[0:00] Good evening, everybody. Friday Night Live. It's going to be a little bit of
a short show. I'm afraid we have a full house.
Not with you guys, though lovely though it is. I have a full house here,
and so some friends are coming through.
So, sorry, I'm afraid you're going to the back of the line.
I'm still doing the show, but we have a full house. So I'm going to just do
an hour tonight, although it will be even more intense.
Even more intense. You're wearing a hat. You need something to toss dramatically tonight.
Night no i just haven't gotten around to get a haircut and i look like
my hair looks like startled steel wool so um i really can't do do much of that
so yeah it looks looks good and thank you everyone for dropping by naturally
of course i am thrilled and overjoyed if you sent me,
any donations or support i would be absolutely thrilled if.

[0:56] If you would be able to support me, slash donate,
if you're listening to this later, but hey, but hey,
who needs donation pitches when we can get straight into philosophy?
Because that's what it's all about.

Superheroes and Courage

All right, let's get to your questions, comments.
I agree wholeheartedly with what you said about superheroes and courage.
I try to use Jesus as a superhero to be more virtuous, and James Bond as a superhero
to motivate me to dress well and to work out.
And I try to use Steph to motivate me to be an awesome dad.

All Superheroes Are Part of a Suicide Squad

Donation tomorrow sometime bedtime for my amazing four-year-old son now yeah
you know there's a funny thing too that happens with regards to all of this
superhero stuff which is.

[1:40] All superheroes are part of a suicide squad just just so you know like all superheroes
a part of a suicide squad because and by superheroes i don't just mean you know
like like the Marvel and X-Men and all that.
I mean, the superheroes are the people who survive such improbable things.

[2:01] I mean, if you've ever seen Casino Royale, there's this opening sequence.
And, you know, you can tell when Ian Fleming, he wrote some pretty sparkling dialogue.
You can tell when the Ian Fleming stuff shows up because all the intelligent people perk up.
But there's this bit at the beginning where James Bond is chasing this black
guy who's racing through a construction yard, hanging from cranes,
jumping from here to there, and nobody gets injured.
They barely seem out of breath. so physical imperviousness the
physical imperviousness of superheroes and everybody knows it's
kind of the joke you know that the uh the bad guys shoot and
they just shoot all around the good guys the good guys pop off one shot
and it goes right through the forehead of the bad guys whenever you have superheroes
who survive and not just survive but flourish through ridiculously improbable
things you know like in casino royale james bond is in this car and it flips and flips and all he is,
he's just kind of dazed and he's got a, you know, a couple of tiny flesh wounds and stuff like that.
It's like, no, you would, you, I mean, if you've known people who've been in
car accidents, a significant car accidents, you know, oftentimes that has a
lot of leftover stuff, you know, that I can't move my neck this way.
And, you know, my, my ribs never quite set properly.

[3:14] And, you know, there could be internal damage. There's just a lot of lingering stuff.

The Invulnerable Hero and the Lure to War

And you know, the way it always goes in movies, they're in a fight and
they get that cool cool cut you know the cut that goes
along the jawline that's like the cool cut they've always got
to have then the bruises and they just look more macho and masculine you
know like um bruce willis was one of the king of best beaten up guys you know
he's running across glass and then he's fine you always have this thing you
know a guy gets a pipe to the ribs a heavy lead pipe to the ribs and he's like
ah you know and he's down and then like literally 30 seconds he's up and fighting No,
that's not life. That's not life at all.
And so they're inviting you.
The root of the invulnerable hero is to lure you to war.

[4:04] Just so you understand it, the root of the invulnerable hero is the lure to war.
Because if you've been raised with, you know, like the Lone Ranger, right?
He's battling what they used to call the Indians, the cowboys and Indians, right?
And, you know, the Indians are doing nothing and just shooting and missing.
And the cowboys, every time they shoot, an Indian flies off the back of a horse.
So what they're trying to do is they're trying to give you ridiculous,
improbable odds so that they can lure you to war.
Because if you get a sense of, you know, you're shooting at a guy,
he's shooting back at you.
A lot of times it's kind of 50-50, you know, particularly if you're new to war,
he's new to war. A lot of times it's just kind of 50-50.

[4:53] Who's going to win? now there are
a few people who are insanely talented and
all again yeah they get the cool cut but they never lose an arm or
a leg like many real car accidents yeah that's right they're the bruised ribs
and yeah a 20-minute parkour action scenes oh yeah it's just just keep it's
it's insane and it's there so that you go to war with a ridiculous sense of your own immortality,
Alright, that's what this stuff is for You go to war with a ridiculous sense
of your own immortality You don't have any sense of the odds that you face in a war,
Yeah, John Wick fights hundreds of people And gets dozens of what should be
highly debilitating injuries And just keeps fighting No one's that good and
lucky And you know, afterwards they're like But then they're fine Then they're
fine Injuries are brutal,
Injuries are absolutely brutal Brutal.

[5:53] And if you've had significant injuries, most, most of us have, right?
Most of us have had significant injuries at one time or another.
They're really tough. And there's a lot of rehabilitation. I mean,
you look at the VA, right?
Go, go to the VA hospital and, and look at the people they're getting rehab
and then tell me about action movies, right?
So you understand it's there to get you to go to war. This is not accidental. incidental.

The Fatal Lie of War

It's there to give you a ridiculous sense of your own competence so that you can go to war.
And it's always the same thing. It's always the same thing. It's really annoying,
really annoying because it literally gets people killed.
Yeah. If you see the Ukraine war footage, yeah, it's, um, uh,
there was a story and I've mentioned this some years ago.
It really haunted me. Very short story or comment about a guy from the first
world war ago from the first world war.

War Is Not Riding Up a Hill on a Horse

He said, you know, I went to war, and I thought, because I'd read all these
stories, and I'd seen all these paintings, I thought that war was,
you know, riding up a hill on a horse with your sword out.
He said, that's not war.

[7:03] War is sitting in a disease-ridden muddy trench when some asshole 20 miles away
pushes a button and blows you up. That's what it is.
You see these drones chasing after people and stuff raining down from the sky
and it's guided missiles and so on. It's barely a fight.

[7:26] It's barely a fight, but they're always trying to get you. The Lord of the Rings
does the same thing, right?
The Lord of the Rings does the same thing. And it's always this unbelievably
wretched, and it's murderous.
It's murderous what happens, because it's always the same story,
which is some guy is decent at amateur stuff, right? He's always decent at amateur stuff.
And then he goes up against the most hardened, hardened, skilled,
bloodthirsty, cold-blooded killers in the entire universe and takes them all down.
You know, remember the famous Star Wars, right?

