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Introducing the Song Challenge

[0:00] Yes, yes, good evening. Good evening. You know what we haven't done for a while?
Let me just, let me know if the audio is good. I'm tapping the mic. Yeah. All right.
Here's your song challenge. Are you ready? Are you ready for your song challenge?

[0:23] Oh, oh, baby. Yeah. Oh, yeah.
Listen to this spy on me baby you satellite infrared to see me move through the night aim gonna fire shoot me right you're gonna like the way you fight anybody come on baby baby.
Anybody. You guys got to know this one.
You got to know it. I insist that you know it.
Now you found the secret code I use to wash away my lonely blues.
So I can't deny a lie because you are the something something.
So close. Sex bomb, sex bomb, you're my sex bomb. Yeah, it's a good song.
You can give it to me when I need to come along.

[1:40] Anyway, it's a good song. Tom Jones, he did a great cover of Kiss.
Although he's been accused of some rather nasty things by groupies, well, it was the 60s and 70s. I pretty much assume everything was nasty.
Yeah, it's a great song. He did a song of covers with Barenaked Ladies and a bunch of other people. It was actually pretty good. It was pretty good.
But yeah, his version of Kiss was really, really good.
Really. You don't have to be beautiful to turn me on.
Yeah, he's a good Welsh singer, right? Good Welsh wobbler. And quite the performer back in Le Day.
Back in Le Day, he was quite the performer. So, questions, comments, issues, challenges, problems, whatever you like, my friends, I am here for you.
My gosh, it's only two shopping days till Christmas Eve.
Just in case you wish to.
Support and help out your friendly neighborhood.

[2:42] Philosopher there's distortion something with sound yeah every single time it's like, every single time i switch my uh audio uh we can sounds good there okay maybe it's something to do with you this this distortion well it could just be me doing tom me doing tom jones could be could be any number of things so yeah if you want to kick anything off with a donation i'd be thrilled, and a hearing sounds like peaking maybe I hear it a bit with the singing.

Singing Corey Hart's "I wear my sunglasses at night"

[3:19] Yeah, Corey Hart. I wear my sunglasses at night.
Do I like Corey Hart? I think I only know two of his songs, that one and Just a little more time is all we're asking for.
Yeah, Never Surrender. I don't know what else he's ever done, but those two songs were pretty good.
I remember a friend of mine was in an elevator with two teen girls well this is when we were teenagers so we were in this elevator with two teen girls and they were talking about uh cory hart and my friend was like you ever notice that he just he looks a little bit like a chipmunk and they just turned at him and screamed well better than you and then rang off, so a little distortion you say but it's only some people right only some people somewhere Where in summertime…
Eurasian eyes? I don't think I know that one.
Don't know why sunglasses at night were so popular. Never surrender was better.
Middically? Middically? Middically? My dick is an ally. I hope yours is too.
It's always important to make an ally out of your dick. Otherwise, it's just an access, which means tripod, which means discomfort.
It's so funny. When it comes to music, music is a fantastic example of the joys of Austrian economics.

[4:47] It's very, very interesting.
Notes here, please. I'm just going to mention this to our friends. No signal on this comp.
All right. So, do you know why it's very interesting with music and Austrian economics?
Music and Austrian economics. because people say this song is criminally underrated, right? People say this is an underrated movie.
This song is better than that song. I don't understand it and so on.
Now, how does Austrian economics deal with this question, this problem, this issue?
How does Austrian economics deal with this issue?
With this song is criminally underrated.
Everyone loves their greatest hits, but the real gems are blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
How does Austrian economics deal with this issue, this challenge?

[5:48] Subjective price theory, liberty, garden. That is so exciting for me.
You can feel the vines of my fingers growing up your legs in a most East German and ticklish manner. Yeah, value is subjective.
It's criminally underrated. The really great songs are this.
Now, give me a range, range, my friends. I need to know how far back in time we need to go.
Give me your late teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond.
I was trying to explain this to my daughter the other day.
Let's go on a little musical journey, shall we? But without me singing for once.
Let's go on a little musical journey.
39. Also, a great song by Queen. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. All right.

Remembering the era of buying 45s

[6:38] So did you ever buy…

[6:43] My american audience is going to get confused by this uh this is not a weapon did you ever buy a 45 did you ever buy a 45 i still remember the very first i didn't buy it i was gifted it it was a song called things we do for love by 10cc the band better known for not in love and uh dreadlock holiday a couple other songs the things we do for love the things we do for love it's a good song It's a good song. Oh, they've got a great song called Try.
You don't know how to ease my pain. You don't know. And they just go like straight up.
Yeah, so 45, nothing before 2000.

[7:22] So 45, man, this is where you first learn economics when you're a kid.
So you learn economics in this way.
You hear a great song on the radio. Now, not that I would ever do something no nefarious and dursidly, but my friends would.
This was your ultimate reflexes. It wasn't, can you catch a grasshopper from my hand and escape the Buddhist garden of martial arts instruction, but can you get to the tape recorder when the song comes on the radio and record it in time? Can you do that?
I literally saw people, they glitched, they blurred, they despawned and spawned with that finger.
In fact, occasionally when I was doing temp work in an office, I'd just sit there with the countdown, top 100 songs, and I'd just sit there with the song.
And I still have songs in my head with the DJ's voice from like 30 years ago still stuck in my brain because they'd always talk over the intro of the song.
Maybe they kind of had to do that. They definitely did that in England when I was growing up, because I used to wake up to the radio and people would just be talking and talking and talking and save all your kisses for me.

[8:25] And I still, Mix 99.9, I remember working late one night in an office.
I had some big presentation that I was helping out on.
And, oh boy, this was, yeah, this was way back in the day. And Mix 99.9 with Rob, it wasn't Rob Thomas, that's the singer for 3am.
Am but anyway they just played an alan parson songs they played some other songs just three songs in a row that i just loved and i listened to them a lot and i remember they used to have this bit where they'd say uh a four out of five dentists recommend 99.9 and then you hear the screaming in the background i was like we're still working on the fifth the fifth one which i thought was actually pretty funny but yeah just you get those get those um get those songs get those songs So what would happen is you'd hear a song on the radio, you'd really like it, and you'd say, okay, fine, I'll cough up the $2 and cents, $2 or whatever it was for a 45.
But you'd know, you'd know, man, that…

[9:23] Maybe you should buy the album. But the album was like $7.99.
It was like two bucks for the single. The album was $7.99.
So you just have to go, okay, damn it. Okay, this could be a relief, because I love music, as you know.

[9:34] One day it'll love me back. But you'd sit there and you'd have to weigh.
Say, okay, well, that's one good song, but it could be one good song, because everyone's had that experience back in the day where you drop eight bucks.
And so this was back, I made $2.45 an hour.
So, you know, eight bucks is, you know, know three hours of work with tax and all that and a little bit more so now uh if you making 15 bucks an hour that's like 45 uh bucks uh and so on so expensive expensive stuff i really couldn't afford that many albums and nobody would lend me any albums because my record player was so bad it actually was more of a carpet bomber or an apple peeler you could put apples in and it would just like nobody would lend me albums because i'd play them and it was just it was a little slow too so the the needle was so bad i had to put clumps of plasticine on top of the the needle and then it just slowed everything down a little bit so it's like it's fun to stay at the ymca is it really is it fun are you on quaaludes in the navy yes you can lend yourself everything turned into this treacly slow motion quaalude ballad oh my god it was horrendous it was just horrendous so you would you would you'd be like oh it could be but everyone who's bought one of those $50 albums, you put the album on, and it sucks.

[10:56] Like, John Anderson has an album called City of Angels, which has a fantastic song, Hurry Home, and the rest of it just, it just sucks like a vacuum.
It just blows, like, big generator from Yes, after 90210, I think they put an album out, big generator, just terrible. It was just awful.
Now, some people were reliable. Sting, you could usually rely on to give you some fairly decent and albums although he's always got one country song one foreign language song uh it's always just the way it goes he did one with james taylor i think it was so you would you would buy you'd hear the song and you'd be like i'm just gonna buy the album you'd buy the album and it'd be one song maybe two okay songs and the rest of it would just blow and so you'd be crying right because you spent eight bucks to get two good songs which if you just paid the two singles plus you get the other side the flip side which is not bad uh sometimes i remember we had amazing grace from Joan Baez and on the back on the other side was the Marxist propaganda I pity the poor immigrant anyway you buy the album the album turns out to blow you weep copious tears of regret and then you try and sell your album and then the album that you bought for eight bucks maybe you can sell for 75 cents oh brutal brutal I remember selling two railway carriages from one of my train sets for four dollars and then I saw them for eight dollars each I'm like well I guess he's got the store but boy you know maybe you could give the kids just a smidge more scratch match.

[12:17] So you'd wait on the radio, you'd wait on the radio, and they would release one single, and you'd be like, that's a great song.
And then they wouldn't release another single from the same album for a couple of months, because they want that first. So you just have to wait.
Two singles, ah, they're both good, you know. Is this going to be a good album, or is this going to be an album with a couple of gems and a load of crap?

[12:41] Oh, you never know. Every now and then you just get these albums like Atlantis to More, which is just fantastic.
Reggae to the Bonk. Just almost every song on there is a gem with the exception of Would You Be My Girl.
Anyway, so you just accumulate enough value with the singles and you're fine. I'll buy the album.

The Struggle of Buying Albums with Only a Few Good Songs

[13:00] And sometimes that would just be, it would be great. You'd be like, I love this album. Like, you know, when I bought Wish You Were Here, loved it.
I, of course, I had to tape it right away because otherwise my record player would destroy the album.
Them so yeah it was really it was really rough man it was rough stuff you cheated by buying beatles albums yeah yeah so if you buy the old ones that's okay and elo's uh um bad out of hell was a good album uh although um the uh the moaning and panting in paradise by the dashboard light i didn't exactly help you concentrate on your homework so yeah it was something else let's see sorry let me just get blue rodeo i saw them in concert actually pretty good pretty good but pretty good.
I had a friend of mine got married, got married to the Blue Rodeo song.
Well, if we're lost, then we are lost together. And it's just like, ooh, I don't know, man.
I don't know. I mean, that's not the most romantic song. And I don't think the marriage lasted.
I didn't really stay in touch. But all right, let me just get your comments here.
We were going way back. You know, I feel like I'm basically teaching an anthropology.

[14:07] Yeah, Try is a great song. It's a great song.
Don't you know you've got to try, try, try.
Ooh, oh, baby, you try. Yeah, CDs when they came out. You know, I had a friend who was like, you know what's amazing about CDs?
You pause them and they pick up right again where you left off.
Like this, like the tenth of a second you lost with a cassette tape was just the worst thing in the world.

[14:33] You would wait for a song to play on the radio to record it?
Yeah, yeah. And they did these songs.
Like, there are tons of songs I only know because they advertised them on late-night TV, right?
They would advertise these bands on late-night TV. The two I remember were John Denver and Creedence Clearwater Revival.
And, of course, because they play, like, three seconds from each song, I know that there's a song by John Denver called Galveston. on.
Galvest? I don't know how it goes. I have no idea.
I just made up the rest of the song in my head. And I know that CCR was born on the bi.
I believe it's by you, not by you, haha, or bar house. Born on the buh.

