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Welcome to Locam.
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The Nuances of Direct Communication

[1:05] All right load more messages excited and
waiting for the stream i have some chili cooking right now and hopefully it's
ready by the time the live stream starts excellent class
please on directness sorry sorry on
directness you frequently praise and call for directness and communication what
if anything do you feel is lost in such direct communication while it's not
an argument i sense for example that many japanese might not view directness
as unambiguously optimally good so this is what they call oversimplification of a complex story.

[1:38] So when have i said that directness is unambiguously or
optimally good at all times under all circumstances no
matter what so this is people who take a rather nuanced argument argument
ascribe it to black and white and attack that straw man if
that makes sense i mean maybe i've said that i don't
think so it's like directness is good that doesn't mean
that all directness all time in all shapes and
forms to the t well you
know there's an old sir it comes from an old show called
the west wing and it's always sort of struck me
as i saw it i don't know some decades ago so a
guy's being trained by his lawyer and how to speak lawyer how
to speak law right right do you remember this
one is a little bit yeah but you tell it so uh he says the lawyer says to you
do you have the time what do you say she says oh 10 30 no you say yes do you
have the time yes yeah and that's it you don't give them that would be so awkward
imagine remember when like we asked people like oh do you have the time and
we don't have our phones oh yeah yes.

[2:39] Absolutely absolutely when james is feeling a bit trolly.

[2:44] In the car the other day Jared was like would you mind passing us coffee I was
like I don't mind at all and I did nothing such a good lawyer my mother used to give me this thing,
Where I would say, can I go outside? And she says, well, I know that you can.

Bluntness in Legal Situations

I just don't know that you may.
Right. Because, you know, she was all about proper grammar. Bad grandmother,
proper grammar. Anyway.

Handling Questions Under Interrogation

[3:14] So, directness, if you're in a legal situation, you know, there's the famous
thing that if you're being questioned by, I don't know, some alphabet agency.
Right. This is the deal. Right. And they say, first of all, where were you three
Wednesdays ago at 7 o'clock, right?
And you say, I was doing X, Y, and Z. So then what they'll do is the next day
or the day after, they'll say, where were you three Wednesdays ago at 7 o'clock?
What is the correct answer?
The exact same thing you said previously. No, say, I need to speak to my lawyer
or I don't recall. Oh, yeah.
Yeah, no. That should be sailed. Yeah, yeah, sure. The correct answer is,
I refer you back to my previous answer.

Maintaining Consistency in Responses

Oh, that's the last time. And I refer you to what I said last time, and that's it, right?
Because if you say anything slightly different, they say, well,
you're lying about one of them, or one of them must be false because they can't both be true.
So this is why you always see these guys when they're under these depositions and so on.
They say, I refer you back to my previous answer of X, Y, and Z, right? Right.

The Complexity of Directness

So, as far as directness goes, is it an absolute? Is it some kind of gotta have no matter what?
Don't think so. I don't think so. And there are times as well when you will
be indirect in many, or not forthcoming.
You know, like when you're at the, you occasionally have this brain spasm when
we're at the grocery store. Yeah. Right?

[4:43] And you're so used to them saying, how are you? Oh, my gosh.

Awkward Responses in Everyday Conversations

What happens? Tell me what happens. Tell me all about it. I don't.
Man, what was the last time it happened?
I just remember that I say something awkward, but I remember what it is.
So normally you're saying, have a nice day, you too, right? Mm-hmm. You too, right?
But if they say, thanks for shopping at this store, and you say, you too.
This is the last time they said, would you like that in a plastic bag, you too?
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, because her favorite band, so that's important.
So as far as directness goes, I think you want to be fairly direct and fairly honest.
But for instance, let's take a theoretical example. All right.

Handling White Lies

Have you ever, okay, let's go with Jared.
Oh, Jared, when you had a girlfriend, turn to the paleozoic,
oh, just kidding, just kidding.
So when you had a girlfriend, did your girlfriend ever ask, what are you thinking
when you were in fact thinking about an ex-girlfriend?

[5:45] The answer to that is always yes, at some point or another, it's happened.
It's just a matter of the planets aligning, right? Sure.

Diplomacy in Communication

Fair, okay. okay uh so that is what we
call a white lie so were you were you
like yeah i was just thinking about beverly in
the rain i mean whatever right or even even
beverly she broke my heart or something would you say yes i'm thinking about
my ex god no right yeah it's yeah sorry is he if you could i think mom's calling
i think if you can just go go downstairs this is probably more than the the
male lifting of the lid. It's okay.
I already know everything. Right. I'm worried about it. Women know.
No, but are you direct, right? I think you'd say, I'm thinking about how much
my life has been enriched by knowing you. Yeah.
Right. I'm direct about my care for a few weeks.

Nuances of Diplomacy

[6:39] So I just wanted to point out that diplomacy and so on, right?
There was an old joke by Jerry Seinfeld.
It's what he did when he was first on The Tonight Show, where the guy who's
700 pounds has lost 50 pounds and your friends
are like looking good and like
you know what are you supposed to say i mean for the normal person losing 50
pounds is pretty cool 700 to 650 it's progress
yeah but there's slightly less wind in the
tent so to speak right so it's but but you are you
going to be direct like don't notice you can't really
tell you know you've d you've d i don't
know d man well you want to say enough to be honest and but still motivating
yes so yeah i mean i i do
think that there's a certain amount of diplomacy that's necessary in life is
he what do you think i'm a pretty blunt person right so you know diplomacy is
very optional in my world have you ever applied it with me oh all the time,
No, you get my very diplomatic answers, which probably don't seem very diplomatic.
Believe me, they are. These are your diplomatic answers? Yeah.
Dear Lord. All right, show's over.

[7:56] Show's over as is peaceful parenting, sadly. You know, good run, 15 plus years.

Privacy Concerns with Posting Children's Photos

Like, no, here's the thing, though. So as an example of diplomatic,
I had my friend ask me once.
He totally didn't use chat GPT to write his essay or anything.
Thing so he shows me his essay and he says do you think they'll notice or do
you think this will pass or whatever and i read it i'm like no no it won't right
that's honest it's honest and he's like he looked at me he's like you're you're
supposed to say yes yeah i i can totally see,
how you can be diplomatic and of course we do this relative to skill sets right
so when children are drawing their little lollipop figures and they say what
do you think you say yes good job you You know, a good start,
you know, good, good job, right?
When someone's learning a sport, let's say, theoretically, right?
Good shot when they have a good shot.
But, you know, so I think to be encouraging relative to people,
if that direct or I don't know, it's appropriate to the situation. So I can sort of see that.
If you're pulled over for speeding, do you say UPB does not necessarily recognize
the legitimacy of this, blah, blah, blah?

Risks of Posting Children's Photos Online

Well, probably not, right? I would say not to that, you know?
I would say not to that. Right. Thank you. All right. So that's important.
You're going to need a driver soon, aren't you? Yeah.
Is it not okay to post pictures of our children on the internet since they can't
consent to it? What are the risks?

[9:22] I think, what do you think, Iz? Honestly, I don't really care.

[9:27] Like, the reason I'm not on any of these shows is mainly because my dad is like,
or my parents specifically are like, keep your face off the internet until you're 18.

Weaponizing Children's Photos

In case you know i like regret having my
face on the internet when i'm older so for me like
at this age and throughout my whole childhood i would be like i
don't really care um but again we'll always see how that is when
i'm older i think i can see how someone would care though
like some kid especially um you know
maybe one day they want to start i don't know some youtube channel or some
some talk show and they just don't want to be known for anything else
in the past yeah um especially if you are
like a prominent figure or something like that right then i
can kind of understand why don't you stay relatively anonymous no i
i can totally understand i can see where mom and dad are coming
from it's like look i get it but i gotta answer to
adult you not yeah i might also if you
theoretically had controversial controversial father then
that might be a different matter yeah but no like okay say say you
were just some some random guy who worked like an office job or whatever
right no no real beast with anyone not very
controversial then i say go for it because like it doesn't
really matter but since you do have a bit more of a controversial worldview
and you talk about it very openly um then i would say it's better that to keep
me off until i can make my own choice well also also let's say that that you
have pictures on the internet of your kids and then you say something or get
canceled through no particular fault of your own just whatever right something happens right.

[10:53] And like that famous story of the woman, one of the first women to be canceled
or attacked was the woman who she made some joke about AIDS while flying to Africa.
Right. She she she was on the plane, had a nice nap, and then she landed and
her life was like torn apart. Right. And she got fired.
Right. So so let's say just something, you know, kind of innocuous happens.
You get canceled. You get attacked.

[11:17] Then your kids photos could get weaponized. Right. Yeah. So it is making a bunch
of decisions for people, especially when they're young.
So my particular opinion, too,
is people say, well, I want to share photos with my family. Okay, fine.
Get a private encrypted app.
There's tons of them that you can use, which isn't going to be out there on
the internet. Just text. You don't have to post it all over Facebook.
Right. Right. So you can share photos without exposing them to the internet,
as you say, the text or whatever.

Sharing Photos Privately

Right so uh but i was sent photos to my friends and stuff all the time like what i'm just kidding,
i was going to do oh so
the acting worked because the last time
i would have actually spat except have a laptop yeah even then i was 50 50 my
friends and i sent a lot of pictures and stuff right it's like again i'm not
posting it all over instagram or whatever so right yeah so i would say they
hold off because a lot of times it's vanity as well.
It's like, look how cute my kid is. Look at the funny things they're doing.
A lot of it is ego based vanity.
And that's not great. I see that a lot online with like all these mom vloggers
and stuff who like vlog their life. I really hate those people. It's like, you're just.

[12:35] Filming your day to just show off how cool your
life is and uh without any consent
from like your kids you're right yeah you didn't check
with your husband to be like hey do you care if i film our kids 24 7
because the husband probably wouldn't be too happy about that well what
age would you think let's say you're one of the parents who's like okay i'll
negotiate with you where uh i'll find like do you understand what's going on
yeah at the risks and then but they can't kids can't at that age yeah well no
not very very little i'm curious from izzy's perspective at what age do you
think that kids are old enough to like make that call to some degree.

[13:09] Honestly I think it really depends on the maturity level because
I know some kids who are my age who I don't think
would have the maturity to make that whereas I also
know I think me I don't know if I have the maturity to
make that decision yet about whether I'd want
my like face over the internet like once it's on the
internet like it's on yeah like anybody can download
an image and even if you delete it it's not deleted on their end so yeah
it's forever you know i think it's probably better that my face hasn't
been on the internet um so yeah i'm
fine with it honestly but i think your fingerprints yes but that's a
different matter oh yes dna sequence yeah but
not not the face but not the face all right that would be the
last so yeah i i would say i can't i can't think
of any sort of legitimately necessary or important reason
why you'd want to do that yeah so i
i think and of course the the the for me
the parents who film their kids incessantly for clicks
and video and views and money and income and
so on i don't know man that's pretty rough
that that's pretty rough i mean it is to me a kind of child labor and the kids
can't they're not aware uh they can't consent they're too young yeah so i'm
not a huge fan of that kind of
stuff so yeah all right what do we got here let's get let's get to it it.