[8:09] He flew some amateur dipshit airplanes and he said, I was pretty good at bombing
womp rats in Beggar's Canyon.
I don't know why this line is. I had the LP of Star Wars when I was a kid.
So somebody, and you look at Paul Atreides in Dune, all of this sort of stuff, he's an amateur,
and he goes up against people who've had 20 or more years of experience,
have killed dozens if not hundreds of people, and the rank amateur goes up and
carves through them like a knife through butter. matter.
They are the most ferocious killers in the universe.

Dysfunctional Family Dynamics

And the amateur, right, so you understand. So people will say,
well, you know, I've done a little shooting and, you know, I'm pretty good at throwing things.
So yeah, I can shoot and throw a grenade. I'm kind of an amateur and they lure you in.
It's luring you into a meat grinder. It's luring you into a disassembly line, luring you in.
Well, you know, you as a rank amateur will be able to take on all these battle-hardened
warriors and cleave through them.
It'll be like a combine harvester going through the weep-weep.
I used to bullseye wamp rats in my T-16 back home. They're not much bigger than two meters.

[9:30] Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.

[9:41] It's allure. It's allure.
It's propaganda to give you an insane sense of the odds you'll face in an actual battle.
I mean, the stormtroopers, right? The famous, the stormtroopers, right?
Now, I get that he needed people who looked like robots so you could literally,
they literally dehumanize the enemy because they're all in these suits,
these stormtroopers, right?
In Star Wars, they're all in these battle armor, right?

[10:13] What the fuck does that armor do?
Okay. So they go down with the armor or without. The armor doesn't do anything.
So all of these incredibly trained, battle-hardened stormtroopers go up against
some person who's never fought before, and he just carves them up like a turkey.
Carves them up like a turkey. Turkey. Paul Atreides gets into the Fremen by
killing a guy who's done hand-to-hand combat for 20 or more years.
The guy looks like he's like 45, the black guy that he fights.
So he's never fought to the death before, ever. He's had some training.
Ooh, ooh, he's had some training.
And he goes up against a guy who for a quarter century has been engaged in hand-to-hand
combat bat and killing things and people, and he beats them.
Yeah, Han Solo walks around with a pistol and a leather jacket,
and if you shoot them, it's always they miss, right? Oh, my arm,
you know, and then everything's fine, right?
The fancy armor didn't even repel pointy sticks and rocks, right?

[11:24] And what they do is they infect you with the dream of magic so that you can
destroy the rational odds of your own demise.
So, oh, you've got the force. You've got the words of command. You've got magic.
Don't worry, kid. We're going to take you to war and you're going to get the shit blown up out of you.
But don't worry. You're going to have magic, so you'll win.
And you'll be the guy who carves through everything. Now, are there guys who
carve through everything? Of course there are, because it's a bell curve.
Some people get hit by the first bullet and some people don't get hit by the
hundredth bullet. It's just a matter of random chance.
At that point, it's a little bit of skill here, right?

[12:07] So, I mean, you see these scenes with the Jedi. Oh, you see,
the odds are just so different with the Jedi because they have the force and they have magic.
And they literally roam into arenas with hundreds of exquisitely programmed
AI, perfectly lasered battle robots, and carve them up like turkeys.

Propaganda and War

Because it's cool, right? So they're just giving you these cool moves and they're
giving you this cool music and that's to suck you into the giant disassembly
machine of the military industrial complex without giving you a sense of your odds.

[12:51] Ewoks going up against the Galactic Army and winning, yeah. You know,
it's a good line in Casino Royale, right?
Where the woman says, thank you for the tip, Matt.
The woman says, doesn't it bother you to kill people?
And he says, well, I wouldn't be very good at my job if it did.
Right so the the people people who want easy prey will lure you into battle with these insane,
ridiculous it's never going to happen there's no chance but they oh no you're
going to be a and you're going to be one of these one of the thousand guys who
doesn't get hurt and comes out without a scratch and this that and the other
and it's like yeah and of course they'll give those those guys medals and so on.
Now, there are some people who definitely have a skill, right?
So you think of Baron von Richthofen, the Red Baron in the First World War,
he, you know, had a hundred kills or something like that.
So, but all of that, so there's certainly, there's some natural talent and so
on, but it's not just that.
There's also just good luck. So the way that it works with aerial combat is,
let's say you get a slight edge, right?
You have, say it's 60-40 because you've got some talent, and some 3D processing
thing in your brain that just works really well.
So it's 60-40. Okay, so you win your first battle and then what happens is...

[14:19] You're more likely to win your next battle because you've won your first battle.
So you've got some skill and experience now too, right? So you,
and then maybe it's 65, 35 to win your next battle.
So then you win your next battle. Then maybe it's 70, 30 or whatever.
Like, and maybe it goes up a percentage point each time, but you're still lucky
because any stray bullet could have taken you down.
Any stray bullet, any crashing into anyone, right? Just being too low to the
ground, any stray bullet, any aerial collision, any too low to the ground, whatever.
Heck, you could have got struck by lightning on the way back to the airbase.
Anything could have happened, right?

[14:50] So what happens is there's people who have a slight edge because of their skill,
and then they're just lucky from there on in, right?
And the skill aids in the luck, but there's still a huge amount of luck.
And then they gain so much experience that they become very hard to beat.
But the gaining of that experience is somewhat accidental. incidental.
They just happen to, you know, they just happen to roll well on each and,
you know, 65, 30, uh, 65, 35, 70, 30, uh, 75, 25, and their odds go up and then
they become very hard to beat for sure.
But it's not like they were just naturally great and just could kill all of those people in the air.
They were just lucky. And to give you the fantasy that that magic and miracles
and grit and willpower and determination and being on the side of rightness, goodness, truth,
and justice will keep you safe is a lie.
And it's a fatal lie. It has been a fatal lie for hundreds of millions of men
throughout human history.
You get into war, you're screwed.

[16:02] You get into the war, there's no good outcome.
I mean, if it's some defensive war, you're saving your family,
your homeland, whatever, right? But you get into a war, well, what's your best odds?
What's your best odds? That you go back whole in body but shattered in spirit?

