say that there's some woman who's got, you know, her smile lights up the room.
She's just really smart, really funny, really moral, really great.
And you're just really drawn to her. And then your friends are like, oh, she's terrible.
Or some people are like, oh, she's terrible. I'm like, yeah, tell everyone that, right?
Tell everyone that she's terrible. And that way I can get her.
I can, I can woo her. I can date her hopefully, right? With less competition.
So no, it's great.
Because, uh, if, if fools get ahold of Bitcoins, if they say, well, I'm, I'm getting, if fools get ahold of Bitcoin, then they're going to lose it.
They're going to mess it up. And then they complain, I lost my life savings.
They're going to give it a bad reputation and so on. I want people who know what they're doing to be in crypto and everyone else should not be in crypto, in my humble opinion, right?
Or if they think that Bitcoin is a scam, they don't understand Bitcoin.
They're just repeating what they've been told. They're not thinking for themselves. ourselves.

Misconceptions about Bitcoin

[31:39] That's fine. I mean, there's no commandment that says thou shalt think.
You don't have to think for yourself. That's okay. You don't want to think for yourself.

[31:48] I just, uh, I just don't want you having Bitcoin if you don't think at all.
And of course, I don't know whether people should or shouldn't.
I'm just saying that all the scam, it's a scam, man. It's It's a scam, right?
Yeah, well. All right. Have you ever been to a good funeral?
Odd question. One where you felt no one was lying about the deceased.
My friend's granddaddy died of old age. He was the former head of my state's SBI.
Every single officer who served under him who was not himself in the grave or in hospital showed up.
This was the only funeral where I felt no one was lying about the dead or giving empty platitudes.
Well did he uh did he arrest people for non-crimes so uh no i've never uh really been to a good funeral i wonder if giselle felt she needed more attention especially male attention she went on the record saying tom had a concussion info he never shared with the team or the league looks Looks like she was trying to make others stop him playing. Sad.
Women need love. Men need love. The attention thing, I don't know that that really matters.
Attention is just something that you say people are lacking when what they actually lack is love.

[33:13] The people you love should be your highest priority behind only one thing, right? Which is virtue and integrity.
Because you can't have or maintain the love if you don't have the virtue and integrity.
Virtue and integrity, the people you love.
That's it. That's it.
Yeah, people, one of the biggest subsidies that happens in the world is people lying about others when they're dead, right?
Just don't speak ill of the dead, right? Don't speak ill of the dead.
I don't. Nobody seems to apply that to Hitler.
Like, don't speak ill of the dead is just a way of don't be honest about people's crappy lives and crappy choices.
And let's hold hands and pretend that bad people lived good lives.
That's all it is, all it is to do with, so.
Zim says i was in a several hour argument with some random guy because his claim was that you encourage people to quote walk into a minefield end quote by discussing crypto i encourage people my analogy in response was that if you introduced somebody to cars that person wrecked their car arm blamed you for not knowing how to drive.

[34:31] Yeah. So, uh, uh, the crypto, oh, do we want to rant?
I don't know. It's been a while. I just don't know. Just don't know.
Hit Y for rant. It'll be a quiet rant. I've got to save my voice.
I'm not done helping my my friend, but I don't know, are, right.
So, Bitcoin is absolutely glorious for one main and central reason, and main and central reason only, that in the past, intelligent people have always had their wealth extracted by force in general, right?
Thieves or taxes or debt or inflation or something like that.
So in this case, intelligence and curiosity is being massively rewarded for the first time in human history directly.

[35:39] In the past, wealth accrued to the most violent. In the medium past, wealth accrued to those like the aristocrats most wedded to the power of the king.
In the recent, recent past, wealth accrues to sophists and liars and cheats.
But finally, wealth is accruing to raw intelligence, understanding, integrity, and a kind of virtue. you.
How many people throughout history got completely destroyed for telling the truth?
More than we'll ever know, and probably more than we can ever count, more than we could ever count, even if we knew.
How many people just got absolutely destroyed for telling the truth, for knowing, for understanding, for reasoning, for thinking?
Now, you can think, you can understand, and you can participate in Bitcoin, and therefore wealth can flow to raw intelligence and curiosity and thinking outside the box for the first time in human history.
Thinking outside the box, thinking for yourself, has been largely suicidal throughout most of human history.
Now all you have to do is think. You don't have to start some big giant industrial concern.
You don't have to invade Poland. You don't have to take over Russia.
You can just think. And minor actions, and you're away to the races.

[37:00] Finally, intelligence gains resources resources rather than violence and sophistry.
I mean, it's almost impossible to overemphasize just how unbelievably powerful that is, that resources, for the first time in human history, are coalescing around brain power rather than and sociopaths of the word and sword variety, the violent, the liars, the manipulators, the sophists, the oily-tongued unravelers of all that has integrity in civilization, finally, we don't have to wait to get to heaven for the reward of independent thinking and virtue. Virtue.
They say virtue is its own reward.
I was always told that virtue is its own reward. That reward being a good conscience, of course, in the here and now and heaven in the afterlife. Virtue is its own reward. No, no, no.
Now virtue is Bitcoin's reward.

Judging the Deceased and Parenting in History

[38:19] Yeah don't speak ill of the dead is like saying don't judge a movie after it's over yeah i mean you can in fact judge the dead better than anyone else because they're beyond any change of heart right when do you think we reached the pinnacle of good parenting in human history or is it the present where we have peaked the pinnacle of good parent in human history.

Freud and Childhood Trauma

[38:44] I don't know. I mean, Freud's father forced his sons to perform oral sex on him.
Freud was going to have much to say about childhood. Would you have gone to your father's funeral trying to figure this out ahead of time for my parents?
I mean, I couldn't go to my father's funeral because of COVID, but no, I would not have gone to my father's funeral. No.
You need to have, sorry, let me rephrase that.
I never want to say what other people should or should not do.
I will tell you what's been incredibly helpful for me is to have.

[39:25] Exit rituals in my heart for people who are kind of dead to me.
See, there's dead in the world and then there's dead to me. So, uh, you know, I've got some great relationships that have lasted for for a long time, but some people have come in and out of my life.
And I've got friends going back 15 years and I have friends I'm making now, which is great.
But yeah, the people who have done wrong, who have exited my life in a flurry of possible betrayal or lack of integrity or addiction or whatever, I mean, this is fairly long in the past.
I kind of have a funeral in my head. And when my father failed to respond in any reasonable way to my complaints.

[40:11] To the violent woman that he abandoned me to and never asked how I was doing and never provided any relief or help.
And of course, the whole family left me alone with my mother for a couple of years.
In my early teens, when she was really losing her mind, it ended up being institutionalized. It was just me and her.
Everybody else was off doing their thing. My brother was over in England. My father was in Africa.
My cousins were over in Ireland. Everybody else was doing their thing.
I was just completely left behind. Fuck them.
Like, honestly, fuck them. You don't leave, uh, you don't leave the youngest person in the family to deal with the most violent and insane person in the family all on their own, never even calling to find out how they're doing like fuck them. Right.
So, uh, years later, when I talked to my father about some of this stuff, he did not, um, respond with any curiosity or empathy or understanding or anything like that.
So it's like, okay, so you're out, you're out of my heart.
I mean he would be dead to me again i know it sounds like a very dramatic phrase but he would be just out of my heart why would i want to have anything to do with anyone who's that.