Arm Wrestling and Imaginary Girlfriends

[14:29] Arm wrestle james no don't he's
too he's too young so somebody has said here that uh
he says i talked to my mother about my lack of
success with women and she suggests i
get an imaginary girlfriend like make
one up in my head bro was there
more to that no i don't really think
that that's the best advice is this a comment or yeah it
was a comment somebody won't you know basically said i went to my mother and
she said i should just you know get an imaginary girlfriend dude
that's what like teenage girls do
when they're romanticizing some twilight thing they get
an imaginary boyfriend that's like oh the simping stuff right that's like that's
like a joke right for teenage girls not like grown men trying to find a partner
yeah like what well i i feel that wanting to date the jonas brothers seems to
be quite rational for a lot of teenage girls Do I have that right?
I did tell them that they were a bunch of divorced middle-aged guys.
Are they divorced? I don't know much about the Jonas Brothers.
Some of them have been divorced. Some of them have kids.
One of them has cancer or something. What? But no, they're so hot.

[15:39] Well, maybe it's all the radiation from the treatment. I don't know.
I heard one of them had cancer. Don't quote me on that.
Someone said they had cancer, and I just believed them because I thought it was funny.
I mean, not funny, but I mean, I thought it was funny that I had all these girls
simping The guy with cancer, like...

Updates on Bitcoin Trends

Now, I just wanted to point out that I did say Bitcoin was not going to plummet.
And it's gone back up. It's gone back up 7,300 bucks today.
Oh, dang. That's a lot. So it's out at 91.405.
So, again, because I'm no expert on this, but my understanding is because big
finance is in, they're going to snap up the dips.
Yeah. So I don't think we have to worry as much, right, could happen,
but I don't think we have to worry quite as much about the 80% plummets in the past.
Although I did see someone saying, you know, there's that meme of the actor
with the rope around his neck, like first time.
And it's like Bitcoin dip first time.

[16:44] It's quite exciting. Quite exciting. All right, so happy and ready to listen
to and hear your questions, comments, issues, challenges, problems,
criticisms, whatever you've got.

Welcoming Questions and Comments

You can ask the question of anyone who's here and we'll be happy to answer.
Just to go back to that guy who said, whose mom was like, make up an imaginary girlfriend.
I got to say, out of all the advice I've heard, number one, that's very incomprehensible.
And number two, absolutely terrible. Because say you make up some imaginary
girlfriend, you're not going to be out there looking for real women because
you have an imaginary girlfriend. There is that challenge.

[17:23] I mean, sometimes it's okay to say to someone, I don't actually want to help
you rather than give them absolutely terrible advice.
Right. That would have been more helpful. Yeah, because then at least you're
not getting the pretense of an answer.
And then you can go somewhere else. Yeah.
Yeah. All right. let me get to these questions and
comments oh close that
i have too many things open you have a lot
of tabs tab tabs and a half tabs and a
half sorry somebody's typing and has been for like 20 minutes so this is going
to be the neurotic girlfriend for the response you know have you seen that is
he what what does that mean dude that happened actually last time um i was It
was like a big event with this homeschooling group.
And some guy got a text from a girl.
They had been kind of like flirting and stuff.
And it was like I saw the phone and it went on.
You've seen that with the meme. People scream scrolling. For like a good five
seconds before you reach the bottom.
And it was like, oh, man. Not good.

[18:32] Sorry, still typing. If anybody has any shorter questions, we're very happy to help.
Jared, is there anything that you've seen on the Bitcoin space that is worth sharing?
I can always gab about Bitcoin, but what particular... Well,
just in terms of people's fears about the pullback.
I got something that I know a bunch of people are probably thinking right now.
You said 73,000, 100,000 back to you.
You're talking Canadian. Canadian, 91. I'm thinking in US dollar brain.
Brain and so when you say canadian i use 72 000 really
no right all right it's gone
it's gone back up uh 7400 bucks today plus 8.9
yeah of course it was going to go back well 74 canadian obviously
the the automated element is just so important right they sell it triggers more
sales and then someone's got buys and it's just going to bounce back up at least
in my view and that's what seems to be happening so yeah uh it's funny i i think
if i had a dollar for every f5 on bitcoin.

[19:33] I've ever done i'd have more more than
five dollars well and i want you might have a bitcoin moment to re-emphasize
we were talking about that uh research paper a while ago where someone tracked
like those that try to trade against it like good luck so i was a poker dealer
for a long time and i liked being the poker dealer because i always got i always
got paid when the hand and resolved with the people playing against each other.
I'm like, I'm not going to be a better poker player than all of these guys for
the long run. I'm just going to give them money.

[20:01] Japanese have a culture of being fake nice i'm not
sure you'd want no i'm not sure you'd want to ask the chinese about
that no to each other very
socially yeah you will very rarely from
what i've seen and read and heard a lot about japan um they're
very rarely ever like gonna have
a confrontation or a fight with each other the males
how do the females how do the females now is police
weight gain in japan no that but the
thing is they don't fight they'll just make a comment every
now and then you're fat right no it'll just
be a comment like i don't know getting fat
are we or something like that or like oh like my obese
grandmother ate like you once or something like that i don't know it exploded
no like just something like that you remind
me of someone in the nightmares or no like last time i had those dumplings i
gained five pounds or or something just like right things like that um but they're
still very very nice to each other but they won't like you may hate each other
but you probably won't say anything about it whereas me i dislike someone everybody
knows like here is a good interesting question,
who is gerard and what is his function what is my function what is your function who is gerard Gerard.

[21:14] Gerard. Gerard. Gerard, like G-E-R-A-R-D. Like, the part of you. J-A-R-R-O-D.
No, no, that's not how you spell Gerard. They apologized further down.
They said, sorry, Jerry. Oh, no, let's not get to that yet.
It's not fun. We'll get to that later. I'm more curious about what is his function.
I think he means in the show. I generate pure masculinity and philosophy.
He sweats testosterone.
There we go. I know. I accidentally rubbed my forehead on it,
and that's it for my hair growth. If you give it tomorrow, it'll all be sprouting back.

[21:43] One eyebrow will be like a ferret, and that's it. That's all we need. All right.
Hey, Steph, I saw June 2021 right before your review, and you were right.
It didn't make any sense.
The dialogue was like listening to a hippie tripping in a tent at Burning Man
or a schizo in a tent in Portland. I enjoyed some laughs there.
I only read that because he agreed with me. Clearly the wisest comment so far.
Well, we actually will have the Dune 2 review.
The Dune Everything review. Which is about the length of the movie itself.
Yeah, we got a two and a half. And we barely talked about the movie.
We mostly talked about the biography, which was very interesting.
But yeah, but that will be coming out soon. So definitely watch that.
Yeah, we're going to try to kick it out to donors tonight or tomorrow at the
very latest. Something like that. Yeah, it's really good. And we'll put it out soon.
Really good. It's a killer review. It's all of us do. Yeah. is having poor taste
in literature a sin to you,
if you don't read agree that this book is good you're sinful and you're going to hell.

Giving Terrible Advice

[22:44] So we did talk a little bit earlier about the bluntness it's hard to find but
if you do read between the lines all right why don't you just unquark just let
it all out Be aware, I'm joking. I do not agree with that.
What do you mean literature is a sin? What? Everyone has opinions.
You know, some people are objectively wrong, but that's not a sin.

[23:06] Objectively. Okay, okay. What if somebody is into...
Okay, so the grossest movies that I know of, I've never seen any of them,
but my understanding is the Saw movies.
Yeah. That's pretty bad. Now, I couldn't understand those because I thought
you had to watch them in the past tense. Yes.

The Concept of Directness and Confrontation

Like you don't see them you saw them and it's like but i'm seeing it i can't
saw it i'm gonna do this for about another 10 or 15 minutes so feel free to get comfortable,
what not 20 yeah i'm
maturing i think so no let's
say let's say okay so is he let's say you go on a date
with a guy and he so the saw
movies have you ever seen any no i've not jaron i've seen some
reviews of them but that's it i saw the first one and because
it was see that's it you saw okay god and it
was uh yeah pretty gruesome and bad uh
you get trapped in a house and you have to like do brutal
things you have to like mutilate yourself and others to get out
to get out right so so just out of curiosity right you can ask this of the males
and the females here if you went on a date with someone and that person was
like waxing about how incredibly Incredibly wonderful and inspiring the Saw
movies were. Would you be alarmed?
Check, please. Sounds good to me. No, I'm kidding.
See, they don't know when you're trawling. No, no, no. How good looking is he? Oh, no.

[24:33] That will determine my answer. And how rich is he?
And is he willing to pay for dinner? Do you see the knife shivering between the ribs?

[24:45] Has he got broccoli?
Does he got broccoli yet does he got are his eyes dreamy so his response would be,
i'm sorry did you say something i'm sorry i was busy looking into your soul
i was too busy no you wouldn't want to look into the soul of a guy who liked
the saw movies if he's pretty enough oh he's pretty enough okay okay so it's
it's good that we've done all these as we can see this philosophy thing really
stuck to me sometimes i think it skips generation,
generation i've known women like a prospect or like all into like horror and stuff like that,
You're screaming red flag. Like, come on. Honestly, I don't think it's a sin to like a Saw movie.
However, I would not consider it exactly a green flag.
It's one thing. They sort of make the horror genre part of their personality.
And it's like, no. I don't like people who make anything a part of their personality big enough.

[25:47] Unless they're very pretty. In which case, they can do anything they want.

The Impact of Consuming Negative Content

All right. um okay so i'm trying
to think if so they're also um if somebody is
like exclusively reading like hell sent
horror novels or something like that i'd be i'd have
concerns now the other thing too is you could say if the saw movies i'm trying
to get to the sin part which i may or may not get to so if the saw movies are
just just bad for people if that makes any sense right they're just They're just unhealthy, right?
They tend to reinforce the worst aspects of sort of human behavior.
Now, if you're spending a lot of money on these Saw movies, then you're encouraging,
what are they up to? Saw, what's the eight?
Oh, like nine. Nine? No, three. A lot of looking this up. I got to know. Sorry, keep going.
Yeah, yeah. So you're kind of pouring money into this pretty negative stuff
that's bad for people and all of that. So are you contributing to something
that's kind of toxic in the human landscape?
Now, I'm not saying that's directly a sin, but I could see how that would have
a pretty bad effect. There's 10. There's 10 Saw movies.
All 10 Saw movies ranked is a video five months ago on YouTube. What was this?
Learn how to watch the 10 Saw movies in chronological order from the original
2004 film to the latest spinoff Saw X.
What? Okay, stop, stop, stop.

[27:15] Learn how to? They literally have numbers after them. What do you mean learn how to?
Can you count to 10? Actually, Saw people probably can't count to 10.
It says January 8th, 2024.
Learn how to watch the 10 Saw movies in chronological order.
Learn how to count to 10. Now, you know what someone's going to do?
Is they're going to say that they skip around in time.
Man, you have to have like a high school education, man. I'm in high school.
I still can't do Roman numerals.
But maybe they're out of chronological order. Like maybe Saw 8 is before Saw
3 or something like that. There's some video games that are like that.
So I definitely could think.
I'm going to go back to the simplistic thing and say, just count to 10.
So X came out in 2023. All right, hold on. When is saw 11? Okay.

[28:01] Oh, no. Saw 11 confirmed with September 2024 release date.
Just die for my birthday. Yeah. ScienceGate officially confirmed Saw XI with
an Instagram post on Monday.
Oh, did Izzy just say Saw 11 XI?
She does do Roman numerals. I'm reading a number.

