THE WAGES OF SIN - Transcript



0:00 Introduction
1:13 The Quality of Time vs. Quantity
2:38 Children: Your Prisoners
3:24 Loving Your Career
4:29 Chasing Power vs. Chasing Money
5:40 Programming vs. Motherhood
8:22 The Pleasure of Competence
9:45 The Staggering Replaceability in the Workforce
11:55 The Illusion of Irreplaceability
13:54 Uniqueness in Personal Relationships
16:08 Win-Lose vs. Win-Win Dynamics
17:41 Ambition and the Free Market
19:58 Overcoming Maternal Drives
21:48 Misconceptions About Parenting
23:29 Confessions in Criticism
26:42 Evaluating Potential Partners
28:38 Financial Considerations for Donations
30:36 Choosing Divorce or Bitcoin
33:14 Follow-Up on Call-Ins
35:45 Rant Potential Unleashing
37:03 Steven Crowder's Divorce Saga
1:06:02 Moral Standards and Vows
1:19:56 The Morals Matter
1:33:07 The Power of Redemption
1:47:15 Integrity Over Money

Long Summary

In this episode, we delve into various thought-provoking topics, starting with the importance of supporting the show on and the benefits of the community at We explore the complexity of balancing a career and family life, touching on the concept of loving a career versus neglecting children. The discussion evolves into the dynamics of power versus money in the workforce, emphasizing the value of genuine connections and the irreplaceable role individuals play in their loved ones' lives. The main speaker delves into societal pressures on women regarding motherhood and relationships, stressing the significance of parental love and nurturing over material pursuits. Advice is shared on preparing children for dating, evaluating potential partners, and navigating personal growth amid societal expectations. Prenuptial agreements are scrutinized, highlighting their inevitability and the ethical considerations surrounding private versus state-imposed agreements. The conversation shifts towards a legal case involving Steven Crowder, where allegations of extortion and moral discrepancies come to light. The speaker questions the alignment of Christian values with actions taken, pondering the absence of reconciliation efforts rooted in faith and moral values. The importance of upholding moral standards in marriage, ensuring accountability, and addressing conflicts with integrity is underscored throughout the discussion. The focus then turns to the impact of compromising virtue for material gain, emphasizing the detrimental effects of conflict escalation within communities, particularly concerning children's well-being. Encouragement is given to uphold Christian virtues, prioritize love and healing, and avoid betraying one's moral compass for short-term gains. The speaker stresses the significance of personal responsibility, integrity, and returning to virtuous paths for individual and societal redemption. As the episode concludes, the audience is reminded to prioritize love, virtue, and collective well-being, with a call for reflection, moral responsibility, and a return to ethical values. Support through donations and private discussions for guidance and support is welcomed, extending peace and blessings to all participants navigating these challenging moral landscapes.



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[1:02] All right, so let's see here. Thank you for the tip.
Let's get right started with you guys. Happy to talk Bitcoin, happy to talk Crowder's divorce. Well, not happy, but maybe an important topic.

The Quality of Time vs. Quantity

[1:14] So somebody says, hey, Steph was at a party recently and talking to a woman who was heavily invested in her career.
In response to my preference to have a stay-at-home mother as a wife, she had several responses, including, concluding, it's not about the quantity of time, but the quality.
What if you love your career? This got me thinking about the idea of loving a career.
And if love is even the correct term, especially when it leads you to neglecting your children, what are your thoughts?
For some more context, she said she didn't want to be just a lawyer.
Her own mother is a divorce lawyer who, in her words, was at work the week after giving birth. Her mother substituted time with her for stuff.
When I asked her how she was disciplined, she mentioned having her horse taken Take it away.
Dehorsing, also known as the presence of glue punishment. Her mother ended up divorced.
She's clearly modeling her mother's behavior, but beyond that pattern, there might be more to discover from this mindset.
That's very interesting. That's very interesting.
Yeah. Yeah, quality time is just kind of invented.
It's an invented term to allow parents to try and evade guilt of having children when they're spending time with them.

[2:20] If you have children, and you love them, and they love you, and they enjoy spending time with you, then you should spend time with them.
Because, you know, children are ABC, accidental biological cage, right? Children are your prisoners. They're trapped.

Children: Your Prisoners

[2:35] I mean, it's where we get the word kid in kidnapped, right? So they're trapped in your home.
They can't go out. They can't phone their own friends when they're little.
They can't go and make their own arrangements.
They can't go and have their own games of horseshoes or pick up basketball.
Basketball, so they're really dependent upon you, and there's no substitute for you.
There's no substitute for you. So this idea, well, it's not quantity time, it's quality time, is saying that you get to define what is quality for your kid, right?
And if it's really quality time, then the kid would want more of it, right? I mean, if you have fun to hang out with, won't the kid want to spend more time with you?
So who are you to determine what is enough time for your kid, right? It's not you.
And now, what if you love your career?

Loving Your Career

[3:25] All right. I'll bite. I'll bite. Thank you, Movius. I appreciate the tip.

[3:35] How many people, because maybe you guys all love your career, how many people do you know who genuinely love their career?
Now, loving your career means if you win the lottery, lottery, you wouldn't change a thing, right?
If you win the lottery, you wouldn't change a thing. That's loving your career.
Now, if I won the lottery, I'd still be doing what I'm doing.
I mean, I do love my career, although my career has been a kind of a bitch to me at times.
This bitch slapped me up and down the staircase a couple of times, but I do love my career.
How many people do you know who love their careers?

[4:09] I'm not counting yourself. I don't know, man.
It's hard hard to say. I mean, I know a lot of people who wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they weren't working, but that's not the same as loving your career, right? How many people,

Chasing Power vs. Chasing Money

[4:26] that you know love their careers? And, you know, we're a higher crew group here.
We're, you know, ambitious for the most part.
We know successful people and all of that.
Almost none. Almost none.
If you won the lottery, if you won $10 million, right, you wouldn't change a thing. Oh, that's loving your career, right?
I mean, if I could date anyone in the world, I'd still date my wife, right?
So, what are the odds that a woman's going to love her career as much as her children, right?
And even more importantly, what are the odds that a woman's career is going to love her back as much as her children? Right?

[5:13] See, children don't really praise you except in their actions, for the most part.
Children aren't full of big I love yous and all of that, but they want to spend time with you.
They enjoy your company and so on, but you'll get more immediate, ego-gratifying, positive feedback from a career in many ways than you will from kids.
Kids manifest their affection in physical ways, like hugs or wanting to spend

Programming vs. Motherhood

[5:39] time with you or happy when you come home.
But they don't say you know no kids don't at the end of the day say hey great job parenting today you really you're just killing it man you're knocking it out of the park as a parent they don't say that kind of stuff right so if you're looking for a particular praise then you're going to get more of that out of your career than you usually will out of children horsewomen are 100% crazy of what it is yes yes yes yes uh horsewomen can can be a smidge on the can be a smidge on the the entitled side, just a tiny bit, just a tiny bit.
So as far as love goes, um, you can't love your career.
Like it's not physically possible.

[6:30] I mean, I know we use the word love. So love is our involuntary response to virtue if we're virtuous.
Now, I think I'm doing a lot of good. I know that I'm doing a lot of good through what it is that I'm doing through this.
So I love the virtue that I can help generate and create in the show. It's great.
But I love philosophy. I love virtue.
I love my friends, my wife, my family. I have great affection for you guys who allow me to do what I do. And I really, really do massively, deeply, and humbly appreciate that.
But for most people, is there a job promoting virtue in the world?
Well, I don't think a divorce lawyer is promoting virtue in the world.
In general, with some exceptions, divorce lawyers are profiting off human misery by extending it and rubbing salt in the wounds and exacerbating conflict so they can make more billable hours.
There are exceptions, of course, but that's a little bit of a trend that I've seen.
So if your career is morally neutral like you know you're programming something i mean competence is important and excellence is important but it's not fundamentally a moral thing right.

[7:39] So if your job is not promoting virtue in the world it's kind of difficult to love your career i mean you can enjoy the mental exercise you can enjoy the challenges you can enjoy doing things well getting things right i felt a deep visceral bone marrow batman style exaltation when I would make processes faster in computer land.
Speeding things up, getting behind and pushing that status bar was a deep pleasure.
And I remember once I got something to go a hundred times faster and it was like unbelievably wonderful.
That's orgasmic slash nirvana all wrapped into one.
It's tantric programming where your codegasm can last for a couple of hours and then you end up having to smoke in your office.

The Pleasure of Competence

[8:23] So yeah you can you can love the competence and the excellence but, um you can't love your career because almost all careers are morally neutral it's fine you know they need to be done right things need to be get done in the world but you know as far as you know promoting virtues and and making the world a better place in a foundational moral sense not very common you can do that at home but you can't really do that at work so if you love your children they're more likely to listen to you and and be moral and so you're promoting morality in the world by loving your children but you know being a good accountant okay you know it's fine it's It's important. It needs to be done.
Is it fundamentally promoting virtues and morals? No, it's not, right?
I mean, so it's mostly running bureaucratic mazes and keeping people out of jail.

[9:07] So can you love your career? Not usually. Isn't a career, I mean, unless I'm wrong, I mean, I've had careers.
I have a career that I love.
I had a career that I found great satisfaction in, in terms of the challenges, which was high-level coding and co-founding a software company, growing it and managing it and all of that.
That was great, but it wasn't fundamentally moral.
And I've had careers that are, not careers, but jobs that are sort of amoral and so on. So I've sort of run the gamut.
It's very rare to have a job where you're genuinely and deeply promoting virtue in the world.

The Staggering Replaceability in the Workforce

[9:40] So your job is to make money so you can promote virtue at home with your children.
So the idea that you can love your job at the expense of your children is not uh it's not it's not logically valid, it's not logically valid so what else did she say what if you love your career well if you, i don't understand, have you ever hit me but hit me with this hit me with this have you ever gotten the sense of how fundamentally, in the workforce, I don't mean at home with people you love.

