The Untruth About Stefan Molyneux 2: “The whole breeding arena of the species needs to be cleaned the f up.”



Boy, you want to hear something really bad about me?

Hi, this is Stefan Molyneux from Freedomain.

This is an ongoing series - part two of the "Untruths about Stefan Molyneux" and this is a quote from podcast 2740 "Conformity and the Cult of Friendship."

This was a Wednesday call in show from July 2, 2014 and here is the quote - are you ready?

The quote is: "the whole breeding arena of the species needs to be cleaned the f up."

Boy doesn't that sound like eugenics or some kind of government program to control people's reproductive freedoms?

Spoiler: it's not.

It's not at ALL what I was talking about.

Maybe you haven't followed me for awhile - maybe you've just heard terrible things about me - but the reality is that the foundation of my approach to ethics is called the nonaggression principle.

You are not allowed to initiate the use of force against others.

Now - having sex, getting pregnant, having children, having a family - none of these are the initiation of the use of force, and any government program that would control people's reproductive capacities or opportunities would be monstrously evil, so it's got nothing to do with anything like that.

So then, of course, the question comes: what on earth am I talking about?

Well it's a call in show, so the conversations are largely guided by the listeners, and in this call in show, the question turned to: how do we go about building a free society?

From the very beginning of my show, I have consistently addressed this question - and it's got me into a lot of trouble - but so what?

I have constantly talked about the need to raise children peacefully and reasonably - to not hit them, to not scream at them, to not verbally abuse them - because children are in a uniquely vulnerable and unchosen position in this world.

If you choose an abusive spouse, I feel very bad for you, and you should not deal with or suffer from that abuse, but at least you had a chance to vet them ahead of time, and you have some minor responsibility in ending up in that relationship.

Children don't have any of that - children don't choose their parents, and didn't choose to be born.

Where choice is the least, our ethical standards must be the very highest, so I have constantly focused on promoting peaceful parenting. Do not hit your children, do not scream at them, do not yell at them, do not verbally abuse them - I'm not even a fan of timeouts.

There are so many ways to deal with children and to negotiate with children that are uniquely positive, and I have focused on that forever.

But you know, it's gonna take some time, which is why I talk about a free society being a multigenerational project.

So in this call in show, I'm talking about ways in which people can create a sane and rational environment for their children, which is going to promote reason and philosophy and virtue in the long run.

In 2010, I did a show series called "The Bomb in the Brain," where I went through the data and actually interviewed the doctor who's in charge of a big project on this - and in it, we discussed the reality that significant child abuse can shave 20 years off your lifespan. It renders you susceptible to a wide variety of significant ailments, from cancer to ischemic heart disease - it lends you to be susceptible to promiscuity or drug addiction and alcoholism or cigarette addiction, and so on - and it interferes with your capacity to reason.

We can talk some people into becoming rational - but by far the best way to get a more rational universe is to have peaceful, rational, reasonable negotiation-style parenting.

So that's the big plan, and this is what I'm talking about in this call in show from 2014.

Let's start with the podcast itself:

Stefan Molyneux: "…a group of people who all see at the same time, and are willing to accept the evidence of the inhumanity of man. We must have a tribe that can stand together and accept the mindrending horror of the inhumanity of the planet."

(And in particular against children of course.)

Stefan Molyneux: "I can't do it alone. You can't do it alone. Mike can't do it alone. Other people can't do it alone. We need enough people who can see that we can be a tribe that can sustain each other while swallowing the wretched horror of mankind's self-hatred and self-contempt for the infliction of false ethics, particularly on children…"

So I'm racing through some complex arguments here.

We don't really have much to fear from natural predators outside humanity.

We don't have a huge amount to fear in general from criminals and so on - there are things we can do to defend ourselves against that.

False moral theories get the most people killed. So if you look at "democide," that is a term for government murder of their own citizens - and democide caused the deaths of 250 million people in the 20th century alone.

So it is false moral theories that get most people killed - and that of course, starts in childhood.

The podcast continues…

Stefan Molyneux: "This is not something that an individual can survive the sight of…"

Right - you need a community of people who accept some of the moral horrors of the world so that you can have support and so on - it's part of building a community of people who can help.

Stefan Molyneux: "…so I'm just trying to build a tribe of people who can see, who are willing to accept evidence and I'm working on my own capacity to continue to accept evidence, to continue to accept the truth, not just in a theoretical way, not just in a wish fulfilment way, which is very dangerous, but in a practical, tangible, 'this is the sh** that we see' way…"

Freedomain Listener: "Right."

Stefan Molyneux: "…and if there are enough people who can get together without any illusions left, where all of the delusions have been absorbed by the great white sleepless shark of truth - when we have no illusions, and we know each other and we can stand together against the collective madness of mankind - then we can build what will in effect be a new species…"

So this of course is another biological analogy - that children who are raised peacefully and rationally and reasonably are very different from children who are traumatized from birth, who are assaulted, who are raped, or who are verbally abused to the point where their personality gets shredded.

So this is a dramatic way of phrasing that we need to build a new kind of humanity based upon the peaceful reasonable parenting of our children…

The podcast continues…

Stefan Molyneux: "…an unscarred, unbroken, unshattered species that can speak, that can communicate, that can LOVE!"

Ah that's very, very important. If you can be filled with falsehoods, then you've got so many spinning plates of justification - and maintaining these falsehoods means that you are not emotionally available to just love and be loved.

Children are born empirical and rational - and when children collide with antirational or irrational parental mental structures, there is usually a huge conflict that arises - you know, like the mom or dad who hits the child saying, 'don't hit people,' and so on.

It's a pretty rough battlefield - sometimes referred to as the 'terrible twos.'

