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In this episode, we challenge the tendency to blame women for societal problems and advocate for a more constructive conversation. We discuss supporting and empowering women, question hypocrisy around criticizing women for seeking assistance, and explore the modern dating landscape. We encourage letting go of bitterness and fostering a positive outlook. Grateful for our listeners' support, we congratulate one on their new addition to the family and invite everyone to join us for future discussions.

The Challenges of Monogamy and Sexual Restraint

[0:01] Yeah, good interpersonal skills for women with neighbors and other families.
Great perception and memory to see bad people. Yeah, yeah, for sure. For sure.
So sex always wants to break out of the bounds of monogamy.
The sexual impulse always wants to break out of the bounds of monogamy, but society collapses if it does.
It's a beast that must be restrained and trained and pointed in the right direction.
Right so sexuality always wants to break out of the bounds of monogamy but society collapses if it achieves that at least sort of modern civilized societies collapse so trying to find a way to focus the sexual energies of human beings into monogamy is a fantastic challenge of course you find the right person you don't look outside anymore but um and and because one of the things that completely destroys the economy is perpetual sex hunting.
Perpetual sex hunting completely destroys the economy because people are spending all their money on useless, shallow shoes and clothes and status items and cars and expensive shirts and trips and garbage and crap and makeup and hair gels.
It's all useless, displayed bonobo garbage rather than, I don't know, houses, children, the future of civilization, books you know oh my gosh it's crazy.

[1:30] That's crazy. You know, I mean, it's the thing in life. You want to eat a lot.
You want to eat stuff that's bad for you, but life is better if you constrain and restrain your appetite.
I mean, I literally could eat all day long. I almost never feel full.
I don't know if this is because I grew up hungry.
I almost never feel full. I literally could eat all day long with no complaints.
I remember being at a McDonald's party when I was in my early teens, and we all stuffed ourselves silly, and at the end of the party, the mom was like, okay, does anybody else want anything? I'm like, yeah, I could do a Filet-O-Fish.
And everyone's just like, what? And I'm like, absolutely. I can eat, yeah, what people spend on bottle service at clubs.
Yeah, yeah, raves and drugs and, I don't know, alcohol. And it's all just garbage.
Absolute useless trash garbage. And the economy just gets burned to the ground with all of this nonsense.
Not to mention, of course, the expenses of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, mental health services for people who've been driven insane through overexposure to sexual material and sex itself i mean the amount of money that it costs to break monogamy is just insane.

[2:39] Insane the one power we share with our father in heaven the power to create life but with great power comes great responsibility i appreciate the quote but i'm pretty sure my father's not in heaven no i know what you mean i know what you mean i know what you mean all right let's uh hit it supporters come on join us join us on the light slash dark side the side of intensity, join us i insist i beg freedomane.com slash donate if you'd like to help out the show listening to this later this may the rest may or may not get to the mainstream but we will get to to the do it all rant.
I can easily eat 5,000 calories a day. Oh yeah, absolutely.
I have to will myself to stop eating a whole bunch of times a day.
I mean, I'm not that hungry in the morning, early afternoon, but you know, come four o'clock, I'm just like, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.
Oh, yeah, I can just keep eating. I'm halfway through the future audio book.
Wow, very good. Emotional rollercoaster so far.
Oof, yeah, you wait till that end, man. That ender is like killer.
All right, we are 10 seconds away from switching over. Join us.
If you're listening to this later, don't be excluded. Don't be included in the coolest plan. The coolest plan. All right.
There we go.

[4:04] Well, good night, everyone. Thanks so much.
I join now, demon voice deaf, as you command. Nice.
Have you seen Tom Wood's sub-tiers? He has one that is $10,000.
It includes phone calls and dinners with him. Would you consider this type of thing?
$10,000? For a year?
Phone calls and dinners with him. Would you consider this type of thing?
That's very interesting. That is very interesting.
Very interesting indeed i assume you meet him at hobbiton and no shouldn't say that tom's nice go for broke tiktok home for the mentally ill people diagnosed with herpes in her teens now her life will never be the same again bad choices so young oh yeah i saw this woman's a teenage girl of early 20s or whatever she got herpes and she's just miserable and broke i don't understand this sharing with everything online i just find completely bizarre i mean i know i've got got thousands of shows but i don't you know sounds strange to me all right go for broke, go for broke.

[5:11] Does everybody here, I don't know if you joined late, do you remember what this was all about?
That throughout history, 90% of women have reproduced, but only 40% of men.
And I think that the ratio is quite different in other places.
So Tom Woods, uh, best selling New York times author been on the show a bunch of times. Uh, he's good.
You saw the girl crying about getting herpes. That's there forever, man.
That is there. It's like an intermittent tattoo. too yeah and she can't give birth fashionably because i think herpes can kill the baby if it there's an outbreak so yeah it's uh it's rough and of course now she's got to tell everyone she sleeps with and if this she wants to settle down with the guy it's like crazy what kind of skeevy people do you have to sleep with to get stds i don't even know go for broke or break the lineage, you can't be an average man yeah you can't you can't, You have to be such an incredible leader That you overpower propaganda, my friends, You have to be such an impressive specimen That a woman is drawn to you despite her programming You have to get her to overleap the lies, Infesting her soul with falseness and anti-femininity You have to be such a powerful leader That all must be surmountable.

[6:36] Thank you for the tip. I appreciate that. Merry Christmas, you say.
Also trying to encourage you to get some more parenting, peaceful parenting book out.
I will get another chapter or two out before Christmas, I promise. Thank you.
The oversharing is how they will control the entire population.
They train kids to put stuff on the web that my friends and I would never speak of after it happened. Thank God there were no video evidence of my teens and twenties. I hear you there.
I hear you there, brother. So you have to like, there's all these people are like, well, you can't talk to girls in public anymore because of the Me Too movement. It's like, are you insane? saying?
My God, do you know how you wrangle this stuff?
Is that all of this stuff about you can't talk to girls in public and you can't do this and you can't, you understand that eliminates the weak competition for you.

[7:20] The marginal recession, right? The recession is when the marginal producers, the people just eking by, get out.
So of course, there's all of this stuff. Oh, you can't talk to girls online.
You can't talk to girls in person. It's creepy. It's just like, No, it's not. It's absolutely not. It's absolutely not creepy to talk to a girl in person.
It's creepy to follow her home. It's creepy to keep talking to her if she doesn't want to talk to you. And listen, I, my whole life, have talked to people in public.
I don't just mean this. Like, in person, my whole life, I picked up girls from coffee shops.
I picked up girls from a movie theater. I even picked up a girl once from a grocery store. Or you can say, oh, but Steph, you have blue eyes.
It's like, yeah, you know, but I'm a bold guy.
And, you know, I mean, I used to be heavier. It's not, right?
It's not impossible. All that's happening is the shaky competition is being eliminated.
What that means is there's more for you.

