0:00 - Introduction and Lip Balm Confusion
1:31 - Makeup, Looks, and Self-Image
2:58 - Cultural Challenges in Relationships
4:51 - Job Interview Insights
6:54 - Raising Biracial Children
7:14 - Dating Tip: Raise Your Value
9:51 - The Importance of Value and Shamelessness
22:00 - Sales Strategies and Realistic Expectations
26:38 - Rant Against Excuses and Unconscious Behavior
37:02 - Taking Ownership
46:04 - Confronting the Unconscious
48:35 - Fantasy of Redemption
56:21 - The Complexity of Instincts
1:03:09 - The Futility of Arguing Hope
1:06:26 - Kill Hope, Plan
1:10:07 - The Illusion of Hope
1:14:36 - Ab Rising
1:16:30 - Hope and Relationships
1:19:25 - The Art of Dating Friends
1:28:34 - The Power of Language
1:36:23 - The Importance of Rest
1:43:50 - The French Revolution Unveiled
1:50:09 - Lessons from Deplatforming
1:54:35 - The Influence of Childhood on Politics

Long Summary

Tonight on our Friday Night Live, we engage in a lively discussion filled with amusing personal anecdotes and valuable insights on relationships and dating. From hilarious mishaps like mistaking lip balm for lipstick to addressing the challenges of cultural differences in relationships, we cover a diverse range of intriguing topics. Exploring unique concepts such as increasing one's value in the dating market to steer clear of becoming a 'passport bro,' we offer unconventional yet practical dating advice. Our conversation delves deep into the dynamics of relationships, emphasizing the significance of maintaining one's individuality to prevent losing oneself in a partnership. Join us for an enlightening dialogue as we navigate the intricate landscape of modern relationships and the evolving dynamics of dating.

In this segment, we highlight the importance of staying true to one's principles, standing up against manipulative behaviors, and employing honest sales tactics in all aspects of life. We adamantly discuss the hazards of using unconsciousness as a justification for unethical actions, stressing the critical need for personal accountability and dismissing excuses that deflect responsibility. Through heartfelt anecdotes and impassioned explanations, we dissect the impact of excuses on moral fiber and the repercussions of shirking accountability. Our firm belief lies in taking ownership of both triumphs and missteps, cautioning against attributing detrimental conduct to subconscious motives. Drawing from personal stories and unwavering convictions, we challenge our listeners to embrace accountability and shun excuses that aim to shift blame from individual actions.

Our conversation takes a poignant turn as we delve into confronting emotional abuse, the intricate nature of human instincts, and the role of hope within tumultuous relationships. We emphasize the futility of attempting to instigate change in individuals devoid of conscience and stress the importance of relinquishing irrational hope for personal growth. Employing vivid analogies and advocating for practicality over baseless optimism, we share personal anecdotes and interact with audience feedback, maintaining a contemplative and critical stance throughout. Additionally, we explore the notion of hope as an acknowledgment of setbacks and defeats, drawing from intimate encounters with family dynamics, societal pressures, and the pursuit of self-betterment. Touching on themes like regrets, curses, and the influence of belief in shaping reality, we offer pearls of wisdom on nurturing relationships and fostering self-improvement through proactive measures and self-restraint. By addressing listener inquiries and reflecting on the intricate tapestry of human emotions and conduct, we pave the way for a profound exploration of life, relationships, and personal development.

Transitioning to the latter part of our conversation, we delve into thought-provoking subjects encompassing consequentialism, utilitarianism, the pivotal role of rest in optimizing performance, and the ramifications of deplatforming. Reflecting on the evolution of my professional journey from a focus on politics to a newfound dedication to childhood and philosophy, particularly the concept of peaceful parenting, I express deep gratitude for the unwavering support and affection of my audience. Providing valuable insights into resources such as the Peaceful Parenting AI, I extend heartfelt thanks to all supporters and encourage them to explore the mentioned resources and tools for enriching their personal growth journey.


[0:00] Introduction and Lip Balm Confusion

[0:00] Good evening. Welcome to your Friday Night Live on the 17th of May, 2024. Oh, look at that. Little shiny, little buffy. So, it's a kind of funny thing. I was doing a show with my daughter the other day because people had a bunch of questions for her. And she picks up the lip balm that I've been using for a while. And she's like, Dad, do you know that's lipstick? And I said, it's not lipstick, it's lip balm.

[0:33] And, um, she, okay. We were both right. So it was like lip enhancer, lip vividness or whatever it is. And, um, yes, it turns out I've been, uh, only fans and get for a while with my orgasm lips. So just wanted to let you know, it is personal and no, you can't call HR. So I just want to let you know that, uh, that I have face boner 101. So I thought that was kind of funny. All right. who we got here uh are you still in contact with mike uh it's been a while uh hi everyone water you drinking hey peeps watch up steph bot what's up um my nickel my nipples it's cool outside all right so let's get to your you can wear makeup during streams contradiction i don't i did a little bit of a while ago the guys i did the poland documentary with um were recommending that i wear makeup um i just don't care enough you know it's something amy winehouse said.

[1:31] Makeup, Looks, and Self-Image

[1:32] It's uh what automotive wax do you use on your head uh it's actually more uh because i go deep it's a submarine gel but i just uh what is it amy winehouse used to go nuts because everybody would criticize her look and she's like i'm a singer not a model i'm a doctor not a carabinist gem gem anyway so um i'm a philosopher not well i am a giant thumb and a philosopher but uh i am a philosopher not a looks maxing guy so i did my looks max and got the girl now i can just slowly decay like walter gargan's all right so let's get your questions.

[2:11] And we will have some fun tonight. I am feeling funnishly. All right. Artermini says, hey, Steph, what do you think about passport bros? I started dating a Filipina. And she has a lot of green flags. Maybe one red flag that I brought up to her where she admitted fault. We both have similar goals. And even though she wants a traditional role of a housewife, she has shown interest in helping financially. I'm looking for advice because I've made bad decisions before. Thanks, Jay. Okay. Yeah, I mean, I think it's probably worthwhile looking to generic IQ and so on, but it's a question of culture, and really it's a question for your kids. Because if you're going to date outside of your culture, there's going to be challenges. I mean, there's pluses, of course, multi-language, multi-culture, and so on, but there are some minuses.

[2:58] Cultural Challenges in Relationships

[2:59] Particularly biracial kids do have a lot of mental health issues and they can have trouble of course in the medical field when it comes to donors and and all of that kind of stuff so that's uh it's really not about you you you choose you choose god i'm smooth here look at this so much better out of usb3 you choose the mother of your children you choose your children and it's not about you and what just works for you, if that makes sense. Steph, you should get back on Twitter.

[3:33] Well, that's a thought. Interesting. I'm going to make a note of that. I should get back on Twitter. Hang on. Oh, so snarky. Oh, so little bitchy. I'm sorry.

[3:45] I think in general, you both have children from previous relationships between us. So then you've got biracial, bicultural, blended families. I wouldn't put a lot of I wouldn't put a lot of money on that success but you know again it's sort of personal right, alright somebody thank you for the tip Anthony tips of course massively welcome you can tip on the app you can tip at free domain dot com slash donate and I'm not lying I'm not lying that everybody here, tonight gets a link to the peaceful parent AI alright put a thumbs up on the stream that's That's right. Put a thumb up your nose. Apparently these days, put a gasoline pump up your ass. Don't ask me. Don't look it up. Just trust me. All right. I don't like the new locals layout. Well, that's nice for you to tell me. Not that I have anything to do with it. Finish the original Bioshock. You know, occasionally, I do get the urge to fire up a video game and just stream retarded pixel shooting.

[4:51] Job Interview Insights

[4:51] I had a job interview today and I used the line you said during your job interview podcast. Someone that can never learn is never without experiences. Someone that can learn is never without experience. So we'll see how it goes. All right.

[5:08] Lip gloss. It was not lip gloss exactly. I can't remember what it was called, but it's something like that.

[5:18] All right. All right. Somebody said that about the chapstick. But, uh, I, I did, it was, it was manly lip gloss. It was super manly lip gloss. It actually, it pumped, uh, testosterone straight into my ass cheeks. Uh, much like boarding school. All right. Be wary of family oriented Filipino woman. They want to earn money to act as a retirement fund for their parents who retired in their fifties. Yeah. I mean, a friend of mine in England had this sort of question. He was, she was dating a Filipino woman. And after asking a bunch of compatibility questions, which didn't seem to go particularly well, I did say that, you know, sometimes it's not particular to Filipino women, but But sometimes you can, you know, if you're a wealthy Western guy, it doesn't matter your race, you're a wealthy Western guy, and suddenly you've got 15 people living with you. It can happen. I'm not saying always, right? I would rather stay single than be a passport, bro. Yeah. Yeah.

[6:20] My husband's mother is from the Philippines. Just make sure she's on board with peaceful parenting is all I'll say. Yeah, for sure, for sure. Oh, right. A lot of these Southeast Asian and South American cultures are not very pro-peaceful parenting. Also, there's a lot of fundamentalist religion, which, you know, if that's your thing, I guess fine, but it can be a challenge. If you're not super religious and you have a Filipino woman who could be quite religious, or at least the family is quite religious, or at least you have to put up the appearances, it's always going to be tough how you raise the kids, right?

[6:54] Raising Biracial Children

[6:54] How are you going to raise the kids if you are with somebody whose foundational beliefs on truth, virtue, and reality are quite different from yours? So it's a challenge. So are you ready for my dating?

[7:14] Dating Tip: Raise Your Value

[7:14] Tip it's really only one it's really only one dating tip if you're single or or even if you just want to spice things up a little bit in your relationship if you but particularly if you're single you're looking forward to more trivia and game nights yeah those were fun those were fun yeah maybe we could do one on the weekend all right dating tip dating tip.

[7:37] Now I'm going to speak for women here because that's my gig and I'm going to do it in Valley Girl for a set out. No, I'm not. Don't be frightened. Be a little frightened. Right. So I had the, I just did a response to a guy who was like, well, I'm, I'm interested in this girl. She's really cool. She's fun. She's smart, but she believes a lot of leftist stuff and so on. And it's like, okay. Okay.

[8:03] Women break rules for alphas and make rules for betas, right? You understand. And it's not all, not all, but this is a very general statement. Women make rules for betas and they break rules for alphas, right? So everybody's come across this type of woman at one time or another in their life where it's like, well, I had my wild times in my youth, but now that I'm 32 and a little pear hair-shaped, you're going to have to wait to have sex with me six months, or you got to put a ring on it or something, right? So she broke all the rules for all of the sexy alpha guys in her 20s. And now in the downward slope of attractiveness, she's trying to make all these rules. And there's this funny thing that happens on dating apps, which is where women will raise their standards, raise their standards, and, well, you've got to be a real man. You've got to step up if you can't handle this when they're like on the downward slope of mere physical attractiveness right i mean everybody knows that the most attractive women physically are in their early 20s it just it's a fact right it's a fact and women can look great i mean i think my wife looks fantastic but she doesn't look like she did when she was 21 i don't either i don't look like she did when she was 21 close obviously i'm developing the man boobs but it's a funny thing where well now that i'm.

