The episode delves into influencing behavior changes, societal values, and authenticity. Topics include skiing misconceptions, bone health, and positivity through small gestures, highlighting the importance of genuine connections amidst societal hurdles.


0:00 Tech Rant
3:11 Influencer's Dilemma
10:47 Society's Confused Driver
22:51 The Dark Reality
28:49 Rejecting Corruption
34:57 Rewarded for Truth
42:23 Choosing Company Wisely
46:28 The Skiing Misconception
55:10 Bitcoin Market Update
56:35 Exercise Enthusiasm
1:03:06 Importance of Core Work
1:05:35 Healthy Eating Habits
1:09:58 Posture and Body Awareness
1:13:17 Changing Minds with Empathy
1:17:43 Dating and Meeting People
1:20:48 Spreading Positivity
1:22:08 Spreading Positivity Through Small Acts
1:28:33 Kindness in Sales: Adding Value and Defending
1:34:09 Overcoming Cynicism from Past Trauma
1:40:22 Addressing Systemic Issues and Incentives
1:48:10 Building Connections Through Genuine Curiosity
1:51:54 Understanding Anxiety and Overthinking
1:54:45 Effects of Systemic Failures on Individuals
1:58:00 Scheduling Breaks for Personal Productivity
1:59:48 Unpacking Engineered Racial Tensions
2:00:41 Gratitude and Community Engagement

Long Summary

Reflecting on the recent tech rant clip and the idea of influencing behavior changes, I delve into the perpetual nature of trying to influence others, drawing from personal experiences like organizing volleyball games. Exploring societal norms, childhood beliefs, truth, and morality, I reference a documentary on Jimmy Savile to question societal morals in the face of heinous crimes. Skepticism towards the high-trust society and the credibility of those in power leads me to call for humility in assessing moral judgment complexities. The host explores societal values, consequences of speaking out against evil, and the listener's fear of backlash for opposing immoral behavior. Emphasizing positive framing, the host shares anecdotes on navigating relationships and surrounding oneself with supportive individuals. Disengaging from global issues, the host focuses on personal connections, philosophy, and the importance of authenticity. The episode playfully concludes with references to past podcasts and a nod to palindromes. Discussing misconceptions around skiing and bone health, I debunk the idea that skiing breaks bones, highlighting its benefits for bone strength. Transitioning to the concept of value in Bitcoin and personal exercise preferences, I touch on racquet sports, weightlifting, and maintaining a good relationship with one's body. Sharing memories of physical activities like running, swimming, and hiking, I engage with listeners on exercise-related topics, providing insights and experiences. The host delves into the benefits of dynamic stretching over static stretches, suspicions of medical studies being influenced by special interest groups, and the importance of core strength. Reflecting on food marketing tactics, additives, posture, and choosing philosophy over politics, they stress positive interactions and leaving a positive impact. Giving dating advice, the host encourages initiating friendly conversations to spread positivity. Sharing personal anecdotes on the impact of small acts of kindness and positive interactions, I stress the importance of genuine connections and spreading positivity through simple gestures. Emphasizing friendly and respectful engagement, I offer tips on maintaining a positive attitude amid societal challenges. Reflecting on systems versus individual behavior and the significance of positive interactions, I underscore the impact of positivity in professional interactions. Delving into the effects of societal systems on individuals, I discuss how incentives shape behavior and highlight the need for change through peaceful parenting and protecting children. Touching on racial tensions, personal interactions, overcoming cynicism, and anxiety from childhood trauma, I emphasize the importance of building connections and positivity. Expressing gratitude to listeners, I invite them to further engage with the content.


Tech Rant

[0:00] And that recorded too. Yeah. Good morning. Good morning. Tech rant.
No, no, I actually, everything's been well, I suppose we'll see if this ends up looping or not.
We shall see. We shall see.
But yeah, I had, it's interesting. So I had a guy, I did it.
This is out for the premium. I did a show yesterday.
I did a show yesterday about a guy who was nagging at me. Hey man.
Why are you doing tech rants and talking about food? Like, well,
people enjoy the tech rants and people ask me about how my no sugar diet is going.
So, uh, it's just kind of funny. Like, and I, I just sort of summarize it though.
You should watch the whole video when you want people to get to do something, right?
Everybody, we all want each other to change their behaviors, right?
I mean, yeah. Some people want me to talk about different things.
I'm sure you do. I'm sure there are some topics you like more than others that I do.
And we're all perpetually trying to get other people to change their behaviors. Is that right?
Is that right? Isn't that our constant job?
Tell me, give me some things that you've recently tried to get people to change their behaviors.
I mean.

[1:25] When I'm at some warm place, And if there's a volleyball net,
I'm roaming around trying to get people to play volleyball.
And I've managed to get some great games organized. It's funny.
Some time ago, I was like, there was a bunch of teen girls there.
Now, teen girls, not necessarily always the very best at sports,
but they looked fairly fit.
So I'm like, birds versus monkeys.
I don't know if that's out of Rio. so i was
like hey do you guys want to play volleyball they looked at each other it's like
yeah okay we could give it a shot and that does not
seem to be great and then did not seem to be that great so we got some manly
men and they're like let's do boys versus girls i'm like okay well whatever
right uh and it turns out that they were a uh an extremely good volleyball team
and it was a slaughterhouse on the sand.
It was basically, it made Dune look like Mr. Rogers' neighborhood in terms of sand slaughter.
It was just horrendous. They were so good.
And I did apologize to them afterwards. I'm like, I'm sorry,
I may have prejudged a little and I judged incorrectly.

[2:44] So, yeah, I'm always, I'm obviously the whole point of being a influencer is
to try and get people to change their behaviors.
Advertisers are always trying to get you to change your behaviors.
And the European Union is now trying to get people to change their behaviors
by not allowing anonymous transactions in crypto on hosted exchanges and so on.
So, yeah, it's pretty wild.

Influencer's Dilemma

So we're constantly trying to get each other to change our
behaviors uh a wife
sees a husband in full repose actually no my wife's pretty good
she's always saying you know relax put your feet up read a book i'm like
but there's philosophy to be done so yeah so let's see here what are you guys
trying to get people to change their behaviors um mr molyneux what would you
do if If your house was restored with you as its head,
what would you do as head?
I don't know what that means. You're always trying to get people to stay out
of debt and buy Bitcoin, yeah?
Move out of their place to start peaceful parenting to help cook pizza. My mom to eat better.
Yeah, yeah.

[4:01] Yeah. So we're constantly trying to get people to change their behavior.
Have I heard about the new documentary Quiet On Set? it's regarding children,
child actors being abused.
I mean, my gosh. Was it Gabe Hoffman had a documentary some time ago about abuse in Hollywood?
An Open Secret, I think it was called. So I think I interviewed him on the show.
And he never got sued.
So that's not an absolute certainty of truth, but for those of us in the know,
This has been known forever and ever. Amen.
I mean, poor young Leonardo DiCaprio.
I don't want to put names out. Alanis Morissette.
And yeah, this has been a constant issue going back for decades.
Aids. For those of us in the know, the fact that there's a new documentary out
about it is interesting and just
shows you that nothing will happen and everyone will get away with it.
Gabe Hoffman interview. Yes. FDR 4065.

[5:19] Yeah, it's horrendous. It's horrendous of stuff. And I have a rant,
but it's about as dark as dark could be.
And I don't know if I want to honestly, this is not me teasing like I don't
know if I want to start the day.

[5:37] This dark, maybe I'll hold it off for later.

[5:44] Oh, and what may have happened to that young girl out of The Exorcist? Was it The Exorcist?
Joe's voting twice. Joe's voting twice.
Dark rent and dark roast coffee. Oh, that reminds me. I should turn.
I have a, again, being a little cheap, sadly a little cheap,
I got a coffee heater that apparently has only one setting, thermonuclear.
Yep Corey Feldman talked about it many many years ago was it on 60 Minutes or
something and boy they pushed back hard against him yeah,
well of course British girls were being raped starting from the 70s they knew
this with a small subsection of immigrants and it was all crazy it's all,
All right, let's see here.

[6:53] I don't know what you're talking about. Well, so it wasn't, yeah, the Jimmy Savile thing.
Jimmy Savile. I mean, the guy looked like a freak. He was a freak.
It was pretty obvious he was a freak. The rumors were circulating for decades.
So, all right, I'll do this. Because this is what provoked it.
I have a certain nostalgia for my childhood. I know this sounds odd,
because, of course, I had a pretty brutal and violent childhood.
But I have a certain amount of nostalgia for it.

[7:19] Because I didn't know that much about the world. And I hoped,
of course, to escape the bloody nest of my origin story to a place of sweet reason in society,
because I viewed society as flawed and problematic, but largely rational and
dedicated to the virtues that it claimed to be following.
So some guy says he wants to lose weight. You know, he'll give it a shot. You can appeal to him.
He may fail or whatever, you know, like quitting smoking.
You may fail, but that's your goal and you're on that journey and that's your
intent. And so I sort of thought that society was significantly flawed,
but you could appeal to people and you could say, but you're deviating from your values.
And people would say, yeah, that's true.
Yeah. You know, that's, that's a valid criticism. You've got a point.

[8:07] I am deviating from my values. And so I will, however bumpy I will course, correct.
You know, I viewed society as a confused driver with reason as a, as a GPS. Yes.
I said, the confused driver's like, well, I really want to get to town B. I want to get to town B.
Say, Boston. Boston. I want to get to Boston. I want to get to Boston.
I'm a little confused. I'm a little stuck in the tangle of back roads.
I really want to get to Boston.
And the GPS of reason comes along and says, turn here, turn here, turn here.
And society would be like, oh, great. Oh, thank you. I really wanted to get
to Boston. And you've helped me get into Boston. So, good. Thank you.
Or they may get mad. It's like, oh, why didn't you tell me earlier?
Or I can't believe I've wasted so much time in these back roads.
It might be, but they'll at least want to get to Boston.
That was a general idea I had as a child.

[9:00] Sweet, broken, and naive that I was, that was my general thought with regards to society.
I knew, of course, that there are bad people who hate reason.
There are good people who love reason. And there are lots of people in the middle
who say they want reason.
They might kick about it a little bit, but in the end, they'll thank you.
You know, like a guy who's addicted to some drug, he wants to quit the drug.
And if you stop giving him money and hold him accountable for his choices,
he'll kick and scream, but eventually he'll thank you.

[9:41] That was my belief. And the nostalgia that I have is for that belief.
For that belief. Now, that belief
was a necessary hope and a star to guide myself by when I was little.
I had to have that. I had to have that. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten out
of bed. I had to have that belief that reason was absent in the world.
And I knew that there were people who'd fight like hell against reason and virtue.
And there were people who were already pro-reason and there were lots of people
in the middle who wanted to be rational, wanted to be sensible, wanted to be moral.
And however annoyed they might be if the GPS tells them, whoa,
whoa, you're way off course recalculating. I'm going to have to recalculate
from an interstellar parsec standpoint.

Society's Confused Driver

You're off. You're sitting on your butt, but you're off past Uranus.

[10:58] Recalculating. You know, like the longer you recalculate, the worse it is.
Finding root, finding root. Holy crap. Are you ever off course, right?
So people would be mad and annoyed and they might even shoot the messenger a
little, but fundamentally they'd be like, well, I really want to get to Boston
and this guy's telling me how to get to Boston, right?
That was the general thought, the general idea.