[8:23] There's more for you if you want it.
I mean, can you imagine you're looking for a job and like three quarters of the population say, well, I wouldn't want to impose someone by sending in a resume or making any phone calls or contacting them in any way, shape, or form whatsoever. That's just intrusive.
I'm going to give them their space. You know, if they want me, they'll show up in my office hours at 1 to 1.30 a.m. on a Monday morning.
When I turn that light on in the hallway to signal that I'm available for work, Do you know what that means?
It's like, great, 75% of people aren't even sending in resumes. Go get the job!

Nerve-wracking Random Convos: Overcoming Social Anxiety

[9:02] Here's the thing. Here's the thing. It's still nerve-wracking to start that random convo. No!
But I don't even consider the new social narrative. It's just something that raises the heart rate.
Because you're not looking to close the deal. You're not looking to date a girl.
You're looking to find out if you like her.
All you're doing is exploring whether you like her if you approach a girl oh I don't know there's probably too much power to hand out like this willy nilly it's too strong, because this mindset could change your life, I asked out the secretary at my divorce lawyer's office when it was the last day first woman I asked out post marriage and And, and, and, and, and then, dude, where's my castile?
I got a feeling this is going to end up with no shirts all around.
Well, I hadn't even thought of that.

Approaching Women: Overcoming Fear of Rejection

[10:16] Supporters can handle the power in the last year it's flipped now i filtered the women out because i started a conversation with everyone these days we went out and she had a kid it didn't go anywhere oh yeah i'm sorry about that all right you're not.

[10:35] You're not going up and talking to a girl in the hopes of not getting rejected. Oh, my God, please.
You are the elites, my friend, not just because you're donors.
I just did the whole podcast today about you being the elites.
You are going to talk to a girl to find out if you like her.
Can she play? Is she witty? Is she funny? Is she warm? Is she relatively friendly?
Is she relatively secure and not, I don't know, tasering you because you asked her something?
You are going up to talk to the girl to find out if you like her at all. That's all.
Hey, she seems nice. She seems fun. Do I like her?
Does she have a benevolent universe hypothesis? Do you know what that is?

[11:22] A benevolent universe hypothesis that the world, the universe, people, men, is a generally friendly place.
Yes, there are a few exceptions, but you can kind of navigate and deal with those as you go through life.
Don't go to the bad neighborhood. Don't go to the bad parties.
Don't go to the drunk people. Don't go to the druggie people.
Don't go to the violent people. Don't go to this bar.
If you have a benevolent universe hypothesis, yeah, there's some dangers in the world, but frankly, they're pretty easy to avoid.
And if you're at a coffee shop and you chat with a woman and there's security cameras and people all around and she's like, ah, right? then look, sorry, she's just too brain fried from fear or maybe she's had really bad experiences that remain unprocessed.
So, you know, it's a shame, it's too bad, but you know, you're judging to see if you like her. You're not judging her to see if she approves of you.
Because a stranger can't approve or disapprove of you. They can only react.
No way, the world's greatest philosopher likes the movie, Dude, Where's My Car? What an amazing time to be alive. That is funny.

[12:32] At this point, I want to ask out all the young managers at Lowe's.
Don't you see these people? I mean, for me, it's the girls, right?
The women when I was single. And you still notice it, right?
The girls who just have a nice laugh. They seem to have a friendly manner. They seem to be relaxed.
So you sit down and, you know, whatever, right? Just say something. See how she reacts.
Is she curious? Is she friendly? Does she give her a nice smile?
Does she smile back? it doesn't have to lead to marriage it doesn't have to lead to a date it doesn't have to lead to anything, anything at all.

[13:08] I mean, it was my daughter's birthday and we went out for dinner at the restaurant for a choice. We go to the restaurant and there's another family waiting there.
And I said, I turned to that family and I said, well, I guess it's down to single combat. Who are you choosing?
I warn you, I'm a biter. Right. And they just laughed, you know, and we just chatted for a little bit.
I've, I've met friends, uh, playing pickleball. Somebody, so a couple came up and said, oh, uh, how do you play?
We don't know. We're tennis players. And so I chatted with them. We've become friends.
Um, you know, it's nice. It's nice. Just chat with people.
Be friendly. Be positive. The world is full of nice people. Collectively, they're insane. Individually, they're nice.
Deal with individuals. Find the humanity and the connection one-on-one. Don't deal with groups.
Don't deal with abstracts. Don't deal with ideologies. Just deal with individual people one-on-one.
And be the person, even if the woman has a paranoid, or the man has a paranoid, hostile universe hypothesis, be the person who challenges that.
Be the person who challenges that.

[14:13] I think the new narrative to get men to not approach women works well on men who didn't have female friends in high school.
All right. Okay. We are just here in the jazz club.
We're here in the coffee shop of privacy, like one of Cernovich's events a la cigar. All right.
Hit me with a why if you think that there are certain powerful people in the world you have a wee bit of a depopulation agenda.
Georgia Stone stuff, nonwithstanding, right? Hit me with a why if you think that there's a certain group of people, not everyone obviously, but who have kind of an agenda to get the old population to not be quite so massive.

[15:01] I think about the cute girls who came up to me in high school that I was too shy to talk to. Oh, well.
The woman who made you feel alive when she's near you, even if she's a stranger in line or at the next table, true feminine is awesome. Yeah.
If nothing else, I'm raising her standards to avoid assholes.
That's worth it. Yeah, yeah, for sure.

[15:24] Why did they want to depopulate?
Well, that's a whole other question. Question.
I learned in my 20s, which was 20 years ago, that if you ask them out, the worst they can say is no. No big deal.
Rejection after a short convo is easy. Yeah.
Yeah. Well, certainly the people who most value freedom, they're not particularly keen on having a whole lot more of those people as a whole.
So yeah they they put out a lot of, don't talk don't date don't get married and all of this sort of stuff right, a lot of that stuff's going on right you i mean you you see all the time it's so inevitable it's so boring you see if there's a kid the kid is crying the kid is screaming the mother is stressed the mother is unhappy the kid won't settle down it's like that commercial for um some is it it Swedish or Dutch or some commercial where the sort of half bug-eyed guy is in the grocery store with his kid's son screaming because he's not getting candy it's like it's an advertisement for condoms right?

The Unsustainable Nature of Debt

[16:39] I mean, the very unfortunate thing, and it is truly generally tragic, is that there are a lot of people who are only sustained through debt, and debt is unsustainable, right?
There's huge sections of the population that functionally, practically, currently are only sustained by debt.
And debt is, by its very nature, escalating. Debt is, by its very nature, unsustainable, right?

[17:05] They hate themselves, and they project that onto the rest of the human race.
You can go psychological or you can just go. I mean, if you're a livestock farmer, and you've got some of your animals that are just really, really, really expensive, right?
They're just really costly. They're eating out of the house and home.
There's constant vet bills and you can't possibly make any money from them, right?
Yeah, the screaming kid, you understand. Every time. Every time you see a family, the kid is screaming, unhappy, negative.
The mom is stressed, negative, rolling her eyes, diving for the boxed wine, all this kind of stuff, right? It's constant.
It's constant. They are programming you to associate children with unhappiness, stress, and hostility, negativity, right?
They're programming you away from kids, right?
That's the old sacrifice thing, right? I was talking to my daughter the other day.
I can't remember how the topic came up, but it's like, it was around sacrifice.
I said, you know, it's funny because a lot of parents feel, feel like, oh, I sacrificed so much to become a parent. It's like, I've sacrificed absolutely nothing to become a parent.
I sacrificed absolutely nothing.