[9:25] Now that I'm a used car, I'm going to raise my price. It's just kind of fun. Like, so they seem to get more arrogant, almost as if it's like a reversal of cause and effect. So super pretty, super in-demand people can be arrogant. But people think that if you're arrogant, then you suddenly become more attractive. And it's like, no, no, that's not the way it works. Like, people who are beautiful can be haughty, like women who give you that, you know, like, don't even approach me.

[9:51] The Importance of Value and Shamelessness

[9:51] The ice cream radiation to keep doofuses away. way so if you are beautiful and in high demand you can be haughty you can have high standards but being haughty and having high standards doesn't make you doesn't like it doesn't work the other way it doesn't work the other way it doesn't work the other way, so there's only one thing that you need to do as a man or as a woman to be effective positive positive, productive, and successful in the dating market, you must, you must, you must, you must, you must raise your value, and be shameless about it. You must raise your value and be shameless about it. So I want you to picture something. You're selling a house.

[10:47] And people say, well, what's the best strategy for selling a house? What price should you take? this, that, and the other. Now let's say you're selling the house and you get one, count them, one offer. You get one offer and that's it, right? You get an offer for 400 grand, whatever. 400 grand. And now what's all that strategies mean? What does it mean? What does it matter? What should you take? Should you weigh this? If you only get one offer, what happens? Well, you either keep your house or you take that offer. You have no choice.

[11:16] Now, if you put some money into making your house look pretty, you plant a bunch of stuff outside, you get it staged inside. This is a whole thing where people come in and make your house look fantastic. Maybe you repainted it. And so now you get eight offers. Okay, now you're in business. Now you have some choice. Now you're in demand. But if you're not in demand, you don't have any choice. What's your dating strategy? strategy raise your value if you can't raise your value if you can't be in demand you don't have any choice and if you don't have any choice there's no such thing as strategy now sorry somebody says please explain shameless thank you hey i don't need to explain what i demonstrate every single time i open my big yapper so no uh shameless is uh if you're a guy get a nice car i don't care if it's a third-hand BMW from 1994. Just get a nice car. Get some nice clothes. Get a nice haircut. Use some face creams. You know, get your teeth whitening if you have to. Like, just be shameless in being attractive. If you have a nice shape, man or woman, buy some clothes that accentuate it. Buy some clothes that accentuate it.

[12:36] You know, get a nice watch. Whatever it is that's going to show some status and show some high value, do that.

[12:46] Do that. Because if you're not in demand, you can't have a strategy. What's your best strategy for job hunting and finding the right job and making sure you negotiate the right salary? And should you do this? And she's like, well, if you only have one job offer, it's either staff or take that job, then there's no such thing as strategy. If you're not in demand, you can't strategize. So just work to be in demand. Whatever it takes to get in high demand do that do that.

[13:26] So I will mention that for sure, do you think all the stuff about women preferring dad bods is a shit test, see that That question is entirely the wrong mindset. Trying to understand whether this or that is a shit test or not doesn't matter. Don't have a dad bod. It's not good to have a dad bod. I'm a dad. I don't have a dad bod. I mean, I'm not super ripped, but I don't have a dad bod, and I weigh less than I did when I was 20. Don't have a dad bod. See, this thing about, well, what do generic women, Women prefer dad bods. Women like this. Women, who cares? Raise your demand. Vector and choose the most moral woman, right? Attract a lot of women and choose the most moral one. And for heaven's sakes, oh my God, do not listen to women about what they want. Are you kidding me?

[14:37] Passport grows. Passport bros go to where they are most in demand. No, they don't. If you're a passport bro and you go to some third world country, you're not in demand. What's in demand? Your citizenship, your money, your passport, your access to the West. But not you. But not you. No, listen, you do not want to listen to women about what they want and what they find attractive. None of it's true. If it's any consolation, don't listen to men about what men say they find attractive or want either. None of that's true either. By your fruits shall ye know them. So what do women say? I want a guy who's nice and sweet, who's sensitive, who's this and that, who, you know, is able to cry, shows emotion. Right? And then you look at the most popular pornographic work in human history, it's Fifty Shades of Grey. These are the facts that we have to deal with in the world. These are the facts we have to deal with in the world. I mean, I'm not saying get into BDSM because women like it, but what is Fifty Shades of Grey about? Women love a man, they can't change.

[15:55] Come on, ladies, tell me I'm wrong. You want, desperately want to change a man, and you'll marry the one you can't change. Because he doesn't take you so seriously that you're going to go insane because he's appeasing you all the time. I see you're nice and raised you in twilight. Yes, it's a vampire and a werewolf.

[16:19] It's a murderer and a murderer. So, no, don't change for women. I mean, you know, listen and you negotiate and so on, but yeah, don't change for women. A woman will try to change you, and if you don't change for her, then she'll marry you. So, yeah.

[16:45] Yes, 100% the case for me. Yes. Yes. I mean, come on. I think we've seen enough Heathcliffs and Darcy's and so on. Women gush over the bad boy murderers stalking them. No, no, no, no. Come on. That's not the case. Women are terrified of these kinds of stalkers. That's a fetish that results from significant child abuse. Women not being turned on by monstrous beings challenge impossible. Yes, yes. Yes, there was an old question in a Toronto little sort of local, somewhat lefty newspaper called Now. And I remember this woman, Donna Lipchuck was her name. She was a really good columnist from, I don't know, the 80s or something like that. I remember two things that she wrote. I remember more, but the two important ones are in terms of like the sort of smarmy superiority in the art world. People will always say, oh, how's that little play of yours coming along? It's always that little. How's that little play of yours coming along? You know, just this kind of smarmy one-upmanship that happens in the art world. But the other was, ladies, do you want Beauty and the Beast? Do you want the beast or the half-gay guy that the beast turns into? Who do you want? And... Okay. I've been on a few dates. Seems a lot of women are into these romance novels. Is it a red flag? Apparently there is a new flavor of the month.

[18:02] So a woman wants you to care about her, but not enough to change who you are, because if you can change who you are, she can't trust you because you don't have a stable and permanent personality. Right. Right. You ever do this as a kid? Like if you live in a cold climate, you grew up in a cold climate. What do you do? You go out when you're broke, right? And my friend and I used to go out when, when we were in our early sort of early mid teens, we were broke. So what did we do? We went out on frozen lakes and rivers, and we broke the ice. You ever do this? You ever do this? What do you do? You go out, and you push, you throw a rock, throw a log, you push a little, because you don't want to go in, right? That's no good. You can't really tell. We didn't have drills or anything. You can't really tell. So where do you go? You go test it, right? You go test the waters or you could test the ice. You test the ice. If you want to go skating, you test the ice. My daughter and I go out in the woods and clear off a pond and we go slip sliding and all of that. Beautiful, right? Beautiful. Great fun. But you don't want to fall in because falling in can be bad, right? Because you fall in and it breaks the ice around you. It's tough to get out and it doesn't take a long time for you to like die from hypothermia. So you test the ice and you don't want to, you're going to test the ice. Now, if the ice breaks, you don't want to go on the pond. It's not safe.

[19:26] It's the same thing with women, testing your personality. She wants you to care for her and she wants to try and change you. And if she can change you, she doesn't want to marry you because then you can be pushed around. And if she can change you and you appease women, why is that so dangerous for women? If your wife can change you, your girlfriend can change you, or before she becomes your wife, if your girlfriend can change you, why does she not want to marry you? Come on, ladies, cough it up.

[19:59] A woman says, when I met my husband, I immediately knew I wanted to be with him because I could tell he wasn't trying to change his answers based on what he thought I wanted to hear. Exactly. He's not a chameleon. Okay, why? Why do women want a guy who won't change for her? Some other girl can change you. That's right, James. That's right. So if you appease women, if you're a pushover to women, she's going to marry your ass, she's going to have kids with you, and then some other woman's going to be pushier and is going to get you.

[20:38] And also, if you... What's the other reason why she doesn't want you if you appease women? Who's the big competitor for a married woman? Who's? Yes, that's right. That's right. The mother, the mother-in-law. The mother-in-law. So if you appease women and can be pushed around by women, then she's going to be in an internal battle with your mother-in-law over your loyalties. And that's not what she wants to do. The woman wants to be the mistress of her own house. And if a scary psycho mommy is constantly pushing her husband around, she is going to dry up like the desert. She is going to dry up like the desert, right?

[21:35] So, don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. A man who cares for a woman but will not change for her is about as sexy a thing as you can be. A woman says, that was my big green flag with my husband that he stood up to his mother's nonsense. Right.

[22:00] Sales Strategies and Realistic Expectations

[22:00] When i first met my wife i guessed her age correctly and she responded you're not supposed to guess right 14 years later i'm still doing what i'm not supposed to do and have three kids as a reward yes yes you can't look we've all been in situations where you can't trust someone because they keep changing their story right you ever someone's trying to sell you something is oh it does this oh it does that oh yeah oh we needed to do that totally does this right i used to get into these fights with my sales guys when i was in software when i was in the software field right so i built the software from the ground up i knew every single nook and cranny of its many millions of lines of code and i knew what i could do and i knew what i can't do and i trained the sales people i create promotional materials and you know write their ad copy and all that kind of stuff right and then the sales people would go out into the world and often they if the if the customer would say does it do x they'd say yes even if it didn't and i used to get really angry at them And I would say, saying yes is not being a salesperson. It's not being a salesman.

[23:05] Just saying yes to everything is no skill at all. You're like a Victoria's Secrets model saying, gee, I wonder if I can get laid tonight. There's no skill in that. The whole point of sales is you don't say yes to everything because then you're actually getting kind of delusional customers and you're showing no skill whatsoever. The challenge is to sell our strengths against our competitors' weaknesses and to build realistic expectations. Right, within your... You know, can you imagine somebody sells you a gaming computer? It's like, yeah, it's got two RTXs, three 80s in it. And yes, it can run at full speed, maximum performance, and it gives you 12 hours of battery life. It's like, no, it doesn't. Gaming computers like running at full tilt boogie, you're lucky to get an hour, right? So if you had a gaming computer that wasn't super expensive and also got 12 hours of battery life, everybody would buy that and nobody else would be in business, right? So the fact is you've got a trade-off. Well, you know, there's more power in this computer, but you'll get less battery life. It's got a bigger screen, but you'll get less battery life. You know, it's got more power. It's got more processors. It's got two GPUs, but it's really heavy, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right? This is a trade-off. So saying yes to everything means you suck as a salesman.

