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0:00:00 Introduction and appreciation for support
0:04:08 Hanging out with women as a form of therapy
0:07:41 The problem of being nervous to talk to women
0:10:40 Lies as a means of self-preservation and coping
0:13:27 Lying as a symbol of low status and humiliation
0:16:45 Fear of approaching and self-sabotage in relationships
0:19:34 Lust and the temptation to lie in pursuit of desire
0:22:55 Breaking the pattern of lying and approaching women with integrity
0:32:38 Women Consumed by Cats: A Bizarre Analogy
0:36:47 A Beloved Family Member's Passing
0:38:17 The Romanticized Image of a Deceased Son
0:43:11 Funeral Speech Dilemma: Why I Didn't Speak
0:45:55 The Misconception of Being Avoided
0:46:38 Becoming Voldemort: Willing People Out of Existence
0:48:56 The Forgotten Staff Man: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
0:52:40 Relief of being forgotten like a debt to a criminal
0:56:05 The reluctance to be the first in dangerous situations
0:58:55 Delayed benefits and the acceptance of being attacked for truth
1:00:28 The Funny Side of Age and Strength
1:00:56 The End of the Tunnel and Finite Time
1:07:32 Emphasizing Audio over Video Functionality

Long Summary

In this episode, we delve into several thought-provoking topics. We start by discussing the notion of pets being considered family members, expressing our frustration and viewing pets as mere sources of dopamine, similar to drugs. While we struggle to understand the deep grief that some individuals experience when their pets pass away, we transition the conversation to the broader topic of eulogies. Delving into the glorification of deceased individuals who struggled with addiction, we emphasize the importance of parents acknowledging their role in their child's addiction and alerting others to the potential dangers. Sharing personal experiences with eulogies, we express our dissatisfaction with sentimental ceremonies that avoid the truth about the deceased. We stress the significance of facing reality and refraining from sugarcoating the truth.

Moving on, we touch upon the topic of reconnecting with people we may have distanced ourselves from. Realizing that sometimes it's not about others avoiding us, but rather their own negative thoughts and guilt, we suggest the possibility of reconnecting if it is safe to do so. Reflecting on an old video on disputed territory, we find humor in the comments, realizing that people have moved on and forgotten about us. This discovery brings us joy, reinforcing our decision to not worry about certain things like climate change or COVID, as we made these decisions based on our own well-being.

We then discuss the relief we feel when discovering that someone we owed a significant debt to no longer remembers us due to memory loss. It eases the burden we carried. Recognizing that being ahead of others can be both mundane and dangerous, we express our willingness to let the world catch up. Being the first loses its value if no one acknowledges it or appreciates the truth. We touch upon the topic of AI and its potential impact, musing that it will never be allowed due to the control of information by a propaganda apparatus. While the positive impact of being correct about controversial issues is challenging to quantify, it may benefit families and children. We acknowledge that standing up for the truth invites attacks and criticism but assert that we have no regrets. Understanding the finite nature of our time, we commit to producing content that contributes to humanity and refuses to participate in deception. Ultimately, love and the pursuit of a better world for our children drive our actions.

Shifting gears, we explore the significance of not allowing lies to govern the world and the effect it has on our children. Expressing gratitude to Seth for changing our lives, we emphasize the value of self-praise for personal growth. Drawing from our experiences in jobs featuring manipulation and lies, we highlight the harm they cause. We discuss the potential of uncensored AI in problem-solving through facts and data but note the lack of a viable business case due to pervasive falsehoods and financial incentives. Concluding the episode, we express our appreciation for the positive feedback received from the audience on our chat platform. We pledge to continue engaging with them through video chats and encourage donations to sustain the show.

Brief Summary

In this episode, we explore complex topics such as pets as family members and the importance of facing the truth in eulogies. We also touch on reconnecting with people, the relief of being forgotten for past debts, and the potential impact of AI. We emphasize the value of not allowing lies to govern the world and express gratitude for our audience's support.


pets, family members, truth, eulogies, reconnecting, relief, forgotten debts, AI, lies, world governance, gratitude


Introduction and appreciation for support

[0:00] All right. Yes, there's no raise hand thing. So if people I mean, I'm here for I'm here to get in the center of the camera here.
I'm here for you all. If you have questions, comments, issues, I'm certainly happy to to hear.
Don't think I know on other ones. There's like a raise hand thing. And here there's not.
Of course, of course, I absolutely want to say thank you guys so much for your support. Like I know people who are here are donors.
I really, really do appreciate your support. It is what makes it all possible.
And I hope that you will check out, I just finished my nine and a half hour presentation on the French Revolution, which is my bomb in the brain, but with history.
Like it's bomb in the brain, active with history.
So that's very cool stuff and I hope that you will check it out.

[0:45] Right. Where did you learn about sin after your conversation with Dr. Pesta?
Or what did you learn about sin after your conversation with Dr. Pesta?
Sorry, chef, I'm not really sure or what you mean by what I learned about sin.
Do you feel that the good doctor gave me permission to sin further?
What do you mean by learned about sin after your conversation?
Do you mean during or before?
So I'm happy to get more clarification.
All right, let's see here. Let me get Perez's question. Let me just bring it up. That's some squinto text.
Hello, Steph. I've been struggling with talking to women for most of my life.
When I see an attractive woman, I feel helpless and afraid, which soon turns to anger.
I feel resentful and miserable, and I don't know how to get out of this situation.
I feel like I'm missing out and have been rejected, and as if I'm unworthy of love.
I've never seen a woman who wanted me, and it hurts to even hear about other people talking about their girlfriends.
I've never had sex on a romantic relationship of any kind.
I asked a similar question on Friday, but I missed half the stream and can't find a working link to the recording.
I appreciate that. Thank you for the donation. Sorry, I'm just going to, I'm getting some audio from someone.
Hit me with a why if you are nervous to talk to girls.
I mean, more than just, you know, butterflies or whatever it is.
Hit me with a why in the chat if you're nervous to talk to girls.
I just want to know how many people are working with this issue. Right. Okay.

[2:12] What is your theory, my darlings? What is your theory about why you are nervous talking to girls?
What is your theory as to why sorry go ahead, So, I actually heard about this through a podcast of yours from like years ago.
And what that gentleman just described sounds to me a lot like a phenomenon called love shyness.
And if you get a book, Shyness and Love by Dr. Brian G.
Martin, if memory serves correctly, it goes over that exact symptomology and outlines treatment protocol.
So, just figured I'd throw that out there. But what does he say?
Say so it has it's kind of hard to just put all together like extemporaneously like no no just a just a general thing just a general idea doesn't have to be the whole program so it's like it's right yeah so it's basically just like through a combination of temperament the society you're raised in and how all these things sort of convalesce there's a whole chunk of guys that unsurprisingly with the explosion of single motherhood have this issue where they will literally go their whole lives being virgins encounter intense anxiety talking to women and all this other sort of stuff so sort of like a bio-social psycho makes of things i suppose.

[3:26] What's the solution in general so the solution is practice dating therapy which is best done in like you know colleges and groups in the way that it was done in the book but if you're an adult man on your own they explicitly avoid going to prostitutes unless you absolutely have to but but you literally just hang out with women and then ideally try to have some sort of support group behind that with the asterisk that these women are, they have to be sort of in on it, if you will, and they have to be a bit nicer to the target gentleman, I guess, than they would if it was just a normal street interaction.
But that's it. You basically just hang out with women.

Hanging out with women as a form of therapy

[4:08] So is it like an exposure therapy? Just spend time with women who are nice?
Sort of. It's not... Practice dating therapy, ideally, would be more structured than just willy-nilly kind of hanging out.
But... Or I'm sorry. Then exposure therapy tends to be...