[16:26] I saw some anti-proper, it was an anti-war film about the rich kids and the poor kids.
And the rich kids, you know, the rich young men are off partying in a disco
and picking up girls and having a great time because they were too wealthy to end up in the army.
And the poor kids are dragged into the army and thrown on the battlefield.
And the end of it was just haunting that the rich kid was lying back in his
bed moaning because he was getting a blow job.
And then it flipped to the poor kid who was bleeding out on the battlefield
and moaning in just kind of the same way.
Haunting, haunting, haunting stuff.

[17:03] Richard the Lionheart was a great crusade leader and king of England gets killed
by some French kid with a crossbow well yeah I mean my ancestors came over with
William the Conqueror in 1066 and William the Conqueror just got hit with an
arrow through the eye and died whoops whoopsie right,
crazy yeah it's um and yeah there are people who you know like the fatality
that video game player Very skilled, you know, exercised well,
obviously hair trigger reflexes, and I don't know, have you ever had the experience
where you're playing with...
A video game guy and you
i mean i'm not too bad at first person shooters
pretty good but i remember there was a guy i worked with once i couldn't
beat him i i don't think i think i beat him maybe once and that was half by
accident but i just couldn't beat him he seemed to know exactly where i was
didn't matter if i changed my path he always had the right weapon loaded he
always sniped him from a distance you ever have those people and it's just like
i don't know how you're doing it because Because, you know,
oftentimes I was that guy who could get everyone else, like, almost no matter what.
But, yeah, have you ever had that with a video game person?
Yeah, fortunate sign, yeah, yeah. You ever have that, some video game person,
you're online, just, yeah, can't win. It's almost like, it's ridiculous.
It's almost impossible. I don't know what sort of sixth sense they have.

[18:23] But, and of course, then what happens is you get kind of jumpy,
you get kind of jittery, you look around, you change your strategies randomly.
Randomly and you're you know you're too the sense
of impending doom is so heavy that you're like can't uh
you can't win right yeah i remember when
quake 3 came out i would regularly win right like
25 people or whatever it was playing i would at least 50 to 60 percent of the
time i would win but then every now and then you guys come across someone i
remember playing many years ago with a listener uh unreal tournament and i just
i couldn't win against the guy like he was is just ridiculously good.
Like, snipe shooting you from midair while he was spinning and jumping,
and it's like, no, okay, well, I'm sorry I can't give you any competition,
but normally I'm that guy, but with you, I'm the other guy.
I'm the luncheon meat on the battlefield.
So, yeah, it's really, it really, really, really bothers me.
All of these. And it's always these, the guys who play shooter games are good
at laser tag and paintball as well. Yeah, that's true. I usually will win at laser tag.
And I've not played paintball that much, but I usually do pretty good.

[19:31] I played Unreal with him. Let me tell you, Steph brings the bad touch.
Yeah. You're a cannon fodder in FPS games? Yeah.
Yeah. Well, we used to, of course, back in the day with Quake and all of that,
I used to get my friends, we'd come over to my place of business where all of
the computers were already networked and we'd play.
Sometimes we'd play like two in the morning, so it's a great deal of fun.
But yeah, I've had some experience, but nonetheless, there's still some people who are just fantastic.
Definitely playing Counter-Strike with my old friend, can't even get a kill
in. Yeah. Yeah, like, where are you? I don't know, No, but I just know that I got headshot.

Family Politics and Dysfunction

It's just terrible. It's terrible. So yeah, those are the kind of odds that
you're dealing with. And the odds of you being that guy are very low.
I would say I could probably beat, I would be in the top.
Listen, I don't want to overpraise myself and it's not like my skills are perfect,
but back in the day, I could win most times, uh, online games and so on.
Like nothing, obviously nothing professional or semi-professional,
but just hop in an online game. I'd usually win.

[20:32] But so maybe i'm in the top couple of percent of players like obviously at a
purely amateur level i'm in the top couple of percent of players but that ain't
good enough in a battlefield,
in a battlefield you could just get killed by accident right
and you friendly fire nobody ever talks about the friendly fire in a
battlefield but friendly fire is a massive issue it's a
massive issue was the pat tillman wasn't pat tillman was
a football player who was fighting in afghanistan and i think he
ended up being killed by friendly fire if i remember rightly even though they
didn't say that at the beginning but yeah i i
and here's what bothers me so much about the people
who make this fucked up propaganda about you
have way better odds in war than are factual like they give you this pumped
up grandiose bulletproof delusion right i mean that was what was so wild about
the like the first what 15 or 18 minutes of saving private ryan is you know
some guys like Like, they're just getting shot.
Like, they're just crawling off the beach and just getting shot.
You know, I remember the shot, the scene, a very sort of brief snippet,
where a guy gets shot through his helmet, takes it off, looks at it in wonder,
and then gets shot through the head.
And that's war, man. Just some asshole, 20 miles away, pushing a button and blowing you to nothing.

[21:50] So what bothers me the most is the clusterfrag a-holes who put together all
of this propaganda, they don't go to war.
They don't go to war. They're back there doing all their propaganda.
They're getting all the other kids to go to war. Harry Brown used to have a
thing which said America can only declare war if the sons of congressmen get
drafted. Like that's it, right?
I mean, it's a nice way to try and rope the beast.
It doesn't really work out that way, but it's a nice sort of theory about how
to rope the beast, but just crazy.
Thank you.
So, yeah, all the people who are producing this propaganda that gives people
completely insane sense of their own actual odds.

[22:37] Well, and of course, they used to have a pretty strict IQ cutoff for the army.
I think that's changing now.
And it certainly changed in the Vietnam War. One of the reasons why the Vietnam
War turned so bad is they ran out of intelligent people.
And they ended up having to recruit people with IQs in the 70s.

[22:56] Like 82 83 i think was the cutoff for a long
time in the army and then they had to go down into the
70s and you know people
would forget their you know that you'd have
these passcodes like somebody would shout a challenge you'd have to shout something
back to prove you weren't uh enemies and they would forget them and so they'd
get shot or they would forget that other people had the correct passwords and
would shoot them there was a guy in vietnam who was so dumb he thought it was
It was hilarious to pull the pins off grenades and roll them into tents so that
everyone would run scurrying. And it blew people up that way.
And they were called McNamara's morons, right? Robert McNamara was the secretary
of defense, I think, back then.
And they just brought all these people in that were just completely dumb,
like just could not function intellectually.
And they put them in combat. And, of course, you're going up against these super
high Q East Asians. And it was just awful.
Just awful. Imagine war was just the presidents of the countries fighting each
other. Yeah, there's a, um, what's that song by Krista Berg?
Let's put them in a, uh, let them work it out until they see nothing from nothing.
Well, nothing. And Hey boys, tonight we get away to the other side. It's a good song.
Uh, it was a big, big Krista Berg fan for quite a while.
I haven't listened to him much lately, but, uh, last time I cried.
It's a, it's a great song. The risen Lord. Also a great haunting song is a superb
vocalist and sounds just as good live by the way.
And all of that. So, and for some reason he's been involved in a massive amount
of, um, defamation lawsuits. I don't know exactly why.