[24:33] Because the whole point of sales is to position strengths against weaknesses. So if you say yes to everything, you're not a salesman. You're just a liar and a manipulator. And so women, they don't want that because they can't trust that. And I can't trust that. And you can't trust that either. Right. My thoughts about Oliver. Exactly. Listening to a podcast with Pesta. Yeah. Yeah. Car salesmen do that thing a lot too. You ask them a question to say yes without knowing. Yeah, this is an older car, so it's kind of cheap, but aren't the parts really expensive? No, the parts are totally cheap. You can get them anywhere. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right. A Zimfa. I can't express how much I regret not pushing back against my mother. Well, it's tough. Do you think women are thinking this through, or do you think they do this at a subconscious level? Yeah, Oliver is specifically designed around a man who won't bend to women. And you can see all of the other men in this novel to some degree or another bend to women. And Oliver will not bend to a woman. And so he has high standards, but there are so many manipulative women around him and we can see why later in the book, why he has this fear of manipulative women. But yeah, Oliver is definitely that way. And I was thinking about something after my interview with Dr. Pesta about my novel, The Present, that the first thing that Rachel says in the book is a lie. And the last thing she says in the book is the absolute truth. And I like that character arc. So women are thinking this through, or do you think they do this at a subconscious level? What the?

[26:00] Oh no, is this a rant? Permission to swear! Permission to swear, I'm in your hands We can do this the nice way, or we can do it the nasty way.

[26:16] I would never date a liberal woman no matter how hot she was Yeah, probably not Not, probably not. Granted, all right, I'm going to need more than one. Granted, because this is spicy. This is going back like 40 years of deep intergalactic worm spice for me.

[26:38] Rant Against Excuses and Unconscious Behavior

[26:39] Permission granted. Okay, it's going to get nasty. Okay. Seriously, people, what the fuck is your obsession and fetish for the unconscious? Holy shit on ball sticks. It's unholy intergalactic fart weapons of doom every single goddamn call in show is the same thing well your parents are doing this what do you think they're doing it consciously or do you think it's unconscious, well do you think women are doing this consciously they're thinking it through or is it unconscious what the fuck is that who cares who knows doesn't matter.

[27:15] Well, the guy who stabbed me, do you think he thought it through or was he doing it unconsciously? Why would I care? You can't ever find out. Because if people have the self-knowledge to think things through, they don't pull this kind of shit. And if they don't have the self-knowledge, they'll just lie. Why are my parents hypocritical? Like I was talking to a guy today. Holy, holy shitballs. This guy, he wanted to call me up and he said, I've got a great story for you. You know, a lot of your calls are negative. I've got this great story.

[27:47] And uh his great story was he had a really productive divorce with his wife and two young children i'm like this is really what counts as a great story in this situation really damn it, and uh so he he got married now he got married within four months of meeting the girl she had previously cheated on her best friend with her best friend's boyfriend she seduced to best friend's boyfriend, and that was kind of bad. They go to church, both religious, right? They go to church, and he goes in and confesses his sins to the priest. He's like, go forward, have fun, get married. She goes in, he comes to the priest, comes out ashen-faced, and she says to him, oh, the priest told me there's no way I should get married and it was never going to work. So then they get married, and she's like, you know, I've always fantasized about cheating on you, and then she's like, hey, let's have a threesome, and it just got worse and worse from there. And he ended up new four years into the marriage. It wasn't going to work. Got divorced 10 years later. She divorced him. And after he got divorced, his dad said to him, oh, I never liked her anyway. And I said, why would you, why would your dad say that? Because the dad married badly and you'd think he'd try and help his son from married away from marrying badly.

[29:07] And the guy wouldn't answer as to why his dad would say something like that. Oh no, he did say, he said a couple of things. And one of the things he said was, well, my dad, you know, he probably didn't want to cause me any discomfort. And this is a guy whose father beat him as a child, yelled at him as a child, and therefore was totally comfortable causing him discomfort. So that can't be the answer. And he's like, well, do you think it was conscious or unconscious? It's like, who cares? If it's unconscious, you won't know. And there's no excuse. Is it because people think, well, if it's unconscious, then they're not responsible for it. It's like nothing could be further from the truth.

[29:42] Truth. Nothing could be further from the truth. People think, well, my, you know, my, my mother who, who beat me, well, she wasn't consciously doing X, Y, and Z. It's like, how do you know? Who cares? Like, what does it matter? What does it matter? What does it matter? What does it matter you know some someone drives of some drunk driver drives over the, someone you love and kills them well he didn't consciously it's like they're still dead what does it matter what is this bullshit where people are just trying to create this great ghost town to banish all the sins of the universe called well it was unconscious they're not responsible you don't get to be unconscious you don't get to have that as an excuse and damn you all who hand that out as an excuse by the way because you make it a whole lot.

[30:35] Harder for moralists like me to make the world a better place if you create this giant scapegoat graveyard of all virtues called those unconscious they didn't mean to didn't mean to you give this excuse out you make the world a worse place every time, every time you hand out excuses you decay the will you decay the virtues, fuck your unconscious fuck this ghost town where you send all sins to be redeemed no people who sin hold their sin they are their sin until they redeem and reform that's it that's all there is they are those sins they don't get to use this beam out of sin land called unconscious Unconscious? I don't see that anywhere in the ball. You did violate eight of the ten commandments. But, you know, I'm sure it was unconscious. Oh, yeah, okay, it's unconscious. No, it was unconscious. That's my get-out-of-jail-free card. I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to. It was unconscious. Who wouldn't take that? Who wouldn't give you that excuse if it got them out of... Evil? If it took away from them the requirement to humble their fucking pride, apologize, make restitution and promise and put a plan in place that it was never going to happen again.

[32:01] They can just say, I didn't mean to. And you're like, okay, you didn't mean to. Okay. Didn't mean to. Ugh. Ugh.

[32:14] It doesn't matter. If you're a fat bastard who's never exercised, and you're having a heart attack at the age of 50, and you say, well, I didn't mean to have a heart attack. I didn't mean to. What does it matter? Do your arteries go, oh, shit, guys, guys, guys, Guys, he didn't mean to. Unclog, just unclog, you're fine. Jeez, sorry, we were clogged up with all this fat and shit. We didn't realize he didn't mean to. So we're just going to unclog, man. You get some crazy goth girl pregnant, and you're like, I didn't mean to, and does the fetus say, oh, really? Oh, you didn't mean to? I'll just despawn. Totally, absolutely, I'll despawn. Mean to, God, it pisses me off. Yeah, leftists accuse you of unconscious crimes, right? It's all this Freudian bullshit, right? I predict this behavior. If it's there, I'm confirmed. If it's not there, it's repressed. If the opposite is there, it's a reaction formation. Oh, great, so there's just no way out except you're just right, you cokehead and coke dealer. My God. My God. Use empiricism to figure them out.

[33:37] All you do is judge the actions. All you do is judge the actions. It's all you can do. Because people can make up whatever subjective bullshit they want about anything they can make up in their fever-driven, guilt-consumed minds. I don't care to listen to any excuses from anyone, anywhere, anytime, least of all myself. Excuses, I said this 18 years ago on the show. Excuses are promises of repetition. Oh, it was unconscious. Okay, then you'll just do it again. Because now that you've got this excuse called it's unconscious, so you can't get mad at me and you can't hold me to account and you can't blame me and I don't have to apologize because I just didn't know. I didn't know. Yeah, I didn't get any effing excuses for unconsciously fucking up when I was a kid.

[34:43] It really, really, really pisses me off. It really pisses me off. And I'm not, of course, including you guys in this, but it just, as a moralist, excuses are Satan. Right? As a moralist, for a moralist, and we're all moralists here. Everybody's a moralist, like it or not. Everybody's a moralist. If you say there aren't morals you'll lecture people who do believe and you look you're a moralist again, moralists.

[35:18] And morals require free will and choice. And the unconscious bullshit is just a way of saying, oh, no, I was directed by demons called the unconscious, and I'm not responsible. Oh, no. No, you can't blame me. You can't hold me accountable because magic spell called unconscious has removed my free will. It's right. It's back now, you see. I'm not unconscious now. But back then, whenever I did something wrong, it was just unconscious. I didn't mean to. I can just make up this lack of self-ownership. While exactly I was punishing you as a child for your specific self-ownership at the age of five because you did something that was bad and you were responsible for that. But when I was 35 and you were only five, you had total self-ownership. I had this magic get-out-of-jail-free shield.

[36:03] Called unconscious. See, your bullets of responsibility go off my Wonder Woman bracelets, and they can't ever reach me. It's magic. Oh, yes, look at that. And you know that's why they do that shit because they know that down the road they can claim, oh, I didn't have intention. Lack of intention makes me... So this is why. It's not just because they excuse themselves afterwards. It's why they do this shit in the first place. It's because they can always pull this unconscious card. Fuck. I hate it. I hate it. With a burning biblical, pissing fishhooks kind of passion. No, it's not a slippery slope to determinism. Nobody's a determinist. They all lie about it. It's just determinism for that moment in time when they might be held accountable for the evils they did. You know what? Sometimes you do evil. I've done evil. Sometimes you do evil.

[37:02] Taking Ownership

[37:03] Who did it? You, not your unconscious, not Satan, not puppet strings, not your race, your class, not determinism, not your straightness or your gayness, you. You want to own your victories, own your fuck-ups. You want to own your wins, own your losses. You want to own your goodness, own your evil. I mean, has anyone ever said, well, I did win $10 million in the lottery, but I'm going to give it all away because it was unconscious? No. No. When does anybody ever say, this wonderful thing happened, this is a great thing, but I'm not going to take any pride or responsibility or rewards for it because it was all unconscious? I didn't mean to.

[37:53] I didn't mean to win $10 million. Well, of course you didn't. you just bought a lottery ticket and hoped for the best didn't mean to win 10 million dollars but you keep it don't you say ah look at that i won 10 million dollars it's all mine and people get into lawsuits and fights about all this sort of shit right it's all mine every good thing that happens every positive thing that's all 100 oh did something bad happen oh shit that's not mine no no i've got this uh alter ego called the unconscious so you blame that right blame that i remember when i was a kid i read this poem about uh some kid with an invisible friend and he said that if you give me a candy bar, you'll have to give me two because I've got an invisible friend and his teeth are kind of new, so I have to eat it for him. Okay, you've got an invisible friend who takes on all your sins because you're schizoid. You're psychotic. You think that there's two of you in there and only one of you. The part of you that does bad is something called the unconscious, and you're never accountable or responsible for it, and you can just blame the unconscious. You know, like the scapegoat, right? The people who pour all of their sins into the goat and then drive the goat out into the desert. Oh, look, all my sins are gone. I'm magically reborn. It's psychotic.

