Praise Your Abuser? Locals Questions…

hi Stef, if you ever did subcontracting work for someone and you later realize they intentionally planned to never pay you for your work, would you bother reporting them to their superiors or the government, or would you recommend just moving on and never working with that person again? Could you think of any justifiable reason for reporting someone or would it go against UPB to use the power of the state for revenge purposes?

Stef would you agree that your mother was at least the better parent than your father according to the following clauses: 1. she at least didn’t abandon you like your father did 2. if your father was aware your mother was crazy than it especially makes your father morally culpable for leaving you with a crazy woman unless - he himself was even crazier than your mother so in that case it would have been actually responsible for him to leave so you only had to deal with one crazy parent rather than two.

Thoughts on the euro-dollar system argument? This is the notion that most dollars are created outside of government/fed control (e.g., businesses in other countries agreeing to denote a contract in USD).
My hunch (not saying I'm right, just my suspicion) is that this is just an obfuscation or a cover-up for governments and to make the eventual CBDC's seem more justified. Afterall, it wasn't foreign banks that were mandating jabs and silencing dissent!

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