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I’d like to give you a great big thank you, and internet hug for the meaning and joy that your work has helped me achieve.

I was so lost without philosophy, and your work was what helped this blind man see. I was married last year, we had the birth of our son this year, and we are already expecting another. My wife, [NAME], is a QUALITY woman. The kind who watches Freedomain with me late night in bed, lol. The kind of woman who isn’t afraid to stand up for our culture, our religion, life, and our standards. She is a proud stay-home mother, and we will be homeschooling our children.

Our son, [NAME], will never be hit, yelled at, called names, and is still intact. Your show taught me why these things that all happened to me growing up are wrong, and I’m the end of the line when it comes to that kind of behavior. That virus is now extinct in my genetic line.

I am so thankful to have found your work almost 9 years ago now, and I’m proud to help keep supporting. I hope that you can still reach, and help people find meaning and happiness the same way you did with me. I feel as if I’ve been granted a second chance at life (not even a second chance, more like just a fighting chance at life with some necessary knowledge).

I’m so fortunate that I can share this information with my children so that they can avoid the aimless walk in the desert that I took for close to 2 decades of my life. Better late than never. I have attached a few photos of my family so you can see the real life results. Keep up the good work my friend. As I close this letter, I feel a deep emotional response to the virtue in you.

With love,


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