[41:22] Insensitive on whatever you'd want to say right it's just my my experience right, so why would i go to a funeral for somebody who had who i'd lowered into the ground in my heart, decades before if that if that makes sense it would almost be like going like why if you had a funeral why would you dig up the body later and have another funeral right wouldn't make any sense, so you got to have closure at least i i found it incredibly useful to have closure with people and after you have closure with people you don't need more closure right i mean that would be like i don't know some girl i dated 30 years ago me calling her up after i've been happily married for 21 years me calling her up and breaking up with her again like that wouldn't make any sense why would i do that that'd make no sense at all no sense at all so uh no i wouldn't go to my my father's funeral why why my relationship had ended uh with him uh trying to think, um i mean well over 20 years before well over, Alright, let's see here.

[42:43] I will let you read the origins of war and child abuse. I won't answer questions about that.
Steph, how would your marriage look like if you'd married that wrong woman?
Would you be trying to make it work? I would have, but it wouldn't have worked.
Yeah, it wouldn't have worked. It wouldn't have worked.

[43:00] See, and this is nothing particular to anyone I dated in the past.
This is true for people as a whole.
You have to have to have to have people in your life who can get to the next stages in life, right you got your young stage you got your educational stage you got your founding the career stage you got to be growing your career you got to you know hopefully be making a bit of money you got to maybe buy some property you got to get married you got to have kids you got to raise your kids you got to do good in the world like those are all stages, i guess this is back to razor fist again no particular negativity but But is he getting to the next stage in life?
When people don't get to the next stage in life, they're setting themselves up for massive problems.
I mean, again, I'm 57 years old, 58 this year, and I've got a long enough view of life now to know that the people who don't get to the next stage of life, never grow up. They, right, the guys who didn't date never dated.
The guys who had bad marriages never got good marriages out of them.
The guys who never had kids never grew up. The women who never had kids never grew up.

[44:20] I mean, I had a friend for some years who never had kids, didn't have a great marriage, and he just kept going to concerts and, you know, living that, you know, kind of cool, funky late teens early 20s life just never never really grew up and you know if you're on that life journey right if you're on that life journey and you are achieving things in progress in your life people got to come along with you or what do you have in common.

[44:59] What do you have in common?
In particular, I mean, and one of the big dividers, of course, is having a good career, having the three big ones, good career, good marriage, good parenting.
Like I'll tell you this, I mean, if you're in your 20s and you're in your 30s, I would really strongly advise you get married, have kids.
Because if you don't, you'll just be end up, you'll end up having to hang out with all the other people of questionable maturity who also avoided the very deep and human business of getting married and having children you'll be left with the other leftover detritus and washed up beach people who've also avoided adult real responsibilities when you bring that baby home and you are responsible for keeping that child child alive and keeping that child healthy and and happy and educated and moral and you're shaping an entire consciousness i mean there's nothing that comes close and the people i finally had to leave because when you become a parent your life is so focused on your children so focused on your children i mean what do you have in common with the people who don't have kids kids.

[46:24] You know, like there's a mother who memorably talked about having children.
They're always on your mind. They're always on your mind. It's like a dimmer switch that goes down but never off.
Like you can turn it down, but you can't turn it off. You're always thinking about your kids.
There's a big piece of your heart that's out there walking around the world.
You're always thinking about your kids.

[46:48] And you're fascinated by your kids. You love your kids you're you find your kids incredibly enjoyable very funny very fun and you you see them go through their life stages right, you know, toddler to kid to preteen to tween to teenager, like they're going through all these phases, right?
And it's, it's incredibly fascinating. And, you know, it's sort of like if you, if you, you know, you get married, you love your spouse and then your friends who just keep dating and breaking up.

[47:30] I mean, what do you have in common? What do you have have in common?
Yeah, I guess it's a shame that you broke up. And then you sort of feel bad that you have such a happy marriage and they keep breaking up and all that kind of stuff.
And, you know, eventually, eventually it's like, okay, well, what do we have in common?
It's very much the case with kids. You know, very much the case with kids.
I mean, I had a friend who was quite close to my daughter and then some bad stuff happened in his life and he just kind of abandoned her and it was like, sorry.
Sorry if you're not going to be there for my daughter, it's not a thing I'm going to sustain. It's not a relationship I'm going to work on and sustain.

Life Stages and Growth

[48:24] So you're either growing or dying.
There's nothing else in life there's no stagnation there's no stasis you're growing or you're dying you're growing to the next phase in life you're building a future you're building a family you're building kids you're building a legacy you're building comfort in your old age you're committing to people you're falling in love you're being passionate you're doing good things in the world or you're just fucking around with your atoms swirling around in a stagnant dance into the the endless quicksand of death, leaving nothing behind.
Fade away. Leave not even an echo.
Like a tree that lives and dies in the heart of a forest that nobody visits, nobody sees, nobody knows, nobody cares.

[49:18] You pass through life with this great and glorious gift.
And like that advice to hikers, you take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints, which the wind and the rain erase, like you were never here.
Who's going to care about you when you're gone? Who's going to notice when you're gone?
Who's going to weep great tears at your funeral? Who is going to build a shrine to you in their heart?
Who is going to tell stories of your life wife down to the great-great-grandchildren.
What impression, what impression are you going to leave in the world?
Are you going to hide out and wait it out and kill time until time, as it will, kills you?
And then someone's going to find you, you're going to get thrown in a grave, no one's going to visit, there will be no flowers, and maybe some bored guy with a cigarette digging graves will watch you get lowered into the ground where you rejoin the earth that coughed you up like a piece of lava for no set moral or virtuous purpose.

[50:40] Are you distracting yourself to disintegration.

[50:56] You can leave great impressions in the world and on the universe.
But if all you're doing is pushing pixels around on a screen and pushing bits around on a server, and pouring your vital essence and future of your lineage into a Kleenex that you flush, what are you for? What are you here for? What are you doing?
What's your plan? What's your goal? What's your big picture?
And what are you doing?
Hide in your shell Cause the world is out To bleed you for a ride, What do you need A second-hand movie star To guide you, I, as a boy I believe the simple cure For pain was love Yeah, Hide in Your Shell is a great song. And they didn't, right?
I mean, they didn't leave much behind, hummable songs and all of that, but it's better than nothing.

[52:11] Yes, says someone, this is my motivation to move out. The guys I live with have frozen at the teenage fun stage.
Oh, God, I do despise playing video games despite playing them.
You know the movie twilight i did a review on it many years ago but i was thinking about it the other day the movie twilight twilight is to the audience as the vampire is to bella isabella actually right twilight the movie is to the audience as the vampire is to bella, he's pretty he's sterile he's substance not depth he's beauty not virtue she gives up having children to pursue shallow status he's the most desired guy in school, it's saying to women that lust is worth giving up future children for.
He's preying on underage women, yeah, for sure. He's a satanic character.
All right.

[53:36] This is a great thank you, Steph. I'm stuck in the teenage years.
Even during this stream, like many others, I was playing some video games.
So you understand that the purpose of fragmenting your attention span is to dissolve you into nothing, to pour you like salt into the ocean to join the other lost atoms flowing back and forth for no purpose other than mechanics and physics, right?
So the more you fragment your ability to concentrate, the more irrelevant you become.
Concentration is meaning it is a purpose.
So in the morning, in the morning in general, I will wake up and I will, if it's not too cold out, I will go for a walk. If it is, I'll just walk inside.
And I will often put on a headset and just record something, I have some thoughts, something that, you know, I noticed I've started a new series called Wrestling with the Dead, where I take thoughts and ideas from thinkers who have died and wrestle with them.
It gets my brain going, gets me concentrated. concentrated.
I enjoy driving with my daughter because, you know, you can really concentrate on the conversation, but we'll just go someplace and just sit across the table and, you know, have a, she'll have a decaf, I'll have a calf or whatever, and we'll just talk.

