Locals Questions 9 Jan 2023!


How do I balance respect for your culture (speaking of western culture) with the understanding that that was largely a culture of unspeakable child abuse, domestic abuse, and general misogyny? I am finding it difficult after learning more about the history of childhood to have much admiration for western culture. Many thanks.

I think often about one of your shows where you mentioned a tennis champion saying the thrill of winning a major tournament lasts about twenty minutes.
Do you think we are biologically designed to not experience a ton of joy in achievement - and should one therefore prepare to be somewhat let down by major accomplishments?

Hey Stef, what do you think about people that have more risky hobbies like motorsport?
I don't mean this in a UPB way but more like if they have a family to look after?
What should your risk profile be with your own children?

Are you making a novel writing tutorial available to subscribers? Maybe a series of presentations similar to the ACE study?
It would be great to learn how to write a novel. You're explanations are easy to follow.

I have a niece who has lost all of her motivation. She attended 1 year of school, did not the experience, returned home, and decided that she did not want to go back to school. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life, and spends a lot of time sleeping. How can I help her to gain direction for her life?

Why do some people go to therapy and significantly improve while others never seem to get better?

What is the difference between a worthwhile hobby and a waste of time? I recently started my own content channels analyzing social, political and philosophical themes in old Disney films, but they're more of a hobby rather than, say, full time content creation (I have full-time employment already). I've gotten great feedback from viewers and a few hundred subscribers which inspires me to do more, but I can't help this gnawing thought in the back of my head saying "if you're not going full bore into it, just focus on things that are more productive for yourself personally." At the same time I think to myself 'I could be doing worse things with my free time as a single man in his late 20s, like playing video games.' Curse you, Stef, for inspiring me to put my thoughts out into the world! (kidding)

Are empathetic people more vulnerable to moral abuse, and if so, how do victims of long term moral abuse get over the mental anguish that usually plagues them after the long term exposure of that abuse. This is after they have separated from their abuser, but there is no chance of an apology from the abuser. Thank you.

A women friend of mine has crippling social anxiety from the resentment towards her childhood schoolmates.
Personally, I believe that you shouldn't hold anger and resentment towards children/teen in involuntary relationship and situations within reasons. Doesn’t morality require choice?
Thoughts on holding on to resentment from childhood bullies.
how can you have resentment work for you instead of against you?
How dose one not let the resentment consume them?

How do you get used to talking to a camera? Any tips for starting a podcast?

How can we get jury trials in the US?

what exactly is punishment. can punishment be morally good?

What is the relation between virtue and power?
Can you be virtuous if you are unable to do evil for example? If you don't have the power to do evil
You certainly can prevent evil if you acquire power, but is that the same?
And similarly, what about the relation between evil and power?
Can you be evil even if you don't have any power? You certainly can if you do have power...
And if so, does that mean that you have to reach a certain level of power (in any shape) to be able to "test" yourself and be virtuous?
Should we desire power if we want to be virtuous? Or at least not evil? Or maybe prevent evil?

my wonderful son is turning 2 soon! Is there anything in particular that I should be on the look out for at this age? I've heard this age referred to by other parents as being "terrible". Although he doesn't have a massive vocabulary, he seems to be grasping morality, at least in practice - no violence or tantrums and he's also very conscientious, affectionate and kind.
We're following the Molyneux UPB plan and all three of us are very happy! He's a tremendous blessing and I just want to ensure that we keep doing our best for him.

Stef. I asked this once before and never saw an answer. Please excuse me if you answered. About 2 years ago for the first time in my life I entrusted a secret with my sister. It was something very personal and I specifically said to her that I needed to speak with her and get her opinion and for her to NOT tell anyone else, especially family. She agreed. We talked for about an hour and it was nice to share something so personal with her for the first time. 2 days later I get a call from my grandmother (who my sister doesn't speak with) asking me about everything I told my sister. For my grandmother to know that means she had to tell my mother and then my mother told my granny. I felt utterly betrayed on so many levels. I texted my sister because if I called I would have lost it. I said, " I can't believe you would go ahead and share what I spoke to you about". To which she replied.. I was just trying to help. It's been 2 years and I haven't spoken with her since. No apologies from her. Nothing. To top it all off... My nephew her son to whom I was very close with his whole life... Got engaged and married and didn't invite me. Obviously because of his mother, my sister. My question is. How would you deal with such a betrayal from a family member. I am so hurt by all of this. Thank you

Maybe you have seen the beef between Ben Garrison and Scott Adam's over the Vax. From my memory Bens charactisation of Scott was pretty accurate but Scott, I admit is always taking about the uncertainty of information. After listening to sound bite of Scott being verbally abusive to a comment asking him to admit he was wrong, it has really irked me. What is the philosophy of acting on incomplete information, can you be wrong if you "influence" others by your actions or is it everybody for themselves?

I am a young man who is jealous and bitter that my sister and other girls her age have virtually unlimited dating options, in spite of believing in astrology and crystals and being typical boss bitch 'empowered' NPCs whose presence is as enjoyable as nails on a chalkboard. Meanwhile, despite years of studying self-knowledge and personal growth, I have no dating prospects and am constantly rejected. We are both in our early 20s and about equal in terms of looks. How should I deal with these feelings and the situation in general?

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