Red Flags in Interests and Personality

I mean a letter. Okay. Anyway, sorry.
All right. Interesting. Interesting. All right. So I would view it as a red flag.
I think it does contribute. like the really nasty stuff really
does contribute like like brain dead zombie stuff
and all of that i just don't think it's particularly good and for
me it would be a red flag because it's somebody stuck in some
sort of horror situation yeah beautiful and like
a celebration of what's great about humanity and stuff like that but then if
you're taking that and i can see like a tragic story
tale that's got some dark elements yeah you know but
if that's like oh you consume it that's what you celebrate like that's
your go-to and you're not also curious about why you're
interested it in that you know i'm like you know i get it it's
a little weird and i'm not sure you know yeah yeah
i mean i can maybe see it like as a guilty pleasure but
not like as oh i'm really really into it but even then i don't even like that
kind of movie maybe not but like maybe like you'd want you'd want to have the
self-knowledge and social skills even if it was a guilty pleasure right right
they say like not talk about it well oh those soul movies oh monsters.

[29:26] Right right all right well that accent man i don't even know if looks could make up for that.

[29:32] Actually yeah they could i could no smuggled pretty smuggled i don't know.

[29:41] Oh we found a little bit i think maybe let's let's not find the bottom of this
he's cut off for good looking guys i'm concerned about this okay he's the antichrist
but chat okay don't answer. All right. Speaking of tabs... How many abs?
Did you play his ribcage like an xylophone? No, no. The number of abs would be 666.
I think that's it. Or the entire cost of 300. All right.
Speaking of tabs, did you ever drink tab and was it any good?
I don't think I've ever had a tab drink.
Tab is a kind of pop or soda for you. Dye soda from the 70s or something like that. Is it a seltzer?

Social Media Review Requests

No, it's like a diet cola. I never had it. Are you working on any more social
media reviews? Those are always hilarious. Hilarious.
Hey, I've said we can do them. Okay. I have a bunch of stuff bookmarked,
but I have not done them as yet.
And also tips are welcome. I would appreciate that very much.
Tell people not to tip you and use reverse psychology. Don't tip me.
Don't tip me. No, tip me like a canoe. All right.
Maybe just get some broccoli here. I should get broccoli here?
That would be quite a lot of CGI and makeup.
All right, let's see here. Oh, there's one here.

[30:51] Oh,
is that you, Jared, typing away? No, what it is. That's the image, the dark image.
Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Just because I should means I can and I should. Right.
Sorry, if you want Izzy to listen to you, apparently you have to post a headshot
and it has to be flawless.
Yep. All right. What do we got here?

Ethics in Child Labor in Hollywood

[31:21] All right sorry did you see drake bell from nickelodeon's interview on twitter
so they're they're finding a lot of child stars who worked in hollywood and
they were very mean to a lot of those kids to get them to work long hours and
do what they wanted and so this kind of lid is is i mean can you imagine making children work.

[31:42] Right get back in the box all right get back in the uh in the live stream box um question,
uh let's see here um don't really care about that one's politics.

[31:59] My indian boss told me straight to my face that i got fat see again that's not
very asian culture yeah well that's south asian as opposed to east asian No,
I'm saying, I'm talking about, like, yeah, metal. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, but I was saying, because we were talking about Japanese,
it's like, not like that.
I agree with Izzy, straight to jail. I don't know what that,
all the good-looking guys should go straight to jail?
He just says, oh, someone says, I agree with Izzy. Next person says straight
to jail. No, it's the same person. It's the same person, yeah.
When did I say straight to jail? Sin, literature. Oh, yeah. Yes, okay.
I loved the movie until the end. And how did those sand people know how to fly
Imperial cruises without doing computer-based training modules?

Analyzing Science Fiction Elements

Don't worry about it. It was broken from at the very end.
I don't know exactly what they're meaning. When you're talking about the end
where the Fremen hop on all the Imperial frigates to go fly off and fight the great holy.
Oh, yeah. Here's how we answer that. They just do. They just do.
It's science fiction, not science fact.
All right. Saw films are just a long series of gory murder mysteries.
Are they murder mysteries? streets? I don't think they were that sophisticated,
were they? Just torture fest, right? There are some mysteries to them.
There's a little bit of puzzleness, but it's mainly like a vehicle for gore. Right. Insanism.
All right. Not unlike Dune. Yeah. Does a philosopher exist if we cannot see
her? Dun, dun, dun. Honestly, I'm not sure I'm a philosopher.

[33:25] That's what a philosopher would say. Exactly. I'm just not embracing my destiny.
Like Tommy Clarinet or whatever his name was.
Somebody says- Tommy Clarinet. Is it not? Oh, Chalamet? Yeah.
That's a cool name. Timothy Chalamet.

Interpretation of "The Handmaid's Tale"

Chalamet. I don't know. I like Clarinet better. I just like the fact that both he and his character,
his character shallow and he's got shallow in his name chalamet
chalamet in maine or is it maine oh yeah that bro's got
some hair bro's got hair and a half he has like the pointiest jaw
ever he does he does actually you can open
a beer bottle uh on on his jaw he's
got such a cool name though charlamy chalamet i say
it's cool and i don't even remember i don't know i'm sticking with clarinet uh somebody
says i avoid all horror movies murder movies and
torture movies there is was enough bad stuff in the world already i don't want
to pollute my mind with any more bad nonsense yeah all
right how about if a female date is into
the handmaiden's tale so that's by a canadian
writer have you seen they've got the white bonnets and the red oh coats yeah
yeah so it's about women who were kind of enslaved into having babies in some
future review on this oh yeah it's i i find i started watching the show because
i just kind of curious and the writer is very famous i thought but it was just absolutely horrible,
designed just to get women to hate men, and it was just kind of creepy and weird.
It's very forgettable. I watched the review, and I forgot about it.
Yeah, I would not date a woman who was into The Handmaid's Tale. Likewise.

[34:53] Anything that's... Well, it's political, really, isn't it?
Well, it's just feminist hate men stuff, right? Yeah, that stuff is a direct
no. And it also is training women to hate pregnancy and childbirth.
That too. It's oppressive, right? How many Leprechaun movies are there?
Oh, God. Looking this one up. I know they were used up to six.

Exploring Leprechaun Movies

There was Leprechaun in Da Hood when I was a kid. What are Leprechaun movies?
It's a corny, cheesy horror movie from back in the day.
I saw a great meme, which was that this is the most Irish thing ever.
And it was a rainbow that landed on a Guinness truck.

[35:27] Well, pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the Irish Leprechaun thing.
And Guinness is an Irish beer.
So the most Irish thing ever. All right. How many Leprechaun movies are there?
Leprechaun is an American horror comedy film series consisting of eight slasher films.
Oh, it's a slasher film? Horror comedy is fair. How are they rated?
Um is it worth a review no is
it are these movies leprechaun-y what jennifer aniston is
in the first one really yep oh dear
yep and she says i just want to be friends pg-13 i mean pg-18 i mean i can't
watch it you just changed that so you wouldn't have to watch it i would never
i'm a good liar i would never is is his confession of i just did no no i was
not writing i meant like uh audience rating.
Oh, 4.8. Oh, yeah, like a really middle of the road. Yeah.
Just below average. Sometimes things can be bad enough to be good. Isn't that fair to say?
Isn't there that philosophy show that's like that? What's it called?

[36:31] I'm in a very bad place right now. And then the laughter stopped. Alright.

The Appeal of Bad Horror Movies

Horror really is the worst genre. The best horror movies aren't horror movies at all. Yeah.
Uh how i have a better question how can you have more than one final destination how does it have,
sequels what is final destination it's it's a pretty cool
film um so i
think there's like five final destination is basically um i remember what i
watched review on it i watch a lot of reviews on stuff but i watched a review
on it and basically the one that i remember the most is there's a a group of
friends and they're going they're at a carnival and,
basically they go on this roller coaster and the way it's portrayed seen in
the movie is basically they go on the ride and halfway through the ride it starts
breaking apart because it's a carnival and basically everyone on the ride dies however.

Premonition of Death

[37:28] After when she dies she's the very last one to die the main character and basically
when she dies is when she opens her eyes and it's right where the ride's about to start,
So she gets like a premonition of her death and everyone else on the ride.
So what she does is she freaks out.
She's like, oh, she panics and basically starts screaming and like,
no one can go on the ride. No one can go on the ride.
A lot of people think she's being crazy. She gets escorted out.
Some of her friends don't go, but the majority of people do,
including her boyfriend. And they die.
That's what I remember. Wait, I just gave away spoilers.
Spoilers. What? Spoilers.

Unfortunate Events and Goofy Deaths

[38:06] Spoilers. and um here's this i mean this is all told in like the first 10 minutes
of the movie so it's not huge spoilers not spoilers um once you're up to like
episode 12 of a series it's like the theme is gone well here's the thing so
later on the intimate thing that makes it interesting is,
death basically comes to them yeah in the order
that her vision premonition so say everybody on
the ride died in her vision however six of
those people like when she told them everyone needs
to to get off six of those people actually went off they
would die in the order that they
were supposed to so something odd would happen or a series of unfortunate events
i remember one of them died from like a sun tanning salon or something like
that like it wouldn't open or whatever and um what there was another one that
died it was like the funniest it's it's really goofy at some points but a sun
tanning salon wouldn't open they're they're trapped in like Oh, the bed. Yeah, okay.
And then there's another one. I think he set the entire apartment building on
fire trying to cook spaghetti.
I don't know. They're kind of goofy.
Well, you know, they do say carbs are bad for you. True.

[39:14] It's kind of goofy. It's also kind of not. It's kind of like a...
I want to say like half a gory film anyways because it's all about death and stuff like that.
Well, their kitsch is that they cheat death, so death is going to get them,
But then their kind of catch is that they find these really weird,
bizarre ways to have people die.
Like a street accident, and then a pole flies through a car accident. Exactly, yeah.

[39:36] Uh yo steph word yo you gotta
watch attack on titan probably one of the
best shows you will ever see fr fr no
real bro okay what is attack on titan it's
anime i'm pretty sure and i don't think it's very good no i've watched some
i've seen some stuff on it is i don't know everybody i know who likes attack
on titan um no offense audience whoever said that um not exactly people people
i like let me let me look i could be i could be thinking of something else,
there is a kind of gruesomeness yeah i've seen a lot on attack on titan it's kind of just like
silly anime thing it was an interesting story for a little bit i don't know
it's been a while since i watched it would you say it was an interesting interesting
story and i mean i kind of liked it for a bit but honestly if you're not into
i see i watched a couple of them because we had friends who were into it yeah
some of it and it's i couldn't really quite get into it like Like,
I don't like, what's the point of this? They're time traveling.
And then this person is, there's like, it's this soap opera of layers of stuff
going on. I'm like, yeah, I'm not seeing the appeal here.
There's also this character. I keep seeing it from Attack on Titan.
It's like a giant muscular skeleton thing. There's some freaky looking birds.
Look at this. Let's hold this up to the camera. This is a character from Attack
on Titan. What is up with the abs, bro?

[40:52] What? I mean, it's how I look in the mirror. That's not camera. Camera's there.
No, camera's up. Oh, camera's there. Oh, I'm thinking of a different one. what is
that why does it have like 20 abs why is there
no flesh on the skull why is there
no flesh on the skull but there's flesh everywhere else why is there flesh
on the belly but not the ribs so he makes whistling sounds
i'm telling you play ribs like an xylophone this is
what i'm talking about right okay how
pretty is that one honestly honestly if he had broccoli
hair could be that's a lot of setups that's all i'm saying
right now definitely lacking
could have a few more abs perhaps 666 is
to do some crunches crunches all right um
uh stephen king
is an absolute sicko yes he is yes he is
um and he sees to me
utterly compromised that's the price of success in in
hollywood is it seems to be pretty much your soul it could
be could be something else but uh all right i saw
the first two leprechaun movies not memorable the leprechaun looks like a troll
Paul is he's offended very um what is your opinion of Tom Clancy his movies
and games seem very grounded and well executed but when I actually read some
of his books I was surprised the amount of romance in them uh I've never read
a Tom Clancy book I you know that like.