[39:04] It's insane and deeply corrupt. Don't give. And whatever excuses you give will be grabbed at by the demons in your chest and used to excuse your own shitty behavior, as would be the case with me. I don't give people excuses. You know what that means? I don't have excuses. I don't get excuses, right?

[39:28] So because I don't have an escape from my conscience, I can't elbow my conscience up against the wall and chloroform the shit out of it so it shuts up and I can lock it in a cupboard called the unconscious. I didn't mean to. So because I can't chloroform my unconscious with imaginary ghost beings that take on all my sins, I actually have to just be a fairly rigorously decent person because if I fuck up, and I do if I fuck up I don't have any, space between me and my conscience I don't have any scapegoats I don't have any ghosts that take on my sins I, I and I alone am responsible for my successes and my failures my good and my bad my righteous and corrupt, Won't do it. Won't do it.

[40:24] Like with Kanye when he pincered on bipolar or other people saying they're bipolar. Yeah, so Kanye, did he get, I vaguely remember this, so I'm sorry if I got it wrong, but Kanye was talking about, Kanye West was talking about, you know, I got addicted to these painkillers, but I did it because I got liposuction and I got liposuction for you people, for you, my fans. It's like, what? Yeah, when I confronted my dad for his abuse towards me as a child, he denied the acts entirely. Complete denial. Sure. And he's not denying you. He's not rejecting you. He's denying his conscience. Denying his own conscience. That's all he's doing. Denying his own conscience. Which means he'll just do it again. He'll just do it again. And I'm sorry about that. I really am. I really am.

[41:16] Ah. forward slash at free Check it out, sign up, get yourself there. We're starting to get some. forward slash Yeah, don't give people any excuses. People abuse you because they didn't give you any excuses. And I'm a big fucking fan of live by the sword, die by the sword. That's what I care about. Live by the sword, die by the sword. You cannot ever judge me for a moral you inflicted upon me as a child. You can't ever judge me for holding you to a standard you inflicted on me abusively as a child. How fucking dare you? How dare you? How dare you? So if you didn't get an excuse as a child, don't give any excuse as an adult. Otherwise, you are just contributing to more and more immorality in the world.

[42:26] I had a guy I did I did two call-in shows yesterday they were quite brutal I have to do a lot of call-in shows why because you all like the call-in shows so I've been doing more call-in shows, and I had a very interesting call-in show I mean they were both very interesting, one of them was about a woman who's got neurasthenia has this chronic exhaustion for no particular medical cause and of course I can't help her medically but I can at least talk about self-knowledge and consistency with her, and we had a great conversation about that, and we really had a breakthrough, I think. Somebody says on Rumble, my ex got mad when I dropped my son off at her house earlier. She couldn't stand seeing my good mood, so she jumped on her menstrual cycle and ran my ass over. Okay, I don't know if that's an analogy like menstrual bicycle. Yeah, by their fruits shall ye know them.

[43:25] As I said, a friend of mine missed an exam. He was legitimately thought it was on a different day, wrote the day down wrong or something like that. He missed an exam. They're like, nope, you failed. Like, I didn't mean to. I mean, I was ready. I was prepared. Nope. Too bad.

[43:39] So the guy was like, I'm a victim. People betray me. I'm such a victim. I'm such a victim. And the guy spent five years as a marijuana addict. I'm like, well, did you ever offer marijuana to people when you were a marijuana addict? Did you ever encourage people? Did you ever, like, don't talk about being a victim when you've been a marijuana addict. Floating around the world, handing out joints for five years. This is the best stream ever. Appreciate it. Uh, somebody says, Oh, I love the call-in shows. Some listen to two, some I listened to two or three times, especially some segments I listened to over and over come back to refresh and revitalize my thoughts and understandings. I appreciate that. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. You know, it's a tough, it's a tough economy these days, right? It's a tough economy. People, somebody has asked me, well, why are you doing paid call-in shows or why are you doing paid shows well it's a couple of reasons right i mean economy's tough we got a bunch of people on payroll and i'm producing enough material that there's no shortage of stuff for people and i don't want to hold back people from accessing philosophy because they don't want to talk about things publicly so there's a lot of a lot of good reasons, i bought my wife 50 shades the book after discussing your observations she's enthralled Lord help me. Right.

[44:52] Right. So she doesn't like 50 shades of gray. I mean, it's kind of about pedophilia, but anyway, I did a whole interview about that and show about that back in the day, but 50 shades of gray, she desperately doesn't want him to be into BDSM, but he won't change for her. And so she negotiates it. Right.

[45:15] Somebody says, I'm currently holding my parents to account for their emotional abuse. My brother sent me a message and he literally did not mention my pain once. He used to listen to your show and still alluded that you might be a cult and said you promoted people defooing. Finally, he said, I hope our sons will forgive us for our mistakes. He gave excuse after excuse for my parents' abuse. years. Now, the first statement is a very well-meaning falsehood. Your first statement is a well-meaning falsehood. This is the sine wave.

[46:04] Confronting the Unconscious

[46:04] The first sentence is, I'm currently I'm currently holding my parents to account for their emotional abuse. But you can't. I'm going to post it back in here. You can't hold anyone to account for their emotional abuse. You can tell them you were hurt. You can tell them what they did. You can tell them what your issues are. How do you hold them to account? How do you hold anyone to account if they don't have a fucking conscience? Because they can just slip and slide out of any consequences you apply, right?

[46:46] How on earth can you hold anyone to account? Only they can hold themselves to account, and they won't.

[46:55] They won't hold themselves to account. Why would they?

[47:00] If they didn't hold themselves to account when they were beating or abusing their child, why would they hold themselves to account decades later? Okay, I see what you mean, he says. That might be why I'm struggling with this emotionally on my end. Right. So we wish, if we have a conscience, it's very hard to figure out people who don't have a conscience, right? It's a different species for me, people who don't have a conscience, because they generally are in a predator-prey relationship with the rest of humanity, right? So it's very, very hard to understand people who don't have a conscience if you have a conscience. And so what you do is you say, you get really frustrated, right? People get really frustrated. And what do you say? You say, if I explain what I mean clearly enough, and I can pick this lock and open, I can open the door to their conscience, open the cupboard to their, oh, look here, I finally found their conscience. Oh, so it's up to you to unlock their conscience. Do you see what I mean?

[48:11] That's your responsibility according to this view right i'm going to hold them to account i'm going to get them to connect with the wrong they did and they're going to connect with it and they're going to fall down to the sorrow and crying and they're going to hug me and oh my god i'm going to break through and connect and right it's fantasy it's a painful fantasy it's a self-destructive to fantasy, but it is a fantasy.

[48:35] Fantasy of Redemption

[48:35] It is a fantasy and it puts you, it puts upon you the responsibility for the impossible, which probably was the definition of your childhood. If it was bad, it puts upon you the responsibility for the impossible.

[48:56] If your parents didn't get enough food when they were little and they grew up a foot taller and they were starved, right? They grew up a foot shorter. They grew up a foot shorter than they should have been. Can you cajole anyone into them growing an extra foot?

[49:18] You can never, ever be another person's conscience. And listen, I say this with all humility. I screwed this up for years, decades, running around trying to be everyone's conscience. Oh, well, I feel things very badly. I feel things very strongly when I do wrong. It gnaws at me. It haunts me. I can't sleep. I've got to do the right thing. Okay. I think I'm doing the right thing now. I got to go and talk to these other people because they don't seem to have the same corrective mechanism. If someone's got leprosy and they've got no feeling in their fingers or toes. Fingers and toes, fingers and toes, for the things we share. Oh, for the one if you include the fact that we don't care. Right? You feel things in your fingertips. They're very sensitive. Other people, they've got leprosy. They can't feel things in their fingers. They can't feel anything in their extremities. And you go around saying, I'll be your nerves for you. I'll help you feel things in your fingertips. It's like the nerves are dead. Your excessive feeling doesn't translate into other people feeling anything.

[50:37] Your excessive sensitivity doesn't get redistributed to other people's conscience. Maybe more coffee will help this show, but I doubt it. You can't redistribute a conscience. You can't grow a conscience in another person. What is the way back to empathy for people who abused children for decades? What is the way back to empathy and humanity? Can you regrow what is called the soul when you spend decades trying to dehumanize and successfully dehumanizing your own dependent, helpless, loving, attached, and trapped children?

[51:39] I confronted my mother close to 30 years ago. Close to 30 years ago. I'm not impossible to find. I'm not impossible to contact. She's had 30 years, to mull it over, to read about it, to think about it, to see a therapist. She could get one for free. She's poor.

[52:12] She's never contacted me with any acknowledgement of anything I ever said. Glad I didn't chase that ghost trying to get a hug for the last 30 years. My father went to his grave not even telling me he was ill, not even attempting to say maybe we should get a reconciliation before I die. My father retired to Ireland and spent a lot of his time rowing with his old university crew. Lots of time for rowing, lots of time for fishing, no time to contact me. I don't hate them for it. I'm just relieved I didn't waste my fucking time. Instead, I have a wonderful wife, a beautiful child, great friends, great community, a wonderful life. because I didn't run off a fucking cliff trying to implant a conscience into ghosts.

[53:18] Have you ever sent them any of your content? What? Why? Why on earth would I send? It never would have crossed my mind. What are you talking about? Why would I send them any of my content? I told them what I wanted, what I needed, what I thought, what I deserved, what was moral, what was right, what was corrupt, and what was evil. Told them all of that. If someone's not going to listen to you when they're sitting across the table in the flesh from you, why on earth would they listen to you in a podcast? Honestly that's a very interesting thought it's not crossed my mind in 18 years of doing this show to send anything to my family because that would be to say, well you did kind of abuse me as a kid I did talk about it with you repeatedly in my 20s you haven't contacted me for almost 30 years, but I'm sure this podcast will turn it all around like are you crazy crazy? Are you crazy? Oh, sorry, that's rhetorical. I don't think you're crazy, obviously.

[54:30] You can't argue or shame someone out of curiosity or empathy. They were emotionally neglectful and divorced when I was 12. Never beat me. Yeah, but neglect is worse than beatings, in my opinion. And some of the data for that is in the Peaceful Parenting book. Somebody says, I think when I confronted my dad, I was looking for acknowledgement at the time. After the denial, I realized it was over.