[15:19] I thought it was, um, yeah, it's born on the by you. So I know very, very small amounts.
Now here's the other thing. Oh, stupid album albums of the nineties.
It costs like 22 bucks oh yeah oh yeah john anderson is a great musician you turned me on to beautiful music oh yeah absolutely and very talented you know he only taught himself to play his own instruments when he was in his mid to late 20s uh he basically just he wanted to do his own album he locked himself in his garage with a whole bunch of instruments and taught himself how to play them uh and six months later had an album just amazing so then uh the last thing the last thing that happened was just brutal uh let me just see here greatest hits nah greatest helped greatest hits is really problematic oh oh my god worse now someone who has so many hits any one of the billboard charts now to find he was on epstein's island destroyed my childhood memories was phil collins i don't think the epstein thing has been released.

[16:19] But Galveston, it's smellier than Houston. That's not good because Houston's fairly… Creedence was awesome, yeah.
I did one of those in a song quiz a while ago.
So I don't think the Epstein… I think the Epstein thing is coming out next month, but I don't think anything definitive is out at the moment.
They're redacting some people, and everyone's nervous about that, which I understand, but I think it's incidental people.
So here's the problem. So even if you weren't around in the 70s and the 80s buying music, here's the problem.

[16:50] What's the problem so if you buy greatest hits you're pretty good right you're pretty good man you've got greatest hits oh yeah yeah that's a great song you better learn it fast and you better learn it young because someday he never comes yes very heartbreaking song um i like the living years by mike and the mechanics who i always thought was sung by mike but it's some other guy who phil collins said could basically sing the phone book but um so what's the problem with buying, let's say, oh, yeah, I like this Queen song.
What's the problem with buying? So, the plus side of buying greatest hits, were the flight logs released?
Okay, I'm half and half about that. I don't know for sure.
I'm sure you're right. So, what's the problem with buying greatest hits?
You know you're going to just get a bunch of quality, right?

The Pitfalls of Buying Greatest Hits Albums

[17:41] Buy Queen's greatest hits, you're going to get a bunch of quality, right? What's the problem with that?
What's the big problem with buying the greatest hits?
I was just a skinny lad Never knew no good from bad But I knew life before I left my nursery No, it's not that they always leave out some great songs.
No, you're toast, man. You buy greatest hits and you wear that out, right?
So you spend a year listening to greatest hits and you're like, wow, you know, it's a great band. I'm going to buy some of their albums, but you're already sick and tired of the greatest hits.
So you're buying a bunch of albums, which you don't want to play through because you're sick and tired of the greatest hits.
And let's say there are two or three greatest hits, right? You think of the Queen's album, The Game, right? You've got, well, you've got the two biggies. We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions, right? The two big ones. And there's, were there any other hits off that album?
The Game also had some great songs. It's Late was not really much of a hit Get Down Make Love was not much of a hit So you've got two songs and then you get the rest of it but you're sick and tired.
You listen to the best of the best already or whatever it is, right?

[18:59] So yeah now i was trying to explain those all this to my daughter right who can just call up anything she wants but no the greatest hits is a is a real mixed bag because you you get the greatest hits and then you got to go for the rest of it then of course what happens is like with with bands when you really get into them because of their greatest hits you end up what do you end up doing you end up liking everything but the greatest hits right you end up liking every song but the greatest hits which are entirely completely and totally sick off so all right let me ask you let me ask you this uh and y'all feel free to tip that's not the i know that we're not doing super philosophy here uh i don't know simple man by skinnerd um spirit in the sky i was a jewish guy who wrote that it's actually kind of interesting green bomb he ended up as a pastry chef or something like that it was kind of neat so now let me ask you this what's the song what's the song that enrages you?
What's a song where it's played and you just, that was News of the World, yeah.
News of the World, sorry, yeah, yeah. So what's the song that you just, you leap up and you, right?
The Clash had some great B-sides. Boy, if there was ever, the guitarist was Joe Strummer, right?
But if there was ever a guy who you'd never think would be a singer, but ripped, but pulled it off pretty well.

[20:19] My Sweet Lord, George Harrison. Yeah, he's kind of treacly, right?
Yeah, he's kind of trickly. And he himself, he said he had no range, right?
Because I'm happy. Come along if you feel. Only the good die young.
Yeah, pretty anti-Catholic song. Interesting.
Interesting. Dark Horse, Katy Perry. Imagine. Yeah, Imagine got pretty sickening.
Hey Jude has gotten so old for me. Plus it's also like, when does this song ever end?
And if you ever do it in karaoke, it's fun for the first while.
And then it's really not.
Lee Pop Good or Bad I don't know about that Crazy Bitch by Buck Cherry I hate that song yeah.

[20:57] Yeah, there are some songs. Calm him, maybe. Yeah, yeah.
Paint the Town Red by Doha Cat. It's a hedonistic mess. Yeah.
Most of Kiss was annoying. I was born for loving you, baby. Yeah, Calm Me Is Dystopia.
Do you know that there's a movie that was made by Yoko Ono that was 42 minutes of her husband's semi-erect penis?
Why? Because 60s, I guess. But yeah, they were freaks and a half.
Anything billy eilish by billy eilish pulls you towards suicide no don't be unfair it doesn't just pull you towards suicide murder is in there as well like nirvana yeah yeah, slates here it here it us merry christmas drives me nuts lakeside park even getty lee hates it yeah he's got a whole book out my effing life he's got a whole new book out i guess uh a lot of musicians who couldn't tour during the pandemic wrote autobiographies instead love shack bay my My daughter loved that song when she was little. Like a toddler, toddler.
Mmm. We built this city. Yes. I kissed a girl and I liked it. Ha, yes.
Love Shack is a pretty funny song.

[22:09] I got me as Chrysler. It's as big as a whale and it's about to set sail.
The guy's got quite the adenoidal nasal voice. It's interesting, right? Of course, with the B-52s, we grew up dancing to Rock Lobster.
Nirvana was terrible. Saw them at college. Kurt Cobain was such a jerk to the audience on campus. Oh, yeah, yeah. He was pretty rough.
The wrong music can really ruin you emotionally. Yeah, I think that's kind of true.
You've got to watch out for the lyrics. They are sort of programming, right? All reggae is the same song.
Right. Right. Right. Yoko Ono was a skilled hypnotist. I've heard people say that Lennon displayed signs of being brainwashed.
Hypnotism and brainwashing are not the same thing, I don't think.

[23:00] I'm no expert.
No, I'm no expert. All right. Questions, comments.
Kid Rock is pretty trashy. God Only Knows is a good song, though.
And the one he did with Sherlock Holmes is also pretty good.
It's a pretty good song. I mean, country music has some absolutely great lyrics and great storytelling.
Great storytelling. telling i ain't seen the sun in three damn days yes yeah you know people who live the country blue songs um yeah kid rock is uh i actually saw him he opened for sting many years ago and i saw him um the man the man pours heart and soul into a performance i'll give him that for sure but yeah of course i mean he's he's rock groupie trashy for sure right uh i'd like to shake your hands but I don't want to get a hand venereal disease.

[23:56] What does philosophy have to say about postpartum depression, non-integrated trauma re-experienced?
Well, yeah, I mean, postpartum depression, there could very well be, I assume, physical stuff, like hormonal stuff and all of that.
But I do think that when I was a child, Bjork gave me literal migraines.
I'd cry and cry when she was on.
Yeah, that girl seems damaged. Fiona Apple, too.
I've been a bad, bad girl. Yeah, she said, I broke the heart of a delicate man.
And it's a sad, sad world.
When a girl will break a boy just because she can.
Yeah, she said, I think she was brutally raped or something.
It's just really, really, just terrible, terrible stuff happened to her.
And you can see that kind of stuff flooding and flying along. Oh, man, it's rough.

[24:53] Uh now so this apparently the flight logs were released thank you for the uh update the epstein flight logs were released the logs contain flight records of jeffrey epstein's private jets including the names of passengers and flight details there is a csv a comma separated uh uh i don't know what the v is comma separated vlog that has been circulating for a week or so claiming to be the logs it's incomplete and hard to tell if it's genuine okay okay thanks i appreciate that that's good to know yeah what do you get if you play country music backwards you get the wife back the kids back the house that's right um so and i remember when i was working up north um the guys i was working with there was only one radio station they could get through some weird, trick of the troposphere it was a radio station that was only country and western songs and i remember very very clearly commerce i remember now comma separated values yes that's it my memory in the form of Jared has returned to me.
Oh, yes, I got it right before you did, James, right before you did.
Anyway, so I just remember one weekend, it was like, we're counting down the top 800 country and Western songs of all time.
And they were pretty funny, actually. Some of them were pretty funny.
Get your tongue out of my mouth. I'm kissing you goodbye.
She got the gold mine and I got the shaft. How about a divorce?
It was really good. It was really good.

[26:23] Oh, Lord, it's so hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way.
Yeah, it's pretty funny. I like the sense of humor. The good old boy sense of humor is quite a lot of fun.
It's quite appealing. In my humble opinion.
Humble. Massively humble opinion. All right. So, yeah.
So, as far as postpartum depression goes, yeah, I think that there's obviously some hormonal stuff and all that.
That but uh i don't think the body forgets much if anything i don't think the body forgets much if anything and we know this from circumcision like i was just reading this study that i don't know if it's new or old because i remember referencing it some years ago i don't know if it's been replicated or updated but they did a baseline stress hormone responses of babies who've have been circumcised and babies who were non-circumcised and they did this over six months and after six months the stress response the fear response the terror response had not returned to baseline i'm not sure that it ever does i'm not sure that it ever does.

Country and Western Music Chat

[27:30] Dum-da-lum-da-lum-da-lum-da-la-dum, dum-da-lum-da-lum-da-lum-da-la-da-da-da-dum.
That's a good song, Big and Rich.
Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. The video's a little gross, but the song I think is pretty good.
We, what's that, Blues Brothers? We play both kinds of music here, country and western.
It's hard to argue. Mary Robbins has a lot of great songs.
Johnny Cash, good artist I never got into him too much I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die, Yeah, I never got into I'm a big one for singers and he doesn't for me he doesn't have much of a voice That's why I couldn't get into Sheryl Crow that much although she's got some good songs Although pro-communist, right?
Um My friend the communist holds meetings in his RV I can't afford the gas so I'm stuck here watching TV I mean, she's talking about her friend who's a communist, right?
Can she imagine if she was singing My Friend the Nazi, right?

[28:40] His cover of Hurt. Yeah, Bobby Darin was great, yeah. Rawhide is an excellent scene, yeah.
Rawhide. Yeah, that's a funny movie. That's a funny movie.
I remember Matt Guitar Murphy's Arms was my envy in my early teens. Man's got some guns.
It's got some guns. And that rather greasy-looking, skeevy saxophone player.
We especially would like to welcome all the members of Illinois law enforcement who've chosen to be with us this evening.
Yes, I really like it. I bought the soundtrack. That one I was happy to do the album. I really enjoyed that.
What do you think about the cranberries? Um…
Oh, my love, in every way, in every possible way.
Zombie I didn't like particularly, but Dreams, pretty good. I really liked the…
That sort of warbling that she does at the end. Very innovative and creative singer, but I assume that she also was very badly abused and didn't make it, of course, much past middle age.
The movie about Johnny Cash is worth the time to watch. He was a tormented soul. Hmm.
Yeah, the only romantic songs I know are Sade.