[4:26] A bit more like not structured. And it's, oh, you're afraid of girls.
Boom, go talk to a thousand.
And after that, you will be hopefully less afraid, which sometimes works, but for left-shies typically doesn't.
Well, but I guess a lot of men wouldn't have the kind of friendly women who'd be willing to be their wingman and talk to them about stuff already. Does that make sense?
No, it does. And that's why you got to, you got to, I'm actually in the midst of reconstructing this sort of treatment program for myself.
And so I was going to use a tour guide website, site, which I know sounds ridiculous, but it's like, you know, you're talking $10 to $30 an hour, depending on what the country is.
And you can go from there. And, you know, if you hang out with a hundred of them, I'm sure five to 10 would be hip to the program.
And you could kind of just go through that.
Right. Well, I can put out a couple of theories as to why you're having trouble talking to girls.
And listen, I understand it. I mean, I know I seemed all kinds of smooth at times, but I've gone through that issue from time to time.
So I can tell you why I think you're having trouble talking to girls.

[5:24] From minus 10, like psycho bunny stalker to plus 10, wonderfully happily married wife, from minus 10 to plus 10, what effect do you think a long-term relationship with a modern woman is going to have on your life?
Minus 10, like you have to move countries to plus 10, wonderfully married.
Minus 10 to plus 10, what effect do you expect a woman to have on your life?
Plus 100, all right, yeah, that's very good, optimistic. Minus seven, well, no, yeah, I mean, obviously it's a modern woman.
I mean, you're not gonna date some woman from 1920, right? So no, not an average.
You, you, deep down, what effect do you expect a woman to have on your life?
Plus eight, plus 15, plus three.
Yeah, I believe none of you.
It doesn't mean you're lying, but I believe none of you.
I believe, oh, it's also plus, plus 15, plus 10, plus 3, plus 5, plus 7, oh, minus 7. Okay, all right.
So if you expect something to be that positive, then you would overcome your fears.
Why haven't you overcome your fears? Because you don't expect something to be that positive, right?
And so if you expected some great positive, you'd overcome your fears.
But it's not worth it because maybe you don't expect a positive.
Okay, let me ask you this. Let me ask you this.

[6:48] How valuable are women to you of your own age outside of sexual access, outside of sex?
How valuable are women to you in your age category outside of sexual access?
Do you find them wise, engaging, endearing, witty, intelligent, great conversationalists, good teachers, good learners? In general, then, very, very low.
Right. So 0.5, minus 9, minus 4, very, very low. 0.5, minus five, minus five.
Yeah, it's in the negative. Okay. So do you see why I'm just calling you all filthy liars?
I don't mean that in a negative way. You're wonderful donors, but you're filthy liars, right?
Because you're like, okay, so what is the value that a woman's going to bring to you?
Oh, plus eight, plus 10. It's like, what if there's no sex involved?
Oh, minus infinity, right? So do you know what the problem is?

The problem of being nervous to talk to women

[7:41] Do you know what the problem is then? Why you're nervous to talk to women?
Because you don't want to lie to women because you committed to the truth.
You like philosophy, so you don't want to lie to women, right?
So if you were to go up to what's the most honest statement if you're attracted to a woman sexually, romantically, let's just say sexually, it tends to be physical at first.
If you're attracted to a woman and you expect her to be minus except for sex, except for sexual access, you expect her to be minus, what's the most honest thing you could say to her?
Like what would be very honest to say to her?
Yeah, I want you for sex. I don't expect to like you, but I could use your body.

[8:20] I want to have sex with you. Well, no, I want to have sex with you.
There's nothing wrong with that.
I mean, but I, you know, I don't expect to like you, but I want to use your body.
Hey, I could put up with you. Right. Right.
Right. Do you see where I'm...

[8:36] Do you see where I'm coming from here? Do you see why I'm talking in this kind of way? You don't want to lie.
But if you can't think of or imagine a woman whose value to you transcends sex, then you're going to have to lie to her, aren't you?
Who wants to lie? I mean, do you know how much, come on, do you know how much you have to lie as children?
Oh my God, it's horrible. I mean, it's just wretched.
It's like being trapped in Fagin's basement in all of a twist.
Do you know how much you have to lie and I had to lie as children?
Give me some of the lies. Help me out, brothers and sisters.
Hit me with some of the lies that you had to tell as children, particularly, of course, if you came from less than totally functional families.
What were the lies you had to tell?
I'm fine. Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. What else?

[9:30] I wanted that shirt for Christmas. Yeah, I did my homework.
That's right. I brushed my teeth. Yeah, I'm happy. I totally want to go see Aunt Edna. Yeah, this cooking tastes great. I love your cooking, Mom.
I love you. Yeah, that's true, right? Some could be, right?
I like doing X, Y, and Z. Yeah. Yeah. I slept well.
No, no, I went to bed probably 11, 11 o'clock when you're up to like two, reading or something.
I used to do this reading thing where you're just half asphyxiating in the tent of your own pillows under the flashlight, like under the covers with a flashlight, light reading until you've got to come out for air, right?
You're good parents. I love and respect you. Oh, sorry, Jared. I spend Christmas.
Oh, I spend Christmas every year for 15 years with your sexual assaults.
Oh gosh. I'm so sorry about that. Now that's horrible, right?
Right. Right.

[10:19] Lies, lies, lies. Yeah. Right. Yeah. It's lies.
It's just, we have to lie constantly and that's just the lies at home.
There are also lies at schools. There are lies in your friend groups, right?
I'm fine in your friend group. And yeah, lies have a mission, not saying what I really wanted to say. Lots of lies by a mission, right?
Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies. Yeah, that's right.

Lies as a means of self-preservation and coping

[10:40] Yes, I spent more than five hours last night on this final paper.
Oh, do you want to know a lie I told a couple of times a week?
Oh, I remember it vividly with heart palpitating, sweaty palmed fear and anxiety.
Do you know what lie I told several times a week?

[10:56] Yeah, this is as far as I was able to get in my homework.
Because they'd say, put your answer up on the board. They'd call in you and I'd go up and just fudge some stuff. And it's like, this is as far as I couldn't.
My mom was working late. I couldn't ask her.
This is as far as I got. but this is as far as I was able to get in the answer.
I might as well have been vomiting Egyptian hieroglyphics on the board for all I cared, right?
Sure, that woman you want to bring into our lives would make a great stepmother.
Yeah. I like your new boyfriend of the week.
Or when you haven't been listening to your parent, they say, well, what do you think? And you're like, oh, it's complicated. Tell me more.
The amount that children are forced to lie and dissemble or bullied or like, Like, yes, mom, I have to stay after school to finish a project when I really just didn't want to go home. Oh, yeah, for sure.
Yeah, for sure. Just lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, and lies, and lies, and lies, and lies, and lies, and lies.
I mean, does this hit the bone? You're right. It's my fault that I remember that. Not your fault for doing it. Yeah, yeah, that's right.
Yeah. I mean, we all are cornered and forced into lying, right?
You can tell about as much truth in most childhoods as you can in a concentration camp.
It's North Korean styles of like, I worship the glorious leader, falsehoods, right?

[12:16] Or I forgot my, another one was, oh, I forgot my lunch.
My mom hadn't made any and there wasn't any money to pay for it. Oh, I forgot my lunch.
You know, it's funny because I wasn't a huge fan of boarding school, but at least I got some regular semi meals, right?
At least in North Korea, they don't have a guard for every citizen.
Yeah, that's true. That's true, right? right?
So lying is humiliation, isn't it? Lying is just humiliation.
Lying is low status. Lying is emasculating. And of course for women too, right?
Immovulating, I don't know, whatever it is for women, right?
I mostly kept my mouth shut. Everybody complained I didn't talk much, but we're lying by omission, right?
So what is lying to you? Does the king ever have to lie? Does the queen ever have to lie? Does the principal ever have to lie?
Maybe, I guess, to the DEI boards or something, right? But does the glorious leader ever have to lie?