[54:58] Dangling hope is what abusers do when you get older. When you're younger and helpless, they dangle punishment, or they inflict punishment. When they get older, they dangle hope, right? They dangle hope. Like women, like women who are the tone-policing women, right? Well, I'll listen to you if you use the right tone. They're not going to listen to you. You have cancer. The tone doesn't really change shit about the message, right?

[55:27] Oh man, I'm really, really sorry to tell you that your cancer is cured. That's, I mean, I'm just, I'm so, I'm so sorry. Would you care how something like that was said? The problem isn't the fact, but the intention. Sorry. So abusive parents, abusive people as a whole, they want to dangle hope over you so that you keep coming back and they have power over you, but they only have power of you by denying hope. So that's what they'll do. One more conversation, maybe I'll get it. One more conversation, maybe I'll change. One more conversation, maybe I'll be nice. One more conversation and you won't have to come to any actual factual conclusions about your life and my life. Just one more. Come on, come back. Come on, come on. Come back, come back. One more, one more. One more. One more and you'll get it. One more and you won't have to suffer.

[56:21] The Complexity of Instincts

[56:21] Come on, one more, one more. Thank you.

[56:35] You rendered them speechless apparently no i'm sorry to be annoying they had tons of chats with everyone else yeah yeah tons of conversations with everyone else my father wrote the whole history of his life and here's what i did and here's all the people i see and i collect people the way some people collect stamps nothing creepy about that and i did these wonderful things and i did these amazing things and in his entire biography that went on and on and on i got two pages well and two pages with some pictures and only the pictures that made me look good like oh Oh, here he is, standing in front of the Nashville Theatre School. Don't you know he got in 100,000 people? Oh, oh, oh. I yearn far too badly for my parents' love. Something that still hurts is just the huge void I feel within myself from neglect. It's not a void, bro. It's not a void. It's not a void.

[57:35] You ever go to a construction site they're building a house holy shit that's a big square hole in the ground what a void nope it's a foundation it's not a void you gotta dig down to build up it's not a void it's a foundation now you know what you're missing, so you can go out and damn well get what you deserve, it's not a void it's a foundation, my brother's message was spurred by me sending him your peaceful parenting book just because he had a kid yeah the demons they don't want to let go of the parents hearts and so the holy water of the peaceful parenting book is going to right, oh boy this guy's going to give me another rant, Don't give me another rant. I seem to have struck a nerve with the question about subconscious behavior. Maybe I've been misunderstood. I seem to have struck a nerve.

[58:32] Yeah, so the struck a nerve shit is also highly annoying. Honestly, I mean, let's be frank. It doesn't mean I'm right. I'm just telling you I find it highly annoying. Oh, it looks like I've really struck a nerve. I explained the whole thing. I explained exactly how it gives people moral excuses it promotes corruption it makes people worse it is why people abuse children well i just struck a random nerve it's like no no there's a very specific reason why the phrase bothers me as a moralist right, right if i'm a lung doctor and i say somebody says hey i'm really trying to convince teenagers to smoke and i get angry well i just seem to have struck a nerve it's like no because i treat the people 30 years later when they're coughing up blood and dying on my floor. Oh, I struck a nerve with that lung doctor when I said I was trying to teach kids how to smoke, and it's not struck a nerve. There's very real reasons for all of this. Anyway, he says, the reason for asking the question was because the reasoning you outlined about women trying to change their partner made perfect sense, but it seems like quite a convoluted thought process for people to go through. So I wondered if we do this without realizing. If it's something women do consciously, then it can be learned or unlearned, which is important. What?

[59:44] It's quite a convoluted thought process for people to go through. What are you talking about? Are your dreams just bick, bick, bick? Are they just pong? Aren't your dreams incredibly complex? You heard me do these dreams and now every single night we go to sleep and we have incredible thoughts and feelings and passions and stories and insights. Apparently, apparently, I'm joining the band Rush. I'm taking over for the drummer. I don't know why I had these dreams, but I had these dreams about joining the band Rush. Maybe we'll talk about it in another time, but it was really big, complicated, meaty stuff. You don't think that people do complicated stuff?

[1:00:29] You don't think that we've developed instincts for our survival? And don't you think the complexity of our instincts are why we're the top dog alpha predator in the entire universe? If it's something women do consciously, they can be learned or unlearned, which is important. Why should it be changed?

[1:00:45] Why should trying to change a man to see if he's worthy of loyalty, or if he's just, you understand, a man who says everything the woman wants to hear and changes his position based upon what she wants to hear is just trying to get laid. Now, women, they have sex drives, they have sexual desire, they want to get laid themselves, but they don't want to get pregnant with a guy who's not going to provide. So you don't think that human beings who have the longest childhood of any species on the planet, takes a quarter 20 to 25 years to grow a human brain to maturity and someone's got to provide for the woman when she gets fat and pregnant and breastfeeding and loses her youthful looks and luster she's going to need a guy who's going to be there for her who's going to be loyal so you don't think that given our childhood the 20 to 25 years it takes to grow an adult brain You don't think that women have figured out any way to figure out if guys trustworthy or not is just gonna have sex with them And take off you understand we can't have ever developed the complexity of the brains that we have if women couldn't tell the cats from the chads, Right the only reason we have as big a brain we do is that women can tell who's loyal and who's not that's the only Reason because if women couldn't tell that we never would have been able to develop these giant brains never.

[1:02:07] Women are the foundation. Women's cunning about choosing a loyal mate. Women's perceptiveness, depth, and instincts. It's the only reason. Why do you have a big brain? Why do we have this technology? Why do I have a microphone? Why am I able to say things this fast, this clear, this vivid, this deep, this powerful? Because women figured out who would stick around. That's all they were doing throughout most of our evolution as a species. And every time a woman chose a guy who would stick around, our brain could get a little more complex and grow a little longer because that which in nature is the most complex takes the longest to grow. Every time a woman made a good decision about who to fuck, who to have children with, every time a woman settled on the right guy, our brains got a little bigger. Now look at the size of our brains. Women know how to do this shit. This is a fact, right? This is evolution 101. So you're saying, well, it's too complicated for women to figure it out. The only reason we complicate it is because women did figure it out.

[1:03:09] The Futility of Arguing Hope

[1:03:10] Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

[1:03:14] I feel horrible for laughing out loud at humorous and on-point responses. Why? Philosophy can be fun. It can be fun, right? Ah, thank you for the tip. I appreciate that. This is a fantastic conversation. Thank you. Thank you for the comments, Steph. Things are really starting to turn around. Oh, this is the void guy.

[1:03:39] Oh, from the family members I keep tabs on, there's so much alcohol, cocaine, and smoking that I can't believe I managed to get out. Oh, good for you, man. Good for you. And the idea that if something's unconscious, it can't be learned or unlearned, it's nothing that you can change. Things that are unconscious. That's exactly what my parents did. Dangled hope. Wow, what a realization. Thank you. Yeah. They abuse you by holding out hope. You know it's the same you understand that like the parents who won't reform but dangle hope are like the hot woman with the guy she uses to help her move and she uses to cry about the leather wearing motorcycle drunkard she has sex with and you know you're the best guy you're my favorite friend you're such a great friend right and he sticks around because he hopes that one day she's going to realize and say gee i've been looking for everything in these bars all this time and And everything that I've been looking for has been right there in front of me. Kiss me, hold me, sex me, right? So she's got him hanging around, doing chores for her, giving her money, and holding her hair back when she vomits, because she's giving him the hope that he can have sex with her, or be her boyfriend, or whatever he wants, right? So she's holding out hope in order to exploit him. And men do it too, right? Men do it with, oh, I've got a lot of money, I really want to settle down, you know, I've had enough of this running around, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and then they sleep with the woman and ghost her, right? They're holding out hope.

[1:05:05] Somebody says, I like your analogy of how these abusers are stuck in a burning building and they spent every last effort getting you out of the burning building. I take all the good they did and repeat. I thank them subconsciously for teaching me all the things not to do either. It's the best salvage that can come out of that situation.

[1:05:28] Excuse me. It's been a long day. All right. Thank you. The analogy of building a foundation as opposed to there being a void hit home. I do have that emotion to send that one last message that would get them to see this time. Absolutely. Killing irrational hope is foundational to maturity. Adulthood is when you give up on irrational hope. I'm going to be an astronaut or whatever. You give up on irrational hope. And that's when you, your balls drop. That's when your balls drop. You got to look at everything you hope for. What do you hope for? Is it realistic? Are you working towards it? If not, kill it in the crib. Strangle it. Remove it. Excise it. Lance it. Freeze it. Burn it. Cauterize it. Demonize it. Exercise it.

[1:06:26] Kill Hope, Plan

[1:06:26] Are you just hoping to fall in love are you doing things practical things finding out what the problem is putting out lots of feelers talking nope then stop don't pretend, but hope is the thing with feathers yeah it's a fucking vulture the vulture is the thing with feathers that eats out your heart when you're dead or dying fuck hope oh i can't stand it hope, hope is a slave's emotion for salvation after death rather than rebellion in the here and now, quick question did I just cross my fingers and hope to become a philosopher was that my goal I just hope I can become a philosopher no.

[1:07:12] Hope is the consolation prize when insecurity wins, hope is Here's the drug you use when fear overtakes ambition and you get paralyzed. Oh, but I hope.

[1:07:28] Hope is an admission of failure and defeat. Without even the honesty of saying, no, I'm not going to do it. Someone says, everything else in my life is something I work at and see results from every day. My parents are gone and I think I just realized that right now. Yeah, still waiting for that curse. Still waiting for that curse that every asshole and their dog put on me my entire fucking life. Oh, the curse. The mummy curse. Curse, if you don't resolve things with your parents, when they die, you're going to feel regret for the rest of your life. Fuck off. Fuck off, you voodoo, casting, bone-wearing, marrow-sucking ass-tards. My father died years and years ago. Where's the curse everyone promised me? Everyone tried to bully, manipulate me, abuse me, lie to me, guilt me, hopium me, oh you gotta work things out, he's gonna die, and you're gonna regret it.

[1:08:35] How am I doing with regret, everyone? Does it seem that there's these, is it in there somewhere, this old, oh look, zoom, I'll get closer, you can see, where, where, where's all the regret, oh no, all I have is the most meaningful career known to man, a beautiful wife and daughter, great friends, some material comforts, and a wonderful life. Oh no, but the voodoo curse is still, oh, it's coming. I knew it was nonsense.

[1:09:11] You didn't use the law of attraction to become a philosopher? I certainly did. I certainly did. I was attracted to philosophy. I have a post, I have post-it notes with some things you've said that I find personally important on my monitors and one of them is plan, don't hope. Yeah. Hope is despair. Hope is just despair by another name. Hope is giving up.

[1:09:48] Then again, there are far too many 40-somethings who have not matured. Sure. Loving locals, but live chat is not loading for me. I confronted my mother over abuse as a kid. They denied doing so. Well, so much for a reckoning or accountability.