[30:07] There's nothing like you and I, baby.
The Artisan Blues Brothers are awesome. Ah, I really woke up to Aretha Franklin.
She actually wrote Think and rewrote the lyrics for the Blues Brothers, which is a great song.
Who I really woke up to in that movie was, well, Cab Calloway.
Hey, folks, here's a story about the Mene, the Moocher. She was a low-down hoochie-coocher.
That's a great song. and also, well, you heard about the fella you've been dancing with all over the neighborhood.
That was just amazing. Ray Charles doing that, what's that song?
Gosh, I should know this.
Do the boobaloo. That's a fantastic song. That's a fantastic song.

Discussion on The Cure and Janis Joplin

[30:55] Lullaby by The Cure is about abuse. Very tragic. Yeah, The Cure, those guys are kind of like, Robert Smith is kind of mental for sure janice joplin yeah also heavily traumatized and uh massively promiscuous and then of course uh died of a drug overdose the 27 club right the cure is amazing but man can it get set yes charlotte sometimes um i remember going to see the cure they didn't even play love cats like the only song of theirs that i really liked so, mess around um sorry i'm i'm married unless you're referring to a song in which case i'm married.

[31:33] Yeah, the Artis and Bruce brothers were fantastic, for sure.
Although I didn't particularly like James Brown's version of stuff that went on in there.
Not, not huge. I don't think there's anything wrong with the action on this piano.
That's right. And the toast thing. I don't know. It was just, it was just very funny.
I mean, the Blues Brothers is funny because they're just so improbable.
Like there's a very serious looking guy who does this funky leg dance.
And then the guy who's really tubby, who does all these flips and all of that.
Simply read Holding Back the Years. Yeah, for sure.

[32:04] I appreciate these do the mess around yeah thank you uh you know then you graduate into ray charles doing georgia uh georgia is actually about a woman believe it or not georgia is not about the state it's about a woman so i thank you i appreciate this song simply read i think the guy was pretty vain was simply read you know it's just like there's a picture of me looking dreamy on the album cover.
On the back, there's another picture of me looking dreamy.
Now, when you open it up, there's two pictures of me looking dreamy, and then on the album sleeve, there's another picture of me looking dreamy.
It's like, dude, you're not a model. You're a singer.
Just sing. Shut up and sing.
Oh, thank you. Playing Gone by Polyphia. I will check it out.
Extremely technical guitar.
Yeah, so everyone listens to particular things in songs, and it usually has something to to do with your own area of expertise stevie ray vaughn oh oh once was a sweet thing baby, yeah that's um uh i i love stevie ray stevie ray is he's got the kind of guitar that just gives your toes boners like it's just amazing uh it's just uh incredible change it is a great song from his uh and uh um yeah just uh that's fantastic held our love in our hand.

[33:27] Ah thanks for the how to have hope call and i'm so thankful for the conversation my twins are born i'm exponentially more enthusiastic after i talk merry christmas from my new family to yours congratulations fantastic fantastic so yeah with sorry just Just be Mr.
Jump on over the place. But with regards to postpartum depression, you have to deal with your shit before you have kids.
You have to deal with your shit before.
Yeah, Little Wing. It's a great song. And Sting did a pretty good cover of that.
So yeah, to deal with your shit before you have kids. I think that all the things that you didn't get as a baby and a toddler come back to you when you become a mother. And I think that's really tough.

Appreciation for Little Wing and Frank Sinatra's Softer Songs

[34:20] All right. That's live Frank Sinatra.
Yeah, I prefer some of Frank's softer songs.
The soundtrack to Leaving Las Vegas has some great songs by Sting that are kind of covers of that sort of era and just really, really good and really good stuff Angel eyes, that old devil scent, Bones uncomfortably clear Got to know, If my life's misspent And why my angel eyes ain't here painted black and sympathy for the devil by rolling stones is pretty dark and a bit hypnotic and sympathy for the devil has great lyrics great lyrics, uh very hypnotic yeah very hypnotic, steph you might be happy to hear that i asked out my hairstylist tonight, i'm mixed i'm mixed obviously i'm very very happy that you asked out your hairstylist but i'm very enraged that you still need a hairstylist because i don't I credit you with helping me step out of my comfort zone and work up the courage to go for broke no matter.
The answer, she accepted and we set a date to go out for dinner.
I love you, brother. Tip incoming. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.
Dave Matthews fans, everything is automatic.

[35:46] I think too many women don't love their kids, which makes giving birth and breastfeeding extremely difficult.
Well, okay. Okay, so if a woman is placing as her primary value, her sexual market value, she's going to resent the baby.
She's going to resent the baby. Why is she going to resent the baby if she has placed her supreme value on sexual market value?

[36:15] Why? What is the problem? because the baby marks the end of her sexual market value.
And she knows that deep down. So if you don't have something to offer other than being hot, pretty, attractive, then you will resent the baby because the baby takes away all of that, right?
You have fired your booster to get to orbit, right? Well, the baby kills her figure, sure, I mean, but…
Listening to my new favorite i never knew anything about until two years ago finnish soprano tarja turinen t-a-r-j-a-t-u-r-u-n-e-n oh thank you i appreciate that, it takes away weight skin shape energy yeah boobs and and you're just tired right it's time to feel sexy when you're tired, those combos are so needed for the masses yes it's true, it's true.

[37:16] James, should we should we give these people a little bonus these glorious, gorgeous, beautiful thank you, thank you so much for your support people, if you could give me the link to, the premium show, the one I did with the guy who was being rather unkind to his wife, I just put it out last couple of days, let's give it out here because this is a wild show, Heidi Klum was once roasted four kids, yet your body looks like you haven't paid attention to any of them.
Well, some women bounce back and all of that, and of course, if you have kids younger, then, right?
If you have kids younger, it's not so bad. My wife did not have our daughter young, and but she bounced back.
She's always been very conscious of her figure, and thank heavens, so thanks, thanks James.

Preview of Intense Relationship Discussion

[38:10] Appreciate it. Yeah, we'll give you this one. This is a guy, I was actually concerned he was going to do some serious damage in his romantic relationship. And not emotional damage either.
And confronting somebody who's got that level of rage was quite something.
It was quite something. You know, sometimes I really earn my keep.
Sometimes I really, really earn my keep. And that was one. I don't think it's going to go out to the general population because it's too savage.
It's too savage.

[38:44] All right, here we go. I will give this.

[38:55] Oh, help me with my rage or something like that is what it's called.
I'll give you the link here. Yeah, lack of breastfeeding and so on.
It's tough. It's tough. I'm actually glad that I didn't have more musical talent.
You mentioned a call-in show where the wife was managing her in-laws.
Did that ever get released? I can't find it. Oh, Lord, I wish. I mean, come on, man.
I've got hundreds of call-in shows that I never released. I can't possibly tell you that.
I can't. No, this isn't published yet. This isn't published.
I'm just going to give it to you guys for showing up tonight and showing the love and the support for the show.

[39:44] So I'll give you the link in here. All right, here's another question.
What are your thoughts on the idea of closure?
This is in relation to your advice during a call-in show a few years back to not try to figure out people in order to manage your anxiety.
I agree with this principle, but find that trying to figure people out is also done in order to understand where relationships went wrong and find closure.
What is the dividing line between figuring people out to find closure versus managing anxiety?

[40:16] Alright, I'm going to ask you, if you don't mind, just don't share this one.
This is a wild, like, beyond wild call-in show.
This is the kind of call-in show that if I'd known in advance what I was dealing with, I probably wouldn't have taken it.
But once we were already in, it's right there.
Once we were already in, I'm like, okay, well, I can't stop now.
Plus, there were two kids, two little kids involved, and a lot of violence in the household.

[40:42] A lot of violence in the household. And anyway, sent a $10 donation at FDR, donating at the end of the month as well.
Thank you. Thank you so much. I really, really do appreciate that. It's wonderfully kind.
And thank you. I really, really do appreciate that. It's very much needed.
And yeah, don't share. It's already trending on Twitter.
Yeah, it's funny. It's funny. I see every now and then I see myself floating up in Twitter.
So getting good views. and it's funny because it was a debate I had with a Jewish fellow from many years ago and it was like shot on a potato cam and it was just like and it's like all the effort I put into high quality audio and video and it's like boom, just these old potato cam debates show up and it's kind of funny, here's the tip I think it works right I got the tip thank you so much alright so I want to make sure I understand your question here, the idea of closure okay advice during a call-in show try not to figure people out in order to manage your anxiety, I agree with this principle, but find that trying to figure people out is also done in order to understand where relationships went wrong and find closure.

[41:51] Uh, where relationships went wrong.

[42:00] The Twitter post about daycare is terrible. So many people working so the kid spends time with strangers. Yeah.
Yeah, I'm still looking to see evidence of this sort of built-in parental bonding stuff. It doesn't seem to be much of a thing.
Missed your voice, Steph. Thank you. Appreciate it. Happy to have you typing. I love your font, baby.
Your font does things to me that should be illegal in at least half the states in the southern U.S.

Questioning the Bond in Daycare and Relationships

[42:32] What went wrong in relationships?
What went wrong in relationships? I just did a show today.
I haven't released it yet where I was answering questions.
Um, yeah. Ask me to remember out of thousand, like out of 7,000 shows.
Um, not, not really going to happen, but I'll tell you this.
Would you like to know the one thing, and it's not an emotion, it's a state of mind, it's an intellectual process, would you like to know the one thing, that guarantees the failure of a relationship?
The one thing that if you don't get it right, and when I say this, you will absolutely, completely, and totally get this.
What is the one thing that if you don't get it right, everything is going to go wrong?

[43:33] Uh just while you're typing that uh i tip five bucks thank you have you ever seen bo burnham do a skit called country song making fun of the formula and fake cowboys on private jets you know i gotta tell you i i find that uh making fun of country songs is kind of boring you know make make fun of rap and you know that's uh uh make fun of rap and you've got me right okay yeah you want to know nice all right what do you got here empathy nope uh conflict resolution nope not Not believing them when they tell you bad stuff.
Nope. Your kid's lying. Nope. No.
IQ. Nope.
Physical attraction. No. Anniversary. Forgetting anniversary there, maybe. All right.
Being able to give and take feedback. No.

[44:24] Value. No. What do you think about moms who run their own daycare and have their kids in it?
Fine. Be better if they were just having their own kids, though.
All right, I will tell you.
All right, for the men, for the sausage holders, for the men here, what is it that defines love for you in a practical sense? How do you know if you're loved?
What does your woman do, or your man for that matter, let's just go traditional, what do your women do that makes you feel loved? Loved.
What is it that you, and for the women, M, if you're a man, M, what do you, what does she do? W for women. What does he do that make you feel loved?
Where you say, wow, I really feel loved, right? I don't care how rude you get.
I really don't care how rude you get.