[11:29] So that was my thought.
People want to be good parents. They just don't know how. They don't have the
reason. They don't have the arguments.
They don't have the facts. They don't have the data. They don't have the right
approach. They don't have the moral goal.
We just want to be rational. We respect the truth.
We want the truth. What was I was told as a kid? Tell the truth.
Be honest. Speak the facts. Don't lie.
Whatever you do, don't lie. Oh, funny story. It just turned out that when I
was in possession of information that those in authority wanted, then I shouldn't lie.
When I was in possession of information those in authority didn't want,
well, that's just hate speech, right?

[12:35] So, I think about and miss that belief, that belief.

[12:53] Society always told me, be good, don't lie, tell the truth. truth.
So I fell for that ruse. I fell for that con job.
Okay. So got it. Don't lie. Tell the truth. Be good.
Don't lie. Tell the truth to be good. Oh, and protect children.
You know, I believe the children are a future and teach them well and let them, oh,
I just weak everything for For the kids, you go to the pharmacy and rows upon
rows of happy birthday, grandson, and you're going to be very special.
My niece and my daughter, my future, and we care about the kids. Oh, the kids.
We love our kids. We care about our kids.
Don't lie. Be good. Tell the truth, I was told.
And like a Swiss cheese brained vacant eyed idiot I was like okay so I'm literally
it's hammered into me like nails into a cross,
we care about our children we love our children don't lie tell the truth be good.

[14:19] Well I guess that's what they want that isn't it.

[14:27] I guess that's what they want. You know, if your wife nags you for like three
years to clean out the garage, you might be forgiven for thinking that she might
want you to actually clean out the garage.
Crazy thought, I know. But when society spent every single conceivable jewel
of its energy telling me we care about the children, don't lie, tell the truth, be good,
I was like, oh, okay, so when I get older, if I get into any position of prominence,
and I did this even before I was in any position of prominence,
I guess what I should do is care about the children, don't lie,
tell the truth, and be good.

[15:10] Funny story.
You know what they don't want you to do? And we're not just talking about people in power.
You know what they absolutely don't want you to do? They don't want you to care
about the children, don't lie, tell the truth, and be good.
They absolutely don't want you to do that.
I mean, they'll say it, and they'll punish you for not doing any of that as
a kid, according to their standards.
But they really, really don't want you to do that.
For real. deal. They will punish the living crap out of you if you dare to follow
the moral instructions they punished you for not following as a child.
Now, I had some nostalgia for my childhood too, because it was safe.
It was a very safe childhood. I say this to some friends.
At dinner last night, like I was four or five years old, I could roam all over
the city. I needed three pennies for the the bus.
I could go to the war museum. I could go to a swimming pool.
I could go to Park Hyde Park. I could go just about anywhere.
That level of safety outside the home was, I'm very nostalgic for.

[16:35] So, tell the truth is just a humiliation ritual, and the moment telling the
truth humiliates anyone in power, they don't care about telling the truth,
they only care about shutting you up.
By hook or by crook, no matter what.
That's empiricism, right?
That's empiricism.
Now, why am I saying this? Well, I watched a documentary on Jimmy Savile.
Jimmy Savile, for those of you who don't know, was one of the most beloved English
institutions starting in the, what, 1950s, 1960s.
He was a DJ. He was a television personality. He was besties with all of the
rich and powerful people.
No one had any problems with him. He was given marital advice to Prince Charles and Lady Diana.
He was besties, best friends with Margaret Thatcher, who constantly kept trying to get him knighted.
He was just accepted and beloved and supported by everyone in the British power structure.

[17:57] Although the rumors did dog that he was a pedophile, See, he worked,
he volunteered at a whole bunch of places where there were children,
kind of like reform schools and hospitals and so on.
And yeah, he raped ill children. And he raped boys, girls, little boys,
little girls, all the way up to age 70.
One of the most prolific rapists, serial rapists, who operated with impunity
for decades in the highest structures of British society.
And everyone loved him.

[18:34] And he died. He died.
And then after he died, in part because there was a British,
kind of MySpace or Facebook app called Friend Finder or something,
people began exchanging information and the facts started to come out and there
were like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of complaints about the guy and
were investigated and found to be credible.
And then the BBC, who funded and promoted most of his work, investigated themselves
and found out it was totally fine. Nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
And nothing really has happened. There's no reforms, no changes,
no... I mean, there were reports of pedophilia at the highest levels of society
that Margaret Thatcher, big free-market helmet head girl, she suppressed them.

[19:27] And what has changed since all these revelations came out? I think he was in his 80s when he died.
And what's changed? Nothing has changed. Nothing has reformed.
So although I have some nostalgia for my childhood in England,
any society, any system that not only lets that happen, but promotes and gives
access to, and not one single reporter really looked into it and published,
and not one person had any questions or comments, not one person and went to
talk to the children, really, and get their views.
And the system, you know, the kids were like, well, come on. I mean, he's the Pope.
He was a big fan of Jimmy Savile.
Or at least they met. So the kids were all like, wait, this guy's friends with royalty.
He's friends with politicians. He's friends with the Pope.
He's beloved by everyone. Who's going to believe me?

[20:39] The high-trust society is gone now. No.
The high-trust society of my childhood was an illusion because of Jimmy Savile.
I was like a kid. Houses were bombed on either side of him. He's fine,
so he says, War isn't that bad.

[21:10] Now, the high-trust society was just, I was lucky.
Because all these people high up in society are like, you've got to be good,
and you've got to protect the environment, and you've got to love this,
and you've got to hate that, and this is bigoted, and that is racist,
and you've got to not spew out any CO2, and you've got to eat bugs,
and you've got to, it's like, you all were friends with a sick,
rampant pedophile and had no idea.
Like, why the fuck would I listen to any of your moral mutterings about how
to be good, how to be nice, how to be right, how to protect the environment?
It's like, y'all couldn't protect hundreds of children from being raped by an
obvious sicko pedophile.

[22:05] Why the fuck would I listen to you about anything? really important we protect
the environment for future generations.
You couldn't even protect children from a serial rapist pedophile who operated
with impunity at the highest levels of society for 60 fucking years.
Why would I listen to anyone about anything? in any prominence or position of power.

The Dark Reality

And people haven't sat there and said, this hasn't been a humbling moment.
You know, if someone you were best pals with turned out, and you took a lot
of moral advice with, and you praised and said was a great guy and so on,
and he turned out to be a serial child raping, ill child raping pedophile, mile.

[23:15] Would that not be a tiny bit of moral humbling? Just a tiny bit?
Would you not have a certain pause and say, huh, well, I claim to be able to
recognize great evils distant in the future and distant in society.
I claim to be able to condemn people I've never met.
Yet a guy I was very close to and took a lot of advice was turned out to be
about as evil a human being as existed. it.
Would that not, I mean, would that not humble you a tiny bit and say, huh, interesting.
Interesting. Maybe I should be a little fucking humble about my abilities to
say what is good and evil if I was kind of besties with someone like that.

[24:22] I mean, I think I had a certain sense that there were things in the society
of my youth that were worth preserving, worth trying to preserve.
I'm not really sure I believe that so much anymore.
This is the result of the system that was.
That those who talk about evil things are punished, and those who do evil things
are rewarded. And the people in power cannot recognize a massive evil right in their faces.
Okay, so if you went to a doctor who said he was an expert at determining the
early signs of illness, of tumor,
and he had a big, giant tumor on his neck, and he said, I'm an expert at figuring
out the very early and subtle signs of tumors, and he got a big,
giant tumor on his neck, wouldn't you think that person was quite insane?

[25:45] All right, let's get to your questions. Thank you for the tip. I appreciate that.
The support is most gratefully accepted. Thank you very much. slash donate.
If you'd like to donate there as well, and you're listening later, slash donate.
So, person writes, my wife and I are no longer invited to her parents' home
since we spoke out against her married sister bringing her lover to a family event. rent.
My mother-in-law told my wife that she must apologize if she ever wants to step
foot in their house again.
My wife is being punished for speaking the truth. My daughters are asking why
their grandparents no longer want to see them.
What are you talking about?

[26:34] That's a total lie. I'm not saying you're a liar. I'm just saying that is a total lie.
And I say this with appreciation for the tip, but here's my tip in return. That's totally false.
Absolutely, completely, and totally false. And in a sense, how dare you say that?

[26:51] Your wife is being punished for speaking the truth? No. What a way to phrase
it. She's not being punished.
Your wife is being rewarded for speaking the truth.
You can't come into our house of amoral hell.
You are not invited to break bread with people who celebrate lovers with a married woman.
Oh, no, that's such punishment. You are not invited to the orgy that will give
you syphilis. Oh, no, I'm being punished.
Sorry, I know that's a harsh analogy. What do you mean you're being punished?
What are you talking about?
She's being punished for speaking the truth? No, she's being rewarded for speaking
the truth. I mean, I don't understand where you're coming from.
What is that punishment? Punishment? Really horrible, amoral,
nasty, vicious people don't want to spend time with us.
Oh no, the punishment is so extreme.
I am barred from the restaurant that serves a steady diet of shit sandwiches.
Oh no, the punishment is florid.
What are you talking about? You're being punished.
Sorry, I don't mean to laugh. It's really sad, I get that. But that's just draw-dropping.
Horrible people don't want to spend time with me.
Oh, no.

[28:15] That's terrible. The people who are shielding, because it's not just,
right? It's not just her parents, right?
It's all the good people who've been kept out of your life because you're around these people.
Oh no, the shit sandwich restaurant has banned me, which means I might have
to end up going to the really good tasting restaurant place.

Rejecting Corruption

[28:50] Oh no, oh no. The place where terrible things happen is barring me.
The punishment will it never end.
The gym that has cholera in the drinking fountain and various forms of flesh-eating
bacteria on the equipment has banned me. The horror.

[29:17] What a brazen move, bringing the lover. No, she knows. She knows.
She brought the lover knowing that...
I mean, I'm sure that bringing the lover was just a way of ejecting you.
You understand, right? The moment you begin to awaken morally,
morally, the corrupt people in your life are always looking for an excuse to get rid of you.
You know this, right? This is nothing I need to tell you. Like the moment you
begin to awaken morally, all of the corrupt people in your life will just be
looking for excuses to get rid of you.
And so your sister-in-law brought the lover, she's married, she brought her
lover, and that's just a way of outing the virtuous so they can be banished, right?
You understand that for a corrupt person being around a moral person is hell. It's hell.
They can't stand it. It enrages them, right? The demons who've taken possession
of their heart, so to speak,
must get rid of you because they wish to establish establish their universal,
unquestionable authority over the soul that they've conquered.
Right? I mean, you've seen a million movies where the girl is possessed and
on the bed and the priest comes in, head spinning, right?
How much does the demon like the priest being there?

[30:45] It's a battle to the death in a way. So moral awakening will,
I mean, I don't need to tell you much about this.
We've seen it play out over the last couple of years, right?
So moral awakening brings hostility.
Moral awakening brings hostility. Now, I mean, there may be a few people who
are inspired by you and wish to
emulate you and follow you in your path to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
But, you know, you think of a really fat family and one person starts losing
weight, what is the fat family going to do? Are they going to be like,
wow, that's really inspiring.
I'm so thankful and grateful and glad that you've lost the weight.
This is great. This is wonderful. I can't wait to join you on your weight loss journey.
No, they generally don't do that at all. What do they do?
Encourage you to eat more. They get resentful that you're not eating more.
Finish your plate. You're wasting away. You're too skinny. You need some food. What are you doing?
Stay fat, stay fat, stay fat.
And if you don't do that,
they'll find somebody to kick you. Yeah, hell no, that fat family attack sabotages drags you down.