[10:25] Have you ever gotten a sense in your job of how staggeringly replaceable you are?
Do you ever get that sense, how staggeringly replaceable you are?
Isn't that kind of chilling?

[10:52] Isn't that kind of chilling?
If you ever get a sense in your job, because you've seen this, right? You work in some corporate environment.
Some guy quits and there's, you know, a couple of slices of cake on a Friday afternoon.
And everybody wishes them well and promises falsely to keep in touch.
And then they're gone. And then there's a new ass in the old chair.
And HR comes by and lectures them about appropriate behavior.
And then they just start doing the work. And within a couple of weeks, it's like that person was never there.
Everybody who feels irreplaceable in their job will have a new ass in the chair.
In a week or two, it will be like, they were never there.
I mean, if you think of the people who got cancelled, so to speak, who were, you know, really, really big, important actors like Kevin Spacey and so on.
Now, Kevin Spacey was obviously a very skilled, slightly creepy actor.

The Illusion of Irreplaceability

[11:55] A good singer, actually, by the by.
And he was cancelled and they just replaced him.

[12:06] Or i guess robin wright was her name or whatever the princess bride girl she just went on with the house of cards thing right or or charlie sheen and two and a half men right he wrote a bunch of crazy rants on tiger blood psychedelics or whatever he was taking and insulted the producer i don't really remember the details but he ended up being canceled and they just hey ashton kutcher you can and come in and take over.

[12:35] Gone. Gone. You're not irreplaceable.
Now, your boss will tell you you're irreplaceable, right? They will appeal to your vanity.
Oh, nobody can do it like you, man. Nobody can handle it like you.
You're absolutely the right man.
You're totally not. Why will your boss tell you you're irreplaceable?
Everyone who's been a boss knows exactly the answer to this, and I've I've been tempted by it too.
Why does your boss tell you that you're irreplaceable?
Tiger Blood was pretty funny. Yeah, but Charlie Sheen was later saying, basically, I gave up a multi-million dollar career for a couple of cool tweets that were forgotten in a week.
To make you feel special? Well, yeah, but why? Why does your boss praise you and tell you that you're irreplaceable?
Yeah, to make you work extra for free. Yeah, that's right. That's right.
Nobody can do it like you, man. You have to be there. You have to do this.
It's like you're unique, only your skill.
It's just to make you feel special so that you'll give him money.
Give him free work, right?
So, yeah, it's just economic, right? I'll appeal to your vanity in return for, it's not exactly exploitation, but it's not exactly the opposite of exploitation either, right?

Uniqueness in Personal Relationships

[13:54] Somebody says there's a guy who got nastily fired and walked out for no reason from a corporate gig in my early 20s he found this out early on wretched by learning from that yeah, yep yep, yeah yeah i mean honestly who's special you know jesus was special socrates was special, um most of us are just completely replaceable but there's one place we're not replaceable and And that's in the hearts, minds, and souls, and spirits, and loves, and affections, and connections with those in our life who are very close to us, right? Our loved ones. We're not replaceable, right?
You're replaceable at work. You're not replaceable for your children, right?

[14:35] So, yeah, it's, um, it's really sad.
Tips about what to do when your boss praises you and tries to get free work from you.
Oh, you just say, no, I'm not. I mean, I appreciate the, I appreciate the kindness.
Um, first of all, this is what I would say. I'd say, well, first of all, if I am irreplaceable, you need to pay me more.
Right. I mean, just, just saying that I'm irreplaceable come with a raise.
Because if I'm irreplaceable and absolutely essential, I should get paid more, obviously.
And if you're not going to pay me more, then I'm obviously not that irreplaceable.
So I appreciate the compliment. That's very kind. But if it doesn't translate into actual money, it's just a bunch of words, which again, it's nice, but all right.
All right. So yeah, just don't. You're absolutely irreplaceable.
Wow. You really should have a raise then. Well, no. No.
Okay, then. It's nice that you're blowing smoke up my ass, but don't try and turn me into a vanity chimney. Right? Please. I'm begging you.
Yeah, the staggeringly replaceable stuff is really, really important.

[15:46] Really, really important.

[15:49] All right. Ahoy, Steph. Been a quiet watcher for five to six years, but a free domain donor since 2020 after UT deplatforming outraged me.
Outworking Instacart and DoorDash on my day off for extra crypto investment dollars. Well, good for you. Congratulations. Very exciting.
Very exciting. Good for you. Good for you. All right.

Win-Lose vs. Win-Win Dynamics

[16:09] Somebody says from Rumble, I'm not trying to get you to opine on political philosophy, but I'm curious about the concept of people changing from chasing power to chasing money. Is there a difference?
Yeah. So chasing power is win-lose. Chasing money, if you're doing it in the market, is win-win, right?
So if you're chasing money, it's win-win because people are voluntarily giving you money in return for something of value you're offering to them.
Hopefully I'm giving you some wisdom, some insights, helping you avoid the pitfalls in life and hopefully help you scale the summits of life and so on.
And in return, turn, you can throw me some coins, slash donate. So that's an exchange.
I'm obviously not in this for the money. I mean, I took a massive pay cut to start doing this and it's been a bit, a smidge of reputational damage in, in flak taken along the way, just a tiny bit.
You have to squint to see it, but, uh, there is an exchange of value that we provide that's voluntary, right?
If you're chasing power, then you're chasing for violent, coercive or manipulative, which is to say somewhat fraudulent, control over others. That's win-lose.

[17:18] And this is a point that I make in the French Revolution thing.
And we also were going to talk about this in the Napoleon presentation, which is still, believe it or not, in the works.

[17:28] But you're going to have massively ambitious people in society who want to dominate.
That's a fact. You are going to have have massively ambitious people in society

Ambition and the Free Market

[17:40] who are going to want to dominate.
And if you don't have a free market, you'll get war.

[17:49] Because they are massively ambitious high-T people and they want to dominate.
And so you give them the free market to play in and their aggression, high-T dominance personalities are turned towards the general good.
But if you don't have a free market, they'll become criminals or politicians or warlords or soldiers, generals, and so on. So those people are there no matter what.
They're coming and you either point them towards the market or they build prisons for everyone.

[18:30] You are right about how children express their affection. My daughter is now in dad phase.
She wakes up around 6 a.m. and immediately asks for me and sometimes taps me with her small palms to wake me up.
So I hold her on my arms and we just walk around her apartment just that for an hour or more.
She doesn't want to play or do anything else. It's incredible how little we have to do sometimes and how much our kids need us. Yeah, for sure.
If I meet a career girl, I would look to see how open she is to giving it up for a life to be the stay-at-home mother of my kids. I think one with morals and reason could definitely understand.

[19:05] But you have to overcome a lot of vanity sometimes because people think, well, I'm so essential. In the corporate world, it's like, no, you're not.
You're just another face in the crowd. You're just another thumbprint daub in the back of the impressionistic painting in the corporate world, not in your personal life, of course.
And somebody who wants money, status, and praise which is to say manipulation.
Money, status, and manipulation over the love of children, is cold.
It's cold. And she's received a massive amount of programming, right?
I mean, let's assume that the maternal impulse is quite strong.
I think it is quite strong. Let's assume that the maternal impulse is quite strong.

Overcoming Maternal Drives

[19:58] How much programming does it take to overcome that? How many times do you have to say to women, well, what are the big cliches? You guys know them probably better than I do.
What are the big cliches that women are told in order to break their maternal drives, right?
What are they told? What nonsense and lies are stuffed into their brains to get them to give up motherhood and children?
It's a lot of carrot and stick stuff, right? It's a lot of carrot and stick stuff. just check your comments here.

[20:35] But in general, I would try to avoid, in my view, I would try to avoid trying to change people fundamentally.
Isn't chasing status kind of a part and parcel of life, though?
I'm also talking about men.

[20:54] So I'm talking about the maternal instinct, and you say, but men.
Breastfeeding is important, but men!
Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about. You'll ruin your body.
You can't trust a man. You don't want to be doing nothing all day.
Yeah, you need to be independent, right? He's just going to leave you, trade you in for a younger kid, right?

[21:27] I thought that when watching the show Narcos about Pablo Escobar.
I think this is something that Spike Lee said in his movie about Malcolm X, that there was some drug dealer who could do all this incredible math in his head, but he had no scope.
Now, it's not that he had no scope. It's probably a bunch of other reasons, but he was like, he could have been a great accountant or whatever it is.

Misconceptions About Parenting

[21:48] Mothers are just breeders. Yeah, just be a broodmare. All you are is popping out babies and like there's nothing to it and so on, right?
Now, people who think there's nothing to parenting, do you know what they're confessing? Oh, parenting is just, you're just being a broodmare.
You're just wiping asses and bibs and wiping faces and feeding.
Like, do you know the people who are saying that there's nothing to parenting, that it's all just mechanical robot, low rent, minimum wage stuff?
I mean, what are they confessing, right? What are they confessing?
Everyone's confessing. I don't know if you know this. You probably do, right? Everyone's confessing everything all the time.
You just have to listen. Everyone's confessing everything all the time.
Agony is spraying off people like.

[22:32] Watering hoses in a golf course, like agony, just as a tsunami.
So when people say, I used to be a broodmare and parenting is like, you're just wiping asses and right.
Yeah. They had unloving parents. Yeah, that's right. They have no, they have no love for their parents.
Their parents have no love for them and they were neglected and their parents didn't enjoy their company and didn't have anything to teach them because they were indifferent, right?
I mean, I, this is nothing new. Okay, I used to say this back on Twitter all the time, which is people would say this about, you know, men are nothing, men will betray you. I'm like, wow, I'm sorry.
I mean, I'm sorry about your dad, but, you know, don't blame us all for the choices your mother made.
Yeah, so people are just like, if they say I'd rather be at work than at home, they're saying, oh, the boss has more affection for me or pretends to than my parents did. That's all.