Confusion and Miscommunication about Love Languages

[45:15] Appreciation okay but oh that's like yeah what is it that the ability to correct i think you mean connect m sex question mark dude how on earth can i work with that i'm asking you to tell me what has you feel love and you have a question mark is it a sexy question mark is the question mark big boobs?
Is that the graphic you're trying to show me?
Guys, I asked you for M versus W. M versus W.

[45:49] Please try and listen. I'm trying to help the show. If you're a man, M. If you're a woman, W.
It's really not that complicated. It's the one thing. One thing I asked for.
I asked for one thing. And donations, right?
Okay, we'll survive. We'll survive. This is kind of funny.
Hey, man, you can't tell me what to do. I'm a libertarian.
All right.
Show gratitude, compliment me and defer to my judgment, loyalty, active listening, yummy food, physical affection, and valuing my feedback, blowjobs, and then cook food. Hopefully not at the same time.
Let me taste this steak. Meat is bloody. bloody uh m sexual favors all right um doing something thoughtful for me being a healthy person around me uh that's a woman yeah the fact that you give me m later does not help me because then i gotta go back up and correlate it with your previous type how about i feel loved if you listen to my instructions and make my job slightly easier uh m sexual favors woman safety Safety and security, listening, so everyone's saying M, excellent.
Doing something for me, being a healthy person around me, all right.
Male, house organized, surprise, physical affection, support of my ideas, right.

[47:16] So let me ask you this have you ever had it where the woman says i need to feel close i need to feel emotionally connected in order to have sex and the man says i need to have sex in order to feel emotionally connected or the woman says i want to tell you my problems without you solving my issues use because solving seems kind of patriarchal and paternal and kind of condescending i just need you to listen and support me whereas the man says if i love you i solve your problems i you know if you're driving and there's a log in the road i'll get out and move the log out of the way for me to love you is to solve your problems whereas for the woman to be loved, is to just be listened to if that makes sense right.

[48:07] The ability to be vulnerable about that person Physical affection, M Oh, Danny, I asked for M and then You gave me an M You gave me an M, so that's something I appreciate that, A woman's security A male excited when I'm there Male And being grateful and appreciated for doing what is needed to provide a home Male, she's silly around me Okay, okay So we've heard of these These kinds of things, right?
I had the opposite problem. If I am not heard, sex drives me away from the relationship.
Sex drives me away from the relationship? What does that mean?
It means you have sex, but in a car driving away?
How well hung are you? Right.

[48:53] What breaks up a relationship is a lack of agreement on definitions.
Steph, how much should you let a woman talk on her first date?
What are you going in with a plunger and some duct tape?
Don't do that. What do you mean let a woman talk?
You let her be herself and see if you like her. If she talks all the time and never asks you about anything, then you can make your decisions.
I don't know what you mean. Let a woman talk. What are you going to tackle her?
Just keep feeding her. Here, have some more fries.
Sorry, I don't know what that means.

Importance of Definitions in Relationships

[49:33] Definitions. Do you both agree what it means to be loved?
Do you both agree what it means to be loved?
Now, y'all had some practical shit here, man.
Appreciation, sex, food, security. My gosh. You're all just… You're all just…

[50:01] Not a thing about virtue. Virtue? Being appreciative of my virtues?
What is it that makes you feel loved? Being appreciative of my virtues?
Like, not one person says to the moral philosopher who defines, love as our involuntary response to virtue if virtue is not one person says anything about virtue.
I'm coming over there and I am taking away your Christmas presents.
Oh, that is very funny. Oh, we still have so much work to do.
I still have so much work to do i mean not anyone not not one person threw me a freaking bone throw me a freaking bone here not one person threw me a phone it's like blowjobs anything to do with no blowjob hummers blowjob sometimes hummers maybe a hand job six pack sandwich silence, like oh my god, staff happy friday i'm changing my oil while listening to the greatest show in the world.

[51:04] Right so if you don't have the same definitions so for instance if a man says to a woman i don't like you dressing this way like a man says to his girlfriend i don't like you this dressing is this dress is too revealing is he trying to protect her or is he trying to control her right right, I'm sure it's frustrating, but that made me laugh. Hookers and blow.
Oh, yeah, that's from back in the day. We listen to the show because we haven't got it yet.
Right. So is it controlling? Right. You know, the old thing that for a woman to have standards is healthy. For a man to have standards means he's a controlling patriarch. Treyarch?
Do you have the same definition of sacrifice?
Do you have the same definition of love? Do you have the same definition of support? Now, it doesn't have to be the same for both of you, right?
So for a man, support might be solving my problems. For a woman, support might be listening.
But do you both have the same definitions that you agree on of the words that are the the foundation of the relationship.
So, for instance, people cheat in relationships because they don't have the same definition of monogamy.
So for one person, monogamy is no cheating. The other person is, well, monogamy can include cheating.

Defining Values and Relationships

[52:22] So, shared values, but values rely on definitions. Definitions.
Definitions and relationships are the same thing. If you can't meet in definitions, you can't overlap in relationships.
I fully understand everything. Well, teach me. Teach me. Do you have the same definitions?
Do you have the same definitions of what it is to be a good partner?
Do you have the same definitions of what it is to be a good parent? transparent do you have the same definitions of abuse right he's so controlling and abusive why because he told me not to go into a bad section of town wearing a miniskirt and it's like no he's trying to help he's trying to protect you like what happened to that destiny guy in his swedish wife oh god i'm supposed to have a debate with him many moons ago i can't even remember why it didn't happen now but yeah so he he ended up in an open relationship right um which is not a relationship it's uh it's a drive-thru it's a it's a train through it's a driving train through so, and she ended up going off with some other skinny guy and right.

[53:42] In my view, in my view, and this could, of course, just my particular view, but I would say.

[53:51] That, yeah, do you have the same definitions of success in a marriage?
He took her, oh, so Destiny took his ex-wife from another guy and then she went off with some other guy.
I don't know. This open relationship stuff, maybe I'm just an old fart and old-fashioned, but this, it's completely insane to me.
I can't imagine how anyone thinks this is any kind of oh what does situationship mean is this just a come and go we don't know if we're in or we're out like carrie bradshaw and mr big kind of thing um but for a woman to for a woman to have a man in her life who says i'm totally happy to open open you up to other men.
That's the ultimate non-protecting, non-pair bonding thing, right?
You tried it, it was disastrous. Yeah, it's just horrible. It's absolutely horrible.
And that's treating marriage as a convenience for your own hedonism rather than something that is designed to protect children, right? The whole purpose of marriage is to protect children.
And you can't do that. I mean, it just can't work. So if you have an open relationship, if you're a guy, You have an open relationship.
Either your wife doesn't like the other guys as much as she likes you, in which case she might as well be with you, or she likes them more than you, in which case she's going to leave you.

[55:14] Situationship equals good enough for now, not likely the last.
Oh, it means fuck buddies? Yeah, all right.
Some people have kids in an open relationship. Yeah, some people have kids in an open relationship and don't even know who the father is, right?

[55:28] I was asked to be friends with benefits by an ex. I told her to have more respect for herself, and then realized it was a bad idea to stay friends with her.
Now, do you know why your ex offered you friends with benefits?
Do you know why? Do you have any idea why she did that? I know why.
Why did you, why did you, why does an ex offer friends with benefits?
Why does an ex offer friends with benefits?

[55:58] Thank you very much for your tip. I appreciate that. Merry Christmas back to you guys as well.

The Fallacy of Open Relationships for Men

[56:05] Open relationships for a man is dumb unless you're a total Chad, but it's terrible.
If you're a total Chad, you should get the highest quality woman and become a father.
The idea that masculinity is sex, not fatherhood, is a completely bizarre invention of the modern world.
Masculinity is fatherhood, protection, provision, mentoring.
It's not shooting and squirting. It's not the spray and pray, right?
Why? Why? No.
I mean, it could be that she, you know, baby jail or whatever it is.
No, no, no. She offers you sex with benefits.
She offers you friendship with benefits so that you're crippled and sabotaged.
So you can't be around and pair bond with a new girl. So you can't get into a new relationship.
No, all she's doing is sabotaging you. Just sabotaging you.
She knows that no woman of any quality is going to want to have anything to do with you if you're banging your ex.
Yeah, if your ex is sniffing around. So you're either going to lie or you're going to tell the truth.
Are you seeing anyone? Yes, I'm having empty, meaningless, stupid sex with my ex. Oh, bye.

[57:31] Or, so you either lie and you are hiding her, in which case you're not emotionally available to have her you're dating, or you tell some of the truth and, no, it's just sabotage.
It's just sabotage.
Somebody says, I was adopted. My mother was not sure who our father was.
An aunt says it was probably one guy. Now that we're over 40, she can see him in us. Terrible not knowing things. Yeah, it is.
I'm sorry about that. I'm really sorry about that.
That also makes sense, like a mom, but worse, because she'll be around your whole life.
Yeah, it's terrible.

Different Definitions of Contribution Lead to Relationship Failure

[58:26] So when you say where did the relationship go wrong if you think about your relationships your relationships went wrong because you couldn't agree on definitions and you fought over those definitions so for instance the woman I was going to marry for a variety of reasons it failed one of the main reasons it failed is that we didn't have the same definitions of contribution contribution, right?
The word contribution was used in very different ways.
So for me, contribution was paying the bills. For her, contribution was forget about the bills, you have to do half the housework.
And I was like, well, no.
I mean, it's two of us, pretty small place, only one. We just had the ground floor of our little house.
So So, it's like two hours of housework a day.
I'm working 10 to 12 hours a day. So, I'm doing six times more work than you.
And if I then also do another hour of homework, then I'm doing 13 hours a day. You're doing one.
I'm doing 13 times more than you. 13 times is not an equal contribution.
So, a relationship starts with a dictionary. No.
No, because it's personal. We didn't have the same definition of contribution.

[59:47] It's big, right? If you don't have the same definitions, you can't have a relationship.
I mean, you can stagger along, and it's a conflict.
All the conflicts are about, well, I'm defining being there for somebody else.
So for some women, being there for me means validating my feelings, whereas for men, being there means telling me the objective truth, and people get into problems about this all the time.

[1:00:17] All the time.
For a man, support means take care of the place, give me honest feedback, be enthusiastic about what I'm doing, but if I'm screwing up, let me know, right?
That's what support means for a man, for many men. For women, often support means, tell me I'm fine, tell me I'm looking great, even if I gained weight, tell me that I'm just as pretty as the day we met, even though it's 20 years later, right? Lie to me.
Lie to me, I promise, I'll believe.
Lie to me, but please don't leave. right so for a man support is tell me the truth be enthusiastic tell me the truth for a woman for some women not all obviously but for women support means tell me everything's going to be okay right so when you go to a man in an uncertain situation and you say hey man everything's going to be okay what do men say what do men say if you're in an ambiguous situation, situation and somebody says, Hey man, everything's going to be okay.