[42:10] Details about special ops force it just it to me it's like military industrial
complex worship I don't have any interest in that stuff it's just really boring
floating around from him where he He said,
I was surprised if it, if it's bad and lazy and everything the government does
is incompetent, they're evil, they're bad.

[42:27] Career writing all these books yeah it's it's
just like tough guy fantasy that the government program called war is good or
useful or helpful and all of that and i you know i'm not sure that a lot of
people have a lot of faith left in the alphabet agencies around the world and
i don't think it's like ever since the revelations about jfk came out i'm not
sure that people are like,
i'm sure they're doing their part to battle evil in the world it may not be
the case uh what do you think about ghibli movies like spirited away do you
remember that one is he Yes, I do remember that. What did you think of that? Really disliked it.
I can definitely see how people would like it. Not my thing, though.

[43:04] So many, many years ago, there was a guy on the old community server,
the prehistoric forum on FDR. The one.
Sorry? The ancient one. Yeah, and he, like the one we use hieroglyphics and carrier pigeons.
And he suggested that I watch Spirited Away, and I found it way too creepy,
like just really disturbing.
I don't find the monsters disturbing i find everybody
being totally fine with the monsters that's way more disturbing to
me right so these these kids they get
into this other portal with the real really weird
creatures but the creatures are just kind of
going about their business and they're just kind
of odd and weird and i find that if
there's dysfunctional people around that's one thing if
there's dysfunctional people around and everyone's treating them as if they're are
completely normal that's to me really creepy
and that's what i get out of that spirited way now i did end up watching it
years later and i didn't find it so bad but it didn't it wasn't my thing it
just it's too otherworldly and it's too because it's so disconnected from anything
that would happen in your actual life it has no relevance importance it doesn't
train you about anything in this life or anything like that so yeah mm-hmm.

[44:15] All right. There's nothing I can take away from it. What's mogging?
I know what mogging is. What is mogging? Looks maxing.
Looks maxing? Oh, no. I'm going to get into all of this. You mean like super
broccoli hair? Search for mogging. Yeah. It basically means, it's like.
Wait, wait. Hang on, hang on, hang on. Sorry, don't mean to interrupt.
Look what happened when I searched for mogging.
It's just me. Do you know what mewing is? Oh, me. Giant thumb of classes.
So mogging apparently is just me. How lovely. sorry
go ahead is he you had something that you wanted to say or to just consume by
range fine no so tell me tell me i'm spilling the secrets
of gen z so mogging basically
means looking better than your past self
or other people in your environment and stuff like that right um
it's also like another one is like looks maxing um
which is going glow up no looks maxing no glow up
i've heard that one kind of glow up but uh looks maxing is
like um going to extremes
to kind of achieve like the most attractive you can be kind of um whether it's
like you know whatever kind of stuff so let me ask you this because you you
make claims to be blunt i mean fair to say earlier there was a big thing about
you being blunt so if you were to go around the room,
and say i mean it's hard for me to imagine what looks maxing would be for me
other than what i am But if you were to say some alternate dimension,
what would I do to look max? So...

[45:45] Strict diet plan okay um lots of
gym and stuff like that yeah hair transplants okay um
from james teeth whitening cut out coffee right um so it's hell we freshly shake
every day it's hell then yes it's basically putting physical appearance above
everything else looks maxing okay what's the word mocking how does that oh don't
ask it's just a gen z word that gets come You know,
like yeet and like newt and stuff like that.
So it also means outsizing a dwarf, dwarfing somebody in muscle size,
fullness and definition. So I guess it's a physical aspect, right? Yeah.
But how do women mog? Women don't really mog.

[46:26] This is more of the effeminization of men. Yeah, this is more men trying to
be as attractive as possible, the way women used to do that.
But now women try and be as ugly as possible and men try.
Mouse utopia, beautiful ones. Yeah, the men try to become women.
Okay all right i i appreciate that oh
somebody immediately typed hair transplant the moment this question came
up i'm not saying it's i will
find you i'm just i'm not saying that you should yeah
you know if i wanted to mark i'm saying that's what mogging usually
would be it's just like doing every possible measure to
be as attractive as possible it's like mogging or looks maxi and
it also includes plastic surgery not really no
i think that's more of a woman thing i'm not sure what the woman
version or so male plastic surgery don't men
get um chest reductions or or chest
implants or jaw implants or jaw implants yes
i think so right uh yeah like plastic surgery that's
kind of looked down upon zuma here i'm deep into black pill stuff i don't know
what that means if that's related get away from the black pill stuff yeah until
we can until we can monetize it in which case we'll lead you there all right
so um that's interesting All right.

[47:38] Tom Clancy, they used the voice to fly those things. Oh, did they use the voice
of command to fly those things in Dune?
Oh, how interesting. Fly!
Fly! Or else.
Is that not the voice of command? It's something like that.
I wonder what Steph would think of the classic John Wayne Western films.
Would be a fan of those kinds of movies. I know too much about the Wild West
to know. I mean, it's all propaganda.
It's all so crazy, and we really needed the government. And boy,
it was just guys shooting each other up until the sheriff came along.
Like all the stuff we did in the truth about the wild west which you should check out right.

[48:12] All right have you seen avatar the
last airbender i know what it is it's not
a fan again i don't really like anime stuff hugely so i just find the anime
it's like a good anime with some good morals or something like that for kids
but yeah it's supposed to be a kid's thing but again i've noticed a lot of kids
shows and stuff are really being
taken over by like adults and stuff like Like, I noticed a lot of this.
Like, I know a bunch of people who I knew, like, before they graduated and stuff
and are now, like, 19, 20, 18 kind of thing.
So, definitely an adult, like, late teens, early 20s. Yeah.
And they're very much, you know, like, one of them, it's more the girls than the guys.
But I see them being a lot interested in, like, young kid shows.

[48:57] Like, little kid shows? Kind of. Sorry, males or females?
Women. Women. Oh, okay. women um like uh one of the ones it was like the one
that's like the miraculous ladybug,
like um i don't know it's that it's
that woman with the annoying ladybug suit yeah um like
that like cartoons and stuff like that and it's like what are you doing you're
an adult like yeah you see we talked about drugs that they're not good what
do you mean a woman in a ladybug suit what are you talking about you know this
show what that do i i watched it for like a month and then i I just stopped
watching because it was boring when I was like younger on the cartoon network. Okay.
No, you've watched it. You can't just okay me. You've watched it.
I just, I can't, I can't imagine no matter how good the animation is that a
movie about a curling iron is any good.

[49:44] Oh, sorry, airbender. I thought it was hairbender. Sorry, my mistake.
Hairbender is not a curling. Hairbender.
Look, it's as close as I'm going to get to curling iron. You know,
sometimes the joke is better not made. I know, and one of those days we'll come
across one of those times.
Let's see here. Somebody says, thank you for the tip. I appreciate that.
Somebody says, glad to join late.
Don't want to interrupt, except to just say my wife and I found out today we'll
be having our second child. Congrats.
Congratulations. As I type, I see that you're talking about horror films.
Peer-spirited way is strange. Very Japanese in its imagery and mythology,
but I may read redundant.
Well, I appreciate that. Thank you so much and congratulations on the baby.
Do social media beauty filters count as mocking?
No. But there would be glow-ups, wouldn't there? No. Social media beauty filters
are usually looked down upon.
I mean, I can think of a few people who would, but no. Usually,
you're not supposed to count that as like mocking. Got it. All right.

[50:49] Have you ever been aware that they're acting effeminately?
If they've been, they don't care. But I definitely shame you for it.
And I'm not friends with the guys who do that.
We might be acquaintances, but usually if I ever see them doing that,
I'm just giving them a look. I'm like, what are y'all doing?

[51:09] Sorry, I'm just trying. I've lost the scroll back. My
friends will say stuff like that and pretend to be be interested in
that as a joke partly to like troll me i can
partly to like just joke about it and be silly like
they'll make fun of stuff like that um oh this
is a question about video games i don't think you would be excuse me
do you think horror games like puppy playtime are appropriate for seven-year-olds
i honestly i'd say the first puppy playtime game definitely we played some of
that i didn't i didn't think it was that bad you didn't you didn't know the
lore um but two and and three have gotten a three, especially,
I would not say three is appropriate for, I'd say you have to be eight or nine probably, but yeah.
Again, it also depends on the maturity and it's one thing if you're,
if you're sorry to interrupt. Go ahead.

[51:55] No, you go. Well, I was going to say, so if you play something with your kids, um,
you know you can play it together like we paid from ploppy playtime
together and you can see is it okay or not
you can read up on it you can play a little bit of yourself play it with their parents
no no but i mean that's what i'm saying i i kept it
like a locked in the vault that i was no but you didn't play the game so you
just saw some commentary right no i watched playthroughs right right without
any but that's a little bit to me watching a playthrough is very different from
playing it no but i don't think so because it's in poppy playtime 3 it's there's
parts where where it's very torture and stuff like that.
Oh. And you've seen those playthroughs as well?
Yeah. Oh, okay. But again, it's still like a kid's game. I'd say like 10 and up for Poppy Playtime 3.

[52:39] Torture? That doesn't seem right for kids. It's not exactly torture. That's what I just said.
I don't know. It's like, for me, at the age of seven, I would have been fine with Poppy Playtime.
Like even the later ones? Yeah. Okay. For me. But I can think of a lot of kids
that I knew when I was seven who would not be okay with that.
But what so what happens in the like what what
kind of torture you mean time three i'd say the bad part um
there's this character it's a toy yeah and these toys they
they're like humans in a toy yeah body
kind of um its name is dog day and basically there's
a scene where he is his legs
have been cut off basically um and he's
like strung up by one of the other characters yeah um
so that that would be like the thing probably i think at 15
that's not to the end of the world but yeah it's like a cartoony looking
game but it's not good right okay so let's
see here you played Poppy Playtime when you were like 7 or 8 no no
no no she came out like a few and she also just watched the
videos for the most part no no Poppy Playtime's relatively new I know the third
game because you can't buy games no I can't right so because it's not like you
can just enter your own credit card by game so you watch some playthroughs and
again I think the playthroughs are very different because there's people commenting
and you're not I watch the playthroughs mainly for like the YouTubers who I enjoy watching Yeah,
like they have good commentary. They're funny and that kind of stuff, right? Yeah.

What is Mogging?

All right. I don't know what that question means.
What is it? Oh, how to achieve the life they want. I don't know what that means.

[54:09] Gauge earrings for Steph? Definitely. Big old hoops in your earlobes.
Oh, is that like the... Yeah.
I'm hobo maxing right now. Please do not hobo max. What is hobo maxing?
That is not a good max. Do not hobo max.
At least... Is that Jared's... At least...
Come on man do like rich maxi or something but don't hold
on actually yeah okay should i look up hobo maxing i
mean literally just say anything with the word maxing next to it and it just
means you're doing the most you can to achieve it being a hobo yeah all righty
got it like right now i would be awesome maxing because i'm just so much better
than everyone i'm kidding,
i'm taking that for my dnd character that we made All right.

