The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels

Western civilization hangs by a thread - to rescue it, we must delve deep into the past to find out how to save the future. The fall of the Roman Empire closely mirrors the challenges currently facing Europe and North America – toxic multiculturalism, rampant immigration, runaway feminism, debt, currency corruption, wildly antagonistic politics – everything we need to know to save everything we love is written deep in the history of ancient Rome – all we need to do is look!

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, takes you on a journey deep into the philosophical, cultural, economic and political causes of the decline and death of ancient Rome. Once you understand what happened in the past, you will never again be confused by what is happening now - and never be more certain about how to change what is to come.

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Please have a browse through these sources, since I have gathered a wide variety of thoughts, arguments and ideas into one presentation. In particular, the argument that barbarians are analogous to terrorists was written about by Morris Berman in 2001. The four stages of Empire was written about by Sir John Glubb in the mid 20th century. He also wrote about the possible role of feminism in the decline of Empires. I hope that this presentation inspires you to examine the Fall of Rome for yourself, and that the sources provided turn out to be a useful starting point.

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of An Empire by Simon Baker

The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome by Susan Wise Bauer

The Rise of Rome: The Making of the World's Greatest Empire by Anthony Everitt

A History of Ancient Rome by Mary Beard

Rubicon: The Last Years of the Roman Republic by Tom Holland

The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome and the Barbarians

The Twilight of American Culture by Morris Berman

The Fate Of Empires by Sir John Glubb

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