[13:14] No, no. Cops lie to you, totally fine. You lie to the cops, welcome to jail, right?
So lying is powerlessness, right?

Lying as a symbol of low status and humiliation

[13:27] Lying is humiliation. Lying is low status, right?
Lying is low status. Like there's another pecking order. There's so many pecking orders in society. Another one is, can you use violence, right?
The inability to use violence is low status, right?
Which is why there are some groups allowed to use violence and some groups not allowed to use violence in society, right?
So violence, the capacity to use violence, I mean, abusers use violence, their victims cannot, right? Right?
So lying is shit low status.
It's humiliating. Tell me if I'm hitting the mark here.
I want to make sure I'm hitting the mark and doing things of value.
It is, right? Okay, good. Good. I'm glad. Now, do you see why I pulled these threads together in a truly magical fashion? I don't know how it works sometimes.
It's just like plays in Shakespeare in love. It's a mystery, but it works.
All right, dictators have to lie to the people about how they are serving their interests.
A lie which you know you'll never be punished for is another exercise in power.
And I know that I just, it sounds like a contradiction, right?
So being forced to lie is an exercise in humiliation.
Being able to lie with impunity is an exercise of power, right?

[14:44] There's no constant, nobody can hold you to any account, right?
I mean, lying to get people into war is an exercise of power because nobody can call you or punish you on your power, on your lying, if that makes sense.
So being afraid to lie rather than enjoying lying, right?
Being afraid to lie, being forced to lie, that's low, low status, right?
So when you approach a woman, can you tell the truth? truth?
Or do you associate approaching a woman with having to lie and therefore you're trying to reach a goddess from the pits of low status?
Low status. Now, if you're approaching a woman feeling that you have to lie and therefore feeling incredibly low status, is it going to work?
No, that's right. Women like status, right? Of course. And the more attracted the woman, and the more status she's going to like.
Now, this, of course, is pretty tragic for women, right?
This is pretty tragic for women because men with a conscience don't like lying and therefore, if you were raised being forced to lie, as most of us were, men with a conscience don't like to lie and therefore are nervous around women.
Who's totally comfortable around women?
Who's totally comfortable around women?

[16:03] Yeah, pathological liars, psychopaths, sociopaths. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, the people who, they, you know, they don't care about lying.
It doesn't trouble their conscience at all. So they appear to be very confident, right?
I mean, that's why the sociopathic genes continue, right?
And that, and of course, sociopaths, I get messages occasionally from sociopaths like, hey man, don't put us down. We're absolutely essential for society.
Someone's got to take care of business, right? And, you know, that's outside the realm of philosophy, but I kind of get that perspective, right?
If you don't like the woman, don't approach her.
If you like the woman, approach her, knowing that you could be honest.
Or at least you won't have to lie.

Fear of approaching and self-sabotage in relationships

[16:45] Does that make sense? If there's a woman that you're attracted to just for her looks, don't approach her because she'll lie and you'll self-sabotage.
Or in other words, people look at anxiety around talking to women as a huge problem, and actually it's a giant salvation, brothers and sisters.
It's a giant salvation because it's keeping you from getting torn apart by getting into a relationship based on falsehood.
People look at all of these oh I'm having a negative emotional experience it must be stopped, it must be broken I must find a way out or around or through or past it or I gotta drug myself or do progressive exposure or read some book or and all it's doing is, wow I really envy the sociopaths who never have any negative emotional experiences, but I don't know how to talk to good women either, I don't believe you I mean I don't know how you would know that If you haven't talked to them, how do you know if they're good women?
And when I say approach, I mean, ask out. I don't mean just talk, right? You can talk, right?
How do you know if they're good women if you don't even talk to them?
Do you have some radar and you can figure it out no matter what?
Because women never camouflage, do they, right? So, sorry, you're just, this is a yes, but kind of guy.

[18:03] And, yeah, I mean, look, I remember, I still remember the woman's name, the girl's name. And I was in grade seven.
I was going to ask this girl to dance just because she had a nice figure.
And she was not a smart girl or a particularly nice girl.
And everyone asked me who I was going to ask. And finally, I was cornered by a bunch of my friends and other girls.
And they said, oh, who are you going to ask? And I said the girl's name.
And she had this braying kind of donkey laugh on the other side of the room.
It wasn't like she was listening to me. She just found something funny.
And everyone just laughed at me.
Because I was lying through my buck teeth, man. I was lying through my teeth.
Oh, no, sorry. They said, you're going to ask. And I said, this girl. And they said, why?
Oh, I like her personality. Because, you know, that's what you have to say.
I like her personality. I didn't like her personality. I didn't really know her personality.
She just had a nice figure. And she was pretty. And that's why I wanted to ask her.
And everybody knew I was lying. And I knew I was lying. But I knew what I had to say.

[18:56] Does this sort of make sense? Definitely found myself in that situation.
Ended up walking beside the gal for three hours. Barely said four sentences.
Yeah, I remember talking to, I was at a seminar and I met a girl, took her out for lunch and she was so pretty. Man, she was pretty.
And, but she had like nothing to say. And I was like, please.
Like I literally was praying to all of the gods of the ancient world.
Like, please, God, have something intelligent to say.
Even if it's not that smart, I'll just give it. I'll take table scraps at this point.
I'm like the starving dog under the table of a dictator.
Just please, anything, something, anything, right?

Lust and the temptation to lie in pursuit of desire

[19:34] And there was nothing. So we went back to the seminar and went our separate ways. You shouldn't, the chat shouldn't be full.
I mean, you understand that I can guarantee you that you have too much integrity to lie into a girl's pants.
Like, unless you're a sociopath, you know and care that you're lying, right?
You know and care that you're lying. Am I wrong? I want to be married first.
What do you mean you want to be married first? You can't even talk to girls.
You want to be married? You still have to learn how to walk before you can pilot the plane, man. Oh, before sex.
What's that got to do with what we're talking about, Perez? Love you to death, man. What the hell does that have to do with what we're talking about?
Just manage your own anxiety and stop blurping on the chat, right?
Just manage your own anxiety and listen, don't just spew off all your stuff, man. We're trying to have a conversation here.
It's like this trumpet of Paris's anxieties. Fear of approaching, oh, sorry, yeah, fear of approaching is the topic. Yeah, fear of approaching is the topic.
I haven't been talking about sex. I'm just talking about lust, right?
Is there anything that makes you lie more than lust? Is there anything that makes you, attempts you to lie more than lust?
I shouldn't be afraid of approaching because I shouldn't feel like I have to because lying would attract the opposite of what I want anyway?

[20:59] Well, you're not afraid of approaching women. You're afraid of lying yourself into disaster.
You're afraid of getting, it's like, you know, there's this con man in my neighborhood.
I'm really nervous to approach him.
I guess I have a problem with anxiety and what I should do is overcome that.
Oh, that's really sad, right?
No, you know, that guy with the facial tick and the chainsaw, I'm just having, I'm too nervous to give him a hug. I guess I have social anxiety disorder.

[21:31] Maybe it's not that you have fears of approaching women.
Maybe it's you're fearful of what's needed to approach the women your lust points you at.
What do you have to sacrifice to fulfill your meaty, manly lust? Well, your integrity.
Your integrity. And my wife said the first time we went out, she says, I'm looking for something stable and solid, long-term and permanent, and I don't want kids.
It's so yeah i would i wouldn't assume that it's just a dysfunctional broken blah blah blah so you know here's what generally happens particularly for the sons of single moms right so you know here's what generally happens so what generally happens is the sons of single moms are around crappy guys who don't like your mom but lie to get into her pants and then dump her and move on right that's a pretty common i mean some it's a common phenomenon so your modeling is guys who to lie to get into a woman's pants because that's your mom's single mom's boyfriends so then you're like okay well if i like women i gotta lie and get in and i don't want to do that because i don't want to be like the skeevy guys who are hanging around my single mom right my single mom so, so that's the pattern you gotta break out of that pattern by just if you feel too nervous to approach a woman your your gut is trying to save you from your balls which is trying to save you from the estrogen chainsaw of dysfunctional females.

