A Brief History of Terror

The State requires two major groups to maintain power: the first are the thugs: the police, military, wardens and so on. The second, which can be more difficult to see, are the fear mongers. The fear mongers generate the terror that State power feeds on.

Fear mongers are paid by the State, or protected by the State. Fear mongers profit from the increase in State power, due to increased funding and protection.

Fear mongers create panic about two groups: external ‘others’ and internal ‘aliens’. External others are those outside the country who wish to destroy it; internal ‘aliens’ are minorities within the country who wish to profit at the expense of the majority. (Historically, internal ‘aliens’ can also be supernatural, imaginary entities, such as the ‘devil’, or ‘original sin’ – or even ‘bad thoughts’.) The term ‘aliens’ is used here because those so designated may have lived within the country for hundreds of years, but are still ‘different’.

In the Western past – or Eastern present – the fear mongers were priests. Brutal State power was required because sin was so prevalent, and human nature so degraded, that without endless coercion, pleasure and damnation would dominate.

The priests give moral sanction to the rulers – the ‘divine right of kings’ – and in return the rulers give protection and money to the priests. Both pillaged the pockets and psyches of the peasants.

The rise of rationalism in the 18th century – combined with brutal religious wars – broke the State and the priests in two. Without rampant religious fear mongering, State power collapsed throughout the Western world.

For almost a hundred years, State power struggled to grow, but failed, since the people were unafraid, and so did not need a false protector.

The State’s first triumph – in the mid-late 19th century – was the gaining of a coercive monopoly over education. Through State propaganda, children forgot their fear of the State – and were also inculcated with guilt, which is the first seed of State power.

The children were force-fed guilt about the poor. Because the State is an instrument for the violent transfer of wealth, it cannot understand wealth creation. Thus, when State employees look at the economy, and see rich and poor people, they can only imagine that the rich are wealthy because they have taken money from the poor. Asking a State representative to understand capitalism is like trying to teach win-win negotiating skills to a hit man.

Once the children believed that their parents’ money was stolen from others, they were susceptible in time to surrendering some of their own money to the State to ‘correct’ the injustice.

In order to sell itself as a ‘protector’, the State must turn children against their parents. By teaching children socialist lies, children innately understood that their parents’ wealth was stolen, and that their parents were bad people. If all concentrated wealth arises from exploitation, then my parents must have exploited others. Thus parents cannot be trusted. Only the State can be trusted.

This trust in the State is required to turn children into State thugs. State power requires the constant threat of coercion – and so it requires the police and military. State power demands the death of the young – and this is why the State is so fundamentally opposed to parents. Parents want their children to live; the State needs them to kill and die. This is why the State must constantly slander parents – so that the young will listen to the State and scorn their parents.

It is no accident that within 1-2 generations of the foundation of State education, 20 million young marched to their deaths in World War One. They learned socialism, mistrusted their parents, and swallowed wholesale the State babble about honour and courage and the noble slaughter of the innocent.

War feeds State power, and so the income tax was instituted and the State took control of money. Now the State had all the money it could dream of. Was it satisfied? Of course not! Those within the State probably were, but the more power and money the State accumulates, the more those outside the trough want in.

However, the State had a problem – no fear mongers. It could not bring back a State religion, and it could not start another war, since the horror of the last one was still fresh. Fortunately, through the general pillaging of the money supply, Western States provoked the Great Depression.

And that is when the socialist inculcation of State education truly paid off.

The State declared war on poverty – the poverty that the State itself had created – and because citizens were guilty, ignorant and helpless, they got behind the New Deal programs.

State inaction produced the Second World War, and in 1945, the Western States emerged with the greatest victory imaginable – they had vanquished one foe, and created another. The Axis powers were dead and buried, but the Soviet Union – and, all too soon, China – now rose as distant specters, perfect for the fear mongers.

Communism was constantly waved in front of citizens as the ultimate evil that required a constant expansion of State power. This was wildly ironic. Communism is the ultimate expansion of State power – thus expanding State power to fight communism is like shooting someone for fear of cancer.

