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Morning Chat and Sleep Struggles

[0:00] Good morning, everybody. It is 11 o'clock on the 18th of February, 2024.
Ah, it's so nice to chat with you guys this morning.
I had one of these nights, you know, where you fly by sleep, your body's like, well, we could go to sleep, or I tell you what we could do.
We could just doze and be groggy for 20 minutes and then just kind of wake up. How's that?

[0:25] It's like, you know, when you're trying to land that plane on the aircraft carrier and you're like, I don't, I don't have enough.
I don't have enough carrier. I don't have enough to, you're going to go back up again.
So that kind of happened last night. So I lay there for about 20 minutes.
I got up and, um, I did some reading and, uh, I had, I had a piece of toast, and then, cause you know, snacking at night to drag, cause then you got to brush your teeth again and floss and all.
And then I'm like, so, and then went back to sleep and then crashed.
Well, Well, woke up with a bit of a headache. And that's the problem with the night stuff.
For the most part, sleep is great. I don't know what happened last night.
It was just like, we could or not.
And it turned out to be not. What do you need to know about these details?
Hey, I'm an oversharer. What can I tell you? So, thank you everyone for dropping by today.
I'm looking forward to your questions and your comments.
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Delving into Immanuel Kant's Moral Philosophy

[1:43] And we are working away on Immanuel Kant.

[1:49] And he is a nemesis, man. He is a really, really challenging challenging nemesis he's the guy who said that if you gain any benefit if you gain any benefit from an action, it's not moral, right? You have to do the moral action has to be the thing in itself.
So if you give a 20 bucks to a homeless guy.

[2:16] And you feel good about it, then it's not a moral action because you're not doing it for the homeless guy. You're just doing it to feel good yourself.
He's a tricky guy, man. I find those arguments really, really challenging.
I mean, logically, I can say this, that, or the other, but so he said basically in order to make sure that something is moral, you have to really hate doing it.
It's not enough to be neutral. You actually have to hate doing it.
And that which you hate the most, but which is the best for others, is likely the most moral.
It is really like a brain virus that is really, really powerful.
And I can do the logic stuff, but somehow, and I'm still trying to sort of work, work out all of this.
Somehow it worms its way into my brain and becomes almost impossible to overthrow.
It's just a real challenge. It's a real challenge.
All right. Let's get to your questions and comments.
Do you think YouTube channels that promote the multiverse theory, the idea that objects have consciousness, reality being subjective, are amusing distractions or a danger to society?

[3:32] So crazy ideas, of course, they're dangerous, but you wouldn't want to put that in a neutral sense of danger.
You wouldn't want to give that to sort of a neutral, like, you know, if you release some sort of a toxic gas, then that's dangerous, like for everyone in the vicinity.
So the lure of bad ideas is like a sorting mechanism.
You know, it's like the sorting hat in a sense, right? It's a sorting mechanism.
And the people who follow down the path of objects having consciousness, reality being subjective, the multiverse theory, the simulation theory, and all of that, the people who go down that hole are being neutered.
Fundamentally, they're being neutered.
And it is a temptation to believe that if I manipulate ideas in my mind without changing anything in the world, that that is a productive use of my precious life.

[4:47] All of this stuff really is an appeal to vanity. And that's what Platonism is as well, Kant's new communal realm and the idea that the Buddhists have, of course, of nirvana.
It's a great temptation. Just push stuff around in your brain, man.
Just shuffle ideas and concepts and try to reach the perfect abstract consciousness and just...
It's like throwing the meat off to one side when there's a dog you want to invade and take over someone's house or steal from them and just throw the meat to one side.
It's a great temptation. Don't change the world.

The Temptation of Intellectual Castration

[5:32] Push useless shit around in your brain.
Apologize to the rock before you move it out of the way. Dream of the ghosts within the trees and what they have to say to you.
Look around to see, to find the glitches in the matrix where you can reveal the falling green text of the programming of the multiverse.
Imagine alternative lives and go in. Like, it's a form of neutering.
It's a form of intellectual castration.

[6:07] You can be good by avoiding challenges.
You can be good by avoiding risk, by avoiding danger.
You can be good without provoking the ire of any immoral people.
Is the greatest and most devilish temptation of those of us drawn to virtue.
Because you fall into your own mind and end up pushing around concepts steps in the solitary confinement of your own skull prison and bad people who scorn and reject all of that chicken entrails nonsense run the world.
It is a form of neutering.
I mean, at least somebody who plays a video game knows that he's not achieving anything in the real world.
And of course, everyone's like, what if he's fatality, like an expert video game player who wins a million dollars? No.

[7:20] And what about all the people who fall out of planes and land somehow safely?
It's like, yeah, don't fall out of planes, right?
It's not even acknowledged as a bad habit.
Well, I'm going to lock you up in your own mind, but I'm going to tell you that in there is infinity.
So you won't feel constrained. You won't feel trapped.
You won't feel confined.
I'm going to lock you up in a holodeck of futility.
That's, evil people will do that kind of stuff, right? Regularly, right?
It's a great temptation. I'll give you the illusion of doing something, you give me the world.
I'll give you the safety of pushing around bullshit in your own mind, you give me rule over the planet.
And a lot of people fall prey to that temptation.
A lot of people fall prey to that temptation. They're selling a drug of vanity.

Reality Being Subjective and the Illusion of Power

[8:39] Reality being subjective means it gives you a sense of power over reality that doesn't happen.
Listen, when I was a... How old was I? I, yeah, I was probably 11 or so. So this would be in 1977.
I was about 11 and in the seventies was, it was a huge mystical era.
People don't, I mean, they remember the disco, the flared pants, the polyester stuff, the, but, but they don't remember is, or a lot of people don't remember is how incredibly mystical and superstitious the time was.

[9:14] It was everywhere. It was everywhere.
And I heard about all of this stuff. I read about it. My mother, of course, was very much into mysticism.
And I tried it. I tried it. I tried telekinesis. I mean, you know, I'm an empiricist. Let's see if this works. See if this is like a thing.
And I remember lying on my bed after my little 10cc album, 45, little 45 of the things we do for love, after it had finished playing.
Boy, that thing had an endless outro. Boy, they really padded that thing.
And I tried to lift the needle and move it back to the, like lift the needle and move it back to the holder.
And, you know, I put heart, soul and mind and effort into it and tried my very best and, you know, tried these things, right?
And of course, nothing ever worked. And so, yeah, you try these things and then you realize that people are just kind of lying to you.
And then when it fails, you say, okay, well, let's think about it, right?
You say, I mean, back then I didn't think theory. I thought empiricism and then went to theory. I said, okay, well, why would this be nonsense?
Well, of course, you think that psychic abilities like telekinesis would have such an evolutionary advantage that if they were possible, everybody would either develop them or be displaced by those who had developed them.

[10:29] It's a form of intellectual self-castration to go into reality is subjective, man.
So then you feel like you have power over reality, which means you have no power in reality, right? If you You think mentally you have power over reality.
You give up power in reality.
And of course, because you have the fantasy of infinite power, you don't actually try to develop any real power or authority or influence in the world, which means the bad people who fed you this drug have locked you up in a tomb of your own delusions and you pose no particular threat to any of the evildoers anywhere in the world.
So, is it dangerous? I mean, yes, but the danger part is not the essence of it.
What's the essence of it is the emasculation part.
Mysticism had to do with why Star Wars was popular.

[11:27] So, Star Wars was popular in many ways because it was passive.
Right? Star Wars was... So, you know, the typical way this story works, right? This is sort of Joseph Campbell stuff.
The typical way this story works is there's a boy who's discontented.
He feels, and of course, Disney heroines, I want more, all these sort of things, right? So you've got a boy who's discontented.
He's frustrated. He has particular abilities that are underutilized, right?
In Luke Skywalker's case, of course, what he used to bomb the Womp Rats or something like that. And he was an expert flyer, an expert driver.
So he had martial abilities and was stuck on a farm, right, with repressive, productive parents. but he's frustrated.

[12:22] But he's not going to do anything in particular. But what happens then is that an older man recruits him into a grand adventure of violence.
Right? And he's kind of taken along.
He's kind of dragged along. So Obi-Wan Kenobi recruits him. I mean, Obi-Wan Kenobi is the equivalent of the army recruiter, right?
Adventure across the galaxy, right?
And he's drawn into this grand combat.

[13:01] And he fights and he wins. And usually he gets the girl, though in this case he couldn't because, spoiler, she's his sister.
So it was popular because of Luke's peculiar passivity.
And I remember when I watched Star Wars as a kid being really annoyed at Luke.

[13:20] I mean, he is kind of whiny. He is very passive. He is credulous. He is naive.
And he is...
And of course the latent powers thing that's really common right that that a stranger helps you unlock all of your latent and magical powers a circumstance happens that unlocks all of your latent and magical powers that is you know peter parker with the radioactive spider that's uh superman landing on the earth uh in in the fireball uh that is uh obi-wan kenobi um grabbing grabbing Luke out of obscurity and putting him in the center of combat.
It's a story about how if you're heroic, you should be passive.
And I mean, Luke can't even disagree practically with Uncle Owen, right?
Uncle Owen says, do this, do that. He's like, I'll do this, do that. I'm going going to live and die on this stupid rock but the two sons and i dream of adventure in far off places but luke is so annoying because he can't even stand up to his uncle and then he helps destroy well he destroys the death star right so this is the daydreaming of the person who can't stand up to authority and he daydreams about all of these wild battles he's going to get into so i mean he's a whiny kind of pathetic character.

[14:49] And complains and is inactive. And then basically he has all these fantasies about all of these great things that he's going to do.

[15:02] So the mysticism was certainly part of it, right?
Oh, it looks like, wow, look at this. It turns out I have all of these latent powers. Well, fantasizing about powers is a way of avoiding achieving expertise, right?
So there's a difference between envy and ambition, right?
So when I was a kid, I saw, you know, I mean, I knew kids in my high school who had, you know, good families, decent middle-class lives and so on.
And I was, of course, in one of the poorest kids around.
And I just remember thinking like, okay, well, I, I want that.
Like I want, I want that. So I saw that and I was like, that, that's what I want.
And I remember when I was a kid thinking, what am I going to be in the year 2000?
I'm going to be, I'm going to be wearing a nice suit or at least nice clothing and work in some office, making some decent coin. And then that's what was happening.