[54:57] How do you put into words what happened to Disney? I mean, it's the usual thing.
When something gets influential and powerful, a lot of questionable people move
in to promote their own agenda and they pillage the previous success.
I mean, I think universities and colleges are doing that right now,
that in the past, only 10% of people went to university. So you could assume
you get the top 10% of intelligence.
And of course, IQ tests are banned. So you've got to have this big giant proxy
for IQ tests called the college degree.
And they're coasting on their prior
reputations while pillaging them
it's like it's like a guy who used to be responsible and
has a good credit score just borrowing a bunch of money coasting on
his past credit score and he's going to go bankrupt how long can
that last though you would think that ship has sailed and no like no
no but it's it's now uh it's the propaganda
to go to university is huge for kids
i mean maybe it's peaked a little in the past even in my group that's
pretty like very republican it's still kind of like i asked him do you think
you go to college and like i don't know i mean you kind of have to and i'm like
no you don't nice right it was pretty strong when i was in uh high school as
well yeah yeah all right did he ever watch old school legacy media tv i don't
think we did like what would an example be um,
the original mtv legacy no no no this would be like uh um uh little house on
the prairie or you know like old old tv like old old tv stuff i assume like black and white or like.

[56:25] I've never found those kind of movies appealing just the way they're
written you find them kind of cringe right very crazy yeah
yeah man if it doesn't have seven avengers
fighting over stuff and like cgi
with like stuff blowing up how about that meme of like
this average superhero we saved the city
and the city is just like a huge crater of
everything thing being destroyed like man every time these superheroes
are around there's always havoc being like everywhere is
war play or violent play just intrinsic to boys
development or due to indoctrination when i was a kid my mother was anti-military
anti-cop and anti-gun she would not let me have any war toys or guns so i stuck
to lego and would build pistols and k-47 tanks planes and little armies and
let war and let war rage across the lego table you know i'm not sure that's just boys,
I know when I was younger when I'd go to McDonald's and stuff I'd sometimes
get like transformer toys or like guys with like guns and stuff and I'd definitely
play with those but my big thing was like dragons I loved finding dragon figurines to buy and stuff,
you had whole stories that you'd make up with your dragons yeah like some of
these would be like epic like seven day stories yeah yeah but um.

[57:37] Yeah, so I definitely think there's a lot of it with girls and boys,
very instinctual for like, just interested in like war and fighting.
Because I know for girls, again, it's a lot more like stories.
So I didn't have like war in my stories. It was more like social stuff more
than anything, which is a very... Look, there's combat in everything.
Yeah. I mean, there's combat in everything. I mean, you have to combat your own fears.
I mean, we're trying to fight to get audience share from other shows.
And so there's combat in everything.
You might as well practice when you're young because you either practice when
you're young or you're thrown in the deep end when you get older without practice.
And that's no good. Yeah.
Life gets very serious and you got to play first. And you're going to have a
lot of conflicts and negotiation to do in life.
And so do it in the safest circumstance where it's play.
Right, right. But get an imaginary girlfriend, it's about as bad an advice as
sucking a rock if you're thirsty. Yeah. That's a reference to my own father.
And the other thing, too, is that all creatures that are young practice combat,
like certainly mammals, right?
I mean, lions do, hyenas do, even mice do. They play fight with each other and so on.

Combat in Play

So the practice of combat, puppies do, and all of that.

[58:52] Sorry for the way I worded that I meant just regular cable TV with commercials
Gosh, commercials, what are they?
Right The original unskippable ad Has Izzy ever gone to a war history museum?
Yeah, we did once It was like In Florida, right?
Yeah, I think so Yeah, we went and we saw There was a B-52 That had been dragged
out of a swamp We got to go in an airplane,
And yeah, it was really neat For me though it's again for me this could just
be a girl thing not my thing I was like it was kind of cool but you know after
like 10 minutes I'm like okay,
the problem was it was 10 minutes of explanation per plane for me,
don't get me started on the plane one I hated the plane one I thought the war
museum there was cool stuff but for me it would be again like walk through be
out in 15 minutes instead of like two hours and,
again it's just not my thing it's just one of those things where someone starts
explaining like the The history of the player.
You know, I don't mind. I'll walk back. I'll look at some cool guns,
but it's like, I don't really, like, it's not my thing. Yeah.

Personal Growth Opportunities

Maybe when I'm older, but yeah.

[1:00:03] Steph, I'm just halfway through listening to the 10-year-old 300-pound caller.
I'm incredibly impressed with your patience and perseverance through the time
delay and the call of fighting his internal parents.
Yeah. I mean, I get praise a lot for my patience, mostly from people.
Um yeah totally that's not true no i get i do get pretty slow but for me it's
like if if you if you're out hiking and you come across someone who's trapped
under a tree and it's really hard to move the tree do you just like eh off i
go sorry yeah i gave it a shot it was a little tough,
i'm off right but no because i'm in my brain would be
the the burning vision of this guy i still trapped
under a log you said to give
me a calling where are you well and i
also put myself in the position of if i was trapped
yeah under a log and i wouldn't want someone to give up right can you imagine
imagine like you're trapped in some car and they bring the jaws of life and
it doesn't work too well and they're like all right well we tried yeah we're
out my shift's over and you're like you're in the car and smelling gasoline
and praying there's no spark right so So for me,
I think everyone's been in the position where you're just kind of defensive about something.
Could be anything, right? It just happens. It's like a kind of weird possession.
And so for me, giving up on someone, A, it's admitting defeat.

[1:01:26] Really don't like to do. I can only think of one call then, which never got released.
It's one call in the last 18 years that I just say, I'm out. I'm tapping out.
I can't do it. like i just and it was a woman who was just absolutely brutal
in her defenses i worked on it for an hour and a half made no
progress then you just got to tap out right because
then it's like if if something here's the thing too like if if you're trying
to lift the log off someone and they keep stabbing you in the leg it's like
okay good luck with the log if i get out right so for me it's not really a matter
of patience it's really just putting myself in the other person's shoes we've
all been super defensive and trying to be patient with someone and help them over that,
because I also know this too, and maybe this is a bit grandiose on my part,
but hey, what else is new?
But for me, it's also like, I view these call-in shows as one shot for someone.
Like, when are they going to have, and I used to say this in the call-in shows,
like, you're never going to have another opportunity like this.
You're never going to have somebody who's, you know, kind of skilled in philosophy,
who's going to be willing and able to unpack your defenses and put you in a
different direction, if you want, in life.
It's a one-shot thing. And then tomorrow you get to go back to talking about sports and weather.
Yeah. Right? And the latest movie. And, like, so for me, it's like,
it's a one-shot deal that's once in a lifetime.
Right? I remember, so when I was in therapy… my therapist recommended that I watch a show.
It was actually made into a movie with Mel Gibson, but it's a really old show.

[1:02:56] About a guy who just has psychological problems in his relationship with his therapist.
And his therapist is basically like, at one point she says, when he's about
to have a breakthrough, she says, it's now or never.

[1:03:08] And I remember getting real goosebumps at that idea that when it comes to sort
of personal growth, like it's now or never.

[1:03:14] Like the idea that if you choose the never, it
doesn't come back done you know because we keep thinking
that there's all these oh i'll just take the next opportunity and i
i have a tough time saying no to opportunities because for
me i know how rare they are like for me to start my business even
for me to sort of break out on this kind of show is really not common
you know when i met my wife i'm like no i'm not
going to wait for someone better to come along right so for
me it's like you know seize the day take the opportunity
and i really feel
that this is the one time that somebody can change
their life if they want yeah and it's it's and and the
fact that they're calling me but there's nobody else who's doing it for them there's
nobody else in their life who's willing to have these conversations with them
that's why they're calling me so i'm like last
stop last stop to never like i'm
the last catcher in the rye right then the last to divert people
off the cliff i'm the last i'm the last protocol to i'm
never going to change so i i feel
like like a surgeon working on his wife like when do you give up
you don't right so uh for
me it's not just a matter of patience it's just a matter of if
i had only one chance to
change my life i'd once and i was really fighting it or rather my
inner demons were fighting it i'd want that person to work on me as long as.

[1:04:32] Possible you know like you you don't want the you don't want the doctor to give
up right ah you know skipped a couple of heartbeats forget it yeah right you
want them to to fight and and don't we all kind of admire those those people
who just like you know it's kind of.

[1:04:49] Cliched scene in a hospital the guy just keeps working on it keeps working on
and you know sometimes they come back right so yeah i for me it's not just it's
not really a matter of patience It's a matter of what is another hour out of
my life versus philosophy could really change someone's life.
And how many times has it? And it does. If people want it. I mean,
it certainly did for me. And it has, I get messages all the time that this kind of stuff. Yeah.

Last Chance for Change

[1:05:17] The Kennedy Space Center was all right when I went some years ago.
Yeah, we've been to that one too. Oh, yeah, that was cool. I like that.
Yeah, I like the bit with rockets.
What did you like about the Space Center? I thought it was cool.
I find spaceships and stuff more cool than like war history and stuff like that.
I thought they had some really cool exhibits too. Technology and explanations about what's going on.
I think you tapped out with the guy who thought he was being gang stalked.
Oh, that was the Indian guy who heard some sounds in his cupboard and thought
that the government was watching him.
Yeah, I may have tapped out with that guy. go all right um what
are jared and james's favorite bands slash music artists
present company not accepted karaoke anyway uh yeah
go for it oh god i got a conflicted i was talking about this earlier with dune
like i've got a conflicted relationship with the music i grew up with because
at some point like i'd become a less traumatized more conscious person like
his stuff is kind of dark yeah i uh i probably liked faith no more the most
growing up but then i oh oh man,
I found some songs that are just herbal, like Epstein-esque.
Like, ooh. From that band? Yeah. Okay.
And so, yeah, like that's probably the big band they come...
It was just bands they were asking about, right? Or is there anything else?
Bands or music. Bands or music. I probably need one.
And Smashing Pumpkins, listen to that. Figaro.

[1:06:32] Oh gosh. Oh no, here. It's maddening. I'd like to listen to Barbra Seville and
try to sing along to that.
It's an Italian opera for people who don't who don't know and uh
james what you got uh i i think actually jared's
asked me this question a bunch of times and i have um
i don't know if it's a interesting relationship
with music it's it's more like uh there's sometimes
i don't i don't listen to a lot of music in general um and
i kind of grew up playing and performing a lot of music although not like
writing my own or anything like that um also living on
the piano and stuff and sort of you know uh you know
i was uh singing along this morning keyboard to keyboard the story
yeah yeah i got a
decent singing voice and i was sort of just making up my own tune
um but i'm like composed music or anything
like that you know i i've tried but it's actually kind of
rough um anyway but uh i
mean i've liked stuff like from the 80s 70s 90s
but kind of like jared although not maybe as strongly it's like
yeah if i start find myself singing a song i'm like oh i
don't think i want to sing that i was those actual lyrics you
know you know i mean and stuff like hair metal stuff it's like it's like all
about um you know just promiscuity or just drugs or just just it just rank hedonism
and you know i mean i've done enough of that my life with being like 250 odd
pounds and then it's like you know what how does it pull back on the pump the
brakes on hedonism stuff um when you've corrected that 100.

[1:07:58] I'm i'm well on my way to being a healthy
a very healthy weight um just about 15 20 pounds
away and i'd like to add like recognizing that about my
taste and aesthetic to music and stuff i've tried to heal that on
myself and like i do find a lot of good like opera classical
music things like that really good and some great
80s like you know i'll take on me
and so that i find yeah that's kind of a love song sorry can you just keep
going with that take on me yeah no no
it gets it's fire okay now rip
headphone users that was a mosquito ringtone i think right i didn't hear anything
are a good example of like the most healthy of oh yeah but there's a line where where I'm like,
I'm just going to let myself sit on a wall and win. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Don't judge it, just experience it. It's just, yeah. Yeah.

