Bitcoin: Liberation from Money Changers

[0:00] This is a massive peak and depth and power and understanding, not in Bitcoin, not in Bitcoin, but in the fundamental liberation of the species from the money changers, the money creators, the money lenders, the currency by fear to the currency by law, predators on the history of the species.
Please understand what a moment in time this is. Of course, you know, the price is exciting. That's all cool.
I get all of that. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with being a little chirped about the price, but Bitcoin, in its most fundamental manifestation, is life itself.
Hyperbole, you say? I strenuously disagree. I did this speech many, many years ago, did many of these speeches.
Bitcoin means the end of war. Bitcoin means the end of intergenerational predation.
Bitcoin means the end of vote-buying.
Bitcoin means the end of the endless worms-through-the-casket theft of your savings through inflation.
Bitcoin means the end of useless-as-tits-on-a-bull government programs of vote-buying and subjugation.

[1:17] Bitcoin replaces the witch doctor physics of political pull with the objective science of, uncontrolled currency uncontrolled unmanaged yet highly disciplined, money bitcoin ends all but the most defensive of conflicts Netflix, Bitcoin ends the avenue for some of the smartest among us to make their pretend money by pillaging the stored value of everybody else.
Bitcoin casts mathematical geniuses back into the workplace where they can actually produce something of value rather than skirt around on the witch broomsticks of fiat currency on the high Olympian mountains of endless predation. Bitcoin is life.
Look, in the 20th century alone, a quarter of a billion people were slaughtered by their own governments, most of which were funded, all of which were funded by fiat currency.
That's just democide, not even counting the wars. Can you have wars of aggression without Bitcoin? You cannot.

Bitcoin: Your Money, Your Freedom

[2:31] With Bitcoin, the money is yours until you say otherwise. Do you follow?

[2:42] Your money is yours until you say otherwise.
Nobody can come in and inflate it away. Nobody can shut down your bank account because you are in close proximity to a snow-covered bouncy castle.
Your money is your own, your life is your own, your savings are your own, your planning is your own, your essence is your own, you're out of the rolled paper jail of mere manipulated fiat.

Escaping the Cave: Plato's Allegory of Reality

[3:24] This is the breaking out, There's the final platonic pledge to escape the matrix, to escape the cave.
You know the story. I talked about it in my presentation, The Truth About Plato, my four-hour-plus opus. You can find that at
What did Plato talk about?
He said most people are not looking at the world.
They're not looking at things.
They're not even looking at the shadow of things. things.
They're looking at manipulated imagination, which is called propaganda.
Most people are trapped in a cave.
There's a fire. There are a bunch of shapes in front of that fire.
They're looking at the shadows of the flickering shapes manipulated by others on the cave wall.
They They are nowhere close to reality, and they don't even know that they're mad.
They're nowhere close to reality, and they don't even know that they're mad.

The Philosopher's Journey: From Shadows to Reality

[4:29] Now, the traditional Plutonic tale, which we've seen played out in this conversation over the last 18 years and in countless other conversations, though few with this much scope and reach, is that the philosopher begins to doubt that the shadows on the wall of the manipulated shapes are real.
He stops looking at the wall, and then he sees the shapes, and then he stops looking at the shapes, and he sees the fire, and then, past the light of the fire, illuminated by the light of the fire, he sees, by the fire, he sees a passageway, and that passageway leads up, and up, and out.
He tears himself away from the hypnosis of the screens, right?
Screens. Fake reality and a screen is something to keep something out, right?
A screen door to screen people to have standards.
So reality is screened out by the screens.

[5:36] Once he starts looking away from the hypnosis of the propaganda, he sees a passageway on the far side of the fire that leads up and out, and he begins to climb those stairs.
And instead of looking at an artificial fire and manipulated objects, he goes out up into the world, his eyes agonizing like you've just stumbled out of a mid-afternoon film noir festival into bright sunlight.
And he sees the world that is the unmanipulated world the uncontrolled world the world of empiricism the world of facts the world of reality the world of objectivity the world of truth the unmanipulated world, Bitcoin, is to fear it as manipulated fear-mongering horror stories are to the simple experience of the natural world.

Challenging the Illusion: The Truth Teller's Struggle

[6:34] Now in the past the man usually the man who sees the world for what it is no manipulation no fire no screens no propaganda, no shadows the things themselves, what does he do he goes back down he goes back down into the cave and tries to tell people that they live in a false, manipulated, unreal, made-up matrix metaverse of lies, control, and propaganda.
And the people say, you're crazy, man. These shadows are real.
I don't know what ayahuasca drug trip you've been on.
Riding Cernovich's bouncing nutsack through the Mojave Desert of confusion.
Confusion, but that's real. Whatever you're talking about is not real.
And the man insists that what they're watching is a manipulated illusion and tries to get them to mount the stairs to the real world, to unplug.