Confessions in Criticism

[23:30] All criticism is confession right and for 99 of people all generalized statements are confessions and universalizations of personal trauma that they want to normalize right.

[23:45] Just listen to people if you listen to people everybody's confessing all this agony all the time, well i love my career it's like okay so you love strangers which means that you were loved by strangers in other words you're distant parents right, um i i'm drawn to a place where i get more positive feedback okay and then your parents trained you with praise and punishment and uh so you're drawn to that in the workplace right.

[24:15] So, yeah, it's, uh, it's really, I mean, the, the, the, the agony of the modern world, which is considerable, you know, people, at least in the past could defer their fears of hell for the afterlife and had a chance of redemption.
The hell that we live in now is, uh, hell in the present.
That is very hard to escape. All right. I had a question from somebody.
Now, they did include this question with the donation, which is certainly not required, but is certainly appreciated.

[24:51] Dear Stephanator, I live on the other side of the planet, so I never catch the live shows.
Live. I'm a long-time listener and donator. I often end up shouting at the phone when nobody is tipping you. I will donate, I promise.
Anyway, to my question, in a recent call in with the guy who dated the hot dancer, you were asking whether his parents vetted her, and it turned out they did not.
Art. I have a son and a daughter myself.
I'm already having talks with the oldest daughter, nine, about values, quality of character, etc.
But I would deeply appreciate it if you could elaborate on, A, how best to talk to one's young children about dating, as you say, childhood, is to a large extent preparing for adolescence, and B, how best as a parent to vet a future boyfriend slash girlfriend of my own children?
What questions would you ask a future boyfriend of of Izzy. Well, thank you for your support. I appreciate that, of course.
So, the best thing you can do as a parent to prepare your children from dating is have a great relationship with your spouse.

[25:55] Have a great relationship with your spouse. Now, of course, your children will go through their parents, kissing, eye rolling stuff.
I get all of that, but all of that comes out of a fear that they might not be able to replicate the happen if you, if your marriage, that's just sort of a foundational thing that happens. So, you know, you, you model that kind of stuff.
And, and what you do is when your children start dating in the realm of, sorry, when they start socializing in in the realm of dating, which can sort of happen, I don't know, I mean, post-puberty to some degree, but you know, 14 years old, 15 years old, 16 years old, then they're in a social situation with some possibility of, of dating.

[26:35] And, uh, you, you meet the friends, uh, you hang out with the friends,

Evaluating Potential Partners

[26:39] you ask her what she thinks are particular friends.
Uh, she asks about the pluses and minuses of anyone she, he, or she might want to date.
And you go through the pluses and minuses of what you've noticed and your observations and, and so on. Right.
So you just, you go through an evaluation process with any potential partners with them leading the way.
Cause you don't just want to judge for them. Otherwise they'll rebel against that and may do the opposite, right?
Because getting a teenager to do stuff is like trying to diffuse the reversing bomb with a pair of pliers and a eyedropper.
So, uh, yeah, you model great relationships with your spouse and And then you just evaluate and just get used to asking certain questions, right?
So, you know, oh, and you had a conflict with so-and-so. How did this guy handle it? Did he, was he on your side?
Did he help? Did he kind of back away? How does he handle conflict?
You know, there was criticism. What happened? How did it, how did it play? And so on, right? So.

[27:41] What questions would you ask a future boyfriend of Izzy? What questions? I don't know.
You know, that's the dragon question, right? In myths, of course, there's always this dragon that you have to get the maiden from, right?
And the dragon generally is the father, the father of the bride, right?
So I would be in the social circle and I would know the kids and I would and, It's funny. I, you know, I'd probably invite him over for Dungeons and Dragons, see what kind of character he chose and see how he responded to Dungeons and Dragons scenarios.
That tells you a lot about people. I mean, that's just sort of one of the things that I think would be interesting.

Financial Considerations for Donations

[28:39] Uh somebody sent me a dollar on rumble um listen i appreciate i appreciate the thought uh please don't like don't send a dollar that's if you're that low on money i really really please hang on to it yourself because you're going to need it for bus fare to get a job or something and i i mean that with genuine sincerity uh and uh if you if you send a dollar i feel bad uh and of course you know i also have to track it and report it and all of that so um and after overhead it's It's really nothing.
So, uh, so I appreciate that. Uh, I appreciate the thought, but if you're, if you're that broke, honestly, enjoy the show, listen to the show. Don't donate.
Uh, I certainly wish you the very best and maybe listen to some of my, some of my shows on careers, uh, entrepreneurship and the business world and, uh, economics and so on.
And maybe that can help you add some value to your career so you can make a little bit more money.
And because yeah, if, if you're that low on money, like, honestly, please, please don't it's um it's it's heartbreaking uh so please please hang on to it all right uh somebody says.

[29:40] After episodes 5 4 4 5 the truth about dune my opinion of dune has gone from positive neutral to negative uh gerald's gerald gerald uh gerald gerald's testimony was key to making your arguments convincing especially with my history paralleling his when you spoke previously my gut reaction was was, of course it's awful.
It's a, quote, modern Hollywood movie made by vile, talentless, ignorant hacks.
I, on the other hand, have read the books and have drunk deeply of the law and understand the true genius of the work, and I was wrong. Hmm.

[30:13] Listening to this stream at this location where I'm working is just undoable.
So much pausing. Y'all have a great evening.
Not sure. Oh, is this like you're frustrated and upset so you're interrupting the stream because you can't get enough data to, uh.

[30:32] So, all right. Quick question.

Choosing Divorce or Bitcoin

[30:37] D for divorce, B for Bitcoin. D for divorce, B for Bitcoin as our next topic du jour.
Topique du jour.
D for divorce, this would be the Crowder thing, or B for Bitcoin.
What is your pleasant?
What is your pleasure?
All right. Buh-buh. Duh-duh. Ah, double Ds. Right. Uh, divorce. Divorce.
B and D. Ponder Jan Discipline.
No. Um. Bitcoin has been done to death already.

[31:25] Sorry. Is that your particular perception? Or. Or are you thinking that your particular perception is somehow some sort of objective fact? It's really funny.
The world doesn't need to brush its teeth because I brushed my teeth.

[31:43] It's kind of important to know the difference between your own internal state and what's actually factual in the world for others.
Just tell me you don't have Bitcoin. That's fine. Just tell me you feel bad about not getting Bitcoin.
But bitcoin has been done to death already i haven't talked about bitcoin a couple of weeks, it's funny it's funny as opposed to i don't want to talk about bitcoin you have to instead of saying d or some other topic you have to say bitcoin has been done to death already because you kind of want to step in and try and what control the conversation or the direction of the show by giving some sort of objective pretend pretense of your subjective state it's kind of funny all right what do we got here can we talk about how to spell my name uh no uh no no jared we can't because apparently that's just a bridge too far people can understand upb before they can understand j-a-r-r-o-d uh it's it's a it's a ripple in the space-time continuum as far as human consciousness goes it has swallowed many a better man and woman and will continue to do so down the road.

[32:56] All right. It's kind of important that when you ask for our personal preferences, you understand that I'm giving my personal preference.
No, you were making an objective statement that Bitcoin has been done to death.
That's not a personal preference. That's an objective statement.
And the fact that you don't know the difference between the two is quite tragic. All right.

Follow-Up on Call-Ins

[33:15] This may be a weird question, but do you ever reveal what happened to people from certain call-ins after the fact? I listened to one and I'm curious is how things unfolded.
Uh, not usually, because when people give me updates, I then would have to say, okay, do you, is it okay if I release this?
Do I release it as a solo show, which will be a sort of brief update?
It's kind of tough to sort of just jam it in, so.
Bitcoin is like a reverse bouncy ball. Every other bounce, it gets higher.
It was a vote where you asked for our personal preferences. Fucking duh. Wow.
Quite aggressive. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

[34:00] Oh dear. All right. Um, yeah, that's a pretty aggressive there, brother. You must be a lot of fun to have conflict with.
Yikes. All right. Um, let's see here.
Uh, comment from Rumble. I attempted to send more, but it wouldn't let me do so.
I'm a truck diver. Sorry about the single. If I could have sent more, I would have. have okay right so if you only sent a dollar and you meant to send more you would say i'm sorry i only sent a dollar um the fact that you're a truck driver i don't know what that means so uh yeah so free donate then hopefully it should be easier i don't know why why it's tough to put a zero in maybe please don't do that while you're driving of course i'm sure you're not but please Please don't. Stay safe on the road.
Stay safe on the road. All right.
So, yeah, it looks like the divorce stuff has won out. Now, we are going to use another letter question.
Going to use another letter question. Now, hit me with a C if you are Christian or Christian adjacent.
I would put myself as Christian adjacent. So, hit me with a C if you're Christian or Christian adjacent.
Christian adjacent means that you accept the general principles of Christianity, though not necessarily the theological basis.

[35:26] So, uh, Christian. Okay.
Right. Christian. Okay. So Christian adjacent, uh, appreciate that.
Okay. Appreciate that. So I think we're all pretty much on the same coin.

Rant Potential Unleashing

[35:46] So, uh, sorry, one last, I just, I want to know how far to go in this because the rant potential of this is interstellar.
You will be here at the massive unleashing of intellectual energy called this rant, but how theological can I go? How deeply theological can I go?
Minus 10 to pure science and reason and Vulcan mind bells to plus 10 for full-on coked-up, televangelist face frothing. What am I doing here? What am I doing here?
Take us to the edge of the universe.
I don't know, man. Can you? This might be like not just take off my shirt, but chew off my shirt.
Just give me the number. Minus 10 to plus 10. The level that you feel appropriate?
Well, no, that's why I'm asking.