Conflicted Musical Tastes

Izzy, did you want to throw in any musical tastes? No. JT Music? No. Oh, come on.

[1:09:09] I'm supposed to be the philosophy child with 80s.
80s influences. Not happened. All I will say is that I hate pop music.
That's all I'll say. Right. And I can't say I like 80s music either.
No, you can't. I can't. I can't even lie.
Country music. That's the point. You know, there are some good country songs.
It's just that every country song sounds the same as the other one i kiss my
darling with my fist hit your tongue out of my mouth i'm sorry did you say i
kiss my darling with my fist,
james why would you say shit to me you heard everybody i don't do compressions that well.

[1:09:53] Um so for me it's like oh i heard a country song i
heard a country song and they don't have much variation yeah but
yeah okay i do love jt music it's my favorite fan or
she's totally swifty folks i grew
up with them for music and that's one of the things that conflicted me
about that as well it's supposed to be a little more conservative more
better values i think you go back and listen to some of those weird and it's
absolutely monstrous it does not promote healthy
male female relations and that's coming from the ostensible
conservative republican salt of the the earth uh somebody
says that looks
marging does include plastic surgery
got a nose job for okay and also that marking is male somebody's marking is
also a big thing because most of the young women these days appear to be drawn
towards the top 10 of looks guys and given that jared James and I are the top 9.9%.
That's only 0.1% for all of the other women. So that, that obviously is very, very tough.
I mean, again, it doesn't matter how many saw movies.
No, I'm kidding. All right. I'm not like that, by the way. There's a jar to
solve ratio. Exactly. A jar to solve ratio.
Like the crazy hot matrix. Yeah.

[1:11:15] It always amazes me that when I share some of the insights that I've been able
to get from you with good therapists and they seem extremely interested.
It's not a good sign when the therapist is like, yeah, tell me more.
That seems very effective. perspective duke ellington and willie
nelson might be my favorite music artist i never got much into
willie nelson about the weed well he's all
about the weed but he does fight with the rs but also uh he's
i'm a singing guy which means i care most about
the voice and willie nelson is just not got
a great voice i mean it's a johnny cash barrier like the
fact that he says a shorter man in reno just to
watch him die you know okay that's but so that's
like not very very creative lyric like okay yeah um so
i just um uh if
the singing isn't great i just can't really get into it and i
i have unfortunately i have a bit of fetish for singers way too
high for me just you know like like
the the the sting the freddie mercury's the
john anderson's like the guys who attenders and countertenors my
billy joel's terribly no and
and because but they're really also that i'm
a baritones and they just aren't baritones in pop anymore yeah
like they just aren't it's all tenors and that's
partly because the the higher voices are needed to
be amplified over the band and higher voices are
easy to amplify over a band music and a bass is not or.

[1:12:41] A baritone yeah what would have been the last like popular baritone i mean maybe
billy billy Idol or that guy from Lighthouse Family or oh there was a guy Superman
never made any money saving the world Solomon Grundy sorry?
No, he's a tenor. He just starts off lower, but he goes real high.
Even Billy Idol's songs go pretty high. Yeah, yeah. Well, he's got a great yell.
Yeah, yeah, that's what it is, yeah.
Oh, hey, little sister, what have you done?
Yeah, yeah. And that's all fun and games until start again, like that really high. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So Duke Ellington, I love the big band stuff. Myself, a good scat.
You got Ella Fitzgerald and the greats. I like Louis Armstrong,
even though it's a very unusual voice.
So I love the big band stuff. stuff. Willie Nelson, he wrote actually a song
I really love, Always On My Mind.
Believe it or not, the Pet Shop Boys did a really good version of that,
as did Chris DeBerg did a great cover of that, oddly enough.
It's a really lovely, very pretty song. You never answered the question.
What is James and what is that? Galdorards.
What is it under my name? That's your next D&D character name.
Galdorards. I don't think Stroke Maxing Jared's name is the way to go.
Oh my gosh, I'm never teaching you a Gen Z thing again.

[1:14:02] I very much appreciate your teach-maxing.
I know exactly what type of Gen Z you'd be.
You'd be the guys in PE who are all gay with each other and screaming,
Oh God, dude, I'm going to look-smacks the haircut tomorrow,
you. Listen, just because I'm British.
You're lovely. Be careful I buy. All right. Okay, Asterion. All right.
So, James, okay, just look at the last show. They explained it there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right.

[1:14:35] Let's see here. Oh, they're asking our function in the organization.
What is your function? What is your function? Overture of the Barber in Seville.
Is that the one? What's that? The Overture of the Barber of Seville is very
famous. I was going to play it.
Yeah, and then... Yeah.
All right. Who is Seagull? Somebody in the Bobber. It's a cat.
I've never actually thought of it. It's a cat.
Fair enough. Story. The older I get, the more I appreciate classic music.
I don't know if that means classic rock or classical.
Probably classical. What Hole in Oats songs do you like?
Hole in Oats? Hole in Oats. You know this one, Izzy.

[1:15:16] You're a rich girl and you've gone too far but
you know it don't matter anyway yeah that's a
good song uh what else the man eaters okay uh now
daryl hall who's like the blonde singer
from that uh he he's got really good
he's got a daryl's house or something like that
it's a youtube channel where he brings in
lots of famous musicians and they do either that original song and
they do covers so the um the band train
you know hey hey your lipstick stain
on the blunt side of your red side brain or they also did the
drops of jupiter they have a really great version of
papa papa's papa was a rolling stone uh which
is great and and the the guy the black drummer
he's just got amazing vocals in that he also has
um the guy um i think you're crazy crazy
i think you're crazy who melanie martin
oh yeah i love that song that's great great lyrics in
that song by the way and and our silo green daryl hall
is like yeah he's like i wrote that song that silo green is like oh such a good
song it is a fantastic song so he's got that's basically what he's doing because
he's not touring i guess or or whatever he's also pretty old now too but he
um he just gets these musicians to come in and they just do great covers and
original traditional songs that they get, they were written really, really good stuff.

[1:16:38] So yeah, I, uh, dance on your knees. My brother was really into the,
uh, holding out scene. Hmm.
Uh, all right. Do you like daft punk?

[1:16:49] What's an example? I feel like I like some, uh, some electronic music and daft,
daft punk's one of them. It's like half robotic electronic stuff,
isn't it? Faster, stronger.
Yeah. Oh, okay. Okay. I'm sure you've heard it in me. Oh yeah.
I've heard a lot. Yeah. Different artists have butchered it in one way or another. Yeah, true.
Lighthouse family had a baritone. When you're close to tears,
remember, what's ahead is a different color.
One day we're going to get so high. So he has this sort of baritone-y kind of
thing, and it's actually possible to sing along without twisting your knickers.
So that's good. All right, let's see here. What are knickers?
Undie pants.

Musical Interlude

All right, what else have we got coming in here?

[1:17:33] I'm trying to think because i i used to listen to some of all i figured out
jared's function what ambiance ambient music and the occasional bird sounds
i was outside i'm genuinely like why are the birds out like it's not summer
it's winter why are the birds out and nope just jared,
I do make, yeah. Yeah, lots of ambiance. We always know where he is.
We always know what's going on.
Whenever we play Among Us online or something like that, you know if he's dead
because you don't hear the ba-ba-bum.
Ba-ba-bum-bum-bum. Jared comes with his own soundtrack. Yes.
No question. And really a menagerie. He comes from life with a soundtrack. I mean, that's better.
And it's the same exact sound. It's like ba-ba-bum-bum. And that's been there for like years.
It's not a bad thing. I'm not saying this accusatively. And now you know there's bird song.
Yes, yes. I think the mic just must not pick it up or something.
Probably. You make my dreams come true. Yeah, I can't go for that. No, you can't do.
Steph, what is your definition of the black pill? To me, it's just knowing the
truth about looks and how they determine your life. Oh, come on.
Looks don't determine your life.
Okay. That person has acted out the black pill. Sorry. You had a sound there?

[1:18:51] No, that's an example of a black pill. Someone who's... you and mom just have
you and mom just have all this pretty privilege it's horrible
there's someone who's wallowing in the negative aspect of something and it's
it's self-determining or is that what i am what's the right phrase look you
here's the thing so the way that sorry here's the thing like this is some definitive
thing this is my my sort of approach so getting the truth is like diving off
a cliff like you got to go deep and you go deep and for a while it doesn't feel
like you're ever going to get back to the surface but you got to get back to the surface.

[1:19:21] Right you've got to find some way to to balance out the light and
the dark so people without any dark are idiots
right they're just dumpty dumb right and and they
don't have any sense of evil they don't have any sense of danger they're you
have nothing to be weary of nothing to be aware of everything's fine
anybody who's scared is just phobic and weird like okay and this is a left right
thing the right is more prone to uh concern about danger and the left are just
dumpty dumb you know everyone's welcome everything's great except for those
bigots or whatever right so uh that too light is what we call Pollyanna,
which is just like, everything's great.
We live in the best of all possible worlds. Nothing bad could happen.
There are no malevolent people. There are just people who are misunderstood.

[1:20:00] And, you know, if we're just nice to criminals, they'll be nice back.
Like just all that kind of stuff, right?
So that's no good because that's just too optimistic without any realism.
Like there are definitely evil people in the world.
There are, the majority of criminals cannot be reformed.
Maybe they can become less criminal. Maybe they can become vaguely functional members of society,
but you can't make them into good people again there's exceptions some of
the most dangerous criminals oh yeah yeah for
sure for sure so that to me and that's just
data i'm just data driven that way recidivism rates are 80
percent for for criminals even with with and that's
the people who get caught right the people who don't get caught they even
more incentive to keep going and the people who are in charge who are sometimes criminals
they've even more incentive to keep going so this is
absolutely criminality i mean if you doubt about that then think of
counterfeiting and the fed right they just print whatever they money
they want steal from everyone so there's definitely dangerous criminals
in the world the people who block the peace accords in in ukraine you
could kind of go on and on right there's really are dangerous toxic people
in the world who who um would would uh uh half burn the world down rather than
blink or sweat so that's a realism but there's also great wonderful good people
in the world there's there's virtue there's beauty there's there's wonder there's
there's i'm kidding amazing stuff right.

[1:21:14] And so to me, the black pill is you just keep swimming down and you'll drown
down there because it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
All the world is terrible. Everyone's corrupt.
That's going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you're going to go out
for the truth, did it, find it, have it, there's a liberating element to that as well.
Like, cool, I'm not going to have these evil people in my life.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. But if you think that, like, if you think,
sorry, I'm totally interrupted you.
No, no, no, but if you don't want to get rid of the evil people,
yeah, you're going to stay around the deep end, you know, until it's too late.
It's like there's this podcast, and I don't mean to pick on podcasters,
but it's just something that shows up occasionally in my feed.
It's called Whatever. Yes.

[1:22:02] Who's the most famous person from Whatever? Gorlock the Destroyer.
Gorlock the Destroyer. What on earth is that?
Look it up. it's it's almost more than you can but it
is something it's something creature of different genders
i don't know what's going on with that i don't i've not looked into
it but it's a little unusual so the whatever podcast has
these very shallow um uh odd girls who are just milking their looks yeah they're
milking their looks and and they're all it's all about like male female manipulation
dynamics and this that and the other and i'm like okay well if you're gonna
say that but that's somehow the essence of femininity,
then you're just going to be without love for the rest of your life.
And that's just too high a price to pay, I think.