[7:51] And all the people manipulating the masses say to to the truth teller or say about the truth teller, he is an evil man who wants to lead you to your death and doom and rouses the population to attack the truth teller rather than the constant liars.
I mean, we've all had this situation in the world, haven't we?
All had the situation, both in our personal lives or online lives, you name it, where you tell the truth to some people and they get mad, not at the people who've lied to them for eternity, but for the person who tells them the truth.
But fear changes everything. Sorry, Bitcoin changes everything relative to fear. And I'll tell you why.

Searching for Breadcrumbs to Lead People to the Light

[8:41] What breadcrumbs have been available to lead people to the light in the past?
I say again, this is absolutely foundational and essential to what's going on in the world right now.
Right now, today, this afternoon, as we speak. what breadcrumbs have ever been available to lead people to the light.
The steps up to the sun, the steps up to the world, out of delusion, a thorny and broken and acidic and covered in bat guano, which is probably COVID infected.
It's a shit storm getting out of the cave.
And I've said to people from the very beginning, it could be at least months and probably years of suffering before your eyes adjust to the light and you take him with great gratitude the glory of that which is rather than that which is merely told and inflicted.
When you think for yourself rather than juggle the manipulated madness inflicted on you as pretend empiricism by other predatory people. people.

[9:49] God, wouldn't you love to have a world free of war and endless debt and the endless profitability of feasting on the body politic through the insane forked tongue of endless propaganda?

The Evaporation of Savings and the Shrinking of Time Span

[10:06] Wouldn't it be just incredible that the value that you put aside doesn't slowly slowly evaporate.

[10:18] All of our savings is meat in sunlight. Do you follow?
All of our savings are meat in sunlight and our focus, our time span has so shrunk.
We can't store anything. We have no freezers. We have no fridges.
We have no salting. We have no curing. We have no canning.
We hunt we make a kill in the analogy and we can't freeze any of the food we live in a prehistoric state with regard to our savings, we get food for a year it rots in a day, we can't store anything everything decays everything falls apart, It's like trying to live in a sandcastle, in a storm.
Everything is decaying, everything is falling apart, everything is being preyed upon.
All the savings that we have, all the wealth that we create is used as collateral to borrow and bribe.
Our wealth becomes our chains in the current system.

[11:38] That which we achieve becomes only a kind of economic noose and the savings we put aside to get married and to have children turns into giant bear traps and man traps and, hollow tubes of endless enslavement, we can't save anything we can't affect anything we can't control anything we can't trust anything nothing is plannable nothing is predictable, we're living in the mind of a madman we are bit characters in the fever dream, of a psychotic episode of the powers that be.

Living in a Chaotic World with Unreliable Numbers

[12:28] We are a smudged thumbprint backdrop to a painting that is burning, don't you get this sense i don't think it's just me you can't plan anything, and all the numbers are lies there's a in in america they just revised the job estimates by hundreds of thousands of people there's so much profit in lying, There's so much predation that nothing can be planned.
And those of us who are smart enough to want to plan or who come from cultures that had to plan for winter are in this twisted LSD chaos that chafes against all that we wish to control in the future.
But intelligence and the need for intelligence is foundationally based upon the need to predict and control the future. What can we predict? What can we control?
Virtually nothing except, except in this realm, in the realm of Bitcoin.

Breadcrumbs Towards the Light: The Realm of Bitcoin

[13:35] Now, of course I said that in the past there were no breadcrumbs to lure people to the light.
Well, hello breadcrumbs.
In the past, the amount of suffering you had to go through to pry your sticky eyes off the flypaper of propaganda was agony.
You lost eye lashes, you lost vision, you lost friends, you lost love, you lost stability, you lost income, you lost momentum, progress.
You had to fall for a thousand years to bounce into heaven.
And who survived to the fall? Not everyone, I'll tell you that. Not everyone. one.
Now we have some gold coin capital B breadcrumbs.
You can leave one on every step towards the light.

Empirical Measure of Human Freedom and Liberation

[14:40] Now we have an empirical measure of the value of human freedom.
Are the value of liberation from the financial matrix of debt and predation.
Now, the reward for understanding and wisdom is both vivid and immediate.

Bitcoin: Beyond Money, it's About Freedom

[15:10] And people still, still think that Bitcoin is about money.
No. Bitcoin is about freedom. Bitcoin is about having control over your own life.
Bitcoin is the sword that cuts the chains of enslavement to unchosen debt.
You know it's funny I'm doing a bunch of research at the moment so what do I do I go to academics funded by my tax dollars, on websites funded by my tax dollars and they have the absolute ball busting audacity to say to me oh you want this article that you paid for well that'll be $78, Just like me renting a car, going back to the desk and say, Hey man, I'm happy to sell your car back to you, only $5,000.

Comparing Academic Paywalls to Car Rental Fees

[16:14] Because I'm in a generous mood.

Leading People to the Light with Breadcrumbs

[16:22] Now we have breadcrumbs to lead people to the light. We don't have to drag them.
We don't have to cajole them. We don't have to woo them. I don't have to twerk on the steps.
I should probably twerk away from the steps to drive people towards the steps, but you understand what I'm talking about. Twerking is involved.
I don't have to riz people up the steps.