[18:19] I've sacrificed absolutely nothing to become a parent.
It's all been a perpetual benefit.
I mean, it's like saying, well, I've sacrificed all this dating to be married to the love of my life.
I i you know i haven't even sacrificed anything for philosophy you follow, i i i was i literally i was trying to think what is the last sacrifice, ah well you know but i uh i think about this every now and then when i exercise because i may exercise a little too much um but i'm so grateful for my body getting me through cancer that you know because i remember the nurse is saying well one of the reasons you're bouncing back so quickly is your underlying health is excellent right and so like oh you know i've I've spent a lot of years exercising.
It's like, I've spent a lot of hours exercising, right?
What do I do? I probably do eight hours a week. So eight times 52.
I can do this eight times 52. So yeah, 416 hours.
So yeah, 10 work weeks a year I'm exercising, 10 plus, right?

[19:29] And what is my choice? My choice is if I hadn't done all of that, I very easily could have just died well over 10 years ago from cancer.
So I will forever, like have I sacrificed anything by exercising?
No, no, absolutely not. It's all been a massive positive.
Have I sacrificed anything by being a philosopher?
No. I mean, obviously there's been some costs. Of course there is, right? Right.
Uh, there've been some costs. I mean, uh, I have, I think it's fair to say I have one of the worst reputations of anyone on the planet, uh, in terms of sort of the public eye.
Is that fair to say? I think it's fair to say that I have one of the most negative reputations, um, of, of anyone really. I, I, I win. Yay.
Right. But I think, I think that's the case, but it's a lot easier to not care about what people think of you when you, um, when you realize how little they think of view, right?
But so, yeah, I mean, have I sacrificed my reputation among people who believe propaganda?
Well, yeah, but there's no way to be a philosopher without doing that.
Otherwise, you're just a shitty philosopher, right?
You're just a shitty philosopher.
I can argue you've lost a lot from preaching. I don't know what preaching means there.

[20:56] I Yeah, but he's not a philosopher. So.
Yeah, so, I mean, no real, no real sacrifice. Your reputation is gold dust.
Well, thank you, baby. I appreciate that.

The Programming of Fear in Girls

[21:10] So, yeah, so why would they want you to be frightened to talk to girls?
Why would they want to program girls that everyone, every man is a rapist?
Like, you always see this. This is like a constant theme.
It's a constant theme in just about every show you could care to even imagine, right? right?
And the theme goes a little something like this.
You know, he's really good looking. He's totally charming. He's so much fun.
Seems to have a good family. He's got a good career.
Yeah, he's his, you know, his sisters really like him. You know, he's got every green flat known to man. I guess I'm going to trust him. Yeah.
I think, I think we should go up to that romantic cabin deep in the woods.
That's just going to be, you know, we're going to sit there They're drinking mulled wine, stroking each other's chest hair when the snow is thickly falling outside the windows and we're in a cozy microwave of unbelievable sexual love.

[22:13] Then what happens?
It just turns into a psycho out of nowhere. Out of nowhere.
Are there any public philosophers besides you? Yeah, I would say so. I would say so.
I would say so. But most of them, you know, either they saw examples before me or they saw the example of me, and they're like, ooh, I guess we won't be able to talk anything. I won't talk about anything important, right?

[22:48] If you're going to be hated anyway, you might as well be hated for making the world a better place.
But I don't think I would be hated if I hadn't tried to make the world a better place and succeeded to a lot.
I mean, I succeeded more than I ever would have thought of, so I'm not going to complain about things too, too much.
But I'm not sure there are too many other public philosophers philosophers who, um, I'm not sure I have public philosophers who, uh, are really dealing with the tangible evils in the world or who aren't dealing with one evil while appeasing another, right?
I mean, I'm thinking about, uh, Peter Boghossian. Uh, he was pretty good on, on reasoning and, and talking to the public square.
And then he just did the usual anti-Trump hysteria stuff.
So is brett weinstein considered a philosopher i don't think so i don't think so isn't he a scientist, so no no and and like true philosophy is incomprehensible to people, from for the most part i mean i'm pretty good at explaining it and even people just they shy away because they already agree with me in their hearts and there's nothing more volatile than when people already agree with you in their hearts and you're bringing it to the surface and exposing their hypocrisy.
That's nothing.

[24:12] There's really nothing more terrifying for people than that.
It's just brutal. I mean, everybody already agrees with me.
We shouldn't use violence. We should be kind to children. University is morality.
Wait, 18th year anniversary? 18 year anniversary? Not the anniversary of the show, is it? I don't think so.
Safadian Amois is pretty good. Carl Benjamin's Sargon of Akkad?
Is he a philosopher? I don't think so. I mean, I guess he's named after a thinker, and I like Carl for what it's worth, but reasoning from first principles, applying it to the most vivid and intense human experiences, and bringing morality to the masses in ways that they can practically act upon, I think that's kind of…
Kind of…

[25:02] Singular. I think that's kind of singular. So, because I was just reading about this, right?
Somebody wrote this, my 20-year-old son doesn't date. His friends won't date.
My kids' friends, my friends' kids don't date. What is going on?
This guy says, when I was in my late teens and early 20s, life for my friends and me revolves around meeting girls.
My son and his friends who are athletic and outgoing don't seem to put a lot of emphasis on dating.
They play a lot of online video games and have boys' outings.
Once in a while, one will hook up with a random girl they met on an app.
Rarely does one have a girlfriend. This seems to be the norm for my friend's kids too. What is going on?

Falling for Psyops: Avoiding Dating and Mating

[25:43] What is going on? Well, people are falling for the psyops called avoid dating and mating.
That anybody who wants to date and mate is killing the planet.
Environmentally unfriendly. It's probably racist and carbon unfriendly and you're a creep and, and you're an exploiter and you're a patriarch and, and I mean, and that of course, training women into being frightened of men, when of course it's the absence of men that should be the most frightening for women, because men are the only agencies that can enforce, men are the only agents that can enforce security for women.
Right. We understand that. Right. And I don't need to explain that anymore.
More men are the only agents who can enforce security for women.

[26:33] That makes sense, right? Also, I mean, I know we're talking privately.
Obviously, don't feel overly shy to tip either. We should probably do a show.
Christmas Eve? When is Christmas Eve?
Sunday. Oh, yeah, we'll be there. 11 a.m. Yeah, we should do a show Christmas Eve.
It'll be a concert. A Christmas concert. I'll try to beat my recalcitrant voice voice back into shape.
We'll do, we'll do a Yelley rooftop concert. What do you think?
So yeah, but, but, uh, so there's a giant recession in the realm of having kids.

[27:11] And you get to march right through those cobwebs if you want.