[55:05] And my daughter my daughter and i just resurrected we haven't played in i don't know probably two years but we have played a couple of games of minecraft dungeons which is it's fun i mean and you know we're just having fun we're joking together and and that's i got no problem with that obviously right you gotta have time to play but the problem is if you're multitasking as a whole i gotta listen to music i gotta play video games i i gotta you know i gotta scroll through through Twitter while tapping my feet and so on, right?
I'm going to play with the radio while I'm driving. It's very dangerous. I wouldn't.
But if you've got to like really multitask, it's because you are constantly trying to chew your way out of the possible concentration of your own mind.
You constantly need these distractions, right?
You know, my therapist many years ago was talking about the Dalai Lama, how he sort of wakes up in the morning and spends an hour just sitting there shaping his intention.
I mean, I can't, I mean, I do, you know, in the morning I will usually, even before I get up, what I want to do with the day, what's the purpose of my day, how will I go to bed with the day being satisfying for me?
Not a day like, oh my God. And look, you know, I get that song Vienna, right? It's all right, you can afford to lose a day or two.

[56:16] That's fine. But what's your larger purpose?
And if you don't have purpose, you will pursue stimuli, and the pursuit of stimuli disintegrates you from any purpose, because you feel like you're getting something done because you're stimulated, but you're not.

[56:37] I have repetitive strain discomfort in my thumbs from playing video games and messaging on my phone too much.
Just got my baby boy to sleep thank you for your father's funeral explanation oh it's good well i'm glad i wasn't yelling oh my gosh, uh you've mentioned dnd and such rpgs before do you play with your daughter it seems like a great, uh exercise and bonding experiment for kids given the right game uh yes yeah we didn't actually play sort of formal dnd but we would have we for like five or six years it's sort of tailed off recently but for like five or six years we had this massive campaign and world and adventure and all kinds of crazy things i mean she tamed dragons she ran for office as a mayor i went i went through a whole political campaign with her and she tried to reform evil and she won civil wars and she planned battle strategies and it was just really great really great fun do you think excessive video gaming causes adhd an acronym what is that just an acronym him.

[57:53] I don't like these. I don't like the acronyms myself. I don't, they don't explain anything and they give a quasi medical explanation for things.
And I'm, I'm no doctor, but you know, I have doubts, right?
So ADHD, I mean, do you think that I'm saying, do you think excessive video game gaming shortens your attention span? Yeah.
Let me ask this. Let Let me ask this. Hit me with a why if over the last year you read at least one long book.
Hit me with a why if over the last year you read at least one long book.
This is not a criticism. I'm just curious.
I'm just curious.

Purpose and Stimuli

[58:50] Do you allow your daughter to consume caffeine um i think i think she's tried one caffeinated drink uh i yeah i mean i don't allow not allow i mean, uh you know i mean i sort of give her the facts and and you know she's at an age now i mean she's going to be 16 this year right so she's at an age now where in the past she'd be pretty much independent.
And I certainly was. I can't say to her, you got to listen to me because she knows I kicked out my mom when I was 15 and took in roommates and made a go of it, working three jobs.
So it's not like allow or not allow. So here's the pluses and here's the minuses, right?

[59:32] But no, I mean, she doesn't really consume caffeine. At least I can't think of the the last time she did.
She does like a night coffee, but she always has decaf.
Audiobooks don't count? Half and half. Because a lot of times with audiobooks, you're doing something else, right?
Exercising or going for a walk or like so. Audiobooks are not quite the same.
Need to get off my ass? Dating apps seem like randomly throwing at a dartboard.
Well, you certainly need to get... ADHD is caused by child abuse, in my opinion, Gabriela Maté's book, Scattered Minds, talks about this.
Yeah, again, you can say ADHD, or you can just say challenges and concentration.
Because when you say ADHD, people apply that, like, oh, I have ADHD, or it's a syndrome, and it's a this, and it's like, maybe it's just bad mental habits that came out of trauma, right?

[1:00:36] Do technical manuals and math books count? No. Is the God of Atheists a long book? Yes. Yes, it is.
I listen to French Revolution series. Does that count? It does not.
Because I'm doing a lot of the work for you, right? I'm putting the emphasis in and making the arguments and so on. You don't need to visualize much.
Fiction in particular is great.
It's easy to pay attention to what you're reading when it's written well.
Yeah, sorry. It's a completely obvious statement. I listen to audiobooks while dragging brush between wielding a chainsaw and running a wood chipper.
Now, there's nothing wrong with audiobooks. I listen to audiobooks.
There's nothing wrong with audiobooks, because it's not like you'd be able to read a book while you're dragging brush.
So, I mean, it's a way of keeping, and podcasts, of course, it's a way of keeping things going.
Any low-effort, highly stimulating activity like strolling images on a screen lowers your attention span in my opinion yeah i mean i'm fighting the fragmentation of social media right so so yeah i mean that's that's a challenge all right let's see here uh what are some tips to manage your career i find my career stagnating so i start so i'm starting my own business instead okay i i don't really understand end.

[1:02:04] If you're starting your own business, then you're not really managing a career.
You're becoming an entrepreneur. So I don't really understand the question.
Somebody says, I may have to put my elderly cat to sleep that has been with me since 2006.
He was there for me during my difficult childhood and early adulthood, and his passing is really emotional for me.
You've mentioned that people use pets as substitutes for human relationships, and my cat's passing can allow me to focus on human relationships.
But is this also a way for me to grieve my childhood trauma and explains why I feel the void when my cat passes?
Your cat wasn't there for you what are you talking about my cat was just there and we came when i was that no cats are just dumb bonding animals i guess they they bond with whoever raises them to some degree or i mean they bond with people obviously right um they're not judging your virtues your morals like cats will like anyone who feeds and pets them you're not special it's not a moral choice the cats don't pick you out of a lineup because you're the most most moral person.
And I get that you had some comfort from the cat when you were a kid.
And you know, but the cat wasn't there for you.
I'm sorry. He wasn't a support system. He wasn't like giving you moral and empathetic and emotional and deep human sympathy for what you were going through.

[1:03:22] So you have projected a huge amount of human characteristics onto your pet, your cat. Cats are dumb.

Pets as Substitutes

[1:03:32] I mean, they're dumber than dogs, aren't they? They can't be taught any tricks.
They can't open locks like pigs. I mean, aren't cats just really dumb?
And I mean, I'm sorry for what happened to you as a child.
If you are careless and impatient with a cat, it will be uncivilized with you too. Yeah, I get that, but it's not a moral judgment.
So you bonded with a cat to survive your childhood.

[1:04:03] And I don't, I don't get it. And this could be an inability.
I mean, I did have some pets when I was a kid. I had hamsters for many years.
I had mice and so on. And the hamsters could be quite cuddly and this, that, and the other.
But they're, you know, frankly, just dumb little rodents, right?
I mean, they're nice to pet. And I like dogs. I like cats. I like cats, but they're not people.
You can't, yeah, they have to chew my pants. Good piece of FDR trivia.
So I personally, and I say this with all sympathy and with all sorrow for what happened to you as a child, I get emotionally, and I'm absolutely open to this is a terrible flaw on my part, and maybe I'm a bad person.
I'm totally open to that argument. but my god do i get annoyed at people who get over emotional about pets my dog died i'm gonna feel like i'm gonna grieve forever my dog's been with me that like they're just they're dumb animals that bond with you because of endorphins they're programmed that way by nature like do does my daughter think that the ducks love her and have judged her morally to be a good person when they They follow her after they're born? No.

[1:05:24] No, they just imprint on whoever is them. Now, again, if you're cruel to animals, they won't like you. I get all of that.