[31:57] Right. If you've got a family that drinks, and one guy's like,
you know, I don't want to drink anymore.
Like every time we get together, it's alcohol based.
Like, why do we need to drink so much? Is it that we don't like each other at
all? Like, what the hell's going on?
Are they like, wow, I'm so glad you have mentioned that. That is very helpful.
You are right. We are too much with the alcohol. We should stop, right?

[32:27] You're fat phobic. No, I'm kind of death phobic.
If that makes any sense, I'm kind of like, can't tie my own shoes.
Bad back, knee joint pain phobic.
I'm phobic of clogging up the Widowmaker and blowing my heart like a hand grenade
in the middle of my chest.
You know, I'm kind of phobic of death, disease, and being unable to clean myself efficiently.
I have some phobia, I guess. I have a phobia about my wife not finding me physically
attractive because I'm Jabba the Blob Hut. So, yeah.
But people who don't experience any kind of fear, which is not a healthy situation,
right? People who don't experience fear will always recast other people's revulsion as a phobia, right?
Or other people's fear as a phobia, right?

[33:24] So, and we know this, of course, with people who didn't take the jab and are fine.
I mean, I didn't take the jab and I got COVID and I'm fine.
Thank you. I will share this with my wife. Yeah. Yeah.
I can imagine there was some party.

[33:51] Where everybody had mumps, measles, rubella, and a vicious flu.
And they said, don't come. You'll get sick. Don't come. You'll get sick.
And you're like, damn it.
I'm being punished for being healthy. Damn it. I want to go and lick rubella off the wine glasses.
I'm a man i need mumps because fertility is a problem right so i mean don't you,
you know if you're a parent right i mean we have
obviously friends with kids and if their kids are sick the parents say our kids
are sick we're not going to cut right and we're like well thanks because you
know i don't want to i don't want to have a week and and half of a sore throat
just for socializing, right? So we'll wait till the kids are better.
I don't sit there and say, my God, I can't believe they're rejecting me just
because they don't want to make me sick.

Rewarded for Truth

[34:57] What can i say i'm again i'm not trying to say it's not painful it is painful,
but i'm telling you 95 of happiness is how you phrase things and i'm not kidding
about that like 95 of happiness is how you phrase things in your mind and when
you say we're being punished for telling the truth.
And I say, no, you're being rewarded for telling the truth. You understand that
that changes everything.
I'm not full on Hamlet, like there's nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
But 95% of your happiness is how you frame things, right?
I've been deplatformed. None of my colleagues have supported me. Oh, that's terrible.
I've had my life's works destroyed and everyone's corrupt. I could just go down that spiral, right?
As opposed to, wow, is that ever liberating?
Is that ever liberating? I now have loyalty to a smaller community of people
with actual integrity and to philosophy and to the future.

[36:06] I am liberated.
Damn it, you can't go to war. We're not putting you on the front lines.
You can't take a face full of shrapnel. Oh, no. No, I don't get to fight and get my legs blown off.
Oh no, as opposed to, yeah.
Yeah, that's a relief. Yay, I get to work on my painting.

[36:34] I don't get to spend time around corrupt people. It's not a punishment.
That's a reward. They say virtue is its own reward, right?

[36:50] Have you ever had this situation where you are sitting with some corrupt people?
For whatever reason, right? You're sitting with some corrupt,
compaging Dr. Goiter. That's good. You're sitting with some corrupt people.
I had this. I won't really get into the specifics, but there was a family member
I was invited over, and everybody who was there was just weird.
You know, they were dressed weirdly, they had weird little things in their faces and ears,
they were too loud or too soft and just not natural, not organic,
not themselves, not relaxed people comfortable in their own skin.
Every joke was edgy and no communication was direct and people had their little
little jabs at each other and their in-jokes at other people's expenses.
And they mocked each other. And I was just like, A, this is hell in a way.
And B, what am I doing here?
What am I doing here with these people?

[38:07] There's a pretty bad movie with Bill Murray and Robert De Niro.
I can't I don't remember the name of it.
And they kind of reversed, right? Bill Murray played the gangster and Robert
De Niro played the non-gangster.
And Bill Murray was surrounded by these, you know, trashy hitmen and gangster
people and, you know, polyester, Eastern European jumpsuit-wearing gabagoo morons.
And he said, yeah, this is my life. This is the people I run with.
And it was really, really sad.

[38:41] I don't know if you've ever had this situation, what am I doing here?
Is this how I'm going to spend my life? Are these the people I'm going to go through life with?
Is this what I deserve? Is this my level? Is this,
where I'm going to spend my precious days?
With these people all they do is manipulate, maneuver, avoid, denigrate and level.
There's nothing authentic, nothing genuine, nothing affectionate,
nothing human, nothing curious.
It's cold. Chilly.
I mean, I'm a pretty warm-hearted person. I can be kind of sentimental.
And this is why, you know, the movie Dune was just cold. It's like,
this is hell. This isn't Dune, this is hell.
And, I mean, the writer himself, Frank Herbert, was hell as a father.
He was in charge of pretty brutal psychological and physical abuse of his children. Hiring.
Wiring your children up to a fake lie detector or to mentally torture them.
My God, Mrs. Spatter's monstrous. No, he doesn't get canceled. Nobody cares, right?

[40:04] Why, why am I here?
You know, like I remember being at some party with a friend of mine and,
uh, he, he worked for me, although I tried always to flatten that hierarchy and so on.
So he worked for me, but every joke, every time he made a comment about me,
it was something that I had done that was foolish or whatever it is. Right.
Uh, I went skiing with him and I, he was a very good skier. He grew up on skis
and I'm, I'm okay as a skier.
I can do all but the toughest hills, but I have to do them kind of slowly.
So I'm okay as a skier or whatever. I'm no big shakes, but I,
you know, I generally I'm fine anyway. So I hit a patch of ice,
didn't know how to handle it and fell.
And every time we went up on the ski lift, he's like, Hey, that's where you fell.
And I'm like, okay. And he's like, well, you did like, I'm just telling the
truth. Right. And so there were just these little kind of jabs all the time.
And I'm like, oh, and I was like, yeah, you grew up on skis.
Good for you. I grew up in England. Didn't ski, right? So you skied all the
time as a kid, and he's a very good skier.
So, so what? And what I didn't, what I didn't, oh, you didn't know that about Frank Herbert?
Oh, he's a complete monster.
Yeah, I mean, we did a whole show about this, which you should listen to,
going into great detail about what a monster he was as a, as a father.

[41:30] Yeah, it was just appalling.

[41:37] And, of course, my career was very successful.
I was falling in love with my wife, and that was all going very well,
and so on. And he was single and hanging out with a bunch of people who drank all the time.
And so, yeah, look, I fell skiing. Who cares, right?
But he constantly had to...

[42:01] I guess he felt lesser than, so he constantly had to, and it was unconscious, right?
And I tried calling him out on it and didn't. So anyway, at some point,
like I'm just sitting there with a bunch of his friends and everybody's drinking
and nobody's talking about anything.
And he's just kind of making these little snipey comments. And I'm like,
what am I doing here? It's not, it's not, it's not the place for me.

Choosing Company Wisely

Like, what am I doing here? Now here, these conversations, love them, right? right?
I woke up this morning with a spring in my step and a song in my heart because
I get to chat with you guys about philosophy. Yay, beautiful, lovely.
Could it have come from his father criticizing him? Don't care.
Why would I care? I'm not his therapist. I'm not his philosopher guy. Why would I care?
I'm not in friendships to change people. You follow? I'm not in friendships
Friendships to change people?
I'm not in friendships to change people. Well, let's unpack your childhood and
figure out why you're sniping at me and this and that and the other, right?
Steph, did you invest in micro-strategy?

[43:20] I don't know. Well, how about we don't talk about each other's finances?
How about that as a boundary?
How about we don't talk about each other's portfolios and investment strategies?
So no, I don't like, I don't find people who are kind of snarky and then invest
a huge amount of time and energy trying to, trying to fix them.

[43:44] Why? How about you just find people who aren't broken and enjoy their company?
I mean, if you're a ski instructor, let's say you want to train Olympic athlete
skiers, do you find some lazy fat guy with a broken leg and try and convince
him to become a skier? No.
No, you don't. You look at the people who are already fantastic skiers and you work with them, right?

[44:14] Micro-strategy. Yeah.
No, I'm fine. I just don't know why people would ask me about my investments. It's kind of personal.
So, yeah. If you are really good at tennis and you want to play doubles tennis
and you're a tennis partner, do you find some, I don't know,
fat gardener who's never picked up a racket and say,
okay, I'm now going to invest years trying to get you to become a great tennis
player so that we can play doubles tennis? Of course you don't.
You find somebody who's really good at tennis that you enjoy playing but then you play with them,
have you spoken about haiti seems so hopeless i cannot remember it ever being somewhat stable,
i mean we we all know the reason why haiti is the way that it is i mean they've
been what was it did they did they slaughter all the foreigners a couple hundred
two hundred years ago whatever they slaughtered all the foreigners and they've
gone their own way and we all know haiti is the the way it is and why and it's
not an interesting topic but i'm.

[45:20] I'm i'm focused on philosophy and my family
my friends my community what happens elsewhere in the world is gloriously unfortunately
no longer my concern i said all that i needed to say many years ago and the
work is there for anybody who wants to peruse it if there's all the answers
you need and I don't need to revisit it because, right?
So yeah, you don't need to, uh, there's no, there's no doubt about any of that. So, all right.
Uh, let me get to your other questions or comments.

[46:05] Yes, the podcast for The Truth About Dune, which I did with Jared James and Izzy.
FDR 5-4-4-5. 5-4-4-5. Hey, a palindrome.
A palindrome, a bolt would be not lob. Skiing breaks bones.

The Skiing Misconception

[46:28] I'm sorry, that's not smart. And you're a smart guy. So that's not smart.
Why is it not smart to say that skiing breaks bones?
I know he said skying, but he meant skiing. I can handle that translation. Why is it not smart,
to say that skiing breaks bones?
Here's your little philosophy test.
Falling down mountains breaks bones? That doesn't add anything to the intelligence of what's being said.
Breaks them conditionally and rarely? Madam, I'm at a...taco cat.
Breaks them conditionally and rarely? Nope. Bad skiing breaks bones? Nope.
I'm so annoying, I apologize, I really do. No, no, I apologize.
But skiing breaks bones? Causal versus correlation? Nope.

[47:36] Is it implicit that you can break bones from skiing? Nope People choosing to ski breaks bones? Nope,
Lack of skill breaks bones? Nope,
It's the exact opposite Skiing does not break bones Skiing strengthens bones,
Skiing strengthens bones All pressure on bones strengthens them them.
You go skiing, you're strengthening your bones.
Now, is it true that if you do a sport that strengthens your bones,
it's possible to fall and get injured?
Yes, of course it is. But saying skiing breaks bones is false.
Skiing strengthens bones. Now, falling breaks bones, maybe, rarely, occasionally.
But what's your alternative? Is there an alternative where you don't do the
exercise, then your bones deteriorate anyway?
Not skiing breaks bones. Do you follow? Not skiing breaks bones.
Skiing does not break bones.
Skiing strengthens bones. Not skiing breaks bones.
Because if you don't ski or you don't do any kind of exercise,
and all exercise involves risk, right?
So if you don't ski, you don't exercise, you don't do load-bearing stuff on
your bones, they get weaker and weaker and then you end up with osteoporosis.
Your bones are brittle and you trip and you break your hip.