[1:01:40] Men say, you can't promise me that. We don't know that. I don't know that. I don't know that.
Like when I was gold panning in the middle of nowhere, and it seemed like there was a big creature sniffing around our tent, we didn't sit there and say, oh, it's a moose, it's a caribou, it's a fox.
It's fine. Everything's fine.
No, I grabbed a shotgun and we got a flashlight and we saw a bear.

[1:02:15] Right, so for men, hey man, it's an ambiguous unknown situation, but everything's going to be fine. Men say, what are you talking about?
You don't know that. Like, who are you to say that? You don't know that?
What are you talking about?
You can't possibly know that.

Comforting with Uncertain Promises: Men vs Women

[1:02:36] Now, for, women who are in ambiguous situations a lot of women, not all a lot of women genuinely take comfort in someone saying it's all going to work out everything's going to be fine, am I wrong? ladies, if I'm wrong, I'm not saying you're this way but a lot of women just tell me everything's going to be fine fine. Just tell me everything's going to be fine.
And then the big choice for men is like, am I going to comfort her with bullshit?
Am I going to pretend to know something I just don't know?
I don't really know that. Yes, honey, absolutely. Everything's going to be fine.
Don't you worry about a thing. It's all going to work out.
I'm just going to gaslight you. I'm going to lie and pretend I have knowledge that I don't have, right?
Does that make sense? Again, lots of exceptions, but that seems to be…
Different Definitions of Support: Men vs. Women

[1:03:37] So we have different definitions of what is meant by support.
For a woman in the tent, big creature sniffing around, just tell me everything's going to be fine. That's called supportive.
For a man, it's like, hand me the shotgun and make sure it's loaded.
That's what it means to be supported.
I don't agree with that, just me. Yeah, of course, yeah. But another thing…
I'm sorry. I don't mean to laugh, but it is kind of funny.
Another thing is that when a man hears a general principle, he compares it to the truth.
He compares it to statistics. He compares it to a wide sample.
What does a woman do most times when she hears a generalization.
What does a woman do when she hears a generalization versus what a man does?

Women Personalize Generalized Statements

[1:04:43] Oh, we know this one, right?

[1:04:49] We know this one, right?
Yeah, they take it personally, right? So a woman will compare a generalized statement to herself.
And the truth of the generalized statement is dependent upon whether it fits her personality or not.
Like you all know the, I can't remember if I've talked about this before.
So a man hears a general statement and he compares it to a wide experience he compares it to things that he's heard things that he's known and to other people, he's comparing it to the world as a whole when a woman hears a generalized statement she says hmm yeah that doesn't apply to me, I mean for women generalized statements are a per capita of one often again there's exceptions no it's not just feelings and this is not yeah well not all yeah yeah says who?
I've never heard of that. So do you all know the Lego experiment, boys and girls?
Hit me with a why if you've heard me talk about the Lego experiment.
It's really fascinating. And none of this is negative towards women.
None of this is negative towards women.
Women are wonderful. It's the combined choices and picks of women that has given us the most incredible brains in the universe.
So none of this is negative towards women, just to be clear, right? But it's important to know the differences, right?
Okay. So…

[1:06:16] Oh, so one of the differences is that men hunt, so men have to deal with probabilities, right?
Men hunt, so men have to deal with probabilities in generalized statements, right?
What is the odds? How close can I get before I throw the spear to get?
So we have to deal with probabilities and weight calculations and so on.
And we also have to compare people's success rate over time.
So we give the person who's most accurate with the spear, we give him the spear so that he gets the food.
Whereas women don't compare to generals and average, and they just, they taste the berry. Is it good? Is it bad?
Does it help me? So it's about personal experience. Nothing wrong with that, right?
Okay, so back in the day, I don't know exactly when, there was a fairly large experiment, and they gave a Batman Lego set to a large group of boys, and they gave a Batman Lego set to a large group of girls, right?
Now, the boys played as Batman, right?
So the boys were like, Batman jumps up to the top and then he jumps down and his car races off and he runs over the criminal and then he grabs them and he grapples.
So they played, they got into Batman's world world and they played as Batman in Batman's world doing Batman things, right?

[1:07:40] Now, that's not what the girls did. Again, I know this sounds negative.
It's not at all negative.
It's just, these are the facts. So what the girls did was instead of going into Batman's world and playing Batman doing Batman things, what the girls did was they turned Batman into them.
They had Batman go grocery shopping and have a tea party, and they had Batman do each other's hair, right? They turned Batman into themselves.
Uh, somebody's given me the link here. Let me just double check I got this right.

[1:08:25] Oh, this post is from a suspended account.
Excellent. I'll be right back on Twitter. Let me just go and activate my account again.

Batman's Universe: Castration and Emasculation

[1:08:36] So the boys entered into Batman's universe and the girls drew Batman into their universe. Oh, they castrated him. Oh, Dave.
Gosh, stop judging and be curious. It is hilarious. So that's so funny, right? So Dave is like, oh, they castrated him. They emasculated poor Batman.
And the woman is like, that's hilarious. And it is.
It is hilarious. I think it's beautiful.
I mean, criticizing women is criticizing yourself, man. You and I, all the dudes here, all the Sausage Fest party members here, we're all the result of female choices.
You criticize women. you're just criticizing yourself because we are shadow we are shadows cast by the preferences of females right so it is hilarious isn't it i mean it's hilarious the batman tea party uh the batman beauty salon the doing batman doing robin's nails i think that's fantastic i think that's hilarious i really really think oh it was a joke okay uh yeah so uh that is um And that's a difference. It's an important difference.
It's a sort of vivid and powerful difference. But a woman will draw you into her world.
A man will go out and try to enter and work with the world. Right?

[1:09:53] It's why you love. Listen, do you know how culture gets reproduced?
Culture gets reproduced by women absorbing the males and spitting them out in their own image.
And the females, too. Batman spotty. Right?

[1:10:13] Bat is the sound his eyelashes make.
That's very good. That's very cute. No, so why do we have language?
Why do we have all of this great civilization?
I mean, have you ever seen how bachelors live? Oh, man.
So there's this battle, right? So you know there's this cliche about how bachelors live, which is a woman posts like, a man can literally be happy with this, and it's a giant TV and a couch in a big house.
Everything's empty. There's a giant TV, there's a couch, and even the boxes are off to one side, right? Right? Man gets a, he plays some Xbox or whatever, watches some video, and he's eating his ramen noodles or takeout or whatever.
And so men will literally be happy with this, right?
What was that Babylon Bee article?
Treacherous husband foolishly puts the throw pillows on the bed in the wrong position.
So, and so when, I think it was a woman who posted this, men will literally be happy just living like this. bare room, couch, big TV.
And the men underneath were posting like, it enrages women how little it takes to make us happy, right? It's true.
Bachelor here. Office, man cave, and bedroom fits into any 8x12 space.

[1:11:38] Gee, I'm such a bro, like I'm such a dude. I woke up once with a pigeon on my chest.
I don't know if you can hear the story, if it matters, but I was so broed out and such a bachelor.
Yeah, guys really live in apartments like this and don't see any issue.
Yep, lazy boy, TV, that's it.
Nothing on the walls, you don't paint, paint there's no decoration and what do you have for plates you have whatever you don't know how you got right that that's dudes with plates i have no idea why i have this nothing matches some of it has chips and cracks but they're mostly worn away they don't cut me anymore and if you ask you ask my wife where these shoes came from she'll have a whole like history she'll she'll have a lineage, she'll have charts, she'll have a whole family tree.

[1:12:37] When I was a bachelor, I had no idea why I had most of what I had.
I don't know if it was given to me, it could have been there when I moved in.
I might have just accumulated it over time. How? Why? I never bought anything, I just had shit.
Maybe my mom gave me some, I have no idea. Like, why do I have this? I don't know.
I have a set of plates I never use to add to my dateability. Nice.
Um my uh my daughter my daughter now i mean she went through you know tomboy phase and all of that but my daughter is now you know what she wants for christmas, do you know what she wants for christmas you'll never you'll never guess in a million years oh my gosh oh my gosh.

[1:13:23] Oh, my gosh.
Yeah, maybe I'll work on debunking that study. So my daughter, for Christmas, wants a bulldozer. Shoes? No.

The Mystery of Bowls and Bachelor Living

[1:13:39] She wants bowls. No, way past the dragon phase. She wants bowls.
She really, really likes bowls. Bowls.
And I said, well, why don't I just get you some, you know, sensible shoes and socks?
Because, you know, can you imagine you're a bachelor or you're a dude and someone gives you a bowl or a couple of bowls for, I already have a bowl.
This is a bachelor mindset.
Why would I need another one? I already have one.
No, just bowls. Just bowls. And I said, that's the most depressing thing I've ever heard of. Bowls?

[1:14:21] Like decorated ramen bowls? I don't know, man. We're going to go and get them, but do you want the bowls?
It's a mystery. But, you know, women are delightfully incomprehensible, and I love them to death. Have you heard bolts at first?
Bolts of cloth or crossbow bolts?
Like handcrafted pottery? I don't know, Jared. I don't know.
I don't know what she wants.
But his bowls. I'm just traumatized by bowls because I had the most terrible food when I was growing up, but I would get them in bowls and you'd have to eat till you could see the picture at the bottom, and I just hated the food that I grew up, so.
Fancy Japanese bowls or the plastic ones? I don't know! Thank you, DJ, I really appreciate that. Merry Christmas back to you and your family as well. Thank you so much.
The issue is I need them to match my original, so a different set of bowls I'd give to roommates.

[1:15:13] Mains matching okay so i lived in an apartment uh young and eglinton and i was on the 18th floor, and i i don't think it had air conditioning or the air conditioning didn't work very well so i'd leave my balcony door open and sometimes i'd snack in my bedroom before but this is long before i was married now and ever since the moment i met my wife i never eat anything in the bedroom, in any way shape or form the only thing i do is i eat stuff that doesn't crumble, over the sink with the carburetor running and the water running and then i shower right afterwards or stand outside in the rain just in case there are any residual crumbs, because if i if my wife ever had to choose between having a husband or a crumb-free house.

[1:16:04] I don't know, man. It would really depend on how funny I'd been that day, but it would be touch and go. Like it would be, it would be touch and go.
But back then I would snack. And so, and of course I would snack.
And I, I, I had, I think I had a vacuum cleaner.
Did I have a vacuum cleaner? Probably not. Maybe. be.
Anyway, so I left my balcony door open.
There was food that led a pigeon into my bedroom.
And I woke up, you know, you feel those bird claws on your chest, you know, as you do, and you wake up.
And of course, when I told this story to my daughter, she was like, cool, greatest day ever, right? And I said, yeah, so then I had breakfast.
So yes uh the pigeon on the chest story yes it got tangled in my chest here i mean i don't have a lot of chest here but i got a little bit there so yeah.

[1:17:04] I also had um and this is when i realized i was just too bacheloring you can over bachelor, right you can you can absolutely over bachelor and i realized when i was over bacheloring um The light in my kitchen went out, and so for a while I used, like, you know, when the light in your kitchen goes out, it's a rental, you're a bachelor, you don't replace it, what do you do?
Well, you use the fridge light. You open the door, you get what you need.
While the door's open, the door closes, and hopefully you've got what you need.