[1:05:35] But dogs being pack animals are at least social or empathetic by nature, and they can use that with their human companions.
Yeah, but they're not empathetic. They're just programmed to mirror. mirror, right?
Empathy without morality is manipulation in a sense, right?
So you don't want to be empathetic with somebody who's manipulating you, right? Because they'll just use your empathy to wreck you up, right?

[1:06:08] So, dogs are not empathetic. They just are pack animals who bond, right?
Oh, but when I was sad, my dog came and put its nose in my lap.
Yeah, I get that. I get that. I understand that.
But they're not people. They're not judging you. They can't give you actual language. They can't give you sympathy. They can't ask you questions.
They can't help you plumb the depths if you're unconscious.
They can't talk about your history. They're just dumb bonding animals.
It's a drug. It's a drug.
It's a substitute.
And it's a bit of a lazy substitute. And again, I'm not talking about the importance that the cat had for you when you were a kid. I sympathize with that.
But it prevents people a lot of times from having real relationships.
Doesn't it? Because you're getting your substitute. Like people won't explore self-knowledge if they've got a drug that makes them feel better.

[1:07:14] So I...
Honestly, I just get impatient with people. Oh my God, I had to put my cat down and this, I'm so sad, I'm so depressed, I'm so this, I'm so that. It's like...
I don't get it. I mean, they're not people. They can't judge you.
You can't have conversations with them.
They're just dumb dopamine based bonding robots, I mean to me it's not that dissimilar if you were to program a robot to follow you around and give you hugs.

Loneliness and Pets

[1:07:58] My grandma doesn't believe that she's alone because she's got her four cats i think that she is alone if she's with no people that's really sad yeah people with pets are alone.

[1:08:10] They're alone i mean you know it's like that but they're alone and i'm tired of pretending otherwise i'm tired of giving people pseudo human recognition of relationships when they're with with dumb bonding mammals.

[1:08:27] And again, I like dogs. I like cats. I love to pet a cat.
I used to take my daughter to the animal shelter and we'd pet the cats.
We'd buy them food and it was lovely.
So, and dogs, dogs are great. Walking with dogs.
I remember when I spent a summer in Newfoundland in my mid-teens, they had a collie that I used to take for my morning run. It was great fun.
I remember there were dogs in Africa I was very bonded with.
Every time you'd lift a hairbrush to brush your hair.
They'd leap on you because they loved having their own hair brushed.
I had a dog named Brandy, or didn't have, but I would visit my family in Ireland when I was growing up.
There was a dog named Brandy that was a, oh gosh, the breed will come to me, sorry. But just a lovely dog, great fun, and lots of fun to play with.
I could play catch forever and ever, and play ball.
But they're not people.
Somebody says recently met a guy who's married and has a son he's had his best relationship in his life is with his dog yeah man's best friend it's like nope nope nope nope nope.

[1:09:40] Yeah, yeah so you know to me and again you know there's sorrow around your childhood childhood, but the sorrow, you know, you can deal with the sorrow about your childhood.
The cat did not solve the sorrow with your childhood.
It may like any more than, than cocaine solves a toothache.
It may cover it up, but I think it's a, and, and, you know, we domesticated animals to work for us, not to be child substitutes.
So um i i many years ago i just gave up feigning concern when people would talk about how attached they were to their pets but i said on jenny ruffalo alliance okay love your pets just don't love your pets.

[1:10:32] It really is sad a pet won't keep you morally accountable that's the reason yeah, And people go kind of crazed about, like, pets that are ill.
I mean, I knew a woman. She had to get up like three times a night to give her cat's medicine, or a cat medicine, and the cat wasn't going to get any better.
It was just slowly dying, and it was like, what are you doing? What are you doing?
And here's the funny thing. People get very aggressive about this.
Like, I'm aware of this, right?
And, you know, again, with all sympathy for the childhood, really deep sympathy for the childhood, but I'm trying to help you.
By reminding you that pets are just dumb bonding machines, right?
They don't care about you.
They're just programmed to bond with you. Like the ducks that followed my daughter and I and my wife, they didn't care about us.
They just don't want to get eaten by a hawk, right? They're just programmed that way, right?
Somebody says, as a former technician, I went into many houses.
I have seen a lot of people who could not take care of themselves with a pile of dogs slash cats making their living situation worse for themselves and the animals.
Yeah, all you need to know about morals is that, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne had like, what was it, dozens of cats and dogs and stuff like that. Yeah, dog mom, nice.

[1:11:50] And you know it's an addiction because when you speak frankly to people that their cats don't care, the dogs don't really care, they're just dumb bonding animals.
And dumb is not an insult, it's just a fact, right? They're just not that smart.
They can't judge you morally, can't have a conversation, can't help you understand the past, can't give you advice.
It's not a language-based relationship, not a conceptual-based relationship, not an intelligence or morals-based relationship. And so when you point this out, people get really mad.
I mean, the pet people are like the weed people, you know?
The weed people are just like, you know, you say to a...
And listen, I'll be frank with you. I think me growing up with pets was good.
I think children having pets is good. I think pets are a great part of the household.
So again, I have no issue with that, right? But my God, do people go too far with this stuff.

The Cost of Pet Care

[1:12:43] Somebody says, I've got a family member who spends about $600 a month to keep her cat alive.
50-something-year-old, no kids. It's rough hearing about it, especially everyone thinking she's doing something for a heroic, nice, and selfless.
Well, she's not spending $600 a month to keep her cat alive.
She's spending $600 a month to keep her loneliness at bay. which is just making her more lonely.

[1:13:07] I don't know. Have you seen, and it's a video that it was quite famous way back in the day regarding the internet.
The woman, she was pretending to do a, a dating video, like back when you had videos for like dating sites, or maybe it was like, uh, even before that, there was a video and she's just like, I love cats.
I just, and she just went on this incredibly passionate rant, half tearful and all of that about, and it, it was not a real thing.
It turned I don't doubt she was sick at joke.
But yeah, boy, that stuff is really, really disturbed.
It's really disturbed. She's not trying to keep her cat alive.
She's trying to keep loneliness at bay because the cat dies and you're like, I guess it's just me in this empty, lonely, dead apartment.
I'm just all alone, which I'm not designed to do. And then what do people do?
They rush out and get another pet.
Oh, such a cute kitten. I gotta get another kitten. Half the internet is porn and the other half is like stupid cat videos, right?
And we're wedged in there somewhere. Somewhere between the porn and the cat videos. Somewhere between videos of pussy.
All I can tell you. We're somewhere wedged in there. Like Adams between space.
Substance between nothing. And to run out and say, no, just get a cat or person.
Can you not earn the love of a person?
Can you not earn the respect of a person? Can you not earn the companionship and affection of a person? What's wrong with you?
You're not designed to bond with cats. Or dogs.

[1:14:31] You're designed to bond with people what are you doing right again pets can be a little bit extra in a family but they're not family they're not people like what are you doing to me it's like if somebody said i'm i'm marrying my toaster that would make about as much sense as i have a relationship with my cat like you don't have a relationship with your cat you have a pair bonded and hard-wired dopamine attachment that is not moral in any kind of way.
The cat has no particular choice. Treat it nicely. It's probably going to respond that way.
And you kind of have a conversation and, you know, like this jam and meow stuff, you know, like all of this, three names for the cats and they have their own little hoodies and no, it's creepy. It's creepy.
And, you know, any, and what you're doing, of course, especially as a cat lady, maybe it's the case with dog, dog doggy man as well but you're just like quality quality man just no no if you're really bonded with cats you have not outgrown childhood like if you think that the cats and dogs are some big relationship then you haven't outgrown that phase in childhood where you have little stuffed animals for a tea party and it's dangerous because then what's going to happen is you're you're going to, at some point, ask that person to grow up and they're going to lash out at you viciously.