[48:56] So when somebody, and listen, I'm not trying to be mean, right,
because I know you're a smart guy, but skiing breaks bones is a false statement.
Skiing builds bones. Yeah, and that's true. It's true.
If you fall skiing, you could hurt yourself, but you're going to hurt yourself
if you don't ski or exercise for sure.
Somebody says, I tried to learn how to ski a couple of years ago.
I was stressed out trying to learn.
I should give it another go, but found it terrifying. fine well it
may not be that it may be that that's not the exercise for
you right maybe that's not the exercise
again i'm i'm average at a lot of things so
i'm i'm an okay skier i've never been a big ski
guy but um i've gone a bunch of times and my daughter is very much a uh um side
to side or snow plow is for the week she's just like a bullet going straight
down the hill she has a risk tolerance that is right yeah try swimming if falling
is a big concern yes but it's like saying saying swimming causes ear infections, right?
And it can, right? I mean, the water gets in or whatever it is, right? So yeah.

[50:02] Yeah. Lots of things you can do. I have exercised most for most of my life.
Um, from, I mean, I ran around a lot as a kid.
I went through a, um, uh, sort of fairly mid chunky depressed phase in my early teens.
And since then I've been exercising and And I've injured myself a couple of times.
I still have a slight crystallized back tendon from something I don't even remember doing.
It was a, it was a, it wasn't even a weight exercise.
I was doing a cardio workout, like an aerobics workout with my wife.
And somehow it hurt my back. I, like my son, some sort of back tendon.
I went to get an x-ray and I've had to stretch it ever since.
And, and this has been like 15 years ago. so yeah I got an injury so what what's
the alternative don't exercise then I'm if I don't exercise I'm going to get injured for sure.

[50:57] Swimming causes drowning right right,
no swimming so he said skiing breaks bones so that would be swimming is drowning,
do occasionally people drown when they swim they do but saying swimming is drowning,
Drowning would be not helpful. Like that would be false, right?
Swimming is not drowning. In fact, it's a lack of swimming that causes drowning
because if you can't swim, you'll drown.
Or if you're not a strong enough swimmer, right?

[51:33] Somebody, oh, the woman says, I fell so much. Instructors came up one time asking
me if I was okay. I guess it looked bad. Yeah, ego bruised.
Yeah, I mean, it is tough, right? I hope you stayed on the bunny hills.
And I also hope like a good way to start skiing is to skate and get used to
just being on ice and snow and all of that kind of stuff.
Somebody says, oh, this woman says, I injured my back just blow drying my hair, LOL.
See, I injured my back just blow. So I'd complete that sentence on my own,
but drying your hair is a, is a fine way to end it too.
And yeah, it can happen. A friend of mine, uh, who's a homeschool mom,
she turned to get something from the shelf and hurt her foot.

[52:14] Oh no. Homeschooling hurts feet. I don't know.
So, uh, I just, and the reason I'm saying that is not, I'm not trying to make
the person who posted this feel bad.
Because obviously you're a very smart fellow and we all have our little hiccups
where we just say stuff that doesn't make any sense but it is important to catch
yourself in these anti-reality,
statements that we all make we all make them so again i'm not preaching from
any high place here but we all have these things where we just say things and
the important thing is to say I wonder why I said that, right?
So skiing breaks bones.
You're trying to get people to not ski, but you're making a general statement that's false, right?
Now, what we do here, and this is what economists do, but what we do here as
philosophers is we look for the hidden costs rather than the visible benefits, right?
I broke my toe kicking an apple.
Was it an apple made of concrete deeply wired into the ground? Thank you.

[53:22] Seeing videos where people injure themselves in the gym with heavy weights causes
me to exercise more carefully. It doesn't stop me from exercising. Right.
Right. I mean, I'm very happy if, and I'm still doing the same workout I did when I was 20.
Right. So that means I've gotten stronger just because, you know,
it's been an ungodly number of hours of years really since I was 20. What's that? 37 years.
Right. so i'm almost twice from 20 than i was 220 so for me a successful exercise is.

[54:03] Don't uh diminish what you do right and at some point i'll have to but but not yet all right,
i broke a finger blocking a kick in martial arts still kept doing it ah all
right hopefully you You weren't combining that with the skiing,
although that would be cool. I would watch that for sure.
So, yeah. So when people say that, you know, exercise causes injury,
it's like, no, no, no. Lack of exercise causes injury, right?
Nope. Making an Apple joke that it's a computer. Never seen that before.
All right. Questions, comments, issues? Happy to hear. I have a little bit about
Bitcoin, but I may save that for a separate show because it's pretty darn technical.
Living causes injury certainly better than the alternative. I prefer water skiing. Water skiing is tough.
I've only tried it once or twice, but I do remember the massive amount of quad
work it took just to get up and out of the water.

Bitcoin Market Update

[55:11] What are we at Bitcoin-wise? This is Canadian. Don't get too excited.
89,487. And it's creeping back up. Last one day low was 87,333. So it's up.
I mean, 24 hours, it's up 790 bucks.
And so remember I said I didn't think it was going to go particularly low.
There'll be a drop, but you know.
See, people think that the price going down means it's losing value.
Which I don't view it that way. I don't view the price of Bitcoin going down
as Bitcoin losing value.

[55:50] As long as the, I mean, if nobody wanted to buy any Bitcoin and it went to zero,
or you had to pay people to take your Bitcoin, that would be Bitcoin losing value.
But it's just price discovery, right? Bitcoin being sold is moving from those
who don't think it's going to go up in value to those who do go up in value.

[56:14] Right? That's all it is. That's all it is.
And you want to transfer an asset. For an asset to go up in value,
it has to go from paper hands to diamond hands, right?
So every time the price goes down, it is gathering itself for upward momentum
because it's being transferred from those who think it's going to go down in
value to those who think it's going to go up in value.

Exercise Enthusiasm

Steph, what is your favorite exercise? Exercise. Oh, don't get me started.
Don't get me started. Oh, exercise talk. Could be three days straight.
Three days. I love talking about exercise. So don't get me, don't get me started
because then I'll rip my shirt off from nipples out.
It'll be like two torpedoes going through a fishing net.
Madonna torpedo bra. Fatality.
And I might knock the camera over by flexing. That's always a huge challenge
for me. Don't flex, particularly...
Middle-aged manly man boobs do not flex camera go through wall view of sky will
happen and exercise to food and tech. Yeah.

[57:26] Uh, let's see here.
So, uh, okay. I'll, I'll keep this brief. So my favorite exercise,
uh, is where the adrenaline throw, uh, flows through wishing to dominate and
win. And then I forget that I'm working out.
Yeah. So, uh, tennis, squash, pickleball, racket sports in particular,
I love, and I've been playing them since I was five.
Like when we were little kids, we used to be able to play for a couple of hours
free on the public courts and then they raised the price of that.
So my daughter used to get us up at dawn and we'd climb over the fence,
like 20 feet over this chain link fence to go and play tennis because she just
wasn't going to pay that, that money.
And so, yeah, Yeah, I've been in tournaments and so on, and I'm pretty good.
I'm pretty good at racquet sports.
And, I mean, I've won a couple of tournaments here and there.
So, obviously, you know, not super great. But, you know, I'm pretty good.
So, I like racquet sports.
Volleyball, I like a lot. But it's hard to find the right people to play volleyball with.
You know, the people, because a lot of times people are like,
you know what happens. You're playing with people at some pickup game or whatever.
And the people, they don't know. like you set them up and to spike and then
they don't do it so then you have to just hit it over and then it just becomes
hitting it back and over rather than any strategy so it's hard to find really good people to play.

[58:42] A volleyball with, but I see as a thing, I like weights.
I don't particularly like weights while I'm doing them, but that feeling afterwards
of swole, of feeling like, oh, strong muscle meat hanging off skeleton,
like sausages of primal power.
Uh, it's just, it's a great feeling when you're done and your muscles are humming
and you feel like your body is thanking you.
And, you know, I have a deal with my body, right? Like I'll treat you well,
you treat me well, you know, Because sometimes it's easy to slip into kind of
an uneasy relationship with your body.
It's like, hey, I brushed my teeth. Why are you hurting? Right? So you bastard.
But of course, your body's like, treat me well, I'll treat you well.
You know, feed me good food and I'll do well. Exercise and stretch me and I'll do you proud.
Treat me badly, I'll fuck you up.
I mean, it's a very, it's a very, the body has very powerful self-defense mechanisms
called making you feel miserable if you don't treat it well.
It nags at you. It gives you bad digestion. digestion
it'll get fat uh it'll give you joint pain you
know like it's like your teeth treat us well we'll treat you
well in return don't treat us well we'll make you
want to die from pain so all right
uh other kinds of exercise what do i do um i don't particularly like cardio
right just cardio like i do a bike machine i have a little bike machine and
i do that um i really can't and make myself do that more than twice a week because it really is dull.

[1:00:08] But, you know, I play a little game of Catan or something like that to just
sort of distract me from how boring it is.
So that's because, you know, you can't ride a bike in Canada year round.
So yeah, there's all of that kind of cool stuff. So yeah, it's really tough.
Yeah, cardio hurts my soul. Yeah, I've never been a big fan.
I've never been a big fan.
But I do have to stretch every day, right?

[1:00:35] You just started playing pick a ball. Yeah, it is fun. Pick a ball is great.
It is great. Cycling for monster quads. Yeah, but then you have to hang around bicyclists.
Tell us more about your exercise.
Don't enable me. It's your fault then.
You just reminded me of when I hit a friend that was standing beside me with
a tennis racket. Lots of blood.
Yeah, well, when you're serving and you're playing doubles, so you have to make
sure you don't hit, right? Hit your partner. Because they're standing off to
the side of your serving, right?
A lot of the Amish youth love volleyball if they're allowed to play it.
Agree. After weightlifting is nice. During, not so much. Yeah, I agree.
I agree. I rarely ever feel muscle pains or soreness, and I'm 34.
Am I lucky, or is the worst yet to come?
Well, you shouldn't. You should feel some tiredness, not necessarily soreness,
and you want to stay away from any joint stuff as much as possible.

[1:01:33] Do you run? I did. I did run in the past. I remember running.
I ran 24 miles once when I worked up north, like all the way into town from
the bush camp, all the way into town and back.
And I remember, yeah, I remember I was listening to Billy Joel in the middle
of the night and I was running. I remember running past.
This is like little fragments of memory that I'm going to record forever now.
But I remember running past a little power station, which had lights all around
it and and a fence that was like deep in the woods. And I'm like,
this is literally the middle of nowhere.
Why do you need, oh, I guess maybe it was for bears, come to think of it,
but why do you need lights?

[1:02:08] Anyway, so yeah, it's, but I haven't run.
I did some sprints with Izzy some years ago since I injured my knee in St.
Louis, which is all better now.
I haven't done any running. Of course, you know, I run as part of tennis and
pickleball and so on, but I don't run.
For me, it's probably not the wisest thing to do.
So you love long walks, yeah. I love long walks and hikes as well.
It's great. I love that feeling. I love the hot hammering. You're going up a
difficult hike, lots of climbing and so on. I just love that thudding of the chest.
That means that you're, it's like cleaning out the ducks in your house.
You just, oh, you've seen those
satisfying videos of pulling tires through culverts to clean them out.
I just feel like I'm spring cleaning my insides when I get some good cardio on.
Cough raises and abs are so boring. Yes. Yes. So leg exercises are very boring,
but I have to do them because if, I mean, because I'm doing racket sports,
racket sports are a lot of turning and lunging and springing and all of that.