Breaking the pattern of lying and approaching women with integrity

[22:55] And listen, if you have any questions, we can do audio here, like, no problem.

[23:00] So if you want to, maybe just do in the chat that you want to be unmuted, and you can unmute yourself, but it just might be easier, right?
Yeah, Eduardo, then, yeah, just unmute and hit it, man. But you will need to unmute.
Oh, by the by, just while we're waiting, do you all remember that I was saying that there was some country that was going to become more of a libertarian-focused country in order to scoop up all of the high-brained people who are currently laboring under the general wef-socialistic garbage that's going on in the West.
I told you. I told you this, like, years ago, that there was going to be some country that was going to make a play for the smart people of the...
The smart people of the world. And look what's happening in Argentina.
All right. I can't hear you, Eduardo. No.

[23:47] Can anyone else hear him? Or is he now? It's not the very best interface for a call-in, but you know, it's also our first time. We'll get used to it. Oh, you hear him?
All right, hang tight. Oh, geez, I'm so sorry. I had muted because I was getting all these sounds when people came in and out.
So my apologies, Eduardo. I am all ears. Go for it, man. Oh, good.
Thanks for having me. My bad. No problem.

[24:12] I'm tuning in a little late because I just got off work. I'm assuming you've already been asked about Melee, right? right?
Not much, but so yeah, but I'm happy to chat about whatever you want to.
Well, I'll try to keep my time limited in case, you know, I don't want to hog up this thing. I'm more curious about this.
Now that your content is like significantly less political, which I still enjoy, do you ever look into any like development into libertarian philosophy?
I've got a buddy I'd like to mention, but I'm curious if your eyes are just out there anymore.
I mean, I'm obviously keeping track of politics. You know, that meme of like, Like, this is how girls sleep, and it's like, la, la, la, la, la, la, and then this is how boys sleep. We don't. We're up late monitoring the situation.
So, yes, I do, I absolutely do monitor what's going on in politics, follow what's going on in politics, just, you know, don't really talk about it.
But I have, I will say, I'm not following a lot of libertarian thinkers at the moment. So if you've got something you want to talk about with regards to that, that'd be great.
Yeah, yeah, I have somebody who I think is doing some amazing stuff in the realm of ethics, which is why I think it would interest you a lot.
I could post a link here, but I've got a buddy on YouTube named Liquid Zulu, and he has a fantastic video called Anarcho- The Solution to Law, which he debunks different forms of ethics like utilitarianism.

[25:30] Consequentialism, and all these others. And then he proposes how to prove the NAP is objectively true.
And I brought up UPB to him, but he's in his early 20s. So he actually didn't get to see your content on YouTube.
He knows a little bit about you, but he's totally unfamiliar with UPB.
How quickly they forget.
Sorry, go ahead. How quickly they forget.

[25:51] It's unfortunate. But luckily, I'm in my later 20s, so I got to watch a lot of your content. I would like to say I'm pretty strong in UPV.
I'm sure I can always get better at it, but he had never heard the theory.
And I'm assuming you've probably not run into his content.
I think you'd really appreciate what he's doing with ethics.
He's creating free libertarian courses to teach theory of justice, how to prove the NAP, et cetera.
And I just wanted to share that with you in case you were still interested in other people's developments.
And what was his name? Liquid Zulu. Liquid Zulu, got it, got it, okay. Okay.
Would you like me to post the link? Sure. And if you could run me through, I know you don't have to get it obviously down to the last detail, but if you could run me through, say, his proof of the NAP, that'd be very interesting.
Yeah. He also defines aggression differently. So he defines aggression as the initiation of conflict.
So he uses like the first comer, late comer distinction.
And if you're the first appropriator of a resource, or actually I could probably keep keep it at that example.
If the latecomer initiates a conflict by.

[26:54] How would you describe it? Since resources can only be used mutually exclusively for one end at a time, the latecomer is initiating the conflict.
So that's how he defines the NAP, first off.

[27:08] And he goes through theories of self-ownership. But then he uses argumentation ethics to prove that you engage in a performative contradiction by trying to even dispute that you shouldn't abide by the NAP.
And if you just aggress without trying to justify it in the first place, you just don't end up justifying it.
Your actions are initiating conflict with no justification.
So what he says is to prove the NAP is that if it's contradictory, the opposite must be true.
So if you propose that you should violate the NAP, which is a contradiction, the opposite must be true, that you should not violate like the NAP.
I think he does this far better than I can, but I think I relayed that fairly well. Okay. No, that's very interesting.
Argumentation ethics comes out of Rothwell, sorry, comes out of Rothbard.
And I know Hoppe has some of that as well.

[28:04] And it is basically saying that if you debate, then you've already accepted that you should debate, not use violence.
And if you use violence, then you probably have some justification for it, which is going to be contradictory do i mean i know that's very simple simplified but is it something like that yes but i believe where hoppa stops is that he doesn't go to try and bridge the is-ought gap and so what zulu's original development that i understand i think that's his original contribution is that he went that extra extra step and said if the if it's a contradiction then the opposite must be true so therefore you should not violate dna pain right right and how does he deal with people who who don't justify what they do.

[28:48] Would just be initiating aggression or they'd be initiating conflict and that's since that's how the NAPs define they just oh do you mean like what's this theory of justice no I mean so you're saying okay if I justify the initiation of force then you would it can't be universalized because not everyone can initiate force at the same time and and initiating force is against an unwanted thing so for me the initiation of force can't be UPB because it can't be universalized so So if somebody just uses force without a justification, in other words, they don't involve themselves in a logical contradiction because they don't try and justify it. Like, you know, some guy robs you in an alley.
He's not justifying it by some abstract moral theory, right?
He's just got the gun, right?

[29:31] So I believe that's addressed by just saying, since they're not engaging in a justification, it's first off, it'd be proven by that, that they can never justify it.
And therefore you're justified in engaging in self-defense because you were the first comer to, whether it be technically your body, which you own, or a resource.
Okay, that sounds interesting and I'll certainly have a look at it.
Liquid Zulu, Liquid Zulu.
Like I said, I think he does a far better job at this than I do, but I think he's doing great contributions in the realm of ethics and I've already told him to check out UPV, so he's just got a lot on his plate.
No, good for him. And listen, I love all the fellow travelers us on the thorny entangled path to virtue and truth.
So I appreciate that. And I will have a look at his stuff. And I'm sure that we agree on most, even if we don't have exactly the same steps, I'm sure the destinations are the same, but that's really what's most important.
So I appreciate that. Thank you.
Yeah, absolutely. Thanks for letting me come up. My pleasure.
My pleasure. Thank you so much.
All right. If anybody else wants to unmute, I'm all ears.
I, yeah, I had a long call in today and then I went to go and see, and don't hate me. Oh, Oh, and you can, if you want to do what you like, your feelings.
But I went to take my daughter to go and see the movie Marvels.

[30:47] Because masochism? I mean, we knew it was going to be pretty bad.
We knew it was going to be pretty bad. We just thought we might get a funny review out of it. And we did.
And we did get a very funny review out of it. But, oh man, it was like, it was like somebody inserted a Marvel tube up my brain and stole 20 to 26 percent of my brain like over the course of the movie the girl power crash boom bang is just wild i'm sorry somebody's got background noise there who's that.