[1:17:38] Then the fridge light went out, and so then you use the oven light.
And you use the oven light for a while, and then the oven light went out, and then it was just darkness. And I remember I wanted some bread and peanut butter, and it was too dark to find it.
And this is before cell phones and flashlights and all that.
Not before flashlights, but before the cell phones with the flashes.
So I had no light. I had no light.
And I couldn't do the whole light because that didn't come in and just occluded things more.
So I realized what I needed to do was I used one of those electric coil stoves.
I rolled up some newspaper, and I was in my underpants, boxers I think, and I put the rolled-up newspaper on a, the heater on the stove, and it lit it up.
And I was squatting down and groping around in the cupboards for the peanut butter and the bread, and I didn't refer to it as a knife, because that would indicate more than one. My knife. My knife.
Me and good old Kniffy, my best friend.

The Challenges of Bachelorhood

[1:18:45] Anyway, fortunately I had an out-of-body experience, and I saw myself like a freaking subhuman caveman, groping around in a cave with oog flash fire oog has fire oog want peanut butter and bread carb head and i was like dude you may have over bachelored at this particular moment you have over bachelored it's like my roommate who would travel around uh dirt cheap and at one point he was in the middle of the mojave desert uh pounding on a tin of beans with a rock and he's like yeah Yeah, I've over-bachelored, and it's pretty rough. That's pretty rough.
That's how Steph stays slim as a bachelor, I understand. That's awful south of the equator of you. Oog want peanut butter. Oog need fire.
Oog cannot find pigeon to gnaw on. Did women react poorly to your bachelor, Pat?
Well, I think that the kindest word that I could possibly use with regards to how the women viewed my bachelor pad was potential, that it had potential.
Because I didn't say it was good. I just said it was me.
Now, when a man says it's not good, it's just me, the woman keys into that as he has potential.
He has potential.

[1:20:09] Molyneux's cave yes plato and eugenies both agree you've yeah you've i basically i leveled up to ultimate bachelor i in fact was going to do a um i was going to do a documentary many years ago my friends and i joked about it many years ago and the documentary was raised by bachelors, um and it was going to be like we were going to get kids like with terrible stories about i was raised by bachelors you know and it was going to be like uh well he didn't do the laundry but he would give me these dryer sheets to rub under my armpits you know just things like that.

[1:20:41] We didn't have pets we did have pass-through livestock like pigeons like just uh yeah i mean we we could we could hunt for things uh and sometimes um oh yeah um scrape the fur you know if there was stuff and we were hungry he'd just say scrape the fur and it was just going to be these these kids raised by bachelors it was really somewhere i've got a script for it and and we never got around to doing it but of course but it was um uh raised by bachelors would have been very very funny i think maybe somebody will do it at some point but uh that was uh that was something else all right um anybody who wants to tip me for this uh uh historical comedy routine please uh and i remember um so i uh i was uh the the reason i ended up in this apartment was to be We rented it for the company, so I was off-site. And anyway, to do research and development.
And I remember one of my employees, a woman came over, and she kept vanishing a couple of times over the course of the day. I didn't know where she went.

[1:21:42] And she went downstairs to the local fairly grimy coffee shop to go to the bathroom rather than risk using my bathroom.
Now, listen, I knew people were coming over, so I cleaned up and all that kind of stuff.
But she's like now i'll take my chances with the hobos i'll take my chances with the hobos so, other than risk bachelor hobo bathrooms are better than bachelor bathrooms you know because if you i may have to step over a a heroin addict in order to get to uh the washroom but at least it's not a bachelor bathroom bathroom.

[1:22:26] All right, let's see here.

The Beauty of Girly World

[1:22:31] Uh, I've had one item in my cabinet for most of this year, the large Morton salt shaker.
When she says, as long as you're happy, that's bad news. Yes, because what she, you know what, as long as you're happy as well, if you're happy when I'm not happy, I'm going to note that and make you pay forever.
Uh, Steph, with regards to having shared definitions, how do you determine which definition is more valid than the other once you find a disagreement?
Uh, well, I think you want your, um…

[1:23:01] I mean, it's a challenge. So men and women have to celebrate masculinity and femininity without losing either. I celebrate femininity.
I keep it at a fairly incomprehensible distance.
And I live, like I call it, I've mentioned this before, but I live in paradise, like now, compared to this platonic, dead-eyed hovel of a fiery torch and pigeon-filled cave of nothingness as a bachelor. I live in paradise.
I call it girly world. Girly world is absolutely beautiful. In girly world, like the sheets move, you can get them apart.
In girly world, towels bend.
It's incredible. In girly world, everything smells not just okay.
It smells great. I don't know how it smells so great.
I don't see any evidence of patchouli or incense, but everything just smells great. Everything is clean.
Everything is beautiful. beautiful and um i don't get skin rashes like girly world is beautiful man i live in paradise i don't understand how it happens my wife doesn't seem that busy i assume mommy used to joke about marriage elves i didn't just marry her i married a bunch of marriage elves i open drawers and there's stuff in there it's incredible i mean i every time i walk into a room it's like did architectural natural digest, just finish a shoot here? Like, why does this look so good?

[1:24:26] There's nothing on the floor but the carpet.

[1:24:31] I mean, when I was a bachelor, I tripped while eating a bowl of spaghetti and sauce, and I can't even tell you, because I can't even remember how long that sauce stayed on the wall.
It was like, my friends referred to it as CSI blood spatters.
You know, from the spatter mark, you can see that the padding happened here.
The arc goes this way. It's like, eventually it's like, well, I suppose if I invite a woman over, probably blood spatters above the couch are probably not what she first wants to see unless she does in which case i'm in trouble so yeah like everything is beautiful everything the only parts that aren't beautiful and i won't show you at the moment is the studio when the studio is man cave she doesn't come in here she's like that's your planet that's your world it ain't girly world in here it's man world and man world is cables and man world is rough carpets and man world is stuff that you can't even remember why you have it in a box over there in the corner. Man world.
Stuff within reach. Nothing cleared off.
I know where everything is. Nothing moves.

[1:25:37] What's in here? Chair. Microphone. Other microphone. Cursed backup.
Other receiver. Can't remember why I have it down here. It's not the receiver I'm using right now.
There is a coffee heater for warm coffee. There is.
My, my book. My book, The Art of the Argument. You should get it.
It's a great book, by the way.
I have monitors, many monitors. Why?
Because it's really cool watching the mouse cursor jump space, go from one monitor to another across empty space.

[1:26:16] Oh, yeah, this is man world. I have books down here that I used to use to prop up a camera approximately 4,000 years ago. Will these books…
Why are they here? I have… Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto. I have…
The highly annotated Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War by Patrick Buchanan with all of my notes because I did a show on it approximately 450,000 years ago. Why is it still here?
It's here because this is man world!
But I don't eat. I don't eat down here. Got chills right there. All right. Good stuff.
That's a great cover. That's a great cover.
Good thing you're in Canada. You can get away with a little mess.
Can't really do that if you live where roaches are. Oh, yeah, yeah.
When we used to be, like, in warmer climates, my wife was like, everything must be sealed.
Everything must be sealed. Everything must be rinsed.
Everything goes in a box. If you want cereal, it's like breaking into Fort Knox.
You have to sacrifice a kidney and one goat to the gods of box opening, and then you have to put the dead goat in a box as well, because bugs.

[1:27:31] Uh visiting my bachelor friend made me appreciate girly world on another level how what where is everything was my reaction to his kitchen uh yeah john taylor got it it's good it's good it's a good book it's a good book i mean nothing particular changes but oh yeah she's right yeah for sure for sure uh what is it palmetto bugs what are the giant cockroaches that look like you You could ride and tell everyone that the British are coming.
Those things are like really creepy, really horrifying.

The Beauty of Girly World

[1:28:04] No, she is right. She's absolutely right. My skin is better.
You know, like a girly world, she doesn't just terraform the environment.
She terraforms me completely.
You know, I'm on good supplements. I eat better.
My skin is clearer. era, my vision is great, and all of that.
Do you think that the school bells teaches kids that finishing things isn't important?
No, the school bell just teaches children that they're completely under the control.
Yeah, palmetto bugs will send grown men screaming. I don't mind a palmetto bug if I have a baseball bat.
My friend had a Mount Everest of dirty clothes in the living room. So the ultimate example of girly world versus man world is the film Close Encounters of the the third kind with richard dreyfus do you remember that that movie like he makes a mountain of he's got a vision he's got an obsessive vision so he's like hey uh i'm gonna make a mountain in the living room because obsessive right so i can tell who owns the airbnb before i even enter it yeah.

[1:29:04] Absolutely uh now i'm still waiting for no so boy world you know boy world is like organized thoughts and arguments and hopefully some charisma some good humor like you enjoy watching the show listening to it and all of that and uh so boy world ads and and she would very much appreciate what boy world adds as long as boy world is kept behind a closed door but uh yeah girly world uh it's beautiful man it's it's a beautiful place and i would never in a million years have it if i didn't have a wife who is wonderful at uh at homemaking, I mean tell me this if you're a dude if you're a dude do you make the bed just answer nobody's looking just answer just tell me do you make the bed I want to know do you make the bed because you know what men say and it's pretty predictable.

[1:30:06] What men say is, hey, man, it's just going to get messy again.
So you create a tunnel, right? You create a tunnel. 20% of the time, yeah, you create a tunnel.
It's like a sword and a scabbard, man. I slide into that tunnel, and that's it, right?
But it does something to your brain to have a messy room, a messy bed.
It does something to your brain to have a messy room that you pass by.
My wife makes a bed in the morning it's got a cover you don't use only when i wash bedding, um my bed is made but i still sleep on the couch just throwing the blanket in the air so it sort of flattens out count so making the bed is a multi-dimensional thing so first of all you have to basically iron all the sheets and then you you put the covers on and their layers and then you put something called an eiderdown on now an eiderdown is not something you sleep under it's It's there to look good.
It's like makeup for your bed. You don't sleep with it on. It just looks good.
And then you get more pillows known to mankind.
You get a little forklift truck. You put all the pillows in just the right way so they spell out a cry for help from the OCD gods.
And it's beautiful, man. I go past the bedroom. I have to get something from the bedroom. I like to sit there and go, man, this is beautiful in here.

[1:31:27] I disturb it with my man ripples.
Like it's it's like you know what the my wife's the beautiful stuff my wife does in the house is like the perfect reflection of a sunset on a lake and i'm just this giant rock goes, and just like shatters the whole thing like yeah it doesn't it doesn't look as good and doesn't smell as good and it's just not as good after i pass through and it's just a reality it's a cross that we both bear but really the uh bedroom bears it more so ah.

[1:32:00] Ida or Down is a duck. Ask Izzy. Yeah, I'm sure she knows.
Yeah, once a week you make the bed, right? Try it. Honestly, try making the bed.
Just see how you feel, right?