[1:10:07] The Illusion of Hope

[1:10:07] Yeah. You know, the slippery assholes without a conscience, you can spend your entire life chasing that quicksilver around. Because they just despawn every time you get close. And then they respawn and offer you illusions every time you leave.

[1:10:40] My face is starting to hurt from smiling so much love you steph i appreciate that thank you love you back love you back random question i've thought about the past few weeks did you ever figure out why stanley kowalski raped blanche after listening to your lord demas interviews origins of war and child abuse i lean towards stanley raping blanche since it's the reason why soldiers rape in war because the mother's abuse neglect or abandonment drives the hatred it onto other women. So I did a whole, I think it was with Dr. Pesta, Dr. Duke Pesta. You can do a search at I got some color. Oh, I did. Check this out. I did get some color. Look at this.

[1:11:22] Look at that. Oh, yeah, baby. Got me some color. Can you see? You can see, right? Yeah, got some color, baby. I got some lobster tits. What can I tell you? So it's good stuff. I'm no longer frightened of the sun. I've been reading. I've been reading. I've been reading. So third degree tan. Yes, maybe. Wood. It's funny. Yeah. Yeah. Things are coming along. Things are coming along. well so um i read many years ago i read um tennessee williams uh the author of streetcar named desire i read his um biography and he lost against his mother he never won against his mother was a devouring mother he never won against his mother so the rage against his mother was transformed into the rage that stanley kowalski had against blanche dubois because it makes no No sense. He's already won. Why would he rape her? It makes no sense. And he doesn't like her. She's gross.

[1:12:32] My parents also sent me to courses that did all that mystical shit one was called mind store another was called silver mind it was you can heal your bones with your mind energy i was a kid when they sent me to them yeah i was actually um i cut myself shaving the other day i think i reopened it with my passions i bleed for you people i bleed so yeah bloody well right yeah my mom took me to all this psychic bullshit too. I was actually, my friend of mine, Jamie, and I were in the Toronto Star way back in the day, mind-bending power because we were at a spoon-bending seminar and we had, our pictures were in the paper for bending spoons with our mind. And, yeah.

[1:13:21] So anybody who's into that mystical shit is just confessing to manipulation. Words matter. or what's a way of changing reality. Okay, you're a woman with cleavage and you manipulate guys. I got it. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right? Like Mr. Banana Hands himself. Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins. You know, what is he? Seven foot tall, ultimate Chad jaw, you know, and stuff like that. And you just got to manifest, like pretty easy to manifest when you're a man-god seven feet tall because you had some weird growth hormone shit, you know? Know, great hair, great teeth, big jaw, very imposing, very impressive, but just got to manifest things, man. Just like me. Okay. Okay. You beat Danny DeVito and pull that shit. See how it works. I'm just, you know, just curious. I mean, I manifested things. Yeah. Good for you. What about girls that are into crystals? Yeah. So those vaginas are portals to hell through which demons will come and take your balls. Yes.

[1:14:26] Uh, the locals app I was listening to was delayed. I glance over at the live stream video and all of a sudden I'm watching only stiff hands. Yeah, that's right. That's right. I don't work my flesh enough. I damn well should.

[1:14:36] Ab Rising

[1:14:37] I don't work. You know, I, I, I saw an app the other day. I saw an app. It was, I can't do it here. I can't stand in my chair, but yeah, I, I was, I was out walking around and I saw myself in a window and I was like, damn it. That's an app. It may even fact be more than one. It's like watching Atlantis come up from the ocean. Abs in middle age. They're rising. It's like one of those horror movies where the face is through the sheet, like it's starting to poke through. Ab, soon to be plural. No longer keg. The syllables have changed, or at least the letters have changed.

[1:15:19] So, yes, just wanted to point that out. That's kind of cool. I heard Tony Robbins say he's seen people change their eye color through thought. That was wild. Yeah. Tonight's show keeps getting better. I love the insight and humor, dynamite energy. Well, thank you. I'm leading out too since dropping sugar. Yeah, I think I'm, I mean, I cheat a little bit. I get these Larabaras and they have like 17 grams of sugar, but it's like dates and stuff like raisins and stuff like that. So I still get a bit of sugar, but you need a little bit of sugar. I'm just still, I'm still like, I'm off the natural. I'm off the natural. Sorry, I'm off the added sugars, right? Superstition. Like my parents had this, don't take the trash out at night, you're taking money out of, if the house thing, there's never one that says, be nice to your kids sometimes or they'll abandon you in your old age.

[1:16:12] Yeah. It's funny because, you know, with the Christians, it's like, honor their mother and their father. It's like, you know, that's kind of Old Testament, right? The New Testament is, Jesus says, I've come to set father against child and parent against child and all that.

[1:16:30] Hope and Relationships

[1:16:30] If I'm hoping a good friendship of mine will become a relationship, have I actually given up on the idea already? If I'm hoping a good friendship of mine will be... Oh, you mean like a dating relationship? Uh, this is Ali, right? So are you a female? If I'm hoping a good friendship of mine will become a relationship, have I actually given up on the idea already?

[1:16:58] The great danger for men is dissociation and the great danger for women is delay. So the great danger for men is dissociation from life's challenges through video games, pornography, movies, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. Female, right? So. The great danger for men is dissociation. The great danger for women is delay. So, Ali. Ali, Ali, Ali. Why are you lying? I say this with sympathy and affection. Why are you lying like a cheap Chinese rug? Why are you falsifying? Why are you bearing false witness? Why do you have a tongue so forked it can go to Vegas and Washington in the same day? Why? Why are you lying to this man? Because if you want a romantic relationship out of a friendship, there is a special code that you can... This is very, very secret. You can't share this around. This is really, really private. it. I'd go only for supporters, but I don't want to refer to you guys as jocks or straps. So there's a little.

[1:18:21] Code that you can say. It's like a Jedi mind trick. If you've got a friend you want to date, here's a little trick that you can use. It's kind of like a hair flip or a particular kind of scent or some feral gnomes, pheromones. So if you are in a friendship that you want to get a date from, you can say, I'd like a date.

[1:18:50] I know it's kind of shocking, but you can say, I want to, I want to date you. I want to go on a date. We're such good friends. Let's throw some fanny slapping in and make the beast with two Two bags. I'm not. He knows. He says he's not in a position to date right now. So you've asked him for a date, and he says he's not in a position to date right now?

[1:19:25] The Art of Dating Friends

[1:19:26] So I could get kind of dangerous here. I could get kind of dangerous here 1 to 10 How dangerous should I get?

[1:19:45] What now dangerous should we get, i'm in a position to date says james yes he is i'm ranted oh that one that's too far i like capitalism and russian and smoking voice maximum overdrive, you got a guy who's hesitant to date he really likes you you're great friends he's just not quite in a position to date, he's a little hesitant. Jump him! Whee! Free fall! Stick the landing! Boink! Fork leg trap the boy. Jump him! Of course, with full consent and passion. And if he says no, he says no. But yeah, just climb onto his lap. Now, if he says, get off my lap, I'm not in a position to date, of course you get off his lap. Don't do anything without consent. You'd be amazed at how men's minds change with a woman on their lap. I mean, some people give up 500 bucks to strippers based on that.

[1:20:59] So, if the boy can resist your physical charms on his lap, then move on, because he's crippled. No means no, absolutely, he says no, yes, absolutely Says no, disengage, absolutely.

[1:21:27] You can do it verbally You can do it verbally You don't have to touch him at all You want to know how to do it? I want you so bad I could taste it I literally can taste it I can taste your flesh, I want you inside me Like you're a supernova and I'm a black hole I need to envelop you I need to surround you I need to absorb you I need to make you mine I need to put my scent on you So that other women stay away, I'm burning, I'm yearning, I'm dying I'm frying We gotta do it, and you can go on and on. I don't want to get too meme-able, but just disassemble him. Disassemble him with your seduction.

[1:22:26] You know, we don't live that long, man. I feel like I'm 57. I'm going to be 58 years old this year. We don't live that long, man. It's a flyby. Life is like this ambulance. It goes by. It's a blur. It's a leaf in the wind. It's nothing. You need a man with some passion, with some lust, with some oomph, right? I'm Stephen Fry-ing about you? I don't really think that's going to work. That's just going to confuse everyone.

[1:23:10] Now that I have found you In the cool of your evening smile The shade of your parasol And your love flows through me, Though I lie here so still I burn for you, I burn for you I burn for you You just burn him, smoke him out, smoke him out! Alright, what do we got here? here. Yes, a very feminine woman is quite irresistible to men. Well, straight men, yeah. Has life ever felt shorter or longer during different periods? I hear that often from different people. I just try to get as much productive and beautiful stuff done during the day as I can. I don't generally think about how long life is, but life is certainly not long enough that you wait around waiting for a guy's weird heart to thaw out.

[1:24:18] Is Barry White singing? Well, certainly I'm putting the white in Barry White if that's the case. Life is short and there are no refunds or extensions. Random question. My codependent mom once captured a scorpion that had babies in a jar and took it to work so she could shake the jar and watch the mother collect all the babies on its back. Dad at home is extremely controlling narcissist. Why would she do that? Is there a connection? It's it, um, who's the guy who used to, um, Ibsen, Enrique Ibsen. A famous playwright. He used to write with a scorpion under a jar and he'd poke at it, right? He'd write with that. Why would you care? Why would you care why your codependent mom captures scorpions and your dad is an extremely controlling narcissist? Why would you care? why anyone would do anything, as far as that goes. If they're that destructive and toxic, why would you care? I'm happy to hear the answer. I could be missing something completely, of course. Why would you care?

[1:25:38] Somebody says this is a quote from a movie, because I've never felt about anybody the way I feel about you, and I want to F you until we merge into a chimera, a mythical beast of penis and vagina eternally fuse two pairs of eyes that look only at each other and lips ever touching at one voice that whispers to itself just curious because she was talking about it on mother's day so why are you spending time around toxic narcissists and codependent blah blah blah like why are you spending time with these people, Get through the day, but late at night. Make love to my pillow, but it didn't feel right. Bed's too big without you. All right. How are donations going? Oh, a little lean. I work and Can I work? Uh, what's that? Come on, tell me it's not been a good show.