[16:00] So there are things that I wanted, but I also was willing to stand up against authority, willing to stand up against injustice and work towards these things.
But Luke, he just fantasizes about adventure. And if Obi-Wan, he's so morally empty that if Obi-Wan Kenobi had simply been Darth Vader, he would have joined the dark side.
I mean, he has no particular morals. He just follows the authority figure.
He's a weapon. He's a tool. and of course he finds out about all of these that the force right all of this he's got all of these uh fantasy abilities that just are innate within him and an external it's none of his work right it's it's the external authority whether it's obi-wan kenobi or yoda it's the external authority that needs to bring his powers to the forefront it's not his own will it's not his own choice he didn't even know he had them and so on right and uh so it's it's it's really boring like the the the powerless hero discovering his latent powers.
This goes all the way back to Thomas Covenant with his white ring, his white gold ring.
All these latent powers, he doesn't know how to wield them.
An authority figure shows him the way, and this is being trained in martial combat as an amoral person and being pointed at the king's enemies.

[17:20] All right, let's get on with the question. Hey, Steph, thank you for the tips. I appreciate that.

The Importance of Alone Time and Personal Space

[17:27] What are your thoughts on alone time?
Alone time. And the need for personal space, especially when you have a family.
Is alone time an escape from responsibility or a recognition that our social group doesn't share our interests?
So we are better off pursuing them alone. Is alone time a natural need arising from a desire to not just lose our individuality, or is it sometimes a sign of dysfunction in relationships?
So that's interesting. So you go from family to social group.
I'm not sure what that means, but it means something.
Alone time, the need for personal space, especially when you have a family.

[18:05] I mean, you are an individual in a family. You are a person who negotiates.
You are a person who compromises. You are a person who finds shared goals and interests.
So you are still an individual. I mean, you will always be a part of a family, but obviously you don't flesh-meld, borg-meld, or something like that.
Is alone time an escape from responsibility?

[18:28] Or a recognition that a social group doesn't share our interests, so we're better off pursuing them alone?
Well, if your social group is your family, and your family doesn't share your interests then you have a problem i don't know if you're talking like here we've got three things right four things really so social group from the past you don't choose as your kid as a kid you you're i mean you choose it in school to some degree but you're extended your family and extended family is it your family of origin or is it the family you you marry a woman or a man you have kids right is it is it your family as an adult i don't know what what you're talking about. Social group doesn't share interests.
I mean, I spent a lot of time alone as a kid, uh, which I loved.
And, uh, there are times as adults, uh, I will absolutely, yes, I will do, I will do things on my own.
I will absolutely do things. I mean, one of the things, of course, is working out, but sometimes I'll play a video game.
Actually, it's pretty rare. I'm not playing anything at the moment, really.
But sometimes I'll, I'll read. Sometimes I'll I'll just go for a walk and listen to him. Sometimes I'll listen to music and yeah, of course you need, you need alone time. I mean, everybody needs that. There's nothing wrong with that.

[19:36] So, yeah, I mean, your family should not want you to spend time with them.
If you want time on your own.
The last thing that I would want is for someone in my family to spend time with me because they felt they should, or they're obligated in some manner, right?
And, of course, you do need a little bit of time to recharge and figure out yourself and your own thoughts and your own goals and your own ideals.
My alone time tends to be, you know, like I've been doing this series.
I hope you'll check it out. It's freedomain.locals.com.
I've been doing this series on philosophical paradoxes. So I found a list of philosophical paradoxes, and I've been working through them from a, you know, rational, empirical perspective. perspective.
And so for me, I wake up in the morning.
I don't really eat usually till mid afternoon, sometimes even late afternoon, but I wake up and I'll strap on a headset and I'll do philosophical paradoxes.
It's kind of cold to walk, but you know what I mean? Like I'll stroll around somewhere in the house and work through those ideas. It's a great way to start the day.
Is that alone time? I don't know. I mean, I'm alone with my thoughts, but I end up sharing them with the world. So, yeah, nothing wrong with that.
You should not be in relationships due to obligation.

[20:57] I mean, obviously, right, this is, so in your relationships, if, if my wife says, I'd like to go out and have a coffee, I mean, I'll say, would you like some company?
I can't remember the last time she would have said no, because she really, I mean, we really love each other's company, but it would be, yeah, I mean, fine, enjoy, right, I mean, so, and of course, you know, my daughter's at the age now, she's 15 and change, peers are very important and parents are less important.
That's exactly how it should be. Peers are her future, her parents are her past.
And so when she wants to do things with her peers, fantastic, how can I facilitate that, right? All right.

Balancing Personal Boundaries in Relationships

[21:38] Somebody says, in regards to alone time, I think it's important to have some time to yourself.
You want to show your kids how they can set boundaries. Logistically, you will need to work with your wife and family friends so that your kids are in good company.
Yeah, I mean, it's a bit of an insult to people to say, I'm going to spend time with you out of obligation rather than pleasure, And if you feel like you have the need for some alone time, just take it.
All right. Well, that's a question and a half.

[22:08] Let's start. Another question. More than a year ago, I was part of a private invitation-based Christian group that met to discuss poetry, theology, and prayer.
One woman leading this group, late 20s, was slightly overweight and smoked, but was very intelligent and well-read.
She ended up getting pregnant and said this, I'm having a baby. be.
No one is surprised about this as I am. The wee lad is due in mid-June, and the past few months have been spent recalibrating life around this Copernican event, hence something of a silence on the group line.
She gave birth to a healthy child, and in some of the pictures she shared, she showed the father holding the child.
It looked like he was to play a role in the child's life, but there was no mention of marriage.
In a previous meet-up at a pub, I had a chance to meet the mother and have a chat with her.
I forgot how the conversation developed, but the mother ended up telling me about her son, who didn't want to talk to her, and she was asking me for advice.
Wow. How old? Like, she has a kid, and now he doesn't want to talk to her?
Is the kid a couple of years old at this point? Anyway, naturally, I felt like this wasn't something I could comment on, honestly, but I could see that the family situation wasn't good.
The father didn't appear to be in the picture, and the daughter has now ended up in a different, difficult situation, relationship-wise, just like her mother. What?

[23:26] Her son who doesn't want to talk to her and the daughter has now ended up in a difficult situation relationship-wise.
The father and the daughter...
Okay, so the daughter is the mother here. So the father didn't appear to be in the picture, and you mean the mother has now ended up in a difficult situation.
I assume so, because there's no mention of a daughter.
I'm just asking you people, please proofread your stuff. I shouldn't have to puzzle this shit out in real time.
Come on, I mean, I'm not trying to translate the Rosetta Stone here.
Just proofread stuff and make sure it makes sense.
It's clear to me that the daughter who led this Christian group, alongside two other people, hasn't processed her childhood and ended up repeating the same mistakes as her mother.
She gave birth to a son, and I'm not optimistic about the future relationship these two might develop.

Generational Patterns and Mistakes Repeated

[24:17] These two being her and her son, I assume.
Fast forward to today, over a year later, after the group has been on hiatus, they are now going to be continuing their activities, one of which involves writing some contributions to a private journal shared among the members centered around the theme of Christianity and the narrative of progress.
Right, that's the big issue. I find myself wondering if I should continue to participate in this group or if it is compromised because one of its founding members is in a questionable situation.
The other two members are a similar age but married. Nonetheless, I find myself wondering what a group should do when faced with a situation like this.
I'm sure they've had discussions about this together in private, but to me, it just looks like there's an elephant in the room that hasn't been addressed.
Personally, I also feel a desire to distance myself from the lady who was with a child but but unmarried, because I don't want to normalize her situation within my mind.
Regarding the theme of Christianity and the narrative of progress, I would probably write my observations about the pressure that people in Christianity feel to forgive those who have harmed them, particularly parents, as well as the consequences that arise out of having dysfunctional or underperforming people in your life.

[25:24] If you were putting together a private Christian group, would you allow people who are overweight or smoking to participate? What about people who still had dysfunctional or underperforming people playing a large role in their lives?
What would you do if one of the members of the group ends up making an irreversible mistake? How do you move forward?
If you are unable to speak the truth, you know and understand about these matters, is there any utility in participating in such a group?
Given that religious gatherings tend to have people with such situations, how do you give these people a road to redemption while sustaining a healthy distance?

Female-Led Groups and the Toddler Response

[26:00] Well, I mean, welcome to the endless quagmire of female-run groups.
Because it's all about, don't judge, and, you know, she's made mistakes, but she's doing her best, and we should honor and respect her journey, and, like, you know, don't add burdens to her.
She already has difficulty enough, and, right?
I mean, this is, again, the empathy and the sympathy, which is a beautiful thing about women, gets pathological when you're talking about adults.
The sympathy and empathy that women have towards children is beautiful.
When applied to adults, it is claustrophobic.
Because in order for women to manifest the sympathy towards adults, they have to, in their minds, pretend that they're children.
And so the way that people who make huge mistakes, with no excuse, right?
People who make huge mistakes will always present themselves as helpless victims to women to elicit the toddler response and the maternal response from women.
And then if you criticize someone who's triggered the toddler response in a woman, which is not that the woman is a toddler, but she's responding to that person as if they're a baby or a toddler.
If you criticize somebody who's evoked the toddler response in women, the woman will react to you as if you are criticizing a baby or a toddler.

[27:16] Right? If a baby drops something, you wouldn't say the baby is clumsy.
If the baby falls down, you wouldn't say that baby must have gotten into some kind of alcohol, right? I mean, it would be crazy.
If you say that the baby has pooped its diaper, that's incredibly rude, and the baby should damn well be toilet trained, right?
People would be like, that's outrageous. What are you doing? This is a baby.
This is a toddler. How dare you come with your weird adult judgments when you're talking about a baby or a toddler?
I mean, so...