Importance of Core Work

And so I have to do butt exercises.
I have to do calf exercises. I have to do quad exercises so that I don't hurt
myself because I have a couple of times hurt myself lunging in racket sports.

[1:03:19] And running is always the same thing too. I remember this from running.
So with running, Uh, you start off in the first 10 minutes, you think you're
going to die and then you hit your stride and you're like, this is easy. I could do this forever.
All right. Had a pay raise. Wanted to share the joy. Well, thank you. And congratulations.
Also looking for a date. Any single philosophical ladies around these parts.
You don't have to wear bike shorts to ride. Yeah, but then you get arrested
for not wearing anything if memory serves. So that's a challenge.

[1:03:58] Uh have you ever done a triathlon or something similar i mean no so when i was
a a teenager i did a lot of sports like i did soccer i did baseball i was on
the water polo team i was on the swim team i was on the cross-country running
team like i was just mr motion and uh so i mean I mean, I won some stuff, nothing major.
Obviously I was like the seventh best swimmer in Ontario, uh, for front crawl.
So not bad, obviously not, you know, any Olympic caliber stuff,
but I've done a lot of sports and, uh, I've always loved swimming myself.
Uh, I'm kind of a fish in the water. So, and I'm a pretty fast swimmer.
So, but no, I haven't done triathlons.

[1:04:39] Uh, Steph, research has come out that dynamic stretching is good and that static
stretches have negative results.
Maybe worth checking out. Okay. I'll check it out, but I just assume all studies are lies.
Like even the ones I agree with, I just assume that all medical studies are lies these days. Sorry.
It's just, it's just been something that served me well because you know,
when you're old, you remember when people said, oh my gosh, bacon and eggs are the worst thing ever.
Uh, you should have sugary cereal for breakfast, you know, just nonsense like that.
So I just Just assume that every health recommendation is a lie funded by special interest groups.
That's just like the pyramid is the food pyramid is a lie.
We also know that the sugar industry paid scientists to promote fat as the problem, not sugar.

[1:05:24] And this, of course, was embraced by the powers that be because they could add
sugar to food, which was easier to store and transfer, particularly frozen food
to make it taste better so that
women could go to work and men wouldn't complain that the food sucked.

Healthy Eating Habits

So yeah it's all all just terrible and of
course if you look at society just getting fatter and unhealthier so
it looks like the second half of the movie wally uh you
know that it's all just lies and nonsense and of course everything
that happened over uh covid and all of
that just i hope helps you realize that there's no
reason to trust anything uh trust the science they say oh well the science changed
and that's just the nature of science and i have to trust the new science oh
the science changed that's just the nature of science now you have to we were
moving at the the speed of science it's like yeah yeah i i uh i have i have
of late but where if i know not,
lost all my mirth no i'm just from hamlet but i have of late just kind of settled on to,
uh my particular way of eating right which is no added sugar i generally don't
eat much in the morning my daughter made a really nice smoothie a fluffy smoothie
this morning so i i had that but i generally don't eat to sort of mid-afternoon
and then i'll have a little something,
I'll have a big dinner and no dessert, and then maybe a tiny snack before bed.
That's sort of my whole thing.

[1:06:42] Uh okay steph now tell us your least favorite exercise i'm getting ideas from your responses,
um least favorite exercise let's see rowing
machines used to give me headaches you know just so i have
a bit of a widow's um hump you know this
thing where the neck goes forward that's the
result of i remember because i remembered when i was in theater school um
i did the alexander technique and the guy says oh i'm sorry
you were hit a lot as a child because your your head is
back right you kind of when i lay on my back in
theater school they had to put books under me because otherwise like so i have
a bit of a sort of widow's hump mostly from physical abuse as a
child and so you know i hunched shoulders
a little bit and i found rowing machines not particularly uh pleasant but least
favorite exercise you know of course because i don't i don't really do it so
i have at least favorite exercise oh oh yeah yeah i know i know so um my daughter
introduced me and And of course, I knew about them before, but I hadn't thought about them in forever.
Burpees, you ever do this? You know, you're standing, you go down,
kick your legs out, back, jump up, stand up. Those are just horrible.
Those are like, I'd rather, you know, give birth to a watermelon out of my armpit.
Burpees are, if that's how I live longer, I guess I don't want to live longer
because that's just really unpleasant.

[1:08:00] All right. Low-fat, high-carb diet is the way to go, they said.
Then Atkins, paleo, carnivore versus vegan. Yeah.
It's a, yeah, I'm not a huge fan of planks, but I'll do them.
Cause I just, I know that they're good for me. And core is something that a
lot of people ignore. Right.
So when I'm watching a documentary, I'm, I've got a little sit up bar in the living room.
So if I'm watching a documentary or something with my family,
I do leg raises, uh, and I do, um, uh, crunches, right.
Both straight and 45 degrees on the legs.
And because core is just important for everything that i do right for me it's
just very important if i don't have the core uh because you know most men my
age have back problems and i don't have any back problems and i think one of
the reasons maybe i'm just lucky but one of the reasons,
is that i do a lot of core work and the core muscles are required to support
the back because you don't want your you don't want your skeleton doing all
the work right so So cool book called sugar,
sorry, cool book called salt, sugar, fat, all about how the food companies lie.

[1:09:07] They, uh, they use computer algorithms to map food bliss points in the brain
to make it the most addictive to your taste buds. Yeah, I'm sure that's true.
And my daughter is, um, very, very into nutrition these days and is teaching
me a lot as well, which is very helpful.
If you ever want to trigger my daughter, talk about how much protein there is
in peanut butter and she will lose her mind.

[1:09:32] A dowager's hump. It's a, sorry, I think it's called dowager's hump.
You learned of an exercise to help correct it. Oh, interesting. Okay.
I can't do the plank because it makes my back hurt. Well, maybe just do a, do a shorter plank.
I got out of the army at 21 with back problems. I'm fine unless I bend over
doing something for five or more minutes. So posture has been important. Yeah.
Yeah. Posture is sort of an important, an important thing.

Posture and Body Awareness

Posture is an important thing. It's an underrated thing. and
posture is the kind of thing by the time it shows up as a problem it's
hard to correct and one of the things i was thankful for
about going to theater school was um getting a lot of posture work a lot of
body work and all of that it got me out of my head you know the british tradition
is to treat your your body like this kind of weird robot that is used to carry
your wonderful brain around and getting into a more positive relationship in
the mind body relationship was really really important.
So you can do planks on elbows and or knees to make them less intense. Yeah.
Yeah, well, you know, the old joke, right? The woman says to the husband,
after she's done her planks, I'd like to apologize.
You know, you're right. Two minutes can be a long time.
I don't understand the joke, but people tell me it's funny.

[1:10:54] Yeah, and trying to get protein, like trying to get protein shakes,
going to health food stores, trying to get protein shakes without sucralose
or stevia or just generic crap.
It's like, God, can I just get some protein? No.

[1:11:13] Ah, right.
Oh, yes. Me as well, free domain.
Even before I knew the term upbraid or upbraideth in ye older English,
my dad was very helpful in physically demonstrating the thing.
He was over 300 pounds, so very strong.
Rather certain. This is why my balance sucks. Not sure I quite follow that.

[1:11:37] I didn't know that about widow's hump. I always assumed tall dudes got it from
looking down to accommodate others. Maybe.

[1:11:43] I mean, I also have a ridiculously heavy head. I mean, obviously it's a fairly
giant brain and my head is just very heavy.
So, um, that's another reason why, right?
Jocko Malk is the best protein powder I've found. Well, I would make a note of that.
And my endless search for granola, like protein bars that aren't fatal,
uh, has, has come up nothing.
Tried to find nonfat, low, nonfat yogurt with low sugar challenge impossible.
Well, if you get the Greek yogurt. okay we can talk food
if you want right if you get the greek yogurt my sort
of go-to snack is half a bowl of greek yogurt with
some raspberries or blueberries or both and if
you go for the greek yogurt you can get non-fat or
low-fat non-sugar greek yogurt and it's
really tasty it's really tasty anything wrong
with stevia extract or are you just trying to avoid anything that tastes
sweet because of the mental association with sugar well i've
heard i don't know right and who knows what the studies are but
uh stevia apparently has some hormonal issues
or there was a woman complaining that she ate
a lot of stevia and her period stopped now obviously that's not but you know
if there are hormonal issues i don't know obviously i have no idea right none
of this is advice but i'm trying to avoid i know erythritol is not good for
me it gives me like hard belly digestion doesn't work. But, um...

[1:13:12] Stop triggering the guy who criticized you for talking about food. It's like, I'm not.

Changing Minds with Empathy

Well, so this is sort of back to the earlier question about how do you change people's minds?
Right. So this guy tried to change my mind by basically insulting me and calling
me a hypocrite. You know?
Oh, you won't talk about important things like politics, but you will talk about
foods you just can't eat anymore.
Right. It's like, well, so, I mean, if you want to change people's minds,
insulting them will only change.

[1:13:43] Really broken people's minds, which means you haven't really changed their minds.
You've just triggered their trauma. Right.
So if you want to change people's minds, you know, ask them a bunch of questions, show some empathy.
So show some curiosity, you know, so all the people who were like,
why don't you talk about politics anymore? That's so much more important than
the fact that you have problems with Bluetooth.
And it's like, you're just ranting about this and, and complaining about that
and whining about the other. It's all very aggressive and very insulting.
And it's like, Why would I listen to somebody who is like that?
Why would I listen to somebody who's acting out aggression against somebody
who's a relative stranger in order to try and get them to do what they want,
right? People are trying to get me to do it. They want me to cover politics.
They want me to do this, that, and the other. It's like, well,
why, you know, why would I listen to you if you don't have any curiosity?
Like for the people who like, why aren't you doing politics anymore?
It's like, well, A, I've said it.
And B, why don't you just ask? Hey, Steph, you know, I miss your politics.
Why don't you do politics anymore?
Well, it got the worst combo of boring and dangerous.

[1:14:47] That's kind of the way it reminded me kind of like being in school,
you know, when I was a kid where I was incredibly bored, but if you got too
bored and fell asleep, they'd yell at you and punish you, you know?
So it's like boring and dangerous.
It's like, that's a bad combo, man. That's a bad combo.
So, yeah, I didn't want to do it anymore. And I wanted to focus more on core
philosophy and all of that.
And and you know also being de-platformed means
that you have less impact on the
world as a whole but you can still have as much impact or more
impact on the people who are actually working with you about all
of that right and now when i see people just endlessly talking about politics
this that and the other right it's like i mean okay fine but and i did politics
for 40 years honestly like i did i put my time in the political trenches right
so i started doing politics in my my mid teens and I ended politics in my mid 50s.
So I did 40 years of politics.

[1:15:43] So yeah, it's not, it's not good.
And, and, you know, here's the other thing too. Like, do you,
do you just work your soldiers to death? Like, you know, after 40 years in the
trenches, do you maybe get to retire?
You know, maybe, just maybe, just maybe.
No, you know, work to death, right? You just keep fighting until you're a desiccated
corpse hauled out from blowback.
Like, you know, hey, I did 40 years and I did 15 years in high altitude,
high risk political stuff.
You know? I mean, there's younger people. If people want to talk politics,
there's younger people who, you know, don't have families and,
you know, whatever, right? You can do whatever you want.
I don't know. But just asking as opposed to, you know, I can't believe you've
degenerated from talking about politics and changing the world to whining about Bluetooth.
And it's like, let's say that's true. Let's say that that's true.

