Freedomain Newsletter 30 May 2020

Hey Freedomain Supporter:

I hope you are staying safe during these volatile times... The crisis of leftist violence is upon us, and I hope that, over the past 15 years, I have helped arm you with a deep understanding of root causes, and how to stay safe!

I have done two videos on the death of George Floyd - the amount of essential information being kept from you by the media will truly blow your mind:

AMERICA BURNS! The George Floyd Disaster...

George Floyd Autopsy Shocker!

I also had a beautiful interview with John B. Wells, which I hope gives you some courage: "JOIN US IN BATTLE!"

Don't forget to join the Freedomain community and participate in all the text, voice and video chats that are going on - including trivia games, Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, Minecraft servers and a regular call in show - please subscribe here:

Also don't forget my imminent debate with "Rationality Rules" - May 31 2020, 4pm EST

Click below, then click on 'Reminder' - see you then!

Please let me know how you are doing, and how you are handling this strange new world.

Thanks SO MUCH for all your very kind support over the years, and please let me know what I can do better!

Best wishes,

Stefan Molyneux, MA
Host, Freedomain

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