[36:46] The answer is always plus 10. All right. It seems to be that people are, oh, you great instigators.
Do it. Do it. All right.
All right. Fine. I will. I will.

Steven Crowder's Divorce Saga

[37:03] So I've had a couple of thoughts about this. So let's, so Steven Crowder, I mean, we're not friends.
We're barely colleagues. We did a couple of shows together back in the day.
And he's going through what appears to be a pretty horrendous divorce now if this is my knowledge as it stands this is not accurate this is not detailed this is not bonded or heavily researched or anything like that so this is off the cuff nonsense if i get anything wrong apologies up front and this is the kind of stuff that i've heard so in 2021 ostensibly hillary crowder his his wife filed for divorce.
June 2021 is ostensibly when the incriminating ring camera incident happened.
I don't know if you've seen this ring camera stuff, but there was a pretty ugly fight between Stephen and Hillary when she was pregnant and wanted to use a car and he wanted to be able to go see friends or go to the gym or whatever. This is big conflict.
I think it's a pretty wealthy guy. Wasn't he like floating around the daily wire for $25 million contract?
So yeah, Yeah, $25 million. Seems like a lot of money to me, but apparently another car is $26 million or whatever, right?
So July 2021.

[38:17] Crowder goes in for surgery. And again, he may have been in chronic pain because he had some sort of collapsed rib cage thing that was pressing on his heart and he was out of breath.
And so he was having a tough time.
I don't give any excuse for people to be mean because they're having a tough time.
Having a tough time being in pain can bring you closer. There's no reason to turn on people because of that.
So he went in for surgery July 1st, 2021. July 23rd, 2021, he was hospitalized for a lung collapse.
August 2021, his wife gave birth to twins, a son and a daughter.

[38:49] April 25th, 2023, Crowder stated on his channel that his wife Hillary had filed for divorce in 2021.
In the video, Crowder was critical of Texas's no-fault divorce laws.
Yeah, because it's kind of funny, right?

[39:08] It's kind of funny because people say, well, you know, you don't want a prenup.
You don't want to, it's like, you know, you have a prenup through the state.
Like you either have a private prenup or you have a government prenup.
You're getting a prenup either way.
You either choose the conditions of your prenup or the government chooses it.
So if a woman says to you, well, how dare you ask me for a prenup?
The answer is, well, we're getting a prenup anyway. Like we're getting a prenup, either we choose the terms of our prenup or we rely on the state, right?
So, of course, I don't have a prenup because, you know, my wife and I were like, hey, you know what we never do? Get into divorce. And that's the way it is.
So, and that's just a whole lot easier. Not that we've ever been close or anything like that, but it's just a whole lot easier because then you just work everything out, right? Right.
So, uh, that was that. Um, and Steven said, uh, look, I get it.
There are multiple sides to every story, but one thing that is undeniable in this case is that it's no one's fault, but my own in that I picked wrong.
And that's certainly not the fault of my children. And I will say that what's in the best interest of my children is not internet drama speculation, certainly not blatant or veiled shakedowns or dragging their father or mother through the, uh, uh, father or mother through the mud.
And it can't be clear enough on that. Right. So it's all the noble intentions that often don't play out in divorces.
April 27th, 2023, the Ring camera was released.
June 30th, 2023, Crowder demands full custody of his one-year-old twins.

[40:37] That's quite something. All right. March 26th, 2024, just a couple days ago, ex-employee Not Gay Jared releases video claiming legal abuse. use.
Uh, so in it, I don't think he names Crowder, but I think everyone kind of knows at least assumes, uh, that, uh, he's undergoing NDA lawfare and, and demands for communications with people and so on.
And then, um, gosh, and I did watch that. I thought it was interesting.
I personally have had to deal with non-competes in, in the business world.
I don't know if you've ever, uh dealt with this kind of stuff it's a really really big uh challenge right it's a really really big challenge um.

[41:26] So a non-compete you sign usually when you're at any sort of mid or senior level at an organization.
A non-compete is we don't want to train you and then have you go work directly for a competitor, right?

[41:41] So that's a big thing. I don't like them in general. I don't like non-competes, uh, non-disclosure agreements.
So there's three, right? There's NDAs, there's non-disclosure agreements, there's non-competes, and then there's non-disparagement And the non-disparagement is often subsumed under, I'm no lawyer.
This is sort of my understanding of it. The non-disparagement is subsumed under the NDA.
So the NDA is you can't discuss internal corporate secrets and workings and this, that, and the other.
And the non-disparagement is you can't trash the people that you worked with.
This is particularly important in reputational businesses, right?
Where your reputation is very, very important.
And then your non-disparagement seems to be the key. And as far as I understand it, Jared did sign these things, obviously, voluntarily and so on.
So that's the big challenge. Now, the non-competes are tough, right?
Because when I had my particular experience in programming environmental software, environmental health and safety management software and environmental modeling software and all of that kind of stuff.
Because, you know, I was totally into modeling back then.

[42:51] So uh says uh arlo so i had a non-compete and when i wanted to go and work for another company, i had to hire a lawyer and we had to go through all of this kind of stuff and the lawyer was like well you know they can't stop you from working and they can't stop you from gaining value out of your experience but it is uh really tough yeah they're not particularly enforceable, but but.

[43:24] It's a hassle to fight and of course you know lawfare is kind of a staple of big corporations for a lot of times right so you know whether things are enforceable or not it's difficult but.

[43:38] To fight. It's expensive and difficult to fight.
So there's that. And let us continue here. Wait, where did my screen go here?
Oh lord, where did my screen go? Where did my screen go?
Oh yeah. So now, this is from SCNR.
And whether this is is all true or not, I'm simply repeating and reporting, and so on.
Because nobody knows the actual truth, and if there's discovery, which it sounds like there's going to be, where they get to root through everybody's emails and text messages and so on, maybe we'll find out more of the facts.
But louder with Crowder, I guess this is the corporation has filed a lawsuit accusing Jared Munro, also known as Not Gay Jared, and Hillary Crowder of an extortion scheme. scheme.
So, um, Jared Metallo or Monroe said in a text message to Hillary Clinton, I just don't want Steven Crowder anywhere near those kids.
That's a big thing to say. I said, I mean, I guess I don't know if Steven Crowder saying that with regards to Hillary going for sole custody or whatever, but it's, uh, it's pretty, pretty wild. And of course they're not gay Jared stuff.
He, He left Louder with Crowder back in August of 2018.

[45:01] And yeah, the non-disparagement clause, kind of important, right?
So Louder with Crowder's lawsuit, according to this, Louder with Crowder's lawsuit, which only names Metello, claims that this scheme began in 2022 when Stephen's ex-wife, Hillary Crowder, plotted to, quote, extort him for, quote, more money than Texas law would allow, end quote, in their pending divorce proceedings.

[45:34] This is wild. And I'm not, you know, going to go into the details about all of this stuff because it's kind of gossipy, obviously, and there's not a lot of facts.
There's a lot of allegations flying around. I don't know the truth or not.
There's claims that the ring footage was edited, although what is there doesn't seem to be particularly great.
There are accusations that 2,000 hours of ring footage is gone, uh and uh whatever it is right uh just poorly things uh uh has talked about how hillary crowder is following advice or claims or makes the insinuation perhaps or at least says there's a pattern follows advice from a book to destabilize and and reputational damage and all of this kind of stuff.
And so it's really, really it's unbelievably tragic.
It's like, in all seriousness, it's incredibly, incredibly heartbreaking as a whole.

[46:39] It's incredibly heartbreaking as a whole. You know, and it's funny because I don't know you say, I watch Crowder daily and will continue to support him.
All right. Sorry, let me just get to your comments.
Did you watch the video response from Crowder? I did watch the video response.
There was another guy who wasn't Crowder.

[47:04] So let's see here.

[47:09] Let me just get back to your questions.
Somebody says, I saw the ring footage and it made me sad. I made sure my wife had access to a car when she was pregnant.
Does seem odd, right? It was a 50 mil over four years. Yeah, I think that was the offer from Daily Wire. Why wouldn't Crowder buy his wife a car?
I mean, obviously, I don't know. I don't know. Religious reasons? No, really? Really?
Religious reasons. I-I-R-C. I don't know what that means. Is it okay for Crowder's wife to get mad because he wouldn't buy her a car?
Is it okay for Crowder's wife to get mad because he wouldn't buy her a car?
And I don't, I don't personally, I don't know what their financial situation is, of course, right? I don't understand.
I don't understand a wife being unable to buy a car if the couple can afford it.

[48:06] I mean, am I, I mean, I've heard about these couples.
I think I've met one once. It's like, well, we each have our separate bank account and I write a check for half of this and he writes a check for half of that.
I'm like, you merge body fluids.
You, you sweat in each other's embrace.
You swap spit on a daily basis. You create actual human beings.
It's a blend of the two of you.
Why do you have this like North South Korea divide between your finances?
I just don't understand.
I don't understand. in. So why would a, the wife of a wealthy guy not be able to buy a car? I don't understand that.
I don't like, why wouldn't she just say, Hey, you know, I really need a car.
And he's like, well, okay.
Like maybe, you know, my wife and I sort of have a standing policy that we talk over significant purchases, but you know, the idea that either one of us would know you, I mean, you know, unless there's something insane, which there wouldn't be, but it's like, no, why why he wouldn't buy her a car.
I mean, she, you know, she's raising his children or whether she is or not is sort of a question in some ways because of the full-time nanny that has been reported, whether it's true or not, again, don't know, don't particularly care.
But for like, she would have, if it was my marriage, she'd have full access to the money.
She could buy what she wanted. She'd want to get a car, you know, hey, I appreciate you letting me know, but you know, go for it.
We can certainly afford it, he would say, right?