[1:16:50] Let's say that's true. So what? So that's just an attempt to humiliate me into obeying them, right?
And that's why he's still into politics because politics is using aggression to get what you want.
And so this person is using aggression to get what he wants.
I'm going to humiliate you.
I'm going to embarrass you. I'm going to give you a view of yourself as a fallen
creature who's pettily scrounging around the leftovers and refuse of a higher
civilization and you've fallen from grace.
Like all of this sort of stuff, right? And it's just I don't view myself that
way. I view myself as doing more important work now than the transitory nature
of current events. So, all right.
I mean, imagine if Socrates had had a daily article on the ins and outs of Athenian petty politics.
It's like, nobody would be reading that stuff, right?
I eat mostly chicken thighs, lentils, and rice. Good. Boring, but good.

Dating and Meeting People

All right. I'm trying to get into the dating market and have a really hard time
thinking of good places to meet good women other than the church.
Would you have any recommendations?
Okay, I haven't been in the dating market for a quarter century.
But when I, I just talk to everyone. Just talk to everyone.
Honestly, smile at people, be friends. I do this now. I talk to everyone.

[1:18:09] You know, I, I remember some time ago, uh, I was at a place and there was this
big giant storm clouds on the horizon.
And I was, you know, Hey, I seem to remember this from revelations,
you know, and we, you know, we talked about, I just got into nice chats with
people. I love talking with everyone.
I really do. I love to. So when I was at, uh, the gym, I'd be on a bike machine.
Someone would be on a bike machine next to me and I'd say, Hey,
I read that book or, Hey, how's your workout going? Or whatever.
Not some big pickup thing.
I mean, maybe I'd get a number if we liked each other or whatever.
I just chat with people. I love chatting with people.
I mean, it's my job. I mean, I did a call-in show yesterday with a guy who couldn't
figure out why his marriage had broken down because he married a woman whose
father was a meth head who had a hidden second family. And she seemed to have trust issues.
Anyway, but no, I love chatting with people. I consider it a great honor and
a privilege to chat with people, particularly about important topics like their lives.
So just chat with people. Give people a smile. you
know there's nothing wrong with it it's just practice like you don't want to
have high you don't want to have high stakes if you really like some girl at
the coffee shop it's nice to have had to have chatted with 50 girls or men or
boys ahead of time right just chat with people make a couple little make a little
joke make an observation you know whatever right.

[1:19:29] Why why you know turn to someone and say i don't know why i buy four dollar
coffees it's ridiculous ridiculous, but they're good, right?
Whatever, right? And look, if the person's busy, they'll just give you a nod
and a smile and you can just go back to your thing or maybe they're rude or brusque or whatever.
Maybe they're having a bad day. Maybe their dog just died. Who knows?
But it's no harm, right? You just get used to talking to people,
get used to being friendly.

[1:19:56] I mean, after everything I've been through, I won't, I'll never give that up.
Like, I'll never give that up.
Just chat with people, be friendly, be nice, be curious.
And you'd be amazed just how many people are like shaken out of their isolation
and their doldrums just by somebody being relatively nice and friendly.
And again, they may be busy, they may view you as an intrusion,
whatever it is, then just give them their space or whatever,
it's no big deal, but just chat with people, you know?

[1:20:27] You know, you're at the grocery store and you're handling some lemons.
You talk to the woman next to you and say, hey, let's form a juggling team and
tour the Caracas. No, I'm kidding.
I mean, you can say that if you want, but whatever, right? Just chat with people.
Just get used to being friendly and nice. And, you know, we all can spread,
I know this sounds kind of cheesy, but we can all spread a little positivity
and a little friendliness in this world, right?

Spreading Positivity

So many people are walking around in these isolation masks of vague depression and dysthymia, right?
Just break through. be positive show someone a little a friendliness and it
just it makes the world a nicer place for people to live in right it just makes
people think that the world and accept that the world is a bit nicer and a friendlier
place than maybe they're experiencing,
i have as a mission in life you know i don't really talk about this but as my
mission in life is everyone I interact with, I want to leave them a little happier,
than before I chatted with them, right?

[1:21:29] Right. So, you know, I was at the grocery store and the woman was scanning the
items like beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.
And I'm like, I said, what was that? I said, I said, oh my God,
you must hear this sound in your sleep.
And she's like, oh my gosh, like it's crazy. Right. Now this was some,
I don't know, middle-aged black woman or whatever.
And it's just like, but we have that little moment of like, the sound must be
really imprinted in your brain.
Right. Now, does that make the world magically wonderful? No,
but it's a little nicer that somebody thinks about your experience as a cashier hearing that beep.
All day right or i remember being at the grocery store and there was some guy i needed to ask.

Spreading Positivity Through Small Acts

[1:22:08] Um where something was and he like immediately knew it right he's like oh it's
third aisle over a second from the top right in the middle blah blah blah and
i'm like all right you've passed the first test now i'm going to blindfold you
and see if you can leave me there you know Just stupid little things like that.
And he got a little chuckle out of it.
And did this make his life wonderful?
And it doesn't have to be jokes. It can be anything. Anything,
right? You see some old lady in the parking lot. Hey, I'll take your cart back for you.
Just little nice things. If you're in the drive-thru and maybe you can pay for
the guy's coffee behind you. Just little things where people are surprised.
And it's like a minor little positive thing. Now, this isn't some part-time
job of mine. But you're going to be interacting with people anyway.
Why not say something nice you know like i was this
um woman uh at the uh at a restaurant not too long ago had really fantabulous
nails and i said wow those nails are incredible what is that modern art like
show me show me right or you know if you see a woman uh who's got a an engagement
ring on just you know flash me man flash me what do you got right i mean she's
proud she's happy She's thrilled.

[1:23:18] Why not just little things that just make people's little sparkle,
like a little sparkle in people's lives?
It does make a big difference because it could be also that somebody is really
going through something negative and you just give them a little thing.
And I'm sure we've all had that where I remember going through a breakup many,
many years ago in my early 20s, and I was really down about it.
And I was working with this Hispanic guy at a seafood restaurant downtown.
I was the waiter. He was the busboy.
And he's like, he just put his hands on my shoulder, looked at me,
says, how is your heart, man? man, how was your heart?
And I'm like, no, I didn't, you know, it was like a really nice,
thoughtful, somebody cares. Like he didn't have to do that.
We weren't exactly friends, but I really, really appreciated him.
Uh, there was a guy in the kitchen, uh, in from China and, uh,
he would show me all the Chinese newspapers and translate for me everything
that was being said in China. I remember he was always like, no problem.
He was like, I say, can we get this done? No problem. He was on no problem.
He always say the same kind of thing. Right. And it was like,
just nice little things where you have these little connections and and whatever you you um.

[1:24:24] You can just leave people half a
percent better off having interacted with you like why not it doesn't
cost you anything it helps the world a little bit and of course if enough people
do this the sense of suspicion can be replaced by a sense of benevolence so
i'm not trying to give you some big naggy thing but in the dating market just
chat with people you know make a little observation Give them a little compliment.
You know, male, female, old, young, doesn't matter. Doesn't matter.

[1:24:56] Just something. A little social snack to replenish people's spirits.
A tiny little thing. And as you do it, you'll get more used to do it.
You'll get the reputation in your environment as being a positive,
friendly person. person, even if the girl doesn't know someone,
she might, even if she's not available, she might have a friend or a sister
who's available. You don't know.
Just be out there in the world being friendly and positive and making people's
lives a tiny bit better for having interacted with you.
It helps the world. It actually helps you with your spirits because you get
to see the positive side of people, right?
You get to, you get to have a little bit of connection and you get to see the
positive side of people and you have that little tiny breakthrough,
only connect to the EM Forcer or thing like only connect.
Even if the connection is this repetitive beeping must be driving you crazy, right?
And there's a little laugh about it. There's a little connection and people
notice these little things, right?

[1:25:54] So if you're out there in the dating market, I mean, I'm not in the dating market.
I'll do this. But if you're out there in the dating market.

[1:26:01] Chat with people, get used to it, right? Because the more you chat with people as a whole,
like if there's some girl you really like, you sit down at the coffee shop and
there's some girl that you really like, and you've never really done the chatting
with people thing, then you're going to be kind of weird and awkward because you're not used to it.
Don't right if if you want to
chat with a woman because you like her you have
to have chatted with a bunch of other people where there's no romantic interest just
so it feels natural you're used to it and it doesn't come across
as kind of intense or creepy or awkward or
whatever it is right you want to just be relaxed
and happy chatting with people and enjoy chatting with people and that
way you can say hey i read that book what do you think are you
do you like it what are you thinking what do you think right as
opposed to oh yeah i like that book i read the the book like
that's just going to be like she's going to want to avoid that right
so you just want to do a whole bunch of practice and
chatting with people in that way uh as part of the
benefit of that is that not only do you make the world a slightly sparklier place
but also uh if you end up chatting with a girl it's going to be natural and
enjoyable so i'm sorry for that long answer but uh that's uh i i used to chat
too i mean i got a lot of dates and and even a couple of quality girlfriends
out of just getting used to chatting with people.
Alright. Let's see here.
Yeah, whatever happened to that Molyneux guy? Yeah.

[1:27:27] Not wearing AR goggles. Yes, that's right. That would also help. That would also help.

[1:27:38] 40 years. That's like Secretary of Defense if you were in the Army.
Yeah, the army will cash you out after 20 years with a full pension and I'm
supposed to keep working past 40 years in a dangerous environment. It's like, bleh, bleh.
I wonder if the people who want you to do politics do so so that you don't trigger
their anxiety about their bad relationships. Right.
Right. Right.
So I would assume that it's kind of demonic. I'm not calling the people demonic,
but the impulse is kind of demonic, right?
Stop talking about things that I can affect and go back to talking about things I can't affect.
I stopped talking about relationships where I can actually make a difference
and go talk about the guy wanted me to do a rant on the US border or the 2024
election, whatever that's going to be, right?
So it's like, stop talking about things that I can actually do something about
and go back to comforting me with the narcolepsy of things I can't change, right?

Kindness in Sales: Adding Value and Defending

Any thoughts on Rumble Stock? I like that they're free speech,
but I can't see those ads generating any profit. I don't have any thoughts on Rumblestock, sorry.

[1:28:49] All right so if you have some philosophical discussion on
politics and want to support the stream so he can afford it to give
time and attention to it um well
i've i've been in sales right and
i've i've sold multi-million dollar systems to fortune
100 companies the systems that i wrote right so
i've been in sales and you don't
sell anything through intimidation right i
mean manipulating and bullying and so on
people just hang up on you because these are quality people
like i actually was friends with a
lot of people that i sold uh and and we became friends and
and we'd hang out when we were in town and we'd go to
shows comedy clubs in particular i used to go to with a guy i worked with uh
or a customer and so we became friends and you know you you have to ask people
what their needs are because they know you need to sell something you You have
to ask and you have to make sure that you have a coincidence of one so that
your need to sell matches their need to buy.
You have to continue to provide value. You have to defend them when necessary.
Like you have to really be into making their lives better because them buying
your system makes your life better, but you have to be really into making their lives better.
And so when I just see these like two-bit ridiculous amateur attempts at intimidation,
it's like, I won't say it's funny because it's really kind of tragic.
The people are just like oh how far you've fallen you know blah blah blah it's like.