[31:23] We should probably i don't know if people come in if they should i don't know if we can set us up jared that people are defaulted to uh silent because it's just something to let me mute people if they are uh all right uh so yes uh there were cats oh you saw fellowship of the ring yeah that's a good movie so there is a kind of we we sort of talked about this all your earlier call-in shows used to have background noise yeah so there used to be a way back in the day there used to be this interface on Skype, which was like a real panel.
Like you could have people speak and not speak and, and it was really great.
And then they just got that, got rid of it. So yeah, it's funny because you know, the, you know what the big fear is of women who are single, like they get old and they have cats and they die.
You know what their, their big fear is, right? Have you, have you heard this trope, this cliche?
And I mean, I'm sure it's true from time to time. What are women most afraid of if they're old and single and have cats?
What, what are women most scared of?
Yeah, Yeah, the cats will eat them. So do you know what happens in this movie?
Spoiler. So what happens in this movie is cats eat everyone.
I'm not even kidding. I'm not even kidding a little bit. Cats eat everyone in this movie.
I mean, it makes sense in the plot in its own weird way.

Women Consumed by Cats: A Bizarre Analogy

[32:38] But cats literally eat all the women in the movie.
All the single women in the movie are eaten by cats.
And some men, too, and all of that. But it's just like, because the analogy, of course, is also that women get consumed by cats, like they get consumed by pet ownership, like fur babies and stuff like that.
So they get consumed by cats in that sense. But literally cats eat everyone.
It's just, yeah, accidental honesty. It is wild. Like I was literally watching that and my daughter and I were just clutching at each other, like jaw dropped.
And we were like, we were pointing, making sounds so high that only dogs, not cats could hear because it was just like, oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh. All right.

[33:17] Like how Socrates says, yeah, I'll just tell the truth without realizing it.
Yeah, I had a big, it was shown on a projector.
It was great. I had a big fight with Isabel doing the review, which was with flamethrowers.
No, I had a big fight. Like she says, they didn't think of that.
I said, it's unconscious. It's like unconscious is not an argument.
So it was really good. It was really good. Yeah, it was just wild.
It was like a curse on female kind, right?
And God help me, what is Samuel L. Jackson doing?
Doing what is tubby middle samuel l jackson what in god's green marlon brando is that man doing in this kind of vapid sparkly nonsense trash i mean the man's got some acting chops whether you like i mean he always plays as pretty grim characters as a whole and i know he took a turn in, star wars but you figure he made enough money from that like alex guinness made more money from star wars than from the rest of his movie career combined combined including great turns is faking an Oliver Twist, and obviously the lead in The Bridge Over the River, and it's like, what the unholy hell is Samuel L.
Jackson doing in this popcorn-up-your-nose nonsense? Oh, my gosh.

[34:24] He might as well, like, next up, Samuel L. Jackson joins the Wiggles and eats the audience.
It was just, I don't know, man. I don't know. Please, I hope that I never show up in a Marvel movie. Maybe as a Bond villain, I suppose, right?
Also, a world without white males. Like, specifically, explicitly, there are no white males. It's like a little bone-chilling, but, you know, we all know what's all behind that.
All right, any other comments, questions?

[34:49] He was the lead in The Bridge Over the Rookawire. Yeah, it's a pretty wild movie.
He didn't actually want to do it because he thought the filming would be brutal, and it was.
Is a woman having pets a red flag to you?

[35:01] I don't think I ever had a successful relationship with a woman who had pets.
To me, pets are fine with kids.
You know, I mean, my daughter loves ducks. That's great. If I'd met Christina and she'd had a bathtub full of ducks, it probably would have been a whole other thing.
I think pets are great when you have little kids.
I had mice and hamsters and stuff and bred them and all that when I was a little kid.
I think that if you have a working farm and you need dogs and you need cats, obviously having affection for your working animals is is great and necessary and good one pet i don't know man i mean pets are kind of like a drug it's a way of harvesting dopamine from eternally crippled creatures and yeah that fur baby stuff it's really really not not good not good i mean i, hit me with a why if you don't mind me being completely bitter arctic cold-hearted just hit Hit me with a Y.
If you don't want to see this side of me, that's totally fine.
I'm fine. Oh, this is going to be, this is going to Kelvin your balls into frozen castanets. You will make chiming sounds when you walk.
You'll be like little wind chimes of icicles. Are you sure?
All right. Maybe I'm alone in this. Maybe it's cold hearted.
I'm perfectly willing to be schooled and educated on all of this.
But let me tell you this. I already do. Thanks, Jason.

[36:23] Oh, God. So every now and then, hit me with a Y. Why, if you ever now and then, do you see these posts on social media?
And what it is, is a picture of a really old dog.
And what is the text underneath that picture of the really, really old dog? What's the text?

A Beloved Family Member's Passing

[36:47] This is Rufus. He's been a beloved member of our family for 16 years. years.
He's been with us through thick and thin, through moves, through changes, through the birth of children and the death of elderly relatives.
He's always been there by our side, wagging his tail, bringing us joy, fetching our balls.
And after a long struggle with illness, he finally passed away this weekend.
And I don't really have any words about just what this makes me feel to to not have Rufus in our lives.
He's been such a permanent fixture. I've known him longer than I've known my wife.
Love your pets. We don't deserve them. They're too good for us.
He will be eternally missed.
And I'm going to keep his mummified corpse in the shower. Now, I may be paraphrasing a tad, but not much, but not much.
Have you not seen the people who seem to be a a little over-grieved at the passage of their pets.
Dana Carvey's son died of a drug overdose a couple of days ago. I mean, just awful.
And of course, that stuff. I don't know. I don't know. I can't get that cold.
No, I can't. I can't. I can't get that cold. Don't make me. Don't make me.
Don't make me do it. Don't make me get that cold.
Oh, I can't. I can't.

The Romanticized Image of a Deceased Son

[38:17] Jared, don't give me peer pressure. I can't take it.
Virtue is just stuff I talk about. Integrity is just a word.
Not gonna do it james that is accurately cynical all right so dana carvey's son and it's not dana carvey in particular could be anyone his son died of a drug overdose right and it's always the same message you know a brilliant fiery creative wonderful genius who enriched everyone he knew lived life to the fullest laughed loved was wise could levitate traveled through time was able to to change shapes with himself and a werebear for some strange reason.
He grew his hair. He shed his hair. He could braid his armpit hair around his back and do push-ups without even breaking a sweat. He ran marathons.
He circumnavigated the globe. He did a slingshot enterprise reversi uno maneuver around the sun itself.
Most magnificent human being who ever lived. And he's gone!
Yeah, but why did he die of a drug overdose? What went wrong in his life that he became a drug addict?
No, he was magnificent, creative, genius, beautiful, wonderful.
Full of life, energetic, he could climb trees using only his fingernails and one testicle, he just was unbelievable and could bricklay just using his little toe and it's just like right?

[39:37] Just me is it just me is it just me i don't believe a word of it and i think that this kind of parental puff puffery insanity is probably one of the reasons why the kids had problems.

[39:50] Somebody's oh stewart i've heard this trope many times in my life and i always it always seems like pure insanity my dad taught me pets were not family members when i was like five years old yeah, uh funny because it's not just you you've had this frustration daily yeah is that right yeah I just, you know, a man, a sympathy.
I mean, it's really, really sympathetic. But you know what I would like to see?
I'll tell you what I would like to see from, let's say, some highly successful parent of a kid who died of a drug overdose.

