The Untruth About Donald Trump

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Donald Trump’s Strategy
The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump [Source Link

Mainstream Media On Donald Trump
Trump Presidential History [Source Link
Trump at the 1988 Republican Convention [Source Link]
Reform Party [Source Link]
Ed Schultz: [Source Link]
Seth Meyers [Source Link]
George Wills [Source Link]

Not a Serious Candidate
Surprise a lot of People [Source Link]
Kyle Smith [Source Link]
Richard Cohen [Source Link]
Jonah Goldberg [Source Link]
Stephen F. Hayes [Source Link]

Trump Launches Campaign [Source Link]
Ana Navarro [Source Link]
Simon Maloy [Source Link]
David McIntosh [Source Link]
Karl Rove [Source Link]
Filed Election Papers [Source Link]

Illegal Immigration
Trump’s Immigration Comments [Source Link]
New York Times [Source Link]
Huffington Post [Source Link]
The Washington Post [Source Link]
Time Magazine [Source Link]
Associated Press [Source Link]
L.A. Times [Source Link]
Fortune [Source Link]
Hollywood Reporter [Source Link]
CBS News [Source Link]

Mitt Romney [Source Link]  
Jeb Bush [Source Link]  
Rick Perry [Source Link]  
Marco Rubio [Source Link]  
Bernie Sanders [Source Link]  
Hillary Clinton [Source Link]  
Donald Trump [Source Link]  

Fusion [Source Link]  
Amnesty International [Source Link]  
Trump Immigration Plan [Source Link]  

Univision, NASCAR, ESPN and Macy’s “Dump” Trump?
Miss Universe, Univision and NBC [Source Link]  
NBC Lawsuit Finalized [Source Link]  
PGA of America [Source Link]  
NASCAR and ESPN [Source Link]  
Macy’s Boycott [Source Link]  
Macy’s Fading [Source Link]  

John McCain
McCain’s “Fired up the Crazies” Line [Source Link]  
McCain Immigration Comments [Source Link]  
Transcript and Fact Check [Source Link]  

NBC [Source Link]  
CBS [Source Link]  
ABC [Source Link]  
Washington Post [Source Link]  
Politico [Source Link]  
The Daily Beast [Source Link]  
John McCain [Source Link]  
Jeb Bush [Source Link]  
Ted Cruz [Source Link
Donald Trump [Source Link]  

New York Daily News [Source Link]
Wayne Barrett [Source Link]
Deferment Information [Source Link]
Pundit Fact [Source Link]
Trump Campaign Statement [Source Link]

Megyn Kelly, Rosie O’Donnell and the War on Women
Megyn Kelly Debate Interaction [Source Link]
Tara Connor [Source Link]
Trump on Second Chances [Source Link]
Rosie O'Donnell Feud Video [Source Link]
“See You On your Knees” Comment [Source Link]
Trump: Surviving at the Top [Source Link]

Blood coming out of her wherever…
Trump’s Comments [Source Link]
Only a Deviant [Source Link]
Roger Ailes Truce [Source Link]
Trump on Finishing Fights [Source Link]

Bankruptcy Backstory Article #1 [Source Link]
Bankruptcy Backstory Article #2 [Source Link]
Bankruptcy Backstory Article #3 [Source Link]

Trump’s Good Sense [Source Link]
Carl Icahn [Source Link]
Adam Levitin [Source Link]

The Bible
Trump on The Bible [Source Link]
Bobby Jindal [Source Link]
BBC [Source Link]
The Daily Beast [Source Link]
Mother Jones [Source Link]
Business Insider [Source Link]
“Butchers” Bible Quote [Source Link]
Campaign Statement [Source Link]

Muslim 9/11 Celebrations
Original Statement [Source Link]
Associated Press [Source Link]
New York Times [Source Link]
Serge F. Kovaleski Article [Source Link]
Irfan Khawaja [Source Link]

Mocking Reporter?
Trump Pushes Back [Source Link]
Trump as Befuddled Reporter Video [Source Link]
Trump as Befuddled Reporter Screengrab [Source Link]
Trump Criticized [Source Link]
Trump Defends Himself [Source Link]

Muslim Immigration Ban
Trump Statement [Source Link
Ban Servicemen [Source Link
Immigration Law [Source Link
FBI on Muslim Community [Source Link