[49:34] So, let's see here.
I used to watch crowder he's very he's like stephen crowder's very intelligent and he's very creative obviously very talented and so on uh i used to watch crowder but stopped as he became progressively less funny and more standard right-wing talking head missed not gay jared and sven computer i miss fan computer so much no better person to play a straight man than a very german android spain computer that's pretty funny uh married 20 years and all our accounts are together except retirement.
I don't get either. Yeah, you don't get it either, right? It's kind of strange.
The ring footage was highly edited and it was either 2,000 hours or 8,000 hours of ring footage was deleted that was supposed to be turned over to the courts as evidence. Wonder why?
Don't know. I don't know.

[50:35] My first time catching a show live from Odyssey. Hello, Silver Spider. Welcome.
Shield Virtue says, from personal experience, choosing the right person can be very difficult.
When culture is shifting like the sand, my ex and I were on the same page when we got married, but now she's a poly-leftist?
Polyamorous leftist? Oof.
Oof. All right. So we are not at the rant part yet. We're just sort of laying out the foundations, right?
So, let me get a couple more things and then we'll get to ranty rant territory.
Um, now, am I right in understanding that, uh, Stephen Crowder is a Christian?
Um, am I right?
Uh, hit me with a why, if I'm right in understanding that Stephen Crowder and therefore I assume Hillary Crowder are Christians. Is that right?

[51:49] I know we tried looking that up. I wasn't sure if that, I know we couldn't find it right away, but yeah, he's, he's Christian, right?

[51:57] So there's a couple of things I want to say about this.
Yeah. Both claim to be okay. There's a couple of things I want to say about this straight up, man. Okay.
So first of all, I've written an entire book on how to help and fix relationships in particular marriages.
Which is I've publicly dived into hundreds of relationship scenarios and really helped people for the better.
It's always kind of amazing to me.
He's a guy I worked with very briefly, of course, in that we did some shows together, but it was not any particularly close relationship, of course, right? And this was many years ago.
But if he called me and said, hey, man, you're pretty good at relationships.
Could you give me a hand? I'd be like, I would have done that.
I mean, isn't this kind of funny? Like, I would have done that. I would have done that.
I wouldn't have recorded it. I would have done it as a favor.
I would have, you know, helped out as best I could. And I, you know, I've written an entire book on relationships.
I've been very happily married for 21 years.
No problems, no real conflicts with my wife. We have a just wonderful, joyful time together.
And, you know, I come from a really, really bad childhood.
So, you know, I might have a couple of things to add. But of course I'm gone from the movement and I, you know, there's a big memory hole where I used to be, but it's just kind of annoying to me.
Because there are kids involved that nobody's really talking about.

[53:20] I would have done if the kids, you know, office open, if you want to, if you want to call, we'll keep it totally private. It won't be recorded.
It doesn't matter. I, you know, if I can do anything to help those kids, I will, because it's really tragic.
So it's just kind of odd to me that, you know, there's a pretty good expert in the philosophy of relationships and self-knowledge and so on that he's perfectly aware of.
But I, you know, I've kind of ceased to exist in many people's minds, so that's just kind of annoying.
That's just kind of, annoying, because things could have gone differently, but you know, you can't you can't make people want to get help, right?
You can't make people want to get help, so that's the thing.
Now, here's the other thing too, which is, I mean, they're both Christians, right? Now, help me understand, because my theology is not not perfect in any stretch of the imagination.
It's far from perfect. It may in fact be counterfactual, but this is my knowledge and understanding.
So you pray to God above before you get married. Is this the right person?
Will we be in love, right?
Will we be together? Will we be happy? Is he the right person for me?
Is she the right person for me? Don't you pray? Don't you consult with your priest? Do you go to premarital counseling?
Do you get on your knees and pray to almighty God and Jesus to get you the right person?

[54:47] Is that how it works? Aren't you supposed to throw yourself on the mercy of the divine to get the instincts on where to put your ring and your heart and your life and who to make children with?

[55:01] Ugh! So what happened? Were they praying the wrong way? I don't know.
Did they have their hands crossed? Okay. And so you get into a marriage and, you know, obviously you have some conflicts and so on. Then don't you pray?
What's the best way to resolve the conflicts, right?
You know, Jesus died for my sins. Surely I can swallow my pride and be nicer to my wife or my husband or whatever, right?
Isn't that how it's supposed to work? Am I wrong about all of this?
Am I completely wrong about all of this?
You see, he has stated multiple times on his show that if he could fix his relationship, he would.
It seems that Hillary is completely incapable of making amends. This is a quote.
And appears to want to destroy his career through lawfare that he is paying for, not only lawfare, but reputational slash brand damage. You don't know. I don't know.
Of course, you know, we've all, I don't know whether he's telling the truth or not, But we've all known people who are going through breakups and you hear their side and you hear his side and it's like, wow, that makes total sense.
And then you hear her side and you're like, wow, that makes total sense. And right.

[56:19] Either he chose someone who's completely, if he's right, if he's telling, either he chose someone who's completely incapable of making amends, or she kind of turned out that way for being married to him.
But didn't he and she pray for that?
And don't they pray for guidance with regards to their marital problems, right?
It's in the court documents.
What do you mean it's in the court documents? I mean, his statements are in the court documents.
I understand that. So, maybe I'm missing something, and feel free to elucidate.
But I have trouble understanding this.
This is not in particular to do with Stephen and Hillary.
I have trouble understanding this.
They're mad at each other, but isn't the central commandment of Jesus himself to turn the other cheek and love those who enrage you, love your, quote, enemies.
I'm not saying they're enemies, although it seems that it's going that way, but isn't that a central commandment?
Turn the other cheek, love your enemies.

[57:39] And in the commentary that I have read, there seems to be absolutely zero appeal to Christian Christian ethics.
You swore an oath before God himself to love, honor, obey, worship, respect, be devoted to, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

[58:14] And I don't see, or I haven't seen, and I haven't read exhaustively on this, of course, right?
But I haven't seen, and if there are, you know, please let me know.
But I really haven't seen a lot of people saying, Hey, you guys are Christians. You have to, like, you are sinning.
You're sinning. You're breaking your vow to each other.
You're breaking your vows to God you're harming the children you're breaking your covenant you are sinning perhaps irredeemably, because this is the challenge that I have and of course you don't want to judge a moral system by those who fail to adhere to it but in my understanding Again, obviously, I'm not a theologian, but in my understanding, you're supposed to pray for guidance. God is supposed to tell you who to marry.
You make vows to God. You must turn the other cheek, love your enemies.
Aren't they failing on every count that we can think of?

[59:39] And I don't see, because there's, you know, it's a big, strong Christian community around them, and maybe it's happening privately, I don't know.
But I don't see that anyone's holding them to the moral standards that I understand they would be subject to.
I mean, I don't understand this. Help me. Help me.
Because, you know, for instance, let's say, I mean, I do say verbal abuse is wrong, right? Verbal abuse is wrong.

[1:00:15] Tearing after people and trying to destroy their personalities and any sense of self because they upset you is wrong.
So if I was, and people know that about me. So if I was out there in the public square, viciously verbally abusing someone, what would people say?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, Mr.
RTR, you're not RTRing. You're verbally abusing. This is against your morals.
Bad, bad, bad. You are not achieving the moral goods you claim run your life and that you would expect from others.
Now, is it possible I could do that? Yes, it is.
So I'm not blaming people for failing their own moral ideals that happens but this is the thing that's wild to me, is that when I did, and I did put a foot wrong put a foot wrong people would be all over me, and I appreciated that yay, thank you excellent, I appreciate the course correction, I lost my head thank you, Now, I hadn't made vows before Almighty God for these things.
I hadn't pledged my entire soul and my entire, the virtue of my entire existence on these things. I'm just a philosopher with some moral standards.

[1:01:43] And since I argue for self-ownership and if I say, oh, X, Y, and Z, even though I did it, it wasn't my fault. It was predetermined by history.
People would say, whoa, whoa, whoa, Mr. Freewill, you don't get to blame history.
Because you're a free will guy you don't get to be a determinist right.

[1:02:04] So what am I missing? If I put a little foot wrong, and I'm not a theologian, I put a little foot wrong, and people are swarming me like fat kids on a ripped bag of Smarties, correcting, oh, hypocrisy, you did this, but you said this, and you said this, but you did that, and it doesn't match. Good.
Where are all the people telling them they're threatening their souls and risking eternal damnation, if I understand this correctly, by kind of sinning. Am I wrong?
Steph, do you have second piece of evidence that Crowder is verbally abusive?
What? I'm not... I never called him verbally abusive. He had a pretty ugly fight with his wife. I didn't call them verbally abusive.

[1:03:10] What am I missing here? Where is the Christian community coming together and bringing them back to Jesus for the sake of the children and each other?
You know, even, I know it's fictional, but even in Goodfellas, when the guy's got a side mister and he's going to leave his wife, even the mafia, even the mafia get together and say no no no the mother of your children you got to stay together you got to sort this out you got to work this out you got to fix this, well i i feel like i'm in crazy land reading about this stuff because everyone's like well but there's this and then that this is pizza data but he says this but this footage was deleted and she has a nanny and he's got 25 000 and jared says this and it's like what are y'all talking about out?
Well, the NDA, is it enforceable? I don't know. How about your solemn vow to God to love each other?
Is that not slightly more important than a constitutionally questionable non-disparagement clause that might interfere with free speech rights, but who knows because it's complicated?
I feel like I'm going crazy. Honestly, I feel like I'm losing my mind looking at this stuff.
And again, I'm really happy to be corrected.
But they did, as far as I understand it, they would have made vows before God, which they are currently violating.