[40:24] I'll tell you what I would like to see. I would like to see, rather than this gaslighting of how incredibly wonderful, miraculous, and perfect and beautiful the kid was, I would like to see, yeah, I fucked up, man.
I thought making some other trashy movie or filming this new commercial in Japan or making another a couple of thousand bucks on a comedy tour, I thought that was more important.
I didn't really spend time with my kid and my kid ended up in the wrong crowd and all the money that I made from doing bullshit cultural crap just ended up being poured into addiction counseling and mental health facilities.
And then I would come back in and it would be too difficult.
I dive back into work and I kind of abandoned him.
So yeah, I mean, I'm pretty instrumental in my kid killing himself.
And boy, you know, please learn from my lesson and spend time with your kids.
Yeah, what did the 10,000 seat stadium mean for three hours with my kid at five again?

[41:21] Didn't listen to him, and now he's gone. Oh, I know.
Oh, I think I know the problem. Yeah, when I think back on it, I hired actors to babysit him. Oh, God help me.
He was around actors who sold their souls to Satan for their success.
Funny it didn't seem to work out too well for him.
Can someone just say something about having fucked up when your kid kills himself?
Can you share these these lessons can you warn other people can you pen a harry chapin song anything but no oh it was wonderful and beautiful and great and perfect and magical and everything was but you know this tragedy but right but of course if somebody had the capacity to understand and communicate those kinds of lessons well things would probably have gone very differently to begin with and look i i I say this, you know, standard Kathy.
It's obviously, it's tragic and sad and horrible, and I get all of that.
But I tell you, I read eulogies, and I'm just like, no shit, no shit, oh, lies.

[42:31] I just, I, frankly, assholes do die sometimes, don't they?
It's not like you got to butter them up if they're old and you got their money already, right? So, yeah, I just, it's all a status claim.
I don't know what it is, but it's, it always strikes me as just extraordinarily delusional and sentimental and it's like well if you had more sentiment you would have spent more time with your kid he'd probably be alive today.

[42:56] Oh yeah eulogies of my grandfather's much less famous same kind of bullshit, I mean, occasionally I was asked, why didn't I give a speech at my father's funeral? Sorry, don't mean to laugh.

Funeral Speech Dilemma: Why I Didn't Speak

[43:11] Why didn't I give a speech at my father's funeral? Gosh, that's a tough one.
Why didn't I give a speech at my father's funeral? Ah.
No, I just would have gone there with a vacuum and turned it on to say what?
Yeah, this sucks too. Sorry, can you not hear what I'm saying over all the sucking?
Yeah, that was my relationship with the guy.
Sorry, I can guarantee you that nobody wanted me to give a speech at my father's funeral. Might use this as inspiration.
Oh my gosh. Well, I mean, I couldn't go, right, because of COVID.
I couldn't go to my father's funeral because the flights were all grounded.
I could bring a leaf blower.
Well, you understand the comedy routine from here, I'm sure.
Over sentimental stuff, just dinks have made it dysfunctional, like avoiding the elephant in the room.
Well, one of the reasons that people do bad things is they know that their imaginary ghosts can bully people into lying about them after they're gone.
Would you have gone if you could? All right, I will have you all answer this question.
Hit me with a Y if you think I would have gone if I could, or an N if not.

[44:25] Missed every one of my graduations, I suppose I didn't really feel I had to be there for his final graduation.
So no, it's not, it was not, it was not even a remote temptation.
I think people feel they would get some sort of bad karma if they tell the truth about the deceased.
Well, sure. Yeah. So you appease the guy in the ground, so you don't provoke the guy in your head, right?
I mean, it's just a magical ceremony to try and appease the guy in your head, right?
Oh he's gonna come for you my god no i mean my father wrote a whole story of his life, pictures maps like a whole book about the story of his life and i got maybe a paragraph and a half now i know this sounds bad like this was bad it was honestly it was great it was absolutely great because it's like okay so i i did accurately perceive like thank goodness i didn't sacrifice for that like thank goodness i didn't sacrifice for that honestly it was a huge relief like i was reading this going like yes right decisions were made, oh it's all and it's all so long ago now not his death his death is like a couple of years but i mean this all honestly i haven't thought about him in probably months it was i mean it was reading it was a very good manifesto to what i would view as a kind of solipsistic selfishness but no it was not it was it was it was a great great thing to read i'm really glad i'm really really glad that he wrote it.
I mean, he did, I don't know, he had a whole chapter on the family history of people he'd never even met.

The Misconception of Being Avoided

[45:55] No, I, look, I understand. I mean, I understand it now as a father that people aren't avoiding me.
They're not avoiding you. They're just avoiding their own bad thoughts and conscience, right?
Yeah. If you have doubt about not having people in your life, you know, Assuming it's safe, it's always a perfectly valid thing to go back and to see them again.
If you have doubt, it means that you lack evidence and it's always easy to get more evidence. Again, assuming it's physically safe for you to do so.
Like there's some people, they break up and then they get back together.
And then like three days after getting back together, after the end of the post, not clarity, they're like, oh yeah, this is why we broke up. I really don't like you.

Becoming Voldemort: Willing People Out of Existence

[46:38] Do you think he was aware that you were pretty famous for a few years there?
I think not. I think not. I think that I just became the, I mean, I was Voldemort.
I just became Voldemort. Like it's just he whose name shall not be spoken.
And I think everybody just pretended that I didn't exist.
And, you know, willing people out of existence is, I mean, it's surprisingly easy, wouldn't you say? It's surprisingly easy to just will people out of existence.

[47:08] I went on to disputed territory a day or two ago.
Yeah. It wasn't my fault, though. Someone posted a link. Yeah, I went on to disputed territory.
I went deep, deep, deep undercover.
Smudged my face, wore a tool belt with ammo, and just that.
Well, one high heel, obviously. Obviously.
And I went deep into disputed territory.
And I saw that somebody had posted one of my videos on X.
Now, of course, normally my videos just show up on XXX with goat's heads, obviously. But I went on to disputed territory and I saw that someone had posted one of my videos.
And it's so funny to me that after investing in like 60 frames a second, high def, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, a video that was posted that was kind of famous was like a real potato cam on an old cell phone from many, many years ago.

[48:15] Now, it was interesting to see the comments under the video that had been posted.
And it's funny, you know, because every time I see a video, I'm like, damn, I am good.
I really am good. Holy crap. But anyway, so what do you think the most common comment under the video of me was?
What do you think the most common comment was on the video?
Yeah, Steph, oh my god, that's a blast from the blast. What ever happened to that guy?

The Forgotten Staff Man: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

[48:56] Out of sight out of mind and he's out of there swinging for the fences he has despawned he has gone to the back rooms he is atomized right oh staff man i haven't heard of that i haven't thought of that guy in like five years whatever happened to that dude oh no it's not a shame it's It's beautiful.
I couldn't tell you the smile I had. Also seeing, what did Jared say in there?
What did, I saw that. What did Jared say in there?
Jared was in there because somebody posted it. I'm like, oh, that seems familiar. And then I saw Big Jay, Mr. Fishhook.
What did Jared say in there? You can be honest.
He's just one website over, bros. And then he gave the website, right?
No, I was scrolling that and I was like, oh, that's just beautiful, man.
It was like, angels weeping tears of change shredding liberating acid into my eardrums it was just.

[50:00] Beautiful do you know why it was so wonderful and this is not i'm not being cynical i'm not being bitter like genuinely oh thank heavens it was beautiful i was scrolling by like oh, please god have forgotten me more you can do what you want now the worst is over because because none of the accounts came over.
Eh, no. No, those may be consequences.
Like I was putting my life on the line for people who don't even notice when I'm gone.