Growing Up with Pets

[1:16:01] So, I heard some guys say, a dog will never leave you, right?
Well, why don't you have a person who won't leave you?

[1:16:11] Something about the show in the last 15 minutes made me feel compelled to donate.
Keep up the good work. Well, thank you.
I appreciate that. slash donate if you would like to help the show. I really do appreciate that. Thank you.
And cats are pretty, you know, I mean, here's the thing too, man.
Cats want to be out in the wild hunting and screwing, right?
Dogs want to be out there in the wild hunting and screwing.
It's not an accident that most neutered people have neutered pets you follow right like you will literally hack your dog's balls off, you will mutilate your pet you will mutilate an animal to get your dopamine addiction hit to get substitute like you'll mutilate your cat you'll mutilate your dog and deny them, freedom, independence, freedom, hunting, predation, family, children, you'll deny them all of that because you're greedy.
Because you're greedy. Because you want, you want, you want, and you'll mutilate one of God's animals to be your dopamine delivery mechanism.
You turn it into a thing to relieve your anxiety and sadness rather than respect it for what it is.

Neutering Pets and Greed

[1:17:40] My dad says someone lets a neurotic dog rule his life you can't go leave or let it alone or it freaks out and howls right um i mean i think especially neutered dogs they're just depressed, they're just depressed i i never got along i never got along with Pet fetishists.

[1:18:11] I mean, dogs will just try and hump you, right?
I mean, turkeys will do it too, it's wild. All right.
I'd only want a dog for it to be something like a Doberman in the event I'd live long-term in the rural environment for it to guard my home as a guard dog for security, I'd feel safe.
Okay, but will you allow the Doberman to have a family or are you going to hack off the dog's balls so you don't have to install an alarm system.
And what about the dog? What about the animal?
I mean, I had hamsters and I had rats.
No, not rats. I had hamsters, I had mice. I let them breed.
They had babies. We raised the babies, tried to find a home for the babies.
I don't know if you can neuter hamsters. I didn't, but...
Let's see here. Do you remember the story about the Russian boy abandoned in the woods and then adopted and raised by wolves? why do you think the wolves adopted him?
He would have been a weaker pack member. Do you think the wolves loved the boy?
No. Wolves didn't love the boy at all.
Wolves can't love. Wolves can't love.

[1:19:21] No, wolves can't love. Love is our involuntary response to virtue, if we're virtuous. And wolves cannot achieve virtue. They're just bonded, right?
Why don't you try that with frogs or something which doesn't bond, right, with the offspring?
The wolves adopted him because small small and weak things.
The females are, and maybe the males, are programmed to bond with small and weak things.
So it's not, they didn't adopt him. They're programmed by nature to bond with small and weak things and that's what happens.
There's no choice, there's no reason, no virtue, no nothing.
Someone says, my grandma abandoned her three children in the 70s, leaving them with two biological fathers and now she's replacing them with cats, I guess, as a result.
Dogs are best when you treat them them like dogs instead of anthropomorphizing them and appreciate them for what they are.
That's, there's no particular content in that. I don't know what that means. Okay.
I don't know what that means in any kind of practical term.
I know tips people. I mean, other than early on in the show, which I appreciate it, but.

[1:20:29] Uh, gosh, Brandy, the dog, she had her tail cut off too, because apparently some people find the tail wagging is inconvenient.
So they hack off the tails and all of that.
Doesn't seem right.
Doesn't seem right. it.
What do you think of the morality of modern factory farming?
Well, I think that it would be a lot easier if people didn't overeat.
I think we'd be a lot kinder to the animals if people didn't overeat, but nobody ever wants to talk about that.
Nobody ever wants to talk about the environmental impact of overeating or the impact on the animals.
It's all just low fat positivity and so on.
I won't get pets unless my future children want some. Yeah, pets are great for kids, you know, they can teach them a lot of empathy and responsibility.
And like, I think pets are great for kids. Again, I don't particularly believe in hacking their nuts off, but I think that's just kind of, like, if you care for your dog, why would you, why would you hack the balls off?
That just seems kind of weird to me. Or the, or the cat, right?
Well, they're easier, this and the other. It's like, so your convenience means they have to be castrated. That just seems weird to me.

[1:21:38] It could be considered like circumcision or cutting the tail off.
Well, Well, yeah, that's wrong too. Men who think having a cool dog will help them find a girl are silly.
And also, so I think pets are over petting, right? They're over pet stuff. Pet fetish.
Petish. Should we just call it a petish? A pet fetish. A petish drives away good people and gives you a reason to go home, gives you a reason to get up, gives you something to do, but it's not real. There's no future to it.
And pets, they die before you do and they never grow up. Like that's weird, right?
And like the, like the shit twos and so on, like the flat face, they can barely breathe. I mean, it's just cruel, right?

Animals and Childhood Memories

[1:22:24] Uh is pet is pet addiction related to outgo outgroup preferences and childhood neglect, it's it's a substitute for dealing with your issues right they you know this thing about like men will literally start a podcast that no one listens to rather than go to therapy like people will become pet fetishists rather than deal with their childhoods it isn't it the case And I think about, I've only dated, gosh, how many women have I dated who had cats?
I mean, I dated kind of young people moving around a lot. Maybe the parents had cats.
So I remember I half dated a woman who had a dog named Starsky, I guess from Starsky and Hutch. It was a pretty nice dog.
But I think I only dated one or two women who had actual cats going down.

[1:23:18] I mean, it kind of smells. it's kind of gross um yeah they're nice you know they get on your lap they oh no i dated another woman who had a cat i remember the cat got out and i spent a whole saturday once going up and down in her neighborhood knocking on doors and putting out posters and trying to get the cat back and it ended up it had gone into somebody's open basement window and we got the cat back and so on but oh very traumatized people and and and the other thing too a lot of times a pet fetish like the paddish comes at the expense of human connection and one of the things you can't say is you know this this cat thing's kind of weird oh don't you talk about dear fluffy that way and kind of thing it's like okay i mean no man ever wants to think that he might take second place to a cat or a dog it's really strange it's just weird and some of the dogs that are bred now isn't it huskies and so on and some of the golden labs some of the pets that are bred now have hip hip dysplasia problems, and they just have difficulties, right?
Pets seem like such an inconvenience when you're single, yeah. Pedophiles.
Pedophiles. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. Well done. Well done.

[1:24:35] Uh, let's see here.
Uh, somebody says, I really need to get my finances together, Steph. So I've been sticking with my subscription on Locals and Telegram. It's hard not to donate.
I know I will soon because of how valuable your advice is. Well, thank you. And getting your finances together is fairly easy.

[1:24:58] With anybody. I mean, if you have trouble with finances, um, hit me with a why. why, if you'd like me to tell you how to deal with your finances.
Somebody says, on the same note, I lived at the end of a rural road, the rural Jura.
People always abandoned animals out that way. I don't understand why they did this because any domesticated pet in my area would get eaten by coyotes within a week.
Why do people have magical thinking that they can just let these domesticated animals into the wild will be fine. They either starve or get eaten or overrun the Florida Everglades.
Well, you know, this thing where somebody says, oh, you know, I go down to the pet shelter and i get a cat or two and then i i keep them for a while but then eventually they get out and they get eaten by coyotes so i'll just go back to the animal shelter and get and so so so basically you're feeding shelter your job is to feed shelter pets to coyotes like you're just a conveyor belt so yeah it's it's very sad i mean if you got a farm and right yeah working dogs Fantastic, right?
Working dogs like slug dogs or cat dogs make sense. What is the point of palm?
Palms are that Mexican breed from Taco Bell.
Run for the butter.