So if we can raise children reasonably, they will grow up with a great capacity to love - which is the biggest spiritual nutrition the world has to offer.

The podcast continues:

Stefan Molyneux: "…that have empathy, that have curiosity, that recognize evil (on the rare occasions when it will arise) - and can act against it as one - and keep the world safe from the ultimate predation of emotional emptiness.

"But we are a long way from that - those people, very few of them can be made.

"Most of them will need to be bred - and they need to be bred in an environment uncontaminated by the endless bull**** of the old world, right?

"The whole breeding arena of the species needs to be cleaned the f up."

Right - so what am I talking about here?

I'm talking about keeping abusive, destructive, perhaps even violent people away from your children - in the same way that you would not drop them into a bear cage or lion cage at the zoo.

I'm not talking about any kind of government program. I'm not talking about eugenics - I'm talking about the basic responsibility of parents to keep abusive and destructive people out of the orbit of their children.

I stand by that completely.

The podcast continues:

Stefan Molyneux: "I don't allow crazy people around my daughter…"

So I make this quote about the breeding arena, and then I give an exact example, which is keeping crazy people away from my my daughter!

So this is not any kind of government program.

This is a parent's personal responsibility to ensure that the environment of their children remains as peaceful and nonabusive as humanly possible.

The podcast continues:

Stefan Molyneux: "…any more than I allow people with visible rotting sores and spots to give her a big juicy sweaty infecting bearhug. No! My breeding arena is pretty f***ing tidy…"

So I'm clearly talking about personal breeding arenas, the environment that you raise your children in - nothing to do with government programs or anything like that!

The podcast continues:

Stefan Molyneux: "This is why I say, 'You've got crazy abusive nutty people. Hey, you can choose to have them in your life, right…"

So: crazy abusive nutty people.

Personalities can be very infectious, right?

Personalities spread, often through language or through abuse.

We know that divorce is spread through communities and so on.

So yeah, you do have responsibility as a parent to keep your child's environment peaceful.

The podcast continues:

Stefan Molyneux: "You don't have that choice when you have kids. You can choose to inject yourself with an illness if you're a crazy bastard, but you don't have the right to inject anyone else with the illness - particularly people who are helpless and dependent upon you."


You have a special responsibility as a parent to ensure that your childrens' environment remains nonabusive, nonaggressive, nondestructive - and as rational as possible.

And I'm talking, of course, to my listeners, saying we've got to build a community and so on.

Now listen - I will get a point across here that's very, very important, which is this: I'm constantly talking about protecting children from anti-rational, destructive and abusive forces.

Now, of course, those anti-rational, destructive and abusive forces really want have access to those children, because that's how the craziness replicates - through the indoctrination of children.

So the fact that I stand between abusive elements in society and the prey that they want, well that's going to make some people angry at me - but sorry, the protection of children is what matters.

So people invent stuff like "racist" and "white nationalist" and "white supremacist" - of course I'm none of these things.

Look, these are the facts: year after year after year, I have emphatically, vociferously, repeatedly and loudly stated the basic fact that there is no such thing as either racial superiority or inferiority. The concepts make no sense whatsoever - it's like a biologist saying, "Well, the brown bear is superior to the polar bear?"

These concepts make no sense. It's a rejection and repudiation of biology, of evolution, of science, of reason and evidence - and of morality itself.

There is no such thing as either racial superiority or inferiority.

So I hope that is once again made very, very clear.

There are group differences between ethnicities - that is a basic scientific fact.

Now of course I have repeatedly and vociferously stated that one must never ever judge an individual according to group characteristics. I specifically reject that is absolutely immoral and wrong and prejudicial and should be avoided at all costs. It's absolutely the wrong thing to do.

I have interviewed a large number of world-renowned experts in the field of human intelligence and differences between ethnicities and races and so on.

You can find these interviews at

Look, these are the facts.

I want us all to get along. I want different ethnicities and races to get along, and the best way we do that is to talk about facts and realities and truth and reason and science - because racial animosity is kind of high at the moment, and I think that is because we are ignoring and suppressing essential conversations - so I'm going to have those because I want people to get along!

With regards to something like white nationalism or ethno nationalism - I have been very, very clear about this as well.

As I said earlier, the foundation of moral philosophy is the nonaggression principle: you can't initiate the use of violence against others.

So, first of all different ethnicities living in the same geographical region is NOT a violation of the nonaggression principle - it's perfectly fine.

Secondly, can you imagine - can you picture - the amount of violence, brutality and virtually omnipotent government power and coercion that would need to be enacted in an attempt to separate ethnicities in a geographical region.

It would be a monstrous infliction of totalitarianism and virtually bottomless and endless violations of the nonaggression principle - so of course that's wrong and that's immoral.

These are all things I stated repeatedly, but they're scattered, so I wanted I bring them all together here.

It's tough.

You know, the criticisms don't really have anything to do with this in my humble opinion.

I think the criticisms about me - the attacks and so on - are mostly because I stand for the rights and freedom of children.

I've talked about society's horrible prejudice against children called "childism" - it's a horrible bigotry; the last unexamined bigotry in the world - and the most essential bigotry in the world is the devaluation and diminishment of the rights and freedoms and need for reason and love of children.

So the ideologies that can only replicate themselves by attacking children, by preying upon children, by indoctrinating children (because they don't have much of a leg to stand on in terms of reason and evidence and philosophy) - well, I think it's entirely possible that those ideologies do not like a strong public figure who stands for the rational independence and freethinking critical capacities of children - and our need to treat children with the greatest respect we can muster in society and to raise them peacefully.

What does the world look like if we don't indoctrinate children?

Well, compared to now, I believe: a paradise.

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