[1:22:45] Yeah, he saw the Gorlock the Destroyer picture. Oh, right.
I have heard of this one before. Yeah. Oh, it's a visual.
Sorry, somebody says, there's a bunch of stats that I can think,
that I can link if asked, that shows that better looking people get better jobs,
faster promotions, lighter prison sentences, higher income, and many other perks.
Right. There's no question that better looking people have an advantage in certain material ways.
What you have, the black pill is thinking that's unfair, unjust,
and that's the only benefit that matters in this world. Yes, it is absolutely true.
Better looking people, taller people have an easier ride through life.
What you're the black pill is thinking that you're worse off because you have a tougher time.
And yes, I think black pill, I think what a lot of people do with black pill
is they take facts and make them, this is so unjust.
This is terrible. This is a bad thing. when it's like, no, it's just a fact
and, you know, it's always been like this and it's not going to change just
because you think it's bad.
I think, like, I don't mean this in a mean way, but I think that's what a lot
of people do when they say black pill.
Obviously exceptions, but... Yeah, look, so the people who are sailing through
life on heights and looks also have a certain lack of depth.
They don't understand the own ease. They have a trouble with empathy because
deep down they know that they're having this unjust benefit or you could say
unfair, but there's no fairness because people are going to be different height
and different looks. So, you know, like...

[1:24:04] Guys who were short look at guys who are
tall and say resent they resent it
right but so like i i saw
i had friends who had the most amazing heads of hair
when i was younger right and you knew you could see their dads and their moms
you knew they were going to keep that hair forever it hung beautifully i remember
working with the guy up north we threw him into a pond actually used this in
my novel almost we threw him into a pond he had the most beautiful blonde hair
we We threw him into a pond. He came out.
The hair dried perfectly from pond water.

[1:24:38] Pond water. Right, right. Dude, I got to be completely honest.
I kind of have the hair drying nicely. You do. It's very. I love it.
A long time ago in the summer, I was swimming with a bunch of friends and a
lot of the girls were there.

[1:24:54] Yeah. And I went in the water and got my hair wet and they were kind of hesitant
too, but we all went in, swam, got our hairs wet.

[1:25:01] Oh, right. right for me i have really thick hair or not
really thick it's pretty thick yeah and um like it's not
like mom levels of thick but it's pretty thick hair and you
know half hour it was pretty dry and shiny again
and it dried pretty straight and all these other girls were like braiding it
and stuff to like make sure it would dry their hair yeah and
they were just saying it's so unfair like your hair and stuff but
uh so so yeah these these guys they sail
through life and you think oh they have it so easy and it's like but look
deep do they feel loved if there's that handsome
it's really hard to feel loved if you're that handsome it's the same thing
with girls if you're that pretty the guy is the guy with
you for your personality or for your looks so there's a there's a
price for this ease that's what people don't understand that's the
black pill is not looking at the unseen which is
the fact that's what i was trying to say like it's it's it's like a depressed selfish
way of looking at life yeah that's black pill i think the
only thing that matters is the looks and the ease you get from it rather than
the downside it's like the kids who are born really wealthy and spend
lots of money on parties for their friends they feel lonely because they
don't know if people are there for the money or themselves so there's
a downside to all of these advantages and if you don't see that you're
blackmailed sorry jerry you're handsome man how many times
did someone try to corrupt you or try to seduce you
to get their way get their stuff done it definitely happened a couple of times
and even my success you say oh steph was very successful for a while i was you
know top of the heap as far as alternative social media went and with that success
comes attacks and deplatforming and all this so it's it's to say like so and
it's funny To look at the positive without acknowledging that there's some negatives that come with it.

[1:26:31] Work with the negatives. So if you say, like, so I started losing my hair in
my 20s. So I'm like, okay, I'm going to work out.

[1:26:37] Because I'm not going to be bald and overweight or bald and saggy or whatever it is, right?
So the upside, and a lot of my friends who have great hair got chubby later
in life because they already have great hair.
So you've got to try and find a way to ninja that stuff into a positive.
You know, deplatforming, I ninja'd into a positive. I worked on books.
I'm doing the kind of shows that are the most satisfying for me and for the
future. and I don't have any obligation to help out in the political world anymore
because of the lack of allies and support when I was the platform.
So just looking and saying it's so unfair that there are people who are taller and better looking.
But here's the thing too, man. If you base your perspective on who has it better
than you, you get about five minutes of happiness over the course of your entire
life. Do you know why? Because the tall guys get old.
And then there are younger guys who are better looking coming along.
Like if you're a woman and you get into your looks, okay, great.
Wait, you hit 40, your looks start to fade, and now there's just someone new
coming along who's younger and prettier, and now you resent them.
So it's terrible. Don't do it. Don't do it. Focus on your own virtues.
Focus on what you can achieve that's going to be good. Stop comparing yourself
to other people as a way of putting yourself down. It's such a hole with no
bottom. I have no patience with it.
Haven't you always, like, seen, like, this, like.

[1:27:52] Hideous short fat guys with like rather attractive women yeah so it doesn't hold some people back,
so i'm one of the seven deadly sins sorry sorry james
so i was this this might just be uh you know
random random non-actual uh non-actual comparison
but the thought that occurred to me was you know how uh
women it's not all women of course are sorry it's
not specific to women where they're like i'll be i know you give them
a bunch of stats and say i know a tall chinese man whereas black
pill i don't know i think it's pretty pretty fairly male
thing you know i don't know it's not just specifically male
but i don't think i could i can't think of really any women
who are like black so i'm gonna ask you
like yeah so so yeah that's a fair no they're black pill
but they're older okay well no they're
like 50 and single fertility no kids
no husband they're gaslighting what do
you mean they gaslight themselves into thinking oh i did everything right you
know it's good the patriarchy and society because the black
pill is very much looking into statistics and finding it a way to make themselves
seem better than others right whereas i think the women from what i've seen
were like in their 50s and realized they messed up their lives by not getting
married and having kids and stuff like that um is when they look at it and they're
like oh you know society ruined me i was lied to it's their fault kind of thing.

[1:29:13] Steph i agree with you that there may be a price for being
good looking but once you agree that it's better than being ugly the price
of being ugly is always swimming against the current no it's
only swimming against the current if you hold physical beauty
as your standard of value right it's moral beauty that counts in the long run
and for the i absolutely agree with you for the first half of life the good-looking
tall people have a pretty easy time of it but you check in with them when they're
60 or 70 yeah and because some women
married them for their looks and then divorced them when they got older.

[1:29:45] And they've based their personality on the unearned. Not all of them, but some of them do.
They base their personality on the unearned. That drains away,
and they end up with nothing or less than nothing. They end up with a void, with a negative.
Whereas the people who have to build up their personalities from nothing,
from a negative, they get to build that all the way through their life.
Do not fall prey to resentment of accidents because you think if other people
are accidentally lucky that they're doing great and having a wonderful time
and you're just stuck and it's going to be bad and negative and lonely.
Oh my God, it's just an accident.
Some people are Torah. When I was younger, I would have killed to have a better singing voice.
Thank goodness I didn't because philosophy is way more important than being a singer, right?
So just because you're not getting what you want, don't rage quit life because
you happen to have not gotten everything you wanted or you think other people
have it so easy because they got what they wanted.
My God, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, if these people were rich,
famous, talented, beautiful.
I wouldn't want their lives. And would you want their lives?
Look, Jim Morrison was considered one of the most beautiful men of the 60s and
he died a semi-fat pig like Elvis. in misery.
My God, just focus on your own virtues.

[1:30:57] Resentment makes you ugly. And that's a choice. Like you don't have a choice about how tall you are.
You have a choice about whether resentment befouls your soul and turns you into
a negative person that no one wants to be around. Stop it. It's just wretched.
Treasure the gifts that you're given and stop resenting other people for things
that look like gifts, but are sometimes curses.
Sorry, go ahead. If you're a beautiful person, there's evil people all around
that want to slide their hand like a puppet into you and have you be their fan.
How much fun is Kanye West having these days? I mean, the guy was a billionaire, right?
So, yeah, don't do it. And there's a bright side that if you're in competition
with beautiful people, be like, cool, they're going to rest on their laurels.
I can develop in these other places and ways.
And health is attractive.
If you're not necessarily aesthetically the best in the face.
But if you go work out and you get strong and healthy, that is and will be attractive.
Yeah. Well, remember you and I saw that meme of the guy who was funny looking
and he's like, get some sun, they said.
Go to the gym, they said. Do this if you've seen that.
And he just ends up like a funny looking guy with abs. No, but he looked so
much better. Yeah, he did look better.
And also, they were saying like comparing it to this other guy who had professional
lighting, professional camera.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Probably dehydrated himself for a few days so his muscles
would shine and stuff like that.
That was that guy's glow up, right? He just took a selfie in his kitchen or whatever it was.
I remember he was at the dining room. Maybe it wasn't a selfie.
I think someone took a picture of him at nighttime under your dining room kitchen light.

[1:32:26] So that was that glow up. So no, I do think, okay, maybe you're short.
Maybe you got bald really young or something like that. Maybe you're overweight. Okay, lose weight.

[1:32:36] Get tanned. Eat better. Just do a lot. And there's a lot you can do to look better.
Somebody says, I've seen so many self-proclaimed incels that look fine,
but they won't shut up about looks.
I just find myself screaming, go out, touch grass, cut down a tree and build
something you insufferable moron.
Yeah, I find the touch grass thing I find kind of annoying because it's just such a cliche.

[1:32:58] But if you think you're less because you happen to not be handsome or pretty, you're right.
You can go through all of life thinking that you're less.
Who's going to argue with you? Like when you have parents who care about you,
they'll try and talk you out of your bad choices. Welcome to adulthood.
Nobody cares if you hate yourself. Nobody cares. Nobody's going to step in.
Nobody's going to intervene. Nobody's going to come between you and the black
sun that's drawing your essence into its heart and destroying you.
Go self-destruct. You want to live in your basement. You want to just be bitter
about people taller and better looking than you.

[1:33:32] Nobody's going to step in to intervene. It's absolutely up to you to find the
joy in yourself. Because what you're saying is only the top 5% of people can
ever be happy, and you're just miserable because you're everyone else.
No, absolutely not. That's a choice. I have no patience for people who do that
and who think, well, there are better looking people in my life, so I'm doomed to misery.
It's like, okay, then you're doomed to misery. But it's not because of looks.
It's because of your choice about what you focus on.
And you're focusing on things that you did not earn, things that other people did not earn.
Good luck, bad luck, genes, who cares, doesn't matter. matter you
focus on building your own virtues and the idea
that you would be cowed down by looks is fundamentally
satanic it's saying that the physical is all that matters okay the physical
is all that matters to shallow people oh great you could be good looking and
be just completely surrounded by shallow people who want to exploit your looks
for the rest of time great good job excellent what a fantastic life go go live
go i mean you see these videos of the this is old now Now,
the woman who was walking around New York constantly harassed by guys, right? Yeah.
You want that life? You can't go anywhere?

[1:34:37] Michael Jackson hired out an entire supermarket for a day so that he could have
the experience of shopping in a supermarket, which he'd never had.
Freddie Mercury was trapped in his hotel room, wrote a whole song called Living
on My Own. How lonely he was because he couldn't go out anywhere in the world.
He was quote unquote loved by so many people. Yeah, so many people.
So, I don't know. Just everyone's having fun but me.
It's just rank self-pity. And the really sad thing is nobody's going to intervene.
That's how your life is going to be. That's one of the things I like about the
Nathaniel Brandon Iron Man stuff. There is a good strong message there.
Nobody's coming to see. Yeah, yeah.