[27:55] Women's toddler response, again, it's why we're all alive. It's a beautiful thing.
And we should love and respect women, in my view, for having the toddler response.
And it's generally the man's job to point out that the toddler response is inappropriate to an adult.
Don't infantilize adults. But again, when women are in charge of a particular environment, and it's not always the case, and tons of exceptions, in general, there is a huge amount amount of resources, whether it's sympathy, time, energy, money, support, food, whatever.
There's a huge amount of resources available to anyone who can trigger the toddler response in women, which is to say that I'm a helpless victim.
I have no control and to pretend that whatever happened to you wasn't your choice, right?
So what did this woman say, right? Right. One of the women leading the group, how did she program the toddler response from women?
She said, and you quote right here, she said, I'm having a baby.
No one is surprised about this as I am.

[29:07] What? No one is surprised about this as I am. No one? Really?
No one is as surprised about this as I am. It just happened to me.
Circumstances. And this is the old, you know, my boyfriend lied and he said I was the world and then he ghosted me.
Right. So I'm just shocked. I mean, I'm a victim and things happen to me and I'm just kind of pushed around.
I'm trapped by circumstances. I have no free will, which is the toddler response.
Babies are trapped by circumstances. They have no free will.
Same thing with toddlers and so on. Right.

[29:41] The wee lad is due in mid-June so they're immediately going to the birth so she says, I'm totally helpless something happened to me and then she says the wee lad is due in mid-June so that she's saying I'm a toddler and my baby is so she's absolutely programming the other women it's unconscious thing I assume I don't know obviously this is just my sort of theory but All right.

[30:08] Dewey Ladd is due in mid-June. That gets women sympathy for the pregnancy and the baby.
And the past few months have been spent recalibrating life around this Copernican event.
So she's just, you know, something happened to her. She has to recalibrate her life and so on, right?
Somebody left a baby on my doorstep and there's no other place to put it.
Like this kind of stuff, right? So something happened to her.
And she is... copernican event of course the planets don't have any free will the solar system doesn't have any choice so she's saying that i'm a victim of physics i mean i guess in a way she is but i'm a victim of physics all right so she is she's playing helpless and provoking the toddler the response or the baby response, the maternal response is, uh, is key to exploiting a female led groups, right?
I have a whole, I mean, the, the, I listened to this just not, not too long ago, the scene between Oliver and his mother later on in my novel, the present is searing with regards to this.

[31:25] Are people responsible for their own choices or are they victims of circumstances? Men say, people are responsible for their own choices. Women will often say that people are responsible for their own choices, but their brains are easily hijacked with the toddler response.
Without, you know, men around to remind them, right?

[31:55] So, when you evoke the toddler response in a woman, then if a man comes in and says, wait, you're having a baby out of wedlock?
That's not, that's a sin, right? Then what happens is the women experience the man calling the, quote, helpless woman a sinner or has done something wrong or has done something bad as a man holding a toddler or an infant morally responsible. responsible.
Really, it's more of an infant because toddlers can be criticized for their badness by mothers as well, but it really is more of a baby response, but the maternal response, right?
Nobody says that a baby is immoral. That would be insane, right?
So when somebody evokes the baby response and then whoever criticizes them, the women will work to shield that mental baby from any harsh criticism or moral criticism, right? Right.

Christian Ethics and Bearing False Witness

[32:51] Hopefully this makes, uh, make some sense. So Christianity is, um, I mean, it's pretty, pretty easy.
Uh, it's not easy to do, but I mean, like philosophy, but Christianity deals with this very easily, right?
Which is, um, thou shalt not bear false witness. Thou shalt not bear false witness.
If somebody is doing something that's a sin, if someone is doing something that is irresponsible.
You say, um, you, you, you're, you're doing something wrong.
You're doing something immoral and it's, uh, it's sinful.
And we need to talk about this as a community, right?
I, I, I, I don't know all these complications. I just, why would I want to be part of a group where I have to lie?
And why, why would I want to be part of a group where I have to lie?
That's It's not being part of a group.
That's self-abandonment in the face of others, which means that nobody's there.
It's not a group. It's a circle of ghosts.

[33:51] All right, let's get on with your comments and questions.

Corporate Games and Adjusting Personality

[33:59] Did I see the video of the comedian breaking a guy free from the rent zone?
Well, I've seen videos like that. Are you guys effing? You know, that kind of stuff, right? It's going to be a disaster. It's going to be a disaster.
I mean, he'll just get put back in the friend zone or some guy will come along who sweeps her off her feet and then, right?
Did you ever have to play corporate games or adjust your natural personality to survive when you were working as an entrepreneur? How did that go?
Well, am I in the business world anymore? Well, I mean, I guess I run this business, freedomain.com slash donate.
But was I working? Yeah, I mean, you do have to adjust things. Yeah, of course.
I mean, you are living in a world of hyper-reactive normie zombies. So.

[34:58] All right, let's see here. Somebody says, I'm finishing listening in our, sorry.
I'm finishing listening. Oh, so this is somebody I had a call with.
I'm finishing listening to our call this morning. My dad also listened to the last hour and a half. When it got to where I broke down crying, I cried again.
And it brought my dad to tears as well. Well, it's been over half a decade since we were both so vulnerable and emotional about our relationship, had to get up and give him a long hug as we cried together, thanks again for all you have done for me in my life, this morning's moment with my father included.
Well, I hugely appreciate that and I am incredibly grateful that you've given me that follow-up and big hugs to you both.
I really, really appreciate that and the fact that you have that kind of connection with your father is a magnificent, beautiful thing. saying, just don't make it a moment, make it a continuum. All right.
Good morning, Jared. The typical Zoomer thing. Yeah, they do this, right? Hold the mic right up to your mouth.

[36:09] Thank you, Steph, for the advice on the Thursday live stream.
Oh, this is the fellow who I said was kind of passive aggressive.
Nice to have you back. Thank you for coming back and thank you for the response.

[36:20] Thank you, Steph, for the advice on the Thursday live stream.
I have have re-watched it many times and there is so much self-knowledge to take from it i already noticed my communication being more direct and polite in the days since right so i this is a, uh just for those of you who weren't there i'll touch touch on it briefly so, i was talking about a show i did how not to hate women and talking with this guy and because i was talking about the show james who works with me kindly posted a link and this guy lashed out at james calling him an incel because he thought that james was posting the how not to hate women because he thought that james thought this guy hated women and it was really volatile it was kind of nasty and unpleasant and i called him out on it and was was fairly firm obviously try not to be rude but that's i'm not going to bear false witness if i think that obviously if i think anyone but let alone a good friend of mine is being unjustly attacked i mean james doesn't have the microphone, I do.
It's not like James can't talk for himself, but I have the microphone.
So yeah, I mean, if you see a friend being unjustly attacked, you're going to have to say.
So I appreciate that's a great message, but the person you need to talk to most is James. And maybe you have.
Where is Mike now? That is a fine question.

[37:41] That is a fine question. Closing your eyes and lying down is almost as good as being asleep. sleep. I do not find that to be the case.

[37:56] Uh what if you give 20 to a homeless guy feel terror about it then he buys drugs with it yeah with ai getting so advanced i'm really looking forward to the future being told via ai oh yeah i mean the idea i mean i've thought of this uh of course you know if i ever was a zillionaire i would you know make one of my novels into a movie i mean the really expensive one would be almost probably be a 50 million dollar movie but you just wait for ai and i mean if you look at, Will Smith with spaghetti versus what's happening now.
I mean, it's just a year. It's incredible. It's incredible.
All right.

[38:40] The YouTube CEO banned YouTubers because her son was being exposed to, quote, radical content.
Susan Wojcicki? Wojcicki? Susan Wojcicki?
Yeah, I think she's got five kids.
And her son was found dead in his dorm room yesterday. I think he's new to college.
And there seems to be some indication, I don't know, they'll find out with the tox report, but there seems to be some indication that he overdosed, and I don't imagine that he overdosed.
If this is what happened, I don't imagine he overdosed because he took too many drugs or too much of a drug.
He probably just took something fairly innocuous, which was laced with fentanyl.

[39:23] So that's i mean it's just it's a horrible story it's a really really tragic story the death of a child i mean he was an adult but the death of an offspring is is uh you know my heart goes out to her it's it's uh it's just terrible it's just awful what she's gonna have to deal with um i mean it's a shame really because i mean i did a lot of work on addiction i did a lot of work on child abuse i did a lot of work on how to think for yourself how to stand up to others i mean i've I've never taken a drug someone's handed me. People have handed me drugs. I'm just like, no.
No, thank you. I don't muck with the machinery of excellence.
And, you know, this is the new warfare.
It's not like the new warfare is drugs across the border. I think she was open borders person.
So, yeah, it's really sad.
It's really sad.

[40:19] I mean, to, to be that, you know, to be the CEO of one of the largest and most influential corporations around while trying to raise five kids, uh, it's tough. It's tough.
And, you know, I mean, censorship of anti-drug, uh, stuff, you know, it's obviously not causal, but it is, it is very tragic.
Reincarnation is an interesting idea. Keeps people thinking they have time forever to learn their lessons. Yeah, that's true. That's true. I'll get it next time.
I'll get it next time. Right.
There's a great song by peter gabriel, growing up looking for a place to live, all right.

[41:07] There is a sci-fi short story where the multiverse exists a company trades with other timelines to bring things that don't exist in their own but there is a plague of self-deletion a man in the When a casino in Vegas wins big, took a header off his hotel balcony.
The problem is nihilism takes hold. Nothing matters because every choice you make, every outcome exists somewhere. So why bother doing anything? Very dangerous idea.
All right. I'm sorry. I'm a little bit behind the chats. Thank you for the tip.

[41:55] Uh and in star wars i mean nobody has any kids right, i mean nobody has any kids and the women are all warriors and there's nobody maternal and in star wars i mean obviously the death star is the giant female egg and the sperm is the the torpedoes that go in and destroy it and all of that, right?
So it's about abandoning childhood for the sake of eternal, the eternal adolescence of adventure.
And, of course, one of the most popular characters is Han Solo, literally Solo.
He's on his own. He doesn't have kids. He doesn't want to get married, right?
And love is all about lust. It's not about pair bonding and procreation, right?
I mean, who are the happy families? Who are the productive, positive families in Star Wars? They don't exist.
It's just training people to prefer stimulus and adventure to family and children as usual depopulation crap.
All right.