[24:23] These modern day wars are so
dystopian. The trench warfare with grenade drones scare the F out of me.
Yeah. Can you imagine just being basically followed by some killer drone that
just blows you up in the middle of nowhere and what can you do?
What can you do? You dodge one, it's another one right over the horizon,
right? Yeah. It's, uh, it's awful.
It's awful. And it looks like, you
know, the, the ghost of war is being resurrected, uh, sadly at the moment.

[24:56] All right. Let me just get to any other questions.
All right, let me get to your... Drones are kind of like homing pigeons with C4 on the shotgun.
C4 shotgun seems to be the solution for them. Well, no, but they dodge like
crazy, right? They're insanely fast, right?
So it's just attrition, right?
I mean, let's say you can get, you know, half the drones that come at you.
Well, they just send two drones, right?
Or they, right? All right, so why would a family member shut you down the moment
you discuss family politics, even if you haven't spoken for three years about it.
Interestingly, the family member's grandfather died and he stole his mother's
inheritance, so much for not needing to discuss family pain.
I now believe those who won't talk are seething, waiting to strike.

[25:52] Well, I can tell you the way that I look at it, this
will depress and enlighten you and will
probably answer most of the questions you have if you
have a dysfunctional family but to be
honest it is going to kind of blow your mind right so just
hit me with a why if you're ready because you know i got an hour tonight so
i got to tell you i'm going to be very compressed here so hit me are you ready
because i'll answer this question but you won't like it all right you'll like
it in the long run you know philosophy,
don't worry it stops hurting later don't worry the boo-boo turns into a muscle
later but it ain't fun at the beginning so.

[26:36] So a question why would a family member shut you down the moment you discuss
family politics even if you haven't spoken for three years about it and there's
a lot of dysfunction in the family
so the purpose of your family is to pass along the dysfunction that's why they
exist that's what they're for that's why they reproduced in other words think
of the dysfunction as the giant lever that's causing people to have sex accident reproduce.
So if you understand that the purpose of your family, if it's really dysfunctional,
the purpose of your family is to transmit the dysfunction to the next generation,
then if you're trying to make that family functional, you're trying to bring
reason and evidence and virtue and truth to that family,
the dysfunctional virus will attack you as an enemy and will drive you away
because it needs to reproduce in peace or it needs to reproduce in violence and dysfunction.

[27:22] The purpose of your dysfunctional family is to reproduce that dysfunction to the next generation.
You go in and try and make them sane and good and healthy and right and noble and virtuous.
You're an enemy to the demons that have your family tree in their thrall and
are simply using control C, control V, copy paste to fuck up the next generation. That's it.
That's it.

[27:50] So to disease health is
a disease do you understand to a disease health is a disease so if you were
to go into your family and you were to uh put uh laxatives in their dessert
and you were to put diuretics into their soup and they got really sick and crampy
and and you made made them Eve sick in some way,
or, or you, you know, you, you, you coughed, uh,
flu ridden phlegm in their faces and, and so on.
They'd be like, whoa, of course you're not welcome at family dinner. You keep poisoning us.
Of course you're not welcome. Like, would you let someone in your family come
over to your, your family and someone in your family of origin come over?
And every time they came over, you got violently sick for weeks.
Would you, would you let them into your house? Would you invite them to break
bread with you if every time you ate with them, you ended up throwing up for
a week straight? Of course not.
Because they would be making you sick. You follow?
To sickness, health is a disease. To dysfunction, reason is a predator and an
enemy, and a sickness and a convulsion and a vomiting and a disease.

[29:03] You are, if you're healthy and here you're healthy, right?
And you listen to the show, you're healthy for the most part,
as am I healthy for the most part.
You are a sickness to the sickness.
So when you say, gee, why would a family member shut you down the moment you
discuss family politics?
You understand, from their perspective, it's like saying, wait a minute.
All I did was cough blood on their children. Why did they hurry me out of the
house? Why are they mad at me?
I cough blood on their children. Well, what's the problem?
Bruh. I mean, come on. It's just a little blood. Don't they ever eat blood pudding?
So you bringing health is you bringing disease.
So, of course, they're going to rush you out and hurry you out because you're
interfering with the transmission of the illness that they've redefined as health.
And because they've redefined illness as health, cure is the disease.
So you are in there coughing up blood on their food, poisoning their food.
You are there putting mold in their vents.
You are there making them sick, making them unwell, making them diseased.
So they drive you out to maintain the health of their sickness.

[30:28] You should know this by now. Ow, sorry to be annoying. Sorry to be emphatic,
but it's important. It's important.
Stop trying to make sick people well. Why would you do that?
Why would you try to make sick people well?
I mean, the only way that sick people get better is if they admit that they're sick.
So if people don't admit that they're sick, they'll fight you like you're poisoning
them if you bring reason to their screwed up universes.
Right? right? Like, you're disorienting them with health.
If somebody were to threaten to inject you with,
a virus or a drug that would cause you to hallucinate visually and auditorily
to the point where you wouldn't know what was real and what was not,
you know, full-on beautiful mind Nash stuff, right?
You don't know what's real, what's not. You don't know if the person in the
the room is real. You've got to ask someone else if they see it.
Maybe they are part of your imagination. You don't know what's real or what's not.
If somebody were to inject you with a drug that disoriented you,
gave you auditory and visual hallucinations and completely wrecked your sense
of reality and trust in yourself, you would view that person as an enemy to be fought at all costs.
How much would you fight to keep an enemy away from injecting you with something
that destroyed your sense of reality?

The Physics of Corruption

[31:55] Well if you're healthy and they don't even know that they're
irrational or anti-rational screwed up or messed up
if they don't know how dysfunctional they are then you
coming at them with reason is you assaulting them with unreality
and you trying to forcefully inject something into their brains that is going
to turn them schizophrenic and hallucinatory and psychotic and deranged and
they They will fight tooth and nail against you to survive because the only
thing they know is the physics of corruption.
And health is a mentally ill hallucination to those enmeshed in the physics of corruption.