[1:26:44] Philip Seymour Hoffman was one sad guy, man. All right. Went out with a buddy last week and he winged man me with a girl I was interested in for a year who I thought liked me. He gave me a pep talk about how she could possibly be the mother of my kids and lit a fire under me. I shot my shot and found out she's in a relationship now. It was great to get closure, but I was enamored with regret, knowing I wasted a year without making a move, not wasting time anymore. Everything you want that you don't have is evaporating. Well, there's a big block of ice out there in the desert. I'll go pick it up in a week. Oh, no, there's nothing there, not even a damp spot. Everything you want that you don't have is vaporizing minute by minute. All the women you want are vaporizing because they're getting into other relationships. They're moving away. They're getting woke. They're getting lonely. They're making bad decisions. They're getting pregnant. And everything you want that you don't have is dissolving every time you breathe. You know, shockingly, time does not freeze because we want something. I don't talk to my dad. My mom is okay for now.

[1:28:00] Okay. But your mom chose your dad, and your mom is collecting scorpions. That's a little psychotic, in my opinion.

[1:28:34] The Power of Language

[1:28:34] Thank you. I have a random question. Oh, you have a horrible habit, which is swearing. I genuinely don't mean to do it. I really want to stop and need to. Um, correcting that behavior. So just practice, right? Just practice saying, oh, fudge, or, you know, just practice. You just, there's no mindset that takes the place of practice, right? I'm going to visualize being really good at the piano. Well, you actually do have to play the piano. You got to do your scales. You got to, right? Got to do your thing, right? So you've got to practice. So you've got to practice not swearing. Which means when you're not upset or you're not passionate, you've got to practice not swearing.

[1:29:30] The people you most deserve an apology from will never give you one. Yes, but they give you something even better than an apology. They give you something that's even better. Because an apology is often manipulative. The people who don't apologize to you are giving you a huge, great, deep, wonderful, beautiful, magnificent gift. Lifetime subscriber here. You've helped me, my wife, and many others I've recommended philosophy to. Thank you. I appreciate your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can you talk about working hard at the high performance level? Musk, Jobs, Mollinger.

[1:30:10] Um, yeah, I can, I can, I can talk about that, but you know, I'm going to do it later and badly. I mean, do it later and lazily. Yeah. I think without a doubt, I'm the hardest working philosophy. I'm hardest working philosopher in anything I've ever read about. All right. Uh, unapologetic, unapologetic assholes give you, yeah, they give you freedom. Freedom. Nothing is better than the freedom. Nothing's better. I love Colin James, man. So yes, yeah, they give you freedom. It's the greatest gift of all. If you can't get love, the greatest gift is freedom.

[1:30:51] If you can't get connection, contact, virtue, trust, morals, conscience, consideration, you understand the people who refuse to give you apologies when they've wronged you are working as hard as possible to set you free, and you just won't listen. Why won't you listen to the people trying to free you? Like the people who literally rip their arm off trying to get you out of your cage and you just stand there like, no, not going, coming back. Mother's Day is coming up. Thanks, you're coming back. They literally are saying, go, there's nothing for you here. We're not even going to apologize for abusing you. We don't have a conscience. Go, go, save yourself. It's too late for us. For God's sakes, get out of hell. You can make it. You can make it. no I'm staying I'm going to save you we can't be saved, we can't we're very clearly saying to you we don't have a conscience we can't apologize we just do it again we're going to do it again we can't make it any more clear do we need to tattoo it on our foreheads for God's sakes get out no I'm staying, you can't help us please please dear Lord above I'm on my knees begging and praying to the God who himself can't save me because if God could save me he would have given me my conscience back it's gone it's lost podcast.

[1:32:10] It's gone. It's lost. We are damned. You cannot get us out of hell, but we can at least get you to heaven. No. Listen, the only thing that makes our suffering worthwhile is if you escape this hellhole. No, I won't go. You understand that's just vengeance. You're just staying there so that you hurt yourself because you think it'll hurt them. And I guess it kind of does. People who don't apologize are giving you a one-way space ticket off a dying planet. And you're like, no, No. Why would I want to go to Earth when I could die with you here, Jor-El Brando? Who is even competing with freedom? This is one out of one. Have you ever done a show on consequentialism?

[1:33:01] I have broken my leg in the bowels of the dying Titanic. Titanic, here, go to safety. Don't die here with me. I can't make it out. I'm tangled. I'm tamed. I'm chained. I'm tied. I can't get out. No, we're staying here with you. This makes my death pointless. All of us dying is pointless. For God's sakes, go save yourself. No, we're staying here with you. I don't want you to. Go and save yourself. It makes my death infinitely worse if you're here with me.

[1:33:41] No, we're still staying. Oh, God! Oh, God, what do people have to do to get you out of the cage? Why? Thank you for the tip, Vince. I appreciate that. Oh. You're the only philosopher who hits so many high notes with me Your content has literally changed my entire life. Thank you for all your hard work, brother. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate that. In retrospect, says Symph, I feel that my behavior was sort of bratty by just sticking around and expecting my parents to treat me better of their own volition. I've missed a lot lately. Been super busy. Love to catch you live. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so you can go to slash search slash consequentialism. Let's see, what did we get? What could be consequence, consequentialism? So, yeah, there's five shows there. Consequentialism, how about consequentialists?

[1:34:57] Do we have anything there? No. But what about, pragmatist? Pragmatism. Certainly there's pragmatism in the History of Philosophy series. Yeah, the religion of the argument from a fact. FDR 1645. So you can try that. So, what is there? Pragmatist, utilitarian.

[1:35:26] Utilitarian and Uh, yes. So there's two shows on utilitarian. I don't know if, does it get ism? Utilitarianism? Ah, yes. Oh, uh, James, can you change that to be wildcard? Utilitarian should get utilitarian, utilitarian and utilitarianism. So yeah, very early on in the show, FDR 225. When is that? that. That is 2006. Utilitarianism. There's a two-part series on utilitarianism. The pseudoscience of subjectivity. So utilitarianism, the Swiss army knife at your throat, and utilitarianism, the pseudoscience of subjectivity, you should check out those. But yes, I think it should be a wild card. I think so.

[1:36:23] The Importance of Rest

[1:36:24] you can see all the history of Philosopher's Series stuff do you use nootropics for your deep work sessions i.e. Caffeine I do two cups of coffee a day but I don't use anything else I mean I take some supplements but nothing like that just vitamins alright any last comments questions issues challenges mad praise for the mad thoughts What's, oh yes, can you talk about working hard at the high performance level?

[1:36:57] So one thing I learned pretty early is you need your rest, right? Because working at a high performance level is such a high that it's addictive and you need your rest. So I was very conscious of the fact that most creative people have a 15-year window. Now, I started writing great books in my 20s. I'm now 57, right? So I've had like 35 years. Now, that's way more productivity. And I think, honestly, I think in some ways I'm still peaking. Thank you for the tip. So I think in some ways I'm still peaking. And that has been a very sort of conscious plan for a couple of things. First of all, you need some variety. You can wear grooves in your brain. I remember my therapist once said to me after she recommended, she recommended that I watch, the singing detective, not the Mel Gibson one, but the much longer one. And.

[1:37:54] She said that the writer of that, who also wrote a movie I watched a couple of times just because Sting was in it and I was a big fan of the police, Brimstone and Treacle, which is actually where that song I sang earlier, I Burn For You, comes from. And you listen to him do that live in Paris. I burn. It's amazing. The vocals are incredible.

[1:38:12] But that writer said, you know, you just you get this field and your field is your history and you just plow it back and forth. And it's like, no, that's not I need the variety. I absolutely need the variety. My brain is thunderously stimulated by variety. So I'll go from, you know, a little bit of singing. I'll go to some, some poetry. Uh, I'll go to the art stuff. We talked about some biographies, psychology, self-knowledge, philosophy, um, uh, science, like all this kind of stuff. I, I love variety and that's the way in which I stay creative. The people who just do the same stuff over and over again is, is wild to me. I don't know how they do it. And I think it just become automatic. It becomes rote. it becomes repetitive and they have to also consistently deny their own lack of success. Oh, look, libertarianism, how's that government doing, right? They have to completely decry their own. They have to completely avoid their own lack of success. I don't want to avoid anything in myself. I don't want to have areas of no-go where I have to like avoid and dodge and skate over and skim over and stuff like that, right? So I absolutely have wanted to keep that variety going, which is why I, you know, very early on in the show, I read poems, I sang songs, I read from plays and did monologues and like, I just need, I need the variety and I hope that that's not too bad for you. So I feel you get, let's say you get 15 years and I'm in eight different areas, right?

[1:39:34] So, right, that's more than my lifespan, right? Right, that's more than my lifespan, right? So if I get eight different fields and I get 15 years of creativity, there's 120 years. So that's more than my lifespan. So this is why, you know, I dip into writing novels. That absolutely refreshes me and revitalizes my brain. I'm not doing analytical philosophy that much at the moment after I did my whole History of Philosophers series because I needed a break from that. So it's like, I don't want to let my fields lie fallow, but I want to keep planting them with different crops so they don't exhaust the same soil, right?

[1:40:11] So that to me is important. You have to rest. You have to rest. You need to take your breaks. At least one day out of three, I'll take a nap for 45 minutes of the afternoon. And it really refreshes and revitalizes me, particularly if I have evening work. When are we going to do another trivia night? Oh, it's true. Let's do them. We can do them this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled and posted. it um but the high performance level is it comes the high performance level is not about ego it's about responsibility it's really really is about responsibility and by responsibility what i mean is when you get big enough you are responsible for a community and it's the responsibility for that community that keeps you working at such a high level right so i am very aware of you know we've got a community going here people have put a lot of stock in philosophy they've changed their lives, they've made huge decisions regarding philosophy or related to philosophy, so I need to keep working at this high level because I have influenced people, so I can't screw up. I mean, or if I appear to have screwed up in the world, it's because I've kept my integrity with the truth, right? So the highest level is the greatest responsibility for others and the benefit of others. So let me just see here.

[1:41:34] Have you heard about the beef between block and hop? It's a block thing to do with Israel on October 7th and Gaza and all of that kind of stuff. Because I've heard a little bit about that, but I haven't dug into it in any particular way. It's nice to be off politics. I was going to rest and sleep now, but new Friday Night Live is going to be on. I'll sleep in tomorrow, brother. Well, I appreciate that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Steph, you're a new, fresh, and original all of the time. Over the last eight years, you're the only one I follow anymore. Everyone else is stale like a month-old open bag of chips. YouTube losers who to this day still shit on liberals. This is old hat and tiring. Nothing new from those people. And that's why the peaceful parenting thing was brutal and tough and horrible to work on, but very important. And you need to stay fresh with your perspective. You need to stay fresh with your perspective. You need to keep challenging yourself about being right about your life. I can give you an example, and this can be what we can close on, because this is something I was thinking about a lot today. So I can give you an example of how I was wrong about my life, recent life, I think in a very foundational way.