[43:12] Uh, I asked a question on alone time because I saw a video short by popular psychologist called Teal Swan, where she said alone time arose out of inauthenticity.
And it got me thinking about the different contexts in which alone time arises.
Alone time arises out of in, oh, I see what you mean.
So, uh, you have to fake who you are when you're with the people around you.
And therefore you need alone time in order to escape the inauthenticity that is demanded by those around you. Okay.

[43:47] Yeah. Yeah, I get it. So if you, if you, if you're a deep thinker, which is to say a thinker, if you care about thoughts and ideas, the world, truth, virtue, integrity, and you're around, I mean, have you ever been around these kinds of people on a regular basis, my gosh, it is almost beyond stomaching.
Hit me with a why if you've been around a little bit of ham, a little bit of toast, people.
Oh, this is what I had for lunch. I had a little bit of ham and a little bit of toast and a lovely little plate of side olives.
I do think the gardenias are coming in beautifully this year.
And oh, did you notice the robin is back and he's He's in the bird feeder, and he's just pecking away like nobody's business.
And I'm concerned my dog is developing a slight limp. I really should take him to the vet, but I guess I'll get around to it at some point in time.
And I'm just trying to think what it is I might want to have for some dinner.
Oh, isn't it rather chilly for this type of year?
And oh, I saw this lovely little documentary on seals on the television yesterday.
It was really special. Oh, my God.
They're just draining away any depth or life or passion. It's just like the endless drivel of little nothings. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

[45:11] And did you see what the Princess of Monaco was wearing yesterday?
It was really quite a delightful outfit.
Nothing I would have thought would have ever gone together, but she somehow managed to pull it off, and isn't it interesting?
Oh, my God.
Just the drivel. The just, and you know, I don't mind a little small talk from time to time, but it's just absolute drivel that washes away anything of depth.
It fills you in like sand with grating nothingness.
So, yeah. So if, if you're around those kinds of people a lot.

[45:53] And you know, it's, it's, it's, it's very passive aggressive.
It's driving away any depth or meaning.
And it's usually the small talk is a relentless small talk is usually entered into and maintained by people with a very, very bad relationship to their own conscience.
They are guilty as shit about something. And they've got to keep everything on the surface because in the depth is hell.
And you know that because the moment you start talking about anything deeper, they get really freaked out and panicky. Oh, let's not get into that.
Religion and politics, I was always raised. Things you don't talk about at the dinner table.
Oh, this is going off into your deep, dark Russian mindset again.
Oh, let's not talk about that.
Just they've got to stay up. They've got to stay at the top because down at the bottom is a pile of fiery shit.

[46:48] What are your thoughts on nagging? Hey, speaking of nagging, freedomain.com slash donate if you'd like to help the show out, I'd really appreciate it.
What are my thoughts on nagging?
I mean, I've talked about it before, but I'm fine to talk about it again.
If it is helpful to you, I will do.
If it is helpful to you, I will do. Right.

[47:20] So, nagging is more of a female phenomenon.
We're going to talk about it as if it's exclusively female just for the sake of convenience, though of course it can happen the other way too.
Nagging is the substitution of negative economics or positive economics for people who can't make a good case as to why you should do what you do.

[47:45] So, when a woman is young and pretty and fertile and attractive and all of that, then she doesn't need to nag because men will do what she wants because she's pretty when women go past the wall and they become less attractive then they switch from being pretty to nagging because the positive economics of if you're if you do what i want maybe i'll go on a date with you to if you do what i want i'll stop destroying your life with endless whining nagging it's just a way for people who can't make a good case as to why you should do what they do when women switch from the positive economics of desirability to the negative economics which is the punishing economics not the carrot of sexual access but the stick of endless complaining they just don't have a good case as to why you should do what you do and rather than you as a man saying wait wait this is like you keep you keep nagging at me to take out the garbage are you upset about something else like obviously we don't want to live our life complaining about the the garbage and of course men resist they resist being nagged at of course right i mean if you ever want to demotivate someone just nag them just promise irritation and hostility if they don't obey your will.

[49:06] And a man who lies to a woman is always doomed.
A man who lies to a woman is always doomed.
Listen, guys, guys, guys, you may think you're all that and a slice of bread, but if you think you can out-subdiffuse a woman, Woman, sorry, out-subdiffusing a woman is like a man trying to be out-arm-wrestled by a woman.
Like, we all have our strengths and weaknesses as sexes, and we compliment, but, okay, let me ask you this. This is to the guys, all right?
This is to the guys.
As men as men in your life over the course of your life, as men how many times have you, had to lie to a woman oh no no let me get this I won't say how you did it, how many times as a man have you had a woman insistently ask you out, How many times as a man have you had a woman insistently and directly ask you out?

[50:33] I'm just going to wait for this. This feedback is really important, and thank you for the tips. I appreciate that.
Never. Zero. Right.
Twice. Never. Three times.

[50:52] A few. Zero. Right.

[50:58] I currently have this problem at work. Yeah. Never. Zero. Zero. Oh.

[51:04] Uh always indirect never right yeah i mean i've had when i was younger i had some women who were insistent that i go out with them but it was very rarely direct right there was one woman who promised to get one of my short plays produced on the national radio station but i would have to date her uh didn't go for that there was another woman who said that she was having big trouble with her roommate and just wanted to sleep on my couch for a couple of nights and she also was a publisher her and basically it was like she'd get my book published or work to do it if i would sleep with her or date her or whatever but it was never direct it was like so i i don't you know i asked girls out and some of them said yes and some of them said no but uh it's usually not direct they usually will put themselves in circumstances where the evidence is kind of clear but it's not particularly direct all right so um to the lovely ladies appreciate you being here to the women on the live stream, to the women on the live stream, if you can recall over the course of your life, roughly how many times have you had to deal with, and maybe it's a positive thing, right?
How many times have you had to respond to a man who asks you out, invites you somewhere directly, right?
How many times as a woman have you had to deal with a man asking you out?

[52:29] This is just for the women.

[52:36] And usually from women that I've talked to as a whole, usually for women, it's usually in the hundreds.

[52:46] Hundreds of men over the course of their life have, yeah, lots, right? At least five.
Okay, so usually for women over the course of their life, right?
It's hundreds of men who've asked the math.

Dealing with Tragic Loss

[53:00] Or at least dozens, right? I don't know, quite a lot. Yeah, it is a lot, right? right? And it's tough.
It's tough for women.
How do you say no without upsetting the man too much, without crushing his dreams or his hopes, but without giving him encouragement?
It's a tough, it's a balance, right? It's a tough balance.
And you should ask these kinds of questions for the women in your life. You can learn a lot.
I mean, if you want to understand the female experience, you need to understand just how incredibly different it is from the male experience, At least when I was younger, right?
As a male, I had to fend off much more men than women, that's for sure. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
I remember when I was doing my master's, I lived in a house with four gay guys and a woman who was lesbian.
And there was a guy who moved in. He was a dancer from out of town, really good-looking guy.
And, man, it was just like a feeding frenzy on this guy.
I remember him telling me sort of late one night, Like it's, oh my God, like it's just constant. It's scrappy. It's cornering. It's like.

[54:10] So it's tough, right? As a woman, you want to attract a quality man, but that's going to mean you're going to attract unquality men with delusions of grandeur and you've got to let them down easy because it can be kind of destabilizing for some men to be rejected by women. You don't want stalkers, particularly in the public sphere.
It can happen quite a bit. If you've ever talked to women who have a public presence, young, attractive women in particular who have a public presence, there's almost always some stalker story that's quite horrifying that they've had to deal with. So, so it's tough.
So, uh, in terms of subterfuge and say, look, I'm going to tell you straight up, I don't blame women for this at all.
It's just the fact of life that it's almost impossible for women to be direct in the face of constantly being asked out.
Right. It's very, very tough for women to be very direct and say, I'm sorry, you're just kind of creepy and unpleasant.
I I'm not at all interested. And please don't, don't ask me again.
Right? It can be really, really volatile.
She says, I guess if we're talking about flirting with the intention of asking out, that would be way more. No idea how many. Right?
Like, where you know the intention and all of that. The guy's looking for an opening, right?
Because if the woman responds in a positive way to a guy being very friendly with her, then he will almost certainly ask her out.

[55:31] You're almost certainly. So you can't even be that friendly, right? Oh, you had to deal with a stalker for many years.
Grows up. I don't know what that means, Ben.

[55:46] As a grown-up, you had to deal with a stalker. Maybe that's what you mean.
Yeah, it's tough. I mean, it's really, really, it's appalling for women.
And men, it happens for men as well, right? It's really, really sad.
So women are trained in subterfuge. and they they have to be and i i'm glad that women are that way, but uh the idea that you can out subterfuge a woman uh is is not good so uh don't don't do that so a man who lies to a woman is like a woman who arm wrestles with a man i'm sorry you're just dealing with a whole different order of things uh it's hard because i like being friendly and men see it as flirting yeah that is a that is a very big thing oh growing up uh you you had to deal with a stalker for many years growing up.
Oh, as a kid. Oh my gosh, that's really tough.

[56:36] Um, yeah, I mean, women, uh, of course, I mean, I like being friendly and the good thing, I mean, I love chatting with people.
I'm very sort of friendly and positive person. I love making jokes.
I love making people laugh.
And of course I'm happily married and I'm 57.
So So it's not like, well, I can't be nice to this young woman serving me coffee because she'll think I'm flirting with her. It's like, no, it could be a grandfather or something.
So no, it's actually kind of a nice point. I'm in life, I can just be friendly and nobody thinks I'm flirting.
So yeah, you like being friendly, and it is tough. It is very tough.
Now, this, of course, is why we should pair bond early. We should pair bond and get married when we're young. Of course, right? Of course.
Because that way people, women, women are protected. Men are protected from this kind of stuff.
And women can be friendly and be themselves and all of that.
But when you're in this sort of singleton planet for decades, friendliness comes sometimes at great cost. Right?
There's this one, you know, maybe it's one guy in a hundred.
But there's this one guy in a hundred. You're friendly to and he'll obsess about you.