[32:36] Don't look at them as people who are making choices. You look at them as people
who are possessed by bad ideas.
The bad ideas are using the mere flesh to leapfrog to the next generation.
And if you get in the way, they'll screw you up.
You should understand, if you go to a higher mammal, like a wolf or a lion or
something like that, an apex predator, you go, you get between a grizzly and
her cub, what happens? What happens?
They will tear your scalp off. They will rip you apart. They will destroy you. Why?
Because you're interfering with the transmission of their genetics by approaching
their young. We've all seen this, right?
So dysfunction is the offspring of the possessors of minds lost to corruption.
If you interfere with the transmission of dysfunction,
me with the media, right? If you interfere with the transmission of dysfunction,
you are coming between the apex predator editor, and their treasured offspring.

[33:50] Does this help you understand the world? Does this help you make sense of the
world and of the people around you?
They're not interested in your health because they have been programmed to view
your health as a disease and their disease is health.

[34:17] The dysfunctional mindset is using the physical body and the physical mind to
transmit itself to the next generation and it is fiercely guarding its prey,
and if you interfere with the predator
and its offspring the predator will attack you until you are dead.
So, with that in mind, with that in mind, why would a family member shut you
down the moment you discuss family politics, even if you haven't spoken for
three years about it? Well,
if you are spraying a mist into someone's face, it's going to give them permanent
hallucinations and destroy their connection to reality.
Let's say you haven't done that for three years. Why would they be upset about it?
I haven't sprayed them in the face with a psychotic-generating,
psychoactive drug for three years. Why would they be upset about it?
Interestingly, the family's member's grandfather died and he stole the mother's
inheritance. So much for not needing to discuss family pain.
I now believe those who won't talk are seething, waiting to strike. Yeah.
I view people as possessed by bad ideas. Most people. Most people.
I don't mean not even most dysfunctional people. Most people are possessed by bad ideas.
And the bad ideas are jumping from person to person and generation to generation.

[35:46] I don't view most of the people I meet as animated by any sort of rational consciousness
or objective conscience or virtue or striving for truth.
Truth, I view them as carriers of an illness called bad thinking or non-thinking or anti-thinking.
I mean, come on, man. I shouldn't tell anyone how easily programmed people are
into hating their fellow man, not after COVID and the vaccines, right? I mean, come on.
This is not something that we need to spend much time on, right?
They're not interested in your health. They're not not interested in your virtues.
They're not interested in your reason. They're not interested in your facts.
They're not interested in the truth. They're not interested in your integrity.
They view it as a toxic poison that will completely destroy their sense of reality
and have them lonely and adrift and psychotic until the end of time.

The Challenge of Weight Loss

[36:53] Only a couple of people out of a hundred can lose weight and keep it off.
And you think that they're going to accept abstract virtues?
This is the big thing to remember.
97%, 98% of people who lose weight, gain it back and more.
Only a few, one or 2% of people, maybe two or 3% of people lose weight and keep it off forever, right?
Now, fat people kind of hate being fat. And the amount of encouragement they
get to lose weight is huge.
The amount of positive, oh, did you lose weight? The amount of positive feedback,
the amount of personal health benefits, the reduction of back pain,
joint pain, knee pain, you name it.
Better breath, run upstairs, run around, more energy, more health,
better libido, diamond hard, youthful boners, whatever, right?
So the amount of positive feedback that people get from losing weight and the
amount of health benefits and life quality benefits they get is massive.
How many people lose weight and keep enough? One person out of 50? One person out of 25?
You think you're going to help make them good?
You can't even get them to put down their back and knee destroying cheesecake.

Interfering with Dysfunction Transmission

[38:20] If you can't get people to stop eating so much,
to not be subject so much to the sin of avarice and greed and gluttony,
if you can't even get people to eat less and be healthy, walk around a little, exercise,
eat less, eat better, if you can't even get people to be physically healthy,
which they get massive positive feedback from, it gives them extra years of
their life everybody praises them and thinks it's wonderful and their doctor
says great job and they've got more energy and more health.
If you can't even get them to do that, what on earth makes you think that they
will see the evil in themselves and others?
You can't even see the fat guy. You can't even get the fat guy to see his own
dick and you want him to see the deep corruption of himself and others and the
system and the people and the world.
The guy who hasn't seen his feet in 20 years because he can't stop eating you
think he's going to look in the mirror and see the demon that's in the heart of all of us.

Testing Capacity for Change

[39:43] You can't even most people won't admit Admit they're wrong when there's direct video evidence.
I mean, Scott Adams had a whole list of the Trump hoaxes, right?
And other media hoaxes and so on. I mean, just take the obvious one.
There's the fine people hoax, right? In Charlottesville, that Trump called the
white supremacists or the neo-Nazis fine people, which he didn't, of course.
And the video is very clear, right? He says, there are fine people on both sides of the debate.
He says, I'm not talking about the white supremacists. They should be condemned utterly, right?
So, or, you know, people think that Trump, what he tried to say,
January 6th, he said, protest peacefully, blah, blah, blah, right?

[40:27] So there's direct video evidence that you can beam into somebody's ass in about half a second, right?
Just look at this video, look at these 30 seconds, right?
So people can't even admit that they're wrong or have been lied to about something
when you can give them direct video evidence in about half a second,
which will take them 30 seconds to watch,
right? So, you give people little tests of can you process reality at all.
Can you process reality at all?
30 seconds. Can you process reality? Can you admit that you're wrong?
Give people little tests.
But what people do is they keep trying to get people who've never been to the
gym to bench press 300 pounds.
And I'm like, no, no, no. Can they lift a two-pound weight?
Right? somebody who's wrong, you say, oh no, you're wrong about this, right?
You're wrong about this. And here's the evidence, right?
Now, if somebody can't say, oh gosh, I guess I really did get fooled by that, right?
If somebody can't admit that they're wrong when you have given them direct,
physical, tangible, material evidence that's irrefutable, that takes them about
30 seconds to watch and you can beam directly into their phone.

[41:52] Why would you talk to them about anything else alright so you can't lift 5 pounds,
okay what about 500 pounds 750 300 pounds,
450 461, 429, 387 it's like what are you doing they can't lift 5 pounds why
would you bother with anyone anyone who can't admit that they're wrong when
it takes 30 seconds and it's irrefutable.
Whatever it could be. It could be anything on the left or the right or in the
middle. It doesn't matter, right? It doesn't matter.