[1:26:19] Ah, let's see here. Reminds me of the story of the man who got run over and killed while helping ducks cross the street. Unfortunate, but please look at your surroundings. Yeah, I guess so.
Did he not duck? I guess he was ducking and didn't duck. All right.
You want help with your finances, everyone?
COVID ruined my finances. It was until last year things got better.
Nope. COVID did not ruin your finances.
How did you know you were ready to leave therapy and continue on with your own self-knowledge journey. I just had less and less to talk about with the therapist.

[1:26:54] Right. Nothing ruins your finances except you.
Two words.
I'm going to put them in here. Yeah. Two words. Spend less. Spend less.
Spend less.
Spend your money on things that appreciate in value and don't spend your money on things that depreciate in value spend less that's all just spend less people like my finances are out of control it's like no just spend less come on do you go do you go through your bank statement and say okay what do i spend my money on do you ever do that it's good it's good exercise go through your bank statement what have i been spending my money on do you even know do you know I mean, how many streaming services do you have?
How many gaming subscriptions do you have? How much do you spend on coffee?
How much do you spend eating out? How much do you spend on entertainment?
How much do you spend on liquor?

[1:28:02] What are you spending your money on? How much do you spend on clothes?
How much do you spend on dating apps? How much do you spend on dating? Like, do you even know?
Or are you just like half royalty, like just a flow through?

Financial Habits and Spending Tips

[1:28:14] Yeah, don't order things on deliveries. Buy food in shops.
Do you eat out do you buy pre-prepared food or do you make your own food you just get a big I mean when I was a student I would just cook up a big vat of spaghetti and and sauce right you just get the cheap ass spaghetti and the, crap sauce and you can live on that for like five days right I mentioned this before when I was a student uh there was a two-for-one coupon I would go and get the biggest subs with the meatiest things that I could find I'd buy uh two of those get a two-for-one coupon and I had lunch for the week.
Because you cut those into three, right?
How much do you spend going to movies? How much do you spend going dancing?
How much do you spend? My main bad spending habit is energy drinks.
I'm very cheap otherwise.

[1:29:01] The amount of useless consumer goods is absurd, replacing emptiness instead of signaling. Yeah.
Oh yeah, I mean, people order a whole bunch of crap just for the excitement of something being dropped off at the door, and yay, right, all this kind of stuff, right?
You're cooking at home or watching the stream, yeah, you can eat for virtually nothing. I know this, I know this, you can eat for virtually nothing.
When I was a student, I lived on about 500 bucks a month, including rent. Including rent.
I lived on nothing. thing now i mean i probably could have gone to the dentist a little bit more but actually no that was free dentistry at the school i just never bothered my teeth are fine but i um.

[1:29:39] You know do do you do do does everyone have to get together and drink do you have like that social group everyone has to drink well that sucks it's very expensive so you're you're paying, for friends oh thanks for the tip i appreciate that so you're paying for friends you're paying to have friends you're paying to have a social life can you can you just get together with friends, and chat you know that's free right hop on a bus i mean i i milked years and years and thousands of hours out of dungeons and dragons you know i maybe spent 40 bucks on the game and played for thousands and thousands of hours now i just need to get my wife to buy into this philosophy a bit bit more.
No, you need to figure out why your wife wants to spend.
You know, I can't get my daughter to spend anything for any reason.
Right. She, she hates spending. I mean, she's, yeah.
So, but it's easier to talk to a woman in a more expensive place. No, just stop spending.
It's so easy. You literally have to do nothing to save money.
You literally have to do nothing to save money.

[1:30:52] Now, I mean, if you want to spend money and you've got money, well, whatever, right? Go get a latte.
I don't care, right? Retail therapy adds up fast, yeah?
I mean, honestly, I used to go to thrift stores for clothing.
You could buy clothing by the pound, and sometimes you could get some really great stuff, right?
I drove my first car into the ground.
I had to half push it into the dealer's lot. I currently drive a secondhand car. My cell phone is five years old.
I will spend money on the show. I got a nice camera, nice mic, nice amp. Business expense, that's a different matter.
Do you need to spend money? You know, date night, go out with your wife.
Do you need to take her to an expensive dinner? Do you need to go to a movie? Right?
Cheap internet subscription and some free weights go a long way.
Yeah. I have exercise equipment at home. I don't pay for a gym membership. Okay.

[1:31:51] I mean, you can see my outfits, right? This is a $9 t-shirt.
I mean, I'll go as long as I can before getting new glasses.
I'm currently close to three years since I got new glasses.
The funny thing is my last pair of glasses, distance glasses, these are really old distance glasses, but my last distance glasses, I sat on them like a week after I've got them and I've had glasses that do this.
They're kind of not that bad, but they kind of do this for the last couple of years. Anyway, so maybe I'm a little too cheap about things, But no, just don't spend.
You literally have to do nothing. But what you have to do is you have to develop a way of enjoying your life without spending money.
That's the ultimate flex, isn't it? Find a way to enjoy your life without spending money.

[1:32:35] I mean, I love doing these live streams. I mean, get a couple of donations, great live streams, good thoughts down forever, massive influx of angry emails from pedophiles.
Pedophiles. It's really good. It's better than, uh, fetish.
Yeah, no smoking, no drinking. I find ways to waste money to make myself feel less lonely for being alone. The Tiger Brand store has two t-shirts for $10.
Oh, yeah. Like, what is it? Epic? They'll give you a game away for free.
Just, you know, just every month you'll get a, right?
Three-year shirt, 100% Irish. I can't, honestly, I'm too cheap to gain weight because that would mean I have to spend more money on clothes. Like, yuck.
How appalling would that be, to spend more money on food so that you could spend more money on clothes.
Yuck. And what do I need a new cell phone for?

[1:33:27] But Tim Hortons is exempt from money saving for you, right? I don't know what that means.
Will I sometimes get a coffee out? Yeah, for sure. Yeah.

[1:33:39] My biggest expense is therapy. $3.30 a week for 20 sessions.
It's so helpful. I'm okay with it, even though it's a lot.
Well, but that's no. See, therapy is spending money on something that appreciates in value, which is you. Right? I mean, I spent $20,000 or whatever on therapy.
And it was some of the best money I ever spent in my life.

Investment in Self: Therapy and Finances

[1:34:02] So uh therapy is an investment in you that appreciates in value because you're less volatile less immature less reactive and you'll gain more respect you'll and you'll you'll make much more money back from therapy usually and you'll certainly be happier i did the show many years ago with a guy who said that therapy is equivalent to a pretty massive raise in terms of happiness like you almost can't beat it you have to like double your income in order to get, uh how to find a good therapist so go to and do a search for therapist and i think it's show 1929 or something like that you can i did um a whole show on how to find a good therapist because i'm a big fan of course of talk therapy so yeah spend money on you know if you've got to spend money to lose weight if you've got spend money to uh to to to deal with personal issues, that's a good investment, right?
That's a good investment. I mean, you know, if you lose weight, you're probably going to live five to 10 years longer.
So let's say you spend $5,000 or even $10,000 losing weight, but you get to live for five years longer.
That's pretty good. It's $2,000 a year, right? Three bucks, five bucks a day. That's pretty good.
No, $6.50, almost $7 a day. That's pretty good.

[1:35:22] And you don't have to go to bars to meet women. You can meet women at the park.
You can meet women just about anywhere.