[57:52] And he'll cyber-stalk you or stalk you. And it's just like, it's a big cost-benefit risk, right?
A friend of mine said she received long texts for months of sycophant praise from a male co-worker despite her never replying. Yeah, for sure.
Finnish soprano Tarja Turunen wrote a song, 500 letters, never signed, all from one man who would leave letters in her mailbox. That was scary.
Well, yeah, yeah, for sure.
And what wasn't there was that Alanis Morissette song about all the men she'd had sex with. That was rough, man.

The Impact of Rejection

[58:38] That was That was a rough song for young women to listen to.

[58:49] It's so true. X was like a lie detector, even better. Yes.
So women have to rely on a man's integrity.
And women will, I mean, think of the Wild West. Let's just talk about the Wild West, right?
So in the Wild West, a man could get a woman pregnant and leave and go to some other state, some other town.
Nobody would know who he was. Nobody would be able to track him.
Nobody would know his history. Nobody, she'd never be able to get a penny out of him, right?

[59:28] So a woman creates a child which leaves her vulnerable, half-wounded, breastfeeding, chained to the baby and the toddler, unmarriable.
And the only fundamental thing she has throughout a lot of human history is the man's attachment and commitment.
So she has to very cold-eyed evaluate his capacity for pair bonding.
And this is why when the women say, well, I had no idea he was a bad guy.
It's like, you know, I understand evolution, right?
That if women had no idea who was a good guy or a bad guy, we would never have evolved.
Certainly we would never have survived. And we certainly wouldn't have survived to have these giant brains. And right.
So when women say, I had no idea. It's like, you know, that we're only here because women were incredibly accurate at perceiving who to have children with.
Incredibly accurate at perceiving who to have children with.
And if it wasn't the women themselves, then it was the community.
And then they would have to respect the community wishes, their parents' wishes and so on, right?
And of course it is, you know, bad guys are constantly turning women against the wisdom of their elders, right? So that they can exploit them.

[1:00:38] So, our survival, our life, our existence is predicated on women knowing when men are lying.
It's absolutely predicated on women knowing when men are lying and when they're not.
So, when women say, well, he just fooled me, I'm like, no, he didn't. He didn't.
He didn't. And it's, you know, the women pretending that they were fooled by men is like, it's the equivalent of men pretending that hot, crazy women have virtues, right?
It's just like, no, you never thought that you just, right.
So yeah, don't lying to women is entering into an arena where they have evolved to be past masters in a way that we can't even understand.
Ah yes she says i gave out a lot of fake numbers in the 90s before the immediacy of cell phone verification right hey i remember you i remember calling thinking i'm gonna talk to this gorgeous woman and it's like what do you want on your pizza ah bust it again.

[1:01:59] Long text for months but didn't block him see this is the thing right it's tough it's tough if somebody's obsessed with you any engagement including blocking the person can cause them to escalate i think in general what for a lot of people appears to be the best strategy some women have said that this kind of works for a lot of people what appears to be the best strategy is, just don't engage and hope that he attaches to someone else, hope that he gets bored, hope that he moves on, hope that he gets hit by a bus, like whatever's going to happen. It's just awful.
It's like their lies...
Okay, it's like their lies constant and lie detectors are on constant alert.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm not going to respond to that. I'm just, you know, I'm just going to read stuff ahead of time.

[1:02:54] So, yeah, I'm just going to read stuff ahead of time. If it doesn't make any sense, I'm just going to ignore it because I can't waste people's time this way.
I mean, you know, the question can't be that important to you if you're not going to proofread your question.
Like, it just can't be that important to you if it's not even worth it.
Honestly, it takes literally five seconds to proofread something.
So if it's not that important to you that it's worth proofreading, it's not important enough for me to answer.
But it's tough. It's tough for women.
In because of course, you know, uh, women, we, women evolved, excuse me, women evolved with male protectors, right?
So women evolved with male protectors. So if you tried stalking some farmer's wife, you'd end up being pig meat, right?
You'd end up being fed to the pigs or he'd, he'd engage in a full, in a form of carbon based gardening with shin bones.
So, uh, women, uh, generally unprotected, a husband or a boyfriend is a better protection, obviously, than the courts and the police and so on.
So that's very tough.

[1:04:07] You know, it helps judging people, being sober and knowing them, their friends, family for more than a few hours.
Well, of course, female, this is the question of who's more sexual, men or women.
And I think that female sexuality used to be restrained by consequences, right?
If you take away consequences, you take away discipline, right?
I mean, if you have a job that requires a lot of hard work and discipline to maintain and achieve, then if you win the lottery, you'll quit that job.
You have no consequences to quitting the job. You won't be broke. You won't be starving.
So you don't have consequences.
You don't have discipline.
And because the consequences of getting pregnant and having children are no longer dire for women, in fact, can be advantageous in terms of income.
There is no restraint. Female sexuality could be very strong because it was restrained by consequences.
You can see now the strength of female sexuality like a tsunami, like this estrogen wash of nudity and cleavage, right?

[1:05:10] Only fans and half-naked Instagram pictures and constant sexualization.
So women's sexuality has been the damn of consequences has vanished and you can just see this this thunderous you know and i mean until the consequences return i mean just you can say all you want i mean doesn't really doesn't really mean anything and so i mean the welfare state alimony child support all this kind of stuff uh the the natural restraints on female sexuality, which allowed female sexuality to build up to a very high amount, that has all vanished.
And in fact, now, instead of there being negative consequences, there are often positive consequences.

Consequences of Unrestrained Female Sexuality

[1:05:59] All right.
Do you think guys suddenly abandoning their male friends with no explanation is an unattractive trait for women because it's a sign that the woman could be abandoned?
Interesting. Interesting.

[1:06:26] I mean, this is a very common thing, right? Do you think guys suddenly abandoning their male friends with no explanation is an unattractive trait for women and because it's a sign with no explanation.
I don't know what that means exactly.

[1:06:42] So in general, one of the reasons why men need friends is that there's usually a particular attribute of female sexuality that will overthrow a man's reason.
I mean, whatever your body part or it could be a particular type of face or it could be a particular hairstyle or it could be whatever it is right and so men a men's group don't share all the same fetishes or whatever it is right and so if a man is losing his mind over some woman's accidental attribute in her flesh then her his friends need to be around to bring him back to reason to bring him back to some sort of wisdom right and so if a man is abandoning his his male friends, when he's in a new relationship, it's probably because either she's not good enough for him and his lust wants to get rid of his male friends who are going to interfere with the pursuit of his fetish, or he is not good enough for her.
In other words, he's objectifying her and not looking at the qualities of her character, but rather the conformity of her flesh, in which case his friends are either going to warn him him about her or her about him.
And so it could be because of that.

[1:08:06] Apologies about the poorly worded comment earlier. I think it was just typos.
It's not poorly worded. All right.

[1:08:16] A young woman with older brothers, a loving father, uncles, grandfathers, all with access to firearms.
Well, you best mind your P's and Q's as suitor. right right, and this is why the strong independent woman stuff is pushed right so that women are fundamentally unprotected by men.

[1:08:39] Which is not it doesn't work out well it does not work out well, all right so let me just see if there are any other comments elsewhere, Thank you.
In today's day and age, could it be better if the unwritten rule were for the woman to approach a man for dating to avoid confusion of misreading signs and such?
Great show as always. Thank you, Vince. I appreciate that. Tips are always welcome.

[1:09:30] So, do we dip into this deep part?
All right. it.
Looking at this from another side, getting a girl's Instagram to find out she immediately blocked me was tough as well.

[1:09:59] Is it tough because, oh, I see. It's tough because you you don't view rejection as a call to wisdom.
You view rejection as humiliation, and it is in a way, but rejection is a call to wisdom.
It is humiliation for being an idiot.
And I say this with all deep knowledge of being rejected and so on, right?

[1:10:26] So, in general, men are rejected because they're being idiots. Come on, man.
Getting a girl's Instagram. Why did you want her Instagram? Because she was pretty. Okay, she was pretty.
And she knew that. She knew that you only cared about her flesh.
You didn't care about her character.
See, women who aren't nice. Oh, I'm going to give you something really, really important here.
Oh, my. All right. it. And ladies, if I get any of this wrong, please correct me.
I'm stepping into the estrogen depths. I hope I don't drown.
Women who aren't nice don't feel pretty on the inside.
Women who are nasty, women who are vengeful, women who are petty, women who are vain, women who are delusional, women who are volatile, women who are, women who've exploited men, women who've stolen, women who've attacked or lied, destroyed people's reputations.
Women who are nasty never feel pretty inside.

[1:11:39] Never feel pretty inside. So, when a man... See, the woman knows if she's nasty.
We'll just call her a witch. Although you can substitute whatever word you want at the beginning.
So, a woman who's a witch, she knows she's a witch. She knows she's nasty.
She knows she's cruel. She knows she's mean. She knows she's volatile.
She knows she's crazy. She knows all of this.
What do you mean by pretty inside?
Inner beauty, virtue, consideration, kindness, moral courage, fortitude, integrity, honesty.
So a woman who's heaven on the outside but hell on the inside knows for an absolute certainty with an absolute base of the brain, bottom of the spine, marrow of the bone certainty, that the man, Ben doesn't care that she's a witch. He only wants to have sex with her body.

[1:12:51] So you go to this Instagram girl. She knows she's a total witch.
She knows she's horrible.
And you want her contact number anyway. So she hates you.
She has, well, let's put it this way. She has absolute contempt for you.
She has absolute contempt for you because you're lying to her face.
Oh, I like you. Oh, can I get your remember? Oh, you're interesting.
Oh, like, no, I'm not. I'm not nice.
I'm a harpy. I'm a witch. I'm mean. I'm nasty. I'm petty. I'm vengeful.
I'm shallow. I'm status-oriented.
I'll screw men over for money. Men for money. Whatever, right?
If you're asking out a woman who's nasty but pretty, you're lying to her.
She has nothing but contempt for you. And it's a call to wisdom.
It's not rejection. What's being rejected? Your lies. Good.
Your lies should be rejected. Your shallowness, your physical obsessions, your fetishes, your whatever. They should be rejected.
Absolutely. Because that's not the foundation of a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

Rejecting Lies, Embracing Virtue

[1:14:03] Thank you, Alan. That's not the foundation of a long-lasting relationship, is Nazareth.