[1:42:51] So if you're interested i don't want to tease you or anything like that but if you're interested if you're interested i can tell you that you don't ever assume that you're right about your life right because you've got to stay fresh and you've got to be open to new, perspectives can you do another interview with mike adams at brighton he's been killing it recently i like mike yeah i like mike i can certainly i can certainly think about that But doesn't he mostly do politics? Am I wrong about that? Make it out of that. Okay, so, in the premium section, there is a great series of shows over 10 hours on the history of the French Revolution. It's a deep, powerful, wild history of the French Revolution with a central thesis that goes something like this, that the revolution happens when people escape bad childhoods and leave everyone else behind. The resentment, the the frustration, the futility, the rage, the anger, the abandonment blows up. So society, when people start succeeding and they leave everyone else behind, you're hollowing out the whole progress and it collapses in on itself.

[1:43:50] The French Revolution Unveiled

[1:43:50] So I make the case in sort of very detailed and passionate and powerful ways. And you need to go to You just got to sign up, man. You can try it for free for a month. I mean, just sign up and listen to that. It's an incredible series. And all kudos to Jared for a lot of the research. It was great. And we dug up stuff that nobody else has talked about that I've seen. So, at least in the way that we do. So, that case, right?

[1:44:19] So, the deplatforming, I've gone through a whole bunch of things in my head, right? Right?, yeah. So, the deplatforming I've gone through, and I've looked at it from a whole bunch of different angles. Because, you know, it's a pretty significant event in my life, for good and for bad. And there have been good and bad about it. So, a couple of ways that I've approached it. One is, you know, straight up politics, you know, like I wrote stuff defending Trump and, you know, whatever, right? So there's all of that. So 2020 can't be around. It's now coming out and, you know, you have to read the books by Kennedy and you have to read the book by Rand Paul on the origins of COVID, Fauci, and all this kind of stuff, right? So the fact that I was poking, like they were really trying to cover up the fact that it came from a lab, it came from a lab. Of course it came from a lab.

[1:45:05] So when I did my whole video, The Case Against China, which I had a lot of experts weigh in to give me the material for all of that, The Case Against China and how we kind of knew that it came from a lab. Oh, it came from bats. It's like SARS doesn't, COVID doesn't even infect bats really. So no, it didn't come from bats. And of course now it's what, four plus years and they still haven't found the intermediate animals, the transmission species, the pangolins, whatever. whatever, and then there was no COVID in the wet market and it was like 400 feet from the with. So, and you know, now the funding seems to be pretty fairly established as coming from the U S blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right. So the fact that I was poking around that was not good, uh, for, for the powers, the B and, and all of that. So, I mean, there's been sort of a variety of things that I've heard from various places and this and that, and the other about sort of what was going on with the deplatforming now. Now, and so I've thought about it a bunch of different ways, and this is not the right way, but this is a way that I was thinking about today when I was thinking about the French Revolution stuff, and I'm working on a true crime podcast or video. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to present this information. Anyway, so... This is what I think. What I think is that the people who deplatformed me had bad childhoods and wanted me to get back to dealing with childhood. Can you imagine if I was still doing politics and hadn't been deplatformed?

[1:46:27] Would I have written the peaceful parenting book? Probably not. Because I'd be traveling. I'd be roaming in the gloaming. I'd be doing speeches. I'd be doing Q and A's. I'd be doing roundtables. side, right? So the people who de-platform me deep down had bad childhoods and I was moving on without circling back to pick up the wounded. So they were saying.

[1:46:55] Stop with the politics, return to the childhoods, don't leave us behind. And I think the de-platforming at an unconscious level had that element significantly to it as well. And I can't help but agree with them, honestly. I can't help but agree with them. Politics was fun and vivid and obviously was lucrative and all of that. But it was leaving people behind, right? It was leaving people behind.

[1:47:29] I certainly was one of the biggest people to be deplatformed early on, for sure. For sure.

[1:47:37] You were the first person to have people on talking about how it was a man-made virus, when no one would touch that. Yeah, for sure. For sure.

[1:47:46] So, I mean, there was a lot of things, but I think one of the things that I hadn't really thought about was, I talked about how there's a lot of rage and resentment if society moves ahead and people get left behind. They get their vengeance. and i understand that i i'm i don't obviously don't like the violence or the censorship but, if i had not been deplatformed would i have written the most important book with the most long-term benefit to the world which is peaceful parenting and also my novels which i think give people something to aim for and talk a lot about childhood so i don't think you would be doing the deep mining for philosophical gold if you were still into politics yes yes that's right politics Politics had a certain demonic aspect to it that was drawing me away from the virtue of the future that can be created by a deep knowledge of childhood in the present. And, of course, tons of thinkers and philosophers are taking their ideas and applying them to politics, but I'm the only guy to do the philosophical virtues and vices of parents and children. Somebody says, I feel it's been an honor to be the 1-2% of YouTube subscribers to follow you and have even more primo access to you. Well, I think these kinds of conversations just wouldn't have been happening. And these kinds of conversations can't save the politics of the present, but they can build a great world in the future.

[1:49:11] It's too late for reason to fix politics. And I don't mind. I don't mind, being out of politics, When we have to wait for the next cycle. So I think that's a lot of what has been going on and is going on, that there was an unconscious thing of like, he's going ahead with politics. He's kind of fallen down that rabbit hole. He's it's about vanity. It's about size. It's about reach. It's about what income and so on. We got to get him back to childhood. How are we going to get him back to childhood? How are we going to get him back to helping the children left behind? How are we going to get him? Well, we need him to see how unimportant he is in politics. Do you see what I mean?

[1:50:09] Lessons from Deplatforming

[1:50:10] Now, how does the world, how does the unconscious of the people who deplatform me, how do they get me to see how unimportant I am in the realm of politics? How do they get me to see that?

[1:50:25] Well, they deplatform me. and nobody follows me. Now that's humbling, right? That, oh, I'm so important, look at all these views, I'm doing this, I'm doing that, right? How humbling and wise. They, the de-platformers, the people who de-platformed me, taught me more than I was capable of teaching myself. Because they said, oh, aren't you, Mr. Empiricist? Oh, how interesting. You're an empiricist. Oh, you think you're so important. Oh, you think you're having such a big effect. Oh, you think you're so valuable here. Well, no problem. I tell you what, we'll move you one website over. Just one little website over, and let's just see how important you are, how invaluable you are. Let's just see everything you're risking everything for. Let's just see. Let's just put this to the test. And you shouldn't complain about things being put to the test. Right?

[1:51:26] You shouldn't mind. I mean, you are a rationalist. You are an empiricist. So if you're so important and what you do is so valuable, then surely people can go one website over. Surely people won't say, as they have, well, you know, BitChute doesn't have an app. Oh, so I don't know, man. I guess I could check email, but, you know, it doesn't have an app. So it's, uh, I don't know, man. I mean, that's a whole other website.

[1:52:08] I, there's a lot of typing, man. That's like, what is that, 10 characters, 12 characters? Jeez, man. I want you to take all these risks out there in the political realm, but I'm not even going to type in another website, right? Yeah, Peter Schiff and Sticks, yeah, no, I get that. They've been fine, and I'm not some big problem I have with everyone. I'm just pointing it out. I am an empiricist, and I got a massive slice of humble pie into my body. It was not delivered even through my mouth. It was like, bend over, lube up, here comes the humble pie.

[1:52:50] Oh, you're all that. Oh, is he gone? Steph, you're the most magnificent political. Oh, is he gone? Oh, forget it. I mean, that's great. That was great for me, right? Because I want the facts. And they gave me the facts. Those people gave you freedom. Absolutely. Absolutely. Honestly, I was real half and half. Part of me was like, I can't believe people aren't following me over. I can't believe I vanished from everyone's mind. I can't believe I'm that unimportant. How terrible. And another part of me, oh, thank God, I don't have to do this dangerous shit anymore. And I can go back to where my greatest value, I mean, I think I was pretty good at political analysis, and the world obviously seemed to agree to a large degree, but lots of people can do that. But it seems like, so far, it's me, me and this, me and this, this and me, right? The childhood, the philosophy, the morality. And this is what the peaceful parenting, you know, anybody can call about anything. Call in at Anyone can set up a call. It doesn't have to be about childhood. It doesn't have to be anything, right? What do people want to talk about? I'm trapped in my life. I'm not free in my life, I need to get free, and maybe it has something to do with my thoughts, my history, my this, my that, right?

[1:54:09] Oh man, I gotta install Oh, I gotta install another app, Oh Man, Great, I'm free I'm free now to focus on those who get it.

[1:54:35] The Influence of Childhood on Politics

[1:54:35] Did they force your behavior? I'm not sure what you mean, politics affects every aspect of our lives. Yes, but not as much as childhood. So somebody says, Oh, Grampy, I still remember where I was when your YouTube was banned shortly after the demonetization. I wasn't worried I would see you, immediately followed you everywhere, but just was a moment in time where I knew things were getting bad. I wouldn't donate as much as I do now, probably if it wasn't for all that. I feel more connected afterwards. I mean, I don't know, these conversations feel kind of irreplaceable and they're absolutely unique in the history of philosophy. So I hugely appreciate you guys coming by and the support and the love and the gratitude and all the great stuff that has happened over the course of this amazing journey. You guys are just wonderful and I hugely appreciate and thank you for everything that you provide to me.

[1:55:34] All right. Well, I think I will. Yeah, we're almost at two hours. I think I will close off. And I really, really do. Thank you, guys. Of course. Enormously, massively, deeply, and humbly. Oh, I did promise you. Oh, I keep my promises. I meant to remember. I guess I just didn't. I really meant to remember, though. But I guess I just didn't. All right. Let me. Yeah. Oh, man. I got to install another app to watch Steph. I'll just watch Destiny then. Yes. Yes, forward slash at And the peaceful parenting. Thank you very much. Yes. So yeah, if you're listening to this, you know what? It's just for donors, but you guys, I'm obviously feeling lovely and wonderful and I appreciate it, blah, blah, blah. So in the chat here is the peaceful parenting AI. There it is in the chat. You really should check it out. Ask questions. Let me know if you've come across anything funky. I would really appreciate that. But yeah,, you should check out.

[1:56:39] And forward slash at, you should check out. And right here in the chat, you can dig through it later if you want. It's a link to the Peaceful Parenting AI, which is really, really, really great. And you should absolutely check it out. And, you know, send it. You can send it. You can share it with people. Tell them they can use whatever language they want. If they type in Polish, they'll get an answer in Polish. You can ask in English and ask for the answer in Russian. I don't care. And it works beautifully no matter what. So I hope that you will check out that AI. It is really, really something. So lots of love, everyone. Thank you. If you're listening to this later, of course, free, free slash donate to help out the show. I would really appreciate that. And lots of love from up here. I'll talk to you soon. Bye. Thank you.

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