[27:20] You know how, so if you're a Christian, right, you believe and you accept.
If you're a Christian, you believe and you accept that there is a divine spark or essence within you that cannot be destroyed, nay, even by death, right?
That there's an essence in you, a soul, a divine spark that cannot be destroyed even through death.
And there is a part of you, unlike the flesh, which can be corrupted under death, there is a part of you that will always remain free of corruption, and will punish you for that corruption because it is above and untainted by that corruption.
Do I have that fairly close? Hit me with your faith-based why if I have that fairly close that there is an incorruptible part of you, that is above, beyond, untouched by and therefore still able to judge corruption and decadence.
Hedonism. Sin.
Because if you were completely corrupted, you would lose the capacity to feel bad about sin, which seems to be impossible for most people.
I think all the people who appear to be untouched by sin just haven't been asked the right questions because every time I've asked the right questions, people break down.
Break down.

[28:42] So, I'm just waiting for the catch up here.

[29:02] It's not coming. Well, maybe the app's a little slow. We'll get there.
So, you understand that there is a pure part of the female heart of the male heart that remains utterly untouched by the propaganda.
And we know that's the case because the propaganda has to be continuous.
If you cut someone's arm off, you don't have to keep cutting their arm off because it doesn't grow back.
So there's always a part that is trying to reach through the claustrophobic cobwebs of propaganda and actually connect with truth, reality, virtue, and other people.
There's always a part of someone that is just right there, right there, right there that you can touch and free them it's like they look like they're buried in a tomb a thousand miles underground, poured concrete everywhere, but you touch the right spot and they fly out.
They fly free. They fly out.
It's pretty powerful stuff. Well, it's not pretty powerful stuff.
It's very powerful stuff. Really infinitely powerful stuff.

[30:04] No matter how buried somebody is in lies, they always have the opportunity or the chance, to break free of those lies because there's always a reality processing part of them that they need in order to survive that is constantly pushing back against the propaganda and the lies.
I'm going to just switch this to attempt messages. I think we may have to…
I'm going to just try a refresh here. Hang on a second.

[30:40] No, I have not started the stream from another browser.
We'll be back. Well, that's all right. We can get back to that.
There we go. All right. And we still have the audio. Yeah, yeah.
I don't know what happened to the chat, but we're back now. We're back.
All right. So let me just get to your comments here. Yeah, I've got that.
Imagine how frustrated people in Japan are with the birth rate situation.
Well, no. No. No, they are not.
The people in Japan, sorry, the question is, imagine how frustrated people in Japan are with the birth rate situation.
No, they're not that frustrated. I know for a fact that people in Japan aren't that frustrated by the birth rate situation.
Do you know how I know that? How is it that I know that people in Japan really aren't that fussed at all by the birth rate situation? How do I know that for sure?
Because otherwise they'd give up their benefits.

Sacrificing Benefits for the Sake of the Young

[31:47] They would give up their benefits. They would give up their pensions.
They would give up their free health care because they'd say, oh my gosh, the birth rate is so bad.
We have to give up our free stuff so that there's more money available for the young so that the young can have some children.
They're not that frustrated they're fine, they're fine with it they're perfectly willing to sell off the souls of the young for the sake of free yens in the present, Danny says I'd say there's no biblical basis for saying there's an incorruptible part of us, maybe Ah, maybe.
I'm not willing to have children with a woman who can't see past the propaganda.
You know, if the light is bright and high enough, everyone can see.
If the light is bright and high enough, everyone can see.
Yeah, it's the quote. If the situation was hopeless, the propaganda would be unnecessary.

[32:57] Yeah, I think if you're in Hungary, they're paying people that have kids in a way, if you have four kids or not, then you don't have to pay income tax.
So it's not like they're just letting you keep your own money.
They're just letting you keep your own money.
Recently, a Japanese YouTuber was asking girls their body count, and a 20-year-old said she'd slept with 150 men, including foreigners.
Love hotels are common there.
Yeah, see, I mean, yeah, there are sociopaths who will do that.
That's extraordinarily rare.
So why is it that you are taking extreme outliers and presenting them?
Because you're trying to make them less outliers so that you don't have to pursue a woman.

Questioning the validity of extreme outlier statistics

[33:58] Do you follow me? Like, why is it that you would say, there's a 20-year-old who slept with 150 men.
So one woman, she may, she's probably lying, she's probably lying.
Get attention, right? Attention whores, their cause, right? But let's say she isn't.
So let's say she started with sleeping with men when she was 16, right?
So 16 to 20, let's say four years, right? Four times 365 divided by 150.
So she's sleeping with a new man every 9.7 days.
So why would you share that extreme outlier?
Why would you share that extreme outlier? Now, I may be wrong about something, but it's a very odd thing.

[34:50] Because there are men, it was just a reference to Japan's problem, he'd asked multiple and they all had high numbers.
Are you saying that the average woman in Japan at the age of 20 has slept with 150 men?
Come on, man.
That's not true. I don't think it's that crazy.
I think girls come out of college with easily 30 sex partners.
Okay, so 22, 30, we're talking about 150 at 20.
Now, let me ask you, so skepticism in media 101, my good friends, skepticism in media 101.
Why would these numbers be easy to consider false?
Why would these numbers, she's 20 and she slept with 150 men, why would it be very easy to dismiss these numbers? Why?
Why do you think? I mean, if you've never made videos or done this kind of stuff, maybe this is not obvious to you. It's obvious to me.
Why would I not believe these numbers in general? Why?

[36:01] Why would we be skeptical about these interviews?
Yeah, he published the extreme cases for wow factor. We don't know if he asked 100 women or 200 women and just chose the top 10 most promiscuous women, right?

[36:22] Right? We don't know. I mean, in order to get the clickbait, right, maybe he spent two weeks interviewing women. women.
It's of course, it's unverifiable, but that's generally the case with these self-reported things.
Is he going to, like, what's his agenda? What's his purpose?
What's he trying to do? What's he selling when he interviews these extreme women, like the whatever podcast, right?
What is he selling when he interviews these extreme women and puts out true sociopathic women who will sleep with anything that moves?
This is a woman, I mean, 150 partners at the age age of 20, in my view, that would be sexual abuse for sure, incredible dysfunction, drugs, dissociation, you name it, or just lying, in which case she's just lying to get attention, right?
Like Ally Mishidi's character in The Breakfast Club, right? I slept with my analyst, right? So what is he selling?
And you remember 150 men 20 years old or left, right?
And the crisis in Japan of boys and girls not talking to each other.
Japanese boys are often very shy.
They don't leave their room. Oh, but she can get 150, right?
What's he selling Doom? No, he's not selling Doom.
He's not selling Doom. What's he selling?

[37:37] What is the 150 body count guy selling?
And what are you promoting on this live stream? I'm just being straight up.
Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm going to just be straight up about what I think. Doesn't mean I'm right. It's just what I think.
What is he selling? Why would that be clickbait?