[1:14:13] Oh my, oh my, oh my.
She's rejecting that which should be rejected and she's warning you away, from the hell inside boy you think it's tough to be rejected by a nasty woman with a pretty face imagine what it's like to not be rejected by a nasty woman with a pretty face just imagine.

[1:14:46] The thing is, I don't understand, if a woman knows that she is not virtuous, honest, good-natured, etc., like you said, why wouldn't she try to work on that, honest question, seems like she has, introspective, introspective, she is introspective and would realize she needs to work in it, rather than remain ugly on the inside. side.

[1:15:13] If you are rejected, you, I'll get to that in a sec. If you're rejected, you're either going after someone of too high status or as a poor judge of you.
If you are virtuous and stable, okay, feed information into the database, not personal failing, unless you really are that awful.
So, uh, this is a big question. I mean, it's a foundational question of philosophy.
Uh, Uh, thank you, my lady cat. Thank you for that. That question.
I'm going to read it again because that's why I like I short circuited because it's such a great question.
Given that it's such a great question, it means it's really hard to answer.
So I'm just going to go back to looking pretty.
All right. If a woman knows she is not virtuous, honest, good natured, et cetera, like you said, why wouldn't she try to work on that?
Honest question. seems like she has introspection and would realize she needs to work on it rather than remain ugly.
Why do people who know that they're bad choose to remain bad?
That's a big question. That's a big question. That's a big question.

The Choice of Virtue

[1:16:25] That's a good question what do you guys think if a woman and this could be men equally I'm just talking about women if a woman knows she's not virtuous why would you try to work on becoming virtuous, why would they choose to be bad if they know they are the rejection, because it hurts too much to look in the mirror and self reflect I'm not saying that she consciously knows she's evil and has defined it as evil or bad or whatever it is she might just say like I'm a bad bitch who speaks her mind I'm a this I'm a like, why would, a person who senses he's bad not choose to become good, a lack of negative consequences leads people to continue along the same path yeah Yeah.

[1:17:28] It helps them make money without having to put much effort in, for example, shaking their ass in a club, you know?
The benefits of being bad outweigh the benefits of philosophy for the foreseeable future, because up to that point, it has been beneficial to be bad. Hurts too much.
We'd have to abandon peer group. Yeah, I mean, there's a whole social circle that's set up when you're bad.
It boggles me she says they know they're rotten the results are run they know yet they continue to do the same thing expecting a different result if she could choose to be good it would highlight how her parents didn't choose to be good and that's quite painful to confront yes but i think most of us have done that sacrifice too much power in the here and now.

[1:18:29] Because all their friends are hoes and they're stuck in instagram group think narcissism i remember your theory that at some point people just become living bad examples of what not to do, and that serves some societal purpose real change takes terrific effort sacrifice and humility, So do you know why bad women reject good men? I mean, I'll tell you all this.
It's dark as hell, though. I'll tell you, this is dark as hell.

Rejecting Goodness

[1:19:07] Do you know why bad women reject good men?

[1:19:24] Why do bad women reject good men?
All right I mean this is yeah, because bad women reject good men because good men are not useful tools for punishing themselves, yes to punish themselves, good men will reject them no a lot of good men will try to save them no so you'll notice that, bad women end up with bad men and the bad men treat them terribly and the bad women believe that they're worthy of punishment and believe that all they deserve is punishment and a good man won't punish them, which is why they won't go after a good man.
They will instead go after a bad man because they're trying to free themselves.
The women are trying to free themselves from their own immorality by punishing themselves out of being crappy, right?
The bad women will be drawn to a bad man in the desperate hope that somehow negative consequences and punishment will shake off her evil. Does this make sense?

[1:20:52] But that would imply that they know they need correction. Like they know they deserve punishment. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, for sure.
But the conscience is UPP, right? right? Universally preferable behavior, we exhibit that all the time, always, right?
In order to do this live stream, show up on time.
Actually, I tried turning on my amp, the plug had fallen out, I thought I was doomed.
You've got to zoom in the camera, got to get the right SD card in, got to get the amp going, got to hit the record button on the camera, on the, all these things I got to do, all universally preferable.
And so we all survive on universally preferable behavior.
So the conscience is always there.

Dark Revelations

[1:21:44] Now, it gets darker.
I mean, it's, hit me with a why if we want to go darker, because it does go darker.

[1:22:05] Yeah, women get tattoos to show that they want to be punished, right?
They want to mortify their flesh I mean, it's like the monk who Can never feel in grace with God Who whips his flesh, mortifies his flesh Yeah, I mean, tattoos are Marks of self-mutilation that says I want to be punished, Dark as that coffee Now, I'm going to talk about adults here I'm not going to talk about childhood it.
I'll tell you why after. I just want to let you know that ahead of time.
So you can only throw so many bodies into the grave before you join them and can't get out.
There's a a tipping point.
You can only throw so many bodies into the grave before you follow them inexorably and can't get out.

[1:23:23] So, if you do harm to others, if you exploit people, if you break their hearts, if you lie to them, if you cheat on them, if you manipulate them, you are throwing bodies into a big hole.

[1:23:55] And the number is different for everyone.
But at some point, one of those bodies that you're throwing in a hole, grabs your leg, pulls you down, and you can't get out ever again. Ever.
You know, this is a cliché in horror movies, right? You bury some guy, you turn away, and the hand comes up and out and grabs your leg, right?

[1:24:33] Every time you harm someone, and I don't mean doing good in the world where evil people get upset.
I mean, every time you harm someone, you're rolling the dice.
Now, it depends how sensitive your conscience is, it depends how sensitive your moral idealism is, it depends to some degree on your childhood.
Every time you harm someone, you roll in the dice.
Sooner or later, you're going to roll a one.
I say it to 20, every time. Every time you harm someone, you roll in the dice.
And one, when you roll a one, in Dungeons and Dragons, it's called a critical fail.
You roll a one, you're in the grave. You can't get out.

[1:25:28] So when you think of, and this is again, not specific to women, you think of the rancid, pretty people, the rancid, pretty people.

[1:25:42] Rotten on the inside, pretty on the outside. They're literally a dime a dozen in the modern culture.
They are exploiting the evolutionary attraction of the natural mammal flesh, for their own personal vanity, and they feel they have value because other people lust after their flesh, which they did not earn. The lust they did not earn.
The male instinct to provide resources they did not earn.
So they are stealing. They're stealing.
The male urge to give resources to women is to lay the foundation of pair bonding for family and children and culture and continuity and life.
Women hijack. Not all, of course, right?
Some women hijack. it demands courage and generosity not for the sake of building a home for children but for the sake of social clout money, attention, being lusted after.

[1:27:08] You see, desire, love, lust are not gifts for us, but for our children.
So women who focus on lust and looks and thirst traps and male attention and resources for being pretty on the internet, they are stealing from that which is designed to create a safe and happy environment for their children.

[1:27:45] It's stealing from an inheritance.
Male attention, male resources, male pair bonding, male lust, male love is there for your children to create a stable, happy, pair bonded household for the security and protection of your children.
That's what it's for. It's all for children.
A woman who diverts the resources there to protect and nurture children and uses it for her own income and vanity, is robbing from the mouths of babes.
Does this make sense? She's like somebody who steals from an inheritance meant for a child and diverts it to herself and spends it on crap.
Tell me if this makes sense. They're stealing an intergenerational inheritance and diverting it to their own vanity and ego. Thank you.

Stealing from the Future

[1:29:13] She's stealing from what nature has provided us for the protection of children and using it, for her own vanity and consumption.
Can we imagine what we would think of any parent who took the food that kept children alive and ate it himself and let his children go hungry?
So when you steal from children, when you steal from the future, when you divert natural forces designed for the care and protection of children to your own vanity and bank account, when you turn that vampiric and predatory that you're willing to steal from children, do you feel good inside?
Or do you feel kind of demonic? Thank you.

[1:30:20] Then a man comes up and says, I love you.
And the woman says in her heart of hearts, No, you don't.
It's impossible. I've stolen from children. I'm hateful.
You could say the same, says someone, Someone about men who casually date beautiful women with no intention of marrying them because it's too much responsibility.
Yeah. Redirect to men. Redirect to men. Redirect to men. What about men?
What about men? What about men? What about men?
God almighty, it's so predictable.
Well, but men. But men.
It's the one time women don't like getting attention Is when their flaws are exposed Suddenly it's like, don't look at me No, look at man, look at man.

[1:31:27] Can you imagine some woman Doing some OnlyFans And she has her, Fat gardener stand in front of her Oh, look at man No, she wouldn't do that But suddenly when women's faults are being talked about, and men have their faults too, right?
When women's faults and weaknesses, and not all women, right?
When some women's faults and weaknesses, oh, but men, look at men, look at men.
I'm sorry, it's just so ridiculously predictable. Women love attention, unless the attention might be on any potential flaws, in which case, please pivot to men and don't look at me.
Come on, man. I get your mom couldn't take criticism, but don't bring that shit to this conversation. conversation, please. We're trying to talk about intelligent things, right?

[1:32:21] Yeah. The name of the site, OnlyFans, couldn't be more obvious.
You only get fans. You don't get a husband.
You don't get children. You don't get grandchildren. You don't get extended extended family, it's just you and a webcam and a hollowed out soul and useless shit all over the place that gets buried with you when you die.

[1:32:53] Is it so wrong to want men to have the same self-awareness that you expect women to? Come on, man.
Come on.
If I'm criticizing male nature, which I do on a regular basis, and not all male nature, men and women are susceptible to various sins. sins.
Male sin is often aggression. Female sin is often vanity. This is nothing new, nothing I've alone said. It's very common.
How many times over the last 18 years that I've discussed both male and female vices, how many times when I talk about male vices, do the women say, yeah, but what about women?
Right? It almost never happens. I mean, I can't think of a time, I'm sure it has, but we're talking about male vices and the women say, well, forget that. What about women? What about female vices?
And yet, whenever we talk about female vices, half the men in their own universe, well, what about men?
That's very sad.