[1:35:08] Well, that's the famous thing that he said. Like you say to his patients,
his group, nobody's coming to see you.
And i say you came and he said yes and i came
to tell you that nobody's coming to save you yeah nobody's
nobody's going to get between you and your black pill you want
to take that black pill that's going to be your life he's like okay i
came but i'm only this far i'm not stepping in
to run your life for you right right right oh
yeah so um that that really it really bothers me
because everyone's tempted by that and you've just got to resist that
temptation it's it's demonic to think
that only the flesh matters but i'm not hopping in the water with
you because you're going to take me down too yeah yeah oh yeah
and what happens is the black pill spreads because you're
you're full of such despair and negativity people will come and try
and help you from time to time and just drive them away yeah it's
horrible all right you know how uh brain damage uh happens sorry this came to
mind because it happens like this is like a social example of that the way brain
damage occurs is that a brain cell dies and then releases all of its neuro.

[1:36:14] Neurotransmitters this excites the surrounding neurons to where
the point to where they die they release their neurotransmitters and
it excites the so it's a chain reaction of like it goes on and on and that's
how you can have this one injury in one place that results in like regional
or large-scale like brain death you know i was just thinking that happening
on a social level where you get the black pill that gets in and it's just you
take down the next person the A black pill is an excuse for failure.

[1:36:39] I can't get ahead. I'm not tall enough. I'm not good looking enough.
I'm not this. I'm not, I'm, I'm, I didn't inherit the money.
And hey, if you don't want to succeed, that's fine. Just be honest,
look in the mirror and say, I don't want to apply effort.
You know, I prefer video games to success, right? I prefer not having a girlfriend
to having a girlfriend. Okay, fine. Just say, I don't want to try.
I'm kind of lazy. I'm just going to bumble through life and all of that.
But people have to set up these weird mental structures where
i'm just wise at not trying because it's
impossible for sure oh god just forget it oh just just just be a failure be
a loser and make that choice but don't sit there and say it's because well women
are just so shallow go out there and be a leader for heaven's sakes anyway yeah
like arlo i wrote it i wrote a beautiful beautiful two beautiful people although
arlo i think was what has the ratio was beautiful for them,
well he died like a dog all right um well and Rachel who escapes that like yes,
yes well Rachel treats herself as a piece of meat and then so do the dogs and
that's what scares her out of the flesh right.

[1:37:44] I think women, somebody says, I think women are quite miserable too.
They might not have any people telling them the truth so they can change.
Yeah. I mean, people, I don't know.
I don't want to say you're kind of on your own in your life because once you
get married and you have friends and so on, then you look, but you only get
those because you're helpful to people and you're positive to people.

The Pitfalls of the Black Pill

If you're a negative person, if you're a black belt person, if you can't win,
don't try, doom and gloomer, you're going to sail through life without intervention
and it's just going to get worse and worse.
And if you have people around, they're going to be the ones that are. well either
you get out of the black pill and help other
people or you fall down you try and drag other
people with with you and they bail and then
you say oh see i am alone nobody wants to be with me because i'm ugly it's like
no you they don't want to be with you because you're spiritually ugly not because
you're physically ugly you're spiritually ugly and people don't want to be around
drowning people who try to drown them first somebody says why does time seem to be moving so So fast.
From my experience amidst sharing this topic with others, this idea seems to
be moving away from the subjective.
I've heard time moves faster as adults because our minds are burdened by more
stressors than children or adolescents, but I find this to be a poor argument.
Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
Well, time is moving so fast because people are slicing it up into tiny social
media consumption bits.

[1:38:58] Right? People scrolling through Twitter are absolutely fragmented.
And I do it. I'm not, you know, whatever. I'm not some, you know, holier than that.
But if you spend an hour slam scrolling through Twitter, into,
you know, one second, half a second, one second, half a second.
At the end of that hour, you've got a couple of vague impressions and you've just lost an hour.
If you spend an hour learning a new song, writing a poem, learning a new skill,
then you have something to show for it.
But the scrolling fragments your memory to the point where you can't remember anything.
Same thing's true of video games. If you're in some really immersive video game
that is, you know, real twitchy and so on, I mean, you can game for hours and
you don't feel the time pass at all.
And you look back and it's like well what did i do like yeah my friends talk
about that they're like be gaming and then suddenly it's like hey it's 9 p.m
like what yeah yeah that reminds me getting into freedom like 20 to 2014 15
for me um and getting into like some psychology,
and self-knowledge stuff and
then like by this point i'm in my mid-20s and i'm like man life is just.

[1:40:04] Skipped by so fast and realizing that i
spent so much time kind of dissociated and time just
kind of flew by you need
you know to to to get a proper sense of of time
in your life you need markers stuff that's tangible right yeah i remember this
is when i got married i remember this is when i maybe graduated from i remember
reading this amazing book i you know i remember the milestones you guys were
asking me about my favorite memories right you got these milestones you need
stuff where you look back and it's not just this,
groundhog day of you know maybe working and gaming and whatever it is having some pizza,
so when you look back if you can't tell your days apart you've wasted your life
you've got to have some macros like some different shapes yeah this is when
i wrote the future this is when i wrote the present this is when i wrote upb
this is when i did this documentary this is what like,
if there's no growth there's no macros there's like there's what you it's like
walking we were having this discussion about dune right well you can track them
because they're insane and And Izzy was like, well, they just,
the sand blows and right.
So if you leave no footprints, yeah.
You know, you leave no footprints. It's like you were never there.
Yeah. Like this is the fundamental question you have to ask about your life.
What does it matter if I'm here or not?
Like, and when I'm gone, who cares?

[1:41:21] Right. And if you can't answer that question, you got a problem.
Who cares if I'm here or not? Who cares if I were to drop dead tomorrow,
who's going to notice who's going to care?
Right. Or is it going to be like those Japanese? what was it we saw that a documentary
on like the old japanese people oh god yeah.

[1:41:40] They're just gonna pass away and it takes a while for someone to notice
oh yeah and then they contact their kids kids
in some other city and they're like oh just toss it out we don't care right
yeah it's um you got
you got to have something in your life which is a marker and you
got to leave uh something that people
care about or can use in the next generation you know
everything that we have you think all this technology that the
liberties that we still have is all the result of people
leaving things from the previous generation and people who take from
the human story without contributing to the human story i just view as free
riders and parasites honestly like you've got to add some virtue to the world
because everything that's value in this world comes about because other people
sacrifice something for virtue or confidence or efficiency or a market or a
an invention or something like you got to add to the human story Or you're just
a free rider and a parasite.
And that's gross to me because we all have to, even if it's just,
you know, I got a couple of great happy kids, right? You can add something to the human story.
And the people who just complain negative, well, rich people and tall people
and good looking people and I don't have a chance.
It's like, okay, so you're just feeding off everyone else who got something done.

[1:42:51] Right someone built your house yeah someone made a
car someone grew some food right so
so somebody did something that so you can survive somebody somebody
created the water purification plant that gives you water that won't kill you
with cholera like other people are doing all this stuff that's the only reason
you're alive and you're like black pilling it's like okay so if everyone does
what you do we're all dead like within three days right no water uh no food
like we're dead in In a week.
Okay, so you're relying on everyone else not being blackmailed in order for
you to indulge in your dark little Russian navel-gazing crap.
I get infuriated. Oh, it's so annoying. I can understand being sad about some
of the things the way the world is, but when someone is persistent with a blackmail,
I get pretty angry pretty quick.
I'm like, no, no, no. No, thank you. I'm one of the people actually trying to
help. I don't deserve it.

Attention vs. Authentic Love

[1:43:43] I i just i i can't stand the people who rely
on everyone else to get things done while saying getting anything
done is pointless and impossible it's like okay then stop if
you boycott oh but if you think that that it's bad to get
things done or wrong to get things done so everyone who gets things done is is
delusional like do you think that like somebody had
to give birth to the kids to build the water purification plant
yeah and i guarantee you they weren't top
one percent of pretty people right i mean they
were engineers for god's sake yeah guarantee those
germans guarantee so so you're that
the people everyone around you everyone who delivers your food
and your electricity and your water and all of this kind of
stuff built your house do you think the people who built your house were male
models they weren't were they were they supermodels or
influencers no those guys are i'm gonna
say total parasites but you know they're very basically hideous
devil sent seduces into the immaterial nothingness
of accident but you're alive
because other people got married had kids and now you're saying it's impossible
okay then everyone who did all of that stuff you should just boycott we just
boycott what they do boycott fresh water boycott electricity go live in the
woods because everyone's delusional who who got things done and got married
and had kids they're all just fools and delusional so you could boycott all
that stuff but nobody Nobody ever does.

[1:45:01] In fact, they'd be really upset if other people stopped doing stuff.
So the black pill stuff is just horrible.
It's not envy, just pointing out the reality. Oh, God. No, no,
that's fine. Let him have it. Let him have it. Let him have it.
Uh, good looking people choose to fail. And yeah, that's on them.
I don't know what that means.
Uh, you just get leftovers. Okay. So he wants the black pill and he wants to spread the black pill.
Personally, the black pill gave me clear goals that I need to reach.
I started working out. I joined the military, saved all my money and got surgery.
I'm confident now and finally get some attention. All right.
Well, getting attention is not the same as being loved for who you are.
Yeah, well. Military maximum looks maximum. Ah, let's see here.
It's funny, I wrote a whole email about this to you, but never sent it because
I wasn't sure if you care about this topic, but thank you for talking about it. You're welcome.
Men create things to get money and status to attract mates, so inventors,
you could say, are blackpilled.

[1:46:06] What? Okay, so are you saying that tall, good-looking people have the advantage,
but inventors actually create stuff so that they have status?
So which is it? Is it inventing stuff and being creative, or is it just being good looking?
Because yes, shockingly, shockingly, human babies need resources,
and moms are kind of disabled with pregnancy and toddlerhood and breastfeeding.
So yes, as a man, you have to have some excess resources, blah, blah, blah.
That's why we don't have periods and have more upper body strength.
Who cares? It's so boring.
Oh, men are slaves. It's like, no, men and women divvied up as rationally as
possible the difficult business of getting to be the alpha predators,
the top predators, the rulers of the planet with the greatest brains in the universe. Okay.
And some of the burden fell on women and some of the burden fell on men.
And all the men complain, women complain about the burden and men complain about the burden.
It's like we're in a three-legged race and we win gold every year and all we
do is complain about each other.
And it's like, but we keep winning gold. Oh, it drives me crazy. Anyway.
All right. we're almost at two hours, so thanks everyone so much.

[1:47:19] Black pill is just methods of getting attention from women. So yes,
money maxing and IQ maxing is a valid strategy. It's not just looks. Yeah, okay.
Yes, so you can sometimes get, yeah, women like a man with resources.
Yeah, okay. I don't know how that's black pilled. How is that black pilled?
It's just basic biology.
Women need resources because they're not economically productive and they're raising children.
Is he confusing like the rest? I don't know what he's doing. All right.

[1:47:45] All right. So, well, thanks, everyone. If you have any other last tips,
we'd really appreciate that.
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We will see you on La Friday night. We'll be back in the studio.
So it won't shake as much every time I move here because it's on my laptop.
It will be an actual setup. We're in Kyoto. There's another point.
All right. Thanks, everyone, so much. Have yourselves a wonderful evening.
We'll talk to you Friday.
Jared's songbird is out. And it's functioning. We'll talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.

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