The Truth About the Coronavirus - Including Sources
Coronavirus Update: Pandemic?

  1. Most doctors agree - asymptomatic carriers can be anywhere. Stay at home and avoid unnecessary outdoor activities.

  1. Hong Kong HCWs strike organization continues
  • 1,100 HCWs sign agreement to strike in Queen Mary Hospital, a state-of-the-art gov't hospital overloaded with significant ER waiting times and high occupancy rate.

  • A HK Police officer (the one who became famous for aiming a shotgun at pedestrians, reporters and protesters in point-blanc range with the finger on the trigger, months ago) went on China SM to express wishes that "medical workers considering strike become infected with nCov virus", calling them deserters.

  1. Public exams in HK likely to be cancelled.
  2. Theories continue.
  • Indian scientist suspects virus was engineered, due to suspected HIV virus RNA in nCov.
  • nCov virus a bioweapon intended for Taiwan
  • - Supporting points:
  • - - Head of WHO is pro-China government. (China gov't not China)
  • - - The most likely conflict to be initiated by China is with Taiwan. The theory is that a bioweapon of this magnitude would aim to cripple people, economy, gov't without a shot fired, forcing Taiwanese people to request help from China and facilitating "reunification" (takeover).
  1. Mask shortage continues

As the mask of masks run down, the masks protecting against riot-agents come out. However, hygiene and getting arrest become issues.

HK Gov't has prisoners making masks for prison-wages. Some have leaked out to the open market, implying a black market for masks.

  1. China foreign ministry criticizing US for barring all non-US-citizens who have been to China in last 14 days from entering to US.

  1. Across China, old people are guarding their villages from outsiders. Makes sense, considering the high fatality rate for older people.

Translation for Chen Qiushi's words. (courtesy of comments)
This person took a video about corpses transporting in Wuhan Fifth Hospital today.
Then some people found him in the night, says they are from Epidemic Prevention Station.

Now, we are still checking if this information is true.
He has not been contacted yet.

  1. Healthcare Workers who recently unionized, have voted almost unanimously to begin strike on Monday.

Mr Fan Bin, the man kidnapped by the state, found concrete evidence of death toll well exceeding reported figures. This was his video of the evidence.

  1. Government once again forcefully attempting to create quarantine camps near dense neighborhoods, without prior negotiations.

1 unarmed old man (security guard) taking a stand preventing police from entering private property without a warrant.

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