[1:35:34] I mean, you know how cheap a Frisbee is? Do you ever go to just hang out with friends and throw some Frisbee around?
I mean, it's all very cheap.
You just, you know, and I've been in debt in my life.
I think only once have I been seriously, not seriously, but, you know, a debt where I had to, like, virtually do nothing.
Thing it's fine it's fine you know go to library read books like tons of stuff to read online you can get a gutenberg press you can find fantastic stuff so you don't go to bars to meet women yeah probably not right but yeah it's pretty simple i deal dealing with finances is 10k for corrective vision surgery to lose glasses best investment in myself i've ever made because you haven't been to therapy.
But yeah, it's easy. I want to meet women at Park Run. Have you heard of that?
It's like church for atheists. I've not heard of that.
But of course, atheists, you're probably going to get leftism, right? So that's not great.
Oh, thank you for the tip, King of Biltong. Riders on the storm.

[1:36:42] What is your opinion on the Russian special military operation in Ukraine and the potential fallout economically, financially, as well as the polarization between east and west, north and south.
I don't do politics. It's not a world for reason anymore.
Getting over-emotional about animals dying is another excuse to not be responsible for a bit. Yeah.
Again, I'm perfectly open that it could be a real fault of mine, but I've constantly been told to buy a dog to attract women when I go walking.
Well, but you will attract attract women who are over-attached to animals. So that probably isn't.

[1:37:22] Thoughts on self-therapy. I have IFS self-therapy books. Are these enough?
If your particular issue had to do with isolation or solitude as a child, then problems created by solitude can't be solved in solitude.
So I think doing sort of self-work, John Gray's books and Nathaniel Brandon's books, books, IFS books, as you say, internal family systems therapy books.
I actually interviewed the guy who came up with internal family systems therapy, which is great.
It's a great interview. You should check it out. But I think it's a good addition to what you're doing, but it's kind of like stretching when you're working out.
You should stretch when you work out, but stretching isn't going to make you stronger.
Friends, nope. Libraries are full of the homeless. Guards, metal detectors, charity work seems a better place to invest free time.
Libraries are full of the homeless? Really?
Alright. Yeah, I mean, society out there seems like Mad Max compared to my childhood, but...

[1:38:25] Oh, no way. My therapy is based on that. My therapy was kind of too, although it was long before there was any such thing as IFS.
It was just the work that I was doing.
I had all of these incredibly vivid characters in my dreams that kept repeating me, arguing with me, instructing me, putting me down, raising me up.
It was like a real code array.
I still remember all of the names. I gave each character a particular name and it was just a wild, wild time in my life.
I love your interview with Richard Schwartz. Thank you for your answer.
I will be donating when I get paid. Thank you. I appreciate that. slash donate to help out Le Chou. It is le most appreciated.
Didn't you know? I don't speak French very well.
All right. Any other last questions or comments?
Libraries are the spa for homeless people in big cities. Oh, is that right?
I find the Eastern meditation philosophies lure people into self-erasure.
Sure you know i think you should try and go for your own cultural histories and the eastern philosophies are about giving up desire which tends not to be how the western mind works very well so i think you try and go with your own traditions a little bit more than uh the other stuff right my humble opinion right can't tell you obviously but it's my opinion.

[1:39:46] Libraries have a lot of the homeless and latchkey kids because they have heat bathrooms and computers well yeah but can't you just go up to a back corner or you know up and to the back corner that's what i used to do just go up to the back corner and i used to just go up and down any book that looked interesting i'd stack them up around me like an igloo and i'd just go through them, and read and read and read i lived in the library as a kid it was a great refuge i couldn't get get anything done at home and didn't want to do any schoolwork so i poured myself into sports.

Socializing without Overspending

[1:40:16] Athletics and libraries that's great quite a great foundation though boy did it ever teach me a lot about how to think and it helped really grow empathy right particularly novels are fantastic at growing empathy because you're literally inside somebody else's mind which is kind of what empathy is supposed to do oh you know what's interesting is that yeah my voice was a little shot from over singing yesterday but i think talking has helped have you stopped wanting a stateless society tomorrow and instead you want to deal with the issue of a lack of peaceful parenting first before wanting there to be a stateless society well yeah that's have i stopped wanting a stateless society tomorrow whenever i ever wanted to stay in society tomorrow it's always to be in the plan that you promote peaceful parenting and through peaceful parenting you get a stateless society but it's generations away uh if you can find physically active groups and And events you might do better than more alcohol-centered venues.
Better to find people who manage emotions through exercise than drugs and alcohol.
Yeah, I mean, I've always been a big one into sports, squash leagues.

[1:41:18] Of course, I met my wife playing volleyball in a league. And they're pretty dirt cheap.
I think it was like 50 bucks to play a season of volleyball.
It was fantastic. It's just great.

[1:41:29] So, yeah, I agree with that. But if you have friends who need to spend money to socialize, you have friends who are just keeping you down. Right?
Just keeping you down. Just keeping you broke. Keeping you down in the trash planet of buying companionship.
Modern English. I'll stop the world and melt with you. Yeah, naked eyes. Oh, there's something there to remind me.
Yeah, those are great. They're great songs. Modern English was like...
Yeah, great. Great. Great. Always something there to remind me. It's interesting.
It's a very interesting kind of atonal synthesizer bit. But yeah, it's a great song.
And were they two one-hit wonders? I think they were one-hit wonders. Like the...

[1:42:27] And some of your earlier shows, you talked about how a stateless society is still a generation away. It's still generations away. Yeah, for sure. For sure.
Otherwise, you just get frustrated because things aren't coming when they can't come that fast.
I wonder if it could work to ask out women who are working low-wage retail jobs.

[1:42:47] My church is all about family, the purpose of binding past, present, and future generations to each other and God.
I'm not being single, but that means I need to solve the isolation problem.
Sorry, if your church is all about family, why aren't they finding you a girlfriend or a boyfriend?
Aren't they all about creating families as well as having families?
That would seem to be a positive thing.
Any other last donations? I'm just going to check over here on Rumble. On Rumble.
It does not appear. But yes, you can tip on Rumble. You can tip on the Locals app. You can tip at slash donate as well. Much appreciated.
If the show has provided.
Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode makes me think of Steph.
I saw Depeche Mode twice in concert. Pretty loud. Pretty loud.
I used to love, when I was a teenager, I started going to clubs when I was 15 or 16 years old. And I'd literally nurse.
I remember going to the club up nuts and bolts, very subtle.
And you'd get there with the entrance fee, they had to serve food.
So you'd get a great burger. It was actually a really good burger.
And you could order, I would nurse a, um, uh, like a seven up all night.
And, uh, it was great. It was great. But I remember dancing to, um, uh, I just can't get enough.
I just can't get enough. It's a great song for for dancing.
I just can't seem to get enough.

[1:44:15] That's what the under 30 wards are for. I will be 48 next month.
The under 30 wards are for? I don't know what that means.
Sorry, that may not even be for me. So if you're talking to someone else, don't worry that I don't understand what you mean. That's no problem.
No problem at all. Always great. Thank you.
Kamiks, I appreciate that. What is your favorite 80s song, just out of curiosity?
What is your favorite 80s song?
For the fun of it.
I'll wait for a second here.

[1:44:51] Have you ever heard the song called Disarm by the Smashing Pumpkins? It's about child abuse.
Soft Cell, where did their love go? That's an old Diana Ross song, isn't it? They covered it.

Music of the 80s and Artist Critiques

[1:45:01] I think they covered both of the songs, right? right sometimes i feel i've got to run away white lions blow away uh i've never got into the smashing pumpkins i heard 1979 and i just i don't like billy corgan singing i don't like smashing pumpkins although again i'm sure that there's a lot to me if the the singer is not good and i don't particularly like his singing if the singing is not good i just can't do it i just can't I get into the bag.
Sunglasses at night. Oh, fun song. Rains in Africa, Toto.