Analyzing the potential motives and effects of sensationalized narratives

[38:01] Why?
It's like the walking a day in New York City where only three men catcalled Denae Dallas. It wasn't white men. But they also had a male model do that.
They had a male model do that, and he got catcalled as well, right?
What is he selling? A false narrative, sexual access? No.
He's not selling freaks, like the freak shows back in the day in circus. No.
Ah, Kairos, always bang on bullseye with the blindfold.
Yeah. Yeah, free vibrations, we can see that. Yeah, he's selling excuses.
He's selling excuses, right? Well, gosh, if this is the state of women, I don't want to approach a woman because this is the state of women.
My gosh, women have a body count of 150 by the age of 20. Oh, my God. So he's selling excuses.
Excuses, despair, nihilism. Oh, women are like this. I don't want any of this.
I'm going to stay home with my pornography. Right?
He's selling despair. He's selling hopelessness. to see selling excuses.
And you're spreading it.
Because that's going to stick in people's heads, right? And it's completely insane. There's no way that that's any kind of close to average.
I don't know if there are any… Jared, can you do this if you're still around?
Give me if there are any scientific studies.

[39:29] Can you give me any scientific studies of the average body count for young Japanese women.
Steph, I don't think that way. Sorry for sharing that. No, no, I don't want you to apologize. I'm glad you shared it.
We got a chance to talk about it. I absolutely don't mind at all that you shared it.
I just really want to sort of point out that, I mean, let me ask you this, Clear Tape. Do you yourself feel despair about dating quality, right?
The issue is women, which are running the West at the moment via the government, can't accept reality. They value a false sense of security versus freedom.
Do you think that, let me ask you this.

[40:07] Let me ask you this, my friend. This is, right? The issue is women can't accept reality.
Do you think that women evolved to be flawed? Do you think that that's how evolution works?
That women evolved with fundamental flaws? I mean, just curious.
I just want to know, right?
Because you know that the fundamental psyop is to get you guys to dislike women, right?
That's the fundamental psyop is for you to get dislike women, to be suspicious of women. This is why women can't handle reality. Body count 150.
You're poisoning the well. I mean, you're just poisoning. You might as well castrate yourself, right?
Do you think that we who have evolved as the alpha species on the planet and the most intelligent beings in the known universe, do you think that women have evolved to be fundamentally flawed?
I feel a bit of despair sometimes, but I still think good women are out there for sure. Well, they are for sure.
So you think, okay, so some people say no, some people say yes.
So women have evolved to be fundamentally flawed.

[41:07] So we're the most successful species in the known universe, and women have chosen, mostly, because more women reproduce throughout evolution than men, women have mostly chosen and would become the smartest and most successful species in the universe that we know of, but women are fundamentally flawed.
I agree, I feel bitterness at times, true. Right. Okay.
There is a female international entitlement problem and won't be fixed until social media is restricted.
No, the problem is not social media. the problem is not social media the problem is not social media okay but let me ask you this let me ask you this, do you think that, men handle power better or worse than women, yes women are flawed just like men are flawed but we're still the most successful species do you think men handle power power better or women handle power better.
You start to curiosity.

Satan's Influence on Marriage and Happiness

[42:20] Satan wants us to not marry, not to have more kids, not link up future generations with their ancestors to keep us away from our true joy and happiness.
These evil people chose his example. Whether you think he exists or not, even as an allegory, they follow the pattern. I would certainly agree with that.
Better. Women, men.
The problem is morals a parental guidance connection what sort of power, well okay grown men handle power better boys don't that's not a category we're talking about what about dolphins we're talking about men and women there's no boys here, men handle it better because of consequences no the entire point of power is to be free of consequences if you're subject to consequences you don't have power, the whole point of power is to be free of consequences consequences?
Have other people suffer for your consequences?
Yeah. So the answer is no, no, no, nobody can handle power.
Steph, would you build your wife a letterbox where men can send her private mail and dick pics? That's social media.
You let me know if you see my wife on social media. All right.
Uh, so no, no men and women don't, neither of them handle power.
Single father versus single mother well single father is usually working and the single mother is usually not.

[43:47] By the way, the video has almost 500,000 views, and I stumbled upon it.
To be fair, he did include a girl who only had a body count of one.

[43:59] Yeah, you don't need to be defensive. I'm just trying to give you an illumination and trying to lead you out of the valley of despair. That's all.
I'm just trying to lead you out of the valley of despair. I mean, you understand that if you're a woman and all you consume, women are strangely addicted to true crime podcasts and videos.
Like this true crime thing is just crazy, right? Now, do you think that if you're a woman and you're watching endless videos of men turning on women and murdering them or impregnating them and then abandoning them or attacking their pets or killing their goldfish or whatever, poisoning their wine, do you think if women are watching that, that's going to have an effect on women's view of men? Of course, right?
So if you're watching 250 body count, 20-year-old Japanese girls confessing their miles of penis, well, it's going to have an effect.
Yeah, it can get dark inside that well, absolutely. Yeah, the Lord John Acton, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts. Well, power tends to corrupt, absolute power tends to corrupt, absolutely.
So do you think that women are strangely corrupted by political power in a way that men are not.

Sexual Partners and Virginity Statistics in Japan

[45:25] All right. We got some data here just while we get this.
So this is as of 2017. On average, Japanese men in their 20s had 7.4 sexual partners.
The men in their 30s had 11 partners. The average for the women was in their 20s, 5.5 partners and in their 30s, 6.8 partners.
40.6% of men in their 20s are virgins, but the number goes down to 9.5% for 30-something men.
25.5% of the women in their 20s and 5.1% of the 30-something women are virgins.
22.6% of the 20-something men are married in Japan, as opposed to 60.7% of the 30-something men.
As for women, the percentages are 47.2% for 20-something and 74.8% for 30-something.
Infidelity. 78.8% of the respondents say they don't have any extramarital or extrarrelational partner.
15.8% said they have one partner, and 2.2% said they have more than one partner.

[46:41] As for the differences between relationship statuses, married people have sex 1.7 times a month on average, unmarried couples 4.1 times, and sex friends 2.9 times.
The overall average is 2.8 times a month. 1.7 times a month?
Oh my gosh, that's monstrous.
That's monstrous. Crazy.
So, I mean, I know that Japanese people tend to be quite case-selected, and therefore the 150 body count is…
Such an outlier you can't even imagine, right?
You can't even imagine.

The Blame Game: System vs. Women

[47:24] Nothing's wrong with women, guys.
So if single fathers are working and single mothers aren't, and single fathers generally do better, wouldn't this hint that men can handle power better?
Well, no. Single fathers are working because they can't as easily get money from the government or from exes as single mothers.
FDR dating? Is it not kind of FDR dating? Anyway, there's nothing wrong with women.
Blaming women for the effects of the state is like blaming Soviet workers for being lazy under communism.
The problem is the system, it's not the people. Oh, those communist workers who don't get paid anymore for extra work and in fact get punished if they're too efficient. They're just lazy, they're not productive, they won't work hard.
Come on.
You gotta be kidding me, right?

[48:19] There's nothing wrong with women. Don't blame women for what the state is doing to people.
Do you think the people in North Korea just don't like vacationing overseas?
No, they're constrained and restrained and controlled and propagandized by the power of the state, as are women.