The Desperate Hold on to Bitcoin

[17:02] People are hanging on to Bitcoin like someone trapped in a cave 50 feet underwater is hanging on to air bubbles.

Conservative investors barred from Bitcoin in most jurisdictions.

[17:17] Now, you understand that for most people, conservative investments in Bitcoin have been barred in most jurisdictions.
Barred. Most people are handing money over to a financial advisor, a hedge fund manager, or something like that.
And to a large degree, just my interpretation, I'm no lawyer, no economist, no expert, just my philosophical interpretation, that they have been barred and banned from conservative investments into Bitcoin.
I mean, of course, they can go buy Bitcoin in most jurisdictions and so on, but as far as, well, the information has been withheld from them, and a lot of the technical custodianship has been kept away from them, and, of course, a lot of the scare stories about so-and-so lost their coins has been inflicted upon them.

Tipping point: When to get on the Bitcoin lifeboat?

[18:18] Now there's a tipping point there's a tipping point at one point in the movie Titanic you're crazy to get on the lifeboats at another point you're crazy not to.

Reward for Virtue in Human History

[18:39] So, there is a reward for virtue that is as close and closer than it's ever been in human history.
A tangible material reward for virtue.
In the past, life was such a shit fest, such a shit storm, that the best you could hope for was a reward in heaven after death.

[19:05] And then you got some hard some reward for hard work and dedication in the early scientific phase in the early artistic phase in the early entrepreneurial and free market and industrial revolution phase and then oh gosh oh boy did you make a lot of money in the industrial revolution europe wow that's really cool did you end slavery good for you man good for you you made a lot of money in the 19th century Wow, that's great.
Hmm, you know what we can do with that money? What could we do with that money?
Could we, I don't know, advance science, develop rocket ships?
Could we get cures for cancer?
Could we help spread peaceful parenting?
Could we do, look, you've just made a fortune.
The greatest wealth accumulation in all of human history.
To that time was between about 1750 to 1900 150 years or so wow you made a lot of money wow you historically won the infinite lottery and have staggering amounts of resources.

The Dark Side of Wealth: Destruction and Slaughter

[20:21] Boy, what could we as a society do with all this sudden new incredible wealth?
I know. We're not going to the stars. We're not going to the moon.
We're not curing illness.
We're not educating the poor.
We're not increasing your salary. Do you know what we're going to do with all that money? Trillions and trillions of dollars that you have generated.
What are we going to do? I know. let's fucking slaughter 10 million of you and lay waste to two and a half countries how does that sound doesn't that make all that work worthwhile we're gonna smash you up blow you up mustard gas you up disassemble you starve you.

[21:17] Turn you into your component atom scatter you across the wind to the point where we're just going to have one giant tomb for the unknown soldier because we can't find even one hair of you, ah that sounds good yeah that sounds good that sounds great thanks for all of that wealth uh we're going to turn that wealth all your hard work putting your children down mines putting putting your women up chimneys.
We're going to take all that wealth, all of the first accumulation of massive riches in the history of humanity, and we're going to take you all apart.

Disturbing Plans: Destabilization, War, and Mass Slaughter

[21:56] We're going to take you all apart, destabilize the entire continent, slaughter 10 million of you, and then even more in the illnesses that follow the war.
Oh, and yeah, then what we're going to do is we're going to massively inflate the currency. Then we're going to produce a 14-year Great Depression, which culminates.
Oh, how about a 4 to 6x war?
10 million, that's nothing. Let's do 40 to 60 million. Mmm, that's tasty.
Oh, also let's use it to fund communism. We get another hundred million slaughtered out of it.

The Consequences of Back-breaking Labor and Slavery

[22:36] And that's your reward for our 150 years of back-breaking labor.
Oh, you're going to end slavery? Fantastic.
That gives us a lot of wealth, which we can then use to fund, hundreds of millions slaughtered in the cause of war.
Success is disaster, wealth is slavery, liberty is death.
Hey, good thing you had a free market. We're going to scoop all that up and use it to fund weapons of mass destruction. Oh, that's going to be great.
Oh, now that you have a lot of wealth, perhaps we could use it to entrap and indoctrinate your children in the Prussian school system, which turns them into abject slaves of propaganda. propaganda.
Oh, as an added bonus, I think we'll just turn them against you as well as an elderly out of touch, bigoted generation.
Sound good? Yeah, that sounds great. It doesn't matter whether it sounds good or not. It's going to happen anyway.
Don't like dying by the hundreds of millions because of fiat currency? Bitcoin solves that.

[23:40] Oh, you don't feel like sending your hard earned money and your children's future to some ethnic conflict halfway across the world.
Too bad, we're doing it anyway. Oh, Bitcoin solves that too.
Fiat currency is a beheading paper cut that takes away the lives of hundreds of millions in my view.
Bitcoin solves that.

Control Resources and Savings for Freedom

[24:18] If you don't control your resources, you don't control your life.
If you don't control your savings, you have no freedom.
There's no point putting your money in a bank if people are pulling it out through the back.
That is life in the world as it is.
And it's not much of a life and it's a whole lot of death.

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