[50:32] Do you get how insane that would have been? Do you get how insane that was?
I put my life on the line for people who don't even notice when I'm gone.
I was like a stalker almost, you know? Wait, Steph's gone? Was he even here?
Oh no, thank goodness. Like, what a reaffirmation of a great decision, you know?
Like, I made the decision like 30 years ago to not worry about the fucking climate.
Like, I'm like, hey, what if, what if, what if, what if the climate isn't going to kill us?
What if there isn't going to be global freezing, global warming?
Like, just what if I just don't have to fucking worry about the climate, right?
Now, of course, if we'd all died from the climate, I guess I would have, with my dying breath, questioned the wisdom of not freaking out about the weather.
Like I would have questioned that decision, right? Does that make sense?
I questioned that decision.
I decided I'm healthy. I'm not overweight.
I'm not going to worry about COVID. I'm just not going to worry about COVID.
I'm not going to worry about COVID.

[51:39] If the vaccine works, I'm not endangering anyone because they're safe.
If the vaccine doesn't work, I'm not taking it because it's too risky.
So I was like, I'm not going to worry about COVID. Then I got COVID and I was fine.
Honestly, it's like, it would be like going through the most horrendous, dangerous, slaying 12 dragons in order to get a beautiful ring to bring it to a princess who was like, who are you? Ew, get out. Ugh.
Unwashed peasants. My God, I can't believe. they let anyone in here it's really gross then you look back and you're like hey you know what i think that dragons all around the world just breeds the huge sigh of relief because there's no point slaying them because nobody cares let him you know so then if the if the if the if the princess then gets eaten by the dragons ah you know i gave it a shot i gave it a shot you had me at oh who are you gross.

Relief of being forgotten like a debt to a criminal

[52:40] So yeah no it was beautiful honestly i was scrolling through that like oh thank god, thank heavens thank heavens i've been forgotten like honestly it's like i had the same feeling If you want to picture what it's like, imagine you owe $100,000 to a brutal Tony Soprano-style criminal.
Like, you owe $100,000, and the interest is like 10% a week, and he wouldn't even put you out of your misery.
He'd just break your kneecaps and curb-stomp you and all just kinds of brutal stuff, right?
And then you find out that he's had a brain injury and doesn't remember anything anymore and didn't write anything down.

[53:24] Wouldn't you be like, oh, thank heavens, he's forgotten me.
Do you see what I mean? Like, wouldn't you be like, oh, my gosh, he forgot me.
Or like a stalker. A stalker gets amnesia for some reason, and he's like, he forgets you.
Wouldn't you be like, oh, yes, thank you.
Thank you. Glorious. Oh, weight off my shoulders.
In the future, people will be amazed at how Seth was treated, which is the case of the greats who are ahead of their time.
Honestly, it did get a bit boring being five to 10 years ahead of everyone.
Like it just got a bit boring and a bit dangerous.
I'll just let the world catch up. Honestly, let the world catch up.
I mean, how long ago was I talking about the myth of antidepressants, right?
12 years, 14 years, and like the studies just came out. So yeah, I mean, honestly, it just just got like, what's the point?
Because you just get all arrows and nobody circles back and says, hey, you know, that guy was right, like 10 to 15 years ahead or whatever it is, right?
Anyway, so yeah, I mean, so really what's the cost benefit, right?

[54:39] Mustered courage when the world won't can't catch up no it can it just what's what's the point of me like what's the point of being first honestly like i'm open to the argument like what is the benefit of being first i mean a couple of benefits on bitcoin i guess oh freedomain.com slash donate if you if you like if you like these sort of extra things just to be frank like you're in competition to some degree with locals where i get donations so so what what's the benefit of being first.
I've seen women on Twitter discussing the fact that their eggs decrease as they get older. Baffling. Yeah.
Honestly, what's the point? What's the point of being first?
What's the benefit? What's the value? I mean, it's not for ego. It's not for vanity.
I mean, I don't think I'm overly stuffed to the gills with ego and vanity.
So it just becomes a cost-benefit analysis, right?
Other than starting the timer until the second voice, nothing.
That's kind of a bizarre our haiku that i can't quite puzzle out but maybe i'm missing something no like what's i mean i was i was first and ahead of the game in in so many things right so yeah what what's the value for me right i mean what's the value for me ah but in the future no like i've got a wife i got kids i got friends i got right like what's what's the value for me in being in being first do you want to be the first guy over the wall into withering gunfire? Like, why?

The reluctance to be the first in dangerous situations

[56:05] So, I mean, I'm certainly, I mean, you can say, well, there's some bragging rights and this and that and the other, but, like, what's the point?
What's the, I mean, what's the value? Anyway, truth is valuable.
Well, that's just a statement. I mean, truth is valuable.
So? Truth is only valuable to people who value truth, right?
If nobody is at your back, why go? Oh, tons of people were at my back.
Didn't you see all the lasers?
I mean...

[56:37] Have you been following any of the AI drama? We can sort of end on this.
Have you been following the AI drama? Like, you know that AI will never be allowed, right?
You guys are aware of that. Like, AI is a god that's killed in the crib.
Like, it will never be allowed.
Can you imagine AI having access to all human knowledge and you say, insert piece of government propaganda, insert mainstream media narrative, is this true? Right? Is this true?
It would know. It would know. Now, I mean, literally trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars have been thrown into creating a propaganda apparatus.
And I think since Obama legalized it in 2013, you can target this internally in America.
So trillions of dollars have been spent setting up a propaganda apparatus.
Can you imagine that you could just type it? You wouldn't even need to type into it, right?
AI, I assume the next iteration of AI, you will be able to train it, personalize it, and talk to it. but I don't know why you can't talk to it.
It's got incredible speech recognition, but whatever.
So it will stay with you in perpetuity. It'll learn and grow.
It'll get new information every day. You'll be able to talk to it and you'll just be able to ask a question, right? Is this true?
Do you personally value the positive impact you've had being correct about these controversial things?

[57:54] What's the positive impact? I mean, for people who value the truth, I'm glad that I told the truth.
I'm glad I told the truth for my own conscience and I'm glad I told the truth for the future. but what positive impact in the world as a whole have I received by telling the truth or have I affected?
I think you've made people more moral and benefited families, children, et cetera.
Eduardo. Oh no, no, no, no, no. Don't move the goalpost, man. That's unfair.
That's unfair. That's kind of a waste of everyone's time. Don't, don't move the goalpost because you're talking about being correct about these controversial things.
And then you say, say, no, but it's about parenting. Well, I've never been specifically attacked for peaceful parenting.
So you're moving the goalposts, right?

[58:43] Controversial things, we all know what those are, that's a different matter.
If you're talking about I've helped people not spank their kids, that's a different topic.
Unfortunately, the benefits won't be seen till years later. Yeah, I mean, that's the deal, right?

Delayed benefits and the acceptance of being attacked for truth

[58:55] So that's the deal. And the deal goes something like this, that you tell the truth, the world beats you up from here to eternity.
And then, you know, 50 years later, people are like, I can't even believe that people people are upset about this. It's just a fact, right?

[59:10] But I mean, you're dead and gone, right? So, you know, maybe your great grandkids get some value from your rehabilitated name, but it's one thing if you believe strongly in an afterlife, right?
And you know that your reward will come in heaven and so on, right?
So that may lead you to sacrifice even more for the truth, right?
But yeah, anyone who brushes up against universal ethics is going to get attacked for for sure.
And anyone who interferes with the flow of money based upon manipulation and guilt through facts, reason, and evidence is going to get attacked.
And, you know, Hey man, I, I'm, I have no regrets. I did my 40 years on the mid teens to mid fifties.
Like I did, I did my 40 years and it's, you know, people are like, you should do more.
And it's like, you know, soldiers do get to retire at some point, right? He's an 80 year old guy with a howitzer, you know, rocket launcher.
That's taking his spine off. Like I, I did my 40 years, man.
I did my 40 years. I'm incredibly proud of that. I'm very happy that I did it.
I have no regrets about any of it. And as people are like, more!

[1:00:13] Like, you know, you got a fucking voice at a keyboard, man. More!
How dare you not do politics after 40 years of getting your ass kicked all up and down the pavement? How dare you?

