Interview Category: 17 Experts on Human Intelligence

Over a two year period, philosopher Stefan Molyneux interviewed 17 world-renowned experts in the realm of human intelligence in a wide-ranging exploration of the current data and arguments about one of the most fundamental human characteristics.

What emerged is a complex, powerful, sympathetic and deep examination of intelligence and its potential effects on human society.

Race, Evolution and Intelligence | Linda Gottfredson and Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux speaks to Dr. Linda Gottfredson about the differences in human intelligence, the gap in established knowledge between academia and the general public, the difference between general intelligence factor and IQ, disputing the Flynn Effect, the work of J. Phillip Rushton and the challenges of pursuing politically incorrect research.

Nature or Nurture? The Study of Twins | Nancy Segal and Stefan Molyneux

The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest and more fiercely debated issues within science. So what exactly is the nature versus nurture debate all about? Do genetic or environmental factors have a greater influence on your behavior? Do inherited traits or life experiences play a greater role in shaping your personality? Dr. Nancy Segal and Stefan Molyneux discuss the reality of the nature vs. nurture debate, the genetic heritability of Intelligence (IQ), personality, sexual orientation and what we have learned from twins studies in this areas.
Dr. Nancy Segal is the Professor of Psychology at California State University, and Director of the Twin Studies Center. She is the author of many books including, Born Together-Reared Apart: The Landmark Minnesota Twin Study. For more, go to:

Does Poverty Impact Intelligence? | Eric Turkheimer and Stefan Molyneux

Does economic status have an impact on Intelligence? Dr. Eric Turkheimer discusses his research on how "Socioeconomic Status Modifies Heritability of IQ in Young Children," nature versus nurture, the genetics of personality and what can be done so that children reach their full potential.
Eric Turkheimer is currently a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, is an Associate Editor of Behavior Genetics and has served on the editorial boards of Journal of Abnormal Psychology and Developmental Psychology. In 2009, he was awarded the James Shields Award for excellence in twin research by the Behavior Genetics Association and the International Society for Twin Research. He is currently incoming President of the Behavior Genetics Association.

IQ and Immigration | Jason Richwine and Stefan Molyneux

When the subject of Intelligence (IQ) is discussed in the mainstream media - hysteria and slander from journalists often trumps the available science. Jason Richwine and Stefan Molyneux discuss media controversy in a politically correct culture, the latest science regarding human intelligence, the predictable capabilities of IQ and what this means for the success of immigrants in America and around the world.
Jason Richwine has a Ph.D. in Public Policy from Harvard University and is an analyst and contributor writer for National Review. Dr. Richwine's doctoral dissertation on "IQ and Immigration Policy" was the subject of media controversy in 2013, an can be read in it's entirety at:

The Bell Curve: IQ, Race and Gender | Charles Murray and Stefan Molyneux

In continuing our discussion on Human Intelligence and the predictive powers of IQ, Charles Murray joins the broadcast to discuss the latest science regarding ethnic and gender differences in intelligence.
Charles Murray is a political scientist, author, and libertarian. He first came to national attention in 1984 with the publication of "Losing Ground," which has been credited as the intellectual foundation for the Welfare Reform Act of 1996. His 1994 New York Times bestseller, "The Bell Curve," coauthored with the late Richard J. Herrnstein, sparked heated controversy for its analysis of the role of IQ in shaping America's class structure.

What You Didn't Know About IQ | Dr. Kevin M. Beaver and Stefan Molyneux

Criminology expert Dr. Kevin M. Beaver and Stefan Molyneux discuss the impact of parenting on child intelligence, the predictable capabilities of IQ, the evolutionary behavioral genetics of violent crime and possible explanations for the massive drop in criminality. Dr. Kevin M. Beaver is an expert on biosocial criminology, which explores the biological and environmental factors involved in crime and antisocial behavior.

Human Intelligence: The Flynn Effect - A Conversation with Dr. James Flynn

Dr. James R. Flynn is emeritus professor of political studies at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand and author, most recently, of What is Intelligence? Beyond the Flynn Effect. Flynn is best known for the Flynn effect, the continued year-on-year rise of IQ scores in all parts of the world. Flynn’s research combines political and moral philosophy with psychology to clarify problems such as justifying humane ideals and whether it makes sense to rank races and classes by merit.

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