[1:30:17] I mean that in the business world at any decent level
that would just be like you just get fired like that would
just be terrible right i mean can you imagine me going to some major purchasing
executive at some fortune 100 company and saying man if you had any balls you'd
buy our system what's the matter with look how far you've fallen you can't even
you can't even make a commitment to to buy a million and a half dollars worth
of software. What's the matter with you, you chicken?
I mean, completely incomprehensible at any level of competence in the business
world. I don't even know.

[1:30:51] Like, that's beyond incomprehensible. Like, honestly, that's completely beyond incomprehensible.
So people are trying to influence my behavior and get me to do what they want,
and this petty two-bit intimidation is like, what?
I mean, you're so unwise, I can't take anything you say with any seriousness,
but I am really, really sorry that people are trapped in this mindset,
that they feel so helpless to bring anything positive to people's lives that
the only way they can try to get someone to change their behavior is to try bullying them.

[1:31:24] I mean, do you know how sad that is?
That you don't believe that you can bring anything to anyone's life that's positive.
And so what you do is you just try and injure them emotionally until they do what you want.
God, can you imagine the kind of people you'd be trapped with where that strategy was effective?
Oh God, it's so, you know, I get messages like that. and I'm like, oh God, that's so sad.
What an absolutely tragic, tragic life.

[1:32:03] Somebody says, I love talking to people so I'm going to be even more me.
Good, good, yeah. $4 coffee, yeah, maybe, yeah.
Great advice to us all. I admire your attitude about people.
I'm trying to do that more.
You don't feel fatigued after interacting with others? there's no,
I, I find it more fun. I find it more fun.
Now I will say if I've had, like I had a really, really difficult call and show
yesterday, that was some heavy slog, man.
Uh, because I don't like obviously getting angry at callers, but it does happen.
And often it's really helpful, but, uh, it was a real, like,
Oh, just mentally pushing rocks up uphill with my willpower,
boulders really so sometimes i'm like oh man
i need i need to i need to lie down for 20 minutes after a
call-in show that's really really tough and some of them are
more energizing and i don't have any preference right sometimes that hard work
is really really good but uh so sometimes there's some fatigue and if the conversation
is hard work and you know you're sitting across from someone for whatever reason
you're sitting across from someone the conversation is hard work yeah that's
It's not particularly fun.
But for the most part, I enjoy it.

[1:33:19] Working as a security guard in a mechanical office next to a fire panel beeps
every 30 seconds. Drive anyone nuts. Yeah, yeah, for sure.
I've been trying to do this more. It's really, really great to just enjoy humanity.

[1:33:33] Absolutely. Enjoy your interactions with people. I mean, you're going to have
to interact with them anyway. Why not have some fun?
Wow, this is lighting me the hell up. Yes, yes. Yes.
We have self-checkouts that error out every other item and the worker just runs
around putting in a code to override it.
I usually joke with them that need to tell me next time which register to avoid.
And, or you could say, of course, right?
Or you could say this, you know, I bet you when you got a job as a cashier,
you weren't entirely sure you'd be getting your cardio and steps in,
but it looks like you're kind of running a marathon from cashier to cashier, right?

Overcoming Cynicism from Past Trauma

You're right. Making someone's day is the best part of my days. Now I don't, you,
you, you are are a young lovely lady so
maybe your friendliness makes someone's day i'm not sure that i make someone's
day but you know if i can put a little smile
on their face or have them you know say something that's uh
interesting or here's something that's interesting it can be something even
that's kind of deep uh but just something that's not low stake interactions
very nice and somebody says my mom is amazing at talking with strangers anywhere
and everywhere and i always admired that i need to take myself less seriously
in public because i think it's it's a guardedness that comes from low self-esteem. It could be.

[1:34:47] Remarkable human. After everything
he's been through, he is still kind and optimistic about others.
So, do you want to know the tip for that? Thank you for the tip-a-boba.
I appreciate that. Tips are very welcome. You can do them at
Of course, later you can do them at slash donate.
You can do them on the app. I really, really appreciate that.
Thank you, David, for the tip. I appreciate that too.
Would you like to know how to stay friendly to people in an increasingly immoral world.

[1:35:18] Uh, that's one way to do business. Yeah. Just insulting people.
Thank you for sharing. I need to start talking to strangers more and being friendlier
in general. Keep up the good work.
Smiles cost nothing. And you know, did you do cold calls while selling your
software? What are some tips to get past the gatekeeper?
So yes, I did cold calls, but I did a huge amount of resource research to figure
out who was necessary so that I wasn't just calling with nothing. Right. Right.
So one of the jobs that I had in marketing was I would hook up to a large number
of industry specific databases, download a bunch of information from public
companies and try and figure out using a bunch of algorithms.
I wrote myself which companies would have the most value, would get the most
value from our software.
Right. And you can get this kind of information. And I actually ended up,
I wrote a program to write an entire business proposal automatically with,
you know, here's what you're spending,
here's how our software will cut it, here's how it amortizes,
here's the graph of when it pays off, you know.
So if you've done the research and you're talking about a company that,
and you really know what they're talking about, what you're talking about and
how you can actually help them rather than, I have software,
would you, do you have any need for that, right?
You think of Facebook and all the targeted advertising.
Targeted advertising is very kind because it stops wasting everyone's time with
stuff they'll never buy.

[1:36:43] The research is key for cold calling. Just cold calling is kind of invasive
and annoying, but you do the right amount of research and you say,
based upon your last quarterly earnings of this, this, and this,
here's where I think we can help you. I'd love to, five minutes of your time.
If you want to flip through something I can send you, that would be great.
But I'm not cold calling you. I'm calling you with knowledge because I don't
want to waste your time, right?
So that's the way that I, I didn't cold call just randomly.
Not that I'm saying you do, but you pre-qualify and make sure that you can add
value as much as possible.
All right.

[1:37:25] Uh, ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. I would love to see people be able to
force out crooked politicians the world over.
Is ranting online doing anything to make it happen? Is it getting better people nominated for office?
Oh, is it getting better people nominated for office or replacing broken systems? Now you can change you?
Can you change who you invite into your life, who you disinvite?
Can you change how you will raise children now or in the future?
I'm sorry, that's a bit of a word salad, so I'm not really sure what you mean by that.
Smiles are free is on their menu, right? It's the black pill,
Steph. You are a marker in looks and voice, so people enjoy interacting with you.
It's the black pill. You're a marker in looks and voice, so people enjoy interacting
with you. You ever hear of Mickey Rooney?
I mean, you don't have to be tall and good-looking to have people enjoy interacting with you.
And it hasn't changed as I've aged, and I've aged out of even middle-aged looks,
right? So it's not like people are just like, oh, that 57-year-old guy is just
so hot. That's not a thing.
Danny DeVito has incredible charisma, like staggering levels of charisma,
and he's short, bold, and funny-looking.
He looks like somebody shaved a penguin and ran it through a heat lamp.

[1:38:46] So, no, so the way that you stay friendly with people is people aren't the problem,
systems are the problem.
The people aren't the problem. Systems are the problem.
The system creates such perverse incentives that people get corrupted.
The people aren't the problem. It's the systems that are the problem.

[1:39:10] A worker in Soviet Russia is not lazy. He's just, the system is weird and bad, right?
You know, in a free speech, in a genuine free speech environment,
you should be able to talk about things.
But in an environment where you can go to jail for saying the wrong thing,
people shut the hell up, right?
Because people respond to force. So you don't sit there and say,
well, the people in the free speech environment who speak up are courageous
and the people in the non-free speech environment who don't speak up are cowards.
It's like, no, their incentives are just weird, right?
So, I don't blame people for the effects of the systems they're trapped in. I mean, would you?
Would you go to a slave and say, well, you're just unmotivated and you lack
an entrepreneurial instinct? It's like, dude, the guy's a slave.
Have some compassion, right? and people are programmed and they are trapped
in a system that purposefully hides its moral nature from them.
So why would I get angry at people about the effects of a system?
Because we know that most people respond to incentives and the system sets up
such perverse incentives that people respond to those incentives.

Addressing Systemic Issues and Incentives

Most people don't have moral integrity. They respond to incentives.

[1:40:34] So yeah i mean like all of the people who
are really into uh boy you know carbon emissions are really really bad i didn't
notice them demanding accountability for the western governments that overthrew
peace negotiations between russia and ukraine right so they're just responding
to incentives right so yeah then most people are not thinking for themselves
they're They're just responding to incentives.
It's like blaming a leaf for which way it goes when it's windy.

[1:41:07] So yeah, I don't blame people for the systems.
I want to change the systems, and the best way to change the systems is through peaceful parenting.
I did a whole show on that this morning before the live stream.
I did a whole show on this, so I'll put this out.
Let me just make sure so you know what to look for it.
It's called, it's part of the series Wrestling with the Dead,
and it's called Kids in Cages, and it references both Hume and Nietzsche.
Also, if you have some charisma, you can probably convince people much better.
You will have some social capital that you can spend on a controversial point
every now and then. What do you mean, have some charisma?
What the hell does charisma accept practice and ease? You know,
if you're just magically really good at the piano, then you can play piano.
It's like, if you have piano, you can piano. What do you mean if you have...

[1:42:10] What do you mean, if you have charisma? Do you think I was just born with charisma?
I just came out of the womb and, how you doing? Sup, homies?
Ma, my home fellows?
Let us reason together with my lounge lizard charisma and humor. No, it's just practice.
I was not a naturally charismatic kid. I was not considered funny in particular
or popular or anything like that.
You just practice. you get it right, you get it wrong, you hone your skills.
Yeah, if you've obtained charisma. I mean, and charisma has,
the more you practice, right, the more positive feedback you get,
the more comfortable that you become, right?
I mean, I did years of practicing talking to strangers so that I was really
at ease when I met my future wife.

[1:43:06] I was very uncharismatic when younger but i force myself to interact
with people and a lot just for the
sake of it like you described peaceful parenting
will organically overthrow the system i'm not sure if that's snarky or not i
i can't tell that probably is by design like maybe you want to insult but you're
not sure you want to be direct so i don't know that's just it seems like a cynical
snarky comment because organically is not an argument yeah it takes a long time but i mean I mean,
I've gone into the arguments before and of course the peaceful parenting book
goes into them even more detail.
So sounds like you were being sincere. So I apologize if I took that the wrong
way. I think I did. So I just apologize. All right.
Uh, but yeah, I mean, and here's the thing too.
People need to see examples of people unafraid, don't they?
Right. Cause a lot of people are like, Oh, I don't want to impose. I don't want to inflict.
I don't want to do this. I don't want And you're just spreading that fear.
Whereas I'm just like, hey, how you doing? You know, hey, nice to see you.
Nice to meet you. Those are great nails, whatever, right?

[1:44:12] I mean, don't you just get to spread a little bit if I'm not scared of people around?
Just a little bit. Doesn't that help people a little bit? Seeing a little demonstration
of courage and enthusiasm and positivity and blah, blah, blah, right?
Isn't that something? Just little things that you could do to make the world
a better place and to prepare for the right people being in your life.
Are you spreading fear or are you spreading courage?

[1:44:43] I've seen those videos of nervous, twitchy guys walking up to pretty women,
shows you what not to do, very cringe.