The citizens rallied around the State, terrified of the specter of communism and nuclear war. The Second World War had been fought against State power, and although the Western governments had won, Western citizens lost completely. Throughout the Fifties and Sixties, taxation, regulation and other State power grew radically.

Then, a great difficulty arose. After the Second World War, many soldiers took advantage of State largesse to get educated – which was the greatest expansion of socialist thinking in Western history. Naturally, these men taught their children what they had learned. When their children reached adulthood in the Sixties, they were utterly unable to understand their own society. The traditional capitalist respect for thrift, hard work, responsibility, entrepreneurship and honestly-earned wealth, had been utterly lost.

These children – the hippies – were anti-war, so they could not be cowed into open violence. They were anti-State, because they were pure socialists, and the current State was considered a tool of the capitalists. State power stood to gain, but the current holders of State power stood to lose.

So – the State could not create enemies out of other religions, since the hippies were largely secular, or Eastern mystics. They could not demonize communism, since the hippies were socialist. They could not start a war successfully, since the hippies were ‘one world’ pacifists. It was hard to demonize capitalism, since Western countries were far richer than poorer countries.

Here is where the true genius of the State revealed itself – as it had done before, notably in the ‘back to the land’ wandervogel hippies of Nazi Germany.

The industrialists were the new enemy – the internal ‘aliens’ profiting at the expense of the majority, just as the Jews had been before them. Pollution was the new threat to survival.

This meshed perfectly with the unambitious, nature-loving hippie movement. It also turned the children even further against their parents.

The State began funding any and all environmental studies. It created Environmental Protection Agencies and began teaching children about the evils of industrialization.

Through the professional fear mongers, one wave of terror followed another. No more oil! No more food! Black skies! Acid rain! Dead seas! A new ice age! Global warming! Garbage overflows! Nuclear winter! Birth defects! Cancer!

The deadly drumbeats of terror continued without respite. Scared of capitalism, industrialization, wealth and freedom, citizens surrendered more and more power to the ‘protection’ of the State.

However, as environmental problems began to be solved – largely through the initiatives of industry – and human lifespan continued to increase, the environmental movement faced a problem. Mankind was obviously not running out of raw materials. People were obviously getting healthier. Industrialists were obviously committed to cleaning up production.

Understanding the central purpose of any movement is simple: simply identify the one principle that does not change. Surely, after forty years of failed predictions, the environmental movement should be humbled. The latest debacle of falsified ‘global warming’ statistics should give the movement pause.

However, the central purpose of the environmental movement is not to protect mankind from pollution, but to serve State power by inculcating terror in the general population. Thus a string of failed and unexamined predictions are to be expected – the predictions were never designed to be true, but to serve the needs of State power. In that capacity, they have succeeded admirably.

Two examples should suffice to show the hypocrisy of the environmental movement. Environmentalists accuse industrialists of being motivated by greed, in that they would rather make a few percent more profit than clean up production.

The principle behind the accusation is rather simple to extract: people choose profit over goodness. We can also assume that when more profit is available, less good behaviour is chosen – which is why environmentalists target multi-national corporations.

So – the environmentalists attack corporations for choosing a few percentage points of profit over ethical behaviour. However – the vast majority of environmentalists receive one hundred percent of their income by predicting environmental disasters.

If more profit produces worse behaviour, then without a doubt the environmentalists stand more condemned than the industrialists.

If more profit does not produce worse behaviour, then environmentalists are just engaged in a witch-hunt of industrialists, since there is no reason to single them out.

Also, any hint of pollution from a private-sector company draws endless attacks from environmentalists – but what of environmental disasters which arise from government programs, such as the rape of the rainforest, the decimation of Canadian cod stocks or the over-use of energy which results from State subsidies? Barely a word is spoken. The fact that State-owned properties are far more polluted than private properties is never commented on.

Thus it is clear that the majority of environmentalists are mere fear mongers, ancient tools of State power, well-paid to create the panic which causes populations to stampede into the false cages of State ‘protection’. In the environment of logical thought, environmentalists are one of the most dangerous pollutants.

Stefan Molynuex, is the host of Freedomain Radio (www.freedomainradio.com), the most popular philosophy site on the Internet, and a "Top 10" Finalist in the 2007-2010 Podcast Awards.

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