"AMAZING! "I Love My Baby, I HATED Being Seduced!" Freedomain Call In" - UPDATE

Just wanted to let you know Stef, as you asked , that my relationship with [my son] has become so much more rich and full of love.

I have been able to express the love I've always felt for him so much more easily and deeply. We have been spending a lot of one on one time together and I have made sure to have him crawl into mamas cozy bed and snuggle up to me for movies so many times I cant count since our conversation. I know he feels it, I can tell! You really did so much for our little family by taking the time to help me work through years of deep repressed trauma. Please don't ever stop what you do!

I attached his school picture from this year and I think he looks so darn handsome and happy!

Also, my husband and I are pregnant with our second baby! I can't help but feel like my body intrinsically knew what a break through I had and that i would now have much more of an ability to be a mother for the third time by opening my heart to [my son] and in turn opening it to my whole family that much more.

My husband appreciates what you did so much too. I'm really curious to find out if I'll finally have a daughter and be given the ability to give a little girl what I never received from my mother or if the boys are just in store for another brother to bond with and a third best friend! I know you're an atheist but i also know God has worked through you, regardless, in so many miraculous ways.

Thank you Stefan! Thank you thank you thank you! I'll send another update when we find out the sex of this baby!


[name] and family ❤❤❤


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