[1:44:52] A woman is going to give up a lot to get married and have kids.
She gives up all the male attention, right? She gives up some of her youthful figure. her.
She gives up a lot of her sleep because babies wake up, those selfish little people.
And so she's going to give up a lot to get married and have kids.
Right now, of course she gets a lot, blah, blah, blah. But she's going to give
up a lot to get married and have kids.
She's also going to take on a lot of repetitive labor. Laundry with husband's underwear.
She's going to have to buy a lot of salad tongs and hazmat suits to deal with
her husband's underwear because apparently we don't ever break without skidding.
But she's going to have some, oh, look, people are hungry again.
I guess I'll cook. Oh, they finished. I guess I'll tidy and clean.
Now, I'll do these things, like I'll tidy up after dinner, I'll empty the dishwasher
whenever I can and I notice it and so on. But,
a woman's going to give up a lot. And she's going to go from a wider set of
attention and relationships to you and you are going to be a little bit of the
avenue through which she's going to see the world.

[1:46:15] So you better be friendly, you better be nice, and you better like people because
she's going to be, you're going to be her people.
All right. A lot of charisma is just acting confident. What does that mean?

[1:46:28] Husband, my 16-year-old teen, laundry brings me to breakdowns often.
Shouldn't these underwear bend?
What do you think about the cold approach? So a lot of charisma is just acting
confident. No, it's not.
And acting confident what does that mean you don't think people can detect a
fake thing charisma is practice,
charisma is practice,
first couple of times you chat with people it's going to seem awkward and weird
you just get more and more used to it you know like that first day on the job
you like don't know what you're doing and you feel kind of awkward and weird
and then you just get used to it,
charisma there's no magic just act confident that what does that mean,
charisma is lying just lie and you'll be liked by people well no you'll be liked
by people who like that you're lying you don't want those people in your life
you don't act confident don't fake it you just practice get used to it uh what
do you think about the cold approach yeah Yeah,
so you want to be friendly to people as a whole and then chat with a woman you
like as a subset of that friendliness to people as a whole.
You don't want to be unfriendly to people as a whole and then try and chat up some girl.

[1:47:51] Chat with people as a whole, enjoy people as a whole. And then if there's a
girl you're attracted to or a boy you're attracted to, then you chat with them
as a subset of chatting to people as a whole.
And that way it's less intense, it's less weird, it's less unskilled,
it's like, you know, just all of these things, right?

Building Connections Through Genuine Curiosity

[1:48:10] If you're unsure of what to say, ask them about themselves.
If you're unsure of what to say, then you're in the conversation for the wrong reason.
Right? If you're unsure of what to say, you're in the conversation for the wrong reason.
You should just be genuinely curious and ask them, you know,
share your thoughts, ask them about their thoughts, you know,
just have a little human connection, even in passing. even in passing, right?
You know, if you order the food and the food comes really late and it was the,
the, the, the, uh, the, the cooks messed up the order or forgot the order or
something, then you can say, cause I was a waiter and you can say, Hey man, I was a waiter.
I know things get messed up in the kitchen. You're the one who has to take all the brunt, right?
It's not like people go back and, and, and get mad at the cooks. Right?
So I get it. You're like the, the human shield for the cook.
Like just a little thing like that, right?

[1:49:09] Somebody, oh, Boba says, can really recommend revisiting this episode.
This is podcast 5214, The Six Steps of Talking to Attractive Women.
I review that every morning before I go downstairs and chat with my wife.

[1:49:27] Taylor says, one of the things that I loved about my husband was when we met
was his ease of chatting up everyone.
It's nice. It's a benevolent view of the universe. And people are generally nice.
People are generally nice. The problem with modern society and all of the woke
bullying and so on is not because people aren't nice.
It's because the system allows a minority to bully the majority.
So it's not that people aren't nice. It's not that people are just crazy or,
or agree with it. It's just that cautious, right?
I mean, you've seen these videos where guys walk up to people on the street
and us and these super woke questions and people are like, oh, don't say that, right?

[1:50:10] Oh, don't, oh, you can't say that, right? Because you're going to get canceled.
You're going to get attacked.
So we have a system whereby the minority can bully the majority.
It's not that people are crazy. They don't like it.
Nobody likes being bullied, but we have to recognize the reality of our situation.
I mean, we should build our systems from the ground up with two goals,
the protection of children and free speech, right?
The protection of children and free speech should be how we build our systems
from the ground up. And we haven't, of course, right?
They've been built up with quite the opposite in mind.
How do I stop being cynical? I definitely have a dark streak against people in general.

[1:50:58] A dark streak against people in general.
Well, Doug, do you know why you have a dark streak against people in general?

[1:51:19] I mean, I think I know why. I don't know for sure, but I think I know why.
Also, guys, if you are finding this helpful, a bit of a low-tip day,
I think I'm producing some straight-up fire here.
If you could tip me, I'd appreciate that. You can do that on the app.
You can do that on Rumble.
You can do that, slash donate, just while we're waiting for
Dougie Doug's response.
Sorry, I haven't checked my comments over here. here.
Steph, what the heck? The system is made of the people. No, it's not.

Understanding Anxiety and Overthinking

No, it's not.
Your news pundit phase was my least favorite. I mean, I have no regrets,
but it is better to give than to receive. Is a real phenomenon in the world?
No, because giving and receiving are They're asymmetrical, right?
So you can't both give and receive at the same time.
All right. I don't know if he's going to respond.

[1:52:29] All right. I'll just, because I don't think he's typing, so I can't wait for the response.
So, Doug, the reason why you have a dark streak against people in general is
you were abused as a child and society didn't intervene and neighbors didn't
intervene and extended family didn't intervene and friends and friends' parents
didn't intervene fiend and teachers didn't intervene and priests didn't intervene
and nobody intervened when you were abused as a child.
So you grew up with a hard-eyed suspicion of people because they let you be
abused and they didn't do anything about it.
Yeah, you were betrayed as a child. So you have a cynicism against society because
society is so structured that children can't be protected. Am I wrong?
I mean, it's such a consistent phenomenon that children can't be protected,
that society is so constituted that children can't be protected.

[1:53:21] The system is not composed of people. If you look at, I mean,
most of the things that are destroying the West at the moment were put in place
in terms of legislation before even I was born or right around the time that I was born.
So no, that's just a historical momentum. And now people are addicted to free
money and debt. And right.
You've had three generations of people who've lost their work skills and they
feel like they won't survive without free money.
And that's the system. It's not people didn't vote for it.

[1:53:54] And now it's just a matter of addiction, so addiction is very tough to uproot.
I'm stuck in my head and overanalyze things. Well, yeah, and that would be because
you weren't protected, right?
Overthinking is our response to danger, right? Overthinking is our response to danger.
So anxiety or worry or fear that's chronic is the result of being in a situation
of danger. All right, somebody says, have you done any work on postpartum depression?
I think I've talked to some women over the course of the call-in shows.
I've talked to some women who are suffering from postpartum depression.
Does the system equal the principalities of darkness that the Bible mentions?
I think that that would be a good approximation, yeah. Yeah, for sure.

Effects of Systemic Failures on Individuals

So because you grew up in a sister in a
situation as a child of chronic danger and perhaps
violence or abuse then you you
feel abandoned by society you feel isolated by society and you resent people
now it's an interesting question which is how does society punish people for
protecting children well uh that's an interesting question it's a deep question
Maybe I'll do a show about that,
but we know that people in general do want to protect children,
but they're punished for doing so.

[1:55:24] So what can we do?
Well, we need a better system and a better system comes about from protecting children, right?
The system punishes people for protecting children, right?
I mean, if your child has been bullied in school and you go to the school and
demand protection, who gets in more trouble?
Well, usually the kid get punished, the parents get punished,
or they'll sick the aggressive parents of the bullies on you and by telling
you and all of that. You were going to tell us how you stay nice to awful people. I did tell you that.
If you don't blame the people, you blame the system, right?

[1:56:00] I mean, when it comes to races, I'm perfectly friendly and positive and happy
to interact with everyone and everyone.
No, anyone and everyone. I don't care about their race or anything like that.
Now, are there racial tensions? Well, sure. Sure.
Well, why are there racial tensions? There are racial tensions to a large degree
because the powers that be enjoy setting the races against each other and blaming
and undermining and privilege this and resentful that and structural the other and so on.
But individual people that I meet of every race, we have pleasant conversations,
right? We have pleasant conversations.
And that's all very, very nice, you know, but the structure is that racial animosity
has to be provoked and generated.
And this goes all the way back to what the communists said they were going to do in 1922.
Resolution was passed by the International Congress to use racial tensions to overthrow the market.
It so the system the system profits
from racial tensions but individual people are nice
and and always have been so all right any other last questions comments issues
challenges problems criticisms whatever is on your mind great great conversation
and advice thank you you're welcome i appreciate that thank you always trying to be helpful.

[1:57:19] Steph, I overthink, worry, and have anxiety. You're right. I was raised by a
single mother. She put her happiness in drinking above my safety.
I was put in dangerous situations and around dangerous people just so she could party and get drunk.
No one in my life understands why I am the way I am, but you do.
Thank you for the clarity.
You're very welcome, my friend, and you can go to slash call, slash call, if you'd like to do a call-in.
And I won't say I'd be happy to hear more because that sounds a little,
be happy to hear more about your suffering, but i'm certainly willing to hear
about it and if it will help you at all um sometimes my perspectives in the
call-in shows can be quite illuminating for people so.

Scheduling Breaks for Personal Productivity

[1:58:01] All right thank you again steph and i don't think i can properly express my
gratitude you're welcome my friend and i'm glad to see you back when is the
next stream no stream wednesday this week i'm going you know what i have to
buckle down and and finish up the next section of peaceful parenting.
So I'm going to just take Wednesday off. I have something on Wednesday,
which is the last thing that's going to interfere with Wednesday,
but rather than schedule it for Thursday and then do Thursday and Friday and
Sunday, I'm just not going to.
I feel guilty for not sharing the show to more people sooner.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
I wouldn't feel guilty about it and I would not feel bad about not sharing the show.
What you want to do, in my humble opinion, I obviously can't tell you what to do,
but what I would do if I were in your shoes is i would share some of my ideas
don't say well this guy's deaf whatever right just say oh x y and z you know
this is an argument right um and then see if people are receptive to the arguments
or to the reasoning or to the curiosity or the philosophy and so on and then if they are,
interested in that uh then you can start that conversation about philosophy
and then maybe if they say where are you getting some of these ideas from then
but if you just link them to me then then, you know, maybe they'll hit the reputational
damage and all that and just be a mess, right?

[1:59:19] All right. And the racism thing, like, that's not my, I haven't made this up.
You can just do a, look for how many times racism, white supremacy,
privilege, like you look for it, like it's an engineered thing,
right? It's not natural, right?
I didn't grow up with any particular racial tensions. I had friends of all races, right? Right.
So you can see the number of times this is mentioned in the media.
It just goes through the roof starting in 2010 or whatever, right? 2012.
It just goes through the roof and it's just an engineered phenomenon. It's not, not organic.

Unpacking Engineered Racial Tensions

I'm sure there are lots of hidden groups where people are coordinating all of this stuff.
So yeah, it's just, it's engineered and it just, it's so profitable to cause
animosity that people end up, uh, well paid to be enemies. So.
All right. Well, Well, thanks everyone for a wonderful stream.
If you're listening to this later, slash donate,
you can also join the community at
You can use the promo code, all caps, UBB 2022.
You can try it out for a month, get all of the really, really great stuff.
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And also you can join, slash freedomain.
That's also a great community and gives you access to a really,
really cool community as well so thank you everyone so much for a wonderful wonderful.

Gratitude and Community Engagement

[2:00:41] Call not call live stream there i totally had it i totally had it have yourself a great,
weekend i will talk to you on friday and yeah look for all the cool stuff coming
out this week take care guys bye.

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