A Perfectly Legal Tax Revolt

It falls upon certain generations to wrestle liberty back from an ever-expanding State. It happened in England in the 17th century, America in the 18th century – now, in Canada, in the 21st century, our time has also come. For the sake of our freedoms, our futures, and our children, we must now take a stand against the increasing predations of our leaders. To save a once-noble system, we must cut off the supply of money to the politicians – just as one must stop serving liquor to an alcoholic.

Therefore, in order to protest the crazed pillaging of our public finances, I invite all my fellow Canadians to stop paying the GST and PST. It is time for us to understand that the Federal Government will never reform itself, populated as it is by corrupt, selfish and power-hungry autocrats.

How can this be achieved? Why, quite simply! All we have to do is take advantage of one perfectly legal method for avoiding the GST and PST. One simple little trick which will withhold billions of tax dollars from corrupt politicians. It is, perhaps, the simplest and easiest tax revolt in history.

How can you avoid paying the GST and PST? The trick is as simsple as this: stop buying stuff.

Buy groceries, pay your mortgage, fill your gas tank, buy presents for children too young to understand our struggle – but apart from that, stop buying stuff. No clothes, furniture, cars, cell phones, vacuum cleaners, mittens, shoes, computers – anything you can conceivably live without – live without!

What will this achieve? First of all, it will cut off a vital source of revenue for the government, forcing them to stop wasting our money. Secondly, it will propel leaders of industry – who have far more access to politicians than you and I – to sit down with the government and hammer out an agreement to truly cut spending and waste. Will this harm the economy in the short run? Of course – but what harm does out-of-control government spending do? Far more!

Our goal? For me, the existence of the income tax is the entire problem. First introduced in 1917 as a temporary war measure, it has swollen to mammoth proportions, and gives politicians a near-bottomless pit of money to plunder. Thus to secure our liberties – both now and in the future – I want nothing less than the abolition of the income tax. Your goals might be more modest. That’s fine! If all you want is for government to be less corrupt, or less wasteful, then we are fellow-travelers, and should aid each other any way we can.

Therefore, my fellow citizens, join with me today and stop shopping! Go on strike as a consumer until the government reforms itself. Close your wallets! Cut off the drug that turns leaders into bandits!

In our current crisis, if we fail to act, we shall deserve our eventual fate. However, if we rise and act as one, we can take back control of our government, our lives, our incomes – and secure our children’s liberties, which surely is the most precious gift we can bestow upon the future.

Stefan Molynuex, is the host of Freedomain Radio (www.freedomainradio.com), the most popular philosophy site on the Internet, and a "Top 10" Finalist in the 2007-2010 Podcast Awards.

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