Bringing Reality to the Unwilling

[42:37] So,
try to bring a little reality to people. And if they won't accept a little reality,
how would they accept a big reality?
If they can't lift 5 pounds what makes you think they can lift 500 pounds?
And yet everybody avoids this knowledge. We just keep going.
And I've done this too. I've done this too. I'm not speaking from any big superior place here.

[43:14] If they won't listen to little reasons, they won't listen to big reasons.
If they won't accept little facts, they won't accept big facts.
If they can't lift 500 pounds, don't give them 100 pounds.
I mean, you can if you want, but it's kind of pointless. says i really try not
to hate people due to this reality since covid since covid it's definitely been
hard i keep my distance because the urge to clear their delusions is strong for me right,
so the reason why people will suck you into these debates when they have no
intention of changing their mind right lord knows we've all been there right we've all been there,
somebody sucks us into a debate and then we realize they have absolutely no
intention of changing their mind i can't be alone in this it seems the internet
is both porn and denial for for the most part, right?
So we get sucked into this, right?
Now, do you know why we get sucked into this? Because the demons try to get
us to argue with them so that we lose respect for the power of reason.

[44:13] Right, so the trolls, the people who invite debate with no intention of changing
anything, those trolls, those demons, and I'm not obviously calling them actual
demons, it's an analogy, right?
But the demons that possess them in a sense are inviting us in,
to pretend to debate so that we and others see the futility of reason.

Discrediting Reason

[44:48] So that you get frustrated and also they're there to discredit reason.
They're there to discredit reason so that other people look at you and see,
oh, see, rational people, they're easily frustrated and they claim to be empirical,
but they don't even know they're being played. Do you see what I mean?
We claim to be so good at identifying truth and reason and evidence,
and yet we're so bad so often at seeing when we're being lied to and played
and people have no intention.
To everyone else, it's clear, it's a bad faith debate and we're in there like,
no, here's some more facts and here's some more this and here's some more of that.
They're there to discredit reason. They're there to frustrate you and to show
their superiority to reason because they have you running around producing all
of this data and arguments and facts when they have no intention of changing
their mind. No intention.
You don't elevate people's view of the power of reason by reasoning with people
who can't be reasoned with because then you're showing you're anti-empirical.
And you're not even wise enough to know when someone can't be changed.

[46:02] I remember, oh gosh, I must have been 11 or 12 years old.
I had a bird that I had rescued from the wild, and I had to take it downtown.
So I have the bird in a cage that I'd borrowed from a friend of mine.
It was a thrush, I think it was. I had the thrush in the cage,
and I was on the bus, and there was this guy who was like, oh,
you can't keep a bird in a cage.
It's a wild animal. It should be free. No, no, no. It broke its wing.
It's rescued. I'm trying to fix it.
As you can see. And so the guy was just, oh, it's crazy. He doesn't have enough food.
He's got to clean out the cage. He was just, right?
And I was answering him and defending my position and what I was doing and all of that.
And finally, some guy leaned over and said, don't answer him.
He's not interested in any of this. He's just, he's just messing with you.

[46:53] Big lesson, right? Why am I defending? And it was because I shouldn't mention,
the guy was like, obviously crazy and kind of homeless and smelled and right.
So he's just there to troll and frustrate a little kid and to publicly humiliate
me because he was a nasty little piece of shit.
And he's like, don't... And people were giving me piteous looks,
like, why are you debating with a crazy guy?
That was one of the biggest... I remember this so vividly.
I remember what he looked like. Like, so many years ago, 46, 45 years ago.

[47:35] And everyone's like, why? And it seems so obvious to everyone else,
and it wasn't to me, because, of course, I grew up with a crazy troll, right?
More than one, in fact. But why am I debating?
The guy doesn't care about the birds. He doesn't, like, and I looked,
and I was like, yes, of course. This guy doesn't even bathe.
He doesn't have a home. Like, why would he care about a bird?
He doesn't even care about himself.

[47:57] If we could only see what trials look like. But we can! We can!
Thank you for the tip. I appreciate that. First tip of the night.
In Locals, if you could help out, I'd appreciate that. You can just tip on the app.
Come on, this is great stuff. I know how important it is. I know how helpful it is. But there is.
You give people something obvious to find out if they can admit that they're wrong.
You don't debate with people who can't admit that they're wrong unless it's
a public debate right like i debate publicly it wasn't like i was going to change
the mind of any of the communists or determinists that i debated but it's there
for other people to see so it's a little different it's a public debate but
don't you give people can you accept this right can you accept this right,
people get mad about iq and i'd say look i've interviewed um 18 world renowned
experts on the the field of intelligence so here and if they continue debating
it's like no i i just i i just gave you the facts if you're not willing to address
them why would i talk to you.

[49:04] They're there to make reason look helpless, paralyzed, frustrating, and pointless.
Don't debate with crazy people.
And the way you find out is you give them something small and see if they have
the capacity to change their minds.
Very, very few people have the capacity to change their minds based on reason and evidence.
It's incredibly rare, and yet we wander around, as do I sometimes, right?
We wander around, bleating like lost little lambs and lost little sheep,
trying to reason with everyone.

[49:47] Which says that we are rejecting the evidence that very few people,
I'm sure, I don't know if there have been studies, maybe there have been,
but I did a whole presentation on this called The Death of Reason many years
ago, which you should check out if you haven't seen it. It's incredibly important.
But people, they don't, vast majority of people have no intention of changing
their minds they're called right fighters they just fight to be in the right
doesn't matter what the facts are they won't surrender they won't back down
they won't reason they won't think they won't accept evidence they won't process
data they won't do any of that,
thank you for the tip they won't do any of that they're not interested they're
there to be right they're there to show off they're there to be dominant they're
there to win no matter what expense to their culture or their society Miety.

Accepting Anti-Rationality

[50:37] And that's most people.
And we know that. We know that. We know that growing up. We know that in school.
We know that when we corrected our teachers. We know that when we debated with
our families. We know that. So why don't we live like we know that?
Because we keep getting drawn into this public spectacle of reason is futile,
reason is futile, reason is futile.
If I'd have stayed in politics, I could have destroyed the reputation of reason for a generation or two.
Wow talk about that another time i'm sure that don't need to i'm sure that's
pretty obvious and pretty evident.