[1:32:19] It came after reading something that said, if I make the bed mentally, it was my first win of the day, setting me up for more wins.
Yeah, it could be true, right? Could be true.
I had a down head that terms i had a down head that term like grandparents generation silent generation sorry that's a word salad that i can't quite puzzle out or or unpick, so yeah no it's uh it's uh it's wonderful uh the magic drawers the uh clean clothes the great skin the better health uh she's just she's amazing she's wonderful wonderful that way i don't and comprehend it.
I don't know how she does it, when she does it, does it.
I don't know how it happens. I don't think I'd ever do it, but I'm truly overjoyed that it happens.
If I make the bed, I sleep on the couch. Oh God.
How can you sleep on a couch, man? You can doze on a couch, but you can't get a good night's sleep on a couch.
Sleeping on a couch is like sleeping on a plane. You're just kind of half dozing and deferring all of your exhaustion until the next day.
It just makes you groggy couch sleeping is just groggy because your body's like well, we're getting up soon right i mean it's just a siesta it's just a siesta so we don't really need to do this too seriously do we we're not really sleeping we're not really sleeping are we it's just a dose it's just a dose.

Funny Stories about Messy Places and Criticizing Homes

[1:33:42] Um i mean there was a whole seinfeld was it no it's a friend's episode where the girl was just to pick, right?
Hit me with a why if you've ever gone to somebody's place and it ain't great. And it ain't great.
I do remember one girl I was going out with briefly. She criticized my place and I'm like, your place smells like cat. And there's hair everywhere.

[1:34:07] Manuel says, I found a way to make the bed in five seconds.
See, I found a way to make love in five seconds. That's efficient.
It's like, but it's a whole ritual thing.
You know, I remember this when I was in the play Hurley Burley when I was younger and the director was like, no, no, no, it's not, you don't, like they're alcoholics.
You don't just drink. It's a whole, you mix the drinks. It's a whole ritual.
Like it's not just, right, it's a whole thing. It's not just get the alcohol into your body as quickly as possible.
It's a whole get the right glass and fill it up just right, get the right amount of ice, add the ingredients. It's a whole ritual.
And so it's such a dude thing to say well i do make the bed but i do it with maximum robotic efficiency i bend space and time to my will of eiderdowniness so i found a way to make the bed in five seconds i keep only a bed sheet and a wool blanket when i go to bed i grab another blanket i wrap myself into in the morning i throw the top blanket in the closet pull the wool back inside and boom that is in perfect shape it's like a friend of mine used to joke about you know you you ever have slow eaters and fast eaters, right?
Slow eaters and fast eaters. So the slow eaters, you know, I'm just enjoying, I'm enjoying the food, man. Oh, so nice.
I'm just every day saver, right? And another friend of mine is like, all right, so here's what I do.
See, I divide the plate into a series of squares. I allot a certain amount of time for each square.

[1:35:27] It's going to go through like a combine harvester. You're not lovingly caressing every grain. You Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo!
Get the food in! Get the fuel in! I mean, he says you don't go to the gas station and just teacup the gas into the car. It's…
If you could carpet bomb the gas in, if you could refuel with a helicopter in your car while you were still driving, it's so much better.
Steph's wife replicated the Lego experiment with his habitat.
Yes, I think you're right. I think you're right.
The folding of clothes, too. I am going to wear this T-shirt to go do yard work anyways. LOL. LOL. Yeah, I can understand that.
My workout wear gets folded.
My workout wear gets folded. I look like a piece of cubist modern art when I exercise.

[1:36:16] And I think I never smelled myself before I got married.
I'm not saying I never smelled. But because I'm in girly world, like when I've had a hard workout and I'm just stinking up the place, I'm like, I don't remember this from before I got married.
But now, well, of course, you know, the fainted people all around me give me some sense of what's going on.
But I'm like, I don't remember this, but it's kind of unpleasant.
And then because the bathroom is girly world too, because the bathroom is girly world and really tidy girly world i mean my wife doesn't leave anything on the counters right because the bathroom is girly world i feel i'm soiling the bathroom just by going to bathe i i have to apologize like you know in in ancient china they would apologize to a rock for moving it oh i'm so sorry i must move you because i need to plant out my rice and i'm like saying to the bathtub like i'm so sorry i must befoul you but i need to simmer in my own soup to get some semblance of cleanliness all right i'm probably oversharing it happens i can't even type without it jumping on me close this window i'm typing it yeah yeah.

[1:37:30] Uh one guy's place i could only sit with the door opened every other space in his room was occupied with mess now was this a guy who was reformable because i mean nothing excites women sometimes even at a deep sexual level than a guy who can be reformed like you know i can i can fix her you know that kind of thing with guys it's like a deeply exciting thing i think for women it's like i took him from caveman to pierce brosnan through the sheer force of feminine will uh i think that kind of project is quite exciting i like to be repairable slow we just got made fun fun of in my high school yeah yeah yeah guys um ever uh ever eat near cops or firemen they're down in seconds yeah yeah for sure in the midnight hour she cried meow meow meow, oh that's funny.

[1:38:24] Uh sorry let me just get your comments here, we need a home tour now oh yeah yeah maybe uh just a tip for the guys in here to get a tongue scraper yeah i got turned on to a tongue scraper some years ago and now uh i'm training my gag reflex uh but yeah a tongue scraper seems to be like a very good thing to get, passed out people it's easy to mistake your smell for sharing philosophy well no they kind of know where i'm coming from here so you guys seem so emotional oh you just haven't bathed, it's not tears it's like onion the onion of your manliness uh, alright.

[1:39:11] I had a friend in high school who inhaled his ice cream. I'm not super slow, but it was bizarre.
Well, you can do that in high school because you don't have tender teeth, right?
You get past 50 and it's like, hmm, my ice cream is going on a massive pain exploration journey.
It's like a bunch of little atomic sadists going through trying to find any weak spots in your teeth and gums.
I can't even tell you, the last time I just let ice cream wander around my mouth was probably when I was 35.
Now I'm just too frightened. you know like when you do the dentist and they're scraping and it's like oh get a little tender there i'd really be happy if it stopped getting oh good it stopped getting tender so yeah you don't do you don't do ice cream hey let's just let it travel wherever because it's a sadistic little, treacly troll horror show from outer space because it's just going to find that one spot and now you're crying aren't you you let your ice cream wander didn't you you're toast now Wow.
And my dad made me a peanut butter and jelly 2.0. When you close it, you get nine different flavor combinations. Oh, yeah.

[1:40:12] A woman says, I offered to clean the place where I started and just throwing out empty soda bottles.
At around that point, he started crying because me cleaning up distressed him.
Yeah. I don't get the hoarding thing. I get the laziness thing.
I get the laziness thing. Because I'm like, no, no, no.
I am traversing the vast interstellar physics-based depths Depths of space and thought and reason and organization, and I have entire plots of novels in my head, and I have entire philosophical structures, arranged like vast chandeliers of multidimensional glory in my brain.
But I tripped over the shoes I left by my bed because I forgot they were there.

[1:40:50] Or, oh God forgive me, God forgive me. He probably won't. God forgive me I ever don't put something back in my wallet. You ever had that as a dude?
God help me, if I don't put something back in my wallet, it just despawns.
I literally have to like oh I took this out to pay for something and I have to say no no, open your wallet put it back or it's going to despawn, it's going to vanish it's going to vaporize it's going to go into that void between the car seats or it's going to be in some, pile of something that's going to be washed and you know oh yeah it's just it's ridiculous absolutely ridiculous I literally can't separate anything from my wallet or it just goes into another dimension and then I've got to make 4,000 phone calls.

[1:41:32] All right. Hi, Steph. Hello, Billy. And of course, if you're enjoying this rather goofy and enjoyable little chit-chat, you can, of course, donate here.
You can donate on the app. You can also donate at You can also donate at forward slash donate. forward slash donate. All right. Hi, Steph. I'm imagining to watch a movie with my future kid.
Now the question, if suddenly there is not a child-appropriate scene during the movie, should I block the kid's eyes with my hand?
I remember there was a scene in the Titanic film, the one in the car, which I found disturbing when I watched it as a child in the cinema.
So, it's a great question. And even movies that you watched as a kid, you may have forgotten how inappropriate they can be.
So, you can do, what I do is I do a search for for movie title and appropriate and was it common sense media or some places they will give you a whole breakdown of everything that happens in the movie that might be inappropriate for children, so uh yes very much uh do do that search uh before you watch movies unless there's some real g-rated stuff do that search and all of that so, truckers eating is so bad they wrap their arm around their plate like they're guarding it right.

The struggle of finding things in pockets and purses.

[1:43:00] In high school cafeteria, people got their hands stabbed with a fork for stealing fries. Wow. Wow.
My keys have a single place, as does my wallet. Oh, yeah.
Like, I've never really been great at remembering where things are, but I've just got this routine, right? You've got to have a little desk right by the house.
You come in, you empty your pockets. You just empty your pockets.
You just empty your pockets. Put stuff, put stuff, put stuff.

[1:43:35] My wife, love her to death, she has a minor habit of, hey, where are the car keys? They're in my purse.
Well, why didn't you just tell me you threw them in the sewer?
Because when you have this, if you're a married guy and your wife says, oh, it's just in my purse, I just feel this wave of despair, like wash over me.
I mean, yes, I sent it to an alternate alternate dimension, you have to climb through a tree with fire to get there, battle four Demogorgons, and it still won't be there.
Because first of all, I have to find which purse she's talking about.
You know, the black one. It's like row, row, row, black purse, right?
And then, even if I somehow magically find the right purse, then I have to find the right place in the purse.
And Lord knows, those purses are like bags of holding, multidimensional.
I swear I've seen my my wife reach up to her shoulder in a purse that's only six inches deep.
It's just incredible like what goes on down there. There's like bats and caves and Mayan civilizations and I think I saw someone in a prayer position from Pompeii down in there.
So even if you get to the right purse, finding which one of the seven million pockets and flaps and this and that and the other, I'm just like, nope, I just can't do it. I just can't do it.

[1:44:53] All right, just read Tarl Warwick got divorced. I did.
Oh, you all know my weakness for gossip, and it's more than gossip, of course, right? But I did read something on Twitter about him.
It wasn't exactly fleeing, but massively bailing out of, wasn't he in the Netherlands? He married some woman, the Netherlands, there's a kid, and he got volcanically enraged and like threatening to, I don't know, have people injured or if they messed with him.
I'm paraphrasing, so forgive me if I got this wrong and don't put anything I'm saying as gospel.
But he really seemed to have something terrible happen and he seemed to almost flee or get to America where he bought a bunch of weapons and he just, it just seemed to go terrible.
And that's awful because there's a kid involved, right?
I don't know, man.
It's a shame, too, because, of course, if there's anything I could have done to help, I mean, I like him.
We've done some shows together. Obviously, I wouldn't have made it a show, but I would have just made it a private combo. But, yeah, it's really, really sad.