[1:04:39] Why is nobody in conservative right-wing Christian conservatism, and I say nobody, I don't know, could have happened, I might have just missed every single time, but what am I missing?
You're breaking your vows, you're harming your kids.

[1:05:06] I don't understand.
This is, and so there's that.
They're Christians, and again, while being no theologian, my amateur understanding is that they're breaking a whole bunch of vows and principles and morals.
I mean, look, we got a lot of Christians here. Tell me how I'm wrong.
I'm eager to figure out how I'm wrong.

[1:05:44] Hillary violated the vow. Stephen hasn't. How does he survive this?
Just take it for the kid's sake.
You know, listen, I get that maybe there's something in your life where it's

Moral Standards and Vows

[1:06:00] like, I've got to take one person's side over the others.
I'm the only person's side I would be on it's the kid's side so if you're going to say Stephen was a perfect husband Hillary just went crazy right I don't believe that right if you were to say that that would just speak more to you than to the situation right, I'm a Christian and I agree fully with you Steph and according to the Bible you are correct I think so I mean isn't there a whole don't bear false witness isn't there a whole till death do us part And again, nobody's expecting people to be perfect, but why is nobody being called out on the deviations from essential moral principles sworn in a public square, in a church, to a priest, to Almighty God?

[1:06:58] And I see this I mean honestly I won't get into details because it doesn't really matter but the people who are going back and forth on this, it's like the uncorking of crazy town, now again maybe there are private conversations say, I don't know, but, what is going on?
What is happening that everybody feels the need to take sides with incomplete information and nobody is holding anyone to the solemn holy vows they made before Almighty God on peril of their souls.
Nobody is even mentioning that.
In America, most modern Christians don't read the Bible. Most Christians are cultural. Christians are not religious.
I don't know what that means. There are a lot of... I mean, they're called fundamentalists, but I wouldn't use that term in the pejorative sense.

[1:08:13] But Christians know that you're supposed to love your enemies.
Christians know that you're supposed to keep the vows you make to Almighty God on peril of your soul. Aren't they?
Isn't that isn't that kind of common knowledge I don't, and here's the other thing too I mean, it doesn't seem like people are holding themselves to these vows it doesn't seem like they're holding each other to these vows, is there no sense of how how religion is being massively discredited over the course of this process.
That everyone's picking sides, it seems to me, on incomplete information.
And nobody is holding anyone to any of the moral standards they claim animate their entire existence.
It is driving people away from the church.

[1:09:23] False virtues flare up around life's biggest disasters the crappy opinions are drawn out without any sort of rigorous reference to philosophy or theology, yeah i mean i know that a lot of people find pearly things kind of coarse and and i don't know i mean i'm i'm a big fan of of bluntness and uh you know people other women telling her to f off and how dare you? And it's just like, what are you doing?
What are you, what are you doing?

[1:09:57] All I'm saying is I have followed Crowder equally as long as I have followed Steph.
I would back either of you up due to the sheer fact I've witnessed how you have behaved for years.

[1:10:10] Okay, well, I'm happy to hear what your thoughts are.
If I told you, obviously it's not true, but if I told you that a couple of years ago, go, my wife filed for divorce and I hadn't said anything about it for a couple of years. Would you consider that important?
How would you judge me if I had kept from you that my wife, right, in this hypothetical scenario, which of course hasn't happened and won't happen, but I'm just curious because Because it seems like, I don't want to sound like any kind of victim here. I really don't.
But it seems like I'm held to standards that no one else is held to.
My particular, you know, I'm trying not to, you know, play the world's smallest violin in my own ear or anything like that.
But people are like, well, I'm still standing by Stephen Crowder.
Now, if I had not informed you that my wife had left me a couple of years ago or divorced or whatever it was, would you consider that a negative?
I mean, am I wrong? Would you consider that negative?

[1:11:32] And yet, I haven't noticed anyone say anything about this with regards to the Crowder situation.
And again, I'm not trying to be Mr. Big Self-Pity here, but it's a little jaw-dropping, isn't it? My God, if Steph did that, that'd be terrible.
I'm on Stephen's side.
What is the matter with everyone? I'm happy to have revealed how blind I am to these things. What is wrong?
Am I just like the only person that moral standards get applied to? Like, what the hell?
What the ever-loving hell?
Says, it would undermine all of your relationship calls and advice.
It would be incredibly challenging to continue to trust things you've said about relationships.
It would blow up, it would be a blow to the cause. Why would you tell us that much personal information?

[1:12:33] Why would you tell us that much personal information?
Well, I would not at all feel comfortable pretending to be married.
I would not at all feel comfortable at all. I'd feel acutely uncomfortable pretending to be married.
Wouldn't that seem kind of weird?
Maybe I'm wrong. I'm always happy to be wrong.
Because Lord knows being right comes with the price tag at times. So.
Very strange. It's very strange to me.

[1:13:34] It's about protecting the political interests of men. I don't understand that.
I would thank you for the late honesty? Really?
It takes two people to keep a marriage going. It seems to me major assumptions.
Stephen wants to continue the marriage. Hillary does not. Even if Stephen is on the side of God and the angels, nothing will get Hillary back in the fold.
Moral standards at this point is too late. It's sad, but this is why you find out before you get married.
Okay, so did he not pray to God for guidance on who to marry?
I don't know. Obviously, Stephen Crowder's private theological practices, I have no idea.
But isn't that what you would do?
And did she not also pray to God about who to marry?
It's a pretty important decision. You're making the vow to God in public. Wouldn't you pray?
And if God says, this is the person to marry, shouldn't you work it out?
Like, what is the point of all of these beliefs if they evaporate in times of trouble?

[1:14:51] This is what I don't understand, Foundation.
What is the point of these beliefs?
If they vanish in times of trouble. Somebody says he did get married very early before his career took off. So? So what?
Just that God would know that, right? God would know what was going to happen with Stephen's life because God is all-knowing. So when Stephen says or someone says to God, who should I marry? God knows the future circumstances.
So God says this is the person to marry.

[1:15:30] Somebody says, as Christians, we are supposed to morally police each other within the church based on the Bible.
However, almost no churches do this. So many Christians are morally compromised, and they have no spiritual-slash-moral strength to enforce the moral edicts because in trying to enforce them would make them confront their own sins.
Yeah, you know, that's a tidy package that seems to me a little too convenient.

[1:16:02] Someone says, if Stephen gets taken down by this, it makes it more dangerous for other successful men who are working to shield him like he was us.
But he's not you.
He's not you.
You know, I see, and again, I'm a little emotional about this, and it's sad for me, and it hurts a little bit.
I'll be straight up. But I think one of the things that troubles me as well is I do see massive amounts of time and energy and effort being poured into this, which was not poured into me when I was deplatformed.
Again, this is one of the great mysteries, right? That people will pour massive amounts of time and energy into this conflict, taking sides, arguing back and forth and so on.
But when I was deplatformed, I kind of vanished, like I just despawned and people just walked around like I'd never been there.
So, it's interesting to me, and it's part of the general thing that I've said, that for some reason I don't seem to be able to generate that kind of allegiance.
Hello, Evan. Nice to see you. Yeah, and it's interesting to me.

[1:17:29] I mean, there's so much energy being poured into this massive mess. Hello, Sylviane.
Maybe the Christians are afraid to tell the truth in this violent state of the world.
No, I don't see that. I don't see how saying to a couple that appear to me to be violating their, imperiling their souls, like, this is what I don't understand.
I genuinely don't.
And you tell me, you tell me, if you break your vows, hurt your children, and rage against the person you vowed to love, are you not sinning?
And if you are sinning, are you not imperiling your soul?
Now, maybe you don't believe in hell, but there is punishment for sinning.
And even if that punishment is simply limbo or death or separation from God, God, why isn't anyone pointing out that they're imperiling their souls through grievous sins?
And that they need to stop this?
Because it's a sin against their vows. It's a sin against the commandments.

[1:18:52] So, why is it optional? That's what I don't follow. And look, maybe the people, you know, someone's sinning, I'm not talking about Stephen or Hillary here, but if someone's sinning, they're in the throes of upset and they're completely possessed by dark spirits or whatever you might say.
But why is everyone around them? Why is nobody saying this?
What if one party wanted to stay in the marriage, the other did not?
You can't control the other party, but could the party that was left blame the church for not intervening? I don't know what any of that means, really, sorry.
It seems like everyone's getting gripped up with this, legalese and this evidence and the text messages and nobody seems to be talking about the morals.

The Morals Matter

[1:19:57] And isn't the morals the point?
I don't believe I'm going to hell if I fail my morality. I believe my conscience would make me very, very, very uncomfortable.
It would be horrible.
But I don't believe I'm going to spend eternity separated from the greatest being in the known universe, or the unknown universe, which is God.
I don't believe that that will be my fate.
And here's the thing. Maybe it goes like this, and maybe I'm sort of unpacking this in real time, I'm so, forgive me if I go astray, and please, just always correct me if I'm wrong.
So I think that people correct me because I will accept correction, and if somebody says to me, wait a minute, you said there's no such thing as determinism, but then you're saying that your actions were predetermined.
So what will I say? What will I say to that?
I will say, yeah, you know, you're right, I missed the ball on that one, thank you, right?

[1:21:02] So maybe I'm held to standards because I hold myself to standards and maybe other people aren't held to standards because they won't hold themselves to standards.
But if you don't hold the morals, what's the point?
Like if your morals are optional, if your integrity is optional, if it's like, well, until it's difficult.
But you see, once it's difficult, once it's difficult, I'll just drop it and nobody, can hold me to account.
Then what's the point? I mean, I guess you could be really cynical and say, well, the point is just virtue signaling and so on.
Yeah, you keep saying politics and power, like that's supposed to mean something to me.
But if everyone can forget their morals, and nobody's there for the children...
I mean, the children didn't ask to be in this situation. The children aren't there by choice, these lovely twins.