[48:35] Blaming women for what the state is doing. Oh, but women vote for this, that, and the other. Yeah, I get that. I get that.
I get that. Just have to ask yourself, if somebody handed you a lottery ticket for a million dollars, would you cash it? Let me ask you this.
You're an alpha simp. You're a complete douchebag for giving me an insult without an argument.
I don't mind an insult with an argument, but an insult without an argument is sad.
I'm an alpha simp. Yeah, that's why my wife and daughter look up to me.
And that's why I have a successful and happy marriage and a great relationship with the women in my life. Yeah, I'm just a simp.
You don't like the fact that you think that any praise of women is being a simp, which means that you're just, I mean, you're never going to fall in love.

[49:25] So let me ask you this. Somebody hands you a lottery ticket for a million dollars.
Do you cash it? I'd cash the lottery ticket, sure. Absolutely would cash it. Of course you would.
Are you going to tear it up and say, well, technically the government doesn't have that money.
They're just taxing it for other people or they're borrowing it or, you know, they're printing it and it's inflation. You would take the money, right? right?
So how dare you guys get mad at women for getting free stuff when you would take exactly the same deal?
Oh, this false superiority is terrible.
It's terrible.
It's terrible.

[50:06] You're white knighting.
Okay. You're clichéing too. But no, it's, you would take the free money.
You would take the free money.
You would take the free money. And then you say, I can't believe that women vote for free stuff. You'd take the free stuff.
Right? I'm not, I'm not blaming you. I'm not blaming women.
You're simping by pulling the ladder up. You may have spent a whole lot of time with an echo chamber who knows what the hell you're talking about, but that ain't me, brother.
That ain't me. And I don't mind you bringing this up. I think it's kind of funny, right?
I think it's healthy on occasion to have a few people harshly criticize our Lord and Savior, Steph.
But an insult is not a criticism. Do you not know the difference between these things? You must know the difference between these two things. You're an asshole.
Oh, that's not a criticism. That's just kind of abusive, right?
Pretty funny. I wouldn't take the free money. Most people who win the lottery end up in terrible situations or kill themselves.
Yes, but not everyone. I think only a third of people end up broke who take the lottery. Some people are fine with it.

[51:32] Stop consuming red pill content. content. No, there's nothing wrong.
You can consume whatever you want, but, you know, be critical.
And if you're going to make an argument, make an argument. That would be fantastic.
But just, you know, it's pretty sad that you would think that just insulting someone is an argument.
Call in at freedomain.com.
Somebody, Steve says, Red Pill has some good info, but it's terrible.
It's not helping men. It opens up guys' eyes.
But then it pedestalizes many narcissistic men giving terrible advice, especially men's rights activists.
If I refuse to check, do you think they would not find someone else to take the money, that they would choose not to spend dollars they don't have.

Free Money and the Desire for Something for Nothing

[52:08] Yeah, I get that. Look, I'm not saying why you would or wouldn't take the money, but if somebody offered you free money from the government, you'd probably take it.
And women get a million dollars from the government. So they get it spaced out over time. You get it all at once.
So women get a million dollars from the government. Depends on how you measure it. Three quarters of a million, half a million. Depends where you are.
But let's just say inflation, right? So women get a million dollars from the government over the course of their life and men pay half a million or whatever it is, right?
So they take free stuff from the government, as would you.
The problem is not, don't blame the individuals for the effects of the system, right?
I'm taking free money from the government right now. Yeah, yeah, for sure. For sure.

[52:53] Um, human beings are not, I mean, you, you could say, well, I, I would like human beings to not want free stuff.
Okay. Then you don't get labor saving devices. You don't get fire.
You don't get plows. You don't get swords. You don't get computers because all of that is wanting in a sense, something for nothing. Right.
Right. Like once you get, like when I was a kid, you had to get up and turn the TV remote. Now you can do it remotely.
Right. So in a sense, you're getting changing the channel for no particular effort, at least far less effort than it used to be.
Right. So the fact that we want stuff for nothing is why we have technology.
You say, well, when government comes along and exploits that for, you know, I don't know.
Just get mad at women when women have given us, through their choices throughout evolution, women have given us the biggest brains in history.
Almost everyone in the USA gets money from the government, only the top 5% or so pay in.
Well, yes, and of course the debt and all of that, but yeah, for sure. People want free stuff. People like efficiency.
They like getting things without having to work for it. Of course, that's the entire basis of our technological civilization.

[54:00] I admit, having money to cruise the world full-time versus having to work for a living is tempting, for sure.
For sure. CERB is a great example of Canada during COVID lockdowns.
Almost everyone took it, even people who didn't need it.
If there's free money on the table, you understand it is our instinct to take it.
Right? if there's a bunch of food around, you grab it or it goes off.
You grab it or everyone else grabs it and you starve.
Like, if there's socialized stuff, if there's common, the problem of the common stuff, right?
People will grab it. Oh, but women are, women are not uniquely corrupted by the state.
Well, we men, we're just so pure and above coercion and the benefits of coercion and we never run prison camps. We're never involved in unnecessary wars.
We never… Come on, man.
Oh my gosh. The fact that they would get you to turn against women rather than question the virtue of the system, even this community, do you get how incredible that is?
I'm not mad at women. Sometimes I come across YouTube channels only talking about the negatives of bad situations and it gets so draining to watch that stuff.
Well, then don't watch it, right? Not good for you, right? hate on women is depopulation agenda try harder yeah it might be easier to corrupt women with the state.

Women's Relationship with Power and Survival

[55:27] So, we're back to women are uniquely corrupt. Men are staunch people who never get harmed by the state power. Right.
Yeah, imagine your ancestors finding honey and not eating it because of some abstract principle. Right. Right. Right.
Women, evolutionarily speaking, women have had to make friends with power because power would often overtake and overcome women and they'd need to make friends with it, otherwise those women would be killed.
I don't know. The fact that, and look, I understand the temptation, I get that, but the idea that, maybe not, I was thinking the state as the provider role.
All right, are women more corrupted by the welfare state or are men more corrupted by pornography?
It's easy to look at the things, oh, I work hard and women don't.
Yes, well, women do stuff better than you.
So if the state allowed me to chop up my baby, you wouldn't blame me but the state?

[56:39] Well, you would cash the lottery ticket, which is stealing from other people, right?
A family member said men are superior to women in every way.
This red pill stuff is spreading. Hey, at least less competition, right?
It's so hot when you come across an intelligent, non-normie woman, yeah.
If you can tell me why Soviet workers were unproductive, right?
Why didn't Soviet workers want to work hard? Because the system was terrible.
Because the system was terrible. And yet, people are like, well, I mean, the Soviet worker, we totally understand that he's not going to work hard because the system is terrible and there's no incentives. But, and you guys, look, I understand. You've got this, you want to feel this sense of superiority. I get that.
And you've been programmed to blame women for the system. Steph, you're white knighting.

[57:43] Excellent. Fantastic. Wonderful, wonderful arguments you're putting out there.
I'm surprised you can type them, all that complexity so quickly.
At least if I have to live on charity or government excuse for it, I don't supplement it by preying on other people through criminal acts to get ahead.
So if someone is going to take it, why not me versus them? Okay, whatever.