[51:13] Debating with crazy people is like wriggling in quicksand no but it's worth
it's worse than that because,
it's showing that reason denies reality so we say oh you gotta accept reality
you gotta accept the truth okay but the truth is that few people surrender to
reason and facts so we're saying it's a public display of rank hypocrisy it's
a public display of rank hypocrisy,
because we say well you've got to know the truth you've got to think you've
got to reason you've got to be empirical and yet we keep debating with people,
who have no interest in reason and evidence so where's our empiricism where's
our facts based it's a way of saying it's a way of saying,
that the reasonable quote reasonable people are crazier than the crazy people,
because the crazy people don't have this whole reason and empiricism thing fact based thing,
And the rational guy who claims to be empirical doesn't even seem to notice,
doesn't even seem to notice that the person he's debating is anti-rational.

[52:19] If you saw a top, the guy who says, I'm a top gymnastics coach,
I'm fantastic at gymnastics coaching,
I'm ready to take any athlete in gymnastics all the way to the Olympics, Olympic gold, baby.
And then he kept encouraging a guy in a wheelchair, permanently in a wheelchair,
you know, paralyzed from the neck down.
You got to get into gymnastics, man. I want to be a gymnastics coach.
Together we can go all the way to the gold.
Right? You would look at that gymnastics coach and you'd say, well, that guy's crazy.
He's a gymnastics coach who's trying to get christopher reeve post horse accident
to be an olympic gold medalist what is the matter with this guy,
like i want to coach you into reason and evidence and i i'm really into facts
reason and evidence empiricism and it's like you don't even notice this guy's
in a wheelchair he's got no functional observing ego no higher standards no reason no right.

Testing Willingness to Listen

[53:34] If you want to show the power of reason and empiricism,
you test whether people can change their minds before you engage in debates with them.
Right? Don't you test whether people can change their, have the capacity,
knowing that most people don't at all have the capacity or the willingness to
change their minds. Wouldn't you test that?
Yeah, the show is 3055. The show is 3055. The death of reason from,
gosh, when was that? That was a ways back. Yeah, 2015.
So nine years ago, almost, right? Nine years ago.

[54:13] Hit me with a why if you have accepted this,
you test people's capacity to change their minds and refuse to engage with people
who don't listen to reason.
Do you test whether people can listen to reason and refuse to engage with people
who don't listen to reason?
Hit me with a why if you got this show of mine from nine years ago. Right.
And have accepted the facts.
Have you become rational about most people's anti-rationality?
Have you become empirical at the fact that most people reject empiricism?
Have you deeply absorbed and thought about the reality that few people deeply
absorb and think about anything?
I refuse to engage if they don't listen. Yeah, for sure.
Now of course but you feel this compulsion to debate you gotta get in there
and debate that's a kind of demonology it's a kind of cocking your finger so
you run off a cliff and you discredit reason,
see they can't discredit reason by reasoning with you because you're better
at it and they can't discredit reason by providing counter evidence because
you're an empiricist and you have the facts right,
so how do they discredit reason they lure you into fighting with them.

[55:40] Which completely destroys anybody's respect for your reason and empiricism.
Because everyone else, everyone else can see that this person can't be reasoned
with and you're trying to reason with them, which means you're not rational.
You see, they win either way.
You understand? That's the way they win. If they can't de-platform you,
they'll try and troll you into banging your head against the wall saying I'm
clear headed I'm factual I'm rational right.

[56:14] So I just wanted to point that out.
This show helps a lot. Dale Carnegie's books helped a lot too.
How to Win Friends and Influence People.
All right. I didn't know he was a philosopher.
But yeah, if you accept reason and evidence, accept reason and evidence.
It's a tautology, but it's really, really important.
If you're going to accept reason and evidence, the first thing you need to accept
is almost everybody rejects reason and evidence.
I mean if you can't accept that don't call yourself rational and if you can't
call if you can't accept that don't call yourself empirical,
the other people can't admit that they're wrong well yes and you can't admit
that most people can't admit that they're wrong so you fight with everyone and,
lose all the time and it's not just you who loses this is why the quicksand
analogy is not complete here in quicksand you're the one who you're discrediting reason for everyone,
you discredit reason for everyone because everyone sees you fighting and they
see the anti-rational person winning.

The Futility of Debating

Funny game. The only way to win is not to play.
That's what people said to me when I had my thrush on the bus going downtown when I was 11 in 1977.

[57:38] Often people send you the evidence you sent them 20 years ago
climate change forgetting it was you who told them then when
we have our next debate they'll say oh this is your new climate change even
though you were validated about that oh this is your new climate change don't
get that unbelievable well why is it unbelievable it's not unbelievable stop
unbelieving that which is completely obvious and truthful and factual and empirical
and proven all throughout history all across the world unbelievable is there
still gravity today day? Unbelievable.
It's not unbelievable. What do you mean it's not unbelievable?
It's totally believable.
Live it. Accept it. Believe it. Be empirical.

[58:18] Yeah, it helped me to accept people's biases without kicking over their beehive too much.
Accepted their bias is their own emotion. No interest in the truth.
They are vessels by which anti-rationality reproduces itself.
Can you believe that the left was hypocritical? Yeah. Hypocrisy is not a bug. It's a feature of power.
The king can be hypocritical and nobody can call him out. That's how you know he's powerful.
I mean, The police can lie to you. You can't lie to the police.
It's a function of power, right?
I can't believe that people who thirst for power use power.
I can't believe that people who really want drugs actually take those drugs.
Unbelievable. No, it's not. Yeah, so stop with this unbelievable.
That's a form of chest-thumping pomposity.
Sorry to be annoying, but it's fact, right? Stop saying unbelievable about the
utterly predictable. Can you believe this guy eats 4,000 calories a day,
he doesn't exercise, and he keeps gaining weight. Unbelievable.
It's not unbelievable. It's actually inevitable. Stop saying unbelievable to
things that are entirely predictable.
The sun rose again this morning? Unbelievable.

[59:35] No, it's not. No, it's not.
Dems are the real racists. Unbelievable. So hypocritical. i
was like no it's not maybe it's
us who are wrong being right 10 years in advance
well i mean this is kind of what i got tired of was just being right
about so much but so far ahead that you're called evil or crazy or insane and
then everybody like completely accepts that right later and they never circle
back and say gosh you were right i'm so sorry for all the arrows to your back
um like all the conversations that are happening now in the world were things
that i was talking about 15 years ago.
You just get tired of being out front all the time.
It's one thing if you're out front and you get some praise for being innovative
and some respect and recognition, but.