[1:22:27] And look, I understand you can't judge the truth or falsehood of morality based upon the actions of its adherents, but shouldn't there be at least one person who's saying this is all a terrible sin?

[1:23:02] Yeah, the kid's whole life will be such battles and anger. Oh, my gosh.
These poor children. And I don't see a lot of people saying, even if you're not an adherent to the Christian worldview and the Christian morality, I don't see a lot of people, in fact, I don't think I've seen anyone other than very passing references here and there.
I think Owen Benjamin mentioned them, but I haven't seen anyone saying this is really tearing these children apart.
And you don't have the right to behave in this kind of way. Even if we were to say the marriage is broken down. Okay. The marriage is broken down, right?
Whatever that means. I don't know. I mean, make it sound like a wooden cart hit a bad rock or something like that.
But Okay, let's say the marriage is broken down.
Any marriage. It's not referenced to Stephen and Hillary. The marriage is broken down. There are children involved, right?
Why this stuff? And of course, you know, this is back to my own parents, right?
Who had a brutal time of it. Well, they created a brutal time of it.

[1:24:26] For the sake of the children, isn't their love enough for the children that you wouldn't tear each other apart like this?
You know, one of the ways that I knew my parents didn't love me is that they were willing to fight with each other so much. Now, I was not witnesses to much of their fights.
You know, my dad was in Africa, we were in England, and then I was in, some was in Ireland, and then I was in Canada, and so I didn't, like my parents weren't yelling at each other because they divorced I think a couple of months after I was born. Clearly my fault.
My head was just too big. But...

[1:25:01] That level of conflict with the people you claimed to love.
That level of fighting with people you claimed to love. How much harm are they doing to this idea of the... Like, people who divorce like this, right?
Again, not specific to Hillary and Stephen, but people who divorce like this, in this, you know, tearing at each other like a bunch of cannibals.
How much damage do they do to the entire concept of marriage?
You know, how much fear are they putting into the hearts and minds of others about marriage?
Right? So conservatives say, marriage is a holy institution.
You've got to stay together for the sake of the kids.
Single mothers is bad, and the family is the foundation. The family is the bedrock, right?
And then this?

[1:26:00] And then this because you know people who are conservatives a lot of times are saying well you've got to make sacrifices right you've got to do what's right for society you've got to you know put aside your immediate needs and you've got to, sacrifice and defer gratification and so on and then some kind of toxic rage fest comes up and everyone's cheerleading on either side thus kind of goading it on. This is what I don't understand.
You take sides, and I'm not taking a side here. I'm not taking, the only side I'm taking would be the kids.
And again, I don't know these people, so this is just a philosophical construct, right?
But you take sides and you're ginning up the conflict and you're like, oh, he's right, oh, she's right.
He's got this and she's got this and you don't do this and he can, you're just fueling it. You're just fueling it.

[1:26:54] Like everybody and anybody who's not saying you're sinning against these children, you're sinning against each other, you're sinning against love, you're sinning against marriage, and you're sinning against God himself, and you're imperiling your soul, you need to absolutely drop this.
You need to absolutely drop this.

[1:27:24] I don't know just fueling the fire and how you know there's a marketing aspect to life there's a marketing aspect to life I work out for you no like there's a marketing aspect to life don't you want to show people also how good your beliefs are how good your morals are how good good your community is and from the outside i'm i'm looking at this whole thing that's going on and i'm like oh my like why would you you couldn't work harder to drive people away from your belief system as far as i can see i don't i don't understand it, and i'm not terrible at understanding but i don't understand it like, why is everyone doing this why is everyone taking sides and escalating and punching back and infighting like why is everyone breaking up with each other so the attack why is the attack spreading rather than the peace spreading.

[1:28:40] Why? Why is the community, turning on people and savaging people?
Why is this conflict spreading when everybody has access to all the morals they need to solve this?

[1:29:06] People should see, you know what would be an incredible, way to bring people to God and to Jesus and to Christianity.
What would be the incredible thing to do would be to say, listen, you guys have, we understand it, we're all sinners.
Right? I hate to sin, not to sinner. You're sinning.
You're breaking vows. You're breaking covenants. You're betraying God.
You're betraying Jesus. You're harming your children. You're sinning.
And for people, and here's why and here's how. And nobody can disagree agree with any of this. Nobody can disagree with any of this.
It's obvious, it's factual, it's Christian and people, multiple people have confirmed and my understanding is not totally blind with regards to theology.
If you can't hold people to their morals, what's the point of any of it?
If you can't say to people, you're breaking the holy vows you made, you're sinning and people say, oh god, you're right, oh, oh thank you, oh my gosh did I ever get dragged off into a dark place, you know, the devil is constantly cocking his smoky finger at me and drawing me down the dark path and I went a long ways down that dark path, thank you guys for bungeeing in with the lightsabers and carving me free, from the robots of demonic habit.

[1:30:29] And if they were surrounded by love of their potential virtue and they were reminded of their their vows and their virtues and the health of their soul.

[1:30:47] And they reform their behavior.
Right? They reform their behavior. Now, what that means, I don't know, but it's not doing what's happening now.
If they were to be constrained by the virtues that everybody accepts, right?
Because what are the, you know, this is the funny thing is that what is the big complaint that the right has regarding the left?
Oh, well, they say one thing, but they do another.
They're such hypocrites. Imagine if the situation were reversed.
Dems are the real racists, blah-de-blah-de-blah, right? Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy.
That's the big thing, right? They don't do what they claim. They don't do what they preach. They don't practice what they preach.
In fact, they practice the opposite. Right? Thank you.

[1:31:49] I don't follow it.
Could it be, says someone, this situation triggers people's own family history, which is no different in the side-picking, the gossip, the stories, false moral standards, petty allegiances, and sense of purpose. Okay, so what?
So what? it.
Triggered is just another way of saying susceptible to sin, which we all are, right?
We all are. So saying, yes, people are falling into temptation. Exactly.
They're falling into temptation. Yep. And the whole point of the church is to help you identify and resist temptation. And if you forget, as we all do, how the people are supposed to remind you. Am I wrong?
But if everybody falls into the pit of sin, what's the point of any of these virtues?

The Power of Redemption

[1:33:08] I believe there are great things in both parties. I believe that they can wake up and shake it off and recommit to their vows and recommit to their virtues and save the trauma to their children or at least undo some of it.

[1:33:27] And the good they would be doing, not just for their own souls, but for their family, for the reputation of marriage, for the esteem and prestige of Christianity, for them to shake off sin with reference to the holy teachings they swore to obey, for them to shake off sin and return to virtue would be such an amazing, demonstration of the power of faith and God and Jesus.
Jesus, and virtue, it would be magnificent.
It would be incandescent.

[1:34:04] Do you see what I mean?
Can you imagine if people were able to put the brakes on these kinds of disasters, both within themselves and within the community, shake their heads off and say, boy, did I ever get finger beckoned by the devil and sashayed down that swing in my purse in fishnet stockings, right? Obviously, I'm just talking about Stephen here.
Kidding. But if people were able to resist and turn around this wrong based upon prayer, I mean, are they not praying for guidance?
Are they not praying for guidance? What should I do? Or Jesus would say, forgive, love, hold up your vows, be the better person, Take the higher road.
Both sides should be doing that. There's no way. There's no way that I can imagine that what's happening is what Jesus is telling people to do.

[1:35:08] So, are they not praying? Or are they praying and God is telling them to do this?
Or are they praying and it would seem to be someone else is telling them to do this?
What an incredible thing it would be for the community of virtuous people to come together and show the healing power of God, Jesus, nobility, integrity, and virtue to save each other, the community, the church, and most importantly, the children.

[1:35:48] Could it be that no one is saying anything because it's the wife who is leaving and generally society does not hold women accountable?
Okay, but I'm not talking about society. I'm talking about Christianity.
I'm talking about Christianity.
Does God hold women accountable? Of course he does.
So if their belief is is that god almighty in the sky holds women accountable than saying well society often doesn't hold women accountable it's like but god does and you're a christian jesus does, and you're a christian right what did jesus say to the adulterer go forth and sin no more he didn't say well you're not responsible for anything you do because female he didn't say that.

[1:36:49] Manuel says can they really walk back what they did during this divorce proceedings though you know better than anybody that there is no taking back and I hate you, I don't know all they said to each other since the split started but I would guess nasty stuff but Manuel that's exactly the magnificence of what I'm proposing, if you can say I fell prey to sin to the darker nature to the devil's beckoning, I was in a sense possessed possessed because I allowed myself to be, and if you can return to love through your virtues, what an incredible example that would be of God's power.
Do you know, unbelievably inspiring, that would make a billion eyes weep a billion tears.
That would be a massive win for Jesus.

[1:37:55] Is there a point where the amount of sin is so big that seeing it would mean the death of oneself? No, Lucian.
Honest redemption cures just about everything. No.
God does not say, as far as I know, and you can tell me where I'm wrong about this, but God does not say, the sin is so great, redemption is now impossible, so you might as well double down on your evil.
No Jesus forgave a thief who was such a terrible and bad and destructive thief that he was being crucified Jesus forgave him like that, So, you may say, oh, but the death of oneself, but that's not theology as far as I understand it, that God could absorb all genuinely repentant sinners.
Genuinely repentant sinners. But it seems to me you could not do more to discredit Jesus and God than some of what goes on in the modern world.
Again, I'm not talking about this situation in particular, but...