[1:34:19] Yeah, I mean, it's like this meme, which is like, okay, hear me out.
It's OnlyFans, but you only have one fan, and he takes care of you for life.

[1:34:39] See you rush to divert my attention to men because you're trying to offer a kind of weird protection to women so that women will view you as a savior and sleep with you just so you know i mean that's what's going on.

The Fear of Confronting Evil

[1:35:04] I do think men are too weak to go along with women, not enough public criticism, so the blame is at least equal.
I think men are too weak and go along with women. I mean, again, men, men, men, men, men, men, men.
Does money spent on a sports TV subscription steal from the future as well?
Well, that's just, I mean, I don't mean to sound harsh, man.
I don't even know what that means.
Does money spent on a sports TV subscription steal from the future as well?
There's so many category errors there, I don't even want to bother.

[1:35:54] Good point, but this show is primarily about criticizing women and peaceful parenting, so it wouldn't be as interesting to bring the conversation back to women. This show is primarily about criticizing women?
This show, to a large degree, is about warning you guys about evil.
Male evil is pretty obvious. Like, I have a more male than female audience.
Love to have the women here. It's great to get your feedback, but it's a bit more male than female.
So, is female evil openly discussed? My job is to help you avoid evil.
And male evil is pretty obvious. It's pretty in your face. It's pretty clear.
It's very openly discussed. Female evil is subterfuge, right?
Male evil is a guy who wanted to beat you up. Female evil can be a poison in your coffee, right? So.

Unveiling Female Evil

[1:36:59] I just yeah i just released several shows celebrating women correcting, unfair appraisals of women yeah i just just literally just released a show pushing back hard against a guy with negative views of women i'm not talking about all women i'm talking about how evil manifests in women slightly differently than it does for men under certain circumstances senses.
So anyway, I don't need to be defensive because I know my conscience is perfectly clear.
But this is why, like, you know there's one cigarette, right? If you're a smoker.

[1:37:44] Also, also just to remind you, because I know you're like white knighting for women and protect women, right?
But, you know, when a woman...
A caller, it could be male or female, calls into my call-in show, and she says, my dad was great, but my mom was bad.
I'll say, no, no, I mean, they're a team, right?
And if a man or a woman calls in and says, my dad was great, but my mom was bad, I'll say, say, no, no, no, right, your dad chose to marry her, your dad chose, like, remember your dad's part of the immorality if you were abused as a child, and so on, right?
So, I mean, I'm constantly pointing, I'm in this case, if she's blaming the mother, but not the father, I will point out that the father is equally culpable.

[1:38:54] Sports players, men especially, are using their bodies to get money that could be spent on raising children and pair bonding like attractive women who are strippers.
What the hell are you talking about? Sports players, men especially, are using their bodies to get money that could be spent on raising children and pair bonding.
So men who earn their living by using their body in a productive fashion are exactly the same as women showing their buttholes for tips.
So a guy in an oil rig who's producing the valuable substance that keeps us all alive is exactly the same as a woman putting a pickle someplace unmentionable for tips.
Yeah, I don't really understand what that means.
I don't really understand. I'm sorry, this is such a stretch.
So me, I'm using my body, right?
I can't do shows without a physical presence. I'm using my body to talk about philosophy for tips.
That's exactly the same as me running an OnlyFans channel and testing my flexibility.
Oil rig workers are different to sports players.
Okay, mistake. Come on, man. Saying that they're different is not an argument.

[1:40:23] It takes some conviction to push against the group and i don't see men doing that as a whole isn't one of the differences between men and women neuroticism therefore men are more equipped to speak up this is just an argument on trying to white knight but why why are we talking about men, male sports players men who do this men are too weak to do that right you understand like Like, do you, do you, do you, do you guys even know the level of discomfort that you have about any criticism of women's susceptibility to immorality?
Like any pointing of this out?
Do you all know how freaked out you are?
I mean, do you know that you're anxious about this? I don't know if you know this or not.
I mean, there's a kind of panic here, right? It's a kind of collective panic.
I don't know. The women can probably see it because now it's like, well, Steph, all you do is criticize women and men are weak and men and male sports.
But I mean, you understand that this is precisely why we talk about this stuff.
Like I, if I was criticizing men, which I do and myself as well, right?
I'm a man and I do things that are wrong. I've criticized myself.
If I criticize men, people don't freak out.

[1:41:44] So, yeah, I mean, you just need to have the self-knowledge to recognize that I'm talking about something.
I'm, what I'm doing is you had punitive mothers, right? Just so you know, you're punitive mothers or punitive teachers or both or whatever.
And you were punished and escalated against for criticizing your mother so when i criticize some aspects of femininity then um, it activates the punitive mother in your head and you want to ally with the mother and attack or criticize men or me so that i stop doing and saying things that are activating your mother like you know all of this stuff right, yeah, I'm probably anxious because my sister, who I communicated with regularly, is an exotic dancer and I'm trying to defend her. Right.

The Role of Sports in Family

[1:42:45] Sports serves the family in many ways.
Sports teaches competition. It teaches resolution, strength, training, willpower, excellence, expertise, physical control, health, good lungs, good heart, good muscles.
So it serves the family. Sports serve the family.
And I'm talking about not just staring at other people doing sports or whatever, right? And I know you said sports subscription, but then you switched to sports players.
But yeah, teamwork, absolutely. It depends on the sport, but yeah, in general.
Your argument about bad women wanting to be punished was spot on.
Oh, that's a reply to someone else.
People who can't control their own negative impulses are looking for punishment to wake them up.

[1:43:49] You can almost tell when a guy has never played sports or worked with his hands in a physical world where there are consequences for failure. Yeah, for sure.
Like, I mean, I did lots of physical labor jobs, gold panning, prospecting, I've talked about before.
You screw up there, you're dead. Like you screw up, you're two days away from a hospital.
You think you can get value from watching sports what it's like learning to think tactically. Sure, yeah. Yeah, of course.
If it's a sport you play, I mean, I grew up playing tennis, got fairly good, and I have some lovely memories with my family watching Wimbledon on a tiny little black and white TV.
I think it was David Attenborough who said switch to yellow balls because they'll be more visible on a black and white TV.
One day we can talk about female evil without it being redirected to men. Right.
And you understand, if you can't think about female evil, you can't get a virtuous woman, right?
Like, I'm really trying to help you. I'm trying to help you get to a virtuous woman, and you all want to stay down defending the baddies.

[1:45:00] You all staying down there defending the baddies, in which case you're going to get stuck with the baddies.
Yes, I feel anxiety discussing the topic of women's evildoing exactly because of the reasons you described.
Well, I appreciate that, Chris, and y'all, I mean, I hope you've read Real-Time Relationships.
Did you ever mention to Peter Schiff that you called Pant, I imagine his pupils getting huge. Oof, that guy's had it rough.
So, okay, so, come on, this is Real-Time Relationships, right?
What is the, right, so you guys are white knighting and gaslighting and attacking me and attacking the show and attacking men and so on, right?
Because you feel anxiety about talking about female immorality.
Instead of all this nonsense, you're bearing false witness.
Counterattacks, ad hominems, insulting the show, insulting me, insulting men. That's all nonsense. That's all gaslighting.
It's kind of cowardly. So thou shalt not bear false witness.
What's the most honest thing that you can say if what I'm saying is making you really anxious?
Right? If what I'm saying is making you really anxious, how about you just tell the truth?
It's just a thought. How about instead of acting out, you just take a deep breath and stop lying and just tell the truth.

The Importance of Honesty

[1:46:27] Right?
Because if you can't tell the truth and all you do is act out, you can't get a good woman.
Yeah, you're anxious. I get that. Look, I understand that. that.
So yeah, I'm uncomfortable. Uh, this is really making me tense or whatever, right?
I'm really feeling the strong urge to redirect your attention to something else. And right. I get that.
I mean, you understand that this is a training ground for you guys to be in love. This is a training ground for you guys to be in relationships that are productive and happy and healthy.
Don't act out. Tell the truth. Don't redirect. Don't confuse.
Don't fog. Don't right. Just tell the truth.
Honesty is the first virtue. I feel uncomfortable. I want you to stop talking about this stuff. I feel uncomfortable.
Isn't that the most honest thing you can say? As opposed to manipulating me like a bunch of girl guides wanting to buy some cookies.
Or trying to manipulate me, right? Yeah, what you're saying makes me anxious.
Yeah, it's an honest statement. I sympathize with that. I really do sympathize with that.

[1:47:36] The reflexive defense of women might be the reason for all this brain-dead reimagining of great female villains into being just misunderstood anti-heroes.
Wicked Witch of the West, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil. Yeah, for sure, for sure.
Well, and you know, if the man cheats, it's his fault. If the woman cheats, it's the man's fault.
Like, I mean, it's all very, very boring stuff. Very predictable.
And you guys are, sorry, you're too smart and philosophical to be boring and predictable. And you shouldn't be. Just tell the truth.
I mean, if you can't tell the truth to me, or you can't tell the truth to this community where we value the truth and respect the truth, and you won't be attacked, right? You won't be attacked.
So if you can't tell the truth here, where can you tell the truth?
Where are you going to tell the truth if not here?
At least to start, to practice, to get used to, right? Where are you going to do it?
People who do bad things, who exploit, who steal, who lie, who prey upon, who manipulate.

[1:48:51] It harms their conscience. It harms their sense of self. They're doing bad things.
Now they lack the cultural feedback the wisdom of their elders strong people around them to redirect them from the terrible course they're on, they can't be with a good man because a good man won't be attracted to them.