[1:00:26] You don't get that. You get attacked and backstabbed and betrayed.
And And,
then they just accept what you said later on without ever circling back and
thanking you or i didn't watch your death of reason but got there on my own during,
kovid yes looking forward to watching it yeah it's really um it really is it
really is important it really is important uh yeah though so for instance actually
let me just go fdr podcast Sharepodcasts,

Corruption of Institutions

All right, so people were kind of shocked that the FDA appeared to be somewhat corrupt, right?

[1:01:16] So 12 years ago, I did a show with Dr. Mary Ruart. So the show I did,
A Doctor's View of Obamacare, that was that one.
I also did this is 2009 so 15 years ago right 2009 15 years ago I did an interview,
on the corruption of the FDA with Dr.
Mary Ruart like 15 years ago so how much were my listeners prepared for COVID
and corruption 15 years ago,
people are like I can't believe that the gatekeepers appear to be slightly corrupt.
It's like, it's 15 years ago, November 7th, 2009.
The show's number is 1504.
People are like, oh my God, the FDA appears to be slightly compromised.
15 years ago.
I mean, geez, what's the point, right?

[1:02:34] Steph do you know the painter arthur kwan lee he said in a recent podcast that
you were way ahead of the curve and red pilled many people he called you a good
man but wished you were not an atheist,
well if it's any consolation i wish i wasn't an atheist either i would like
very much to be religious i would very much like to um accept uh jesus and god and all of the things,
that i grew up with i would be uh.

[1:03:01] Very happy to not be an atheist. But philosophy is not about what makes you
happy. It's about what is true.
And the more true it is in general, at least in the short run,
the less happy you're going to be. So I share his wish.
I share his wish. If I had some objectively verifiable religious experience
tomorrow, I would come out of it with a spring in my step and a smile in my heart.
Because it would mean I would get to spend the rest of fraternity with my wife
and daughter over time. It would mean that I would get to live forever.
It would mean that there was a force up there and out there looking out for me.
It would mean that I would have access to divine wisdom. It would be a glorious
and beautiful and wonderful thing to be religious.
And I very much envy the people in a way who can believe it.
But I have tied myself to the raft of philosophy and sometimes I get to steer
it and sometimes we just go down a waterfall together and I cross my my fingers.
And it is, you know, there was a lot of, a lot of Christian scientists felt
that by studying physics and by studying biology, they were studying the mind of God.
And to the degree to which I have managed to prove rational secular ethics that
happened to accord with the rules of God, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill.

[1:04:22] Thou shalt not assault, thou shalt not rape. The degree to which UPB coincides
with the rules of just about every major religion is because I have resisted
God in the realm of ethics,
I've been able to prove the ethics that God commanded.
Will you go see the eclipse Monday? No, I don't. I don't see why.
I don't see why I would. I mean, you
have to watch it through a box in the shadow and I just watch it on TV.
I mean, I remember there was an eclipse when I was a kid in Canada.
Or the school got dark and then it got bright again and it's like, eh.
Although it's interesting that, what was Revelations? The seas shall turn red.
I think that happened last year.
There will be an earthquake and then there will be an eclipse.
And there was an earthquake recently.
Well, there was one in Taiwan and wasn't there one today in New York State or
something? And there'll be an eclipse. So, oh well.
Hope there's still time to convert. If it turns out to be the case.
Hey, you know, I'm an empiricist. We'll see what happens.

[1:05:20] Alright, well listen, I said I'll do a short show, and so I have.
So I really, really do want to thank you for coming by tonight.
We'll do a longer show, of course, Sunday, 11am.
Eastern Standard Time, we'll have a nice... Do you pray or meditate?

The Power of Thought

I wouldn't say that I formally meditate, but I do lie back and think,
both in the morning and in the evening.
I spend at least half an hour lying in a comfortable position,
thinking about my day, thinking about the world, thinking about my intention,
thinking about my purpose.
Global demographic collapse i have
this weird thing about low birth rates just completely puzzling to me i don't
i don't get it at all but there's absolutely nothing wrong with low birth rates
especially with ai and automation and robots and so on there's nothing wrong
with low birth rates people freaking out the only reason that low birth rates
are a freak out to people is because of democracy and being out bred and therefore
outvoted by other groups so,
Missed the show. Just showed up. Busy day. I'm sorry about that.
It's a good show. We'll of course put it out tonight for the donors.
But yeah, thanks everyone. If there's any last tips you'd like to drop in,
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[1:06:35] Would be lovely, lovely, lovely to get your help.
Remember we've got actually we just um got another guy
to do some work for us which i think will be very helpful and
very positive if you're enjoying the new clips uh please
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finding those helpful or interesting please let us know uh
thank you so much says jared so
much to everyone who tipped again and a regular supporters it's wonderful to work
for the show and you uh interesting thank
you i find meditation or deep thought to be so helpful in many ways yeah
i'm not trying to get to a state of mindlessness or blankness
or nirvana i'm trying to think very deeply
and purposefully about what i'm trying to do because what i'm I'm trying to
do is so much against what is that I need to check in with some sort of universal
phenomenon of philosophy and principles in order to have the resolution to continue
to swim against the current in such a fashion. All right.
Thank you everyone so much. Have yourselves a glorious and wonderful evening.

[1:07:49] And I will talk to you guys Sunday. Thank you again for your support.
If you're listening to this later, of course, slash donate and
you get access. So StephBot AI is back up and running where you can query me
in whatever native language you choose and I will almost certainly respond.
And it's a very, very good. It's been trained on a whole bunch of podcasts,
whole bunch of books and all that kind of stuff as well.

[1:08:08] What are your thoughts on Jay Dyer? Would you debate him again?
Um, I'm not sure. I mean, I'm not sure that people will, you know,
I'll ask this question another time. Maybe we'll talk about this Sunday.
I am getting invites to go on bigger shows again and I'm still half and half
about that, but we can talk about that on Sunday.
I'll get your feedback on that because i'm really enjoying what it is that we're
doing here and um the cost benefit doesn't really seem to be worth it to me
but if you have any thoughts we'll talk about that on sunday maybe we'll make
the second half donor only on sunday all right thanks everyone lots of love
take care have a wonderful wonderful evening i'll talk to you soon.

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