Jeb Bush [Source Link
J.K. Rowling [Source Link
British Prime Minister David Cameron [Source Link
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls [Source Link
Obama White House [Source Link
Hillary Clinton after 9/11 [Source Link
Hillary Clinton in 2015 [Source Link

Do Americans Support Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban?
Poll/Survey Results [Source Link]

Muslim Databases?
Breakdown of What Donald Trump Actually Said [Source Link]
Ben Shapiro on Trump Media Smear [Source Link]

New York Times [Source Link
Time [Source Link]
Raw Story [Source Link

Employing Illegal Immigrants?
Anderson Cooper Interview [Source Link
Washington Post Story [Source Link
Trump Organization [Source Link
Michael D. Cohen [Source Link

Vladimir Putin
Putin on Trump [Source Link
Trump on Putin [Source Link
CBS [Source Link
Time [Source Link
Washington Times [Source Link
USA Today [Source Link

Full Republican Jewish Coalition Speech [Source Link
Salon Article [Source Link
Anti-Defamation League [Source Link

Adolf Hitler
New York Times [Source Link
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [Source Link
Rick Perlstein, Washington Spectator [Source Link
Conor Lynch, Salon [Source Link
Spike Lee [Source Link

Roger Cohen, New York Times [Source Link
Philadelphia Daily News [Source Link
Telegraph [Source Link
Former Gov. Christie Whitman [Source Link
Bill Maher [Source Link
Chauncey DeVega, Salon [Source Link

Event Protesters
Lauren Batchelder [Source Link
Obama is a Muslim Guy [Source Link
Coats [Source Link
Convicted Bomber [Source Link

OMG! Dating Younger Women Joke
Trump Makes Joke, Gets Taken Seriously [Source Link]
Video: Trump on The View [Source Link]
Another Background Article [Source Link]

Saturday Night Live
SNL Protest Failure [Source Link]
Biggest SNL Ratings In Years [Source Link]
Larry David Calls Out Donald Trump [Source Link]

Trump Is An Idiot Claim #6785
Investment Logic Debunked [Source Link]
Investment Logic Article [Source Link]

Donald Isn’t Rich Enough
$1.5 Billion Presidential Campaign Cost [Source Link

Jeb Bush is Upset
Jeb Bush on Donald Trump [Source Link]
Donald Trump on Jeb Bush [Source Link]
Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution by Jeb Bush [Source Link]  

Gun Control in Paris
Trump’s Comments [Source Link
Gerard Araud [Source Link

Don’t Trust Him With the Nuclear Codes
Debate [Source Link
George Will [Source Link

ISIS Recruitment Videos
Clinton’s ISIS Recruitment Video Claim #1 [Source Link]
Clinton’s ISIS Recruitment Video Claim #2 [Source Link]
Clinton’s ISIS Recruitment Video Claim #3 [Source Link]
Bill Clinton in Recruitment Video [Source Link]

Close Down The Internet
ISIS Internet Controls #1 [Source Link]
ISIS Internet Controls #2 [Source Link]

Look at That Face
Carly Fiorina Open Mic [Source Link]
Trump on Carly Fiorina [Source Link

Hillary Got Schlonged
Schlonged Story #1 [Source Link]
Schlonged Story #2 [Source Link]
Trumps Statement [Source Link
NPR Using Schlonged [Source Link

Go After Their Families
Paris Terrorist Wife Comments [Source Link]
Trump on ISIS [Source Link

George W. Bush Kept Us Safe
Jeb Bush on Trump [Source Link]
Trump on George W. Bush [Source Link

He’s a Rapist
Ivana Trump Debunks Allegations [Source Link]
False Rape Accusations [Source Link]

Deportation Force
Ted Cruz on the Deportation Force [Source Link]
Trump on the Deportation Force [Source Link]

The “Donald Trump is a Hillary Clinton Plant” Conspiracy
Trump/Hillary Conspiracy Theory [Source Link]

Campaign Finance Hypocrisy
Campaign Finance #1 [Source Link]
Campaign Finance #2 [Source Link]
Campaign Finance #3 [Source Link]

Oprah to be Vice President #1 [Source Link]
Oprah to be Vice President #2 [Source Link]

News Story [Source Link]
Huffington Post [Source Link
Andrea Romano, Mashable [Source Link

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