[58:02] Not only was there no benefit to working hard, you were punished for working hard in the Soviet system. You were punished for working hard.
So white knighting is coming to the defense of women in the hopes of getting laid i mean there's no particular issues with that so that's funny, all right so yeah honestly guys go out there women are your friends you rescue them right what are the constant stories what are the constant stories the knight has to go and rescue the woman from the dragon right the knight has and you've got this opportunity you can be sir Sir Galahad.
You can be Sir Percival. You can be the guy who goes and saves the women from the dragon.
The dragon is the greed for the unearned. The dragon is the greed for the unearned.
You can go and rescue. What does he always say?
Well, the prince, the evil king has locked up the princess in the tower and the man has to go and scale the tower and rescue and fight off and bring the woman down.
Right? Rescuing women from the state, rescuing women from power is the fundamental drive of men, rescuing women from power.
The dragon, the king, the prince, the seducer, the abductor.

Blaming the hostage with Stockholm syndrome

[59:18] And all like, oh, she was kidnapped as a kid by the dragon, but she deserves it.
Well, we're not going to go rescue that hostage because she's now bondage with her captors and she's got Stockholm syndrome.
So we're just, we're not going to rescue her. It's her fault.

[59:41] I'm not saying save everyone.
Steph, you just don't get it. You just don't get it.
White knighting just makes the tough guy more appealing. It's a mating strategy with women to have white knights show up.
They then pick the guy standing to the side who's making fun of them.
Yeah, maybe, I don't know. My wife rescued me and I rescued her and we did it together. It's ongoing but not always easy or super fun but always 100% worth it.

[1:00:10] I think a man should only save a woman who wants to be saved, which aren't many unfortunately. unfortunately. How on earth would she know if she wants to be saved if she's only ever been exposed to propaganda?
My God, please be a leader. Guys, be leaders.
Give it a try. It may not work, but it's better than the alternative.
I mean, my gosh, if you want to become a father, maybe you guys are already fathers. I don't know, maybe you're happily married, but it doesn't seem like it for a lot of you, right?
So you can hang on to your hatred and your bitterness and you can allow the state to corrupt you away from trusting women and you can allow the state to lure you away from the responsibility of having to be a leader in your community and you can just let the dragon eat her alive.
Thanks, Steph. I appreciate these arguments. There's a lot of resentment because of the way the schools and society are set up.
There is truth to that, but you've also chosen it. And the women are also choosing their own captivity.
But listen, do you think that I got philosophy all on my own?
Do you not think that people took a leadership role with me with philosophy when I was young?

[1:01:15] Did I come up with, oh, look at that, I invented the human language, I invented philosophy, reason, evidence, the internet, I'm in fact manfully carrying all of these data bits to your house on my testicle hairs, I mean, come on.
I was mistaken, thanks for the gracious, Steph. Listen, I want you guys to be happy, and you can't be happy hating women, you can't be happy having contempt for women, you can't be happy. be.
Women, look, women are born, yes, women are born on average with higher traits of conformity, with higher traits of what's called agreeableness, with an excess can be conformity. Yes.
Yes, absolutely. And that's why we're here. If women didn't score higher on those traits, we wouldn't be here.
We would not be here. We'd still be apes or before that, right?
So yes, Yes, women score higher on trade agreeableness, and we men tend to score less high on trade agreeableness.
Yes, men's fights end up starting and going in five minutes.
You shake hands afterwards.
Women's fights can go on for years, decades.
Criticism is not hatred. Yes.

Criticizing women and the search for love

[1:02:34] How's that working out for everyone, criticizing women? How's it working out for you?
Did you find the woman of your dreams by criticizing women and just thinking that they're fundamentally flawed and broken and power-hungry?
Did you get the woman of your dreams? Are you happily married?
Because the strategy is just, have you rescued a lot of women from their delusions by calling them corrupt and broken?

[1:02:59] I want to be a father, Steph. you're lucky to have a great wife and not be in this current dating market.
I do feel bitterness at times. However, I'm aware of it. I will not let it corrupt me.
I'm just lucky. Yeah. I'm just, you know, it's just, just luck, man. Just blind luck.
I'm just, I'm just lucky. That's it, man. I'm just, I'm just lucky.
Look at me. I'm just nothing but luck.
Nothing but luck. Didn't earn it. Didn't do any therapy. Didn't overcome any bitterness or fear of women because I was raised by an insane, violent mother.
Oh, no, I never had any betrayals by women, never had anything to work through, never read an entire book recommended by my therapist called Man's Fear of Women, never worked on any of the challenges I had with regards to female nature.
Ah, just luck, man. I just, whew.
I mean, the weird thing is I did all of that work for thousands and thousands of hours, paid tens of thousands of dollars in therapy, and then by coincidence, accidents just out of sheer luck. You know, here's what I'm like. I'm like.

[1:04:04] I'm like a downhill skier who won gold by sheer luck.
Now, the weird coincidence was that I had trained to be a fast skier for 20 years before I won the gold.
From like the age of 10 to the age of 30, I trained for tens of thousands of hours to be a fast skier.
And then I went down a hill at the Olympic Games and completely by luck won the gold. I mean, the weird thing is not that I won the gold.
The weird thing is the coincidence of having done all of that preparation and then winning the gold.
I mean, because those two things are completely unrelated, you think of the coincidence, and when you think about it, all the people who are really, really successful have worked at it for tens of thousands of hours, but then when they win, it's total luck.
Crazy, man.
Crazy. crazy.
When love finds me, I'm not pulling the ladder up like Steph.

[1:05:07] I didn't mean you didn't work for everything. Luck was maybe the wrong word.
Man, Freddie Mercury singing at Live Aid. Guy's so lucky. They could have just picked me. It's just luck.
Not even maybe Maybe it's the wrong one.
Yes, my mom was a very bad example. I think it takes my perceptions even to this day. And for that, I have great sympathy. Great sympathy.
Great sympathy. But you realize your mom, your mom blamed you for what your dad did, right?
Now you blame all women for what your mom did. How are you better than her?
My mom got mad at me for what other men did. As a kid. Now you're getting mad at women for what your mom did. It's not their fault.
Would you recommend that book, Man's Fear of Women? Yeah, I thought it was very good.
In practice, what does it mean to be a leader? Like a leader in my place of work, like a managerial position, coaching my fellow athletes at my clubs, organizing range events and camping trips with the boys, going on social media and gathering a following?

Holding high standards in late 40s and never having a relationship

[1:06:13] Late 40s, single male, always spin some. Choosing to be Christian does not make it easier finding someone who will want me when I want a woman of higher standards.
But I still think it's best versus lowering standards. It's not easy being alone, but I don't regret holding to a higher standard, even if I don't love not being a husband and father yet.
So late 40s and you've never had a relationship.
How does that make you high value? I'm open to the feedback.
I'm open to, and I'm really happy to be instructed on this.
But if you're, let's say you're in your late 40s and you've never had a job, but you consider yourself an extremely high value employee, I'd have questions, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you have questions?
Never had a job, but I'm totally high value employee. It's like, how do you know?
How do you know?
If you're in your late 40s and you want to come at husband and father, I'm not sure that high standards, morally high standards you want to be, right?
Of course, you want a woman who's decent and virtuous and all of that, but I don't know, man. That's tough.
That's tough.
That's a tough thing to get with, right? I'm excited for this critique.