[1:46:09] You treat that table like the TSA and you're golden. That's very good. That's very good.
Yeah, my wife doesn't always appreciate the pat-down. Usually, of course, she does appreciate the pat-down. Raise your hands.
But, you know, I'm the protector and the provider, and the pat-down is just essential for the security of the household.
And, you know, I do make the rules, but I claim that I don't.
And that's just the price. So the price of safety is the pat-down.
And sometimes the pat down can last for quite a while uh all right so yeah and you know if he ever hears this i'll be happy to it's hugh jackman recently too yeah should do a call and i mean if he ever hears this i'm happy to chat just totally privately and all of that because that's just really uh really terrible because now you've got a kid with parents on opposite sides of the planet give or take right probably eight to ten hours i went to the netherlands once uh to do a show uh to do a big speech on bitcoin i spoke to like 40 000 people both in person and online it was really quite something but yeah uh that's really really sad now he's got a kid with with this and it sounded like something quite explosive happened and of course i don't know if anyone knows what it is but um i don't think he's revealed it and of course he doesn't have to it's uh you gotta have you gotta have some private life even as a public figure but yeah it's really really sad.

Speculations on the divorce of Hugh Jackman and Epstein association.

[1:47:34] Uh yeah hugh jackman yeah with these celebrities i mean maybe i'm a little poisoned by the melinda and paul gates thing but when i hear these celebrities and they're just like they get divorced i assume that i don't know are they on the epstein logs i mean i think that had something to do with what happened with i think that that was one of the reasons melinda gates left him him, left Bill Gates was because of his association with Epstein.
But yeah, it's just wild.

[1:48:08] You know, my brother, when I was looking for stuff, my brother would always be like, oh, here it isn't. Ah, older brothers, aren't they just treasures of the universe?
Sticks has been oversharing on social media, in my opinion.

[1:48:28] Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I don't really watch his show, so I don't know what kind of relationship he has with his audience.
Does he have the kind of relationship with his audience where you talk about really personal stuff? I don't know. I don't know.
I mean, one day I may talk about something inappropriate and personal.
Heck, I might even take my shirt off. One day, the boundaries may just come.
The walls have come crumbling down. down.
All right. Any last comments, questions, any last tipsy donations?
Right close to Christmas. Don't make me beg. You know, I will beg.
I will beg. I'm shameless about that kind of stuff because I serve the goddess of philosophy and if she needs resources, she needs resources and I will do whatever it takes to try to encourage you to support us all.
It is a crew and a three musketeers now with the great Jared and the great James.
I'm going to, you know, if you have the letter J in in your name at the beginning uh we will uh we will consider you too but yeah we got a lot of a lot of stuff going on a lot of great stuff that's coming down the pipe we're going to do the truth about sadism um it's funny because i asked jared to find the most concise definition of sadism that he could and he just sent me these various clips of me singing i don't, know what the hell that's all about but it's it's gone in his file i'm sending it up to hr.

[1:49:56] Oh well uh i think he's hr anyway so because he keeps reporting me so but that's fair, inappropriate humorous inappropriate fair enough fair enough okay any last comments questions issues uh it was nice to have a good year what do you think of james allen's book as a man thinketh you know it's funny um this is just kind of like an empathy thing, Generally, ask people if they've read something before you ask what they think of it. Just generally, as a whole.
I mean, people will, what do you think of this acronym? And what do you think of this, that, and the other?
Wait, did he say he's doing sadism? No, I'm doing the truth about sadism.
Doing sadism is just the song quiz. Merry Christmas, Steph. Thank you very much.
Here's a few bucks to buy some bowls and repair the black hole in your wife's purse.

Humorous mention of repairing the black hole in a purse.

[1:50:48] Did you just AI that? Wow, very nice.
You hear that, James? I'm HR. No.
That's right. Why is Jared approaching me with mistletoe? And why hasn't he done it before?

[1:51:05] Good morning, pigeon. Yeah, I just woke up that day and somebody was just cooing in my ear. It was beautiful.
It's like that time when I was living in a house with a cat I fell asleep on the couch and it was a kitten And the kitten I think had been weaned too early And I fell asleep and I had the wildest dream Because the cat was sucking on my earlobe I guess it just finds anything vaguely nipply And the cat was just suckling on my I would go to my grave with that dream, But it's a good thing the cat didn't have HR Access to HR back in the day.

[1:51:44] Don't mess with hr i love that meme you know when you the guy looking kind of nervous and it's like when you tell it when you tell a joke at work that's so funny that hr wants to hear it too, boy it was nice when you didn't have hr wasn't it oh i'm sorry um steph you once said you disagreed with the idea of love languages can you expand a little on why since this may or may not be in contradiction with respecting differences between sexes in order to resolve conflicts in definitions.

[1:52:16] So I would have to, didn't I do a whole, sorry, Jared and James, if you remember this or not, didn't I do a whole Q&A on love languages?
It was either in a live stream or it might have been somebody who asked this.
I think I did a whole, I don't want to repeat it.
The truth about sadism has been brutal research. Yeah, I don't imagine, I imagine it would be. I would imagine it would be.

[1:52:39] Uh you'd be absolutely shocked at the number of famous people who have absolutely evil impulses, uh it's one of the black pills i mean i remember many years ago i was reading about how the the the guys who ran the weather underground like very violent uh revolutionary group they um they you know half of them ended up uh as university professors and i was just like, The hell? The hell?
Uh, yes. Uh, love languages. I've kept, I won't do that now because I think I've done it before. If I haven't done it before, I will do it again.
Uh, but if I have done it before, um, Jared, I'm sure we'll be very kind enough to post it on the free domain dot forum.
So hopefully that will, will help. All right, well, listen, guys, thank you so much for a wonderful chat today.
I don't think we're going to do a show Sunday, because Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, bloody Sunday, Thursday, bloody Thursday.
Well, it usually was in the ancient world, kind of.
Bloody Thursday. I really should know this. Come on, give me the calendar.

[1:53:55] No, Monday. Sunday. let me think about it i'll check with the old fam uh i'm a bit of a because my mother's german and i grew up german new year's eve is the thing in germany new year's eve christmas eve hello try and stay with me um for me uh so uh i may do a show sunday morning i will check about all of this do you remember talking to people about non-violent communication i certainly do i I certainly do remember that.

Past discussions on nonviolent communication and Shakespeare plays

[1:54:20] There was a lot of back and forth about nonviolent communication.
This is probably 10 to 12, or maybe even 13 years ago.
There was a lot. Back in the old forum, I did shows about it, and there was a lot of back and forth about nonviolent communication.
Oh, Carlin, the truth about Carlin? Actually, my old producer, Mike, wanted to do the truth about Carlin. I just never quite got around to it.

[1:54:54] Sunday is Christmas Eve. Tuesday is Boxing Day. Busy, busy. Yes.
I'm afraid that Jared and I may only be available for half of Sunday.
Every now and then, do you ever have this thing, like it's a weird thing where…
You get this vague idea that the people around you have lives that don't 150% revolve around you.
Do you ever get that? It's like a weird thing. Like you catch something out of the corner of your eye or it's like a dream that you half remember.
And every now and then, and I obviously consider this massively rude, but I do get this vague sense that people have lives that don't revolve massively around me.
I mean, I know it's paranoid. It sounds completely crazy.
It sounds completely crazy. but um i just have to cure myself of it by making demands at all hours of the day and being enraged when people don't you know honestly i have this thing because while i'm at the computer i'm sending messages the other person must be at the computer just waiting for my message, of course right so i mean it's obviously just kind of silly but um i thought they were ai doing your bidding i can't even get ai to do my bidding what's your favorite shakespeare play.

[1:56:07] Oh that's a good question i never played hamlet but i do like parts of hamlet but hamlet is the most overwritten and could be trimmed like heaven forbid um but i think um i don't know man, parts of hamlet absolutely my favorite but if i had to choose one overall it would be mcbeth, can you repeat that i wasn't listening oh oh see now that's totally fine james didn't listen to that obviously because he was listening to another podcast trying to find non-violent communication or love languages so uh anything else post aaka the black hole of calcutta yeah no kidding uh as a man thinketh was a self-help book from 1903 a lot of what you say you're literally asking me i'm sorry uh this is part of the main character syndrome well i've read this So I'm just going to ask Steph what he thinks of this book.
A self-help book from 1903? Yes. You know, with regards to self-help books, I've only gotten up to 1901. I'm not even on 1902.
I've read all the self-help books prior to 1902, but I just obviously haven't quite got to 1903 yet. I'm sorry, this is kind of funny.

Funny conversation about self-importance and reading habits

[1:57:23] You know, I kind of talked about Man's Fear of Women, this book, and I don't assume anyone's read it because it's kind of obscure. Just…

[1:57:32] I have never read any Shakespeare. Shakespeare is designed to be listened to, not so much read.
But I will say, I mean, it's kind of a cliche, but Hank Sank, Henry V with Kenneth Branagh was fantastic.
But for me, nothing beats Mel Gibson in Hamlet, that whole thing.
All of the actors there were just magnificent. Excellent cope.
Oh, so obviously that's something in some other podcast I say excellent cope and James is just transcribing that for me. Yeah, makes sense.
Makes sense. All right, well, listen, I hate to banish you all to non-existence, but I'm stopping the stream now and therefore you all will cease to exist.
You can look forward to your resurrection on the next stream, which hopefully will be Sunday, but we shall see.

[1:58:12] We shall see. So I love you guys so much.
Thank you for this great honor and opportunity. I will listen to that show from earlier, like listen to that show from earlier.
It's really something, and I'm not exactly sure what to do with it, but I really appreciate you all being here and doing this tonight.
So that I massively appreciate.
And I wish you, if I don't talk to you before Christmas, I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.
Next week is going to be pretty busy socially for me. Oh, such a butterfly.
But we got going into the me freezer now. That's right. Cryogenic freezing.
Who's your favorite character from the present?

[1:58:53] Oof. My favorite character in the present. So the most vivid ones for me are Aunt Rachel.
And I really, really like Arlo.
I really like Arlo. He has this toughness, this sensitivity, and this vulnerability that I find really fascinating.
And he's really really well-rounded as a character for me i was actually going to do a whole sequel with arlo that he gets absorbed into the security apparatus of the new totalitarian state so maybe that will happen at some point but uh i really like arlo and i wish i could have found a way, to have his story play out in a more vivid way just so you know but i hope that you guys will check out this novel free books uh you gotta listen to the present i'm listening to it again i'm like it's been enough time passed now i think i published it like eight or nine months months ago, the final version, and it's been enough time now that I can hear it.
Aunt Crystal, yeah, sorry, Aunt Crystal.
I think it is, it's enough time has passed that I can listen to it with new ears, and I didn't quite like it as much as some of my earlier novels when I'd finished it, but now I'm listening to it again, I'm like, damn, that's some great detail and some great description, and there's not a wasted sentence in that book.
So, not a wasted sentence, so. So could call it tomorrow.

[2:00:04] Yeah, maybe, maybe. Yeah, slash freedomain underbar books.
I think slash books takes us there as well. It's great.
Well, thank you. I appreciate that. All right.
Take care, everyone. Have yourself a glorious and gorgeous evening and Saturday.
And stay posted at about what's happening Sunday.
If not, we may be able to do it Tuesday morning or something like that.
But we'll keep you posted. Take care, everyone. Bye.

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