The God of Atheists
The God of Atheists

Three men wake up one morning and decide to take what they have not earned. Dave, a shifty entrepreneur, starts a software company to cash in on the high-tech boom. Al, a down-and-out music producer, bullies his handsome son into forming a boy-band. Alder, an obscure academic, steals a brilliant idea from a grad student. As they exploit the talented but naïve youths around them, their fame and wealth increase – but they become more and more terrified of exposure and humiliation. Thus the older generation preys on the younger – but this exploitation does not escape the notice of their children. As family fortunes rise, the youngest children become more and more suspicious of their parents. They meet in secret and wonder: are they really good people? In all-too-short a time, the answer is clear: their parents are corrupt, and hard choices must be made. The children go on strike, refusing to take tainted money. This decision throws in motion a series of dramatic events that leave all three families poised on the brink of destruction – or salvation.

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The God of Atheists

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