[1:39:20] Steph, you assume they are both mentally, quote, there. I know that's hearsay, but what if?
Does through sickness and health cover this? I don't know what that means.
Mental illness, instabilities that could cause this.
I'm a free will guy and I must, I mean, unless there's some brain tumor, physical injury, they have free will and moral responsibility.
And I don't see any stars, any little asterisks that you get to get out of foundational moral commandments and the vows you voluntarily made to God.
There's no little asterisk that says, well, unless you can claim, oh, you say that you're mentally ill, then you're not bound to any of this. That's not how it works.
If you're competent enough to run a multi-million dollar company, aren't you competent enough to not sin? Am I wrong?
If you're competent enough to plot with lawyers or whatever, aren't you competent enough to, do the right thing?

[1:40:24] Would this not be a perfect example of the power of God and Jesus to cool the savage heart of human escalation?
What would Jesus do?
What would Jesus do? Is this what Jesus... I mean, isn't this the foundational question?
I mean, people have WWJD, on their wristbands, right? What would Jesus do? What would Jesus do?

[1:40:59] Would Jesus do this?
Divorce is only allowable in the case of adultery, and once divorced, you are not to remarry.
Well, divorce is not enforced, and even if you separate, you're still supposed to love your enemies.
You say, I remember you talked about stacking bodies. At some point, the last body is yourself. Can you still repent then?
Ah, we're not talking about me. We're talking about Christian faith, God, Jesus. Not talking about me.
Not talking about you, BB. Not talking about me. We're talking about faith and God and Jesus.
Does Jesus turn away any honest and repentant sinner?
Sinner? Does Jesus reject any genuinely contrite sinner?
Somebody who apologizes, who totally grasps the gravity of his sin, who works as hard as possible to make amends, who apologizes, who makes restitution as possible.
Is there any sinner who genuinely repents that Jesus will not embrace. I don't believe so.

[1:42:27] So whatever we're talking about psychologically doesn't matter.
What matters is the belief systems of the people involved.
It's never too late to turn around. You've never sinned so much that you're unredeemable.
Genuine contrition, apologies, restitution is, how does Jesus know they're honest?
Well, he's omniscient, So he would know, right?

[1:42:57] Well, this is why I don't work in a big organization, right?
It's not easy to maintain your integrity. It's not easy to maintain your integrity.
Anyway, I don't want to beat a dead horse here, but I just, um, it's really, really, it's just, I feel for those kids, man. And I feel for those kids.
If they knew what they were doing to the children, they would stop.
I genuinely believe that. I'm sure that they're both decent people deep down.
If they knew and processed what they were doing, to the children. And it's not just, well, there's a split, and it's all the stress and the conflict and the combat. and the distraction from parenting that's going on and these kinds of bitter battles that are escalating legally.
It's just so much is being taken away from the children. It's just...

[1:44:04] I mean, the parents are in the court, the children are on the cross.
As far as I see it, it's just beyond awful.
When literal salvation and the healing of wounds, it's so close.
It's so close the redemption not just of each other but of the marriage and of people's skepticism towards salvation and Jesus as a whole is so close, do you ever have this with people who just are doing wrong well you just you look at them and you're like gosh just don't just don't, it's so much more possible than you think to not do wrong you just don't, if someone's trying to pull you down.

[1:45:23] And they're the mother of your child you love them anyway if they're sinning, you may hate the sin sin, but you love the sinner.
And everybody who's trying to pull you into sides.
Is this Is this mostly over money?
Is this mostly over money? Is this mostly about fighting for money?
Isn't that one of the foundational aspects of Christianity, that Jesus resisted the lure of owning everything in the world, because that would have come at the price of his virtue, his soul, his integrity, and his immortality in many ways?
I mean, I can't even tell you how much money I've given up for the sake of retaining my integrity.

[1:46:51] To speak the truth has cost me dearly. But it hasn't cost me my soul.
I've kept my soul. I've kept my integrity. I've kept my honor.
My virtue. At massive cost.
But the price of not paying that cost is infinitely higher.

Integrity Over Money

[1:47:15] This is what I don't understand. This greed. And I'm going to take this money from you. And I'm going to keep... God.
It's money. It's money. It's not your conscience. It's not your integrity. It's not your soul.
Can you imagine if, given my skill set, if I had focused on money-making, would I have done 1% of what I've done?

[1:47:55] And what would it have cost me to prefer money to honor to prefer money to integrity to prefer things to a good conscience to be bribed with physical shit in return for the immortality of my language, to have a fat bank account and scorn in the eyes of those I most treasure.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
It was never even tempting.
It's the funny thing, right?

[1:48:49] It was never even tempting.
Why must you compare? We know what you have given up. That's why we're here.
It's kind of bitchy. Why must you compare?
Because I'm comparing two different paths. Are you not following the conversation?
It's really not that complicated.
Because I'm comparing people who are sacrificing love for what looks like material gain, and I'm saying that the only love that matters is the love of virtue, and if that comes at the price of material gain, so fucking be it.
I will not be bribed into betraying virtue.
Why must you compare?

[1:49:35] It's like the before and after photo of somebody who loses a lot of weight.
Well, why must you compare? Because that's the point, man.
That's the point. Do you think the children are going to trust these children grow up? And this is all public, right?
This is like, my parents' divorce documents are sealed and probably burned or discarded decades ago. Don't care. Doesn't matter.
But these kids are going to grow up and are going to see all of this.
Are these kids going to be able to fall in love easily when they see what happened to their parents?
Are these children going to be able to fall in love, to trust, to surrender, to trust and, merge with another person?
The price that is being paid is beyond language.

[1:50:27] I don't know. I mean, I wish I had a fast forward.
You know, that's the Charles Dickens thing, right? You have a fast forward at the effects of your actions.
You know, if I could have given my mom a fast forward of when she was beating me to the horrible, lonely, broken life she has in her old age.
Wouldn't you, I mean, if you, if the smoker could see himself dying at 60, coughing up half a lung, would he not quit?
To give people a fast forward about the effects of these tiny victories that people possess in the moment, what it's going to cost them over their lives. It's appalling.
It's appalling what it costs people.

[1:51:24] Evan says, I understand you will not be bribed, but you have been tempted. Twitter.
What the fuck are you talking about? I was talking about tempted to give up truth for money.
Did I say I've never been tempted in expanding my reach if I could do so in a positive and productive way?
Well, of course I have. I have done that.
I don't know why. Why is this? Is this hard to figure out the difference between the two?
I'd like to talk to more people. That would help spread virtue.
I won't be paid to lie and betray virtue.
Why is that hard to understand the difference?
I don't mind paying for a date, but I'm not paying a woman for sex.
That's the same thing. Because I'm very intelligent.

[1:52:20] Yes, I've been tempted to expand my reach and spread virtue.
Of course, that's not a temptation. That's a good thing to do.
But that's not what I was talking about. Did I say, well, you know, I've really been tempted to talk to more people about virtue, but I've resisted that temptation.
And that's why I've never hooked up my microphone to anything and speak alone in a room. I never publish anything. My gosh.
Apologies are accepted for this obvious misunderstanding.
All right.

[1:52:58] Speaking of which, slash donate to help out the show.
You can, of course, tip me on a variety of platforms.
I really, really appreciate that. You can tip me here on, on Rumble, on the app, in the website. If you're listening to this later, slash donate.

[1:53:14] Just because I won't take money to lie doesn't mean I don't appreciate the support.
Doesn't mean I don't appreciate the support. And I'm sorry we didn't get to Bitcoin. We will. But this, I think, was more important.
I think this is more important.
Do you agree? I think I won't do Bitcoin now. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

[1:53:38] But I think this was quite important for us to talk about. And listen, I really do appreciate the, yeah, you know, it's one thing to say, you know, Musk says, offer me money, offer me power, I don't care.
I mean, wasn't he at the time the richest man in the world? Yeah, I get it. I get it. A little more money probably isn't going to make that much difference.
But I think this was important to talk about.
And listen, I really, you know, I do, you know, to the Christians who are out there, You know, please, please remind people of the sins they're committing, particularly the sins that harm the children.
Because Jesus said, whatever you do to the least among me, so do you also do to me. Focus on the children.
Appeal to the better angels of the natures of the adults.
Remind them of the harm they're doing to each other. Remind them of the harm they're doing to the institution of marriage.
Remind them of the harm they're doing to the institution of Christianity.
Christianity remind them of the harm they're doing to their children and remind them of the harm they're doing to people's respect for Christian virtues, now if that's not enough to get you to change your course.

[1:54:53] Well maybe you are beyond redemption but that's still the choice that's my thought and you know if anybody wants to talk to me privately about this no recordings no this if you want to set Set me straight if you want to tell me how I'm wrong.
You know, I apologize for any facts that I got wrong and don't judge anyone based upon the things that I've said.
And as Jesus said, if anyone causes one of these little ones, those who believe in me, to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.
What are these poor, innocent little children going to think of Christianity based upon the Christian community and their virtues?
The virtues they see displayed by their elders.
Will it harm them? I think it will. Well, I think it will. And you don't have the right to do that as a parent. You don't.
And if you could fast forward, here's the thing, man. If you could fast forward and see the effects of sin down the road, nobody would sin.
Nobody would sin.

[1:56:06] But they do. Because they don't think about the future, and in particular, the future of their souls.
And those who are helpless and dependent upon their benevolence. It's very sad.
So yeah, I put out my offer. If anybody in that community wants to talk, I'd be happy to help as best I can, purely privately.
I have some expertise in these areas, I think. I'd be happy to help.
But prayer, submission, and humility, I think, is the path forward.
Thank you everyone so much for your time tonight. Really, really do appreciate it. Have yourselves a wonderful, wonderful evening.
And I will talk to you Sunday at 11 a.m. And I really do appreciate your time tonight. slash donate to help me out. And remember, of course, you get, donors get, subscribers get priority at the call-in show level.
So you can email me at callin at But what's even better is to go to slash call. All right.
Lots of love, everyone. Take care. Bye.

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