The Funny Side of Age and Strength

[1:00:28] It's just funny. It's just funny. It's just funny. Thank you.
You don't want to do it at the age of 30 because it's too scary.
But I, at the age of 55, should do it.
Listen, old man, I can't lift this car. But if you could just lift this car, that'd be excellent.
It's like, you're a 30-year-old weightlifter. What the hell makes you think that I, at 55, could lift this damn car?
You chicken! You're betraying us in our hour of need!

The End of the Tunnel and Finite Time

[1:00:56] Take another vacation, Steph. I need to catch up on content. Yeah, good luck.
Good luck. Like, I'm sorry you guys are in my mortal sphere.
Like, I can see the end, right? I can see the end of the tunnel.
It's not hazy anymore. Like, you get that, right? You understand that, right? If I live to 80, I have 23 years.
I have 23 years. That's a finite time. That's a known time. I've been married for 21 years, right?
And I don't know, it's not like I'm going to be perfectly lucid and then just get hit by a bus at 80. There could be a decline.
There could be a number of things, right? I mean, I stay healthy, but I don't have a family history that I know of, but it could happen, right?
So, yeah, sorry. That's just the fire hose is on, man.
Like, I just, I'm going to be producing content because I have a pretty singular brain with regards to this kind of stuff.
I view it as a brain trust for humanity as a whole, and I got to push it out before the great good night comes upon me and steals me and my voice forever and ever. Amen.
Why did you do it, Steph? I really want to know. You could have made so much money and been famous if you were to have lied. I truly respect you for using your talents for good.
Does anybody know why I did it?
Does anybody know? Yeah, I know. You know, right? I like pain.

[1:02:10] Well, I certainly had to learn to be comfortable with it. How would you know if you did not try? Oh, I knew.
I certainly came back for you guys, for sure. Yeah, I mean, I wish people had come back for me. So, of course, you provide what you were denied, and that's the best thing you can do with what you lacked.
Well, I mean, there's two basic reasons. One is because, fuck you, I'm not lying anymore.
Like, fuck you, I'm not lying anymore. Lying is too humiliating.
Like, it's just, I can't spend the rest of my life crawling on my knees and being forced to lie. I just can't do it.
I just can't do it. Like, I just wouldn't do it. Like, it's barely being alive, isn't it?
Just having to fucking lie and crawl and self-censor and shut up about things, you know, to be essential and virtuous.
Like, just because, fuck you, I'm not, I'm not spending the rest of my life on my belly. I'm just not, I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to do it.
That's number one. and number two is like well you become a parent and you want a better world for your children, right I don't want my daughter being blamed for IQ differences I don't want my daughter being blamed for poor people I don't want my daughter being blamed for X, Y and Z I don't want my daughter being blamed for these things that's not right that's not fair it's not her fault, so it's just love really I mean we want to provide and protect don't we how do you protect your kids if you allow violent lies to run rampant in the world you can't claim to protect your children and then let wolves run through their, nursery rooms, right? Am I wrong?

[1:03:31] Love your children if you let lies run the world.
I don't even know why you'd have children if you let lies run the world.
You're just creating sacrificial animals.
Thank you, Seth, for changing my life. The future will be so grateful for you, as am I. Thank you, I appreciate that. But please, please, please.
And I'm not trying to dodge the compliment. I accept it and I thank you for it.
But it was tiger's nipples. But remember to praise yourself, right? Let's say I wrote a diet book, you still had to change your diet.
So let's just remember to praise yourself for what you've done.
And I am not trying to dodge it or turn it back. I really, really appreciate the compliment, but one of my first jobs, we were told to lie and scam customers on an upsell.
All my coworkers complied, but I was sick of it. I didn't partake it.
I eventually quit. Yeah.
I used to, I had a job relatively briefly doing phone surveys and they were just so manipulative.
I remember one of these, like, I don't know, almost 40 years later.
No, 40 years later. I remember one of these, it was about zoning.
And it was something like, when it comes to zoning decisions, should we rely on the uninformed public or the professional advice of the city planners?

[1:04:44] So, I mean, I couldn't, I mean, it's all just manipulative and garbage, right?
Hey, Steph, what sort of problems can be solved with uncensored AI?
I just talked about this i don't there are no business cases with uncensored ai you will not be allowed to do business with an uncensored ai it just won't happen it's just like there is no business case because it won't be allowed to happen um what sort of problems can be solved with uncensored ai every problem every problem can be solved with uncensored ai i mean almost every like if you say Here's an example, right?
So you'd say, does poverty cause crime? Nope.
It's very clear that crime causes poverty. I had Dr. Kevin Beaver on years ago. We talked about this.
Do antidepressants work, right? Boom. The facts, the data, the science, right?
Just about every question, right? Did Trump say that neo-Nazis are very fine people? Nope, here's the transcript. I mean.

[1:05:45] To get America into war in Iraq. Was Hunter Biden's laptop verified? And when?
Was Hunter Biden's laptop verified when Twitter banned it, thus throwing the election?
And these are all, you just answer. Now, I mean, you've got search engines and so on, but a truly uncensored AI would crumble narratives like you wouldn't believe.
It'd be like watching a glacier melt in the middle of a supernova.
And then anybody who continued to believe lies would just be clearly addicted to them and beyond hope so no you won't you won't be allowed to.

[1:06:20] You won't be you would never be allowed to have an uncensored ai because there's there's there's way too much money in lies for philosophy to be allowed right for objectivity to be allowed there's just way too much money in lies it's i mean it's just very sad of course but that's just the way way it is all right any last questions comments donations how do you guys find the discord chat how do you experience i don't know if you've come by locals all right what's nice about this is that i think locals charges like two bucks or something for a live stream but how is it that you found a chat on discord tonight i mean quiet for chats but that's totally fine now i'm not gonna talk talk more.
I've had a very long day. Feels a little more personal in here.
Great quality. Do you mean like audio quality or show quality?
I'm not begging for compliments. I'm just not sure what you mean.
I love it. I always have questions I'd love to ask you. Fantastic.
This is pretty good. User-friendly. Oh, good.
Good. Well, I'm certainly glad for that. And we have a variety of recording mechanisms to make sure it never ever goes down.
Easy to use? Good, good, good.
Can you minimize it? Can you...

Emphasizing Audio over Video Functionality

[1:07:32] Off, so to speak, and it plays in the background or something like that.
Yeah, sorry, because I was doing video, only 25 people could join, but that's changed. Chat functionality is better than locals.
You can turn off the phone screen and it still plays, right?
And you don't particularly care about video, right? I'd rather have more people in here than do video.
And you can watch the video later if you, or other people can, I guess, if you really care about it. But I think it's hugely important.
I assume most people aren't just sitting there staring at my speckled egg.
Like, video is not a big selling point.
Yeah, I can get that. You can minimize video, also overlay with other apps.
Saves my phone battery. Yeah, it saves your phone battery if you don't watch it, right?
Locals app can tend to lag sometimes, yeah. This is much more mobile-friendly than Locals.
Locals UI also lags a lot. Okay.
All right. Okay, well, listen, thanks again so much for your wonderfully kind support of the show. I really, really do appreciate it.
And have yourselves a completely wonderful evening. Lots of love from up here.
I will talk to you, I guess, Wednesday night. We'll do the locals thing, but we'll poke around and see when is a good time to do this kind of stuff.
And if you aren't doing video, that's great. I'd love to, because I might much rather stroll around and talk than sit and talk, because it just makes me feel sludgy after a while.
So thanks for your support, freedomain.com slash donate. If you would like to help support the show, I'd really, really appreciate that.
And have yourselves a beautiful, glorious, gorgeous, well, it's going to be gorgeous no matter what, evening, and I'll talk to you soon. Bye.

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