[1:49:31] The only way that a man will be attracted to them is either he's a bad man who's open about being bad, or he's a good man, or claims to be a good man, but he lies to them.
You see, a woman who feels rotten on the inside, if a nice man is nice to her, she doesn't feel seen.
The feeling seen thing is very important to women. Because feeling seen, pair bonding is more important for women than it is for men, because they're at higher risk of negative outcomes from pregnancy or from sex.
So feeling seen, like you say, I just need you to see me. I just need you to understand me. I just need you to listen to me. I don't want you to solve my problems.
I just need to be perceived by you. The real me, like being seen, is absolutely essential for women and absolutely essential for men because we can't survive without women's pair bonding, right?
So being seen, being visible, being understood, being accepted, being visible is absolutely essential for women.
So if the woman feels rotten on the inside and a good man claims to like her, she doesn't feel seen.
And therefore there's no even twisted pair bonding.

[1:50:51] She's not seen. Now the bad man who treats her badly and says, you know, you're a real witch sometimes, Sometimes you can be a real nasty piece of something, something, something.
Hey, man, she feels seen. She feels visible. He ain't bullshitting her.
And women will, in general, choose feeling seen and understood over some guy blowing smoke up their ass about how wonderful they are.
Right? Because it's kind of incomprehensible. And to a lot of men, like, why would a woman who's, you know, attractive and all of that end up with some terrible guy who treats her like crap?

Seeking Validation through Negativity

[1:51:35] Well, I think I'm trying to explain it because she feels like crap.

[1:51:56] She says, yes, women actually feel protected when a man won't bullshit them. Right.
I mean, who's more immoral? This is an interesting question.
Who's more immoral? The woman who's openly a witch or the man who lies to her about how wonderful she is just to get into her pants?
Like, who's the real bad guy? Who's the real bad person here?
I mean, do you want me to criticize men? Man, I'm down for that.
I'm down for that.
If a woman's openly like I'm a boss babe bitch or whatever, like she's just openly caustic and kind of mean and surly and whatever, right?
Who's worse?
Oh, thank you for your tip. I'm glad you enjoyed the series about sadism.
I think there are two sides of the sad, sad, bad coin okay, who's lying more?
The woman who's openly witchy or the man who lies to her and tells her she's wonderful just so he can bang her and move on who is lying more?

[1:53:17] And as men come on man, As men, we've all been in the situation where we have pretended to be attracted to a woman of questionable character because she's pretty or hot.
Maybe we have done that. I mean, most men have done that.
I know I have. Yeah, absolutely.

[1:53:51] Well, the man is lying, but maybe the woman isn't really a witch and she's lying to herself.
But if she's lying to herself, then she's already a problem, right?
The man, but lying isn't the worse or evil. They're as bad as each other.
Women surrounded by simps act bitchier, says this woman, because they feel unprotected, surrounded by jackals, but she is addicted to the attention, vicious cycle.
Yeah. Yeah, for sure.
Okay, ladies, come on. Let's be honest. We can close on this.
Any tips for this crackerjack of a show are gratefully appreciated. Come on, ladies.
Can you ever be attracted to a man who's frightened of you? Can you ever be attracted to a man who's frightened of women?
Can you ever pair bond with a man who's scared of you or scared of women or scared of the feminine or who lies to you or who manipulates you because he doesn't want your negative opinion?
He just can't handle your negative opinion. Indeed, it's the worst thing in the world. Can you ever pair bond with a man who's scared of you?
Can you ever surrender yourself to a man who's fearful of your nature? No, of course not.

[1:55:06] So, I'm trying to help you not be scared of women by saying there are good women and there are bad women.
You think I'm criticizing women as a whole? How many times do I have to say, it's not all women, only some women, maybe it's a little bit more women than men. I can't spend my entire life putting caveats in every single time I open my mouth.
If he reveals he's scared, I'd never look at him the same. Thank you, Karis. I appreciate that. That's very kind.

Overcoming Fear of Women

[1:55:37] I'm telling you about some women's susceptibility to immorality so you can differentiate the good women from the bad women so you're not scared of women, so you can fall in love, be loved, pair bond, have family, like, God, you don't understand how much I'm turning myself inside and out, risking endless possibilities of being misinterpreted and lying about because I want to deliver unto you the possibility of love and family.

[1:56:09] You have a wife and daughter who are awesome women. They are.
It's that fear shown primarily by a lack of eye contact.
See, you're looking to change an exterior behavior, Dave. Well, if I have more eye contact. No, you've got to deal with the fear, Dave. You've got to deal with the fear deep down.
And listen, a lot of us have known some bad women. I mean, most men have known some bad women at one point or another in their life. Absolutely.
And criticizing sin in women Women is praising virtue in women.

[1:56:46] Female nature lends women to be susceptible to particular types of dysfunction and sin. The same thing is true of men.
I'm hesitant around women because I don't know if they're a crazy feminist or not. That's how I pick women apart.
What do you mean? You don't know if they're a crazy feminist?
That's easy. come on, man. That's easy.
You just bring up some news article. You bring up something.
You bring up, oh, a friend of mine, his wife cheated on him.
Like, I don't know whether it's appropriate in the business world or not, but you just bring up something and people will tell you right away exactly who they are. You understand?
There's no mystery. There's no mystery. No mystery in people.
They'll tell you exactly who they are.
Exactly who they are right away.
I won't put up with any bad behavior from women, says someone. But you do from men?
I don't know what that means. Just don't put up with bad behavior as a whole.

[1:57:59] Yeah, I did a whole show about triage. It's not been released yet.
I think it's Philosophical Paradoxes Part 2 or 3.
But yeah, I did a whole show about triage. Just, you don't know if they're crazy feminists. It's pretty easy.
Just bring up something to do with men and women and see how they react. That's all.
If you seek out women primarily because of their appearance, it makes sense why you'd be jumpy.
I don't know if he does, but yeah. For sure. For sure.

Unveiling True Reactions

[1:58:24] A woman who focuses too much on her appearance, it's an Aristotelian mean a woman who focuses too much on her appearance is a woman who is covering up for most times a negative personality, brought up abortion when the Roe v. Wade stuff was going on she went ballistic, yeah I mean that may be jumping in on the deep end but yeah just anything to do with men and women right.

[1:58:54] Steph's right deal with the fear women can just sense it even if you maintain eye contact. Yeah, you'll blink less, your cheeks will color, your posture will be a little different.
Women don't want you to be scared of them. I mean, good women don't want you to be scared of them, right?
It's possible to fear good women because of the pressure of messing up and losing the love of your life.
It's possible to fear good women, because of the pressure of messing up and losing the love of your life.
Do you think that i have that pressure like every day i'm like oh my god i hope my wife doesn't divorce me god what can i tell you.

[1:59:40] If you idolize women so much, they sense it, and it puts them off.
Yes, if you pour your heart and soul into someone you've just met, then it's probably going to be kind of negative, right?

[1:59:53] Here in Vancouver, the majority of men are liberal. It's always a surprise for both parties to encounter conservatives here.
Well, it's interesting. Of course, are they liberal?
I doubt it. I doubt it. They probably just don't exercise. They're probably low.
Like, you know that if you exercise and if your testosterone goes up or if you take testosterone supplements, you generally stop being a liberal.
I don't know if they're liberal or if they just have a hormonal deficiency.
I don't know if they're liberal or if they're just conforming to what they think women want because women say they want liberal men, right?
Who knows? I don't. I mean, how many people are reasoned into their beliefs? Very, very few.
I don't view people as having beliefs. I view beliefs as having people, right?
People don't have beliefs. beliefs, ideas possess people and use them as vehicles through which to spread, right?
Like a virus uses you to spread to somebody else, right?
Which is why it inflames the nasal passages and you sneeze.
All right. So you don't have a virus in a sense, the virus is using you to spread.
So, you know, most people don't have ideas. The ideas are just using them as stepping stones to spread.

[2:01:00] So when you say this person is a liberal, it's like, to me, it's like saying this person is is a cult.
No, this person has a cult. The cult is using them to spread.
This person isn't a cult. So is a liberal? No, the person has liberal indoctrination and the liberal indoctrination is using that person to spread.

Being Possessed by Ideas

[2:01:26] Most people are possessed by propaganda that was written in blood centuries before they were born. they don't have ideas, conclusions possess them and use bullying and manipulation to spread because they can't be spread through reason and evidence so yeah when I meet people I don't view them as individuals for the most part I view them as inhabited by various, cliches and ideas that were around long before they were born and were programmed into them and they don't, you know if you start up a candy crush on your tablet, you don't say my computer I guess my computer has chosen Candy Crush like no your tablet has done what you've told it to that's what most people are and that's why you don't it's not worth debating with most people because, they are simply programmed right the NPC thing right.

[2:02:28] Jonathan Haidt's work suggests that libertarians, unlike liberals and conservatives, actually reasoned their way into their positions due to high levels of systematizing and higher concern with liberty.
It's half me to trust anyone that isn't an anarchist. Yeah, mind virus?
Yeah, but mind and virus in a sense are opposites. It hijacks the brain and it destroys the mind and it turns it into programming.
Mind and virus are kind of opposites this way. to have a mind is to think for yourself, and most people are just vehicles to repeat lies and substitute empiricism with falsehood, alright thank you everyone so much for a great show if you're listening to this later a few minutes later if you're listening to this later freedomain.com slash donate to help out the show massively massively massively appreciated, one last question hit me with a Y and I will take this very personally very personally indeed sorry if you dropped that early hit me with a Y if you would like me to do a movie review.

[2:03:36] I hesitate to even mention this, if you would like me to do a movie review of Madam Web with Dakota Johnson and Sidney Sweeney, Should I do a movie review of Madam Web which has a cozy 14% approval score?

[2:04:02] Should I? Come on, peer pressure me. It's gonna be rough, man.
Yes. You've not heard of this movie? I've heard it's great.

[2:04:18] Okay well the the the the yeas have it the yeah take one for philosophy all right i will uh, i will go and do a movie review of madam webb madam webb it's a long way from charlotte webb but you don't know that movie all right well it looks like the eyes have it i will take this very personally and i will um please more movie reviews okay it's fun if i it's fun i say do it okay i will do that i will do that so all right happy stuff that wonderful afternoon everyone thank Thank you so much. Of course, as always, lots of love from up here.
I'll talk to you soon. Bye, feederman.com slash donate. Take care.

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