[1:07:29] So look, I'll end on this. You don't think there were feminists or messed up girls when I was younger?
You don't think feminism was around in the 90s? You don't think that was a thing?
There was just no messed up, no wokeness, no feminism, no Marxism, no nothing. It was just totally fine.
So here's the thing, man. Oh, my God.
Stop whining. Oh, my God. You don't know what it's like out here, man.
Okay, let's say that women are 10 times worse than when I was younger, but you have access to hundreds of times more women. women.
Because there were no apps when I was a kid. You just had to meet women in your vicinity.

[1:08:08] So let's say, okay, women are 10 times, I'll grant you that.
Women are 10 times worse, but you have thousands of times more access to women than I ever had.
Let's say women are a hundred times worse than when I was younger, but you have access to a thousand times more of them.
You're still 10 times better off than I ever was. So stop whining.
God look at the gratitude look with some gratitude at the opportunities you have you're the exception to the rule right so I'm trying to give you the rule so you can be the exception to the rule I'm trying to help you, you've access to this show you have look, would you have believed in a happy family if you didn't know something about mine, women have a hundred men following them yes that's true, that's true and you don't think that the pretty girls had lots of guys following them and phoning them and trying to get their numbers and meeting them at clubs and right you don't think that was happening when I was younger, oh my gosh.

[1:09:09] Oh my gosh even if women are a hundred times worse and you only have access to a hundred times more women than I did it's still even you still have nothing to complain about.

[1:09:25] Oh my gosh what can i tell you am i wrong am i wrong, You would not have thought it was possible. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, listen, I'm also happy. Listen, I'll just give this to you guys as well.
It's just between us. I'm going to keep this on the donor only section just so you can be frank about this, right?
But their heart always belongs to only one. Oh, be that one, be that one. Oh my God.
Call in, call in at free domain. You're wrestling with a black pill?
Call in at freedomain.com. It's right there. Here, send me an email.
I would like to do more call-in shows on this issue, Steph. You're clueless.
You've learned nothing. I'm so sorry.
Just give me a call. Give me a call. Oh, you've run out of excuses. Oh, you're 56.
Guy who's kind of grabbing at me a lot. Okay, well, I can understand that.
I can understand why you're grabbing at me then.
Because you're past yourself by day, right? For the most part.

[1:10:31] Yeah yeah he's a year younger than me and uh he's crabbing at me on the internet and i understand that right so if he's had this really negative attitude then he's sailed past the opportunity of family and kids and maybe you have a family and kids and all of that but i can understand then why there'd be this hostility to this topic right because if you've allowed the bitterness to consume you to the point where you haven't been able to settle down and find a good woman then you're going to be heavily invested in this sort of red pill extremism and so on right so huh?
You've taught me everything, Steph. Well, I haven't taught you how to make a coherent argument, so I haven't really taught you that much, right?
Uh, let's see here. I look 38.
Okay. Good to know. You don't think women can figure any of this stuff out?
See, the problem is for a woman now, for a woman, um, and that, I remember I talked about this, um, when I was 56 about how women stopped looking at me in that way, right? Right.

The Challenges of Starting a Family in Late Fifties

[1:11:26] And the reason for that, of course, is that if a woman, let's say I was still single and a woman wanted to make babies with me, she wouldn't want to.
Right. She would have a big problem because I would not be around for the length of time for having a couple of kids.
I would not make it to the couple of kids becoming adults.
Right. So she would then have a couple of kids and no provider in her old age.
So a woman is not going to look at a man in his mid to late late fifties as, I mean, maybe a money bags thing, a sugar daddy thing, but not in terms of starting a, starting a family.
So, so yeah, if you're 56, then women aren't going to want to start families with you.
And maybe you don't want a family and all of that, but I just, that wouldn't explain why the bitterness is right.
Just saying I'm the happiest I've ever been. All right.
But if, if you were happy, then why would you be bitter and hostile towards me? I'm happy.
Why would you, if you're happy, why would you be bitter and hostile towards me?
If I'm happy too, right? But I mean, if one person's laughing at a comedian who's funny for everyone, and then you turn and punch that guy and say, well, I'm the happiest I've ever been. It's like, well, then why are you punching someone who's also happy?

[1:12:34] So yeah, and women, of course, you understand women are constantly looking for men who dislike women and trying to avoid them, right?
So it becomes a sort of vicious cycle, right?
All right, look at that. We've had a nice long old chit chat.
I really appreciate you guys coming by.
Thank you so much for your support. Any last tips at the end here?
And again, if you, you know, 56-year-old guy, call in, tell me.
If you want to set me straight, my guardian angel want to call in and set me straight, straight, I'm certainly happy to be corrected.
But, you know, that's how I see it. I'm trying to say that.
Shall we pledge to strike up a convo with a woman in public within a couple of weeks? This was a controversial show.

[1:13:18] Somebody else says, my son was born three months ago. Hey, congratulations.
I am mid-forties and he is a blessing.
But to the younger folks, don't wait if you don't have to. It can get dicey.
In some ways, I did play Russian roulette with his health by waiting so long.
That's on me. He's healthy, happy, and wonderful, thankfully.
Wow, mid-forties, man. Man, that is getting one out like Indiana Jones getting his hat with the door coming down, right?
You're the man, Steph. Thanks again. I appreciate that. Thank you, Steph. Thank you, Dave. Thank you, everyone.
I appreciate everyone here. Like, literally, I know I'm a little punchy.
That's all right. You guys are punchy, too. We're men. We can handle it. And women, too.
You're robust. We can handle it. I really can't even tell you.
What was the Fear of Women book author? I don't remember. It's called Man's Fear of Women.
But yeah, I really appreciate you guys supporting the show. I really appreciate you guys coming by tonight.
And thank you everyone so much. I will be streaming on Friday night.
Saying you're wrong about an issue, Steph, isn't bitterness.

[1:14:14] But saying you're wrong is not an argument. You're just saying stuff.
No, I'm right. Well, then I'm right. You're wrong. Well, you're wrong.
Well, I'm right. it's like this is not this is like this this that's um toddler stuff right thank you everyone i appreciate you praying for the show now you're good nighting yeah i was white nighting now i'm good nighting that's great if you're listening to this later and you didn't have to catch the live supporter show freedom and.com donate would really really help things out and oh would you guys like a little oh i don't know this could be too risky um yeah i'll give you something a little here. I think it's interesting. I think it's interesting.
So I put together, this was used to be available.

[1:14:54] This used to be available, but the video site went down.
So I'm going to give you guys a copy of this, uh, just in case, if you ever want to see me, how much sweat work, blood and tears I put into, uh, recording an audio book.
When I recorded the audio book of of the future i recorded video uh so you can sort of see and if you want to listen to it that way that's fine as well but if you ever want to see just how ferociously i pour myself into the recording of an audio audiobook you can check out that link as well so i hope that you will uh check that out we should do more talks like this men need it i'd be very very happy to and i always appreciate wherever the conversation goes over the course of the evening so my good good friends thank you so much have yourself a beautiful evening and thank you so much for all of your your support. Take care, my friends. I'll talk to you soon. Bye.

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