[1:45:39] Sunglasses at Night, and Corey Hart, actually, if you want to hear a really good cover, Corey Hart and two other people I don't know did a cover of U2's One, there is a trio, just look for it on YouTube, I think you can find it, One, Corey Hart, so good.
He's got such a distinctive voice. He also did a very weird song called Love Your Socks, You're the Boy in the Box, Won't You Come Out to Play, it was very strange.
Billy Idol, Eyes Without a Face, yeah, that's got the French stuff, right?
Um, it's got the French stuff in, in the back.
Devil Inside in excess had some great songs. It's My Life, Talk Talk.
Yeah. Gwen Stefani did a cover of that, right?
Oh, I don't like her singing either, frankly, but you know, it's just too much vocal fry for me.
Uh, Britney Spears killed a whole generation of, of, of singers. It's really sad.
Uh, Billy Idol. Oh, White Wedding's a great song. It's easy to sing until start again.
I saw Billy Idol live in concert too. too. He was pretty good. He was pretty good.
Take My Breath Away, because of the Top Gun movie? Yeah, but it got played to death, right?
And of course, I prefer the Queen Take My Breath Away. It's just lovely. Delicate.

[1:46:53] Low Rider is a little higher. Not the great vocals, but a great little song.
Van Halen's Eruption. Oh, no vocals? It's just instrumental? Interesting.
Yeah, David Lee Roth was one heck of an athletic front man, right?
Rebel Yell, good song too.
Dancing by myself.

[1:47:16] Mirrors and Flections, dancing with myself. Was Queen in the 80s?
Yeah, Queen was 70s, 80s, and early 90s.
What did you die in, 93? Something like that. I remember being I actually totally remember where I was when I um read that Freddie Mercury died really just hit me like a Freddie Mercury was kind of my satan figure uh to be honest Freddie Mercury was kind of my satan figure because he was a pretty demonic fellow um a hedonist uh to the nth degree uh incredibly promiscuous uh half suicidal with his sex and drugs uh after the AIDS scare just kept doing it um I mean but you know very charismatic and and and very talented.
And, uh, you know, one of the people who literally holds an audience in the palm of his hand.
And I borrowed from him when I was in Australia, right?
So Freddie Mercury, once when he was playing with the audience, sat down and says, Hey, let's sing a little Aretha Franklin style.
He loves Aretha Franklin.
And he sat on the edge of the stage and just played with the audience.
And I did that actually. Uh, I, when I was in, uh, once or twice, when I was in Australia, I just sat on the edge of the stage and just played with the audience back and forth. I just you know, because I can't sing like him, but at least I can do some stagecraft or audience craft with him. So, accurate.

[1:48:37] Nice voice, though. Freddie Mercury was not a nice voice.
Freddie Mercury was a true godsend of a voice. They've actually analyzed Freddie Mercury's voice, that he's got two tones.
And you can hear this when he does, somebody look. You can hear the extra high ringing tone that's along with, like he had two tones, like an Inuit throat singer or something.
He just had two tones. And he never took singing lessons because he always wanted the raw power of his voice to work through that.
The story about how Sam Cooke died is crazy. He died so young and was so talented.
Space Age Love Song by Flock of Seagulls. Yeah, two hit wonder, right? And I ran.
That hair was famous. The hair was famous for its architecture.
Duran Duran, the chauffeur right now. Yes. Yes. The chauffeur.
Isn't that out on the top plains?
The gliders are moving. Oh, looking for a new place to ride.
Is that the one? Oh, it's great. I mean, yeah, he was a great singer, really great singer.
Not many people recognize just what a really good singer he was, not just in terms of the tone, but very unique.
And he did that, he did this kind of half little yelp at the beginning of his stuff.
In Excess, Mystify, yeah, not a bad song. I like the stairs, In Excess, and Not Enough Time is great. Devil Inside is great.
New Sensation, when they did that live at Wembley.

[1:50:02] Did you see the DEI moon lander tipped over did it how soon is now oh fantastic song I don't know the smiths that well but that song holy good put that on with some good headphones man how soon is now is a total goosebump song, total goosebump I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does, and you go home and you cry and you want to die yes so good and And two takes for that song.
Two takes for that song. It's incredible.
Hot for Teacher is really creepy. I never liked it. Yeah, so all the Michael Jackson hits are a guilty pleasure.
You ever see Michael Jackson giving stink eye to Huey Lewis for messing up We Are The World? Or at least in rehearsals.
Yeah, he was quite the perfectionist.
Michael Jackson's song is tainted and wrong to enjoy now. Now, I raise a fist. Didn't he interview one of the Jackson family?
The pushback on the Michael Jackson pedophilia accusations is a lot stronger than you might think.

[1:51:11] It is, um, the look up pushback on the Michael Jackson pedophile accusations.
I mean, he shouldn't have been sleeping in the same room with kids, but pushback on, uh, the, the pushback on the Michael Jackson, uh, accusations of pedophilia is really quite strong.
And even I watched one, two documentaries about it and the stories didn't add up. They just did not add up.
So, yeah, it's, uh, it's really sad.
Dave Mustaine has read The Philosophers. Oh, for Megadeth? Yeah.
Dave Matthews, was he 80s?
Everything is automatic.

[1:51:56] Guitar sound and how soon is now super hot to recreate. Yeah, I don't doubt it.
That's a great song. And the cry at the guitar.
Anybody who can make a guitar sing like that is A-OK in my book.
I remember seeing Corey Feldman saying M. Day didn't molest kids Yeah, and I think that The kid from Home Alone Also said that it didn't happen And Dave Matthews was 90s Yeah, I think that makes sense, Morrissey is great Too suede head Get weird looks if you mention The name to a lefty though Yeah, Morrissey's pretty based, right?
Three part The Truth About Michael Jackson By Razor Fist Yeah, I think I watched one or two of those And Razor Fist did a great job of pushing back on the accusations and I don't think they ever were proved in a court of law, not that I think that means a huge amount anymore, alright.

Parting Words and Community Engagement

[1:52:54] Well, thank you everyone so much for chatting tonight, just a, just a great pleasure to chat with you guys, I hope you'll check out the new series Wrestling with the Dead, I'm really digging into people who had a big influence on me who happened to have passed um i think that's just an interesting you know then i know the full shape of their uh life pet shop boys i like to go west um but unfortunately because i had gay roommates for some part of college i got over pet shop boyd because they played that those albums like incessantly i just got a little over pet shop boyd it's just a uh uh thank you steph again i hope i didn't upset you with that library joke.
I don't recall the library joke. I'm not upset. So if you did, it didn't happen.
Or if you thought you did, it didn't happen. So I really appreciate everyone coming by tonight.
Lots of love. Such a great pleasure. I look forward to talking to you on Friday.
I will do some, I've got like 30 pages to read of the peaceful parenting, nine, 99 lift balloons. Great song.
Great song. Great song.
And have yourself a beautiful evening. I love you guys to death.
If you're listening to this later,
Slash donate to help out as a show. And don't forget Great community.
And don't forget slash freedomain.

[1:54:14] Also, great community. And I will give you guys a little link here if you want to try.
You can take for a test drive for free.
Check out all of the great stuff there.
And how is the history of philosophers? It's fantastic. I'm working with a friend on Immanuel Kant, but that's huge you enjoyed the trivia night yeah um we had a lot of fun the other night we just sort of booted up a trivia game and uh we played with my daughter and it was actually really funny it was really really enjoyable we had some drawing games uh that were guess the word based on the drawing so um that was a lot of fun so we'll we'll post about those if you're donors uh you'll get posted about those uh on um and yeah the trivia night was was a lot of fun and it was great to play with people we'll do that again at some point soon all right i love everybody yeah do say hi to your son uh that was that was great fun to play with him as well so have yourself a great night take care we'll talk to you soon bye.

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